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Good rule, unintended consequences?

The NBA has notified teams that bench players are expected to sit when not engaged in spontaneous celebration or checking into games. Call it a victory for fans lucky enough to sit courtside, particularly those in LA, where seats of that ilk cost something like seven billion dollars each. There is a downside, though- we may never see a play like this again:

That play rocked on so many levels.


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thank you and thank you again for the clip. One of my votes for funniest sports clip from at least last season.

And i'm sorry for getting involved at all, but why is everybody (you know who you are) trying to pick fights and manufacture drama by taking cheap shots at Bynum? You know what Laker Toms views are, you know he will stand by them, and you seem to enjoy making him repeat himself over and over.

In fact I almost think that LakerTom's Bynum defense is more of a pavlovian response than anything else. But it's old, it's something less than entertaining for the rest of us, and I don't really approve of baiting anybody. If I wanted to, I could probably come up with a comment for any long time blog regular that would fire up the neurons in their brains and move to type a submission, their lower cortex and cerebellum controlling their fingers while their upper cortex can only watch helplessly.

But I don't do this, cause it's stupid.


What the hell?



David Stern has to go.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


The fricken fans can stand up too.

This isn't fricken dinner theatre.

I HATE lazy fans.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Thanks for your comments, Edwin. Truthfully, I like Charley Rosen and he usually is pretty accurate in his appraisals of players, although he has a strong bias for defense as does his buddy Phil Jackson. I think Charley was just calling out Andrew. He has also recently said that the kid has the greatest potential of any of the big men including Howard, the softest hands, and the best touch. He said the Lakers would be fools to trade him. He is a rare commodity that could become a great player.

Funny how coming back too early from the injury and hobbling around to “help” team his win the NBA championship has turned into a reason to doubt and hate Andrew AND anyone who is zealous in his support. Frankly, I am tired of being such a lightning rod. I say what I mean and mean what I say. I think I’m right and I don’t apologize unless I’m wrong. And if you think I enjoy getting insulted almost every day by some troll or blogger who has his or her facts mixed up, think again, my friend.

Why don’t we just wait and see how Andrew plays rather than condemning him for disrespecting the Captain, playing just for the money, getting injured too often, nor working hard enough, being too offensive oriented, making too many stupid fouls, not passing as well as Pau Gasol, taking valuable time off during the summer to go on vacation, and = oh, yes – getting photographed with a Playboy Bunny on his shoulders? Take away his millions and send him where they sent dog fight promoters and athletes that are gangster wannabes. He don’t deserve to be a Laker. He is a bust already.

Let me tell you, my good friend. If that’s how a fan feels, then he ain’t no Lakers fan in my book.
So put the shoe on if it fits and STFU. If it doesn’t, then get needlessly insulted. It’s just opinions.


Ugh. I hate being reminded of how braindead Odom can be. At least in this case he has an excuse. Can we just pretend Odom doesn't do stuff like this until he does it the first time during the regular season?

Ron Confirms Jon K Research

In other news, a friend just did a bit of a hang with his new pal, the Artested developed Thriller, Ron the Art-est.

He opened up about how close he was to goin' to Cleveland, but confirmed that Jon K is correct. Cleveland is the unhappiest place in the cosmos. Way too un Ron like for Ron and, according to him, the tipping point of the decision.

Gotta say I was disappointed to only hear how focused, ripped and driven he was about this year. No frothing at the mouth, no speaking in tongues.
Oh well, just have to be satisfied with another ring.

Given this video and the recent tabloid evidence, it's conclusive that LO goes left, as the hep cats used to say.

The LO All Star we're waiting on, is being held up by the right lobe of his brain.

I TOTALLY AGREE with this new rule. As one who has personally been frustrated by the human blockade to my vision of the game (yes, nice to have rich friends who are Laker fans!), I can tell you it is a big problem. You would be surprised at how it can take the edge off of the "home court advantage" for the Lakers. I am serious. They can't help but hear the grumblings and barks of disgruntled fans behind them. It is serious negativity. The twenty thousand adoring fans can be trumped by less than a hundred when those hundred are not only that close, but are that personal. Not a collection of fans there,,, truly individuals to the player's eyes and collective awareness.

