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Lakers/NBA items: Funsie and not as funsie

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Lakers consultant Tex Winter receives his championship ring during the 3rd quarter at the Staples Center Tuesday. (Wally SKalij/Los Angeles Times)

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Re: Mark Warkentein, it seems to me that if I was in the fight for the 8th spot, then under the current system, I would try to get it hard. Now: it's actually better to be 9th! Because then I have a chance to improve my draft position in the lottery, and my odds or getting in that playoff spot are the same as it was for eight. Actually, if there are 8 contenders for the playoff, and a sharp drop afterwards, that 8th team could just tank down to 15, improve its odd for the draft, and still get in the playoffs through the tournament.

Celtics "To Do List" for October, 2009 :

1} Beat Cavs in Cleveland......CHECK

2} Hold an opponent to LESS than 60 points.....CHECK

3} Turn Mamba24 into the biggest Celtic fan of them all.....IT`S COMING


"it's just a very cynical move designed to sell more jerseys."

Score! Best of the season so far, ex.

As an avowed "realist" myself, I might have gone there, but cynic just doesn't play on this blog like it used to.

"outfreakin'standing", to coin another obvious cynical ploy.

DYNASTY(1) 1948 – 1954 - 5 TITLES
DYNASTY(2) 1980-1988 – 5 TITLE
DYNASTY(3) 2000 – 2003 – 3 TITLES
DYNASTY (4) 2009 -….. 1 + INFINITY

Interesting stuff on Kaman.

Mercifully, all the Clippers are dead:

I have to disagree with you on that. It's not "retro" or "fresh", it's just a very cynical move designed to sell more jerseys. Posted by: exhelodrvr | October 30, 2009 at 10:21 AM

"it's just a very cynical move designed to sell more jerseys."

Score! Best of the season so far, ex. As an avowed "realist" myself, I might have gone there, but cynic just doesn't play on this blog like it used to. "outfreakin'standing", to coin another obvious cynical ploy. Posted by: VMan | October 30, 2009 at 10:43 AM

That may have been the fastet jab ever thrown by EX. Ladies and gentleman it's been over a minute and Mamba is just getting off the canVAS. LADIES AND GEWNTLEMAN AT 21 SECONDS OF THE 1 ROUND THE WINNER AND STILL MIXED MARTIAL ARTS BLOGGING CHAMPION..EXHELLLLLLOOOOOODRVRRRRRRR.
Wait a minute folks Maba24 is dazed but he wants to say something " Thanks champ for
knocking some sense in my head, do I have to say it?..."OUT FREAKING STANDING EX."

Posted by: M24 | October 30, 2009 at 10:33 AM

3} Turn Mamba24 into the biggest Celtic fan of them all.....IT`S COMING Posted by: RED`S LOVE CHILD | October 30, 2009 at 10:43 AM

ROFLMFAO!! RED, You've been inhaling those Cigars too long!!

I'm glad that Gaffney is going to play some ball overseas. At least the kid will get on the floor a bunch, and that wasn't going to happen sitting way down on the Lakers bench.

Wow, the Spurs looked like an entirely different team last night. The second night of back-to-backs might be their downfall. Of course, we're barely crackin' the seal on this season, so there aren't too many "patterns" to be identified just yet. The same thing goes for the Celts. Two games does not a season make, but I'll admit that they're looking focused and pretty sharp out of the gates.

I can't wait until June. All this banter and pontificating will be put to rest when the Lakers hoist the championship trophy.

Go Lake Show!

Shaq isn't doing so well in Cleveland? Who could have seen that

Mamba24, what is this Neo 8 - the Artist? It sounds like a NeoCon in Chicago? I think we should just call you Larry to distinguish you from other notorious names.

I will miss the great NBA Catalan Pau for two games now. That's the punishment for playing during off season. On the contrary, it not really a punishment because he's getting paid for doing treadmill and swimming, even the famous Catalans Salvador Dali and Antoni Gaudi never had this kind of luxuries in life. In place of Pau, we will see more of the Belgian-Congo, Didier. You don't know what to expect either an explosive night or a horrible early tricky night at Knotts Berry.

