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Lakers 121, Phoenix 102: The power of positively smart thinking

Fair to say the Lakers handled the first half of their toughest back-to-back to date with style. 

Breakdown below.

We talked about the smarts up top in the video. I'm certainly always an advocate of this team showing some discipline- this is not an unusual stance, by the way- and they bought it in bulk. 78 points in the paint. More good stuff:

-Andrew Bynum: The 26 points were great, the 13-18 shooting highly efficient. What I really liked, though, was his rebounding, shotblocking, and defense he displayed over nearly 36 minutes of burn. After grabbing only three rebounds in a win over the Hawks on Nov. 2, Bynum made it clear that he had to do more on the glass against smaller teams. Tonight, against the Lilliputian Suns, Bynum was a force in that department, cleaning the home glass 12 times and grabbing three on the other end (by my count, that's a grand total of 15). He was strong in the paint, contesting shots and blocking more as the game went along. Bynum's work on the high screen was effective, as he showed hard and recovered well, helping seal any gaps that might have been left for Steve Nash to cause havoc in the lane, all while picking up only one foul. "He did pretty well out there," Phil Jackson said. "He got some help situations, scrambling around out there and was really active. I thought he did pretty well." Given how PJ normally rides Bynum for his lack of assertive D, this is pretty high praise.

-Bench Contributions: Just about everyone PJ could find made a contribution. Shannon Brown again landed on YouTube with a great dunk in the fourth quarter, part of a 10 point, 4-6 shooting performance that included both a triple and a great drive'n'finish with the left hand. Jordan Farmar finished with eight assists (and it would have been nine had DJ Mbenga not back-ironed a dunk off a particularly fancy over the shoulder feed from JF). Sasha Vujacic hit two threes. Josh Powell was 6-10 from the floor, including another short corner three and in a nice change of pace, some quality makes from the paint. Luke Walton entered the game in the second quarter and had two straight bad trips, but then quickly rang up three dimes and buried a three. Jackson showed a little faith in the group, too, sticking with a sub-heavy group after LA's seven point lead to start the quarter was shaved down to three, and was rewarded when the lead was pushed back to 10 before the starters returned. Playing on their home floor, those are the sort of positive minutes the bench can build on as the season progresses.

-Kobe Bryant: I'm going to post a little more about this tomorrow, but it's fair to say Kobe again crushed it, and again the damage was done from around the basket. 13-21 from the floor, plus four boards and four assists, generally coming when the Suns were eventually compelled to double him. He did his damage primarily against Jason Richardson, but when Alvin Gentry looked to put larger defenders on him in Grant Hill and Jared Dudley, the results were the same. None of Kobe's 29 points came from beyond the arc, since (as it was when he hung 41 on the Grizzlies last Sunday) he didn't bother taking one. It's incredibly fun to watch a guy do what he's doing this season. It's not exactly new- Kobe's been among the NBA's most effective posting guards for a while- but the level to which he's excelling on that part of the floor is pretty amazing.

-Defense: Phoenix was at the end of a tough trip, missed a lot of looks they'd normally make, and Amar'e Stoudamire, Richardson and Leandro Barbosa won't typically combine to shoot 8-36 from the floor. But anytime an NBA team can be held to 36.5% shooting, that has to involve solid defense. Particularly when that team is the Suns. I mentioned Bynum's play, but as a group they were strong. Derek Fisher did a nice job on Nash, helping to limit him to 13 points and five assists, in part by working hard to deny Nash the ball once he gave it up. Combine that with solid P and R defense from the Lakers as a group and the two-time MVP was left without much space to operate.


Derek Fisher: He addresses the discipline and smarts we alluded to in the video. "Being together for another season," he says, "we understand each other's strengths and weaknesses pretty well."

Andrew Bynum: He was pleased with his effort tonight, particularly defensively. Interesting to hear him talk about how he trained this summer to prepare for the pick and roll: On the gridiron!

Phil Jackson, Part I: On the win, Bynum, defense, and so on.

PJ Part II: More on Drew, on Fish, and so on (with a little so forth tossed in).

PJ, Part III: On Friday's game in Denver.

More to come tomorrow.


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I love beating the Suns. ^_^
Now on to Denver.

The Denver game is of course the first game we expect (or hope) to see the biggest difference the Artest - Ariza swap has made for the Lakers.
If anything, Melo is even better this year than last WC Finals.

Is JR Smith back in their lineup? Thats a very talented kid whose head is not just screwed on right. If he ever gets it straight Denver is going to be even better.

But then there's always KMart, who'll probably never figure it out.

Hoping to see how Shannon does defending Billups and to continue the UPS highlight youtube show in the Mile High City. With the thin air up there, Shannon just might take off and reach orbital velocity.

Let's see if our new enforcer Sasharapova will stand up to those p*nks in the blue unis.

Shannon Brown dunking Clyde "The Glide" Drexler style!

