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Lakers 101, Thunder 85: Just your average YouTube-makin', Black Eyed Peas-singin', Jay-Z Jumbotronin' Sunday night win

Sunday funday, indeed.

Breakdown below.



... and other stuff from Kobe Bryant: The stat line was robust, for sure (26 points, six boards, seven assists) but tonight fans were treated to the full range of Kobe's skills. He put balls up from behind the backboard (see above), capped the first quarter with a quick, left-handed grab'n'shoot off a loose ball to beat the buzzer, a sick step-back, hesitation drive and finish against Thabo Sefalosha, and so on. In the first half, he crushed Oklahoma City rook James Harden in the post. 

    -Andrew Bynum: 9-11 from the floor, 7-7 from the stripe en route to 25 points, to go along with nine rebounds and a pair of blocks, in only 28:37 of PT. He was active on both sides of the ball, and while after the game he said the right ankle injury that kept him out of practice over the previous two days was still sore, he didn't seem affected by it. A couple weeks ago, after a disappointing three rebound effort against the Hawks, Bynum vowed to do a better job against teams where he recognized mismatches, particularly on the boards but both in scoring and defending as well. Tonight, I thought he did that, working to establish solid position early in the lane and exploiting a mismatch against whatever defender he saw, and was appropriately assertive when matched up with Nenad Kristic. He kept plays alive on the offensive boards, got a tip in, helped trap effectively on the defensive end, and so on.

    -Defense and details: We talked about it in the video, but despite all the zazz associated with tonight's game (rare is the night we post two YouTube clips before the postgame report is even started), the Lakers won by doing the little things that good teams do, starting on the defensive end. As you'll see in the video below, Phil Jackson even praised their work defending the bucket, something he rarely does even in easy wins. The trapping was particularly effective, as the Lakers disrupted the pick and roll, created six first quarter turnovers and consistently forced the Thunder into jump shots. There were no chippies, and Oklahoma City was limited to only 16 points in the opening frame. Meanwhile, the Lakers dominated in the paint, scoring 24 of their 35 points close to the bucket, grabbing five offensive boards, and preventing the Thunder from getting out on the break. The second quarter was so strong defensively for LA that despite opening the quarter 2-11 and shooting 32.1% for the frame, they still won the quarter 22-18. Why? Four TOs for OKC, only one for LA, and seven offensive boards for the home team.

"They're long, they protect the rim, they protect the paint, they make you play to the weak side and it's tough to get over there," Thunder coach Scott Brooks said. "They're not playing with their hands down... They are just a physical team, and we didn't do a very good job of handling them."

Hear that? A physical team. Whoda thunk it?

Ron Artest was a big part of that, bodying up Kevin Durant and helping limit him to a 2-9 first half, and Derek Fisher was strong against Russell Westbrook, harassing his dribble, working through screens, and contributing to his three first half TOs. Brooks was effusive in his praise. "Derek Fisher never gets enough credit. The guy is a star. He battles and competes. I admire his play every year since he's been in this league," he said. "If you want your son to be a point guard, they should look at his tape and be committed to what he does. He plays for the team, and that's what you expect from a point guard at that level. He's an amazing player."


    -Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum: It wasn't a great shooting night for the Spaniard, who looked a little gassed in his second game back (for players coming off a long absence, Game 2.0 is often tougher than the introductory version), but more important than his 5-13 effort were the six assists, and moments where the impact of having both guys on the floor together could be seen. In LA's visit to OKC earlier in the month, the Thunder had good success putting the strong, physical Etan Thomas against Bynum in the post. Tonight, Brooks tried it again, but Thomas could only guard one guy at a time. In one first half sequence, he was forced to switch on to Gasol near the left elbow. That left the talented-but-smaller Jeff Green on Bynum on the block. Easy feed, easy bucket.

That's going to happen a lot. Teams may have one guy on the floor who can guard Bynum or Gasol, but most don't have two. Bynum told me after the game (see the video below) that as the two continue to develop chemistry, particularly in their high-low game things will get even better. 


    -The Lakers dominated virtually every facet of the game, but interestingly enough 10 of the 12 guys who saw the floor had at least one shot blocked. Overall, OKC blocked 15 shots, led by Serge Ibaka's five.