It is nice to read in Broderick Turner's column of the 2nd unit or the bench mud, well they admitted that they played a lousy game. Well, it is great to be LA, the fans always give you a 2nd chance to themselves. Watching other teams, there are plenty of PG's that will challenge Farmar/Brown/Fisher from Miller & Blake of Blazers; this rookie Ty Lawson and Billups of Nuggets and the traditional ones. Lakers have to add the name Kobe and LO with * as supplemental PG or else we're torched by these speedy liliputians.

Here's something that was kind of fun. When I was 10, myself and some cousins went down and recorded a song with Lee Oskar, the harmonica player from WAR. It was a creepy experience with a lot of weird vibes coming from every dark corner of that studio. Here's part of the final product but you can only hear us in the background on this clip. Being a beautiful boy, I consider myself lucky to have come out of that experienced un defiled. Song 5, children's song.

Remember, there's a rainbow there, you can find your share, it depends on how hard you try. You can find a way to a sunny day...



Hilarious. :-)

I hope you're having a good day!

Your team is looking sharp; if Lakers-Celtics meet for the championship, then I think it would be an epic battle.

Mamba 24,

When you call the troll roll call try to imitate a teacher in a Nursery class. It goes like this: "This color is red who is really a meanie greenie. This is a three digit number 131, numbers given to bad people in jail. This is a balloon with several uses." Our trolls have no real names because they prefer to hide their identities anddeemed illegals in this blog. As a footnote, always add their ratings (see below) They always talk of the Celts and their leprechaun habits.

Put after their names Rated B, C, D & E.
(Here in LA, restaurants are rated A - Approve, B - Beware, C -Catastrophic, D- Dangerous, E -Emergency, call homeland security pronto!)

Antoine Walker.

I'll never understand how someone can blow so much money. It kind of pisses me off to a certain extent, but not really.

Go Lakers!
Stay Focused!


I just read a fascinating article by a USC scientist who claims that curve balls in baseball do not drop or sharply break. Instead, it’s an optical illusion that is caused by the spinning of the ball and the red laces. He has a great web page that shows you how the illusion works. If you are a puzzle lover, it’s worth clicking the link and seeing why MJ couldn’t hit that damn curve ball. LOL.



.......But we have 3 Concerns

1)Phil Jackson
2)Derek Fisher
3)Luke Walton

1) Did anyone see Phil Jackson's substitution pattern in the 2nd quarter of the opener? This concerns me because it is a pattern for the old man. Phil at times lacks a "killer instinct" and appears to at times sabotage the momentum and flow of games with his questionable subs. He tends to "overcoach" feeling as if he has to "do something" brilliant with his chess moves....when all has to do is sit down shut up and do what he did during the end of last season and the playoffs ........CONTINUE TO LET KOBE COACH........

2) Derek Fisher has to be taken out of the starting lineup and his minutes have to be seriously reduced. Phil's inability to change and adapt to the next move cripples the Lakers growth and expansion. Derek is just old and we can't let his heroics in last year's playoffs fool us from the reality.........Derek just can't stay in front of anybody anymore, his decision making is terrible and he at times forces shots and plays counter to how he should play. He could have a use if would just play off of Kobe and stick the open jumper.....THAT'S ALL WE NEED FROM THIS GUY! If you can't make an open jumper Derek......YOU HAVE TO's not is what it is

3) Phil's obsession with Luke Walton is mystifying and has to stop. Phil's desire to keep Luke Walton on this team and justify Walton's 99 year contract boggles the mind and it retards to an extent the sustained growth of this team.
Can anyone in their right mind say Luke is better for this team with the money he makes than the recently cut Tony Gaffney? Who we could have kept for peanuts!

In an earlier post AK/BK said the math wasn't in Gaffney's favor.....I had a problem with that because math implies logic. The logical thing would have been to buy out Luke's contract and send this guy to the same heap occupied by Slava Medvedenko and Chris Mihm. Defensively Gaffney would have been the perfect replacement for Ariza giving us another slashing small forward or a zig to Artest's zag.

