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Lakers beat Thunder in OT: Thoughts, links, and NBA news

It took an overtime push and a few fortunate breaks, but the Lakers did indeed knock off the Thunder Bynum dunks vs. Thunder Tuesday night in Oklahoma City, 101-98 the final. Kobe Bryant led all scorers with 31 points, Ron Artest put in 20 and found the range on his jumper (6-8 from the floor, 2-3 from beyond the arc), Andrew Bynum was efficient en route to 21/10, making 10 of his 15 shots.

On the one hand, the Lakers went on the road and beat a highly motivated and increasingly tough opponent while Pau Gasol sat on the sidelines and Kobe worked his way through a fever that forced him to miss shootaround and put his participation in question (sort of, since nobody in their right mind believes Kobe would miss a game because of the flu). But for everything they did well, there was an equally important aspect of the game they managed to botch. A few numbers and morning after thoughts:

  • As the game went along, I thought the Lakers did a solid job defensively. They had 16 steals, forced 21 turnovers, and were effective in their traps, particularly in the second half. Overall, the Thunder shot only 43% and scored 39 points over the final 24 minutes of regulation. Derek Fisher was particularly effective against Russell Westbrook, a tough matchup for anyone. He held his own against the former UCLA product in the open floor, and whether it's because the Thunder don't set strong picks, Fisher is a very strong PG, or both, he was able to wreck his fair share of screen and rolls. Bynum made a great play on Kevin Durant in the closing moments of OT, rotating off his man to block a shot that could have put the Thunder ahead. Overall, it was one of Bynum's stronger defensive games in recent memory, in terms of help defense.
  • The exception was offensive rebounding. The Lakers gave away far too many, especially in the first half. And of course there's no defense for turnovers. They shot 70% in the first quarter, but only finished up by seven because of points off turnovers. At the half, LA was still in the 60% range, but the game was tight. Why? POTs favored the Thunder by a 19-8 margin. In the third, the Lakers dodged a bullet, finishing the quarter down only one after giving the ball away nine times. Nine times? Nine. Times. In one quarter. That's absurd. They did it with careless outlet passes, poor decisions in the halfcourt, offensive fouls, you name it. Kobe finished with seven on the night, a function likely of both his illness and the defensive work of Thabo Sefolosha.
  • Phil Jackson gave Artest minutes with the second unit, putting him in a position to drive the offense and Artest responded well. Were there moments of indecision and overdribbling? Sure, but he was assertive when the Lakers needed him to be, and that's a step in the right direction. One thing we'll all have to get used to is the aesthetics of Artest's offensive game. It's not necessarily a pretty thing. He's strong off the dribble, but hardly elegant.
  • Sorting out the bench remains an issue. Last night, Jackson didn't invest much time in them, not all that surprising given their collective ineffectiveness. 

More Lakers/NBA news below the jump.

Tonight's Game:

The Lakers are in Houston to see Trevor Ariza and the Rockets. We all know what happened this summer, and it still stings a little for TA, though he says he's moved on. Certainly Houston has surprised many with their strong 3-1 start. While the Rockets are without Yao and Tracy McGrady and have almost no height on the roster, this will be no cakewalk. Everyone remembers what Houston managed to do against LA in the playoffs last season, and no team in the league works harder. Playing the wrong end of a back-to-back and coming off an overtime game, the Lakers will have to find reserves of energy and clean up Tuesday night's mistakes to win.  


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We've had one good game so far. Last night showed some promise in areas, and big weaknesses in others - and it's good to be out on the road being forced to fix these weaknesses.

Gut check game tonight. It would be an understandable loss to surprising Houston team. These are the kind of games we won last year... an early sign of June rings.

MIA so far, tonight would a good game for the Laker bench to start the season.

Get the big man the ball early and often and more often.

