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How about Jerry Stackhouse?

This morning, I tossed out a poll about the possibility of bringing Allen Iverson to LA. With a substantial number of votes already tallied this morning- keep 'em coming- those willing to take the plunge (assuming he promises- for real this time- that he'll agree to come off the bench) is hovering around 50%. Honestly, this seems high to me, but I'm just one man, with one vote... firmly in the "No" camp.

Ironically,'s Chris Sheridan put out a list this morning of the best unemployed free agents available (Insider required). At the top is former Sixers/Pistons/Wizards/Mavericks guard/forward Jerry Stackhouse, who seems damn near giddy at the prospect of donning the purple and gold:

"I would LOVE to be out there," Stackhouse said... Judging from the tone of his voice, if we were to pick a favorite to land Stackhouse's services, it'd be the Lakers -- in no small part due to his long history with Kobe Bryant. "We've always competed, and we go way back. When he was a rookie, before he even started his rookie season, John Lucas had he and I out on the track running. He knows how I compete and work, so we've always had that mutual respect. Kobe's got a gamesmanship about him, he knows how guys look at him in awe. I've seen several times when he came over to the bench where I was and would not say anything to anybody on the whole bench, but then he'd look at me and say, 'What up Stack?' So there's a respect there both ways, I believe."

Can Stack still play? I have no idea. He's certainly working on wonky knees, to say the least. But if the Lakers were to look for depth outside of making a trade (which, in theory, would land a better player than either Stack or AI)- with Luke Walton down for at least six weeks, another body could be handy, particularly if it means Kobe Bryant doesn't have to pick up extra wear at the three- this is the direction I'd go. Stackhouse wouldn't be asked to play big minutes, won't rock the boat, won't bring drama, will bring a higher caliber of veteran leadership. If it doesn't work, there's no fallout, and anything he brings is gravy. As recently as a couple seasons back, Stackhouse was still a reasonably productive player. Plus, he can sing.

I don't know how much he'd help, but I'm pretty sure he'll do no harm. Can the same be said of Iverson?


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Better Idea than Iverson. Can knock down the triple and is rangy. How randy in his advanced years? hard to tell. Still doesn't solve the backcourt rotation issue.

Trade is coming. Season is getting into full swing with injuries and the like.

Nelson out for 6 weeks for the Magic.
Ellis wants out of GS.

Trades already happening.

I love the NBA.

With Stackhouse, I say HELL NO.

The reason is because I don't see the upside. This is the same guy that in his prime, couldn't hustle to save his life, and drew the ire of his airness at the MCI center. There's MJ draining his knee every night, diving onto the floor, trying to help his team make the playoffs, and all Stackhouse could do was complain that MJ was calling out lazy teammates for lack of effort.

Yeah, Stack hit some shots recently. Woop-dee-doo

I see ZERO upside this guy. If it's about hitting shots, we have Sasha and Morrison for that. In fact, I'd take Morrison instead of Stackhouse all day long.

Iverson my Shmiverson...

Stackhouse? What do we need him for? Between the SG and SF positions we've got Kobe, Artest, Sasha, Shannon Brown can play the SG, Lamar can play some SF at times, Ammo Morrison is still an unknown and may actually provide some quality minutes there, and Luke will be back in awhile.

-The GAPING HOLE is at the PG slot. I LOVE Fisher but the quick guards are just BLOWING past him AND they don't have to respect Fish on offense so they can use all their energy blowing past Fisher to either get Bynum in foul trouble or set up their other guys for dunks.
- We bring in Farmar and... IT GETS WORSE! Farmar can't stay in front of ANYBODY, then he bricks wide open 3 pointers or throws a couple of interceptions, errr, I mean LAZY passes. Shannon Brown can't really "run" the offense but at least he has to be respected by his defender and at least he puts out some effort on defense.

- I'm not a gung-ho Iverson guy but IF Iverson agreed to be more pass-first he could, yes, I did say, could be devastating in this offense, probably getting close to 10 assists per game if he really focused on racking up the assists, more than covering for his defensive liabilities... then again... I guess we're about to find out how smart or not smart Iverson is, depending on what situation he gets himself into...

if we want to beat denver, we need more tattoos.

bring in AI. also will need a permanent hairstylist for him and ron

lakers will be also "visually" exciting

and AI will bring in a huge fan base. looks like the L's will win on all the fronts.

Pig, thanks for the reply.

His knees are going Wonk Wonk!