Also, when watching on tv it is apparent that allowing players to stand also creates the illusion of even more limited space along the sideline for those on the court. We all know how little room there is between the 3-point line and out-of-bounds line. Players standing up near the bench makes that space even more limited, UNNECESSARILY limited.

My wife cheered when she heard the news on ESPN last night. Believe it or not, she actually sent an email complaint about this to Laker brass last year! Today, she feels more like part of the NBA family and Laker nation than ever before. That is VERY GOOD for me!

Mark Cuban....a guy worth over a billion dollars, does his house not have a mirror?...does Dallas not have a SuperCuts...he made some remarks about Artest becoming a Laker, and how if could disrupt team chemistry. Said he's glad Thriller came. I say the Lakers don't let up, run over Nowitszki as if her were Sean Bradley and pound them by 45 plus. Keep shooting and draining threes in the last few minutes, just ticks into the 24 second clock, then walk to shake his hand, but whoops, just passing by, cuz you're nothing but the punk kid who nobody wanted to play with in school. Money may make you famous, but it does not bring you class. Class dismissed. 147-98 please.


I am not trying to be argumentative.

If I had said: Bynum sucks --hobbitmage, I would agree that I'm baiting

In the vast universe, that is sport journalism and the NBA, are we not able
to ever discuss professional comments, that are less than glowing, about
our players?

Class dismissed. 147-98 please.

Posted by: humanomaly (aka "The Anti-Crust") | October 03, 2009 at 08:12 AM

Now that would make a statement and leave no doubt who the better team is!

Tom - yes, you HAVE been attracting some sniper fire lately. Where's Ding How when you need him?

There are real fans screaming from their lucky barstools at the top of their lungs and then their are those fans sitting quietly in the dark murmuring in discontent about their view being temporarily blocked.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



While Cleveland is arguably an awful place, it is not necessarily the worst major city in America. Clevelanders talk smack on the quality of life of two places: Detroit and Philadelphia. Clevelanders also speak with pity of Buffalo, perhaps because they feel a certain sense of kinship with the Rust Belt suffering of the city. A minor city like Youngstown is also clearly a more difficult place to live than Cleveland.

However, that much said, between the gray, the bitterness, the cynicism, the stubborness, the lack of opportunity, and the closemindedness, yeah, Cleveland is a hard place to live for someone who has experienced the West. Most of the people here only know this place; the people who have travelled generally move someplace else.

Beside engaging in the localized sport of hating on Cleveland, my point is that Thriller is clearly a sensitive and eccentric soul. He is not the kind of guy who is going to thrive in a "North Coast" community like Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit or Cleveland--where people try to be hard for the sake of being hard alone. That kind of environment isn't good for Thriller. He'll do better in a friendly environment and his Bio-Chrono reading confirms this.

So, good thing Ron is in Los Angeles, for his sake and the Lakers' sake.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Mark Cuban is a tool.

You have no idea how much joy I get when I watch the Lakers pound the Mavericks and the camera eventually pans onto Cuban's face twisted in powerless manic agony. It's just so fantastic. He is the King of Hater Nation.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon K,

Two things.

1) There's no need to throw insults at people simply because they don't share your view point. Nor are we going to push those comments through.

2) If I'm sitting directly behind DJ Mbenga and he's standing, it doesn't matter if I also stand up. I still won't be able to see, because he's more than a foot taller than me. Thus, your "the fans can stand up, too" logic doesn't hold. I'm at these games, and most of them are standing down the stretch. But since most of them aren't 6'5" or taller, that doesn't do them a whole lot of good. And if you happened to plunk down what it costs to sit that close to the court, it would be nice to spend the game with your view largely unblocked.

Just out of curiosity, why do you care so much about NBA players getting to stand the entire game, anyway? Does this add to your enjoyment of the game?


LAKERTOM ~ Enough Drew commentary from me. You and I and all other true Laker fans have 98% agreement on all the things that matter (saving room for opinions on bringing back Dancing Barry).

And, we agree on 90% of Drew hopes, appraisals, and analysis. MY problem is that I just get too argumentative at times, causing me to temporarily lose site of other things that really matter.

