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Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol out for Sunday's game vs. New Orleans

The header basically lays it out for you, but on the odd chance I start getting paid by the word...

Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum will miss Sunday's tussle with Chris Paul and the New Orleans Hornets, reports the LAT's Broderick Turner of the LAT. Neither was able to practice Saturday afternoon, Another night of rest means the pair will get a fairly extended time to heal before the Lakers again take the floor Thursday night at Staples. 

The Hornets aren't exactly deep up front, but DJ Mbenga, coming off a strong 13 rebound, four block effort Friday night against the Grizzlies, will need another solid effort against Emeka Okafor. As a team, the Lakers will have to account for Paul, who passes more effectively than the entire Grizzlies roster combined, and the pick and roll. While the Hornets (2-4) are struggling, it'll still be a different potentially more difficult defensive experience for Lakers as a team (since Paul is unburdened by the guiding principle of the Memphis offensive scheme, namely dribbling aimlessly for no less than 17 seconds before making a pass or trying to execute a set).

In other news, Elliott Teaford of the Daily News has a Kareem-to-Memphis update.


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The important thing is Spain got a Euro-championship. Right??

We need LO to show up in a big way for this next game. But, never fear as we will win regardless.

AND I hope that Bynum can come back as the beast and not have his usual long tepid recovery process. I AM SURE HE WILL (come back as the beast that is).


My opinion is Pau Gazal has away over extended him self with all of non laker activity. I believe he is dead tired and is dogging it now.Andrew Bynum is very injury prone and I am very dissapointed these two 7 footers, do not compete with a little pain. Heck you could not keep Kobie out with there problems

With DJ's propensity to defend rather aggressively, the biggest cause of concern against the Hornets would be who backs him up in case he gets into foul trouble. Lamar can sure take center but Josh Powell would be hard-pressed to cover David West; besides, Lamar can also foul out (see last game at Memphis... Memphis! ugh) which could see a bit of (gasp) Luke at PF.

But then... we do still have the Mamba and Thriller... and hopefully, YouTube could be given burn to wear out Paul. Sasha shoul dalso be given a bit of time to get under CP'skin, and who knows, CP would freak out and lose his mind. Also, here's wishing Mamba will continue to pound the lane and wreak havoc on the Hornet's guardline to spark the LakeShow to a quick start.

One good thing about the current injury debacle is that the bench is given an opportunity to shine... the key word being OPPORTUNITY. Now IS their chance to show that they are the MOB Squad... not the blob squad that gets trampled all over.

Go Lakers!

It's a long season. Better to have our 2 top post guys recover to 100% health in November so they are healthy in June.

Lakers can still beat NO at home even w/out 2 of the Big 5.

It will be fun to see how Kobe's new Dreamshake moves fare versus NO's Kobe stopper, the ex-Celtic (I just can't remember his name right now)

So that's why LO was MIA in the Griz game, it was his b-day. Well, party is over Lamar. Odom will have the biggest defensive assignment of stopping David West.

The thought just came to that CP3 is this generation's version of Isiah Thomas. Brilliant and talented no doubt, but also a dirty, sneaky little punk.

We'll see if Laker's P & R defense has improved as NO will be running it all game long. None of our guards can stay in front of CP3 so team defense will be key. Mbenga and Powell are improved but they still won't have the normal coverage we can expect from Drew and Pau.

We'll see if the bench continues their improvement especially when Ron-ron stays with the 2nd unit.

KB will need another 40+ game, and Thriller and LO will have to play like stars.

My opinion is Pau Gazal has away over extended him self with all of non laker activity. I believe he is dead tired and is dogging it now.Andrew Bynum is very injury prone and I am very dissapointed these two 7 footers, do not compete with a little pain. Heck you could not keep Kobie out with there problems
Posted by: Wayne Lowrance

Well WAYNE, Gasol hurt himself in a LAKER practice during pre-season, NOT at the Euro Finals, and he's not cleared by the doctors to play. As for Andrew, accident prone, perhaps but injury prone NO ! there is NO WAY you can put last years injury with all 220 lbs of Kobe, flying into Bynum's knee, on Bynum. And as far as his arm, go back and look at the replay, he got wacked HARD on the elbow, if it had been Kobe. Lamar, Mbenga or Powell, they would be the one out injured right now!

