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Kobe Bryant's next deal: It could take a bit of time

First things first, he's not going anywhere. I'd be shocked- I'm talking flying-hippos-Best Picture-nomination-KobePacers for-Ninja Assassins-Supreme Court-appointment-for-Ron Jeremy shocked- if Kobe Bryant's next contract wasn't inked with the Los Angeles Lakers, but the how and when is still a little iffy, in no small part due to the labor climate taking shape in the NBA. On the other hand, the extension considered a foregone conclusion a few months ago hasn't been signed. What gives?

Salary cap guru Larry Coon, writing for the New York Times, explains:

"...The real reason might be that signing an extension isn’t his best course of action. Bryant can guarantee himself more money by first becoming a free agent, and then re-signing with the Lakers. The reason for this is pretty obscure — the salary in the first year of an extension cannot exceed the player’s maximum salary (105% of the player’s previous salary, or the league-wide maximum salary by years of service, whichever is greater), and it is amended downward if necessary to conform to this rule. The start of Bryant’s extension would coincide with the start of the next collective bargaining agreement, which could change the way maximum salaries are calculated. If it does, the salary in Bryant’s extension would be subject to the new rules. Depending on how negotiations go, it is possible he could face a significant pay cut.

However, by becoming a free agent in 2010 and signing a new contract instead, Bryant would lock in his salary entirely under the terms of the current agreement. His salary would not be subject to amendment in 2011, as it would be with an extension..."

Whether he technically enters the free agent market or not, the Lakers hold two great trump cards over any other team. First, they can pay him more. Second, there isn't another team he can go to offering a better chance at sustained, ring-generating excellence than the Lakers. So again, he's not going anywhere, but the business side of things is still pretty interesting.


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Ron Jeremy is like Robert Parish....Dude played forever..

I love the Lakers...

But if I hear one more story about the cops going after Tiger Woods for having a single-car accident after a "supposed" argument with his wife, I'm going to eat handfuls of raw adipose tissue, and i mean the kind Brad Pitt used to make soap from in Fight Club. Is there not one cop in charge in that jurisdiction who can say, "Hey guys, uh, we have a single car accident here with no signs of fighting and no witnesses who heard any arguing. We have no disturbing 911 calls or any evidence at all of impropriety, so, maybe we should not supina the medical records of this man even if TMZ and the National Enquirer say we should, and maybe turn our attention to one of the several serial killers roaming our state."

Is no one saying this? Or are they just heck bent on getting this uppity black man with the billion dollars in the bank and the hot blond wife? I don't want to play the race card, but I smell something that doesn't remind me of blueberries.

In other news, Charlie Weis got fired. I really enjoyed hearing his pep rally speeches from my office window. That was cool.


If I was Kobe, I would sign for less to get even more talent or keep the talent that's here. He's made his millions and championships will guarantee him even more of that. But, I guess it's easy for me to say.


Tiger is getting pounded over here...I mean pounded....

He was on the 35 floor...She was on the 35 floor.....WHO CARES....

sometimes people like to check out different lay outs...Does it have bunkers?
Is there a sand trap?...Is it a links?....Are there a lot of bushes?...

This guy is always looking to put the ball in the hole....Good on him....

Wes ...Im with you man..

Kobe Bryant is simply making a good business decision, I would do the exact same thing as him to maximize my earnings.

- - - - - - - -
>>> Ron Jeremy is like Robert Parish....Dude played forever..
They were also both excellent low post players with stamina.
- - - - - - - -

...Third, Lakers are the only franchise that offers both Hollywood glitz and a proud tradition, where Kobe can plant his name next to legendaries like West and Magic.

Fourth, Lakers have Jack as a fan. Actually, that's reason enough in itself to stay...

Our team is now on a groove. I'm loving it. Lets continue to aim high.

Colorado loves our World Champion Lakers!

Laker Tom...I laughed out really loud...My wife asked what that was all about.

wes joe,
Don't assume that it was racial - he was in a car accident with injuries that were apparently unrelated to the accident. And the stories they told didn't match the visual evidence.

I hope Kobe, would sign for less to get even more talent and be able to have a chance to always sign a high profile free agent and to keep the talent that's here. He has his championships and the other free agents will come to play if there is money and a great chance to play for the ring every year, So please KOBE take less for more in the long term......

While I agree that the NBA is purely business, it would be nice to see Kobe take some less money for the team that not only helped guide him to become champ that he is, but that is sorely cash-strapped and ridiculously way over the luxury tax. Kobe is one of the few NBA stars that has remained with 1 team over the length of their careers, and while his tenure here hasn't been all wins and rings, it would be nice to see him help out his team...but again, the NBA is a's to some old-school (out-of-date?) Respect.

I hope this thing about Kobe's contract won't gain publicity (it's peregrine, I know: ESPN is there like voltures over a corpse waiting for a way to conveniently upset Lakers, Kobe, Lakers Nation and all basketball true lovers, so they will cause damage to us with their biased views...) cos really there's no way he will go anywhere else.

But all said and done, I'm not one of those asking Kobe to play it down when it comes to the money he has to get.

Sure, he's rich.
Sure, he COULD.
BUt.. why?

Why should he?