I am looking forward to this season. To Lakers quest for a repeat. For more greatness from those who have delivered, hopes of greatness from those with potential, and the pleasant surprises from others that deliver the unexpected. I am also looking forward to more analysis and less ego from this particular contributor.

To all you LAKER HATERS, we welcome your attacks and ridiculous attempts at belittling the longest-standing run of excellence in the NBA... PERIOD. Bring it on.


"You would be surprised at how it can take the edge off of the "home court advantage" for the Lakers. I am serious. They can't help but hear the grumblings and barks of disgruntled fans behind them. It is serious negativity."

No, the truth of the matter is that the fans that can afford lower level seats at Lakers games are the laziest, most spoiled fans in sports.

The real fans are watching the game on television or in the upper seats. They're the fans who come to CHEER their team; most of the fans in the lower level are there to be entertained. It's all about them, rather than the team and the collective, as expressed in the following quote: "Believe it or not, she actually sent an email complaint about this to Laker brass last year! "

[Really? Really?]

I find it annoying and I'm a bit disgusted by it.

The game is best experienced with visceral passion, not with quiet pretension.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"Just out of curiosity, why do you care so much about NBA players getting to stand the entire game, anyway? Does this add to your enjoyment of the game?"

Any fan/player showing enthusiasm for the game adds to my enjoyment of the game. Would you rather have had Ronny Turiaf sit down the entire 2007-2008 season?

Much like a Rock concert, the game is best experienced with full enthusiasm and emotional immersion in the game. Even if you're at a Rock concert and someone his a bit taller than you (and I'm not the tallest person in the Universe), that's okay. It's part of the experience. You don't just start muttering about that person blocking your view. The collective enthusiasm for the experience is part of what makes the experience so exciting.

I lay PART of the blame for our loss in the 2007-2008 Finals on the fans. During that season, as we went deeper and deeper into the playoffs, the fans got quieter and quieter as tickets became more expensive. I clearly remember watching the Finals here in Cleveland and a bar patron said aloud to himself [of the fans] "Wow. It's like a night at the museum," describing the detachment of the fans.

It was sickening.

Last season enough of the fans woke up in the playoffs to truly support our team. I was satisfied with their degree of engagement, but, man, I was truly disappointed with the energy of fans during the 2007-2008 playoffs. I remember even Ronny Turiaf politely beseeching the fans in the media to make their presence known. They did not.

The energy of the crowd matters. Period.

Whenever I hear "fans" complaining about their quality of their "dinner theatre" experience being compromised by having to put effort into the experience, I just want to tear my hair out. It just sounds like complete pretencious self-absorption to me.

Let me ask you...

Would Green Bay Packers fans complain like this?

Would Boston Red Sox fans complain like this?

Would they?

We are the best franchise in sports and our fans should be the best fans in sports as opposed to the whiniest.

THAT'S my point.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


They should have a sunken players section, sunk by about half a foot to a foot. It'll solve the problem of players standing up and it will have the effect of putting the players on a stage.

Yes, I'm absolutely serious that I am being facetious.

Jon K,

"Any fan/player showing enthusiasm for the game adds to my enjoyment of the game. Would you rather have had Ronny Turiaf sit down the entire 2007-2008 season? Much like a Rock concert, the game is best experienced with full enthusiasm and emotional immersion in the game. Even if you're at a Rock concert and someone his a bit taller than you (and I'm not the tallest person in the Universe), that's okay. It's part of the experience. You don't just start muttering about that person blocking your view."

You need to read the article more carefully. Ronny Turiaf (as you used as an example) would be allowed to engage in spontaneous celebrations he's known for. He just wouldn't be able to watch the majority of the game while standing, because he's so much taller than the overwhelming majority of fans and would block their view. And your rock concert analogy doesn't work, because you'd still be able to hear the music, which is the #1 objective to being at a concert. Yes, seeing the band is part of it, but some bands don't have a particularly dynamic stage presence anyway. Either way, you'd at least be able to take in the central objective of being there. If you can't see what's on the court at a game, you might as well not even be there.

"Let me ask you... Would Green Bay Packers fans complain like this? Would Boston Red Sox fans complain like this? Would they? We are the best franchise in sports and our fans should be the best fans in sports as opposed to the whiniest. THAT'S my point."

