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Season previews with a twist

Between now and opening night, you can dip yourself gently in a slow braise of season previews until your mind is a thick, hearty stew and there's information practically falling off the bone. Or something like that. But of all the previews you'll likely encounter (including the ones upcoming in this space), I'm willing to bet you won't see any quite like the ones presented here, at the always entertaining Golden State of Mind.

Great stuff for basketball fans and movie lovers alike.

Golden State of Mind Lakers Preview

I laughed at this, and the rest of the material in the post.


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phooey. I would have sworn that a parody of the theme song from 'the fresh prince of bel-air' would totally trump a pastiche of 'don't be a menace etc'

of course, I guess it's not really a competition. i mean, my material vs their material. no competition at all...

thanks for the links, BK

Does Lamar realize that he married an airhead reality star???


my response: 1st. thanks for the honesty about coaching/refereeing.

you wrote: Hobbitmage - As far as a small rotation - I would prefer to call it a short rotation - I need to clarify. What I meant to say about Odom is I like that he can play all 5 positions and I like him as the primary first guy off the bench. My bad on expressing my point, causing a misunderstanding. I didn't mean to advocate shortening the rotation during the regular season, as that would be a recipe for disaster. I think the only two things that can beat the Lakers this year are mental complacency and or injury to a major player(s). Better to keep players fresh - it statistically reduces injuries. Plus, the competition for playing time should keep guys motivated.

my response: I agree that Odom can play all 5 positions. I am not certain that
he can play them well. I like him as first off the bench.
Thanks for the clarification on the rotation.


somebody posted using my name: Posted by: hobbitmage | October 04, 2009 at 06:46 PM
Can you look into it? The post doesn't scan like I would write. i was practicing
escrima or eating spaghetti at the time. chicken with mushrooms. yes,
I'm barefoot and in the kitchen. :)

Edwin Gueco,

you wrote: Luke is in between a good shooting forward and a speedy guard that's just my perception. Definitely, he cannot be a Center. In a triangle all these positions become immaterial because they all move in different fashion to create mismatches or by freeing the shooter on outside or creating an opening in the post when they double team the shooter. As we both agree, Luke misses a lot of open shots so that is the weakest part of his triangle. However, he has the eye of an eagle and foxy hands to deliver the ball where there is an opening on those two sides of the triangle as long as you don't depend on his side to score. Therefore, if you have Artest/Morrison in 3 and LO/Powell/Gelabale in 4 what is the suitable place for Luke? Based on the quota of points enumerated, Luke should no longer be asked to score but do the miscellaneous like fouling, rebounding, blocking, taking the ball from the sidelines and perhaps some dirty jobs of hard fouls (sigh!) to avoid the fouls on Bynum or technical fouls on Kobe. By the way, funny if u think about it we are debating the 5 minutes playing time alloted for Luke this season, the longest will be 15 minutes during the garbage time. Why is Bynum, Luke, Sasha, Farmar are attracting a lot of attention in the blog? nobody cares of Mbenga, Powell and Morrison. Supposing we discover during the preseason games that Gelabale, Gaffney, Monds and others are better players than the players under contract, what will PJ/Mitch do with the discovery?

my response: actually, Morrison should be 3rd/4th at the 3 and I'm not sure that Gelabale is on the team. Luke did reasonably well at the 3 from a non
-boxscore perspective. i.e. lots of nice things that don't show in the box score.
I care greatly for Powell, Morrison & Mbenga. They're all 3rd stringers and Luke is our 4th best SF. However, the best SF is also the best SG. The 2nd
best PF is also our 3rd best SF. It's complicated ... If one of the training
camp fodder makes the team, you can expect a trade.


The picture's worth a thousand posts. Link of the season so far, BK.

I was just imagining it would be a nice side job for our unemployed fans to design a Halloween costume designing a face mask and wardrobe of Count Ron "Dracula" Artest. At the dawn of new season, he's really a scary player, both positively and negatively. Which Ron will come out every night, a cooperative & funny star-struck teammate or a stubborn & destructive stalker? Beware to court side celebrities, your limbs are now close to danger.

Hobbitmage, nice response you're really a well versed fan on basketball. So far Lakers are good on paper, they need to prove it by winning games consistently.

