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Lakers-Clippers postgame quotes and thoughts

A few tidbits from various "Shoot Out" champeens after last night's 114-108 win over the Clippers:

With injuries to Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom and Luke Walton prompting lineup tweaks, Shannon Brown got the start during Saturday night's opening round against the Charlotte Bobcats and hardly made the most of it (0-6 from the field, four turnovers).  His effort against the Clips represented a very nice bounce back: 8-13 shooting and a tie with Andrew Bynum for team-high scoring honors (20).  Brown offered a sincere but funny explanation for what went wrong during the first night:
"I think it was the Frappuccino I had before the game.  I was out there really bouncy.  Going too fast and not reading what was going on out there.  I even felt it in the layup line when I was bouncing around.  I know my body so I can measure what's going on, and I was really jittery.  So today, I switched up my little pregame (drink).  No coffee at all. It felt good tonight.  I settled down a little."
Let this be a lesson to you, kids.  There's a reason the great John Wooden never took his players to Starbucks before a game, and it goes well beyond the franchise not existing at the time.  Coffee and roundball don't mix. 
Adam Morrison's hot shooting (4-4 from behind the arc, 14 points in all) made him a magnet for praise and postgame media attention, but his most interesting words came while discussing D.  In particular, what caught my ear was Ammo's admission that defense will likely remain a career-long struggle for him, essentially acknowledging his relative lack of athleticism.  Not the sunniest of prognostications, but awareness of a weakness is a necessary step in working around it as best as possible.  Thus, I appreciated Morrison's candidness:

BK: Is it harder for you to find the right spots to be in defensively, as opposed to offensively?

AM:  Yeah.  You know, since I came into this league I've always been known as a (makes finger quotes) "poor defender," so that's always been a challenge for me and probably always will be.  But we have a good system where we send everybody baseline and have good bigs, so that helps.

BK: How do you think tonight?

AM: I did okay.  I let Rasual (Butler) and Baron (Davis) get some jumpers, but I got a hand up in their face.  I probably did an okay job. 

AK: When you examine your own defense, what aspects do you think need the most improvement?

AM: Just on ball.  But like I said earlier, with the way we play and the bigs that we have, it helps a guy like myself out a lot, to able to send a guy baseline and know that he can help.

AK: So this could actually be a good system for you on both sides of the ball.

AM: Definitely. 

AK: Are you starting to anticipate better the spots you're supposed to be in defensively, to make all that happen?

AM: Yeah.  We worked on it during training camp and obviously, getting more reps helps. 

No quote, however, topped Kobe Bryant's classic response when I asked how he felt Kurt Rambis would fare as a head coach in Minnesota.  As it turns out, despite spending time under Rambis' charge during the '99 lockout season, Bryant recalls nada about Clark Kent's style.

"I honestly don't remember.  It was so long ago.   I really do not remember most of that.  I just remember the (Dennis) Rodman experience.  You know how when you're young, you don't remember traumatic &@%$ ?  You know what I mean?  That's how that goes.  I remember that stuff.  The stuff that scarred me, I remember.   

Finally, BK had a few thoughts regarding Bynum's performance:

        -Clearly (AK and I) weren't the only ones wondering how Bynum would come out against Chris Kaman, easily the most talented center he's had to face this preseason. Bynum was very aggressive early, coming out with an assortment of post moves and hooks over Kaman in the first quarter... most of which didn't go in. Phil Jackson said he didn't have much of a base in his shooting, reflecting perhaps a lack of patience. It certainly seemed from press row like he was rushing and forcing things. It wouldn't have killed him to kick back out to the perimeter on a couple early trips and reposting.

        -He's obviously very competitive, but there were times where it felt like Bynum was in danger of getting wrapped up on both ends in the battle with his guy. Particularly when the real games start, he can't get tunnel vision.

        -I liked that, as Bynum noted, he responded by changing tactics after initially struggling with his shot, instead cranking up his pace. There were a few trips where he worked hard and simply beat Kaman, one of the league's better running centers, to the block and established great position. One second half sequence saw him contest a Baron Davis shot near the rim, then get upcourt in time to beat out Blake Griffin for an offensive board and putback.