Again, read the article more carefully. This is a league-wide directive, not a Laker directive. The complaints were coming from fans all around the country dealing with this issue. To direct your displeasure in this ruling specifically at Laker fans makes no sense at all.


Why are these players standing up?

Because they are psychologically INTO the game in such a way that they have to physically express it in some way.

I just wish more fans were like that.

If someone told me that the best Rock concert they ever attended was the one they sat on their butts the entire concert and then clapped politely at the end, I would call that person a liar unless they had only attended one concert in their life.

Being an active spectator is far more vital an experience than being a passive spectator and being an active spectator happens by being involved in the center of the event you are attending. If someone temporarily blocks your view, you deal with it by sharing your enthusiasm with the people next to you, by continuing to focus on the good.

When I hear fans of this team (the most successful franchise in basketball history) complain about what they don't have rather than cheer at what they have, it just drives me bonkers.

I mean, I can't imagine getting free tickets to a game and then writing Lakers management a complaint about not getting enough out of the experience. What ingratitude.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



I personally think that the Lakers media day and training camp developments have been outstanding. Positivity and good karma seems to be freely overflowing. In addition to the generally optimistic vibe, here are some small things I noted that could help the Lakers winning the 2010 NBA Championship:

(1) Phil Jackson working personally with Drew – While Drew will not be working with Kareem as much as before, many bloggers missed the news Phil himself was going to personally spend more time coaching Drew. With Kurt gone, Phil may have decided that he was the best option to coach Drew.

(2) Kobe Byrant working on his post up game – Kobe reaching out to Hakeem for tutoring gave us a pretty clear picture of what Kobe is looking to do this year, which may well be to show that he is just as good a post up player as MJ himself. Odds are Kobe is planning to be his own Beast in the paint

(3) Pau Gasol becoming a more competitive player – Pau’s MVP performance leading his Spanish team to their first Euro Championship after 6 runner ups clearly shows Kobe Bryant’s impact on Pau’s Gasol’s competitiveness. This is clearly not your father’s Pau Gasol who played for the Grizzlies.

(4) Andrew Bynum improving his lower body strength – Drew made an excellent decision to focus offseason on making his lower body stronger so that he can get and hold better low post position on offense and defense. This should help Drew be more physical against bigs like Shaq and Perkins.

(5) Andrew Bynum extending his shooting range – Drew being able to hit from 17 feet should help open up the inside and make it easier for Pau to post up his man when he has the matchup advantage. The result should be better spacing and flexibility in our low post offense between Drew and Pau.

(6) Lamar Odom using boxing to train offseason – Lamar may have found the perfect training regime for an NBA power forward. Boxing could be just what the doctor ordered way to develop the strength, endurance, and combative attitude required to deal physical pounding of low post play in the NBA.

(7) Jordon Farmar improving his upper body strength – One of the complaints about Jordan is his ability to hold his own physically with bigger, stronger NBA point guards. Having added some solid muscle to his upper body frame should give Farmar a stronger base and more confidence physically.

Nothing earth shattering, for sure. But the key to success is always in the details and all of the above small things tell me that the Lakers really have their act and focus together. Reasons to smile for me.


Jon K,

Are you saying that if you spent your hard earned money to enjoy a Lakers game, you wouldn't be at all upset if you werent' able to see the game?

"No, the truth of the matter is that the fans that can afford lower level seats at Lakers games are the laziest, most spoiled fans in sports."

Are you kidding me with this? I have never been fortune enough to be able to sit in the lower level, but don't you think this is a little offensive? How could you possibly make a generalization like that? The real truth is some people spend their money to be able to see their favorite team up close, and there are fans who don't cheer loudly everywhere in the arena, yes even the upper level.

For all your talk of how your "disgusted" by negativity, a lot of this percieved negativity seems to be coming from you. Who are you to say how a game should be viewed? I agree with you that fans at the game should be loud and passionate, and often find it annoying when they're not, but not everyone has to agree with this.

People are allowed to have a different oppinion, and you don't have to be disgusted by it.



Beyond the notion that your generalizations about fans in general and posters (and their wives) specifically are just that- generalizations that are perhaps true about some fans but certainly not for all, as is the notion that everyone sitting near the court got their tickets for free. (Even those that do deserve to actually see the game.)- they're fairly insulting to users of this space and unnecessarily personal.

