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No Jersey miracle: Lakers crush Nets to win their sixth straight game

I have to figure the New Jersey board of Tourism doesn't appreciate this. Already one of the more frequentlyKobe Bryant drives on Devin Harris mocked states in our union, the Garden State is now saddled with a historically bad basketball team after the Nets were thoroughly (and predictably) dominated by the Lakers Sunday night at Staples. Final score, 106-87. It was Jersey's 17th straight loss to open the 2009-10 season, tying a gruesome NBA record and setting them up to be the object of rubbernecker affection until they somehow manage to scratch out a win.

But while the Lakers are sympathetic, they still had a job to do, and had no interest in screwing around in the process. They built a 15 point lead by the end of the first quarter, and added another 10 to that by halftime, continuing a recent trend of strong and focused play early in games against inferior competition (I'd say the Nets qualify in that department). It was LA's fifth straight win since the return of Pau Gasol, each coming by more than 20 points, a figure that must look particularly cruel relative to what the Nets are experiencing. The box score will show strong nights for Kobe Bryant, whose 30 points included 15 from beyond the arc, the first time this season Kobe has exploded from distance, Jordan Farmar (15 points), and Gasol (20/9/7). 

The opponent was soft enough to leave the Lakers time for a little pregame introspection, with Lamar Odom quizzing fellow reserves on their very nature, something Sasha Vujacic struggled to handle.

Other Lakers/NBA notes below the jump...


    -If you blinked you missed it, but Odom, Gasol, and Andrew Bynum all saw time on the court together Saturday night against the Warriors.

    -Ron Artest's early season shooting woes may have been related to a shoulder issue.

    -This is the sort of play that'll endear Farmar to his coaches.


    -Among the names circulating to replace the fired Lawrence Frank in New Jersey is former Lakers coach Del Harris

    -Frank got some support from Orlando coach Stan Van Gundy.

    -Philly coach Eddie Jordan downplayed talk of adding Allen Iverson. Still, signs indicate they haven't crossed him off their list of possible moves. 

    -Gilbert Arenas says he's lacking confidence, helping to explain his slow start.

    -After losing to the T-Wolves, George Karl lamented that his Nuggets don't seem to play hard all the time, something they did last season en route to the Western Conference Finals. Comments from the T-Wolves didn't do much to weaken Karl's assertion, either.

    -If all goes well for former UCLA forward Kevin Love, he could be back on the court reasonably soon.

    -Clippers broadcasters Ralph Lawler and Michael Smith met with Memphis center Hamed Haddadi before Sunday's game against the Grizzlies at Staples. 


(Photo: Kobe Bryant drives on Devin Harris. Credit: Christine Cotter, LAT)

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I see the article on Times sport, they are pumping Jordan.

That is joke:
1. He never passed the ball when was on court. All other players were watching him shoot
2. Our lead was cut by 10+ points.

If you did not watch the game and just read the article, it seems like it was Farmer who brought the WIN for us.

What a joke. w/o him, Lakers would win way more points.

courtesy of foxsports

Because of his gigantic talents, his overwhelming power, his freight-train speed, his resounding dunks and his chase-down blocks of breakaways, most NBA watchers believe LeBron James to be the best player in the league.

While conceding LBJ's gargantuan upside, I humbly beg to disagree. By my lights, the honor belongs to Kobe Bryant.

Here's why:

Kobe's low-post game is much more effective than LeBron's. This is somewhat puzzling given LBJ's size, strength and ability to finish.
Kobe's left hand is better around the hoop, and his off-handed shots also have better range.
Kobe has a better handle, both in and out of traffic.
There's no comparison between Kobe's reliable jumper and LeBron's erratic one.
Kobe is a more reliable shooter at the free-throw line — 84.0 percent lifetime to LBJ's 73.8.
No right-minded observer would disagree Kobe is the best clutch shooter extant.
Although he often is hypnotized by the ball, Kobe is still a superior defender.
In the attack zone and on the outskirts, Kobe enjoys a considerable advantage in sheer creativity.
Given that LBJ measures 6-8, 250, while Kobe is a mere 6-7, 210, their offensive rebounding stats are significant. James averages 1.3 while Bryant's average is 1.2. All things considered, then, it's clear Kobe also out-performs LeBron in this category.
Whereas LBJ's pre-game antics are often childish — all of the dancing, fake photo-snapping, showering court-siders with rosin dust — Kobe has a much more serious and focused approach.
Unlike LeBron, Kobe doesn't use the imperial third-person when talking about himself.


Is Kobe losing his fierce on the court demeanor and becoming a softy in his old age?

Feeling cleansed following Sunday confession session here.


Honestly, I'm not a garbage-time player and I don't really like that," Vujacic said. "The last couple games, when I played at garbage time, I jacked up shots, but now I'm trying to look at it from a positive perspective. If I'm on the bench for 46 minutes and I come in for one shot, I want to make it." don't decide what you are, it's your game that decides it.

