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Holiday links!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  Here's a little light reading, should you watching the American Football games with just mild interest.


    -Magic Johnson says "72-10" should be replaced by "however many wins-continual improvement" as the Lakers' goal.
    -Andrew Bynum may be growing before our very eyes, but that doesn't mean most games don't still contain an eye opening moment or three.  Which makes sense, after all.  If Kobe Bryant concedes that much remains for him to learn, it's pretty safe to declare the backside of Drew's ears "wet."
    -The Laker bench features Lamar Odom in his designated role again, but the unit still has kinks to work out.  Whatever adjustments that come, however, don't appear to include the participation of Sasha Vujacic.
    -For those who didn't see it, this week's 710 ESPN PodKast, including a long discussion with Spike Lee.
    -Ron Artest's sister is being investigated in a housing probe, but the Laker himself isn't suspected of any wrong-doing.


    -Stephen A. Smith, who broke news of AI's retirement, talks about the concessions Iverson must make if he wants teams to want him.  Should Larry Brown be unsuccessful in prompting a change of heart, AI will leave behind one incredible and unique legacy.  A legacy perhaps expanded upon by scorching rookie Brandon Jennings.

    -ESPN writers give NBA-centric thanks.
    -Shaquille O'Neal pays for the funeral of Shaniya Davis, a kidnapped and murdered five-year-old girl.


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K Brothers,

Could you check with your tech guys if they can name the podkasts ( not the actual files, but the ID3 tags) differently, because once you add them to iTunes, they all have the same name and it's hard to identify which are the new ones.

Which is especially hard for me to keep track of, with all the heads and the octopi and Westerns and stuff.

Nic Cage,

We passed along the suggestion. Thanks for what's obviously some very regular listening.


- - - - - - - - - - - - -
While the original script was Indians vs. Pilgrims, the Thanksgiving Day hype today is more likely to be Raiders vs. Cowboys as football and turkey reprise their annual rivalry to be the attraction du jour. While my family is not one to say grace before any meal, we do share many moments of gratitude for how fortunate we are to live in this country, to be free and able to charter out own destinies, to have family and loved ones, to have health and prosperity, and – of course – to be LA Lakers fans.
The message I want to bring bloggers today is not to let the constant criticism and negativity on the blog blind you to what is happening right now before your very own eyes, which is the emergence of what is going to develop into one of the greatest basketball teams in the history of the NBA. Before it is all said and done, the East Coast sports media will be crowing about how Kobe Bryant is the GOAT and the Lakers front court of Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol, Ron Artest, and Lamar Odom the best ever.
So be thankful that we have the best owner in professional sports in Jerry Buss because that is where success and failure on the court is really determined. Just look at what has happened to franchises like the Warriors with Chris Cohan or the Knicks with James Dolan as owner. Also be grateful that Jerry seems to have done a fine job grooming his son Jim to take over when he retires. Jim already has had a major impact on the franchise with his lead roles in drafting Drew and trading for Ron.
And thank Jerry Buss for hiring the right people to get the job done. There is absolutely no doubt that Phil Jackson is the greatest coach in the history of the league. I also have no doubt that there will be a role for Phil in the family business when he decides to coach no longer. Considering his relationship with Jeannie Buss, there is no way Jerry is going to allow a valuable resource and judge of personnel like Phil to leave the organization. And there is no way that Jeannie wants to move to Montana.
Don’t forget the great job that Mitch Kupchak and the front office and scouting department has done. When will Mitch get his long-deserved EOY award? And give thanks also for the great job done by all of the Lakers assistant coaches, including the incomparable Tex Winter. May he and his wife enjoy a great Thanksgiving in good health and may Tex soon be inducted in the Basketball Hall of Fame. And thanks to the Cap for his great work with Drew and Lakers memories. May he be healthy and fulfilled.
Most of all, be grateful for this unbelievable team that Jerry and his millions and minions have built. Revel in the fact that we have Kobe Bryant, the inevitable GOAT Laker playing at the his career peak, that we have the best power forward in the NBA in Pau, the best center in the West in Andrew, the best defensive small forward in the league in Ron, the best 6th man in Lamar, and toughest and most underrated clutch point guard in Fish. May he someday take over for Phil Jackson as our coach.
Finally, thanks to AK and BK for the wonderful virtual home they built for Lakers fans to congregate. And thanks for all of the great friends and foils I have made and the chance to bare my soul and share my hopes, aspirations, and love for the greatest sports franchise in the world – the LA Lakers. And just in case you have not noticed, the 79-3 Bandwagon is starting to speed up and gain momentum. Time for every Lakers fan to stop the nitpicking and recognize the emerging greatness of this team.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Im very thankful for my family first and foremost. Second the Lakers..and lastly my Oakland Raiders. The world will see "Americas Team" go down in there highly expensive stadium by the NFL badguys.

