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Andrew Bynum Ankle Update

Or A.B.A.U., for the acronymically* inclined...

No surprise, after turning his right ankle in the third quarter of Thursday's 108-93 win over the Bulls, Andrew Bynum didn't practice Friday afternoon in El Segundo, instead receiving treatment ranging from medicine to ice to something he called a "laser level," which I always thought was used to hang picture frames properly. (Note: If my Google skills are worth their salt, I'm pretty sure he meant a low-level laser, which is used to help reduce swelling.)

"It was sorer than last night, he said. "I left last (the arena) last night without doing (any heavy treatment) because I was, you know, trying to walk it off, but it stiffened up this morning." Still, just as he did Thursday, Bynum said he doesn't expect to miss any games. "The ankle is alright. It's not too serious. I should be back by Sunday,"

Generally speaking, the best way to judge the severity of a Bynum injury is to measure the reactions of those around him, since Drew is notoriously bad at self-diagnosis. In that regard, nobody seemed too concerned. More to come from Friday's run.


*new word

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Thank God that at least it is not a HIGH ankle sprain. Those can last as long as a hamstring.
Here’s hoping Drew is ready to go on Sunday so we can work on that 79-3 season. After all,
Pau back, we should be easily able to win the next 70 games. :)
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Hope he's alright. We need this whole. Team.

LakerTom - THANK GOD!!! I was worried we were going to have to bust out the smelling salts, the ambulance and the defibrillator to take care of YOU..... WHEW!!!! Bullet officially dodged.

bynum does not even jump how can he roll his ankel? Im kind of tierd of his injurys. Im just gonna act like he will go out later on this season and were gonna do it with out him. From now on any injury to bynum will not suprise me at all. I just hope every one can stay healthy if bynum cant. In order kobe,gasol,lo,artest,fish,chris brown,farmer,josh,mebenga,and sasha. Bynum i know you will get injured its not a surprise anymore but it is expected from you.


We do our best to check everything, but at the same time stuff gets past us, particularly when we're trying to clear comments in as quick a manner as possible, sometimes by PDA and such. I understand why the imposters/spammers are annoying. Believe me, nobody is more tired of it than me and BK. But unfortunately, it's an imperfect science and there are people who get their jollies doing this stuff.


Well the Bynum haters are still with us. Sprained ankle happens to all players and Omega wants to dump the most consistent player we have so far? Genius I say genius! Not.

All I have today is, when KB24 is hurt, HE PLAYS!!

All I have today is, when KB24 is hurt, HE PLAYS!!

Posted by: DJ | November 20, 2009 at 06:59 PM

Took the words right out of my mouth. Love Drew's game but he sure seems to be below average in the toughness area. He is constantly talking being dinged up.

Devils advocate:

Trade Bynum, Walton, Morrison and our trade exception to Rockets for McGrady's expiring contract so we have a shot at signing lebron [or wade].

Do we do it?

That's a deal the rockets take in a heartbeat, but it is contingent upon Lebron wanting to play for the lakers at like 13 million a year- or for a one year deal so he get's Bird Rights and then can go max.

Whatever the answer it's not one to be dismissed outright, right?

Giant people are often more sensitive to being hurt than normal sized people. It's just the way it is.

That much said, I am firmly convinced that Andrew Bynum will be the next Great Lakers center. He just needs a little growing up... but it will happen.

The guy is born with a gift... in many ways.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I like the comments about Bynum needing to play an entire season, but I wouldnt be telling the truth if I didnt say his durability worries me. Maybe some bone supplements, can we suggest that. Phred, sorry for the imposters the other night, but honestly, he was entertaining to me.



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