The next game up is with New Orleans, So let me say this before I scream
Punish them Lakers with all you got, for their firing of Laker for Life Byron Scott
Devastate them Lakers, no white flag will do, & destroy their freakin Mascot too.
Yes this is the giving season, So when we destroy New.Orleans no need for a reason
So let the entire NBA know, We take care of our own no matter where they go
So a joy it will be to beat down Chris Paul, they tried to make him MVP over Kobe ya’ll
Yes Punish the freakin NBA plenty, for slighting Kobe for Princess Jimmy
This team, this Blog has just one mission, to make every other team end the season going fishing
What’s old is now new again, the man said as he watched Dynasty 4 begin
The Lakers are not the flavor of the day, they are just the cream of the NBA.
And just as cream always rises to the top, The Lakers rise cannot be stopped
Every decade since the NBA began, The Lakers had a team in the Finals my friend
No, other team, NO NOT ONE, could ever do the things the Lakers have done
So yeah I’m cocky and the Blog is too, We’re the Dynasty 4 Lakers who the Hell are you

Good Morning Charles...Good Morning Everyone...

well while these glorfied practices of late are entertaining to watch, Genral Zod's words come to mind..."is there no one on this miserable planet to challange me?...

hopefully when we do face a contending team, the lessons learned in these scrimages will be kept in the forefront of the players collective consciousnesses...

so I do hope that these games are doing us some good, as it were, and indeed if the bench can string together a few positvive garbage time minutes and not surrender leads it would indeed do just that, seemingly...and last night the bench did do better...

and again as Stu says, the piece meal substitution thing is much better and will help everyone invovled, especially Sasha probably...

there were a few possessions when the entire bench 5 actually played good team ball with the ball being moved, players cutting and then a quality shot---they need to watch film of those over and over...

the Nets are so indiscript they don't have anyone even worth making fun of---except their interim coach and one of his assistants---they really look like New Jersey mobsters / hit they know a thing or three about cement overshoes and New Jersey garbage scowls,,,

is it Tuesday yet?

"I got blisters on my fingers!"

"now all they have to do here to win the title is to shoot themselves....Well there'll certainly be some door slamming in the streets of Kensington tonight"



- - - - - - - -
That was a SCARY victory. Fifth straight double-digit victory with opponent held under 100 points. There were moments in the 1st and 3rd quarters when the Lakers defense was so good that I thought the only thing preventing them from holding the Nets under 50 points for the game was the players’ unwillingness to overly embarrass their fellow professional ballers. Too tall, too long, and too good. The difference in height, length, athleticism, and talent is almost embarrassing to watch. Almost!
I’m sure everybody feels the vibe in the air and increasing hum in the background as the NBA world takes notice of what’s happening in LA and we’re not talking the USC-UCLA game or Tiger Woods. We’re taking about the slow and steady emergence of this Lakers team as a juggernaut that threatens to steamroll over the rest of the NBA. And before Edwin and the wall flowers faint in exasperation, you can’t tell me that they don’t feel it, too. The Lakers have truly become the Yankees of the NBA.
Kobe Bryant is playing like the MVP. Pau Gasol is playing like the best power forward in the NBA. Andrew Bynum is playing like the best center in the NBA. Ron Artest has changed the DNA of the team from offense to defense, from finesse to power. And anybody who says that Derek Fisher is through is going to be naively embarrassed as Fish has put to rest any rumors of being MIA with a series of rock solid games on both offense and defense. He is still our best option at point guard.
I also think Lakers fans have to understand that Lamar is not going to put up the points that he did last year and not hold that against him. There was an interesting stat brought up during the game that Lamar was 1 of only 2 players in the league averaging 8 boards and 4 assists. More importantly, he enables the Lakers to have an elite starter level player at center, power forward, and small forward for all 48 minutes of the game. That is the REAL reason why Lamar Odom was re-signed as a Laker.
I did not hear why Phil only played Andrew for 24 minutes because I thought he was a real force in the paint, blocking 5 shots, changing trajectories on several more, and completely shutting down Brook Lopez when he guarded him in the 1st and 3rd quarters, only allowing 3 points and 1 rebound. At any rate, I do trust Phil over the long haul to do what is best for the team and for Drew but it is still frustrating to watch Drew have such a great 1st quarter shutting down Brook and then get benched.
Finally, another excellent game from Jordan Farmar, including some of the best defense I’ve seen him play in a long time. That block at the end of the first half was Shannon Brown-ish. LOL. Good for Jordie. He is playing like a more confident, bigger, and tougher player. And he definitely adds speed to the Lakers lineup when he is in the game. Shannon seemed a little off tonight, especially on defense where he was beaten often allowing his man into the paint. I liked the 3 assists, though and the combination of he and Jordan off the bench. If they just play smarter, the bench will be fine.
It’s interesting the different impressions bloggers have as to what the 79-3 bandwagon is all about. So here’s the thing. The 79-3 bandwagon is the same as the 80-2 bandwagon and the 81-1 bandwagon. It’s entire point is that each game is just 1 of 82 games so don’t let it drive you to hating on players, wearing out the ESPN trade machine, or ducking every time you go outside because the sky is falling. The reality of 79-3 is that it is STILL possible because we are that EARLY in the long NBA season. So bottom line, stop worrying and fretting. We’ve got the best player, team, coach, and owner and we are going to win at least 6 of the next 10 NBA championships. Or maybe all 10 of the next 10. : ))
- - - - - - - -

Interesting about Sasha. I think this is a typical thing for Phil to do when he's deciding on who gets playing time together.