Jordy and Amo have expiring contracts. A trade is coming. Hopefully Sasha/Amo. That's 10 million. They only fit the D' Antoni, Gentry and Nelson shoot-don't defend scheme.

Would you do a Sasha/Amo for Monta Ellis? I hear he is up for trade right now per Hoopshype.

I wouldn't mind trying AI. I think he would respect PJ and Kobe and realize this would be his only chance for a ring. He can still outplay (quickness) all of our PGs. If he would accept an outlined role by PJ, I mean, you can always give him the boot. If he would be a dish before shoot that would be a real plus. Really PG is our weakness, besides Pau being out. I like Fish, but he just can't do it anymore, barely could lest year. Farmar, well, can you say Smush? Shannon seems to be terrific, but needs more PT to really show what he can or cannot do. Just my thoughts.

Anyone like my idea of a Morrison with Farmar trade to the Knicks for Chris Duhon, a very smart player who would be a perfect fit for us. ...And Andy, your negativity towards Iverson, while being on the bandwagon for Ron Ron amazes me.

Tom D,
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
>>> It was failure to get spacing and flow and failure to share the ball that caused
>>> the Lakers to lose the last 2 games, even with all that talent on the floor.
Spot on as usual, Tom. You are the best of the Toms.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
Rick F,
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
>>> I think I'm with those of you who'd like Fish to volunteer to come off the bench.
>>> But my choice to start is Farmar, not UPS. Shannon is just too shaky as a point
>>> guard. Jordan knows how to get the ball to Andrew and Kobe.
I’m with you all the way on Farmar over Brown. We need a point guard who is willing AND able to pass the ball to Drew and Pau and Kobe in the post. The player who best fits that need is Jordan.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
>>> On a practical level, when one looks at the dynamics of this Laker team,
>>> one thing stands out like a soar thumb. The absence of a truly great, dynamic big-man.
ROTFLMA. That was hilarious. Laughed so much my throat is “soar.” LOL! Funniest of the week. You WERE trying to funny, right? Otherwise, you might want to do some research before making a fool of yourself. The reason that Drew releases early when his man is on the perimeter is because that is what his coaches have instructed him to do. If you were to actually read most of the posts here you would have known that. Pay attention and learn before you post. That’s what this blog is for.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
All the talk about adding AI or Stack is ridiculous. If the Lakers really needed to add a player, the player they should have gotten was Stephen Jackson. He is actually a great defender and far better player than AI or Stack. And I am sure we could have beaten the Bobcats offer of Raja Bell and Vlade Radmanovic. Anyway, missed opportunity. Just say no to more guys who can’t play defense.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Stackhouse is better still better than Sasha i shot 0% in finals even after having 15 beers....

Enough already....And for anyone who says Michael Jordan ...Please remember this guy traded Rip for Stack....And through a number 1 pick down the toilet....

Sasha has trouble defending turtles ......

Could Monta Ellis fit into the Lakers system?

Buy out Tony Gaffney from his Israeli club team. Don't sign Iverson or Stack. If Dr. Buss is so worried about paying extra luxury tax for a 14th player, then trade Ammo and Farmar at the trade deadline for one player who can play point guard in the triangle, whose team needs to cut salary this year or next. Maybe if Nash gets hurt we could make this trade for Barbosa. Another alternative would be trading Ammo and Jordan to the Nets for Keyon Dooling and Sean Williams, but only after a few weeks to see if Dooling is hasn't lost a step due to his hip injury.

Kiwi, a Chris Duhon trade would be inappropriate for the Lakers because Duhon is the worst starting PG in the entire NBA. In fact, I can only think of a few backup PGs who are worse. Duhon is a TERRIBLE shooter. He might be the worst-shooting guard in the entire league. Definitely not a fit for the triangle offense.

On the other hand, if by some miracle Monta Ellis is available for the low price of Ammo + Sasha + Farmar, I say go for it. We could make this trade after buying out and signing Gaffney.


i mentioned the same trade on the last thread as well...I really like that idea.

Neither of these guys... Stackhouse can't shoot to save his life. Have you seen his shooting percentages? Yikes. If he's just coming in as a temp stop-gap, I get it. Otherwise? Not so much.

I don't like Iverson....he just quit a team because he didn't like his role. Quit. Like Taliq said, I question his actual motives. And I question if he'll show up for practice. We talkin 'bout practice (if you guys knew me personally, that's probably my best athlete won't show through text, unfortunately).