Ahh I'm enjoying this season all i gotta say vote are 5 allstars in baby

I thought that D-Fish had an outstanding game against Nash. I guess Fish can't be the oldest PG on the floor all the time (besides, I have a soft spot for him since he shares my last name. For all I know I am his crazy white cousin).

Seriously though, the Lakers have been playing some really good pick and roll defense this year, and the year is young. I am interested to see how they do when the spaniard comes back. When Odom is on the bench they lose quite a bit of quickness and range on defense, though they are probably better on offense.

Though that statement applies mostly to the starting unit. The bench will get a lot better with Odom, with either Artest or Bynum playing with them to keep the intensity level high. I am getting really, really curious to see how minutes will be allocated in crunch time.

I think the Lakers are best with Odom and Artest on the floor with the starters, which means either Gasol or Bynum comes out. And as good as Bynum is, he is the guy with something to prove, plus he is low man on the totem pole, so I assume Gasol will get the time. Still it is a tough call, because you can just see what a huge talent Bynum is.


Assert again -

1) Bynum should be number 1 option on offense.
Lakers play inside out.

2) Jordan Farmar is among the best young point guards in the NBA.

3) Shannon Brown has mad game

4) Kobe Bryant should not be signed to a long term max contract.
Kobe has 2 years left on current contract and is going nowhere since Lakers can offer most loot. Team will be better with Gasol and Bynum taking more shots than a 35 year old Kobe Bryant with over 50,000 minutes played.

More later, but bring the noise.

If you have a previous post stating one of the following ..

-- Trade Bynum for Jason Kidd
-- Trade Lamar Odom for anyone
-- Mitch is a cup cake

stay on the sidelines for this discussion.


Great game for the Lakers. The bench came through last night. I'm still tickle by Sasha's defensive reaction on JRich after his unnecessary hard foul on Kobe who surgically performed a post up clinic on JRich and made him disappeared on the offensive end. Fatigue could be the culprits why the Suns are playing so poor. I do, however, credit Lakers' defense for the win.

Denver's game tonight will not be an indicator how well the team fare against Denver since KMart will not suit up for the game tonight.

I love that Sasharapova name given to Sasha by LakersinBC.

I'm out!

PS: I'm still sad to hear about the news about Byron Scott's firing! What happens? He was coach of the year in 2008!

You know, I really love this.

Lots more could be said, but there's nothing better than being a Laker fan when they are on this kind of multi-year role. And watching Kobe evolve into the next stage of his career, the way Magic did, is just awesome.

Reporter: Phil, was this a statement game?

PJ: Well it is a long season, blah , blah, blah

Me: HELL YA !!! Isn't it frustrating to know that no matter how well you do the regular season the Lakers will sweep you out of the first round of the playoffs? We can kill you with one PAU!! tied behind our backs. Eat crow. Maybe next year and . . .


It doesn't appear that the Lakers need Pau Gasol. Why not consider a trade for Chris Paul? The Hornets need a bigman and the Lakers need a PG. Also, we can bring in B. Scott as an assistant coach, and eventual successor to Phil.

The good thing about this team is that the nucleous [ Kobe/Pau/Drew/Artest/Shannon will be around for some time. Great game last night just think what the score would have been if we had shot better then 40% from the Free Throw line. One fine effort by everyone. Phoenix was not going to get our coach fired. { Poor Byron look for CP3 to want out of NO by next season their front office certainly knows how to destroy a team )Now on to Denver.

I read the first 35 or so pages of Bill Simmons book over on Amazon.

I won't be giving him any of my money. What a d-bag.

It is such a homerific, septic-worshiping tome. He calls the Lakers "pussies", and after disparaging Kareem says there are about 300 more times in the book he bashes our "Cap".

Kareem, NBA 6 time champ, NCAA 3 time champ, NBA all-time point leader and minutes played. He fought racism with dignity and now fights for his life with his illness.

All because he led the Lakers to beat Simmons septics.

Simmons is totally without class, but mostly a hack. If he can't reference a tv show or movie, he can't convey any rational thought.

If it was not so slanted to the septics viewpoint, I'd buy the book. But I won't read 700 pages of Laker-bashing from that poor excuse for a writer.

LA Lakers 2009 NBA Champions

RE: Nickname for Shannon Brown

UPS (as in "What can Brown do for you") is nice, however...

In honor of my man Shannon's Amazing Aerial Acrobatic SKILLZ and Elbows-Above-Da-Rim Style, I humbly submit the following *new* handle:

"Throw-Down Shannon Brown" or "Throw-Down Brown"

Thank you Mitch Kupchak for bringing Shannon home to Lakers Nation. And thank you Mr. & Mrs. Brown for bringing your son into the world and blessing him with his incredible athletic genes. He should be a Laker-For-Life :-)

P.S. Has anyone ever inspected the bottom of his shoes...for...I don't know...something like FLUBBER maybe? LOL...