    -The Lakers are having him release quickly on shots he contests near the perimeter, confident they can secure the rebound and deliver him the ball at the other end. It's led to a few very easy baskets already in the preseason.

    -Defensively, there were some down moments mixed with the positives. I thought overall he rebounded aggressively, but I still don't always think he's conscious of putting a body on guys. On a couple occasions, Bynum was slow to close on jumpers well within Kaman's shooting range. Overall, though, he felt like a presence on the floor, which is exactly what a talented seven footer should be. 

Bynum, on playing against Kaman:
    "For me, I like guys with more size because we're able to play post basketball, and that's what I like to do. Back to the basket, throwing jump hooks. I missed a lot of shots today, not like myself, but I'm going into practice tomorrow, and (will) get a lot of (shots) up."
On focusing on rebounding when his shot wasn't falling:
    "You've got to. If you're shot's not going, you play defense harder and you run the court harder, and then things will start happening for you. I was able to get some points out there. Some nice freebies. Getting to the line, and completing it there."

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Not to give credit to the greenie weenies running around crapping everywhere, but there is no primary adversary for the Los Angeles Lakers other than the Boston Celtics. Period. Dwight, LeBron, Duncan, and Denver are really NON-FACTORS. Bring on the Celtics, the only team worthy of being our rival.

Excellent game last night. Despite missing a lot of cripples in the first half, Drew looked like he was finally getting back the glue on those great hands. I saw him grab at least a half dozen passes and rebounds that I couldn’t believe he got. Great effort and great hands. With the Beast “beastifying” the Clippers, we didn’t even need the other two-thirds of our Big Three to outrebound and outscore them. Andrew also really picked up his effort and rebounding in the second half when his shot was off.

I agree also that Farmar is looking good as well as Shannon and Ammo. Jordan continues to show why he is the best prospect on the team to succeed Fisher. I really like Shannon playing shooting guard next to Jordan. He does not have the point guard skills (as he again clearly showed last night) but he definitely can throw down some great dunks and play tough defense against bigger physical guards. In my mind, both guys are keepers even though the jury is out as to whether they will ever be starters.

It was nice to see Ammo bury those 3-pointers. If there is a spot to be won on the roster, it would be by a guy who can hit from downtown. Seeing Ammo and Sasha bury their 3’s as the team’s 2 dead eye long range shooters has to be good news for the Lakers. Not to mention Jordan and Shannon also hitting their open 3’s. A big key for this team on offense and defense is going to be 3-point shooting percentages. We need to hit our open shots to keep teams honest on offense and hold down opponent 3-point shooting on defense. In fact, I believe we would be well served to establish a defensive priority to never leave defenders open for those high percentage corner 3’s.


MJ fan sees Michael Jackson`s movie and screams..."THIS IS IT!!!"

Laker fan sees "Thriller" Artest play in 2009-10 and says..."This is it???"

With all this Green vs. Purple & Gold warfare going on with certain individuals pointing out my Game Day Prayers as proof of our insanity as a fan base, I need to share something that I TOTALLY FORGOT until a few moments ago.

Here is a bombshell for 131, Red, Balloon Guy and the legion of Boston fans who play in the Lakers Blog sandbox: When Paul Pierce hurt his knee in Game 1, I prayed for him.

I did not pray that his knee be obiterated, destroyed, or seriously hurt. Instead, I prayed for his healing. Yes. The same prayers I made for my team and Andrew Bynum's knee over the past couple of years, I prayed for Paul Pierce in Game 1. The in-game chat from June 08 may still be archived and, if so, I - along with other from Laker Nation - can verify what I'm saying.

When Pierce went down...and moments later when Perkins went down, I asked the Lord to heal them both. Because I didn't want to win a championship without Boston's best players on the floor. To win it without y'all having Pierce would have been a cheap win. I prayed that we would face y'all man to man at full strength. Yeah, Trevor Ariza was not recovered from injury and yeah Bynum was down. But I didn't want the Celtics to have their own set of injury issues wearing them down during the Finals.

As we all know, God answered my prayers. Pierce and Perkins came back. The 3 pointers came raining down from Heaven and I all but knew that y'all had the Finals won at that moment.

You laugh at my prayers. You mock my prayers. You call me a hypocrite. But I DO KNOW that my Boss commands us to love our enemies and to pray for our persecutors. And in June 2008, I did just that...and y'all have your 17th Championship.