Stack, I've always liked. Even though he's on some bum knees, I'd rather take a chance on him. Besides, why not see if they can get a workout in with him? Would he be amenable to that?

I've liked Stackhouse cuz he's a gamer. And let's face it, while he may have bum knees, we're comparing this to who, Luke? He has a family history of bum parts!


Disregaring that though, I'd rather see what other options are out there. Some teams will be desperate to make moves this trade deadline. Look at the factors: the teams may not be doing well, the economy will still be down, everyone is setting for the free-agent market of summer 2010, and no one knows what the CBA is going to look like so all but the contending teams will look to make their teams more cost efficient.

Don't get me wrong, Stackhouse or Iverson filling that 14th roster spot is a good problem to have, but I think we have some valuable chips in the young, experienced players who's contracts are expiring. Teams can see upside in these guys, especially if they are desperate a la Memphis and Pau Gasol. There will plenty of chances to pull a fast one, or at least a semi-quick one on someone....

Yo..back. up in this sorta

Tony Gaffney FTW!

Ellis would be great, but I doubt that deal will fly.

Realistically, I'd like to see how the following move worked before we mess with any questionable trades (Iverson, Stackhouse). When Pau comes back, have Shannon join the starting unit and move Fish to the 2nd unit with Lamar. The stability that Fish and Lamar would bring to that unit could settle down the current helter-skelter mode the 2nd unit has been in. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if that added stability brought out an improved Sasha and Jordan.

Fish has been a great leader and team player, but it's time for him to join the 2nd unit. The shortened PT might also keep him fresher for spot playing in the playoffs.

Notch my vote for YES on any trade. But not for the conventional idea of getting AI or Stack. Do it for the throw-in we'll get, who will turn into a Shannon Brown or better. Mitch for President!


You know what I find funny about everyone on the "Trade Farmar/AMMO's expiring contracts" bandwagon? Beyond the fact that it's just not that easy for Mitch to snap his fingers and make a trade, does anyone think it's possible that management wants to keep those expiring contracts for themselves? I believe the main reason in trading for Morrison was because he came off the books this year and Farmar will be a restricted FA. Unless Mitch can pull off a Gasol type trade for a quality role player, I highly doubt we'll see AMMO and JF traded.


I sure hopes he turns his career around but it aint gonna happen in LA so everybody needs to calm down

Can you imagine the amount of distraction he would bring? There is no way come hell or high water that man will be a good soldier for an entire season on that bench.... Him or his agent can say whatever they want now but if ur buying it ur a fool...

Our team is INTACT and there is no reason to add new pieces or even make trades let alone bring in someone with a questionable and checkered past like AI.. No reason at all to take a chance on him... Gasol has not even played yet, we're still trying to integrate ron ron and now you want AI? We also have 2 young pg we're trying to groom that are barely getting more than 10 min a game so how many minutes do u think AI would get from phil without even a lick of experience in the triangle??

Lakers are not even close to being healthy or reaching their maximum potential so need to panic. No way kupchak ever makes that move so everybody can just forget about it.

JMO but just completely crazy talk

The only trade we need is Farmar for Fisher.

Lots of good comments here. To be clear, I'm not saying Stackhouse is the magic bullet fans would want to see play big minutes, just that if my choices are a street FA, I'd go with him over an AI, despite the face that Iverson is the more tantalizing talent.

He'd be a depth move, with very little risk, but hardly perfect. Not a very high percentage shooter, for example. And his mobility would be a question mark (though the whole idea is predicated on the notion that he's healthy enough to move effectively) but it's not Adam Morrison is the most agile of defenders.

The risk/reward for Iverson isn't there for me, going beyond questions of playing style (I think he's a TERRIBLE fit for this squad). There are probably ways to get a better player than either guy, but that's a separate issue. Either way, it's fun stuff to kick around.


2009-10 EFFICIENCY LEADERS : Efficiency Per Game

1. Chris Bosh........29.9
2. Lebron Jamess....29.7
3. Chris Paul..........29.3
4. Dirk Nowitzki.....27.1
5. Andrew Bynum....27.0
217. Derek Fisher......7.1

If I remember corretly he had the lowest Eff Rating of any starting PG in the NBA last year but game 4 got him off the hook regarding his poor performance for the year. I see he is right back at the bottom again in rankings. Yes he is a Rock and has made some BIG shots over his playing days but no way no how does he deserve to start on the Lakers.

