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Pau Gasol will miss Friday's game against the Mavs, thanks to the same strained hammy that kept him out of the opener. The LAT's Broderick Turner with the report.

The way things are looking, Sunday is probably a long shot as well. Gasol didn't practice Thursday, and the Lakers likely won't let him on the floor until he gets at least one full speed run under his belt and responds the next day without pain. Hamstrings are too temperamental to mess with. Until then, it's a question of playing the waiting game, which sucks relative to Hungry Hungry Hippos.


Photo of Pau Gasol and his new bling by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

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As a medical doctor, I am not feeling good. Seems more like he has some tear in his muscle as opposed to strained hamstring. I wonder who diagnosed it as strained hamstring. Luckily we have Lamar to fill in.


when Pau is IN, Bynum is OUT
when Drew is IN, Gasol is OUT

i really want these 2 to have the time to develop a good chemistry and passing game. the 2 along Odom. that's for my Christmas wish.

No use Pau-ting about it. Make the others buckle by winning without this year's MVP.


THe first 20 or so games are like an extended pre season with all the home games. Pau's getting rest that will pay dividends in April.

Can't be too cautious with this.

What Gasol needs, is a hot Senorita to massage those tired hamstring? I think Mbenga is harming him intentionally during practice because that's his only chance to play. lol!

The Sunday game against Atlanta spells danger, Lakers lost 2x last year against the Hawks. Ron Ron is not aboard and Bynum is still a so-so, sometimes healthy and sometimes lame. Today, he's chasing Kobe for MVP. ooops I'm smoking what LT has been puffing.

Go Clippers

this makes me wonder if the summer games had anything to do with it.. players should be allowed to play elsewhere if they forfeit some of the salary because the organization is taking a risk.. it's not fair for the lakers to pay him a full salary when he decides to play elsewhere and increases his chance of injury..

I also believe Gasol may have a tear in the hammy verses a strain, the medical team and organization wants to stay silent regarding this as of now. We see re- signing LO was the smartest moves of the season, not that the fans didn't know. Now if we can put a package together with Sasha, Morrison, Luke, Farmar and a #1 pick any combination, maybe we can get a reliable outside shooter. I know it's early, Ok we'll give them another week, but think about it Mitch. GO LAKERS.


Good suggestion. They perhaps should be required to take out insurance that would reimburse the team on a per game basis for time out plus additional penalties.


This is exactly why the NBA needs to mandate that players NOT play on their national teams EVER! How many players need to have their careers drastically shortened (read: Yao Ming) before NBA owners stand up and say enough is enough. An 82 game regular season plus 16+ game playoff plus preseason games is more than enough to wear down the best/strongest athletes.

Wow, not great news, and I've suspected it's more severe than a strained hamstring. I'm glad we have a home-heavy early schedule to allow him time to rehab properly without, hopefully, costing us too many wins. On a positive note, once he's ready I think there won't be much of a readjustment period, if any. He's just so smooth and smart on the court, we'll be firing on all cylinders right away.

paul you need a hair cut peace out and CELTICS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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