Actually, thank YOU for being such a great source of Lakers info.

I'm a long time reader, back from when Jon K. still signed with his full name, Mike T. and his Kwame-loving/Phil-bashing was still around, Kl Beast wasn't retired etc...

But I've never listened to the Podkasts until I started having to make a 'mini car trip' once a week, and gave the podcast a try.

Great,great stuff indeed and I recommend it to all the readers who aren't listeners yet.

You have the official 'Nic Cage's Weird Spender Seal of Approval.'

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Laker Family. However you celebrate this holiday, may each one of you and your families have a safe and joyful holiday. I'm just thankful to be here another day with my family and friends.

Thank you Lakers for making basketball fun to watch and giving us a reason to cheer!!! Lakers now and forever!!!

Here's the seal by the way... wear it proudly K Brothers!

Hey AK/BK brothers Happy Thanks Givings and thank you for keeping laker fans up to date on related news!!

You guys do an awesome job and may god bless!!

Nic Cage,

That seal is the greatest thing EVER. Nicely done, sir.


QUOTE of the day: it's pretty safe to declare the backside of Drew's ears "wet."

Until then his "BEAST" status is on hold and in safety deposit!!

Lakertom---Please let us know what brand of Kool-Aid you drink/smoke.

Happy Thanksgiving Day fellow Laker fans!

I don't really get all the talk in the blog about signing A.I. for the Lakers. All of these suggestions talk about having A.I. come off the bench.

Hello, that's been the problem in Denver, Detroit and Memphis. A.I. does not want to come off the bench. Why would he suddenly be happy to come off the bench just because he's in L.A.?

Does A.I. then become a starter for L.A. just because he wants to? On the surface, it may seem tempting every time DFish bricks a 3 or blows a layup. But anyone who might think A.I. would make the Laker starting five better by replacing DFish is playing fantasy basketball not real world basketball.

Sure, it would be tempting to imagine A.I. coming off the bench instead of Sasha but that brings the problem full circle back to A.I. does not want to come off the bench. Besides, even Sasha plays more defense and passes the ball more than A.I.

I'm not 100% on what this Thanksgiving caper is all about with the turkeys and the pilgrims and the native Americans and what not, but being thankful and appreciative of the positives in our lives is always a good thing.

So Happy Thanksgiving blog-folk and happy thanksgiving to Mom Kamenetzky too!

Anna xx

QUOTE of the day: it's pretty safe to declare the backside of Drew's ears "wet."

Until then his "BEAST" status is on hold and in safety deposit!!

Posted by: father guido sarducci | November 26, 2009 at 12:44 PM

guido sarducci,

That's fine. I'd still take what we have on hold any day over what other teams don't have at all. First, Pau shed the "soft" label and proved many people on this blog and abroad wrong and I believe that Drew will follow suit. I'm thankful on this Thanksgiving day that we have the "soft" euro in Pau Gasol, non beastly Andrew Bynum and the crazy, won't fit in Ron Artest on our frontline. People can talk smack all they want and hate, but other than maybe the Celtics frontline, which frontline would people take over ours??? See my point through all the sarcasm??? A "wet" behind the ears Bynum is still better than 90% of the more experienced and seasoned centers out there.

Happy Thanksgiving by the way.

guido sarducci,

I will say that I agreed with the article and that Andrew still has a lot to learn, but I'm happy with his progress so far.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -
>>> Until then his "BEAST" status is on hold and in safety deposit!! –father guido sarducci
>>> A "wet" behind the ears Bynum is still better than 90% of the more experienced and
>>> seasoned centers out there. –Nemaia Faletogo.
You wonder what makes an alleged Lakers fan post a comment like that of father guido sarducci, which implies Andrew Bynum is overrated and overhyped. I mean, don’t we all want Drew to become a great player? Aren’t we all happy that he has played extremely well so far this season? Aren’t we all proud that he is likely to be voted as the starting center on the West All-Star team?
I’ll tell you what I am thankful for, which is that fans like guido are in the minority. Most Lakers fans know they have a great young center whom every club in the NBA would like to have on their team.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I am thankful for the Lakers, Dr. Jerry Buss' commitment to winning, and Laker Nation.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving in celebrating one of America's most beautiful holidays. Enjoy!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Nicolas Cage,

Nice to see you posting after reading for so long. I hope you continue to post in the future.