I for one am not that worried about the less than stellar play of the Lakers so far this season. We all know that having Pau out has taken the Lakers “flow” down to an ordinary (if not worse than ordinary) level. I think, just as important or maybe more important is the incorporating of Artest. I personally don’t see the swap, Artest for Ariza as being as simple as Ron is expected just to play D, knock down a few open jumpers and maybe get a couple of fast break dunks. I think Phil has stated that he expects Ron to be more of a factor in the offense. Trevor was never a primary option – he was never expected to facilitate the offense. At times Ron can be a primary option. I am not saying he is expected to chuck as many shots as Kobe, Pau, or Bynum. I just think he is expected to have more responsibility in taking and hopefully making shots, as well as creating shots from his passing – facilitating the offense. It will take more than 3 games with out a key cog (Pau) to redefine the roles the various players need to fill. It also doesn’t help when Farmar and Sasha in my opinion have picked up where they left off last season – and that is not playing very well. Once Pau comes back, I see things smoothing out – Artest figuring out what to do, when to do it and where to be more and more often. The flow will come back, trust me. This team is too good to flounder for a full season with players as good as Kobe, Pau, Lamar, Artest, Bynum and Walton! OK not Walton, I was just kidding – I don’t hate Luke - but he is not great – not even Elastigirl could stretch far enough to think Luke is great.

One last thought to bear in mind – is that Phil does use the regular season to experiment so he can figure out what he has once the “real” season starts. I don’t expect this season to be much different than past seasons. The Lakers will play stretches where it looks like only they can beat themselves. There will be games that they get beat by the T-Wolves at home. We will scratch our heads as to why didn’t Phil make some kind of adjustment as some scrub has a career day draining three’s like they were layups. Why he plays Luke so much as a huge lead evaporates. On and on - all the same stuff we saw last year. Then towards the end of the season they will start to peak and crush all comers in the playoffs to become the first team to repeat since the Lakers.


Shout out to Jon K,

hope it's goin' as you hoped under the So Cal sun.

"Of course I was upset," Ariza said. "But there was nothing I could do about it."

Yes there was. He could have taken that initial offer instead of playing hardball, looking for a hometown PREMIUM.

Well, look around you buddy. Real unemployment is at 16%, companies are going broke left and right, pension funds are drying up all over the country, and meanwhile his agent plays hardball? All the while the free agent market is dictating the price and he wants to usurp that? But yet, there was "nothing" he could do.

This is why, one of my eyes likes what it sees with Trevor - he's a good person, he's a good ballplayer, he was the type of person we wanted on the team, and my other eye shows me was a sleaze David Lee is, and bad advice or not, how GREED, even if for a few moments, led him astray - led him to betray.

I'm hoping Traitor Ariza loses tonight.

That's all I have to say about that.

Tonight will be a good game meaning it will be very hard to win. I dont know if we can pull this off becuase you know how hard the rockets play and trevor wants to get at us for the trade and who can blame him. i know that the rockets will us brooks and laundry i think is his name to brake the lakers defense and if we help they will kick out to the three point shooters.

Good Morning Charles....Good Morning Everyone...

well at least it wasn't boring...actually a fairly entertaining game indeed, as it were...

from a purely entertainment standpoint, what more can we ask for...surgical domination in the first quarter, energetic comeback from the athletic home team, totally off the wall calls by the "referees", hilarious (more so if you aren't a Laker fan, as it were) passes and gaffs by Fisher and Odom, down to the wire finish, including two nail biters due to overtime, and ultimately a Laker victory...gotta love it...

speaking of the amazing officiating last night, after reading those excerpts from the discraced ref's book, a lot of those calls sure made sense in the light of his revelations, true or not...

anyone who says that Kobe gets the superstar calls should watch this game over and would really be funny if it weren't so uterly ludicris (however you spell it)...

last night's game is indeed evidence that Donahey wasn't just whistlein' Dixie..,,unbelieveable, unfathomable calls---well it kept the home team in it and the home crowd in rapture, eating more Thunder Dogs and drinking more moonshine...

it was great to see Artest play extremely well, as well as Bynum and Powell and of course Kobe... Fisher shot well, just couldn't pass the ball to anyone, well at least anyone in Purple anyway...and Lamar really should never initiate the offense with his quality passing seemingly...

our bench still a work in progress seemingly, as it were...I still have faith (Eric, Ginger, Stevie, Rick)

still a fun game though...I did laugh a lot...

Sepholosh (however you spell it) sounds like some lower intestinal disorder of some kind...

that dude with the dreads is really demonstrative in getting his dunks and really shows how good he really is, or is supposed to anyway...