Kobe, on shooting from behind the backboard:

More Bryant, on Shannon Brown's silly hops, Gasol's impact, and Andrew Bynum:

Phil Jackson, on Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum:

Bynum, on his game, ankle, and playing with Gasol:


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a little inside information for you all . . . .

Lakers are still undefeated in games where Gasol, Bynum and Artest play together . . . . . just sayin

My name is Nicolas Cage, and I like to dance. And Westerns.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Let there be no doubt that Kobe Bryant is the PRINCE of Basketball, soaring above mortal players, making shots that bank off buildings and carom off street lights, even leaving his NBA 2K 10 virtual self in the dust, forcing 2K Sports to update his game profile to reflect the plethora of new moves. Time to put away that LeBron jersey you bought last year, NBA fan, because it is Kobe who is going to inherit the throne that MJ currently holds. That is why he is the PRINCE of Basketball.
Kobe seems to add a new wrinkle or weapon to his repertoire every single game, from the spinning left handed whirling dervish hooks to the Luke Walton inspired 1-footed step-back fade-away in the key but that incredible unbelievable 1-footed jumper rainbow floater OVER the backboard was too killer. Kobe is not only the best NBA player in the world but may also be its best HORSE player.
If you wonder why so many of us are so high on Andrew Bynum and believe he will be the #2 leading scorer on the team and perhaps even its #2 option when we need a basket, then study tonight’s game. It was a classic display of why Drew’s almost unstoppable low post power game has become a staple of the Lakers half-court offense. Drew is rapidly becoming the BEAST that the Lakers must feed.
Drew was just superb tonight, scoring 25 points on 9-11 from the floor and 7- 7 from the line, along with a team high 9 boards, 2 blocks, and 1 steal, He was active on defense and didn’t show any lingering hesitancy due to the recently turned ankle. You cannot help but notice how Drew and Pau cause other teams offenses problems with their height and length but also how Drew and Ron do the same with their physicality and toughness. Other players just seem to bounce off them like Teflon.
Not playing for over a month finally caught up with Pau tonight as he missed a lot of easy shots and seemed understandably fatigued at times. But what a perfect player for this Lakers team and perfect complement to Kobe and Drew. I love the offense going through Pau at the high post with Drew down low. They ran several great plays off that and Pau and Drew seemed to be playing in sync.
Finally, I thought Jordan Farmar had another strong game. I like that Jordie has not backed down from playing aggressively. I would rather see him add that dimension to our game even if there are occasional times when he gets a little out of control. I also love Jordie’s speed going to the basket and that 2-handed flush to finish that drive, not to mention the perfect alley oop to Brown for another YouTube moment. Throw in an excellent effort from Fish and the guards NOT named Kobe did fine.
Tonight’s win keeps the 79-3 bandwagon alive and kicking. While we know that we are not really going to win 79 games and that the idea of the 79-3 bandwagon is that it is a long season and we have only lost 3 games, but there were moments watching this team tonight when I almost believed it. After all, this is the NBA so anything is possible. I mean, didn’t Kobe once score 81 in a game?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What's up with Kobe's 3-point shots? He's made than fewer than 18% this season!

And when is Phil going to tell Mbenga to quit shooting, period? Rebound and block, D.J. -- but otherwise stay AWAY from that bucket!

kobe had 7 assists, not 7 steal. geez, you can't give him props in the dime department. and you say you're don't have anything against kobe, yeah, sure, whatever!!!!

********** you don't have anything against kobe************

sorry for the mistake.

We're just getting warmed up...

After the All-Star break this team is going to be a fricken monster.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Just the game I was expecting to see. Plus two eye candies of lovely taste, that everybody should save on their Youtube Favs - just like I did - to catch up when a regular fell who maybe doesn't get our Laker obsession ask "Why them?".

Well, "THEM" because LakerLand is where everything happens, at a wonderous rate.

I surely agree that Kobe is something unparalleled. I loved what he did tonight because he just tried a funny thing kids dream about. He combines, in his just unlimited skills, the fine logic and tactic of a predator, with those extruding moments of pure fantasy when he just "tries to see if it's possible". Man, the grace and the kinkiness of that ball that didn't even touched the net... Isn't that a kid trying to be a prankster, and then looking at you with a smile that makes you effirtlessly pardon him his daring antics? Superb. In every sense of the word.

Tonight Laker Land seemed Kindergarten at Disneyland. And everybody loves Disneyland, at any age.

