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We're conventioneers!

We're in Vegas for Thursday's preseason game against the Kings, and will hang out Friday to attend the second day of Blogs With Balls, part of the Blog World New Media Expo 2009. Basically, it's a big confab of digital sports media. A state of the union type thing.

Given what we do for a living, the interest is pretty obvious. If you're reading this, it's reasonable to presume you have at least a passing interest in new media, or at the very least, some of the information available on it. We'd like to hear your thoughts about our corner of the web world. What about web coverage/social media, etc. do you like as it relates to sports coverage? What don't you like? Not just the sites you like, but why you like them and what you look for. Where do you want this industry to go?

It's a constantly changing relationship between content providers and consumers, and while we can make guesses, but it's always easier to get information straight from the source.


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link to tonight's game

is the game online?

hey fellow laker faithful...

where is the link for tonights game?

Colorado 2nd home of the lakers!!


Yeah, it's on Bynum is absolutely beastly!

I'm pretty anti-twitter.

140 characters really isn't enough to get an in-depth story. I check out the blog because it gives me insight that the regular feature articles do not.

I especially like the polls and the streaming video. Both were a nice touch.

Perhaps we can have a meet the K-Bros day sometime in the future? I'm sure a lot of readers on this blog would like to interact with you "old school" style. :-)

Lots of fun in Vegas, baby!

Kobe under the leg pass to Lamar streaking through the paint for a slam!

Fish baseball pass from one end to Kobe at the other end for the slam!

Socks getting slam after slam!

Shannon with a crazy steal (but called for the foul - too bad...)!

Not to mention the Machiiiiiiiine stroking it right!


To quote Kobe Bryant:

"Nothing but another title will suffice."

This is our mantra for the year.


Jimmy Buss at the game wearing a KINGS hat....

(OK - it's the LA Kings - but STILL)

Wow. In his Pacific preview, Charley Rosen called the Mamba the best player alive.

Have fun in Vegas, K Bros, love the title of the convention.

Can't stand Twitter, too limiting and I try and use correct english so I find it too restricting. I'm OK with athletes using it to communicate to their rabid, individual fan base, but for me it's all about the team. So I like sites like this, Fabulous Forum, Free Darko, etc.

I am not a big fan of how websites (like ESPN) try to "break" news by creating news, manufacturing rumors and what not. That seems cowardly, counter-productive. If it has to exist, I'd like for there to just be a separate site called "Stupid Sports Rumors dot com". i know that'll never happen, but you asked so I told you.

Otherwise, I like the amount of info that I can look up online from ESPN, LAT, stat web sites and blogs.


Nice half by Drew with 20 points on 6-9 from the floor and 8-8 from the line plus 4 boards in 18 minutes. It’s great to see the dunks off lobs increasing. This still may be preseason but you can already see that Drew already is starting to play close to the level he was before the injury. Give this kid 30 minutes per game and he will be a truly dominant force by the time the playoffs start.

One of the things I really liked is that Drew is running the floor extremely well, which really speeds up the tempo of the game and puts great pressure on the defense. Once a Lakers guard penetrates the lane in transition, Drew is perfectly positioned to for the easy lob pass to dunk. Drew looks to be regaining the quickness and explosiveness in his hops. It appears that this is by design, with Lamar basically remaining to clean the defensive glass while Andrew takes off.

I also loved Phil’s comments about why it was important for Drew and the Lakers that he be a starter. While Artest will make the Lakers a much better defensive team, it is still Drew alone who can totally transform the team into an unbeatable offensive and defensive juggernaut. There is no way that most other teams have the inside size, length, or muscle to keep Andrew from scoring. Believe it, Lakers fans, Andrew Bynum will be the Lakers #2 option on offense after Kobe.

Once Drew gets a few more games under his belt, I think you will see the improved rebounding and shot blocking. It’s a question of growing more comfortable with his knee, getting into full game condition, and getting his timing and angles right. Lakers fans just need to patient and give Drew time to get it all together. By the time this year is over, Drew will have become a Beast.


LOL Laker Tom!

I was wondering if you were able to watch the game or not. I was just going to post Drew's first half stats for you, then saw your post.

Socks is going to kick serious butt this year! I definitely love what I'm seeing.


I respectfully disagree to your assessment of Drew being the #2 option on offense after Kobe. Pau is just the better offensive player, RIGHT NOW, than Drew. You seem to be forgetting that Pau, transformed the Lakers when he arrived and that was without Bynum. I'm not saying that Andrew cannot be or does not have the talents and skills to be the #2 option, it's just that, he's not there YET. You have to appreciate Gasol's post/mid-post game a bit more.


Back on topic -

I find this blog and Kevin Ding's articles on the OC Register are the best places to get the scoop on what's going on with the team. You guys are all insightful, funny, great writers, and will call it like you see it whether we all like to hear it or not. The other so-called sports writers let their bias through too much - too blatant.

I just signed up for a Twitter account - I don't really know why I did that - but it's been 2 days and still don't have it working right. Not a single tweet - and I'm following the K-Bros (plus others)!! I'm hoping it will provide a few tidbits of the behind the scenes stuff.... too much debating stats, etc and I want to hear the lighter side of the sports world!

