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How about Jerry Stackhouse?

November 17, 2009 | 12:05 pm

This morning, I tossed out a poll about the possibility of bringing Allen Iverson to LA. With a substantial number of votes already tallied this morning- keep 'em coming- those willing to take the plunge (assuming he promises- for real this time- that he'll agree to come off the bench) is hovering around 50%. Honestly, this seems high to me, but I'm just one man, with one vote... firmly in the "No" camp.

Ironically,'s Chris Sheridan put out a list this morning of the best unemployed free agents available (Insider required). At the top is former Sixers/Pistons/Wizards/Mavericks guard/forward Jerry Stackhouse, who seems damn near giddy at the prospect of donning the purple and gold:

"I would LOVE to be out there," Stackhouse said... Judging from the tone of his voice, if we were to pick a favorite to land Stackhouse's services, it'd be the Lakers -- in no small part due to his long history with Kobe Bryant. "We've always competed, and we go way back. When he was a rookie, before he even started his rookie season, John Lucas had he and I out on the track running. He knows how I compete and work, so we've always had that mutual respect. Kobe's got a gamesmanship about him, he knows how guys look at him in awe. I've seen several times when he came over to the bench where I was and would not say anything to anybody on the whole bench, but then he'd look at me and say, 'What up Stack?' So there's a respect there both ways, I believe."

Can Stack still play? I have no idea. He's certainly working on wonky knees, to say the least. But if the Lakers were to look for depth outside of making a trade (which, in theory, would land a better player than either Stack or AI)- with Luke Walton down for at least six weeks, another body could be handy, particularly if it means Kobe Bryant doesn't have to pick up extra wear at the three- this is the direction I'd go. Stackhouse wouldn't be asked to play big minutes, won't rock the boat, won't bring drama, will bring a higher caliber of veteran leadership. If it doesn't work, there's no fallout, and anything he brings is gravy. As recently as a couple seasons back, Stackhouse was still a reasonably productive player. Plus, he can sing.

I don't know how much he'd help, but I'm pretty sure he'll do no harm. Can the same be said of Iverson?