No one on The Hornets can guard Kobe. They probaly gonna try Julian Wright(Posey too) on Him But that means Ron gonna Have his way with someone in the post. and Mbenga actually will try harder than drew usually has at defending the pick an roll so i don't think were in for a s bad a night as people think, plus the hornets offense has been well....what offense. Chris paul gets a damn near 20/20 and tey lose bu like 20???? lol i ain't worried about Paul let him get his shit every one else down and play efficient offense because they D sucks

It's a long season, Pau & Bynum have to get right before they return. Beside, this much PT is doing DJ a world of good... it could have a very legit ripple effect for other important games in the future. Same goes for Powell. All the practices in the world don't substitute for real game experience.


Pau's injuries could still be due to exhaustion, it's easier to get (and remain) injured when your body is tired.


As Lamar's fantasy owner, I'm stoked.

As a Lakers fan I am marginally concerned. As many have said W's and L's don't matter too much right now. Do we still match up terribly with NO without Pau and Bynum? Not really.

If we should be worried, we should wait until next week's games against PHX and the Nugs; Amare and NeNe could do damage without Pau or Bynum there. Okarfor? Meh'

LakerinBC - we were in mind meld on our first sentences!

Here is an interesting link to Josh Tucker at Silver screen and roll who discusses the Kobe's post game and points to some interesting statistics.


Repost since this was at the end of the last thread.

Just wanted to put my two cents in.

I've been watching basketball since the late 70's when I was a little tyke. And in all that time I've seen a lot of really good basketball players have a lot of really good games. And since Kobe came into the league I've always felt he was the most talented player playing right now. But after the last two games when he has absolutely owned the post I am willing to jump on the bandwagon as far as putting him into a greatest of all time conversation.

He has been absolutely scintillating, shaking and baking his defenders at will. He owned Mayo last night but he was almost as good against Battier in Houston and Battier is an EXCELLENT defender. What is amazing to me is the level of mental dominance that Kobe has. He is twitching his shoulders, swaying, starting his move and pausing before continuing, rolling around the defender to take it to the rack, rolling around to fade away. I mean seriously, just about every possible variation you can imagine all fitted into the same game.

Most people, when they get a move that works they stick to it with a few options to keep the opposition honest. But what Kobe was doing was art in motion. He was like the dangling string that the kitten is obsessed by but can never quite seem to get his claws into. If he keeps that up I don't see how you can defend that.

Greatest of all time? If he plays like this for the rest of the year then slowly starts to taper off over the next 4-6 years and wins 2 or three more championships then I don't see how you can keep him out of that conversation. Jordan will still have the inside track, but after this week I can finally see the argument as being potentially much more legit.


P.S. To BK and AK. Long time reader of your blog, though I don't usually post. Love you guys and love your podcasts (even during the summer, and even when you are opening with inna gotta divita ). I LOVE that song, you should just let it play in the background for the whole podcast.

If the Lakers don't repeat as NBA champions don't blame it on Ron Artest. Blame it on Pau Gasol. Too much year round ball. He needs to knock off that euro ball for a year to get right again. And if they don't repeat you can't blame it on Bynum because his impact on the team is only for half a season anyway. And Bynum should be coming off the bench, backing up Mbenga and Powell. His "typical annual debilitating injury" won't be a distraction anymore. Shelve that talk about being a 20/10 guy or an all-star. He'd be a better investment as a 10 pt, 5 rebound a game guy who can at least play all season. Can't get hurt sitting on the pine.