The decision to cut Gaffney has nothing to do with math but instead emotion. I am to the point I can't enjoy the game because of Luke Walton. I know he's on that sideline like certain doom just waiting to be called on by Phil.

When Luke's called
my house of cards collapse
When Luke's called
the sky falls
the signal fades
I lock the door and shut the shades
And contemplate the crystal blue familiar funk I'm plunged into
When Luke's called

Good Morning Everyone...

The Outlaw....I had a chance to see both games yesterday...
The Spurs looked really old....Duncan played well.Jefferson looked just a little younger than Finley..They wont beat the Celtics or the Magic....No way...

In the second game..The cousin of Kwame,Greg Oden...Dude had 3 fouls in the first quarter and never had a chance to get back into the game..The Nuggets are a small team and Portland could not take advantage with the bigs ....Melo played a blinder...Lebron may be more athletic but Melo makes up for it with some nice moves and a sweet shot..Kenyon Martin is the most over paid player this decade....

Tonights game.....A bad hamstring will take you around 3 to 4 weeks to get over...So that hammy must have a nice rip in it for Pau not to play...

Lets hope our Drew gives the Mavs Drew a hiding...

Red's Love Child,
Be careful what you wish for. Imagine Mamba24 wearing a bright green thong. Is that really what you want?

I may be mistaken about Gaffney but I'm talking about the french guy with the dredlocks.......whatever his name was. All I know he's better than Luke

ex - dude!! You crack me up!! Your wit is so sharp it slices, dices & makes Julienne fries LOL!!

Keep 'em coming!! (Mamba24 in a green thong - is that really what you want? HAHAHAHAHA!!)

pfunk - don't forget we WON game 1 in spite of Luke LOL! Don't worry - we can win the whole thing WITH him too. Did you forget?? That's what all the bling was about before game 1... :) See ya on the live chat...

Edwin - EXCELLENT troll rating system! This needs to be implemented ASAP! Of course, if it was up to me, they'd all be rated E - call homeland security to do a hazmat sweep and get them all the hell out of here... but that's just me....

Good Morning, Laker Nation!

It's time for...

Jon K.'s Early Thoughts That He Has Not Put Too Much Thought Into Yet:

1. The Lakers reserves need to step up.

2. I'm so glad the Lakers/Mavs games is on ESPN tonight.

3. I'm also glad the game will be on mute at the bar I work out.

4. A little Secret Agent news... the mood among LeBroniacs is considerably different this year as compared to last year. Last year it was pure zealotry. It was offensive, bombastic, aggressive zealotry. This year it's, "We got Shaq!" said with a forced, nervous enthusiasm. On the sports shows, you can hear the apprehension below the (guarded) optimism. It is clear to me that Cavs Nation's is beginning to doubt. The people out here may be ignorant, but they are not entirely without common sense. They know Shaq's history. They know his age. They know that the Celtics and Magic have improved. They know that New York (aka "The World's Capital") is putting its full Luciferian might into courting "The Chosen One" and his tremendous ego. Simpy put, people are nervous, and this year's collapse of the Browns and watching former Indians pitch in the World Series has only exacerbated that natural nervousness and sense of inevitable communal doom. Now that they've shed a bit of their arrogant, violent, brashness on the subject, I'm almost starting to feel a bit of sympathy for them.

5. The fact that the Cavs have a new offensive coordinator and Mike Brown can't coach offense is REALLY going to muck things up for the Cavs this year. Shaq doesn't really like playing defense, anyways.

6. I'm looking forward to watching Thriller torch the Mavs tonights and the multiple close-ups of Mark Cuban's face contorted in hilarious tortured rage as helplessly watches his team get humiliated AGAIN by the Lakers.

7. I sure am nervous about my trip to California.

8. About Chris "Kaveman" Kaman... first playing for Germany in the playoffs (aka "treason"), now showing off his love for automatic weapons. Well... as they say, "You can take the boy out of Michigan, but you can't take the Michigan out of the boy."

Let me put it this way... my brother-in-law is a big muckity-muck financial consultant and all-around good guy (born in Colorado). One of his territories is Michigan. When he returns from Michigan, he often tells me, "Wow. People are SO negative up there. I can't believe it." Ohioans are considered relatively enlightened and friendly compared to Michigonians. So, I'm just sayin'. Chris Kaman is a Michigonian, to the core.

