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Kobe Bryant and Spike Lee: Postgame Roundtable Chat

Fun stuff coming tonight...

From 11-12 am after tonight's game, Kobe Bryant (plays for the Lakers) and Spike Lee (makes movies) will be participating in a live panel discussion in conjunction with the DVD release of "Kobe Doin' Work." We'll be there, hosting a live chat. I'm not exactly sure what the format will be or if they'll be taking questions from the blogosphere, but it should be a very cool event and we'll do our best to capture the atmosphere. You can listen online to the webcast and follow along on the chat board, which will be posted both at and the LAT Lakers Blog.

Hope you can stick around. More information to come tonight in the chat.


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Spike should "Do the Right Thing" and made "Kobe Doin' Work" into "He got game" and put urgent "25th hour" inside info.

It's gotta be the shoes!

I am all in for the shannon dunk contest bandwagon but if the crabbron doesn't back out and participates then u can bet the house the fix will be on. There's absolutely no way stern would let him lose.. no way... Might as well crown the king already

Wow Charles, those are some references!


Drew strikes me as a thinkin man's center, more on an intellectual, soft side compared to the Beast Ron Ron...

Yeah yeah.. I say heeeeeeeeeeeel!!


BK, sorry to be nitpicking but there is no such thing as 12am or 12pm for that matter. There is only 12 midnight and 12 noon.

“Apparently Gary Vitti wasn't around to administer Artest his daily mega dose of Lithium.
Perhaps the team should consider the Lithium Patch for this loony bird.
He'll eventually destroy the team with his autistic paranoid personality.
Posted by: waus | November 24, 2009 at 02:28 PM”

Waus- sorry, I just had to single you out for the moment. I can’t think of anything properly dismissive and insulting to be worthy of your overall ignorance on the subject of mental health, to say nothing of the fact that you are apparently under the impression (possibly created by some Celtics trolls) that the K Bros are in fact hosting a stupid-off. This is in fact a blog about the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team. Should you post a comment in the future (which I wouldn’t recommend), try to keep this is mind.

yello- good point, but the proclaimed 'winner' of the dunk contest at the time is not necessarily the dunk that most people remember.

Actually dymandave your wrong. There is a 12am and 12pm. Those are official times. I usually dont post posts regarding other posts, but since you were nitpicking, I figured I would correct you. Just look at any punch clock and you will not see the words midnight and noon.

Actually dymandave your wrong. There is a 12am and 12pm. Those are official times. I usually dont post posts regarding other posts, but since you were nitpicking, I figured I would correct you. Just look at any punch clock and you will not see the words midnight and noon.

huh. I wasn't even sure that would get cleared. I haven't actually ever seen any waus comments before, so I feel a little bad for unloading on the guy.

well waus, if you are still around and unbroken and unbowed, please take my criticism as constructive. I hope you can take the time to make your 'funny and incisive' comments funny and incisive, as opposed to lowering the bar on insults and making yourself look kind of ignorant about mental health, and try to work in some constructive analysis to balance those out.

Also try to work in a few self deprecating jokes, balanced out by throwing around a few pompous, hopefully ironic declarations of how much you know about things. English fluency is a plus, but not necessarily required.

of course, there are always a few guys around who will defend your right to be offensive and toss around terms like 'political correctness' and 'sensitive namby wamby crybabies.' These guys sometimes have a point, but they are often the most thin skinned of the bunch when it comes down to it. That's ok, very few of them will actually threaten you with violence, and most of those don't actually know where you live. but most of all, remember-



Interesting article on


Gone to hollywood, when will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?

Hard to overcome the latest feeling of astonishment at the way the bench was ready to transform an easy triumph and giggling state of mind into a regrettable nightmarish momentum.

The Knicks should wear a jersey reading "Sorry, we're not meant to be THIS bad". I'm really sorry for Gallinari, too.

The only things I wanna state are:
KOBE HAS TO REST... but how can he, if the substitutes are Sasha Ugly Face Vujacic and Trembling Hand Farmar?!?? (Jordan, what did you do tonight, darn? I trust you!)
BYNUM CAN'T STEAL THE GOD KOBE POINTS. That's it. It's sacrilege. End of the story.

I'll come up with some more cohesive later, now I take breakfast and a shower and hopefully as somebody drives me at work I will follow through laptop the Spike/Kobe chat.

Wow... way to shake my morning ass with totally unrequested concern, beloved Lakers. If it weren't coming from you, I would develop a mental disease ;)



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