If you want to debate basketball with people, talk about the team, and the like, feel free. If you want to insult and demean those with a different viewpoint, you might want to take a break from posting until your "conflict oriented" mood passes.


Jon K,

Again, you're allowing your "anti-sitting" pet peeve, which is broadly generalized and actually has nothing to do with this issue, to obscure the actual problem being addressed by the NBA directive. Even if fans stood the ENTIRE game (which never happens anywhere, nor should it be expected, but for the sake of argument), that doesn't help some poor fella who happens to be seated relatively close behind an NBA player, who's almost guaranteed to have six inches or more on him/her. That sucks for the fan, regardless of whether he paid for the ticket or got it for free, can easily afford great seats or saved an entire year for the chance to attend that one game.

You're both clouding the issue and insulting fans at the same time, and in either case, it's totally unwarranted.



that's actually not a bad idea....hmmm. But then when players chased the ball out of bounds they might get hurt. I know, we should sink the whole court, and pad the walls like in the nfl. I can just see Bynum doing the lambeau leap after a dunk.

man, these are great ideas! and to think we're offering them for free to the league.


"The fricken fans can stand up too..... I hate LAZY fans".

Lazy or not, its the fans that fill the pockets of the Lakers. If LA fans are not so generous in buying tickets, Buss wont be able to pay the biggest payroll in the NBA.

Do you know that in LA the prime tickets are sometimes 5-10 times expensive than the equivalent in other cities?? (forget about Cleveland or Memphis - I mean compared to even bigger/richer like Denver/Houston) So, when I shell out so much of money to come and watch the game, I would like to see the action, not the backs of the players.

Also, we - the average fans are usually less than 6' tall. Imagine Bynum and LO standing in front of me. Even if I am standing - they're still more than a foot taller than me. So, what do I see - just the back of their heads??

It is because of the paying fans, who can take the bulky paychecks of Kobe/Pau/Bynum, so that other fans are able to sit in their lucky stools and scream and brag. Also, what is that you gain by letting players stand and block others? Just coz you're not one of those who get their view blocked??


>>> MY problem is that I just get too argumentative at times, causing me to temporarily
>>> lose site of other things that really matter.

No problem, Mike. Most of us have the same problem from time to time. We just all have different buttons to push that cause that. Bottom line, the blog-sync-think has never been higher.

- - - - -


Didn’t mean to ignore your last post. Here are my one-time no-rebuttal responses:

>>> 1. Do you really think Orlando & Portland are envious?
Not as much as other clubs, but I think any team would love to have Andrew Bynum on their roster, just like every club would love to have Dwight Howard.

>>> 2. re: work ethic. Actually, I'm putting both Ron Artest & D-Fish in front
>>> of him. Do you *really* think he's worked out harder than either of them?
Yes, I do. Other than taking the month off to let his knee heal this summer, Drew has spent the last three summers working hard with Sean Zarzana in Atlanta. Kobe himself has even commented that when he going in to lift, he usually finds Drew in there working hard. Look up and down the roster.
No Laker player has transformed his body more during the last three years than Andrew Bynum.

>>> 3. Yes, I am rooting for him. I am concerned that a player who has not yet
>>> become an all star or won any type of accolade would distance himself
>>> from 1 of the 3 best centers of all time.
I was also concerned at first but after thinking about it, I think it is much ado about nothing. As someone else aptly said, time to take off the training wheels. After so much time of hearing the same things, it becomes time for a change. What I find is interesting is Phil’s comment that he may spend more personal time working with Drew. With Kurt leaving, Phil is probably the best option for working with a big man. Phil may also have decided that since he wanted to spend more time with Drew, perhaps it was time to reduce the time he spends with Kareem.

- - - - -


Must read!!!

So it is settled, KAJ is out because Phil wants to coach Bynum. So, it seems PJ is not getting into Bynum because KAJ is in his way. Duh? Who is the coach of the Lakers, Phil is right he needs to have the ears of Bynum.

Phil thinks Bynum is learning too much inside offense and not enough defense, toughness and holding the paint all at the defensive end..

