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Holiday links!

November 26, 2009 | 10:42 am
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  Here's a little light reading, should you watching the American Football games with just mild interest.


    -Magic Johnson says "72-10" should be replaced by "however many wins-continual improvement" as the Lakers' goal.
    -Andrew Bynum may be growing before our very eyes, but that doesn't mean most games don't still contain an eye opening moment or three.  Which makes sense, after all.  If Kobe Bryant concedes that much remains for him to learn, it's pretty safe to declare the backside of Drew's ears "wet."
    -The Laker bench features Lamar Odom in his designated role again, but the unit still has kinks to work out.  Whatever adjustments that come, however, don't appear to include the participation of Sasha Vujacic.
    -For those who didn't see it, this week's 710 ESPN PodKast, including a long discussion with Spike Lee.
    -Ron Artest's sister is being investigated in a housing probe, but the Laker himself isn't suspected of any wrong-doing.


    -Stephen A. Smith, who broke news of AI's retirement, talks about the concessions Iverson must make if he wants teams to want him.  Should Larry Brown be unsuccessful in prompting a change of heart, AI will leave behind one incredible and unique legacy.  A legacy perhaps expanded upon by scorching rookie Brandon Jennings.

    -ESPN writers give NBA-centric thanks.
    -Shaquille O'Neal pays for the funeral of Shaniya Davis, a kidnapped and murdered five-year-old girl.