If it was me I would make this trade. Lakers send Bobcats Luke Walton, Shasha V, and D.J. Mbenga and the Lakers get Tyson Chandler.

Why Tyson Chandler ? Because Andrew Bynum is injury prone and Pau Gasol is out of gas. I call it mentally on vacation . Tyson is fast enough to guard Rasheed Wallace, Rashaad Lewis, Tim Duncan and Dirk Nowitski, Tyson is Death on a Lob pass. Losing Luke Walton would hurt but Ron Artest should bridge the loss. Tyson is another quick , long arm defender and would make the Laker front line a tougher match up in the finals against the Celtics.


Thanks for your posts on Farmar. It is helpful to see such an optimistic view of Jordan.

I'm a Bruin as well as being a Laker fan. I have always though Farmar was a talented head case.

At UCLA he struggled with Howland's disciplined system. Worse, on the floor, if Farmar threw a bad pass, he would dress down an innocent teammate in public. Not at all the behavior of a leader. I thought he clearly needed another year of college discipline, but Jordan thought he was ready to go pro.

As a Laker, Jordan has seemed to me impatient, both on the floor and as to his role. To me this is a guy with quickness, vision and good ball handling skills. But the mental part of the game has been a struggle.

He has the most physical point guard skills of anyone on the Lakers outside of Kobe. I think Phil likes that and wants to give him a chance to succeed. But he has to take advantage of these minutes to show growth or the Lakers will make a move on him. This is a real chance for him to sink or swim, I think.

I hope you are right and he finds himself out there with all these minutes. I'm afraid my gut is that his head just isn't screwed on right to run the offense for a championship team offensively at PG. Even if it is the triangle.

But I'm rooting for the guy. I hope I'm dead wrong.

Tom D.

Shannon is not a PG at this stage of his career, so Jordan will get a long look.

For shame Horry. My god man...



Thanks for the link. Great piece of article on Kobe. It exemplifies how competitive he is. While most players start the season the same as the last day of 2008/2009 season, Kobe came back with a new arsenals taught by the Dream!!!!

Again, it's too early in the season before we can crowned the Trophy. We still need a PG and/or matured backup PG!! Let' s hope that Mitch does something about it before the dateline..The choices are few due to contractual obligation with various players but I trust that Mitch would pull some magic and trade for some PG before the dateline!!!


Thank God we have so many home games to start

It's always easier to win at home while the 2 bigs recoup!



Bynum is a very good (not great) young center. But yes, as a matter of fact, he is injury prone. And there's a reason. He tends to both stand around under the basket with his legs fully extended rather and bent/coiled at the knees, and he goes to the basket with both arms fully extended rather than tomahawking the dunk in a rapid, arms bent at the elbow motion. Your joints (knees, elbows, etc.) are most vulnerable to serious injury in their fully extended position, when they are not supported by the flexing power of your muscles.

Just watch Bynum carefully sometime (say, compared to how Dwight Howard or Kevin Garnett move/shoot). He's like a stork or spindly-legged, just-born giraffe. Unless he both bulks up and basically changes his stance/shooting motion, I expect to see him constantly on the injured list.

I really like the kid and hope he can get it together. All I'm doing here is making an objective evaluation.


You wrote: Greatest of all time? If he plays like this for the rest of the year then slowly starts to taper off over the next 4-6 years and wins 2 or three more championships then I don't see how you can keep him out of that conversation. Jordan will still have the inside track, but after this week I can finally see the argument as being potentially much more legit.

my response:

1st. Welcome.

2nd. Taper off? TAPER OFF??? This is Kobe Bean Bryant you're talking
about. Do you not understand what he's about?

[ the hobbitmage mounts his soapbox ... ]

20 years ago, Kobe set himself the goal of being the best he could possibly
be. While studying tapes of the great ones, he noticed that MJ had a body
type and competitive drive similar to his. Therefore, he started patterning
his game after MJ's. He saw what MJ's commitment to physical conditioning
did, and so he committed to the same type of regiment.