I kept waiting for Ollie (however you spell it) to dribble the ball off his own leg...

Scotty Brooks looks like he's about 13 years old--wasn't he a frickin' Celtic scumbag? if not, beam yourself up Scotty...

speaking of frickin' Celtics, now we have to endure Herman Munster on NBA TV---there is a lesson here...get fired from Gm'n and coaching in the NBA and you can still have all sorts of credibilty as a TV analist seemingly..

at least they got rid of Ahmad Rishad and Gary (I don't know the English language at all---"similating!") Payton, I always needed the caption thing on my TV to understand a single word he was a blabberin'...

"say the word and you'll be free, say the word and be like me"

" he fixed it with his bare can we ever thank you Bicycle Repairman?"

is it Wednesday yet?



"derek fisher particularly effective against westbrook"??? what game were you watching? sorry but i strongly disagree...

what i saw was westbrook repeatedly blowing by dfish AT WILL... in particular at end of first half lakers were up by 6 with about 5 minutes left. lakers were controlling the tempo and shannon was holding his own defensively when phillip inexplicably turns to dfish to finish the half.. lakers completely lose momentum got outplayed lst 5 minutes and crowd got back in it and the wheels came off...

second half.. westbrook still had his way but once he burned by dfish he did not make good decisions... lakers were actually VERY FORTUNATE westbrook either didnt finish or made bad passes

Wow! Phil played the starters a lot of minutes. I guess he doesn't trust the bench. And it looks like he couldn't afford to try. None shot well. The game was close. But the starters cannot all play 35 minutes plus a night.

Nice to see Artest get decent numbers, especially the assists.


oh boy oh boy am i lookin forward to seeing ron ron lock down on ariza tonite.

ariza is just tearin it up this year esp from a fantasy bball perspective. this should all come to a screeching halt tonite.

I thought it was a nice game for us last night. Without Pau Gasol, we went into a hostile environment and found a way to win. The Thunder were playing that game like it was the playoffs, the Lakers are just going through the early season motions. So to come out with a win was huge in my opinion.

*Andrew Bynum is a beast...on offense. He still needs to get stronger. Etan Thomas should not have been able to push him around as easy as he did last night.

*We got a good game out of Ron Artest last night. That was good to see.

*The bench struggled. Maybe it's that dumb crossing the leg thing they do at the beginning of the game. Who in the heck thought of that one?

Go Lakers!

Good morning Mamba24 & the fabulous Laker morning CRUE!!!

Whew - close one last night. A little TOO close for comfort, but I'll take the W. We obviously have much to work on - it will give the coaching staff something to do during their film sessions lol!

That said - it's GAME DAY BABY!!!

Nothing like a chance to open up a can of whoop-ass on Houston to take the bitter taste out of a crappy win. I've got my can-opener at the ready!

I hope Trevor has a good game in a fantastic losing effort. I hope Thriller has another good game and looks more & more confident & comfortable out there. I hope Kobe feels better. I hope Pau feels better. I hope Socks is more focused on rebounding & blocking shots than shooting. I hope we find our bench guys - did they miss the plane or something??? Maybe forget what game they're supposed to be playing?? Sheesh....

All that said - it's all about the love, right guys? phred? You out there? (And Jon K - hope it's going well with your interviews, and you manage to get your butt back here in the Land of the Living reeeeeal soon - as opposed to be exiled in the Land of the Living Dead).


Nothing but another title will suffice.

Tim-4-Show -

But tell us what you REALLY think.... :)


"Ariza - He could have taken that initial offer"

The only problem is we don't know whether an official offer was ever made to Ariza. There are conflicting reports from both sides. If you take into account that the front office called Artest at 12:01 AM coupled with the fact that the organization has coveted Artest for years, I find it more likely that they simply made a basketball decision and chose Artest over Ariza.

omega - sure Trevor wants to get back at us, and hopefully he'll have an awesome game (while the Rockets lose).

Still - don't forget - Thriller wants to get back at Houston. He said in an interview after he signed that he couldn't wait to play Houston. He said someone was going to get locked up! He'll be just as motivated - if not more so - than Trevor.

I for one cannot wait to see what happens!