P & G R

You know who can defend Kobe in the post AND on the perimeter?

Ron Artest......

Brilliant move Mitch, brilliant move.

Hard not to like this win a lot. A whole lot. The Suns helped, but the Lakers really showed the league how to defend Phoenix and how to attack them. Phoenix will not have another 8-1 stretch.

Of course not everyone has the talent the Lakers have, especially so many big, athletic defenders who can switch on all those picks. Even when Fish got a big man on a pick he could body him.

Kobe has always been great, the best in the league. But he also been a little inefficient, spending a lot of time dribbling and setting himself up. Taking high degree of difficulty shots. Turning it over in traffic.

This year, he is getting in position BEFORE he gets the ball. By the time he makes the catch, his moves are quick, the shots are of higher quality, and Kobe is quite efficient. This is best Kobe has even been. Not as flashy, but more effective. Great to see it.

Bynum is showing what he can be. Sure it was the Suns front line he did it against, but look at the efficiency, the rebounding and all the attention he will draw. On offense, the one glaring thing in Andrew's game is that, when he doesn't have a shot, he is way too slow to kick it out and re-post. He is still thinking scoring too much. Which is great, he is a great scorer. But if he can learn to kick it out of double teams quickly, a lot of other guys are going to have easy shots.

Farmar looked pretty good too. He does tend toward over penetrating. In the triangle, when he dribbles below the foul line, there are no passing angles, and he commits most of his turnovers there.

Looking forward to Denver tonight, a very tough, mile high back to back.

Tom D.




Mitch obviously learned from the classic thinkers of our time in space; he's embraced the timeless mantra, "If you can't beat 'em, sign 'em" when in comes to Artest.

The move was indeed brilliant.

It may seem like overkill, but I was glad to see Phil call out the bench for their defensive rebounding in garbage time.

This unit needs to be able to come in with 10-20 point cushions and close out games without the starters having to come back in.

They need to play the right way to be ready if they are needed earlier in the game - fouls, injuries, etc

They need to play other teams scrubs even at a minimum.

They were just sloppy on the boards. This should have been a 25 point win, with tacos for all.

I seems unimportant in a win like this, but night in and night out this unit being able to hold the fort is important.

Tom D.

I'm on the Shannon Brown bandwagon, but I'm not down on Jordy as many other are.

That's my preface to saying that was a damn sick pass by him to Mbenga. That should be an honorary assist.

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Most memorable moment from the game:

Steve Nash's "Do you need glasses, you stupid (fill in the blank)," hand signal to his face after the ref called a foul on him on Fisher's three.

troy: Just say NO to drugs!

Nice win last night. You could tell right from the beginning that the Lakers were coming out to make a statement. Right off the jump, Fish was all over Nash. Nash had a terrible game by his standards.

Andrew 'The Beast' Bynum is absolutely unstoppable when he can get to his spots. It's nothing new for him, but I just love the way he keeps the ball so high when he's handling in the post.

Watching Kobe right now is a treat. There is nothing on the basketball court that Kobe cannot excel at. Every single night, Kobe goes out there and puts the hurt on the oppossing SG. Jason Richardson was coming off an impressive 26 pt night. Last night, Kobe punished him all night and almost made him cry. J-Rich is no joke and Kobe made him look mighty soft.

The crazy thing about what Kobe is doing is that he's working primarily from the post. He's made only 3-4 3's all season! That's some amazing versatility that no one else in the league can provide.

Go Lakers!


you wrote: 1) Bynum should be number 1 option on offense.
Lakers play inside out.

2) Jordan Farmar is among the best young point guards in the NBA.

3) Shannon Brown has mad game

4) Kobe Bryant should not be signed to a long term max contract.
Kobe has 2 years left on current contract and is going nowhere since Lakers can offer most loot. Team will be better with Gasol and Bynum taking more shots than a 35 year old Kobe Bryant with over 50,000 minutes played

my response:

re: 1. You are foolish if you wish to make Bynum the #1 option over Kobe.


1. Kobe will make better decisions.
2. Kobe plays better with fouls.
3. Kobe makes better passes.
4. Kobe demands a double-team. Bynum doesn't.
5. We crushed during last season's playoffs by using
Kobe as the #1 option and letting him pass out of the double-team.

re: #4. Are you high? MJ played great basketball until he was 36.
Kobe has a workout that appears to be equal to if not better than
MJ's. Kobe is 31 and is the leading scorer in the NBA right now.
He is one of the two best defensive players on the team. Every team
in the NBA will give up a testicle to get Bryant. If Bryant goes to
any contender, LA has NO CHANCE of winning. Period. Let me
spell it out for you:

Celtics - swap Bryant for Ray Allen. Do you *REALLY* want to see
an enraged Kobe play with KG ????? [ I feel like puking, just thinking about it. ]

Cavaliers - Kobe & LBJ on the same team. This is the nightmare in Ohio.
They will kill everyone from the outside, from the inside, LBJ's defense
becomes all-universe. LBJ obliterates every offensive record the NBA
has ever conceived of and they win the next 7 championships in a row.
[ barf! ]

Heat - Kobe & D-Wade. Pat Riley no longer uses viagra. He's got the best
backcourt the NBA has ever seen. Chris Bosh comes to Miami and plays
for min. dollars & Miami WINS EVERYTHING! You MUST double
team both of them. Average PF/C are wide open. To quote D-Wade:
All Day Baby! All Day!