Be well.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


another 'weird al phred' song pastiche.

This is a little number I did to the tune of The Strangler’s “Golden Brown”

Shannon Brown

Shannon Brown, isn’t he fun
Steals the ball, down the court he runs
Jumps up so high
Floats through the sky
Never a frown on Shannon brown

Every time just like the last
Down the court looks for the pass
Though with both hands
Cheers in the stands
Folks in this town love Shannon brown

Shannon Brown, like UPS
In the dunk contest he’ll be the best.

He’s come to play
Get out of the way
He’s throwin down is Shannon Brown

He’s throwin down
That’s Shannon Brown
Never a frown
That’s Shannon Brown

Happy Thanksgiving, Lakerville!

Stay safe.


" I mean, don’t we all want Drew to become a great player? Aren’t we all happy that he has played extremely well so far this season? Aren’t we all proud that he is likely to be voted as the starting center on the West All-Star team?"

I am and any decent Lakers fan is too.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



I haven't listened to The Stranglers in years. I appreciate the link.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Anna in Bondi,

"I'm not 100% on what this Thanksgiving caper is all about with the turkeys and the pilgrims and the native Americans and what not"

You should be. It's a wonderful holiday, in part because the relationship between European settlers and Native Americans have been characterized by a lot of bloodshed over the centuries.

Thanksgiving Day is a day when people from different backgrounds can feast together and be thankful for the joys and blessings (great and little) they have in their life and celebrate the joys and blessings others have as well.

It is a beautiful holiday. And Americans are great with holidays. It's part of the reason we're great as a people.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Laker Tom is a true Lakers fan. Let no one deny it.

And his intelligence beats 90% (at least) of the people on this blog.

I find it frustrating that so many people argue with him when he's normally right.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



>>> This is a little number I did to the tune of The Stranglers' “Golden Brown”

Dude, I knew you were cool, but a Stranglers reference is beyond obscure these days. Awesome!

My Stranglers favorites are Shah Shah Go Go, Bear Cage, Who Wants the World, and Strange Little Girl. I don't think I heard Golden Brown before, but I'll hear it in my head during UPS' next YouTube moment.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! :-)

Anna in Bondi,

Thanksgiving Day is the proverbial calm before the capatalistic storm known as Black Friday. Yay capatalism!


for NBA-All decade game of the decade

Boston-Chicago game 6 or whatever has 44% and is beating Lakers-Portland Game 7 and Lakers-Sacramento

There is something wrong, I encourage all of you to go and vote NOW, vote for one of them collectively at least so the Lakers win. I find it disgusting that two teams that didn't even win championships in the years their series was in are winning the game of the year. I don't thikn people realize how important those Laker games were to the franchise and dynasty.


it's on

2000 was OUR DECADE, now go do your duty and vote!

WET BEHIND THE EARS IMPLIES inexperienced, unseasoned or even a bit naïve or immature and sometimes it shows in Drew the kid and not Drew the beast. In the meantime his beast status is suspended.

WET BEHIND THE EARS DOES NOT IMPLY that Andrew Bynum is overrated and overhyped. The reason Drew is with the Lakers is because of the talent he possess, which is undeniably limitless.

My confession booth is open to public 9-high noon.



Here is a nice story about the Lakers defense over at forum blue and gold -

It points out a fact that I have mentioned before that Fish has been playing some great defense against opposing points... now that the big's are coming out to help him like they are supposed to.

There is nobody in the league that can stop small quick guards, one on one, under the current rules. To even begin to contain them you need to try and funnel them away from where they want to go and you need a guy to step up and block the path to the basket when a pick is set.

We spent years with Shaq, who never rotated out in his life, and so we became accustomed to a daily diet of dribble penetration breaking down our defense when curling in off the screen. When Shaq left we had mediocre bigs like Kwame, who wouldn't put in the effort, or rookie bigs like Bynum who didn't know what to do.

For the first time this year you can see what having mobile bigs committed to coming out hard on a screen can do to disrupt the pick and roll when paired with solid defenders on the perimeter. Phil Jackson is not a stupid guy, and all these years he has stuck with Fish and consistently praised his defense while 90% of the blogosphere has been saying that Fish "can't keep up with smaller, quicker, point guards" because he is old, slow or just a bad defender in general.