Hold on folks - tonight should be some kinda fun!

Whats the big deal?

Didn't we go into the playoffs without momentum last season?

We also lacked a productive bench throughout the playoffs, Save for Odom.

Andrew Bynum wasn't even close to being 100%, Yet we still stopped DHoward.(which the Celtics failed to do.hehe)

Kobe had a mangled finger for most of the season.

We didn't have a high scoring PG.

Lakers had the Jekyll and Hyde syndrome.

Phil only had 9 Rings.

I forgot, WHO are the 2009 Champs? That's right folks..OUR LA LAKERS!!!

- I'm feeling a bounce back game for the reserves tonight.

- It's pretty clear that the Lakers miss having a consistent 3 point threat on the floor. I'm a little afraid of what's going to happen when a good team like Orlando (or even Portland) comes in and starts lighting us up for 9 or 10 three pointers (though the same worry existed last year, and things turned out alright).

- Is it me or is Kobe's ball handling a little suspect this season? It may just be that he is trying to do Matrix type manuevers that are just unrealistic to pull off in a game, but I see a pattern now of him getting stripped, or ball getting poked away. it also may be that guys seem to be allowed to hack Kobe without getting whistled (certainly seemed like that was the case last night).

- easily one of the better all-around games Bynum's played in recent memory. When Gasol is back, Bynum is going to be unstoppable.

caliphilosopher, thanks for the response in the last post. Popovich and Phil are pretty good at keeping an even keel during this part of the season.

By the same token, they're pretty coy at revealing what their strategies and lineups they're going to favor at the end of the season and during the playoffs. Right now, its win games while getting everyone to mesh.

Rocky - I agree about the bench leg-crossing, foot stomp thingy... It's got to go. It's almost as bad as the ring-around-the-rosey thing they did during the preseason. I'm not talking about the gather around LO thing - the thing they did when they were all in a HUGE circle holding hands and going around in a circle. That was completely unforgiveable.

COME ON. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. We are the FREAKING LOS ANGELES LAKERS. We do not foot stomp, leg cross or hold hands in a kumbayah circle for ANYONE. Something's got to change here.

More 81-1 Bandwagon…
- - - - - - - - - -
The amazing stat that jumps out from the box score is that every Laker starter had four or more turnovers – and we still won the game. As far as I am concerned, the criticism of Kobe is out of line. If not for his will to win, last night’s game would have been a loss. Ex hit the nail on the head with his post that you have to accept Kobe for what he is – a great scorer who will take some tough shots and has penultimate confidence they will go in. Yeah, he’s not perfect but he is the greatest and the main reason why the Lakers have won four championships this decade. What? You want to trade him?
Between my wife, my boss, and the media, the pressure to get flu shots is getting out of hand. I have resisted because I had some bad experiences with previous flu shots but am now being threatened from all sides. Our office is flooded with hand wash stuff in a bottle. My wife gave me a note from her doctor that said it was critical that I get shots so as not to catch anything to give to my wife. Only problem is that there are no flu shots available anymore where I live. Frustration city.
Trade Bynum, Artest, et al for LBJ? Just more media types making up crap to sell papers and get hits. Cleveland would never make the deal and frankly, I would hate to see LeBron as a Laker. Far as I am concerned, Jon K has the right attitude towards LeBron. He is the Anti-Kobe as far as I am concerned. My wish is that he NEVER gets to the Finals or wins a ring. Give him a necklace of regular season MVPs to go with his scoring titles and let him rot in Cleveland or someplace like it.
Pau Gasol the second most valuable Laker? That was sure true the last two years without a doubt. Hopefully, Pau will slide to the third most valuable player Laker this year because that will mean that Drew has managed to stay healthy. As to who is the #2 option versus the #2 scorer, I think that will depend upon the matchups. As I have said many times, I like the offense running through Pau at the high post because of his versatility, experience, and playmaking ability. He’s perfect for the Triangle.
I have little doubt, however, that Drew will end up as the #2 scorer because of the position he plays and the lesser competition he will face versus Pau at power forward. Easy dunks and put backs will make Drew the #2 scorer. I also think that Pau and Drew playing together will make both players much more effective, not to mention what Kobe does for their games. So Drew will be the #2 scorer while Pau will likely remain the #2 option for running the offense for the next couple of years.
Hope all of the Bynum Bashers saw the block that Drew put on Durant’s last gasp jumper that ended up being his second air ball. You wonder why the team would not pound the ball into Drew since he was 10-15 and an excellent free throw shooter. That was my main complaint the second half. It is almost as if the team felt that Drew got his now it was other players turns. It was great to see the team turn to Drew to start overtime but then they completely ignored him from then on. Big mistake.
Like Mamba’s role call lead in, a win is a win is a win. My only concern tonight is whether we can bounce back from a frustrating night and match the intensity that Trevor and the Rockets are going to display. Sounds like we will get Pau back for Memphis on Friday. Time to eke out another win without the Spaniard. Hopefully, the Bench Mob can make amends for last night. And for God’s sake, let’s take care of the damn basketball. Some fair officiating would also be a great relief.
- - - - - - - - - -