Jazz - D-Will, Memo, AK-47, Millsap & Kobe playing for Sloan. D-Will
is finally an all-star. Sloan wins the next 3 championships in a row.

Spurs - Are you really advocating a Kobe/Manu rotation at the SG for a
Popovich team?

Let's end this now. You PAY Kobe WHATEVER HE WANTS! Consider
it to be protection $$ to the mob if it helps you sleep better. You do NOT
let the most ruthless, the most fundamentally sound, the most competitive
player in the NBA walk away. And by the way, you do realize that he has
the only non-trade clause and he can opt out at the end of this season don't

What are the contract scenarios as far as salary cap space for the Lakers at the conclusion of Kobe's current contract (if he does NOT sign an extension) regarding...
1. Pau Gasol (doesn't his contract end the same year?)
2. Potential point guard via free agency

Where are all those Bynum-bashers, now?

Sharing the ball... Less dribbling... Jacking up 3's now ancient history... Consistently hitting the open cutter... Less gambling on D... Stronger than ever... Unquestioned team leader...

So I am curious, just what is the latest angle on the Kobe-Haters Bandwagon?


troy: Just say NO to drugs! Posted by: utzworld - THE BANNER HOLDER | November 13, 2009 at 08:28 AM

ROFLMFAO!!! forgive me lord! ROFLO!

Good to see that Bynum is dominating!! Can't wait to see the combo with Pau Gasol. Even if we won the ring last year, it seems that this year we have a wide new range of options. Artest, Healthy Bynum, Kobe on the post, a better bench mob...we all know how challenging is the year after the ring, some players lower their enthusiam, overconfidence, rivals play agaisnt you super motivated...and I think we just create a new powerful team with a few fine touches.
What an amazing season this will be!! I gotta a feeling...

OMG Troy! I almost forgot your hate for Pau Gasol...You must have something really deep with this guy!!


"Every team in the NBA will give up a testicle to get Bryant."

The Celtics can't; they don't have any left.


My response: You really have to wonder about Todd's sanity when he calls Jordan Farmar "One of the best young PG's in the NBA" when Jordan Farmar is averaging less than 4.6ppg (barely higher than his rookie year) and is shooting 31.6% overall from the field (career worst).

He's the biggest Jordan Farmar/Andrew Bynum so far even bigger than Laker Tom is. Don't bother responding to his nonsense. All he did was diss Kobe during his last two games when neither of his boys played.

Taking a page out of Lebron's book responding to him is like the Jay-Z (most of the blog) trying to stop Soulja Boy (Todd) from dissing him. I mean people can't get Pfraud to stop making the subject about Luke Walton what makes you think Todd will stop trying to shove down the Jordan Farmar is going to be some elite guard and Andrew Bynum is better than Kobe?

Best line of the night, after Nash fouls Fish for the four point (well, it turned into a FIVE point) play:

Meyers: "Steve Nash... victimized!"


Go Lake Show!

A lot has been written about Kobe's workout with Hakeem to improve his mid-post game.

What might be overlooked is that KB now has the luxuy to sharpen his mid-post game by having daily practice against the NBA's best mid-post defender - Ron Artest.

LOL, Violet should have T'd up Steve Nash for that one!


re: #4. Are you high?

I laughed when I realized this wasn't addressed to me. That was before I said 'I wish' to the question....

What I like about Farmar's game this year is that he's seriously improved his assist-to-turnover ratio. He would have had 10 assists last night had Kobe not been fouled on one great pass and Mbenga hadn't cacked that dunk. I don't care if Farmar gets a lot of points, as long as he's making good passes. I like when JF and UPS are on the floor together. That's excitement.

From Bill Simmons at ESPN. It's an interesting read. Let's see where he'll take this in the future.