Lest you think that Kobe is a wannabe MJ. This is false. MJ's personality is:
Anything you can do, I can do better.

MJ is actually right about this.

Kobe's personality is: I am 100% fatal. I am going to destroy you. I will be
the best basketball player I can be and I will bury any and all who come
against me. I am the "Black Mamba".

Sadly, due to teammate injuries, he was unable to mount a leprechaun carcass
as the first of his steps to the peak of basketball's mt. Rushmore. He had to
settle for the split and pick up the Olympic gold. His first carcass is a young
DPOY named Dwight Howard.

Kobe will *NOT* taper off for the next 3 - 4 years. Kobe has already begun
the migration to the post. While he has his hops and can shoot from the
outside. Ignore the stats and focus on the play. He will continue to make the
shots, steals, passes & the heady plays for the next 3 - 4 years BECAUSE
Dr. Buss & Mitch "the butcher "Kupchak have surrounded him with talent &
skill & a wee bit of youth. This will allow Kobe to conserve energy while
still being devasting. Still ripping the hearts out of all opponents. Haven't you
been watching? He lays in the weeds for 2 - 3 quarters out of every game.
Setting the table and allowing his teammates to grow and thrive. To become
better and showcase their hard work. And when the enemy has become
distracted. When they commit to stopping the Bynum lobs. When they
start defending Artest, LO and our bench perimeter shooting ... The Black
Mamba strikes! [ Normally about 8:34 seconds in the 3rd quarter to be precise. :) ]

He brings "The Rain" as he shoots the outside 3. He launches the mortars,
as he goes to the post or elbow and starts hitting the fadeaways. He leads
the "Heavy Calvary" as he goes to the rim and collects fouls like a playa
picks up digits.

The NBA has been warned. They are now about to be served!

No my fine P&G comrade. There is no tapering off in sight. This is the
"Revelation of Kobe". One man's personal quest to be the best he can
possibly be and in doing so dominate the basketball universe forever!
This is stuff of legends. Kobe's personal mandate from God himself: To lift
the Lakers past the Celtics as the most winning organization in NBA history.

Who else could endure the public scrutiny of legal issues in Co.?
Who else could bear the public ridicule of the "fatman"?
Is there another who has suffered a public humiliation at the hands of a
girl named "paula" and yet come back re-forged, re-tempered, harder in
mind, body & spirit?
Is there another player who's giving his "personal" shooting regiment to
his "BENCH" players? [ ref. Ariza last year & Powell this year. ]
Has there been another MVP who has humbled himself and gone to retired
players and said: Teach me Obi-Wan. I am incomplete and wish to learn. or
"All that you see has been done by those who have gone before. "

We are blessed to live in the Age of the Black Mamba.

Go Kobe!
Go Lakers!!

Good morning,

Here it is, another game day. Tonight, we'll measure every play and every stat as to how it all adds up for this current Lakers squad to achieve Dynasty status. Without Drew and Pau, a W tonight will require another stellar performance from the Mamba and another solid outing from the bench. We expect the Hornets to make this much tougher on the Lakers than the Grizzlies did on Friday.

An interesting side note to all this pops up in the Sunday NYT: What does it mean for a young player to even achieve status worthy of reaching his NBA dream? It's a profile of ambition and priorities gone totally wrong.

When we dissect our younger players like Andrew, AmMo and Jordan, it's easy to overlook the challenges of maturing in an environment as demanding as is professional sports. Our young Lakers have risen to the challenge better than many. As fans, we have every right to be just as demanding as their coaches. As players, they must face up to these demands and meet every one of them. But the context of achieving the maturity required is easily overlooked.

See you all on the chat at game time. Go Lakers!

LakerinBC - sneaky and dirty little punk? Care to elaborate for the uninformed? Have any proof?
How about Fisher elbowing Scola in the playoffs? How about koME giving Artest an elbow? And Artest.........? Well, nothing "sneaky" about him is there?

