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Poll Madness: The 10%* Edition

The NBA season is already about 10% gone.

For the Lakers, things have gone pretty well in my estimation. 6-1 despite missing the services of Pau Gasol heading into a tough back-to-back starting Thursday night at Staples against the Suns ahead of a Friday night date with Denver in the Mile High City. For that matter, Sunday's game, back at home against the Rockets, isn't a picnic.

So we'll know more about this squad by next week, but if I wait that long to ask a bunch of questions the symmetry of that whole "ten percent" thing goes out the window. 14.6% (or whatever) just doesn't have the same ring to it. With that in mind, click below for this year's first regular season installment of Poll Madness! Vote until your heart's content.


*per Lakers Blog regulations, there will be no snarky comments related to math and its (in)accuracy.

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I loves me some polls.

I voted that Kobe won't win the scoring title simply because sooner or later Pau Gasol is coming back healthy.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


It is amazing how often I was in the majority of those votes.

Odd ...

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Technically, with 7 games completed out of 82 that doesn't work out to be 10% more like 8.5%. I'll chalk that up to journalistic freedom? Anyway, while it is way too early in the season to tell, I find the Lakers' start to be somewhat disappointing. While their record of 6-1 is impressive on paper, I find their play somewhat lacking in flow/rhythm on offense (especially with the bench on the floor) and inconsistent defense and rebounding. Perhaps I've been spoiled by their dominating championship runs in the previous years or I envy the defensive superiority of the Celtics or perhaps it's just too early to tell. Hopefully, the next 3 games can give us a better insight into the team's chance to repeat in June.


It's quite early in the season to measure this team out. The PG position is still quite unsettling! D'Fish appears to be over the hill. Farmar is still the same Farmar of the last few years (Marginal skills PG, lack of confidence and poor decision maker). However, I hope Phil would allocate more time to him to proof himself of his worthiness.

Great article in the LA Times today about the greatest NBA's backcourt tandem in Magic and Kobe.

I have not seen any progress in Sasha..Is his days as a Lakers are numbered?

Have a Happy Veteran's Day to you all..

The poll feature is pretty cool guys.

Any thoughts on the Suns? I think Old Shaq slowed down the Suns the past 2 years and is now slowing down the Cavs.

Funny how the NBA game has changed from the slow-it-down, defense-oriented, to uptempo and fast-break style. I like the NBA in its current form a little better.


"Technically, with 7 games completed out of 82 that doesn't work out to be 10% more like 8.5%."

I don't think they teach math courses at Vanderbilt. That's the only explanation I can find for the discrepancy.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


One of the best posts I have read recently was the issue of whether Pau Gasol should avoid those games overseas, and avoid another injury, as well as honoring his obligations, to the Lakers. My theory is anyone getting injured away from this team should have pay deducted, after all, this is his team, his job and his livlihood.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


puddle - I'm feeling you on all fronts!

JonK - me too - I LOVE me some polls! Just not so much during the live chat cuz they take up a lot of room, but still. Seeing if you're in the majority or way out on your own where the buses don't run sure can be enlightening.

hobbit - I'm scared of you LOL! Seriously though, if you're in the majority now with the whole blog-sync-think, what will happen to your epic battles with blitz??

I say that given the Lakers have not had their second best player play a game. Their starting center has missed a couple of games. Artest is still figuring things out. The Lakers record bodes well. The offense and defense will be better once Pau returns. If the team can get and then stay healthy, after a period of adjustment I think we will see how good this team can really be. With Thriller getting more comfortable, the team as is, is fairly tough to beat, but get Pau and Drew back in and look out! (I confess a tinge of worry is creeping in with Pau and the hammie. I don’t think it will be a serious issue but there is that small chance it could linger and become an issue.)

Boston I see as a team that can sustain their high level of play – they are good. A team like the Suns is surprising but I don’t think they are likely to keep up that kind of play, same with the Heat. Orlando should be good, but Cleveland I still have doubts about. I am not convinced the Shaq experiment will work all that well.


To be exact, each team has played an average of 7.2 games. Out of 82 games that will be played by each team, that would be 7.2/82= 8.78% of the season has been played. So if we're rounding this should "The 9% Edition."

Considering that the Lakers have a big bullseye on their backs, they're the defending champs, missing their second best player and every team brings their A game against us, we've done very well in the early going. The scary thing is Kobe is in top form, Bynum has gotten an early jump, Artest is getting more comfortable each game and is playing great defense and the bench is starting to come alive.

I still think that it's important that we play an inside/outside game, especially when we have the advantage inside against smaller teams. Tomorrow night against the Suns the Lakers definitely need to go to the post to Drew, Kobe, LO and Artest to punish the smaller Suns. Drew should get the touches that normally go to Pau so that he can attack Amare and Frye. I look at this being Drew's opportunity to make up for the time that he's been injured and to prove that he's capable of filling the void left by our injured star Pau Gasol. Pau Gasol stepped in when Drew went down and proved his mettle and value to this Laker team and now it's vice versa with Drew needing to step up and prove that he's our franchise center.

Should the Lakers get past the Suns and Nuggets on back to back night, Kenny Smith's prediction of the Lakers starting 20-1 may not be so far fetched after all, especially if the Lakers keep improving on the defensive end. Kudos to Mbenga for stepping in and giving us a defensive presence and protecting the rim. I think that he deserves to get good minutes to spell Drew.

BK -

Snarky english comment - shouldn't it be "(in)accuracy" instead of "in/accuracy"?


Thanks for the poll!