"3. Kobe Bryant won a title his way -- by establishing a Kobe and the Kobettes dynamic that actually worked -- becoming one of the ten best NBA players ever and proving he could prevail without Shaq. If that wasn't jarring enough, Shaq's exit from Phoenix marked the fourth time he left a team on bad terms, making everyone re-evaluate the whole "Was Kobe really the bad guy in the Shaqobe Divorce?" saga that had been buried years ago. Maybe Kobe wasn't as much to blame as we thought. Maybe Shaq was the problem. Maybe the hotel clerk lied about him. Maybe he took a ton of flak for no reason. Maybe he's … (gulp) … a good guy and a family man who works his butt off and never seems satisfied and kills himself to get better every summer and maybe … (gulp) … was greater than we thought. Damn it all. "

A lot has been written about Kobe's workout ith Hakeem to improve his mid-post game. What might be overlooked is that KB now has the luxuy to sharpen his mid-post game by having daily ractice against the NBA's best mid-post defender - Ron Artest. Posted by: The Snake | November 13, 2009 at 09:26 AM


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
One of the sweetest pleasures that a Lakers fan can enjoy is punishing each year’s crop of pretenders. And has there ever been a franchise that epitomizes phony pretension more than the Phoenix Suns? They are this generation’s version of the Sacramento Kings and Portland Trailblazers, teams whose windows to win an NBA championship were slammed shut by the LA Lakers. Great pretenders!
I almost felt sorry for the Suns as the Lakers dismantled them in an early season statement game from which the Suns may never recover. Watch what happens the next 10 games because there is no way these guys are going to go 8-2 again. They are a team of pretenders, starting with Steve Nash, thinking he is an MVP candidate, and Amare Stoudemire, believing he is an All-Star center.
Tall and long Lakers versus short and small Suns – haven’t we seen this before? I thought the Suns learned their lesson that you can’t win a championship with that formula. I think the Suns are not only a pretender but also a mirage. They remind me of a bunch of older guys who, overdosed with Viagra, thought themselves able to keep it up like young men but found themselves deflated.
How sweet watching Kobe Bryant 3.0 in full throttle mode, torturing and torching Jason Richardson in the post with an MVP-efficient 29/4/4. How sweet watching the Lakers point guards completely outplay MVP pretender Steve Nash, held to 13 points, 5 assists, and 3 turnovers. How sweet watching Andrew Bynum, a real All-Star center, totally dominate Amare Stoudemire with 26 points on 13-18 shooting, 15 boards, and 3 blocks while holding Amare to 8 points on 2-15 shooting and 5 boards.
I thought this was Drew’s best game yet this season. His footwork and moves on offense were just perfect and his aggressiveness and quickness on defense were superb. He is playing the pick and roll great, hustling out to pressure the guard and then recovering quickly to cover his man in the post. More than anything, Andrew is a finisher. Give him the ball anywhere near the rim and he finishes.
I also thought we saw a prima facie case for the Lakers guards not named Kobe Bryant. Derek Fisher may be the oldest player on the team but those bloggers who want to bench and/or cut him need to bite their tongues and appreciate what Derek brings to the team. This is the one player that NBA general managers all thought would be most likely to become a great NBA head coach.
Finally, great games for Lamar Odom with 8/12/7, Jordan Farmar with 8 assists versus 1 turnover, Josh Powell with 14 points on 6-10 shooting, and Shannon Brown with 10 points on 4-6 shooting and another YouTube highlight dunk. All in all, a dominating performance by the purple and gold team. Make no mistake; it will take more than the Phoenix Suns to derail the 81-1 Bandwagon.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Snake,

For the most part Kobe and Ron play on the same practice team. He is benefiting by taking away that defender come game time.


"Every team in the NBA will give up a testicle to get Bryant." The Celtics can't; they don't have any left. Posted by: exhelodrvr | November 13, 2009 at 09:07 AM



So no comments from our little buddy out in Pheenix telling us how this was really a Suns victory because they stopped our fans from getting free tacos last night?

Oh yeah...he's "banned"

So I am curious, just what is the latest angle on the Kobe-Haters Bandwagon? Mike Posted by: LakerMike | November 13, 2009 at 08:47 AM

AH LakerMike I forgot to tell you they finally started to come to their senses and tried to trade their Bandwagon in for "Clunkers For Cash" But even they wouldn't take that garbage. LOL!

Every team in the NBA will give up a testicle to get Bryant." The Celtics can't; they don't have any left. Posted by: exhelodrvr | November 13, 2009 at 09:07 AM

Every team in the NBA will give up a part of their spine to get Bryant." The Celtics can't; they don't have any.

Every team in the NBA will give up a part of their heart to get Bryant." The Celtics can't; they don't have any.

Every team in the NBA will give up a piece of their mind to get Bryant. The celtics can't
they are all lunatics.

Great job to all the Lakers, it is becoming an LA Show in the 21st Century. The buzz word is the team to beat in the West.

Lakers are underdog tonight since it is b2b and mile high city against a highly rejuvenated team. However, we have a very strong faith of winning this one compared to the past. Afterall, they really don't need the services of Mbenga to put a strong D. He is the barometer of this team, if Lakers depend onDJ, then we are in trouble.

Shannon Brown, the dunk was heard in the space station, OUTFREAKIN' SHOT who ever says this player should be traded is a fool on the hill.

Denver's waiting for us. Dare I say this, we aren't going to win tonight. They're too amped, and we just finished upending the former 1st place Suns.