I am happy to have seen a more consistent effort by practically everybody tonight.

I am happy cos PJ got exactly what he asked: more defense. This team adjusts on his wishes, and it's sufficient one remark given by Phil and you literally see the scheme takin a better shape just under your eyes( I was at Staples at the finals last Summer and that was clear on the pitch, and amazing to be seen live...)

I am happy about Bynum's performance. Constantly improving and really focused.

I was expecting as I wrote yesterday that Pau would have suffered more today BUT even said that, I like to point out that Bynum's number as noted of course by K Bros was allowed by the mere presence and smart touch of Pau. I still think it's completely pointless to make Bynum run versus Pau. Their characteristics as players are compatible, similar but not totally equal and we need BOTH. It's just evidence, though, and I beg to point it out a bit, that without Pau on the pitch the whole team (Bynum included) works at a worst rate and level.
The same can't be said, if we want to be honest, by changing the factors mentioned. Without Bynum that rule doesn't apply. Without Bynum, the team can carry on or has way to carry on anyway. Which doesn't mean that I am wishing any of that. I stick by my idea that we need both and stop bragging too much about a person number, and rather concentrate on a collective performance when these 5 starting faces merge powerfully together.

On a side note... Jay Z keeps ruining for me everything when I see his face. Can't stand the guy. Why didn't he remain at the horridous AMA? On that, I'm glad none of those television things ever come to Italian screens not even filtered.

If you wanna listen to music, buy concert tickets.

Or go at teh Staples Center and learn how to chant over choruses. Can't wait to get back in La later in 2010 to experience that magic again :)

Happy Monday Laker Land :)

(PS: I saw the Knicks yesterday... it was broadcasted over here at 7 pm. Oh, BOY!!! Let's hope they remain as senseless on Tuesday. It's incredible they managed to lose THAT way before extended time, and against a lazier than lazy version of our noble adversaries, the Celtics. Really. It was some moment of appalling basketball on that court. REALLY. Poor Mike D'A. In Italy we still love you man... but... ewwww slap them on the face, really)


What a circus show by Kobe Bryant. While his athleticism isn't that of young Kobe heck this is why he is still the best despite his age:

His skill set.

And that's why he's better than young Kobe. A more mature player who utilizes his skill set to win. Young Kobe is supposed to have it more as he had to play with a more clogged lane with Shaq and had played during the still more tougher era of early 2000's with all the hand checking (believe it, even Stu Lantz commented TWICE already about how tougher it is to defend without handchecking) . But this Kobe is simply better. Not because he is the higher flyer who won the Slam Dunk contest. Simply the one who can score and LEAD.

Not since Magic Johnson has the Lakers had a perimeter player that could LEAD. (Shaq could lead at times but there's a reason why the Lakers chose Kobe). And frankly there is no other player since Magic Laker wise who could win without having the athleticism of his youth and yet WIN.

Eddie Jones? Nope
Nick Van Exel? Nope

Even current Lakers who are great as Kobe's supporting cast can command the type of respect that Kobe has:

Pau Gasol? Close but no.
Andrew Bynum? Nope.
Lamar Odom? Hell no.
Ron Artest? Need I say more?

The Greatness of Kobe Bryant. Still too early to decide that Kobe is already in the top 5 of All Time: (Regardless of how you like it or not: Magic--3 MVP's, Kareem--6 MVP's, Kobe--1 MVP) if Kobe chose to retire tomorrow. Just wait for the legacy to continue as it will pile up and who knows?

LakerTom, Pau Gasol complement for Drew? ajajajajajajajajajajajajajjajajaj

Here is a link to Larry Bird's amazing shot from behind the backboard -

As good as that was, Kobe's was better. Dude was fouled on the play. Nuff said.


"What's up with Kobe's 3-point shots? He's made than fewer than 18% this season!"

I've mentioned several times that Kobe started the season with an obsession about his postup game. He worked it hard, trying to add that dimension to his already vast repertoire of shots. It definitely developed an added toughness to his interior game. Unfortunately, I believe it also corrupted his perimeter shooting.

The rhythm and mechanics of perimeter shooting are entirely different from postup body-banging and fadeaways. Developing one of them invariably screws up the other.