Last Friday, they opened the ticket purchase online. After 5 minutes, all good tickets in the balcony or concourse were gone, the scalpers and hoarders could have cornered the market. Luckily, I got one ticket on section 305 so I just gave it to my son. On Saturday, they opened the ticketing booths at Staples, there were no more tickets available against good team games. Now I know why real and passionate fans in South LA or poor kids who have dreamt of going to Staples never realized their dreams for they cannot afford the available tickets sold by scalpers and brokers on game day. The grandfathers of these kids were the first supporters of a migrated team from Minnessota 1959-60when it was owned by Cooke & Chick were practically begging for attendance of a moribund new team. Today, only the sophisticated ticket brokers with connections with AEG and F/O can avail of good Laker tickets, unfortunately they only cater to the rich and famous who can give them nice commissions. That's understandable because Lakers/Staples have to pay Kobe, Pau, Lamar and Phil Jackson. Who will pay for these entertainers if not the rich fans? The poor and unemployed have a slim chance of watching the action live.

I always attack anti-Lakers who put up their put downs, you have been one of them. I was just looking back for a Artest interview, to check his speech patterns as I think hobbitimage suggested something physical, internally involved...when I ran across my attack on Cuban/Artest and your response.

"Class dismissed. 147-98 please.

Posted by: humanomaly (aka "The Anti-Crust") | October 03, 2009 at 08:12 AM

Now that would make a statement and leave no doubt who the better team is!
Posted by: 131-92 | October 03, 2009 at 10:42 AM

For once we agree, and game of 131-92 did make a statement of who the better team was at the time, with all things taken into account. Peace.


There are obviously plenty of people, scalpers, ticket brokers, etc. that buy up tickets, but the biggest reason they sell out so fast is because the overwhelming majority of the building is already taken up with season ticket sales. There are only about 1000 individual game seats available per night. I wrote about that earlier in the summer. It s a brutally tough ticket to get, that's for sure.

As for the expense, yeah, that's the flip side to LA's massive payroll.


Hey Red's Love Child...take a good look at your mother, she's the one with the cigar burn in her forehead.


To quote Ralph Lawler, BINGO!!! That was game-winning DEEEEP trey busted in RLC's eye.

RLC 82, Humanomaly (and Done Yue) 101 Final

good job humanomaly!

By: Octavian Demurrs

Hello, folks. Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages.

Welcome to the Lake Show 09-10 Edition and boy do we have something for you!

In the first corner, we have Kobe Bryant looking to win his 5th title. After recently spending time in the gym with Hakeem the dream he has added the new "Dream" element to his game so people that couldn't check him before better buy some extra ankle insurance. Order now!

And of the left.. oh boy! Pau Gasol swinging and a missing, swinging and a missing. Pau just owned Europe for the summer and is back for more. Oh yes! This guy has got some game!

And in the other corner we have Andrew Bynum.. we... have... o.k...

There seems to be a mishap. Andrew did not show up tonight, apparently because his mom didn't make his supper soup hot enough.. so he decided to miss opening night...

Sorry about that ladies and gentleman.

The next great Laker center couldn't make it tonight.

Please direct all Next Great Laker Center inquiries to LakerTom sitting front row at the local pub.

Thank you.

Edwin Gueco

It is a major bummer how scalpers and places like StubHub corner the market on good tickets for anything from the Lakers to Metallica. Such is the way of the world today. My hope would be that someday, the market ceases to bear such activities either through boycotts (didn't work for Pearl Jam) or through different buying practices.

My feeling, though, is that these entities are now a part of our cultural fabric and we'll just have to wear this ill-fitting vest, regardless of how it fits.


I mostly agree with your assesment of Luke, he will find more minutes if he's hitting his wide open looks. I do think, however, that he will have a greater role than Mr. Foul, The Inbounder and Captain Garbage Time. I think we'll see a lot of low post play from the Lakers this year, even more than last year (which is saying something) and Luke is better in the low post than most give him credit for.

I think Fish's minutes are going to be around 20 for the season which opens up the door for a big back court (Kobe/Artest) with Luke at the 3 and a Gasol/Bynum/Odom platoon at the 4 and 5. With Luke, you basically have a PG that rebounds decently and can post guys up. Sure, a help defender will always have a chance at swatting his funky-white-boy-turn-around, but Luke is generally smart enough and has good enough court vision to pass out of those situations and find the open man.