Tonight's game is not a gimme because Lakers are facing a team who are hungry for a win on the road. There are sleeping giants in this team, I say three P's like: Peja, Posey, Peterson lending a support to Paul and West. Okafor is also a dangerous Center, he may not be tall enough to get rebounds but he's a talented athlete but haven't surfaced yet in the Hornets offense. They have more problems as a group and could not perform well as team. After 6-0 games, it is natural for players to redeem their lost image by beating the Champ whose Center is taken by a 3rd string bench, Mbenga and revolved around Odom and Powell.

On the Lakers side, Kobe and Artest are given. They will carry the Lakers throughout this season because they have a mission. However, it is in the 2nd unit that rest the hope for continued victory without Drew and Paul. Those small contributions that Sasha, Jordan and Luke will be bringing on the floor during their minutes. If they can hold those leads or cut down deficits, then Lakers will have a continuous victory. Derek, Shannon, DJ, Adam and Josh are the gravies that will hold on to the fort by contributing some offense. Not to be forgotten is Odom who made only 3 pts last game but gave a healthy minutes in rebound, defense and facilitating. Somebody has to limit the assists of CP3.

I know some seem to get downright offended when posters comment on Pau and Drew's lack of playing throug injuries. When people comment on that (at least when I do) it is not to slight them. It's just that we have a 31 year old Kobe who has to shoulder the load while they are "fighting" through injuries. It raises the chances of Kobe sustaining some sort of sidelining injury.
And lets be honest here. The Lakers said Andrew had a "minor" elbow injury. Yet, he is out for the second game in a row. And Pau, I won't even comment on him right now.

The point is as much as I love seeing Kobe drop 40 point games he can not continue like this. Three or four games can quickly turn into 10 to 12 games of Kobe shouldering the load. That doesn't bode well for the long haul. I said it before, I'll say it again. Would a "minor" elbow injury keep Kobe out? Would a "sore" hamstring keep him out. An emphatic no on both counts.

Kobe is probably the best "lead by example" player in the league. I wish his two seven footers would follow.

Giant Green Bald Lunatic,

One reason why you have to shorten your name, it's hard to remember all the names here with funny concoctions. That is one good reason why your parents did give you a nice name for you to carry all your life. You can hide your true identity with that chosen name and also reflect your profession as a coach. I'm sure you are not a giant green bald lunatic coach; Secondly, I know you are not concerned whether bloggers respect you or not, you just wanted to come a here as chivalrous knight to protect the image of your New England team. Where did this dissing started? We don't know, of course Celtics demise will always be the wish of any Laker fan, not because of disrespect or fear, it has something to do with the traditional rivalry during the Russell/Baylor era. If someone gets into the bait of extending heated debates, naturally, the homers in us will protect our own turf. Will it resolve anything? NO. Will it lead to insults and unpalatable posts? No doubt about it YES. Again, this is Lakers Blog, not FoxSports, Espn or NBA blogs. We talk about our Lakers good sides and bad sides 24/7, it is enough for homers vs. fairweathers wither their own stormy debates in assessing their players. Perhaps, a visitor and a coach would help in lending their objectivity to point of views raised, not just defending the Celtic team at all times.

If it was me I would make this trade. Lakers send Bobcats Luke Walton, Shasha V, and D.J. Mbenga and the Lakers get Tyson Chandler.

Posted by: dwan fulwood | November 08, 2009 at 03:00 AM

Thank God you're not a GM!! It is not the job of the 29 other teams to make the lakers better!! If it was ME, and I was a GM, and Mitch Kupchak called, I'd say,
"Hi Mitch, how are you? I'm hanging up if the next words out of your mouth aren't Andrew Bynum!"