Bottom line-start Shannon and if he can't handle the PG duties time for a trade.. we have lots of assets starting with farmar and Ammo. Come on Mitch I can't take another year of watching players fly by Fish all game long breaking down the defense and getting our BIGS in foul trouble.



And BK

Appreciate ur reply to my previous dfish post but again I can't begin to tell you how much I disagree. Sorry to nitpick but here goes:

you said "not all of Brooks' points were scored with Fish on the floor"... actually i counted and about 28 of his 33 were scored with dfish on the floor... if you dont believe me go to forum blue and gold who did a nice little piece yesterday breaking down every single basket he scored.

Fact of the matter is brooks has owned and abused dfish every time... you can pinpoint to other areas all you want but brooks burnt us plain and simple. Fact: brooks 2 highest scoring games of his career came against dfish... That is appalling but not surprising. That in itself is as much a testament to phil possessing an exremely thick headed skull as much as adelmans ability to recognize that matchup and just abuse it...

Yes there aren't many guards in the league that can stay with brooks but its not like brooks averages 30 pts a game... In my opinion dfish having no lateral quickness or being slow as molasses has almost everything to do with it.... When u have a big glaring weakness in defense and it keeps getting exposed (I mean repeatedly) of course it can have a direct impact on overall team defense. It can even impact ur team offense... So like cause and effect if team defense is weak it will affect man to man D and vice versa.... Everytime lakers went on a run brooks basically came back and burnt us next possession.. Have u ever played 5 on 5 and u had one weak guy on ur team who would get completely abused?

But this aint even about that anymore.... Until phil decides to give shannon/ farmar reasonable and consistent minutes on the floor I guess the jury will always be out on who is better as our starter. The problem with phils substitutions is that nobody has a damn clue when they'll play or how long... U will never get any consistent production from our bench that way and its no wonder our bench is in complete disarray... that loss to houston shouldve never happened and was completely unacceptable.

2 losses and people want to bring in Iverson or Stackhouse? Why not bring in Earl Monroe and George Gervin too?

What this team needs is not an overrated, over-the-hill, high volume shot taker. What it needs is a few breaks to go their way (Luke, Pau, Kobe, Drew all hit with injuries already?) and it needs Pau Gasol.

To be honest, at 7-3, I can't complain, especially considering that the schedule the Lakers have played turns out it's much more difficult than originally thought. The Thunder, Rockets (twice), Suns, Hawks, Mavs, Nuggets is actually a very difficult schedule, since all are better than preseason prognostications. The one atrocious team the Lakers played was the Grizz. If the Lakers maintain this pace, it's a 57 win season... without Pau Gasol.

I think we all need to chill.

No to Iverson. No to Stackhouse. Yes to sanity.

1. I really wish the comment section was back at the bottom.

2. Stackhouse might turn out to be a Mitch Richmond, Jimmy Jackson, Byron Russell minute type player.

3. Fish would be great off the bench.

4. Farmar is not Starter material and has been inconsistent.

5.What about Ellis for Sasha/Amo? Thumbs up smiley face? Thumbs down Gladiator Joaquin Phoenix steeze?


Why do people keep hitting the panic button?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



I totally get where you're coming from, and understand the "weak link" team defense analogy. But in the end, I just don't feel the Lakers have a guy who can stick Brooks in the open floor. JF can't, and gets crushed on screens. Shannon is probably the best, but he can't mark a guy like Brooks in the open court (because, as I've said, with the new rules in place I don't think anyone can- as evidence, note that Fisher himself beats players off the dribble... though I generally hate when he drives). To me, Fisher's worst moments defensively were the mental errors- the unnecessary double on Scola, the hip check foul. Some of Brooks' points were just on really good plays. The drive off the right wing where he stopped on a dime to diffuse the help Odom brought. The triple he hit from somewhere in the Inland Empire. That'll happen.

No question Fisher is these days a more willing than overwhelmingly capable defender. But he also did some good stuff over the course of the night, and generally speaking I don't see him as any worse (better in some ways) than Farmar. Where he was completely brutal, though, was on the other side, and he was terrible against Houston last year in the playoffs, too. That's where I felt the difference between Fish and another guard would be the most noticeable. On the other side, I really do believe that team defense, particularly against the P and R, is what makes the whole thing work, and that's based not so much on one-on-one, but coordination between the guards and forwards, particularly on the screen and roll.