9. I'm becoming increasingly convinced that the team to beat in the East is Orlando.

10. I was utterly surprised that the Bulls beat the Spurs last night. Maybe AK's prediction of "Fourth in the West" may be more on-target than I originally thought.

11. The Thuggetts are on a mission this year. You can see it in their body language. They are adhering to the misplaced delusion that they were somehow robbed in last year's playoffs.

12. I am uttterly against the "Troll Roll Call" concept. The only safe and sane method of dealing with trolls is to starve them. While I feel DEEP sympathy towards the concept of troll scourging, I believe the only effective scourging would be a hatefully vitriolic and personal Bio-Chrono readying of each creep and we all know that the Kamenetzky Brothers won't allow that kind of talk here on the blog.

13. All eyes should be on Thriller tonight. Mark Cuban is trying to test his maturity a bit with his negative comments. It will be interesting to see how Ron responds.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Instead of Gaffney, you're thinking of Mikael Gelabale. oddly enough this
sounds like: j'ai la ball. Which translates: I have the ball.


"Antoine Walker.

I'll never understand how someone can blow so much money. It kind of pisses me off to a certain extent, but not really."

The dude paid for an entourage of 70 PEOPLE for a DECADE.

Okay. $50,000 salary x 70 people x 10 years = $35,000,000.

And THAT'S a HIGHLY conservative number.

Moral of the story? Only idiots fund extensive entourages. It's just stupid.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Laker Tom,

"I just read a fascinating article by a USC scientist who claims that curve balls in baseball do not drop or sharply break."

1. It's a USC scientist. So the work is dubious at best.

2. The spinning of the ball is going to create angular momentum. That's just basic mechanics. Angular momentum is going to effect the trajectory of an object. That's just Physics 101.

3. Does the spinning of the ball ALSO enhance the appearance of the ball breaking? Possibly. But there is no way that angular momentum does not effect the trajectory of the ball. No way.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"Phil's obsession with Luke Walton is mystifying and has to stop."

Dude, Phil's obsession with Luke Walton is nowhere close to your obsession with Luke Walton. Nowhere even close.

You are so obsessed with your hatred of Luke Walton that it is disturbing. Really.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


La Lakers today-

The Bynum effect: You know that "Hamst..." njury Pau is dealing with. Its bogus. Pau is just taking the first month of the season off. He may take the first 22 games, Reggie has talked about, after playing 3years of basketball straight. The Lakers can afford it becasue of Andrew. Nobody doubts that Bynum is one of the top 5 centers in the league, except when its the middle of the season, the legs are tired and he becomes injury pron. Till then Pau can take a rest and watch because of Bynum effect.

#1 in the league: BK and all the haters are waiting for Kobe to show signs of decrease in level of his game. One more time I will bringup this Q&A from Kobe and Magic:

Magic:"When Michael retired he handed the tourch to younger players specially yourself. Now when are you handing the tourch to the younger players?"

Kobe (with that uncomfortable look and a smile of why do you ask me that question):

"I don't know...I guess when I retire."

So this guy hasn't said nothing that he hasn't made it happen so shut up about LeBron and Wade and Melo and all them and just take it.

LO and RonRon: Again, call me crazy, but I think RonRon coming to LA has taken alot of pressure off of LO. Its just that LO is not the guy that the team winning is dependant upon his good performance. It's just that LO can be LO without having to be Pippen/LO. Maybe we just put too much pressure on the 6 10 rebounding, PF/SF/SG/PG. Maybe we expected LO to be "Scottie" and never realized "What LO do for you"

Point Position:I would never say this if Fish was 29, but he isn't and this is the only issue I see for this team. The back up point. I know that Kobe and LO can fill up the spot in playoffs and all but I'm thinking on the way of breaking the 72-10 record back up PG has to straihten its situation.

1. It's a USC scientist. So the work is dubious at best.

Posted by: Jon K. | October 30, 2009 at 01:08 PM

LOL! I guess you're not interviewing at USC....

