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New 710 ESPN Lakers PodKast!!!

The regular season, it is nigh.  Oh, happy, special day!!! The kind of day where the K Brothers provide not Kbros091023_250 not one, but TWO Podkasts to get you through the weekend!  Could we be any more generous to our corner of the blogosphere?  I doubt it. 

PodKast, Part I

  • With the preseason in the books, BK and I summarize what we thus far likee (Ron Artest's slow but steady immersion into the Laker O, Andrew Bynum's hot start, backup guard play) and no likee (the injury bug). 
  • We rap with ESPN The Magazine's Chris Palmer about the teams posing the biggest challenge to  the Lakers in their quest for a third straight Western Conference title: The Dallas Mavericks, Denver Nuggets, San Antonio Spurs and Portland Trail Blazers.  
  • Stephon Marbury is warring via Twitter with ESPN.  We try to figure out where we specifically fit into the battle.  
  • In light of LBJ's desire to dunk on W, BK and I pick presidents and historical figures we'd posterize if equipped with a vert beyond eight inches.  For reasons I don't even remotely understand, a truly random, regrettable victim popped into my head.  I'm very ashamed.
Podkast, Part II
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justa- i'm moving to South Dakota. Family thing. Let's just say the internet is going to be my friend and i'm glad I can cook, because there isn't a decent restaurant in the whole state.

whoah. i had to look twice at y'alls picture. Did a spit-take. that's sort of...weird. and i just might be downloading this podcast for my 1500 mile drive. It might be the first one I get all the way threw. And I would dunk on chuck norris. and shatner. and darth vader, if I could. that would be a...holy cow. Can I copyright that? I think I have a date with youtube if I can work that out.

*through. yeep.

Blake Griffin will be better than LeBron James.

The guy is awesome!

The Clippers will be good soon, enduringly so. I am so happy.

Still, the Lakers will rule the West and all else.

Go Clippers!!!


Phred: WOW! strong.


Hope your exile to South Dakota is only temporary. Don't stray too far from your blog family.

how about ol fashioned reading the sports pages although online....without this new podcast stuff. I don't have a clue as to how to find it and I don't want to learn. Just ol fashioned reporting that I can read on your blog here. Jeez guys enuf of pandering to the youngsters....laker fan since 1964...thanks

Jon K, I think Blake's game will be better defined for his size, but I see a more polished version of Amare Stoudamire....not just a dunking freak.

And I while I don't think he'll be better than Lebron (maybe cuz David Stern won't let that happen?), I think for his size he'll be better since he has a post-up game and a decent shot.

Kinda wish I could see what he could do in the triangle...

Jon K is just a "little" prone to hyperbole
Griffin hasn't played a game yet.
Now, if you said Kevin Durant, you might have a little bit more credibility

Orlando looks better than advertised.

Gotta be slightly influenced by their undefeated pre season rampage. They're going to give da Bronze and Green maybe more than they can handle. Carter on a good team with a dominant big man, healthy Nelson and underrated Van Gundy, sum to an 09 upgrade.


does look great. I'm gonna be a lot nicer to my friend with CLip seats.

Simmons, convicted Laker hater, said if and when Cleveland comes up short again this year, Le Bron could go to the CLips because of Griffin and Minnesota's 2010 first round pick which will be another lottery.

Bring the Bronze to Kobe town? THat might rock the San Andreas.


That was as slickly perpetrated and as outlandish a trailer as a major studio would release to promote its latest feature film. You hooked me three times and I have to admit to being a sporadic downloader of your previous Podkasts. I never worried about missing anything by not playing the Podkasts ‘cause I always thought they were just re-runs. Now that you’re using fresh content as bait to entice us to get the Podkasts, I’m going to have to adapt. No way I want to miss your great insider insights.
Of course, creating insider content is often the precursor to charging for that content. You then have the issue of who owns the content: you guys as the creators or the LA Times or ESPN. I’m not looking to expose any inner revelations about your relationship with the mothership or the four letter empire or whomever would be entitled to the revenue stream the Podkasts might someday generate. I’m just saying that I would probably pay for insider stuff from you guys rather than ESPN. You rock!
Can’t wait for the ball to go up Tuesday night and the Drive for Five to begin. Kobe has been relatively quiet during preseason but I have a hunch is going to want to send a message to the rest of the NBA. In fact, I think that is the attitude that the Lakers are going to hit the court with right off the bat. We are going to finally see Kobe, Drew, and Pau all healthy and playing together at the top of their games. With all the talk about Big 3’s plus, it still comes down to the heart of the team, the key players who are going to do the heaviest lifting during the season and upon whom the greatest responsibility lays. If the Lakers Big 3 come ready to play, almost regardless of anything else, the Lakers will dominate.