Bynum's 17' shot training may have come from PJ as well. He wants to take advantage of Pau, Ron, Odom and Kobe in the paint. Getting Bynum to feel comfortable taking those shots means taking away the opposing centers in the league, it opens up a lot of opportunities for Pau Gasol inside.

So, Phil's plans for Bynum are simple.

Dominate in defense and give up open space in the offense for others to take advantage..

Phils is a genius.

Imagine Perkins, Shaq, Howard, Duncan, Oden can not clog the middle beacuse Bynum is hitting 17 footers?

This also makes it more interesting that Phil is inclined to put together a big line up with Odom, Artest and Kobe in the backcourt.

It seems PJ don't want to just win a championship. He wants to TEAR the rest of the NBA league with ABSOLUTE DOMINANCE never seen before, never been imagined.

Remember he was the last architect of the BULLS dominance in the 90's. He is doing it again this time with much, much scarier team with a frontline he already mentioned the best he has ever had.

Time will tell, but the LAKERS are up to something GREATER THAN GREAT! Unbelievable! Unimaginable! 82-0 !!! 16-0 !!!

Can it happen, yes it can.


Shell close to half a grand to get a prime seat, and spend majority of the game watching Luke and Mbenga's butt - then you will know how it feels like.

You have again mentioned that fans who look at TV and scream from upper seats. Tell me if you would do that with a line-up of Kwame, Smush, Cook, Evans and Powell. Then you'll know the value the big-paying fans bring to Lakers and for that matter any team.

Buddy, you have given rock concert as an example - Bad choice, You go to the rock concert - height or not you still get to hear the music and enjoy the ambience. You go to a concert to primarily "hear", not to see alone. You go to a game to "watch", not to "hear". Got it? I am asking you - would you "hear" a movie in front of you and be satisfied, because the guy in the previous row is standing and blocking your view??

"Would Boston Red Sox fans complain like this?"

- Once again, BAD example. Because Red Sox is a BASEBALL team, and not BASKETBALL. Players don't stand in front of spectators in baseball, and in fact, they sit at a much lower level than the viewers. Same is the case with Football as well - got it buddy??

an understandable rule, but still a perfect example of the kind of micro-managing of people's lives that those who run things love to engage in these days....

"Would Boston Red Sox fans complain like this?"

No, because we have absolutely nothing to complain about.

However, starting next week, WE WILL be giving the LA Angels lots to complain about!

And, if the LA Dodgers and Manny are lucky enough to reach the World Series, we`ll see to it that they suffer the same fate as the Angels!

Andrew Bynum Talks About The Lakers Repeating, His All-Star Quest And The Paparazzi
By Gerald Narciso for Dime Magazine

Excellent interview with Andrew. Some good stuff about Ron being a beast,
Here are some highlight quotes:


Dime: There have been reports that you came into camp in great shape. Where have you been working out this offseason and what have you been doing?

Andrew Bynum: With my trainer down in Atlanta. What we normally do is track workouts. Then we follow it up with a weight room routine whether it be for the legs or upper body. The majority of my summer has been leg workouts because I had to get my base back and I had to get the strength back in my legs. We might have done one maybe two upper body workouts a week and everything else was legs, four days of legs. Just trying to get strong and my quickness back.

Dime: What part of your game do you think you’ve improved in the most over the summer?

AB: Just shots all around the paint - 15-feet out. Just working on anything that’s going to get me to that next level. If people don’t honor my jumper than they’ll just baseline double me or not allow me to get to the middle. So I have to add something else to open those things back up to allow me to be a more efficient player.



By Broderick Turner for The Fabulous Forum in LA Times Sports

Makes you wonder whether Kurt leaving was the left shoe that led to Kareem being cut back as the right shoe. Bottom line, as I surmised earlier, Phil wants to work with Drew personally, which has to be a big positive, maybe even much better than having Kareem and Kurt. Here is excerpt:


"My own focus is going to be in that direction because Kurt was really the guy that spent a lot of time with him, working on some of the details of his game," Jackson said.

Jackson joked that "just about everybody on my staff wants to have a piece of Andrew," meaning that assistants Brian Shaw, Frank Hamblen and Jim Cleamons all will work with Bynum.