The reality is that Fish has consistently done his job, to try and stick with his assignment, but once a pick is set he has to fight over it or go under it, and once you do that you aren't defending your man anymore. The pick and roll is designed for exactly that, to rub off the man coverage and leave the ball handler in a position to create all kinds of havoc.

The fact that the team "D" wasn't there before to back Fisher up made him look bad. Now that the big's are doing what they need to do he suddenly looks great. Old age and all.


I would have paid money to see yesterday's scrimage of the goons vs the faries. With Bynum shooting threes and a lame duck luke walton as referee? Priceless. And if yesterday's practice was also a team-wide Thanksgiving celebration, I wonder if they had turkey. Hmmm.


Happy post Thanksgiving day to all those celebrating it (and also to those who didn't... Thankfullness is such a lovely feeling to share it's not to be prevented from just because we come from abroad, aren't we?).

Hope all the eating didn't cause nobody harm.

Especially to our athlets, I mean. ;)

I am always slightly worried by prolongued rests in athletic efforts, especially when they are not equals for all the teams involved (that comes from my football.. pardon, "soccer" passion althogether. Everytime my Milan comes back from a holiday we use to suck...).

I had a bit of wandering eye over Italian screens these past two days and I came cross to some of the teams we are gonna face up shortly.

Well I hope everybody is kept in check, cos it's not really like we are to be on a vacation stroll at all.

Warriors were able to demolish Mavericks (open cut from them still burn wildly onto my skin, dunno about yours...) with 6 players.

6 players. Now THAT is a Bench trouble.

They were focused, , they were killing, they were blood thirsty (no reference to that cr*p that is Twilight saga, please... I wish all about that would disappear, along some of the worst actors ever involved in a sloppy screenplay...) and they were in a blessed athletical shape.

Not to mention on a great three points performance overall.

Don't get me wrong, I know we have not to worry about saturday game.
But I use always to worry about our level of court staging, you know.

I also don't like that we play two games so attached after a 4 days break.
(I have always to worry... that's very feminine I suppose??)

I would love to suggest a standing ovation for the always savvy and wise Magic, who rightly pointed out everything this team needs to fix in their minds to achieve what we all want them to achieve.

I could underline every single one of his golden (and purple) words out from the interview published the other day.

The bar we have to set on and fly over is not about a certain somehow not mattering records, but it's a definitive and precise work of arrangement we have to weekly excercise to constantly improve, till the point the already existant gap between us and the rest of the world won't be possible to be fullfilled by none of our "enemies" (not really enemies, I don't like that word but today I keep translating stuff in my head like I'm part of an epic battle, you go figure...).

The key to our success is an humbly (yet self-acknowledging) will to constantly improve every single field in our play, by every single player we have.

On the side I wish Iverson the best now that he retires.
And I absolutely don't want him here. We don't need him. He's not gonna change at all in his attitude and he would never do any good on our bench.
Sure our bench has some evident trouble at current displaying. I personally would love Sasha to be traded, but I am aware it's not going to happen therefore I confide in PJ's psychological skills (and Kobe charisma) to put everyone back on track.

This team in itself is nearly perfection (I stand by that assunption nothing nor no one is "perfection" 100%, otherwise my words could aim higher than that) and we really don't need much else than gather together and find completely out a common target to shot at.

I'm sure everything is gonna be fine. Outta to.

Have all a great Black Friday ;)

Jon K.,

You were the first regular I found coherent and articulate, back in the early days.

I bleed purple and gold as well, and is nice to be among Lakers fans such as yourself, Mamba24, LakerTom, etc...

I'm quieter than you guys, but I'm just as big a fan.

as someone from another country, I'm thankful for this story ( ) ... I'm thankful we have a coach that sees value in this ... hopefully i'll remember that next time he refuses to call a timeout

24 + 16 + [3|1]7 = The Purple Tinted Golden Age

Allow me to piggy back of this piece ...

I am thankful Allen Iverson chose to retire on his own terms and I hope he stays retired if he doesn't get a starting gig. The grizzlies should never have brought him in, it was league wide knowledge the owner did it for tickets and AI stuck it to him early on when his coach never made it apparent that coming of the bench would be temporary. Screw waiting around to find out you've just been played ( I still feel bad for how the wizards did u in MJ, d*mn if only you could have come join the lakers, young kobe soaking u in during practice).