As a fan, I'm cool with whatever outcome there is tonight. I'd love a win, but in an 82 game season, against a team that's out for revenge (and blood), and after we've won a game as hotly anticipated as last night's, I don't think it necessary to force the issue in Denver. I think Phil's thinking the same way.

Why do you think Phil played the starters and the 2 most important pieces thus far (Bynum and Kobe) for most of garbage time? To get them playing together....its kinda like a game time practice.

I think the point tonight will be for Phil to see what bench player can play under the conditions that the Nuggets are presenting today. The loud arena, the physical play, all present a situation that Phil will use to evaluate reactions by his players. Who is wilting, who is showing up, who becomes less steady under the spotlight.

Anyways, just my humble opinion. Don't be afraid to lose (or win ugly) especially if it tells you something about yourself.

It's a COLD DAY here in Denver, or like Crazy Horse would say, it's a good day to die. Not sure what good things there are to do in Denver when one is dead, but the Nuggets have had some time to figure that out and will have some more time according to my watch.

Hugo will be at the game tonight - but I am watching on TV because I decided to allocate my regular season budget into one game (in April sitting right behind the bench).

In person or on TV, I will be there in spirit, holding up my KB24 MVP sign (big bold lettering as the whole place breaks out into an M-V-P chant), although the last time I did that in person, I was assaulted by the nuggombies (that's nugget zombies if you couldn't figure it out), scary assault with stuff hitting me from all directions. It really happened, and though a little frightened, I was in jubiliation as I high fived Tex Winter and gave B Shaw a fist bump.

And that's how it'll go down tonight, except in spirit.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
>>> Where are all those Bynum-bashers, now?
LOL! I think they all swallowed their day glow Amare Stoudemire All-Star Center pennants as Drew humiliated Amare, who just submitted a request to the NBA to reclassify him as a power forward on the NBA All-Star Ballot. Oh, except for Blitz, who still managed some minor disrespect to Drew but he does not count because he won’t give Drew any credit until after he has retired from basketball.
Seriously though are there still any bloggers out there who doubt that Drew will be the Lakers #2 scorer for the year? Are there still any bloggers who think Drew is NOT going to average 20/10/2 for the season? Are there still any bloggers who think that Amare Stoudemire is going to be the starting center for the West All-Star team? Are there any bloggers out there who still think Drew is a bust?
Andrew Bynum, the Next Great Lakers Center. Let the rest of the NBA beware. The Beast is ALIVE!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Shannon's dunk last night was from about 12 feet out.

I swear I saw him take off from about 13.5 - 14 feet a few games ago. It was the closest thing to a free throw dunk in an actual game that I've ever seen... anyone know what I'm talking about?

Do you remember last season when the trade went down, and the interview with Shannon Brown revealed this look on his face - like he just went to heaven, like a kid in a candy store? That was priceless...

I think he won us all over in that moment.

Now if we can start him.

Did you Famar bashers see who had the most assists in the NBA last night? Out of four teams (including Steve Nash), Farmar out assisted them all.

If his attitude is positive, I say start him. But YouTube UPS Brown is the real deal - he deserves more than making his first appearance with a 28 pt lead late in the 3rd. Sorry PJ, I have to call BS on this one.

In thinking about how Kobe has been manhandling opposing guards and some forwards, I couldn't help but think about when Kobe threw down with Reggie Miller. The audacity of young Kobe, challenging an all time great like Reggie Miller, to the domination of a mature Kobe killing all comers.

Jason Richardson wanted no part of Kobe last night in that early season battle.

It is a pleasure and a treat to watch Kobe play basketball.

Go Lakers!

That block by Lamar was freaking SICK

Come on, you all know which block I'm talking about

Contender for best line of the night:

Billy Mac: The Suns didn't just lose - Lakers clowned 'em.

this is UNBELIEVABLE. Byron Scott is completely out to lunch. Everybody who saw the Hornets get trashed by the Lakers knew the team had given up on Scott, the owner's son was IN LOS ANGELES, Scott must have suspected something and what did Scott do?
- "the team’s departure to Phoenix for Wednesday night’s game had been pushed back to accommodate the coach’s golf game."
- plus, David West confirmed what we were watching on tv: Privately, West bluntly told friends: “We really don’t run any plays.”
- talk about oblivious... we saw that team quit against the Lakers, they get a GIFT from a just as badly coached Clipper team and what does Scott do? DELAY THE TEAMS FLIGHT TO PHOENIX SO THE COACH COULD PLAY 18 HOLES OF GOLF???
- unreal... I would have fired him too. This should end any and all dicussion about Scott EVER coaching the Lakers.
- of course Chris Paul loved Scott, what is the Princeton Offense? HAND CHRIS PAUL THE BALL...

Denver being "amped" generally works against them, because they get out-of-control.