Powell and Mbenga are the odd fellows out this year, which is a bummer for Powell. He's an intriguing player that is so low profile, he almost doesn't fit in on our super celebrity, high profile team. With big minutes he could probably average double digit rebounds, but on our team it's almost like you need to have three tools to even crack the line up. Not too sure if he worked onsome low post moves over the summer, he does have a decnt outside touch, but not too much else to bring.

Mbenga, well, he has his momnets, but i don't see much of a different role here than he had last year. Foul trouble to Gasol and Bynum will be the only way he gets meaningful minutes, otherwise I forsee both Mbenga and Powell as Captains of Garbage Time.

Come on Wednesday!

AK & BK,

Any word on the game Wed being televised outside of the LA area? Anybody know if it is going to be covered by DirecTV? Thanks.


For once we agree, and game of 131-92 did make a statement of who the better team was at the time, with all things taken into account. Peace.

Posted by: humanomaly (aka "The Anti-Crust") | October 05, 2009 at 10:01 AM

Glad to hear we "kinda" agree on something ... I bet if you took off your purple and gold glasses, we would agree a lot more often.

You cant even bring yourself to totally agree ... you still have to use "at the time" (I guess you are tryn to tell me the Lakers learned from that and became a better team) and "with all things taken into account" (here I bet you mean that Bynum didnt play) Thats what a final score is ... an indication how the two teams played "at the time" and "with all things taken into account."

The scoreboard never lies ... the loser just tries to spin it. But I do see progress. At least you are not coming straight out with the Bynum was injured excuse. I guess after watching him do nothing in the playoffs with one more year of experience you are beginning to realize he wouldnt have made much of a difference.

Good morning CRUE!!!

Can you believe it?? It's almost GAME DAY - woot woot!!

We made it through the dog days of summer without too much blood being spilled, and no arterial spray. Not bad.

It's crazy to see how after a winning a championship (YES - WE WON WE WON!!!) how many people were going at each other's throats over crazy things like is Bynum our next great center, and should LO get a prenup, and other crap like that. LMAO! Umm.... WE WON!!!!

Now it's on. The season is fast approaching. The rings are getting boxed up and shipped as we speak, cuz - you know - WE WON!!!!

Everyone else in the league who has a brain (ok - maybe that's an oxymoron) is really really really afraid of us, cuz we are THE team to beat. Cuz - you know - WE WON!!! We have the talent, the depth, the drive, the determination, the skill - the entire package. WE are the ones with the target on our backs, but WE are also the ones who welcome the challenge and always let our game do our talking. The results?? Well - WE WON!!! And not only that - we will REPEAT!!

Yeah. That's right. You heard it here first. We are the DEFENDING CHAMPION LOS ANGELES LAKERS!!!

I'm sorry - but who the hell are you?

You know what? Never mind. We don't care....

Boy, like aplayer around here and you're liable to get walloped in avirtual sense.

LakerTom, keep your Bynum candle burning brightly, when it comes time for those harping on him (and by extension, you), they will be eating some tasty crow come season's end.

My Bynum prediction? He'll average around 16-18 PPG, 10+ RPG and a shade under 2 BPG. He will make the All-Star squad, but not as a starter. He will be a part of a possible whole 2nd unit of Laker All Stars this season. lamar has achance, year in and year out, to make the All Star squad based solely on talent alone. If he can dig down and find his focus game in and game out, look out. Kobe's a lock, Gasol should be too, and if Artest does well and plays to his ability I could see 5, count them, 5 Lakers that could concievably make the All Star squad, ah ah ha!

That last bit was a Blog version of Count from Sesame Street.

Now I don't think that all 5 will be on the squad, but I could see 3 making the team for sure. I can't remember exactly how many Lakers went one year, I think it was Shaq, Kobe, Eddie Jones and Nick the Quick Van Exel. We got guys better than them on the team this year so it should be excitint to see how it all shakes out.


Hey everyone!!! Looking forward to another great season from our LA Lakers!!! Purple and Gold forever!!! Go Lakers!!!