Jackson said Bynum has been running the court pretty well during training camp and that his condition looks good.




>>> Would Boston Red Sox fans complain like this?" –Jon K.

>>> No, because we have absolutely nothing to complain about. RLC in response to Jon K.

LOL! How about trailing the Yankees by 9 games and losing 8 of the last 9 against them?
You Boston fans are the loudest, poorest, and stupidest fans in baseball. May the curse return.


phred, I think they have that sort of situation at some college or college....I wanna say at oregon or washington, they have a raised floor. Its actually alot more dangerous than a level floor, only because any change in elevation is bad, made even worse when a player is running full speed out of bounds, like you said.

But there are 'raised' not entirely new. I just don't see it ever happening for the NBA because of the investment they have in the players and the speed and physicality they play with.

Now of course, if the area sunken around the court would involve the sort of extracurricular activities that the WWE has in the area around the wrestling ring, then we'd be talking. =)

Anybody ever get to that point where you're almost finished with a post and then hit the wrong key... and get kicked back to the previous page? Very annoying.

I'm not going to bother trying to remember exactly what I said. But in brief, Staples seats around 20,000 and other arenas across the country also seat a fair amount. The seats directly behind the two benches are relatively few. Seems to me that league owners and officials could put their collective heads together and figure out a way to deal with this other than making the players sit. Seriously. Considering that about half the players are already out on the floor, you're only talking about 5 seats on each side. Can they not use those spots for something else or is that just too unwieldy a concept?

As for what Jon said about different cities... sorry but he has a point. Some of you may not like the way he's framing his argument but it doesn't mean there isn't any truth there. I've been to enough games at both Staples and TDGarden to know that - the crowds are very different. Just my view.


Facts don`t lie.

Boston`s Harvest :

Patriots--3 Titles {so far}
Red Sox--2 Titles {so far}
Celtics----1 Title {so far}

We OWN this CENTURY!!!!

I've chimed in a few times on this blog and enjoy reading some of the back and forth. Not much time to be a regular writer - so I prefer to just read along as I enjoy anything pro Laker. Know a bit of basketball, ex college player, ex college coach, ex high school ref, longtime Laker fan - since the 60's.

Lately, I see LakerTom on the defensive and feel compelled to provide a little back up.

As a student of the game, I find LakerTom's insights for the most part spot on. As a college coach, I spent a great deal of time recruiting and I felt I had a knack for spotting talent - even beyond the obvious stars, one can find players with development potential - at all levels and this was a specialty of mine.

My goodness, Bynum has not only amazing potential, but we have seen it materialize over the last two seasons - only to be cut short by injury. Take his best two week stretch and spread that out over the remainder of last season, with the opportunity to improve and just wonder where he might have been come the playoffs.

Two seasons ago, Bynum was a rebounding machine and learning the knack of controlling the lane. Last season, while I felt his rebounding suffered, his offensive potential came to light.

Bynum is certainly behind Howard at this point. Howard is an amazing athlete and has had more time to develop on the court. However, if I had to choose between the two today for the long haul, I would not hesitate in choosing Bynum. His hands, reach and footwork make him something special and I promise, barring prolonged recovery from past injuries or an injury prone future, Bynum will be something special. Bynum's fundamentals are much farther along than Howard's and the base of fundamentals that he demonstrates are skills that even some stars never fully develop.

Projecting him as the #2 option now, may be a bit premature, but that is not unrealistic for the not too distant future. I think LakerTom just sees the potential so clearly, that it is hard to be patient. I find myself feeling the same way at times. Fortunately, putting the responsibility as the number 2 guy in the hands of Gasol is an amazing luxury for the Lakers.

Beyond Bynum - I was thinking the same things about Fish as a coach even before LakerTom started blogging about it. I'm still thinking Player-Coach (unofficial of course) I think the big lineup might be good in spurts, but I'm actually very interested in seeing where Shannon Brown fits in this season. His athletic ability has caught my eye and he seemed to fit in last season ahead of the curve that many players face their first time in the triangle. A player like Brown who would be left to his spots as defenders look to contain other Laker stars may prove so physically imposing that double teaming other Lakers will create an array of highlight reel dunks and in your face plays for Brown - to the delight of all Laker Nation. Plus, he digs in on D and defense is what will determine whether or not this tremendous group of talent materializes into a truly special team. I like Brown a great deal at the point in combination with Bynum controlling the middle. I really like Odom playing all 5 positions in a back up role and I really like Fish for the 4th quarter.