All in all, a dominating performance by the purple and gold team. Make no mistake; it will take more than the Phoenix Suns to derail the 81-1 Bandwagon. Posted by: LakerTom | November 13, 2009 at 09:41 AM

Outstanding Post Laker Tom

of course Chris Paul loved Scott, what is the Princeton Offense? HAND CHRIS PAUL THE BALL...Posted by: Porky Pig | November 13, 2009 at 10:19 AM

Stop it, Stop it! Oh my side!! ROFLMFAO!!!!

It is a pleasure and a treat to watch Kobe play basketball. Posted by: Rocky | November 13, 2009 at 10:06 AM

One of the perks of being a Laker Fan Rocky.

Tim-4-Show, Denver being "amped" generally works against them, because they get out-of-control. Posted by: exhelodrvr | November 13, 2009 at 10:25 AM

How can you tell?

Although I love the 81-1 concept, I'm still owner of the 70 win bandwagon, and that thing is parked out front. I just polished the chrome wheels, it looks damn nice. I'm going to cruise Auraria Blvd and swing by Pepsi Center bumping Randy Newman on quad 15" woofers...

Who' with me?

Oh, that's right, the entire bandwagon...

Nuggombies can piss off because Randy will get them all irate

Go Lakers!

Do you think they will delay the game tonight until I finish my Golf Game? hahahahha! Oh the Humanity!! Byron brother I love you but if this shizzle is true you are a freaking meglomaniac son! ROFLMFAO!

Great game last night! Loved that we brough the streaking Suns back to reality and made Nash, recently mentioned in MVP talks, look very average.

On a side note, Bill Simmons sounds like he's finally getting it. He's still an idiot though.

Good Morning Charles....Good Morning Everyone...

another solid victory, this time coming against a seemingly hot team, as it were, likey

as Barkley said it's scarey we are playing like this WITHOUT Pau--and of course he would say that because he is a dyed in the wool Laker hater---you can just see the bile a bubblin' in his mouth as he is forced to give Kobe and the Lakers their due props...

when will TNT get rid of Kenny and Barkley? they are totally useless and offer nothing of value---like to see Steve Smith (the former player not that other big mouth dude) sit next to Ernie...

speaking of TNT I was really glad not to be able to see almost the enitire first quad --- I cringe every time I see the Lakers are on TNT---makes me want to disembowel myself with that infamous spork of mine...

Doug Collins only made 1357 references to Michael Jordan last night, only kissed his ass (in the biblical sense) only 1352 of those times...

now that the Hornets gave Byron the shaft (WTF? after less than 10 games in---wasn't he coach of the year just 2 years ago?) hopefully Doug Collins can get that job and put an end to our suffering---put him right out of our misery, as it were...

anyway, on to more important things to ramble on and on about...everybody played really well last night---I still think this is just the tip of the iceberg Capt. Smith...this Dynasty just gettin' started boys and girls...

I don't think Mbenga should be refered to(or indeed used)as a third string center---he is a legit second string center--hopefully when Pau comes back instead of Pau moving to center when Bynum goes out, Phil will use Mbenga---he brings a lot to the show, a lot of good things that can only get better, especially with more playing time...won't have to log so many minutes on Pau as well...

even Sasha looked under control--he took that extra half second to measure his shots with good results indeed...

is there anyone still questioning how well Artest's is going to fit in and Mitch's decision this summer?

Bynum looking more beast like with every game...

Shannon will have a long bright future as a Laker if I have my druthers...

that Kobe whats his name dude is almost good...

Powell continues to hit with even more consistency, I really think he is an upgrade over Ronny (as much as I dig Ronny)

Morrison is such an upgrade over Vlad it makes my spleen throb with delight---and to think Vlad was starting, and on this team Morrison can barely get minutes---we be deep (HUZAH indeed)

that Dudley guy on the Suns should be added on Arnold's list of one ugly mo fo's...

I don't think Richardson likes the way Kobe parts his hair and I don't think he's too crazy about Kobe's choice of Burma shave either...

got to hand it to Nash, that goggles / Batman thing is hard to do with your hands---he should play the whole game pulling that move, at least with one hand,now that would be impressive...wonder of the league will fine him for that---if it was Kobe thar sure would be some geeta passing from Kob's bank account to Stu Jacksons fer sure...

I really dig beating the Suns---a real fun team to beat down

hope we can do the same tonight against another team I like to see us beat---should be a tough one---maybe we will even get to see the entire game tonight (?)

"open up your eyes now, tell me what you see.."

"my hovercraft is full of eels"



It's funny.. we think that JRich was manhandled by Kobe in the post.. while Suns fans on blogs/forums think JRich held his own and "got into Kobe's head"... either way, only the results matter and Kobe is a beast.

Good Morning Everyone....

That was nice..What will Pau do to this team?...Just make them a little more sexy to watch.....

Steve Nash....He gave Lamar Odom an ankle breaker from hell in the second period..As much as i dislike them,they arrived just at the right time to be picked off...