As far as I know, the game is only broadcasting on KCAL 9, which is local TV. I don't know about NBA TV. But you can always listen to the radio, online even, and it used to was a fellah could watch on a website called, but I'm not sure if they show sports anymore.


"Hey, do me a favor....I never saw a response to a question I asked a few times...was it cool or uncool for Cobi Karl (now a skirt/Kiltic camp-can I play?) to feed info about the Lakers during last year's run to his daddy, George? I think it wasn't."

Thanks for your post.

To be honest with you, man, I don't know much about this. I've read a couple bloggers touch on this subject, but I don't know where they got the information from. Is this true? If so, where did you get the information from?

Assuming IT IS true, the short answer is: "No. It's not cool."

The basic Jon Kian logic for that answer is: Anything that undermines or betrays the Lakers is not cool.

That much said, his response would make more sense if:

1. He wasn't on the team anymore.
2. He was on another team that he was aiding at the time of the subterfuge.
3. His Dad threatened to take him behind the woodshed if he didn't spill the beans about the Lakers.

So, I really need more information about this to gage whether or not I should be disappointed in Coby Karl or enraged at Coby Karl.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Thanks for the update about the game. It looks like it will have to be Justin TV, which works fine for me at the office but not so good with my Verizon broadband card for my home laptop so I may have to listen to the game on NBA Audio League Pass. I actually like Spero and Michael so it’s not bad for an exhibition game. And I am really looking forward to some of the crow. One of my favorite fowls.



To answer your earlier question...

Yes, Lakersblog is the only "non-Celtic" NBA blog I I spread my "good cheer".

you're good, picking up on my "at the time", even I can't recall it, but I'll say at that point of the season, the finals, the last game, the Celtics , the Celtics outplayed the Lakers and thus were the better team, at that time (again). Period. I don't think I mentioned the next year in that post. For all we know the world coulda crumbled into a cookie, and thus the Celtics would have been the best last team in world history. Open your mind up, how do you know what I'm thinking of besides slots, the statement was an open door to whoever the next team was that stepped thru it? Could have been the Crabs, Could have been the Tim & Tony show, could it have not been. You jumped the gun, Yes I am a die-hard Laker fan, however, I do have fear of the foes, Anything can happen. And though in conversation I may make mention of AB was not at speed in that Finals vs the Celtics, I am not a prognosticator who says "the Lakers would have trounced the Celtics if Andrew had not gotten injured"...anything can happen. Glad we came to peace. Have you ever noticed how teams, such as the Lakers often have let down games when the other team's big star or a key player is out. Prime example the Houston series last year, not one game but a few. I think there are many reasons why that happens. And most on the blog are into the game enough to probably list at least 5 reasons...tired, me, not the reasons...

Jon K.
It was widely mumbled, however I found this good article about it...

By Marcel Mutoni/Press Enterprise found it on Slam Online:

"Stop Snitching, Coby Karl"

That was the day the Lakers trimmed their roster to 14 by cutting guard Coby Karl. The son of Denver coach George Karl has since fed his father every bit of inside intelligence he garnered during his 15-month stint with the Lakers, in hopes of giving the Nuggets a leg-up in the Western Conference finals.

Among the highlights of the younger Karl’s report: tips on containing Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odom, a recap of how the Lakers coaches advised the team to defend Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith, and an amusing look inside Phil Jackson’s film room before last year’s first-round series against Denver.

“He told me they had a tape of us that had cartoons spliced in when we would run and get a dunk,” George Karl said. “They would have a cartoon Mickey Mouse going ‘Ouch’ or getting hit over the head with a hammer just to emphasize ‘we can’t let them do this.’ “

Shouldn’t there be a law against this type of stuff? And more importantly, how does Carmelo reconcile his feelings on the subject when presented with Coby’s traitorous information?"

As I said before, players talk and give tips, but this is a little incestuous...THEE only way I may have felt comfortable about it is if he were a member of their team as a player, or paid as a member of the coaching/scouting staff.

...ahhh, one mug of coffee down...

Now tell me Jon K., do you think the crabs are tempted to keep this snitch around, afterall, to win the Ring, the East team will most likely have to face the Lakers?




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