dwntwn atty,
For not being an offensive threat, Artest did a pretty good job of faking it last night.

Get your facts straight: they called ARIZA at 12:01

Grudge match: the bull vs the gazelle

Can't wait to see them lock horns tonite. One has a vendetta and the other has something to prove. Artest is gonna be completely locked in and I got a feeling ariza is gonna want no part of that. Should be a battle.


yup, there's like a million other things they could do.

Before the first Laker shot of each game, they could bust out the Larry O'Brien and hold it up in the middle of the bench just as a reminder.

They could have a little fist bump session with their championship rings.

They could even could even get down and do push-ups after the first shot.

Almost anything would be better than that leg crossing thing.

Go Lakers!

Some facts from a totally unconcerned non-laker fan:
Bryant has averaged 36 mins in his career
so far, he is averaging over 40 mins per game
phil is obsessed with winning meaningless games
Bryant has 41000 NBA mins on 31 yr old legs

Phil should rest him tonight, regardless of the opponent. He played 46 mins last night, it may come back to haunt you guys in June.

But Phil won't rest him, because phil isn't the coach, koME is.

And Kevin Durant is a STUD!! He will be hands down the league's best player in 2 years.

the Lakers HAVE to be considering moving Farmar. Fisher hasn't looked good at all, he's made some shots but... if Farmar can't take minutes from Fisher, he ain't the starting PG of the future. Shannon Brown appears to be a solid fill-in player, not a future starter.

I admire Fisher and his work ethic but we can't bank the whole season on him and pray Farmar will get any better if Fisher were to have any kind of injury. I don't know who the Lakers might go after but our PG slot is RAZOR THIN in depth and talent.

I'm hopin ariza has a solid game as well in a losing effort but I wouldn't put my money on it. Artest is gonna be completely zeroed in for this and I don't know if arizas gonna want any part of him.

Can't wait to see them lock horns tonite. Its gonna be a battle between the bull vs the gazelle....One has a vendetta and the other has something to prove.

Anyone have the spread for the points differential b/w Ron and Trevor?

Interesting storylines for tonights game.

My real concern, our bench play as of late. I'm not sure it'll suddently better whith Pau comming back and LO moving to his 6tn man position. Mostly bench picked where they left off last season, with exemption Shannon maybe. Sahsha trying to prove why he is runner up for this year MUPY - Most Useless Player of the Year. I don't know but so far this hairdoo thing is not working out, maybe he should shave? Did Farmar remember, this is in fact contract year? Powel and DJ playing like they already happy just to be on the floor. If you think we don't have a problem, just look at yesterday's bench minutes vs our starters.


I'm happy that Artest seemed to find his shot yesterday. The role Sasha is supposed to be playing, however, remains vacant. We lack a guy who can sink the open three at will. That hypothetical player, if we had him, would have more open looks (given the potential of our inside out game once Gasol returns) than perhaps any three point shooter in the league. Do you know how many points Rudy Fernandez would average off the bench if he was on our squad (hint: it would be a multiple of three and the first number would be a 1)?

Giant Green Bald-Headed Lunatic ,

We already have our own resident Phil-hater, pfunk36. If this position becomes available, you'll hear from this Blog. Otherwise - NO NEED FOR IT NOW

Hey Giant Green,

How do you know who will be the best player in the league "hands down" two years from now?