Why don't you trade Sasha, Walton, DJ, and some of koME's old sneakers for Dwight Howard?
The yucks on this board don't make me bored!! I'm NEVER leaving......too much fun!!


lets not get too excited about the win vs memphis... i know dfish and even luke had very ABOVE AVERAGE games but remember memphis is the WORST DEFENSIVE TEAM IN THE LEAGUE. they are surrendering a league worst 114.7 PTS (higher than even the knicks or warriors) and opponents also shooting over 50% a game (again league worst next to knicks and warriors).

these are exactly the kind of games luke SHINES against... memphis doesnt play a lick of defense and it was basically 48 minutes of garbage time. he was also guarded by Demarre Carroll a very unpromising rookie who should be playing in the d-league... luke showed us once again why he is the king of garbage time.

Yes we can afford to sit Pau and Drew in the Grizzlies and Hornets game, can we afford to lose Kobe in any game? That is not a good approach in maintaining a Championship team aiming for a back to back Championship. As they say, we have to spread the eggs in different basket, we cannot just rely on one golden egg to do the job of all other eggs including the rotten ones.

What am I driving up? There are other Laker statistics that every player has to focus namely:

1. Less turnovers mean more chances in converting them into points
2. More rebounds mean more chances in increasing the lead
3. More successful steals mean good defense and easy baskets
4. More blocks mean less points on opponents to score in the post
5. Cliche' - good defense is a good offense and also, Kobe and Fisher will rest their matured legs in the 4th quarter.

What Lakers youth? Farmar and Drew have been 3 years old with the team. Sasha is 4 years in NBA and Luke has been with Lakers since 2004. Shannon, Adam and Josh, this is not their 1st year in NBA. Is it fair to expect more from them at this time? Should they always be dependent on Kobe and Artest to get a W? It is about time to raise their own stocks and stop being a derivative. As Abigail Van Buren quotes:
“Maturity is: The ability to stick with a job until it's finished; The ability to do a job without being supervised; The ability to carry money without spending it; and The ability to bear an injustice without wanting to get even”

Game day! Cant wait to see what the Lakers do with the starting lineup.

One wonders if Byron Scott will get a place on the Lakers coaching staff when the year is over.

Jon K, My man, I agree with you on the alien problem. Sometimes it just feels better to look the other way. Check out this clip here. Scary. I like the "giant size" and "flesh eating virus" parts. The idea here, I guess, is that the government knows the reptilians are coming and they plan to release a flesh eating virus to kill off 5/6 of the earth's population and here they're getting funding for things like the plasma ray that can destroy the aliens. I'm just reporting the news.

And I think Farmar is going to be fine. Lets lay off the guy. And Mbenga, he might be someone we need to give 40 min to and see how much defense he can give us. If he pans out, we make the Bynum, Odom, Farmar, #1 pick deal for Labron.

Go Lakers!


How about this one:

(CNN) -- On the holiday known as the Day of the Dead, a Brazilian bricklayer walked into his own funeral.

The sight of Ademir Jorge Goncalves alive shocked relatives, some of whom tried to jump out of the windows of the funeral home in southern Brazil.

"In my 10 years in this business, I have never witnessed a scene like this," said Natanael Honorato, manager of the funeral home in the Parana state."

They ID'd the wrong guy. Very funny.


Andrew Bynum is injury prone and the Lakers have a problem.Why is he bone brittle is it b/c of his type of stature,long but lacking strength ?

Man!!! I am reading a lot of hate ladies one day Gasol is the answer the next he isn't considering his team with the non-team activities, Bynum is bum, he is injury prone. What is going on with all these fair weather fans? Look you play hard sometimes you get hurt. Would you rather Bynum not try to finish the play because he thinks he might get hurt? Gasol played for his home country on his own time, surprise players have lives outside the NBA. The two will recover in due time and their is no point in rushing it. I is early in the season and it will be better for the team if they can come back healthy to make a strong push this season. Let us not forget what coming back too soon can produce; Yaw Ming, Tracy McGrady. This maybe a blessing in the long run because it is forcing the bench to really step up or shut up. Now we will really see if the guys on the pine are worth keeping or if they're contracts are just taking up space.