I think Brown, as he gets more comfortable with running things offensively, will get more time, but he has improvements to make on both sides. He's a great kid and I want him to do well, but to be totally honest I do think there are times when fans overlook/forgive mistakes he makes when they don't for other players. And the starting thing makes no difference to me. All I'm really concerned about is minutes and matchups. Assuming he's going to play (and given the alternatives, he should) Fisher is a much better fit with the starters.

But I understand your point, though. I just don't think the solution as it were is as cut and dried.


I would rather go with our younger garbage than bring in older ones who may have other issues than basketball. Let's develop young recruits who have been cut, a Euro out there wanting to play in NBA with a better shooting and defense than Sasha. Don't get recycled players who are about to enter NBA memories.

If this is the best Mitch can do that is entertain AI or Stackhouse join the Lakers, then I would rather go to the extreme by pleading to Elgin Baylor or Jerry West wear the Laker uniforms again. If they agree, it will be the game of legends. LMAO!

Trade Ammo and Farmar and their expiring contracts for a GOOD point Guard.
Throw in Cash, 2011 1st round pick and Sasha if you need to, get someone quick, that can defend well, and can bring up the ball and feed the post player ( Bynum, Kobe or Pau) Bring Gaffney back from overseas to fill Ammo's spot, he had a escape clause written in for the Laker's if they needed him. This way we become better at the point guard spot, still have Brown behind Kobe, and Gaffney is better than Ammo on defense. We still will have Lamar to play the 4 and the 3 and Artest to play the 2, 3 and 4. THIS MAKES US BETTER WITH JUST A MINOR TWEEK

I'm still really upset about that one time detroit beat us with Stack running down the lane untouched for the winning dunk.

That play has scarred me for years.

Jon K,

I think it's an exaggeration to equate the consideration of Jerry Stackhouse as "pressing the panic button." There will be small forward minutes in need of picking up, unless you want Kobe having to play even additional minutes at the 3 while nursing a bad groin, Artest never to get a break or feel very confident in Adam Morrison in the rotation for 6+ weeks. Personally, none of those choices sound appealing to me. Bringing in Stackhouse doesn't require a trade, fundamentally change the roster or require carving out a major role in the rotation. He'd play maybe 10-15 mpg off the bench and wouldn't likely rock the boat.

Neither of us is suggesting the Lakers bring in Stackhouse at all costs, and if you don't think he'd help much, so be it. But to label this a panic button suggestion (assuming that's what you meant) is a little much.


Monta Ellis is available, he can score defend and is 6'3" he would be an upgrade to Fisher OR Farmar. Trade Ammo and Farmar's expiring contracts and Sasha plus cash and or a draft pick.

I sure would like to see A.I, get one last chance to win a ring. He's been an gamer over the years.

Jerry, a nice person, yet retired two years ago. NO way!

What is glaringly clear is that Fish obviously needs less minutes and Farmar is not the right fit for this team (after all these years he still makes bad decisions!)

Which means Shannon needs more minutes and a strong back up veteran PG is needed. Farmar, Ammo (too bad, I want to see him succeed) and Sasha are proving to be completely dead weight this early in the season and a trade is in order. Maybe Ellis is possible or a FA like Stack. As teams start to slowly deteriorate (see Warriors) more opportunities will come.

Make a move soon or we risk wearing out Kobe and the rest of the starters.

Mo Ager's in Spain. Not his run and gun style of ball. Was a teammate of Shannon, with similar style and we should give a look.

the lakers right now have the worst bench in the league. And we need a guy like iverson in this role because he is a combo guard who can play both pg and sg.

yes his past deters himself from giving any credibility, but the dude gives his soul out there every night he plays.

how many times this year have you seen kobe bryant pull illegitimate shots and brick. ALOT.

Iverson would definitely give us the scoring we need when we have nights where the players can't hit the ocean.

Couple of things...
1. Wouldn't Ellis' contract just add more to our already high team salary? Do we really want a future shoot-first guard?
2. As much as I hate to say this, and I really do because it very much pains me, I think Shannon should be starting over Fish. Brown might not be the best PG in the league, but he's speedy and he brings the energy.
3. I think I'd rather hold off on making any trades, we're only 10 games into the season, we got a long ways to go.
4. No to both AI and Stack.

Have a good one y'all.


many of you doubted Ron Artest period. and you are the ones that are doubting Iverson as well.

Iverson given the right chance and opportunity will "seize the day"

Stackhouse and AI are both done.

We get spoiled by Kobe, who is as good as he ever was. Virtually nobody, even MJ, remain at the top of their game for a decade and more. Look at Kobe's career stats -- they just stay the same.