Sasha's not getting minutes, but will get them in abundance at some game during the season. Phil is doing something there. We all know Phil likes players to figure things out, but I also believe that a player is assessed on whether they CAN figure it out on their own. Younger players don't have the innate self-regulation that experienced veterans do.

Is Kobe losing his fierce on the court demeanor and becoming a softy in his old age? Feeling cleansed following Sunday confession session here. Posted by: father guido sarducci | November 30, 2009 at 11:11 AM


The reality of 79-3 is that it is STILL possible because we are that EARLY in the long NBA season. So bottom line, stop worrying and fretting. We’ve got the best player, team, coach, and owner and we are going to win at least 6 of the next 10 NBA championships. Or maybe all 10 of the next 10. : ))Posted by: LakerTom | November 30, 2009 at 11:37 AM


WOW did sasha really say that?!?! see this is exactly my point and just validated all our suspicions about him...

Who does he think he is?? He's treating this game like a JOKE and thinks he's bigger than the game than the team when he should be lucky he's still on the team... Get a frickin clue!! This coming from a guy who btw NAMED HIMSELF the machine. Who the heck gives himself his own nickname??

- I can't wait until this team plays some real competition.

- Pau is even better this year. He looks so comfortable out there. The game has really slowed down for him. He reminds me of Neo at the end of Matrix when he finally started to understand his limitless powers.

- The ever improving chemistry between Kobe and Pau reminds me of the chemistry between Magic and Worthy. They've only been together for 2.5 years, but already have much better chemistry on the court than Kobe and Shaq ever had.

- I agree with the other posters about Ammo. Although his shots are not going down yet, he looks good out there. He is always making the right decisions, and just trying to fit it, similar to Artest at the start of the season. Once Ammo gets comfortable, those shots will start going down.

- Brook Lopez is going to have a solid career. Bynum was having a difficult time with him one on one.

- The New Jersey coach looks like the 40 Year Old Virgin's older brother.

"What does Bynum need to do for you to feel a similar enthusiasm/optimism regarding him as a player as you would/do for Kobe or Gasol?"

Stop acting like a baby (means be more mature) and freaking know his place in this Laker team. The Lakers already have far more offensive firepower now that they have Gasol and need him more on the defensive side (which he showed with 5 blocks before succumbing to 4 fouls). This isn't his team nor is he the 2nd fiddle when Gasol is healthy (as Gasol can do so much more than score and rebound). And also tell him to block out and prevent the other teams players from getting offensive rebounds (before Gasol came back the Lakers were amongst the league's worst in defensive rebounds despite Bynum's 11rpg) and also that he should be thinking rebounds first instead of trying all the time to be the 1st one down court so he can get a score. Oh and that it is more than okay trying to pass out of double teams instead of struggling when they do come like what happened to Dwight when the Lakers sent double teams at him in the Finals.

Bynum is a good third option and scoring wise is a solid second option. To get into Kobe and Pau's level he is to do more than score and rebound and block shots and so far he is not there yet.

Not sure how Jordan could have lost 10 points on the lead. He was +4 for the game. Maybe he turned a 16 point lead to a 30 before letting it drop to a 20 point lead. If that is the case, I can live with him losing 10 points. By the way, Brown was -8 for the game.

Hey Blitz - hope you don't mind me injecting into the conversation but I was just curious about the Bynum acting like a baby comment. Has something been going on that I haven't noticed? I was only able to listen to the last couple of games on the radio feed so I haven't been able to pick up on visual details. It seems to me that the front line's clicking on all cylinders - Bynum and Pau together are a force to be reckoned with. The whole notion of 2nd versus 3rd options is pretty moot - their stat lines are virtually identical across the board. To me, the only question marks right now concern the reserves and their issues of motivation game-to-game.

dave m

Sasha just LOST ME COMPLETELY after this arrogant assumption from himself. I'm not one who wishes bad to OUR players (not to otherteams's... to me sport is sacred so that would never happen) but really, what he said just parted him from any sympathy left on my corner.

Sasha SUCKS and everybody has noticed it. Apparently his own mirror doesn't remind him truth, but his own wishful thinkin about himself.
Too bad.

It's what turned him out to be a below average player (for Lakers standards, anyway) on the first place.

I'm SO disappointed.
Hope they find a way to kick his ass outta team. I know it's not likely to happen for the TOTALLY UNDESERVED contract he has, but still, I hope.
I also hope he gets humiliated and burnt by his teammates.

His words have been outrageous and out of this universe.

Truly unconceivable.

R.I.P. NJ Nets. 2009-2010

Wow the Nets were awful. They are beyond their glory years. I'll tell you that as a NJ native. The arena is a morgue. R.I.P. NJ Nets 2009-10



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