In fact, I believe it's exactly the same reason why Sasha's perimeter shooting has gone in the crapper too. Early on, he was content to float on the perimeter, find his spot, wait for the dish, and flow smoothly into the rhythm of his 3's. Swish. Swish. The Machine. Then he got the brilliant idea that he needed to show he had an all-around game. He started driving, barely in control, and whipping around the mid-range picks. Look at his shots now. He's totally out of rhythm, jacking up herky-jerky shots in nanoseconds. No rhythm, no flow, no swish.

There you have it. Live by the 3. If not, die by the 3. I know about 3's. I'm CornerJ.

Good morning,

I feel like the Prince of Darkness. Sure, I loved the circus shots by Kobe and UPS. I certainly love the W. But the Lakers did all their meaningful work in the first period. By the second half, the play was stagnant and raggedy. The Lakers let OKC actually win the 3rd and 4th.

During the game chat, Faith remarked that we didn't need to "punk" the visitors. True. But playing with precision and executing consistently on both ends of the court still matters. Some might say that after the Lakers 18-1 run that the players got bored. Kobe didn't. He entertained us until PJ remembered to pull him in the closing minutes.

Where did it fall apart for me? The Box Score points to the bench. Sure they contributed 24 points, but overall their performance must be categorized as Garbage Time. The bench should have used their minutes as an opportunity to shine. Instead, they barely held their own.

Sunday night, the Lakers succeeded with the physical domination of the starting unit. But there will be other games where all 48 minutes will matter. I want to see the bench aspire higher. We're beginning to see what the starting unit can do, now that Pau has returned. Not so the bench, despite some praiseworthy individual performances. I'd like to see the bench perceive themselves as if they were an expansion team, with the outcome of every game squarely on their shoulders.

Hey, it's Monday. Some of you wake up thinking of Sunday night's game with sunshine and roses. I do, too. As your Prince of Darkness, I just can't ignore the thorns. Go Lakers!

I've made that shot in my backyard dozens of times. When Kobe makes the off-the-garage-door-header for the win shot, gimme a call.

- - - - - - - - -
>>> LakerTom, Pau Gasol complement for Drew? ajajajajajajajajajajajajajjajajaj
For crying out loud, what is great about this team is that EVERY player complement every other player.
You Pau Lovers need to turn down your disrespect meters. You imagine every comment as a slur to your beloved Spaniard. There is only one indispensible player on this team and his name is Kobe Bryant.
- - - - - - - - -

As your Prince of Darkness, I just can't ignore the thorns. Go Lakers! Posted by: Rick Friedman | November 23, 2009 at 07:50 AM

That's allright that's what a Prince of Darkness is for, to keep us from getting to cocky. Good job Rick

Good morning Mamba24 and the faulous Laker morning CRUE!!!!!

Last night's game was CRAZY! I enjoy a good beat-down as much as the next guy, but still I must agree with Rick in wishing the Mob would have stepped it up some. We're going to need everyone contributing in order to keep our 78-3 bandwagon rolling! Seriously though, I want all our guys focused and confident, not just the starters.

AK/BK - you guys got video of the concert?? I'm sure I can't be the only one who wants to see it....

Live Chat CRUE - thanks for making the game so much more fun! Always a great time!!! (We missed you, phred.... but we kept the love alive).

JonK - didn't know you were a Boise State fan. I work for Tommy Gallarda's dad.... Always lots of football talk going on around here.

Have a great day peeps! Another beautiful day for Laker fans everywhere!

Nothing but another title will suffice.

If anyone has an ESPN Insider log in password, please paste the article with the Title "Could CP3 reunite with Scott in L.A.?"

Thanks and good morning fam!

LakerTom, I agree with georgy but I understand that this Bynum could be the perfect complement for Pau. This year with Bynum Healthym see you the REAL PAU. UNSTOPPABLE and for my, much more indispensible than Kobe.

Go Lakers and Regards from Barcelona.

ESPN Gushes... harbinger of another parade

Yeah, it happened. ESPN gushed with Laker praise. "When this team is healthy no one can beat them..."

ESPN, I think the "E" is for East, the all LeBron network, showing Phil, "the greatest coach" smiling cause he just has to "roll out the ball".

It was not followed by Celtics or LBJ highlights cause there aren't any.

Actually, there were Celtic highlights... I can dream.