Now lets go and give Kenyon Martin the perfect shut up present ever....
Im really sick of him...

Kareem, NBA 6 time champ, NCAA 3 time champ, NBA all-time point leader and minutes played. He fought racism with dignity and now fights for his life with his illness. - HBMatt

Sorry, Matt, but as a "septics" fan (whatever the heck that is) I must disagree with you on a few points.
1. I respect Kareem the basketball player, and he certainly doesn't deserve this illness......BUT, in his book, "Giant Steps" he says (and I am paraphrasing here) - "I can meet people one and one and like them, but if all the white people in the world disappeared tomorrow, I wouldn't care."
That is "fighting racism"? Ask Bill Russell about that.

2. Some people never forgave Kareem for boycotting the Olympics............just saying
3. Ask Elvin Hayes about this one - while Kareem has been very forthcoming about his illness, he has never admitted that for ONE game in college, he was outplayed by the "Big E". Why can't he admit that? Would make him more of a human being. One bad game in 4 years?? Eye injury or not, he was outplayed.
4. Your own Kurt Rambis, when Kareem mentioned how he didn't understand why he couldn't get a Head Coaching job, said, (and I think this is accurate) "Kareem should have been nicer to people during his career."

Again, I respect the guy. I think, after Russell, he was the greatest Center of all-time, and certainly the most consistent. But, he is not above bashing. Neither is Magic, Bird, MJ, koME, McHale, Ainge, Red or Phil.

Congrats on a great win last night, and have a great day!

Suns will likely hang around as they have their tough part of the schedule now and will benefit later. But the Suns have never been a threat to the Lakers since Bynum started playing well.

It's always nice to see the Lakers take advantage of the soft, squishy centers of teams like the Suns: continue to pound the paint, pass the ball, etc for an easy win, as opposed to becoming complacent, standing around and jacking up shots, etc when they sometimes get a big lead.

I'm sure PJ is delighted with Bynum's D last night. He didn't do anything fancy, his physical presence alone seem to unnerve the Suns (while keeping him out of foul trouble). That's what we need from him every night.

It won't be as easy against the Nuggets, Celtics, Cavs (who seem to be realizing their potential after a slow start), Spurs (they always start slow but finish strong), Magic etc but when you're up against a soft team, you need to take advantage of it every time.

Two Questions1. In the last Houston game the ref's called time and did a video review to see who last touched the ball. On the video it showed that Andrew had touched it last but a Rocket had grabbed his arm so he couldn't catch it. Do the rules allow a video review for one thing allow a change of call to a foul?
2 On Monday I wrote a comment about the real role of sub's. The blog wouldn't accept the comment. No swear word just no acceptance. Am I locked out or something?

Laker Tom,

"I almost felt sorry for the Suns"

I didn't. It was almost as if I could hear the muffled sobbing of Butler somewhere in the distance as I toasted to this win.

Good times.

What do we play for? RING!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"Denver's waiting for us. Dare I say this, we aren't going to win tonight. They're too amped, and we just finished upending the former 1st place Suns."

Have you forgotten that our team has its own person man-dog-brick in Thriller?

Sure the Thuggets will throw wrath our way tonight, and we'll throw the fury of a man-dog-brick right back at them.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Bald Lunatic is right.

The Cap was/is no Mohammed Ali.

But he's still our Cap, and even if he doesn't give us average person any love, we still give it back - because we're family no matter what

Mamba 24 then BLOG CRUE
It's showtime in the mile high city, The Coke Center. I'm looking forward to the game tonight. We'll be there as the doors open and hang with some purple & gold CRUEsterS. I'll be wearing my purple #18 Vujacic jersey. It'll be a great game.

I'll be in LA for Christmas, back to my old stomping grounds.

Colorado loves our World Champion Lakers!


"But he's still our Cap, and even if he doesn't give us average person any love, we still give it back - because we're family no matter what"

This is true.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Thank you Jon K for that delightful and intelligent post. I love when I can learn something, and I did. Thanks again.

Colorado loves our World Champion Lakers! Posted by: Hugo Boss | November 13, 2009 at 11:49 AM

And the Lakers Blog loves you Hugo.!

Jon K,

Ahhhh, yes, forgive me sir. I forgot that we have the ultimate example of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle.

I forgot that we have a man so manly that he doesn't need a host of tattoos to show how crazy he is. He just is.

I forgot that we have a man so confident, he took on the entire city of Detroit and the Sith Lord Darth Stern!

Even with Rasheeds famous proclamation, I heard somewhere that a ball lied for Ron once.

Tru Warier.
The Rogue.
The Nuclear option.
Ron Artest. No one tougher, no one crazier.

Alright, I'll relent a bit. We COULD win tonight with One Flew Over the Cuckoos nest.....

>>>all i gotta say vote are 5 allstars in baby

That's right.

Shannon Brown
Jordan Farmar
Luke Walton
Sasha Vujacic
and Congo Cash!!!!




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