Can you give me the winning lotto numbers - I would like to not have to work and if I can get the winning lotto numbers I could use my time and money to volunteer and help those that are less fortunate than myself.


LakerTom -
"Far as I am concerned, Jon K has the right attitude towards LeBron. He is the Anti-Kobe as far as I am concerned. My wish is that he NEVER gets to the Finals or wins a ring. Give him a necklace of regular season MVPs to go with his scoring titles and let him rot in Cleveland or someplace like it."

LOL - I could NOT have said that any better!! Princess Jimmy is the ULTIMATE d-bag (well - maybe he shares that title with MJ) and I would love nothing more than for him to rot in ignominy in the backwoods of some troll-infested swamp crying into his mommy's shoulder, wondering why no one loves him anymore. THAT WOULD BE SWEET. Little punk....


If you wanna retire early ... let me give you an idea. Take a loan out from your 401k and put it all on the Celtics to win the Title. I think you can still probably get +300 on that at some sports book in Vegas or online ... but you need to hurry. People are starting to realize what I knew weeks ago.

I cant help u with lotto numbers cuz its too hard to predict. I like betting on SURE things. Like the C's winning it all and the C's having a better bench then the Lakers. I dont wanna say I told you so but ..... I told you so!

"phil is obsessed with winning meaningless games"

You just lost every ounce of cred you might think you had in the first place.

Hey yello - I'm not sure if I agree that Ariza won't want any part of locking horns with Thriller. I've seen him get all mamba-like before, and I haven't seen him back down from a challenge... Then again, we ARE talking about Ron-Ron! LOL - we should be in for some fun in that match-up.

"Some fair officiating would also be a great relief."

LakerTom - I felt this was a strangely reffed game as well, lots of moving screens not called, lots of contact on all of Bynum's under the hoop shot attempts, lot's of non-calls for Kobe, even though he got to the line 14 times. Kobe operating in the post is a thing of beauty. Up and under, step-throughs, fade aways, you name it, he hit it. His outside shot left him after the first quarter and that's my only Kobe complaint you'll ever here me voice: He doesn't know when he's hitting or not because he's so good, so confident and so competitive he'll keep shooting. I'll take that along with everything else until he retires, thank you very much.

Rocky - LOL on hoisting the trophy or fist-bumping the rings! However - we are the Lakers. We do not brag. We let our game - and our proud history - speak for itself.

Remember - pride before the fall. Remember the Crabaliers last year - fake photo taking and trophy hoisting and then BOO HOO didn't make the Finals.

I like the push-up idea - or maybe some nerf basketball free throw practice - you know, something useful.


"I cant help u with lotto numbers cuz its too hard to predict. I like betting on SURE things. Like the C's winning it all and the C's having a better bench then the Lakers. I dont wanna say I told you so but ..... I told you so!"

Boston had a better bench last year as well. So, how much money did you lose last year?


I asked Big Green how he knows Durant will be the best player in the league two years from now. He may well be the best player in a couple years or he could suffer a career ending injury - I don't know and I am guessing you don't know that either. Is it possible someone else could come along and be the "greatest player"?

BTW. The C's look good 5 games in and the Lakers don't look so hot. However, can you tell me exactly how many of the Celtics Championships were won in November? I think they are tied with the Lakers in that category. It isn't how you start the season, it is how you finish.

And since you also seem to know the future - maybe you can give me the winning lotto numbers - that way I don't have to wait to do the Lords work.



"I cant help u with lotto numbers cuz its too hard to predict. I like betting on SURE things. Like the C's winning it all and the C's having a better bench then the Lakers. I dont wanna say I told you so but ..... I told you so!"

Boston had a better bench last year as well. So, how much money did you lose last year?

Posted by: ChicNstu | November 04, 2009 at 01:27 PM

Thanks for the kind words but our bench sucked last year. Thats why we had to add Marbury and Mikki Moore. Remember we lost Posey and PJ Brown? But if you want to say ours was better last year then Im not gonna argue with you.

How much did I lose last year? The interest owed to me by Laker fan from the year before!