Twings worlds:

Pau Gasol = KG
Kobe = Paul Pierce
Andrew Bynum - K. Perckins
LO - Ray Allen

Congratulations from Barcelona. Go Lakers

The Only real key player is Pau Gasol. Pau is the trianble, the Ring, Pau is Phil on the floor. the rest, only scorers, slashers, big bodys......... Pau is THE BRAIN. PAU IS MR. BASKETBALL.

TOP of the World Ma..I am at the Top of the World Ma..

THIS IS THE LAKER TEAM we have all been waiting to see with all the pieces intact..unfortunately Drew has been MIA for the last 2 years and now that he is injury free, I say brace yourself for an "out freaking out standing" show case of laker ball..


Nice post, I loved watching Drew and Pau feed off each other. I magine the score had Pau hit his customary 55%? OKC had nobody that could contain our many post players.

Ball movement has been a welcome staple of our game early on, let's hope the team doesn't drift away from what has obviously been a successful strategery (meant to do it, go ahead and chuckle). There were four quick passes that led up to Kobe's circus shot, that's the kind of offence that no defense can keep up with. Nice.

Artest Watch '09 continues with Ron Ron displaying more of his table setting skills than his wide range of offensive skills. His demeanor is all team, which is great. His defense has been rock solid. The only small critique would be to shoot a few more free throws in practice and maybe even a couple during warm ups, just to stay fresh.

After the 1st 10 games, I felt that we missed having Kurt on the bench, it just seemed like some of the coaching staff's messages weren't getting across and Kurt is far more voal than Phil. Also, i felt our defense had slipped since last year and seeing nas how we had made Kurt our 'de facto' defensive coordinator, I assumed that his abscence had contributited in some fashion. But the team has picked it up on that end in recent games, so I'll blame our usual lack of focus that comes from having so many talented fellows onm one NBA team.

Lakers are looking good.



Jamie Sweet
Jon K.

Who is our best 3 option, Bynum or LO?

(01) JAMIE SWEET – OWNER - Shannon Brown should represent LA in this years DUNK COMPETITION
(02) ZairaAmaterasu – DRIVER - perflying Dunk Dude back atcha!!!
03) Mark Overt Skilbred - Wow Shannon! You write the book! Great game
(04) #4 WOW!
(5) MAMBA24 – Half human half /UPS
(06 CTLAKER - think we should start a shannon brown watch every game for the coming dunk... At the end of the season there could be a compiliation of all his dunks
(07) SCRAPPER - Somebody please sign Shannon Brown up for the dunk contest
(08) WESJOENIXON - just got off the phone with Stern and we're heading over to the mansion to meet with Dr. Buss and Heff right now. We're working out Shannon in the dunk contest over drinks and playmates.

Hey K Bros,

I've heard that the reason that Kobe's shot was allowed was because the league changed the rules to allow it. Can you point out where exactly that rule was changed? The following passage would seem to indicate that that kind of shot is still illegal...

b. Any ball that rebounds or passes directly behind the backboard, in either direction, from any point is considered out-of-bounds.

Maybe you can help enlighten...

"You Pau Lovers need to turn down your disrespect meters. You imagine every comment as a slur to your beloved Spaniard. There is only one indispensible player on this team and his name is Kobe Bryant."

Just like you Bynum lovers need to turn down your disrespect meters. When Jackson had Pau and Lamar out there (and they didn't know Bynum's injury) both you and Nem were irked about Bynum not being out there and believed it was disrespecting your beloved beastie.

Just like Pau isn't as indispensible as Kobe neither is Bynum. You best remember that.

Kobe is our best player and we have known that a long time ago. Fans will always cherry pick the favorite players and pit it with other players. Again we are all Laker fans not just a fan of Kobe, Drew, Pau, LO, Fisher, Shannon, Jordan etc. however, everyone has the right to express his views with what they observer that could improve the team. Criticisms and praises go hand in hand that makes this team remain at its peak. Our end objective is winning. Enough with all the debates on who is the better player, they should all work as a team.

Lakers are playing at its peak last night and we felt this in the Bulls game. This is not similar to the earlier games against Thunder in OK land, last night was flawless. Is it because of Pau? the absence of Luke? the improvement of Farmar and Brown? the confidence of Artest in the triangle? Whatever the reason Lakers are working as a cohesive group and this is the coming back of Showtime in LA. I believe it is brought about by Phil's leadership to seize the moment and go for more practice. He wants to plug all the holes and make winning a habit, not just for one night with the Bulls but every night at the Staples. We still need Odom, Vujacic and Morrison to score more than 2 pts. Well, it's great if they just contribute in other areas like defense and rebounds and no t/o's.