This is a pro sport.
He's the bestest of best, not only among those currently active, but easily up there in the Gotha of the franchise and the whole sport of basketball FOREVER.

He deserves all the money. All of them.
He's entitled to ask and to get them, in the way he likes and I am sure they will work it all out in the way that fits him better. And it's no shock.

In a team where Sasha Garbage Vujacic (what he said will make me cruel towards him EVERY DAY...) gains 5M +more, Kobe should get 550 each year (Kobe... honey... I did not say that, okay? I'm kidding!) in proportional value.

I get all the talks about him being taken in the team, and the way he might or should feel as part of something that could rightly inspire him some downwarding price billboard but seriously, that's not gonna work. Kobe is serious about his role. His value. His total defining importance for our team.
Not because he's selfish or arrogant... just because it's fair to reckon what he means to the team.

His focus, his way to command every part of thegame, the force he is inside the lockerroom, on court.. the way he lets fans like me LOVE the Lakers abroad... all this is priceless... but it also has a price and that price must NOT be diminished.
It would be in a way an attempt to diminish all those links and bounds previously described.

To me it's only fair if Kobe gets the highest paycheck of the whole league. It's where he belongs.

I'm sure the deal will be signed in the best way that will apply to both Kobe AND the Lakers. There's no competition there.
If it's true that Lakers gave Kobe a lot, it's as true and crystal clear Kobe gave the Lakers all a player could give. And more.

It's a reciprocal thing. And somebody as driven and focused as Kobe would take a concept like "ask less, Kobe" as someway an option teased to dismiss the level (overhuman) of his commitment to the game... and to us, his beloved Lakers.

Don't get fouled by the clouds of evil words that sure in a while "sports experts" will throw in as fakely umattering "2cents" in this thread. Kobe asking what he desrves means not, nor will ever mean, that he is not committed to us. Contrariwise: since he's TOTALLY SURE that he will keep being the focused beast we know, he just asks us to believe in himself and in this team the way he does, and put the money where the mouth is.

I for sure know mine is there. Right there. Wherever he wants me to be.

Kobe should start his own league and challange Stern and his currupt leadership. IMPEACH STERN

Magic restructured his deal so more talent could be brought in...then again Magic was about the team, winning and making those on the court with him better.

I don't mean to speculate, but if Kobe goes on to become a free agent this offseason, I guarantee you Buss will consider at least for a moment signing Le Bron instead of him.

Now i think this should of been a done deal last summer we know hes not goin no where so just do it already. NBA all stars are spoiled with money money money im sure kobe doesnt need too much of it unless hes goin after Bill Gates so waiting to free agentcy this summer is really unnessary im really sure Kobe loves the game more than the money so who cares how much you make. What matters is whos holding the NBA championship in June. I dont think lakers need anymore talent so just sign Kobe already and make it clear that the lakers will be a champion contentender for many years to come

No way Buss signs Lebron over Kobe NO WAY""""""

How much is kobe worth for a new contract? How old is he? How many new young rising stars that can score tons of points in his position, F/G?

I say supply and demand should be the way the Lakers should value him.

Franchise players in their downhill who stayed with their team until they retire, initiates their own salary cut, so the team can still be competitive to surround him with young talents.

Look at Shaq, who was opposed to it and put himself above the team, now travels and changes team every year for the last three years. Then look at Tim Duncan, Bill Russel, David Robinson, Larry Bird. They all put the team above them, and their organization returned the respect and kept them until they retire.

So Kobe, do not be another Shaq. You have a beautiful home here in LA.

Lakers will pay you what is fair and what is right for the team to compete and continue winning championships. It is yours to decide what is enough (money) and what are your goals (rings, respect and legendaries of the City)?

Stay and you shall be rewarded that money can not buy.

Good post, and FYI Wes, subpoena is the correct spelling, not supina

Kobe has always been better than Shaq. Better as a player, as a leader, as a driving force. Smarter than him inside and outside court. Always. I don't see Kobe shape getting as tarnished and horrid as Shaq's not even after he will be a 10 years time retired athlet. And no, he won't do a Shaq anytime soon.

Well Kobe has every right to wait! HE has never slacked, played while was hurt, c'mon how many players do not play when they sprain a pinky. Kobe is committed to winning and no less. Both the Lakers and Kobe just have to structure a deal that would make it feasible for them to keep Gasol and the rest of the Lakers intact. We have a couple of contracts that need to go but they are at this moment not marketable to the league. Farmar is also looking for a contract next year, his inconsistent. Needs to mature dramatically through this season. Lakers are showing that he could be starting in place of Derrick next season. I still would have Shannon coming off the bench, for the sparks he brings. He has made us forget about Trevor. We are spoiled though because we have a great team that will bring us some great years to come. Shaq, its to bad you could not overcome your selfishness and immaturity. LAKERS ARE COMMITTED TO WINNING CHAMPIONSHIPS EVERY YEAR AND YOU COULD NOT SEE THAT! Fool you know how we do it!

- - - - - - - -
>>> Ron Jeremy is like Robert Parish....Dude played forever..
They were also both excellent low post players with stamina.
- - - - - - - -

Are you guys on funny pills or what? Freaking funny, man.





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