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Mark Cuban still thinks Ron Artest carries implosion potential

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban recently perked ears by expressing thankfulness that Ron Artest was now in purple and gold.  The rationale:  The Lakers just inherited a powder keg waiting to blow up their title defending shot:

         "I tell you what, now that they've got Ron Artest, I couldn't think of anything better," Cuban told the radio station.  If you would have said, what one player -- and I'll get killed over this -- what one player would you like to see on the Lakers? Ron Artest.  Could you imagine? Ron Artest has got the ball, and Kobe's standing there, 'Throw me the ball.' Thank you, Ron Artest."

Naturally, Ron Ron was asked about these words before the game and he was mostly amused.  He likes Cuban and thinks he's entertaining (if one that perhaps puts undue pressure on his players by being so front and center), but mostly, he was curious about where the better fit would be.  "I want you to ask him what team best fits me," said Artest with a grin.

Ask and ye shall receive.

As few of us later caught up with Cuban and asked which team he thought was in fact tailor made for Artest.  No specifics were named- "I don't know the culture of every team"- but he stood by his original statement.  Cuban thinks the threat of implosion remains, reminding us that Artest was once a bad teammate by his own admission, and sometimes spots remain unchanged.  "There's always a possibility, if history repeats itself." 

Mind you, Cuban respects Artest as a player.  "Amazing talent."  But that volatility can't be ignored, in the owner's eyes.  I asked Cuban if he would ever take a chance on a player with Artest's past.  "At a minimum contract," nodded Cuban, using Shawne Williams ("put out to pasture," as Cuban phrased it) an example.  They knew Williams came with baggage, so they're sequestering him from the team at a relatively cheap price.  Granted, the comparison doesn't entirely work, in that Artest is considerably more talented than Williams, whose on-court production/off the court issues was so out of whack that it arguably wasn't even worth taking a chance on him in the first place.  But I understand what Cuban meant, conceptually.

Of course, if Ron does some damage tonight, Cuban might be wishing Artest arrived in L.A. as a mid-season pickup.  But we shall see.


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anyone knows of a good link where we can watch the game online?


yeah? well I think Mark Cuban is a bigger threat of an implosion- can you imagine avery johnson there trying to establish credibility with players and mark cuban sitting there on his silly little exercise bike going 'uh huh.'

and I think Ron Ron wants to talk to Mark Cuban to see if he can get some hot insider trading tips. He's impresses that Mark seems to have beat the felony rap so well. Of course, I can't recall artest every actually being charged with felonies, so I guess maybe he doesn't need the example.

Hey Mark Cuban- you can try to get attention by libeling refs, libeling players, and generally clowning around, or you can have people take your opinions seriously. Pick one, if it's not to late on that credibility thing.

Cubin is probably right but that just the baggage you take on with Ron. That said he can still be an assest to the team if he ever finds some sort of rithem which is not looking likely thus far. On a more important note what is going on with Kobe? His shooting rythem is off, shots are falling short and if you watch him on a break he doesn't seem to have the lift in his take offs that he did last year. Haven't really kept track but did he have the surgery on his hand? cause he seems to be kinda stiff. The Dallas game was game was a dissaster and the entire team looks flat. Hope Phill can bring it together fast cause Bostom is looking sharp out of the box.

Didn't the lakers know this when they signed him?
He has been a malcontent on every team he's ever been on all the way back to St. John's!



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