Jon K - do you often use the words muckity-muck in your daily conversations?

Edwin - keep up with ridiculous, insulting comments like that and I will do the troll call myself.

M24 - three dynasties is all you get. Now, certainly you can think of many many words that rhyme with three. Your roll call is actually qutite amusing, and makes me laugh. If you could just change it to 3 dynasties and LAKERS, instead of LA lakers, then it would be not only funny, but accurate!!!
Anyone know where I can buy a George Mikan shirt??

Have a great day, happy posting, and good luck tonight!!

Jon K -

Good thoughts for the day.

I was saying all off season long that the Magic would be the team to beat in the East. You don't replace Hedo Turkoglu, Rafer Alston and Courtney Lee with Vince Carter, Brandon Bass, Jason Williams and Ryan Anderson and get WORSE. No way. Those 4 players they added are excellent additions. They have a scary deep team, and I think they'll end up with the best record in the league. They should run roughshod over the East's imitations of NBA teams (I'm looking at you Charlotte Bobcats). The Celtics will be right there, but the Magic are deeper, which bodes well for the regular season.


Speaking of deep benches, I'm also very worried about the Lakers supposed Bench Mob. Can anyone name one guy on that bench besides Lamar who can create his own shot. Luke? Sasha? Powell? Shannon? The only guy that comes close is Jordan Farmar and he just can't seem to figure out how to channel his talent. It'll be a lot better when Pau comes back so Lamar can be out there to direct things, but their performance the other day was just dismal. It's a shame we don't have a Craig Smith or Flip Murray kind of reserve player who can just come in and fill it up. I think Phil will need to keep Lamar + 1 of Kobe/Pau/Bynum/Artest on the floor with the bench to give them enough firepower.


Tonight should be an interesting game. Missing Pau will hurt tonight as he plays Dirk very well. Kidd is one of the better Kobe defenders in the league. Dampier has the size to make life tough on Bynum. Jason Terry and JJ Barrea always plays well against the Lakers. I think the Lakers will prevail, but it should be a fun match!

Red's Love Child,Be careful what you wish for. Imagine Mamba24 wearing a bright green thong. Is that really what you want?Posted by: exhelodrvr | October 30, 2009 at 12:43 PM

DING, DING, DING!!! DOWN GOES MAMBA24 AGAIN, DOWN GOES REDN. Ladies and gentleman I pity the fool, foolish enough to step in the Ring with the champ. Look at Mamba24, knocked out twice in one day by the same left jab and he never saw either one of them comming and to top it off a knock out of Red's Love child. 3 count em 3 knockouts in one day. This is a record that will never be broken. The winner and still championnnnnn!! EXhelllllodrvrrrrrrr.

One more thought, I'm not a big fan of Mark Warkentein's proposed "solution" to the tanking issue. I don't think it really solves much. If at the end of the season the team with the worst record still has the best chance at the #1 overall pick, what difference does it make? And I don't think crappy teams are really going to clamor for the #8 seed just to get destroyed by a #1 seed in the first round.

IMO, what they should do is determine your draft slot based on your record on January 1st. At this point, most teams still think they have a shot at the playoffs and wouldn't have begun tanking yet, but enough games have been played to get a decent sample size of which teams really suck. Therefore, teams have no incentive to tank at the end of the season. Their draft position has already been decided. Teams wouldn't tank to start out the season because, as I mentioned, every team thinks it's got a shot at making the playoffs, and those that KNOW they'll make the playoffs will be fighting for higher seeds and home-court advantage, so they'd have no incentive to start off slowly.

I'm sure there are holes in this that everyone is sure to point out, but I think it's a reasonable starting point for solving the problem.

Mamba24, what is this Neo 8 - the Artist? It sounds like a NeoCon in Chicago?
Posted by: Edwin Gueco | October 30, 2009 at 11:36 AM

How the $%%@#@$%%^ should I know Edwin! You get knocked out twice in one day by the left jab lib of Exhelodrvr and see if you know your name. For a while I thought my name was Everlast because that is the last thing I saw before getting up from the canvas. Then I look over at the computer and saw Lakers Bllog and I thought that was my name. But I finally am back to my right senses Mamba24 and I know my name is Edwin Gueco.!