Rick, you know how sometimes I worry fans don't enjoy the highlights of the journey? That they can't have fun with a fun team to watch? Your post is kind of what I'm getting at. :)


Mamba 24,

Please include me on the bandwagon for Shannon Brown.

Not only represent LA in the dunk competition, I think Shannon Brown's soar in the hemisphere should replace the ancient Michael Jordan Nike's silhouette dunk.

Mamba24 -

Sign me up for the "Shannon Brown would take Princess Jimmy to SCHOOL in the slam dunk contest" bandwagon!!!

Good Morning Everyone...

Anyone seen those green guys....Maybe they got blogitis ...They looked really bad against the Knicks....If Sheed keeps going the way he is,by the end of the season he would have built a pretty massive house with all the bricks he's been laying..

Farmar played well,but he seems a little reluctant at times to fight through picks and screens the way Fisher does..I do think he will get better at that as he matures..You can clearly see that Farmar and Brown have good chemistry at the moment...Something he does not share with Sasha...

The Bynum that played last night is the one i like...My only gripe is that before his first injury when he got hot he slam every possible shot he could ..I want to see that again,but otherwise he played a very smart game ...Nice...

Pau will only get better..Odom's shot seems a little off....but the game was fun to watch.....More please..


Lakernation has been impatiently waiting for the old machine to get his form back but just how long are we supposed to wait here? His horrible and prolonged shooting woes while at first could be excused as a slump is now much more serious than that and should be the focus of a lot more scrutiny

First of all consider that the last time sasha actually shot the ball with any consistency was the 2007-08 season.... Now I know all great shooters go through slumps but an entire YEAR AND A HALF??

If u want to talk facts consider that sasha's career shooting average is an abysmal 39% from the field and. 37% from 3pt... Now for a role player who's primary job is shooting open jumpers that would seem not only pretty pathetic but way below league standards.... and then consider he's been playing alongside kobe his entire career makes you wonder even more..

Here are sashas year by year season FG%:
28%, 34%, 39%, 45%, 38%, 32%

And here are sashas year by year 3pt %:
27%, 34%, 37%, 43%, 36%, 38%

The only year he actually broke the 40% plateau was the 2007-08 season after which kupchak gave him that ridiculous contract. That means out of the last 7 years sasha has only had ONE productive season. So as the numbers suggest can't you easily assume that one season was a complete fluke and aberration?

He came in the league with a reputation as supposedly good shooter but where the hell did that idea come from?? Good shooters all share the same common trait and that is a very smooth stroke and calm dispositions. Sasha has possesses neither. His release is often hurried and he plays more like a spazz often forcing shots rather than waiting for the shot to come to him.

His one true asset is purely outside shooting and if he can't do that well he has absolutely nothing else to offer. He's is completely one dimensional.... undersized, slow, has no court sense, can't drive or create own shot and is always a liability defensively. There are tons of other guys like him out there who are better shooters for much less money: steve novak, matt carroll, james jones, jason kapono and can u say eric piatkowski? Where did he go btw?

So bottomline with the emergence of shannon bottom line is there's is just not enough minutes to go around thus making him completely expandable. So lakernation might be better off not waiting anymore for something that is more completely hopeless than anything else


"On a side note... Jay Z keeps ruining for me everything when I see his face. Can't stand the guy."

That makes two of us. I am SOOOOO tired of Jay Z and rap music (which started out as fun) rambling on about shallow materialism. If I don't ever have to hear another song sung through a pitch corrector about Patron, Louis Voutton, misogyny, and/or how tough/badass they are, it'll be too soon.

Rap became "yesterday's" music about five years ago. Unfortunately, the music industry are too daft to realize that fact so they keep pushing this stupid, reguritated music.

I'm so tired of it.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Rick Friedman,

"As your Prince of Darkness, I just can't ignore the thorns."

Sure, you can, man.

Remember, we're just getting warmed up.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Thirty two,

"If Sheed keeps going the way he is,by the end of the season he would have built a pretty massive house with all the bricks he's been laying.."

That's a very creative analogy. If you include Sheed's teammates they could build a castle or the Great Wall of New England. LOL!



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