Now this is not an endorsement of AIs stubborness, or his disregard for practice. I once went at KBlitz for comparing AI to Kobe, the latter's work ethic is so much a part of his dna that it makes him as far from AI as you can get. Yet everytime I get impressed seeing dwade, cp3, parker charge into the paint fearlessly I can't help but remember AI's heart on the court. We'd have gone 16-0 in the record books if this little man's stubborness hadn't gotten in our way. I was so watching the game with a bunch of laker hating friends and on that night this mamba faithful could only shake his head and admit a sense of admiration for the way this fearless warrior led his team. A team that had no business being in the finals brought a team for the ages to its knees, if only for one night.

It's not an endorsement of his lazyness or his refusal to continue contributing to the game of basketball at a time when age dictates a lesser role makes sense, rather it's an aknowledgement that despite his many human flaws AI did something special for the game of basketball. As a mamba faithful I get to see Kobe's heart on the court everyday, and instead of dissing AI for not having #24's work ethic, i choose to commend him for rivaling #24 when it comes to believing in yourself and your God given talents.

Sheriff's office wishes him the best in his future endeavors and we hope he's at peace with his decision to leave the game.

AK thanks for the Brown and Jennings link ... I feel better about the AI situation knowing an old mentor is speaking up for him and that a rookie phenom idolizes him

- - - - - - - - - - - -
Outstanding post! Anybody who thinks that Farmar or Brown are as smart, experienced, or clutch as Derek Fisher is seriously wrong. Team defense requires solid basketball intelligence and knowing what and how to coordinate your efforts with those of your teammates. Do you really want to leave those decisions in the hands of Jordan Farmar or Shannon Brown? Clutch shooting requires nerves of steel and the ability to hit the shot when the pressure is the greatest. Do you really want Jordan Farmar or Shannon Brown to take those shots? I’ll take Fish’s veteran smarts and savvy and ability to play solid tough team defense and proven ability to hit the clutch shot any day. There is no question he is our best option right now at point guard. Period.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Thanks again for your support. I always appreciate your love and appreciation for our Lakers as well as your consistently positive and forward looking attitude towards everything. Hope your efforts to return to the West are successful although I will miss our posts from the wastelands of Ohio. You are truly a Renaissance fan for our Renaissance team.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Like Nemaia and I both stated, we had no problem with Kevin Ding’s article or for Phil pulling Drew to make a point. Nor do I disagree that Drew does not have the experience that Pau or Lamar or the older more veteran players on the team have. In that sense, he is still “wet” behind the years. But why not revel in how great this kid is DESPITE only being 22-years old. Drew may still have a lot to learn but show me another 22-year old front court player other than Dwight Howard who has shown as much progress and potential as Andrew.
Petty snide comments like yours pretty much ignore that the kid is the #1 rebounder, #1 shot blocker, and #1 percentage shooter, and #2 scorer on the Lakers team. It also ignored that he has put up the best stats of any center in the league and is the early favorite to be the starting center for the West All-Star squad. That may not seem very “beastly” to you but believe me the rest of the NBA has taken notice. You have the right to not consider Drew a beast if you like but don’t expect your paltry disrespect to go unchallenged.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Actually Anna in Bondi, the tradition of Thanksgiving today is very different from its origins. Many Americans don't even know the significance of the turkey and that it bean with a pilgrim tradition of keeping three beautiful boys in a root cellar for conditioning and training only to be let out and shown at weddings, bar mitzvahs and county fairs. These beautiful boys would often be socialized to eat and drink just like normal people, but would never grow more than two feet tall because of the damp confined conditions of the cellars. Well, in the winter of 1493 when the first pilgrims settled in Virginia, a terrible winter storm caused mass starvation amongst the people and it was ordered that two of the beautiful boys be sacrificed and fed to the camp. Legend has it that to a man the colonists refused to eat a single bit of pulled pork from the beautiful boys, and at the dreadful moment that civil war was about to break out amongst the men, Chief Kukamunga appeared and offered two of his own beautiful boys--fully cooked--in exchange for the two uncooked beautiful colonial lads. A deal was struck, and the colonists were fed throughout winter and spring and went on to build the great nation that is America.



That was the most horrific presentation of Thanksgiving ever.

Part of me wants to applaud you and the other part of me wants to punch you in the stomach.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


It's time to drug test Sasha, this guy has hit the curb.

Am I the only one who has noticed that Allen Iverson consistently has a weird look in his eyes? He looks like he's constantly on the verge of tears.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.




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