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Every fan in the association wants what we have, tonight is the start of their end.
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I got a good idea to stop teams from tanking it.

I'm a big fan of English Premiere league Soccer in that league they have a lower league call ed the champions league nad at the end oof the season the 2 teams with the worst record in the preimere league kick it out into the champions league and the 2 best teams in the champiopns league get promoted to preimere league.

The NBA should utilize this it keeps everything interesting at the end of the regular season whether its the worst trying their hardest not to get bounced or the best of the lower league trying to get promoted. There are too many teams in the NBA anyway and the NBA could combine bad current teams, D league teams and market interested in having an NBA teams to make a "champions league"

As for the draft they could make it a fair lottery.

Imagine a couple seasons back when the Greenies were really sucking Bill Russell would have to come looker room and say "theres no way you guys can let us get demoted"

What you guys think?


{Lakers Secret Agent Jon K. Reporting From Deep Behind Enemy Lines In The Endless Gray Twilight Of The Murky Depths Of Northeast Ohio}

[Subject: Ohio Culinary Trends & Their Effect Upon Shaquille O'Neal]

So, I was just waching Sports Time Ohio and they had a special on the University of Ohio's football team. They asked their key players "What is the WEIRDEST food you've ever eaten?"

Each player answered in a monotone while their faces curled in disgust as they told their answers.

The OVERWHELMING Top Four answers were as follows:

1. Sushi (most repugnant)
2. Lamb
3. Duck
4. Eggs (yes, eggs).

What I'm trying to get at is if it ain't fried potatoes, cheese, hamburger or chicken wings, it ain't food!

So, that's what Shaq will be eating for the next several months.

We should expect good things to happen.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I dunno LakerTom, I always thought MJ couldn't hit because

A) he overestimated his abilities from high school. Even I was decent at alot of things at high school.

B) you could drive a bus through his strike zone.

but I enjoyed the article anyways...

The ring box is pretty cool, but they forgot to add a choir singing and harp sounds when you open it.

A minature fog machine would have been nice too. Maybe the 2010 Lakers Champ ring will have all that.

hey. phred's back. who wants more south dakota jokes? Did get to watch the first game, i was in motel in Missoula montana that had a real nice retro wood panelling and a real shower, the effect somewhat lessened by the grade D elementary school surplus soap dispenser nailed to the wall and the apparent trendy 'faux retro' heating unit from the 30s that had been so cleverly constructed it could not be differentiated from a real vintage heating unit from the 30's. it had two settings, 1) armana freezer and 2)fiery pits of the inferno itself. cozy

anyway. I was getting a real weird vibe watching the game. It was pretty much along the lines of 'Hmmm, Luke Walton is playing and there is a complete absence of people screaming in urkel esque random syllables of panic and horror."

weird. i think i'm glad to be back, although i'm going to be out tonight, looking for a lucky barstool that is hopefully attached to a bar, which is equiped with a tv that shows basketball games, as opposed to rodeos and big trucks running over things, as is represented on our state flag.



oh, no way i'm scrolling back through a whole week of pfunk and celtic troll/witty repartee- intensive posts at this rate. Can someone summarize for me? Would be ever so grateful.

also- I came up with a real short song for LakerTom and any other Yankee fans, to the tune of Janis Joplin's "Mercedes Benz'

Oh George, won't you buy me a championship ring
Since the year 2000, we ain't won a thing
played hard all the season, no help from the pen
Oh George, won't you buy me a championship ring.

Game day.

What do I want on this glorious Friday? Lock down defense. Mavericks score under 80 points. Is it too much to ask?

Go Lake Show!

Phred - glad to hear that you arrived back there safely. As for summarizing the most recent Celts/Lakers blogarama, I really can't. Maybe something like drunken badminton. That's the closest I can come.

Hey phred - hope South Dakota treats you well - but I also hope you get the hell out of there as soon as you can LOL!

Regarding the summation you requested:

pfunk et al - Luck sucks!

most everyone else - He's undervalued!

trolls - blah blah blah!

most everyone else - BBQ the troll!