I also like the podkast links and video. The polls are "meh".

That was an awesome play... Kobe on the right wing... Artest on the left.. with Lamar in the center trailing... Who could defend that???

The whole NBA must be really thinking hard and nervous... here comes the LA lakers!!!

Go Kobe!!

GO Lakers!!!


Good to hear from an old friend. Thanks for your comments and respectful tone. Listen, I love Pau, too, and think he’ll get a lot of touches, maybe even more than Drew, because I think he will play mostly in the high post, where his ability to shoot or drive or pass will be the center of the Lakers offense. I also see Pau being a key source of feeding Drew in the low post. He is Triangle perfect.

But in the end, Andrew Bynum will get more shot attempts and score more points than Pau Gasol because (1) he will be playing closer to the basket and (2) he will demand the ball like Kobe whereas Pau will defer like Lamar. And that is not at all any disrespect of Pau. One of the reasons that the Lakers can have 5 star players coexist is because 2 of them – Pau and Lamar – are consummate team players who don’t need the ball or attention on which the other 3 – Kobe, Drew, and Ron – thrive.

Basically, Pau and Lamar are willing to sacrifice personal glory to keep Kobe, Drew, and Ron happy. At least that’s how I see it. Either way, it’s quite a luxury for us to be splitting hairs over two guys like Drew and Pau as our 2nd and 3rd options, not even counting Ron and Lamar. This team is incredibly loaded with talent but still exuding great chemistry. Much of that is because of the unselfish guys like Pau and Lamar AND Luke, whom never get enough credit for personal sacrifices they make for their team and the respect that those actions create among their teammates. It’s the right mix of egos.



"I'm pretty anti-twitter.

140 characters really isn't enough to get an in-depth story

You're under-selling it. Twitter is the Devil. Really.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon K -

You've got me hooked. I'm interested to hear more as to why Twitter is the devil. I'm pretty sure you have something insightful to say about it.


I really appreciate the intelligent perspective the K Bros bring to the info-sphere table. It brings added "color" to the picture of the Lakers in LA, which in turn, enhances my enjoyment of the game.

I do wish there was better gender balance in sports coverage. It seems the classic 90% male to 10% female ratio is continuing to manifest itself in the world of sports web/social media coverage. Understandably this reflects the old adage that men like watching and playing sports more than women.

I trust there are many other female LAKER fans that are as encyclopedicaly enthusiastic about their team as I am...who would also appreciate the added perspective.


To answer the K-Bros question -

There are a couple things that I love about web coverage, whether it be sports or news. I love the speed of it. By keeping up with this blog, and a few other places, I get to keep phenomenally up to date regarding my team. I hear stuff pretty much as it goes down and I love that. I also love the links and occassionally (though not always) the videos. But I enjoy the fact that should I be interested in reading more about a certain tangent in your post, there is a link that I can follow for more - rather than having to dig for the information myself.

As for what I want to see more of - basically, there are two types of information that I most crave from this blog (and other sports reporting in general). The first is inside information. The K-Bros are closer to the action and closer to the heartbeat of the Lakers than I am or ever will be, unfortunately. So, I want to hear about all the things that I would have no way of knowing or learning about on my own. The second thing that I look for most is analysis. I know a good deal about basketball and about the Lakers. However, I am no expert and my knowledge of other teams is sorely lacking by comparison. So, I like to read what people think who are far more informed than I am.

What I dislike? I hate twitter and other, similar superficial media. I want to read about something in-depth. I like as many facts and as much background as possible. Twitter and its ilk are the antithesis of what interests me.

Hope that helps, K Brothers. Keep up the good work.


I've posted at length about this in the past.

You're right. 140 characters is not enough data to convey a coherent thought (and more importantly coherent thought stream).

If you've read "1984" by George Orwell, you'll remember the one way Big Brother controls the populace is by denuding the language of complexity and diverse vocabulary.

People, particularly younger people, are converting to Twitter-speak as a fundamental means of communication. I have a very close friend who is a high school teacher in the East Bay. He sees the impact of Twitter-speak on essays and tests. People are increasingly communicating through dumbed-down incoherency.

Thus, Twitter atrophies a person's language skills, thereby limiting their ability to communicate with depth and clarity their hopes, dreams, desires, and aspirations to others with meaningful clarity. Perhaps more importantly, this atrophing of language inhibits a person's ability to intellectually communicate TO THEMSELF their feelings, desires, conclusions, and personal identity.

The intellectual disconnect from one's emotional self invariably will result in a cognitive dissonance where a person feels internally trapped and unable to reconcile the divisions within their internal and external worlds. In short, it produces a deep sense of unfulfillment that will result in behaviors of acting out, including the enhanced production of cathartic, exhibitionist communications via Twitter that don't make much sense and often are done without pre-analysis of the potential social/personal consequences of these exhibitionist communiques.

In short, the ease in which Twitter allows for mass communication at the expense of the depth of communication builds narcissism while damaging the cognitive integrity of the regular Twitter-user.

It's nothing short of dangerous.

It's bad for the individual. It's bad for society. And it's just plain stupid.

Twitter is the Devil.

Believe me that.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.




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