The season will play out with twists and turns, there will undoubtedly be injuries, etc., and fortunately the Lakers are deep enough to persevere. I'm ready to sit back and see greatness unfold. Will this team have a killer instinct or will they do just enough to get by - like most of last season? I'm looking forward to finding out.

I called yesterday to sign up for League Pass and that can't happen until the end of the month. Anyone know of a source to watch the exhibition games? I'm in the Bay Area.


DKW - you should post more often.


Facts don`t lie.

Boston`s Harvest :

Patriots--3 Titles {so far}
Red Sox--2 Titles {so far}
Celtics----1 Title {so far}

We OWN this CENTURY!!!!

Posted by: RED`S LOVE CHILD | October 03, 2009 at 06:07 PM

'Three' is the greatest number on that list? BWAHAHAHA.... he comes to this board touting franchises with less than 4 championships in a decade. LOL....and not even for the sport of interest!

And the Celtics....LOL....with....LOL....1! 'Own'....LOL he said 'own' with 1 championship....I can't stop laughing....

The fact of the matter is that some fans put their team first and other fans put the price of their seats first.

Overall, I sympathize more with fans who feel a visceral connection with the game rather than "fans" who feel that because they've paid more money expect a greater duty to be entertained. I find that kind of aristocratic snobbery to be repugnant.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



I've been to Boston. I had a good time there. I like the city, even though the people are a bit psychotically provincial.

I don't hate your city, but I do hate the Celtics and I feel I can say objectively that Celtics fans are classless.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon K,

They say "you can only take a horse to water, you can't make it drink". I felt its true in your case.

Whatever we provide an explanation is of no use to your ears, and it shows the contempt you have towards big-paying fans. What should a team-first fan do? Buy a ticket for 2000 bucks, and not worry if he's able to see the game or not?? LAME!!

I am not an aristocrat or millionaire. However, last season I shelled out 1800 bucks and went to a game. Its my real-hard money, which I put just to see how the action is from up-close, and I feel its right to have such expectations.

Next time when you watch a game from the lucky barstool - ask a guy to come and stand right in front of you, and try to "watch", just by sharing your "enthusiasm" with the people around, as you mentioned in your post. After that, let me know on here did you find it annoying or not.

That was a great play.

You just know Sasha wanted to launch it.

Maybe that threw him off last year.

Since Jamie Sweet commented on this today, I will as well...

If you have the money to buy those kind of seats, you should have the brains to consider the potential consequences.
There's a similar situation that slips my mind,

Funny sidebar: My girlfriend is 14 years younger than I am, and did not have chance ($) to see music groups perform live when she was younger. I enjoy all types of music, going back to the 60's, she's an 80's girl. I have noticed that when the older fans stand to cheer the performers, they tend to sit down faster than the younger fans, who can sometimes stand all concert long in the lower levels, or the pit, or House of Blues. The older fans, myself, up, then down, pretty quick. It is strange however when you are in the middle to upper levels and you have someone directly in front of you being the only one in the vicinity standing excessively. I credit, good drugs, or true fan. Let it Be....
I bring binoculars regardless, of where I sit, to people watch, or to check out the equipment and how they set up and run a show...I often offer the use of my binoculars to the strangers sitting next to me and they graciously use them and thank me. And I comment, "remember the good old days, when we would be passing a joint, but now it's just binoculars"....gets a laugh.

"Stupidest fans in baseball?"

We may be loud and unruly, but we know there is no such word as stupidest.

JonK - you say Celtics fans are "classless". So be it, but have you ever been to Philly or NY? They eat their own. How about Detroit? We may boo opposing teams, but with very few exceptions (the 15 win season leaps to mind), we do not boo our own team!! I believe (although I don't like it!!), there was an MVP chant for Mr. Braynt two years ago while he was at the FT line. How about Jack Nicholson "mooning" the crowd at the old Boston Garden?



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