Gasol had permission from the team to play overseas, they didn't have to give it. Plus, if you get hurt on the job your workman's comp that you pay into is what keeps your pay check steady. I would imagine somehting similar is in place ofr the NBA where injuries happen.

I think it's fine that Gasol played for Spain this summer. He didn't hurt his leg playing for Spain, he hurt it in training camp. How do any of us know if the two are related? I'd also venture that if this were the playoffs, he'd play. But we're sitting on a good record, integrating a new major piece of the puzzle and allowing him to return at 100%.

This does not remind me at all of when Shaq put off surgery to his toe until training camp and uttering his most infamous line of all, "I got hurt on company time so I'll heal on compnay time." I could never imagine Gasol thinking something like that, let alone saying it aloud. Is it a bummer he's hurt and not playing? Yes. But this injury DID happen on company time, so he has no choice but to heal it now.

Before you go lambasting him for an injury suffered during Laker training camp, perhaps you should recall who shot over 50% and played some of the best defense on the team last year. It's not DJ Mbenga. Or Andrew Bynum. Or Kobe.

Gasol will be back, he'll be awesome, and we'll be better off for it down the line.

First off, a legitimately pulled hamstring takes a long time to heal.

Second, after healing, it takes a long time not to favor it -- it is a psychological thing. The hamstring effects a large percentage of your daily motions that your brain just won't go 100% right away. No matter what you tell it.

Coming back too soon from a hamstring almost always leads to pulling it again and a much longer rehab the second time.

It is simple to fix -- just rest. Yet, it really does take a very long time. There really isn't anything anyone can do about it.

Pau will return when he returns. I don't think the team is waiting around for him, as they shouldn't.

Glad to see that Drew is returning, though.


Other options to the poll questions:

"What has been the biggest disappointment in the early going?":
- Fish's minutes and performance.
- Brown's lack of minutes.
- Ammo not given the opportunity to take Luke's spot in the rotation.
- Laker fans who still buy into the BS media hype and question Kobe's motives when he shoots.
- Kareem being fired by Bynum.

"What has been the biggest surprise in the early going?":
- Lamar's confident outside shooting (although it started at toward the end of last season).
- Luke's recovery from a mild injury actually took less than 6 months.
- Sasha's haircut does not make him look less feminine.
- Khloe agreed to a pre-nup.

Banner Holder here. Sorry for being absent from the Blog. Between the bitter effects of "TrollGate" (that nasty back and forth between us and certain Bostonians) a few weeks back coupled with a MAJOR life reboot, I haven't had time to even read the Blog...let alone post anything.

Anyhoo, I played a little catch-up on reading what's what in Laker Nation and it looks like we all - Laker fans & non Laker fans alike - agree on something that we need to pray about. So...

LET US PRAY FOR THE CAP (and other Laker injuries)

Dear Lord, we thank You for Your love, strength and blessings. We thank You for Your healing power. We know that Your healing power is an extension of Your great love and Your mighty power. We ask You to release that power to our once and forever Captain, Kareem Abdul Jabbar as he battles leukemia. We ask You to step into his blood stream, make the crooked paths straight, restrengthe every blood cell and platlet and to flush out every trace of cancer from his body. Keep his mind and heart - and his family's - in perfect peace. You have blessed him in a mighty way through his ability to play basketball. He is a legend because You lifted him up on Your shoulders that he could rise high. Remind him of this truth as he continues to fight on. We thank You in advance for his healing - as well as the healing for everyone else suffering from leukemia and cancer as a whole. Guide every doctor and scientist until a cure is found. Do it for Your glory, that the days of Your children would be long and prosperous.

We ask You to heal Pau Gasol's hamstring. Strenghthen his muscles so he may return to the court to do his job on our team. We thank You for Pau's humility and ability. We know that You will bring him back onto the court in Your time for Your glory.

We also pray that Andrew's strained arm/elbow would completely be healed. Allow Andrew the full and complete chance to play to his full potential. Many of us have a lot of faith in his ability to play well for our Lakers. And we ask You to heal his body so that he would have the chance to play a full and complete season so he can develop as a player and help our team.

We thank You for hearing our prayers. We do so because You instructed us to pray about everything. Nothing is too small for You to hear from us. And we thank You for Your love, our Lakers and for answering our prayers...AMEN!

is anyone know when Pau is coming back??

Another one of my posts disappeared into the ether.

And NO there was no snarky comment or magic word....


It's live now. Just an accidental oversight.



>>> *per Lakers Blog regulations, there will be no snarky comments related to math and its in/accuracy.

I guess you've noticed, we're not all that good at following rules and regulations here.

Is it true? ESPN just said that Gasol may be out until Xmas accroding to Jackson.

You seem to be assuming that there won't be any games cancelled because of bad weather. I think you need to indicate that.

I've just found this:
Jon K. was right! -i never doubted your word, but not living there makes difficult to understand some things-


I think my biggest disapoitment so far is in the proofreading department.

Yeah, that was picked up too late, phred. Unfortunately, I don't think I can fix it without deleting the voting information on that question.

Doesn't make you any less a smart ass for pointing it out, though :)


BK- I don't think there is anything known to man that could make me less of a smart ass. A few women have figured it out from time to time...

I see a trade coming. Farmer & hopefully Vujacic (if anyone wants to take on the money that's tied to him) for a veteran point guard to share clutch minutes with Fisher. Shannon Brown is a great spark off the bench for the Lakers. I really want to see him learn the triangle offense and develope his point guard skills.



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