That about does it.... :)

Oh-oh, baloon is getting mad at the blog members. Easy baby, you have to keep up with frolicking posts here because you represent yourself as a troll. That's what happens when you are an outsider trying to influence the Laker fans in this blog. As a visitor, you have expired your privileges in making silly comments of the Lakers. Only Laker fans are entitled to make criticisms with their own flock, it is either you keep up or just stop making mockery of those baloons. Don't get mad when people call your names, that's part of the ritual here. How in the world can Mamba24 insult a Mylar, a Crayola and a Number with a rating of C - Catastrophic daily trolls? Are you capable of being hurt? You seemed to be insensitive in raiding our blog.

LOL Edwin! Way to scourge a troll!

But you really shouldn't be surprised at how sensitive they are. They're all tough talking, posers who really just want a hug from their mommies.


You forgot to include the Mamba24 identity crisis brought about by Laker Truth, or the Celtic's attempt to recruit Mamba24 to the dark side, only to be foiled by Ex's nuclear deterrent of the thought of M24 in a bright green thong...

Laker fan-

Rumor has it that "Neo" watched the Celtics blow out the Bulls and he is ready to jump ship!

I can neither confirm nor deny!

Edwin - I have shown nothing but respect for the lakers since I've started blogging. Think my feelings are hurt?? Guess again. Just trying to fight injustice and hypocrisy whenever I see it.
Justa - you cannot possibly hurt me with your words. I figure if the K bros allow it to be printed, I have it coming.

Another win for the old guys tonight!!

Mamba24 has given me an inspiration. You, sir, are a true fan, and the only one who has shown me any respect. You are also the only one on here with a sense of humor. So, because of you (and because little chickie doesn't like my looooooong name), you are all on notice. I am changing my handle: stillhavethoseballons? is gone. And in his place - drum roll please - Giant Green Bald Headed Lunatic - thanks Mamba24, what a great idea.
Love and kisses, hope you make a comeback against the powerful Mavs:
Giant Green Bald Headed Lunatic!!

The 'feed Andrew' cause is costing us big time.

I love this game.

Kobe needs to get back in form. He's a gym rat. His vision for the game has come back changed since he did not play for a month over the summer. It will take until atleast December and numerous "Kobe's gone bad" articles before he goes to third gear.

Anyone else notice that Ron Artest's offense is being hurt by the sole presence of Bynum?

If we had Pau, his passing out of the high-post and penchant for passing and scoring only when good for the overall team is sorry missed.

Bynum is a stat player. And it won't be long before the Lakers drop another one and Andrew gets scathed for his lack of exceptional play.

Did Phil Jackson lose this on purpose to send a message? Did he manipulate the subs, and thus, the game and use it as an early way to get the 72-10 Mark out of the way? It's his M.O. Blown when least expected. Blown to inferior team. Questionable gameface and use of triangle.

They needed this loss.

Ron need's to come off the bench with Lamar for a few games. Crazy? Yes. Ridiculous? Yes.

Beneficial? Yes. Having Ron come off with Lamar just until he gets acclamated makes great sense.

If you're out of the Matrix.

Cavaliers are interesting this year. Shaq is a speciman.

Celtics an illusion.

Magic who?

And don't even talk about the Spurs.


Mojo -
Hope you find your mojo soon. Might help your knowledge of basketball - not one correct "stat" in your whole post. I particularly like how Jackson "manipulated the subs to lose on purpose" - WOW!!
Please go away now until you find your mojo.

Anyone know where I can buy a George Mikan shirt??
Posted by: stillhavethoseballoons?

Same place as where you could buy a Jimmy Johnstone or Bobby Murdoch shirt.
NOWHERE ! What's your point? Players from 35 years ago can't sell jerseys ........ DUH !
Kobe = best Selling Jersey in NBA, Pau = Best selling Jersey in Europe, Lamar= best selling Jersey on Reality TV ; ) Morrison = best selling Jersey with people that have creepy stashes ; )

My POINT, Tom is laker fans want to accept the 5 trophies won while the lakers resided in Minneapolis, but fail to recognize the players that won them DUH! Anyone can figure that out!!



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