GGBHL - in replying to a post by LakerinBC, you tied in by reference, his comment about CP3 being a sneaky little punk, to our own Fish. You alluded to Fish elbowing Scola, asking if that might not also be dirty and sneaky. Lets just be clear about it. Fish did not throw a sneaky little elbow. He laid big Scola out with authority. It was deliberate, it was a statement and it's one of my all-time favorite playoff moments. Fish was tired of the hard picks and moving screens that Scola had been using and he did something about it. He did it knowing he'd get called and he willingly sat a game for it. I'm a bit surprised that you'd call it out. It was good, tough basketball.


Oh, my dear God.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Okay Hobbit. I wrote 4-6 years to start to taper off and somehow that turned into 3-4. I am willing to accept my original outside estimate that Kobe will be tapering off by the time he is 37. If he's not then I'll congratulate you on your foresight.

Beyond that I agree with the thrust of your post. Kobe is a killer.


I don't know if Bynum is "injury prone", but one thing I think we can establish is that he hasn't recovered from injuries very quickly so far.

As far as Gasol is concerned, I don't know if his desire to play year 'round contributed here or not, but is that desire generally a bad thing really ?

Finally, I guess if I had thought about it, I'd have realized that Kareem was 62, but seeing it in print was a bit of a shock nonetheless in the article that BK gave us a link to.

Edwin - thank you for your post. I do try, at times, to be objective here. It seems, however, that when I do, and make comments only about the lakers, MY team is attacked. I understand this is a lakers blog, believe me. But, do you want some objectivity here, or do you only want people who think the lakers walk on water. I will try to post the next two days without mentioning the Celtics at all. Please read with an open mind. I do not hate the lakers, but I also don't think they walk on water, either, esp PJ.
Cannot shorten my name. I just feel better using a pseudonym, being a local high school teacher - I'm sure you understand. Thanks again!

dave m - Yes, Fisher's elbow was good, tough basketball. It was a little over the top, but message received. My point is - we all saw that! And we accept it as "normal" in the NBA. Heck, Rudy T got his jaw broken and there wasn't even a FOUL called. So, how is Chris Paul "dirty"? Who has complained about it? Fisher? Kobe? This is the first I've ever heard of it - today on this blog!! Is it just lakers fans saying it? Finally, think there are ANY Rockets fans who think Fisher is a punk?


my bad. It was the "tapering off starting next year" that confused the issue.

Also numbskulls, on the NBA basketball channel, hypothesized that same
crap based upon stats. I think AK/BK posted a like to *screen and roll*
which mentioned the supposed tapering off and how his work in the post
has made all such theorizing "null & void".

Once again, My bad & enjoy tonights game.

GGBHL - don't know if you're still checking this thread but my reply would be this - while I myself wouldn't call CP3 a dirty player it's not the first time I've heard it said, and not just on this blog. I myself don't call many players dirty, maybe because I'm of a certain age and grew up with basketball that was played a lot differently then it is today. In all honesty, I also think it's too much to expect pure objectivity on any team's blog - it's simply not the nature of the beast. For somebody who's a devotee of another team and coming to blog here, you'll simply have to take it for what it is. For instance, I go on the Spurs' great blog PtR but I don't often comment, I just go on to read the content. If I were to start blogging there and posing critical comments (even if I felt them to be accurate and objective), I'd certainly expect to get fired upon, haha. As for your comment about Houston - they absolutely have have talked trash about Fish. Please believe me - I moved to Austin about a year ago and have a running debate with a Texas friend about the Scola hit.

Dj Mabenga a backup for Drew,Lamar Odom for Pau Gasol.I Believed that if they allow Dj to play more minutes,he could be a force in defence & rebounding.We can't not sure if Drew can play without an injury.So we need to rely sometimes on Dj,who is not headed and capable to become a good center.



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