Ron Artest- Can be a primary option because he passes better and posts better than TA.

Trevor Ariza- Great complimentary player. Is a primary player in Houston because of necessity.

I may have mentioned this before, but the few comparos between the 2 players takes into account Trevor's 1 1/2 year 100 game history of being a Laker to Ron Artests 11 game, early season history as a Laker. Add to that, Trevor had Kobe and Pau to play off of. Those 3 haven't seen a season game together yet. These things take time.

Besides, I distinctly remember that TA wasn't so good at the middle of last season. He couldn't shoot 3s the way he did during the WCFs and the finals. And he was COMPETING with Luke Walton at midseason (meaning that they were equal in some regard).

But we tend to remember the good, since he was an absolute game changer during the Magic series. It the recency effect of memory.

I'm going to give Ron Artest that kind of time because 1) what's done is done (we aren't getting Ariza back) 2) he took a pay cut to be here, so I'm inclined to give him a break.

I think yesterday and the game against the hawks showed he absolutely can contribute in meaningful ways already, but IMO, he along with his teammates are still trying to integrate him. They may just win on sheer talent alone early on, and find their game at about midseason.


If you reread my post you will see that I have no way of predicting lotto results. Wish I could help but If I could do that I would be doing the Lords work myself.

As far as Durant goes ... dont know and dont care. I have no way to predict that either. Although I do own rookie cards of a few guys. Dont want to brag but I was buying Rondo rookies before anybody had heard of him.

You are correct that no title has ever been won in November but lots have been lost in November. I can only go by what Ive seen so far. Lakers should be better by years end but like you said "the Celtics have more things to work out" so they should be a lot better by years end as well.


You lost money betting on a sure thing.

Now you wanna bet more money on a sure thing?

Trolls never learn.

Eagle Boy - Kevin Durant will be the best player in the league in 2 years, in my opinion. He reminds me of George Gervin. I hope he can get it on the defensive end of the court. It's an opinion - just like thinking the lakers will win 70 games this year is an opinion- both could be wrong, or both could be right - that's why they are opinions.

Tonight's winning LOTTO - 9, 20, 34, 5, 43 and 30

That combo will be 6-0 after tonight!! :)

Scotty Brooks looks like he's about 13 years old--wasn't he a frickin' Celtic scumbag? - Floyd

Sorry, Floyd, not our scumbag!! Must be someone else's scumbag. Maybe a Cavs scumbag, or a Suns scumbag. Did he make first or second team scumbag, I forgot? How about you send me your all-time scumbag team. I'm sure you'll be fair and include lakers as well!!!

btw - Kevin McHale has forgotten more about basketball than you will ever know. For example, he knew Bynum and Odom wasn't enough for KG. He got 5 players, two of whom start, and a #1 draft pick.( who is their current back up point guard) Not too shabby!!

Lakers need to replace one coach Shaw, Clemons or preferably Frank Hamblen because they can't coach defense. The Lakers stink on defense this year since looding Rambis. The Lakers concentrate too much on the triangle offense. Let Phil do that. The Lakers need to find someone good with defense. The only reason the stinking Celtics are any good is because of that chowd lifer Tom Thibodeau

I know its early but we must consider a few things.

10. Is Artest really ok with his new position. I mean he appears to be uncomfortable with this new role. If he does not settle into this--he will lack real motivation and anxiety to win like he had in Houston thus making him just another average player. Than the deal would look horrendous.
Granted he can defend.. I haven't seen the Lakers turn to the Beast like defenders Ron was suppose to ignite

9. Who can we get for Sasha at trade time?

8. Fish is Mr. old reliable but should we not limit his mminutes under 20 and give the "next" floor general a chance?

7. Does Phil look a bit disinterested this year?

6. Should we change the "We want Tacos," chant this year?

5. What Laker is single for Kim Kardashian to marry?

4. Man, how can Kobe rest and still score 30 or more?

3. What needs to happen for fans to stay interested at Laker games? Seems like we don't move unless we're losing-and than turn the game around. We are so drama-driven!

2.Will Pau be ok being the #3 scorer because the youngsta Drew is craving for that spot. He may be secretly dreaming of being #1-NOW!

1. Is this blog getting a bit boring or what??



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