Look at the stats for Stackhouse or Iverson: Both peaked many years ago and have consistently become worse, and almost certainly liabilities over the past few years.

The Cavs dithered and dallied with Antonio Daniels as Delonte West imploded.

Why not make it easy for them?

Sign Daniels.

6-4, 34, 19,600 career mins (cf. Stackhouse at 28,500);

Low touch rate (for a guard) @ 16.3 ;

Reasonable PER @ 14.6 (cf. Luke at 15.0 this season, 12.6 career);

Excellent AST% @ 23.8 career, 28.3 last season.

One of the few players who elevates his game for the postseason, i.e., has a higher *playoff* PER than career PER.

Steady decision-maker (TOV% 13.3) who delivered solid minutes that contributed to *10* postseason appearances over *11* (career) yrs, including SAS, POR, SEA, WAS, NOH (cf. Stackhouse at 7/13).

Downside: Rebounding (even for a guard).

Still, the man knows how to win.

Question: How much tread?

The only other guy with Luke-like size, similar skills and *not* currently active is Grizzlie castoff -- Marko Jaric.

I remember Jaric from his Clipper daze. As a result, I also remember PLENTY of ugh-lee Marko moments.

But as a 12-24 minute guy who can board, space, dish & run the floor?

The Lakers could do worse. A LOT worse.

The other option is Heinrich, due for $9 mill per for another few years. He's stuck behind Derrick Rose. Unfortunately, Farmar would not fit the system. We may have to give up Shannon plus Sasha and Ammo to get him to make the talent match. I say it would be worth it.

Or how about Posey. NO is going nowhere. This saves them money.

Why not just get Chris Paul? He definitely wants out of New Orleans. First hire Byron Scott as an assistant coach and CP3 would be that much closer. The Hornets could have Farmar, Sasha, Ammo, and maybe even DFish....whatever makes the numbers work. We might still end up paying a higher salary but the first 4-peat in 40 years should be worth something.

All the talk about adding AI or Stack is ridiculous. If the Lakers really needed to add a player, the player they should have gotten was Stephen Jackson. He is actually a great defender and far better player than AI or Stack. And I am sure we could have beaten the Bobcats offer of Raja Bell and Vlade Radmanovic. Anyway, missed opportunity. Just say no to more guys who can’t play defense.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Alright, so where do we play Capt Jack? SG? Oh wait not.. Kobe is there. SF? Oh yeah, Artest... damn. Hmmmm looks like we didn't drop the ball on a polarizing player such as him who is more selfish and problematic then anything. Oh.... he aint got no defense either!

Stackhouse would make sense to have around as an emergency backup until he learns the offense. He's still a smart player and could still do some damage. Iverson isn't a true PG and he wouldn't fulfill our need. He's more of a SG who NEEDS the ball in his hands to operate. That would take away from Kobe and that relationship would sour very very very quick. He wouldn't fit. Iverson needs to be on the Warriors or the Knicks... plain and simple.

someone said posey...h*** no no past boston player ever on a lakers team.

Lakers NEED a PG. I know its early but our bench isn't the best of benches.
PG thoughts: Rafer alston who's unhappy in new jersey; ellis (apparently he wants out too but thatll never happen), hinrich (great defender who doesnt take many shots); anybody please its just sad to see our weakness exploited all the time; we love you fish but an upgrade is needed now and Farmar isn't a great fit; he's had more than enough time to take that starting spot although i do agree he should get more playing time.

Sign Gaffney to replace Luke

AND NOOO to old players, we need solid young guys...sorry AI and Stackhouse


I believe that game you are referring to when Stack came down the lane untouched and undefended for the winning dunk was when he was with Washington...

But yeah, that was a jacked up play on our end!!

The weakest link is PG but bringing in a new PG mid season to run the triangle which takes time to learn is not that easy. Ellis would be great but do the W's really want to make division rivals and world champs even stronger? How about working something out with our old buddy Rambis (ala a Mchale gift to the green weenies) for the rights to Rubio. That would make Pau happy and we'd get a PG of the future. The only thing this team really needs is Pau back and Kobe 100%. We are unstoppable.

I couldn't agree more than with the statement AI over Stackhouse IF we needed to. As of yet it's not that big a deal as outlined in my blog.

If he would accept an outlined role by PJ, I mean, you can always give him the boot. If he would be a dish before shoot that would be a real plus.



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