arne, we belong to the old school of boomers having difficulties of bridging the old foggies and new tech obsolescence. I agree with what you said, most of the time we have to search for the real news among the fantasies and reality programming, we missed chick and murray, they just do their business outright without pleasing anyone.

vman, loved your posts except the san andreas wish, i say we just move on with kobe, bynum, pau, lo and artest. i guess lakers could not compete without these guys and if we rely the whole game in the hands of farmar, walton, vujacic, powell and mbenga it's zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz wake me up when it's over. one good game the day before followed by a worst outing the day later, an old disease we're familiar with. farmar wants to be a starter yet he can't catch up with a rookie, lawson another pg in the works while we settle on sg's and consider them as pg. btw, this will be my way of posting, tired of caps unless need emphasis. for those who are hard to keep up, just skip it. lol!

Good Morning All....

Vman.....I got to see the last pre-season game of the Magic....

Do you remember that guy that played for them?...Hedo Turka-who......
Vince carter fits in a lot better than i thought...The Magic will win the east....

As for Turka-who.....He looks lost in Canada...Really lost.....Colangelo made a huge mistake...Huge...Like $50 million dollar huge mistake....

I like the mind set that Odom has at the moment..The first Denver game,he looked really good and the game last night was good to see he wont take crap this season either...Nice....

The more i see and hear Kenyon Martin....The more i cant stand him.....


I hope LeBron doesn't become a Clipper.

As the Lakers Secret Agent covering the Northeast Ohio region, I have it on good authority from a guy who used to play with LeBron in high school that LeBron's number one choice is to join the Brooklyn Nets, but his choice is complicated by his loyalty to his mother who does not want to leave Cleveland and may have certain mental health issues.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


When people like Stephen Marbury fail, it should serve as a lesson to everyone that living life like a petulant child will eventually have its unwelcomed consequences.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon K,

I think you meant to address the South Dakota comment to Phred.



Not to get too far ahead of ourselves, but what's the word on the street about the strength of the 2010 draft? Is it expected to be a strong or weak draft?

I'm just curious since the Clippers have the Timberwolves pick for that draft.

Go Clippers!


phred - say hi to Rocky Raccoon when you get there. And, try to get some enjoyment out of the road trip. A year ago, I drove a couple thousand miles.... I set off for my adventure remembering long road trips from my youth and hoping to find a commanality. Unfortunately, this last one was too typified by interstates and fast food chains. It's harder to find any Kerouac in the heartland these days but small moments can be found - hope you venture off the beaten track here and there and I'm sure we'll all be hoping for your safe arrival and a good transition into new environs. Your merry blogsters go with you my friend.


Are you moving to the Eastern or Western half of South Dakota? When I drove across the state, I found the two halves divided by the Missouri River to be extremely different both topographically and culturally.

Western half = More like Montana

Eastern half = More like Minnesota

Liked the Western half; couldn't wait to get through the Eastern half, though I enjoyed driving through a small town that declared itself the "Pheasant Hunting Capital of the World" where everything was dedicated to pheasants. That was interesting.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


dave m,

That's why when I take road trips I make sure to get off the main interstates. For me, driving through Ely, Nevada or Belle Fourche, South Dakota is a lot more interesting than driving by Las Vegas or Chicago on a major interstate.

If you ever get a chance, check out Highway 50 across Central Northern Nevada. Dubbed the "Loneliest Road in America" due to its isolation--desert valleys with streams constantly broken by snow capped mountains and the occasional mining ghost town--it's a true meditative experience.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Boston Celtics in 6 over Lakers in NBA 2010 finals.Celtic toughness and pride will bring back the Larry O` Brian trophy back to bean- town.

I had Green Weenie once. My doc gave me a shot of penicillin and I've been fine since.

Barring any major injuries to our major players, we will repeat...maybe even three-peat!!!
Hey LakerTom, where are we gonna watch our ring ceremony this tuesday? Preferably somewhere close to the south bay 'cause I live in San Jo. Go Lakers!!!

Mbenga is Mbangin!!!
Morrison is worry-some!!!

We better not fall in love with the threes! DEFENSE will be the key this year. I can't wait til tuesday. GO LAKERS!!!



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