So when you insult and mock me, when you diss our Lakers - and even when I see 131-92 posting, I'll let that serve as a reminder that prayer really does work - and that my prayers truly are not in vain.


I thought your comments were a little too harsh on Drew. He was the team’s top scorer and rebounder leading the Lakers to outscore and outrebound the Clippers without his front court mates Pau AND Lamar. I would say that pretty much compensated for his over-eagerness early in the game. What I loved was when his shot wasn’t falling, he turned it on crashing the offensive boards for 8 offensive rebounds as well as making some great catches of what would normally have been errant passes into the post. And he held Kaman to just 8 points. Maybe it is just me looking at what Drew did well and you looking at what he did not do well but overall, I thought this was his best game this preseason.

I also thought you guys pretty much ignored an outstanding two-game performance by Jordan Farmar at point guard while unfairly lauding the play of Shannon Brown. Jordan’s combined stats for the two-game tournament were 22 points on 7-14 shooting, 7 boards, 2 steals, 12 assists, and only 3 turnovers in around 23 mpg. He clearly showed both nights that he is a far better prospect at point guard than Shannon Brown, whose combined stats were 23 points on 8-19 shooting, 7 boards, 1 steal, 2 assists, and 6 turnovers. in around 28 mpg. And that does not count the number of times that Brown wasted possessions dribbling. Anyway, my take was that Jordan clearly outplayed Shannon over the weekend.


MJ fan sees Michael Jackson`s movie and screams..."THIS IS IT!!!"Laker fan sees "Thriller" Artest play in 2009-10 and says..."This is it???" Posted by: RED`S LOVE CHILD | October 19, 2009 at 10:58 AM

WTF? Come on Red calm down, catchy line but it doesn't flow on the tongue. But since it was your first try today I'll excuse you. I know you can do better. Maybe it's you who needs that Starbucks. Now go get a cup and then I want you to COME BACK STRONG BIG GUY!!

Not to give credit to the greenie weenies running around crapping everywhere, but there is no primary adversary for the Los Angeles Lakers other than the Boston Celtics. Period. Dwight, LeBron, Duncan, and Denver are really NON-FACTORS. Bring on the Celtics, the only team worthy of being our rival. Posted by: LakerTom | October 19, 2009 at 10:53 AM

AK & BK,

Would you please give any bloggers who are interested in getting together for
It is the address attached to my most recent posts (
Here are the bloggers whom I know want my email Thanks.

-Kobefan in Cupertino

I somehow lost the list I had created and I know I left a couple of bloggers off.
At any rate, seems like the City is still the most central place for us to gather.
We are now 8 days away from GAME NIGHT so email me what your suggestions are.
Someone (Kobefan?) had a great list of possible venues so email that.



utz - it's great that you prayed for Pierce. Thank you. I believe you. Just don't think it's necessary. HE will heal or not heal. My issue is your attitude towards the non-millionaire basketball fans whose opinion dares to differ from yours - like me :)
I have personally done nothing to you, yet you tell me to go flame myself. I don't smoke (or drink), so that may be difficult. You can continue your prayers if it makes you happy. I have added you to my daily prayer list. That you will see it is WRONG to hate a city, team or its' fans because it's not LA, the Lakers, or any of the people on here.
I also pray daily for Earvin Johnson, Jr. That he may live a few more years, do some good work, and spread the news about the errors of his ways. Doesn't mean I have ANY sympathy for him, does it? GREAT, wonderful, phenomenal basketball player - flawed human being. Now, I ask you, do you care that I pray for him?


I, too, admit that I prayed that Paul would be OK in Game 1 of that Finals. Of course, after he got rid of the wheel chair and came back in, I tried in vain to take back my prayers and replace them with curses. LOL.


Laker Tom,

If you weren't so territorial when it comes to Jordan, you'd have noticed that the main reason I pointed out Shannon was because I thought his Frappuccino explanation was funny. Beyond that, praising Shannon isn't the same thing as downplaying Jordan (who, for the record, I thought played very well). One has nothing to do with the other, unless you're obsessed with propping up Jordan as Fish's successor. And why you'd go there is a mystery, because neither BK nor I even cited Brown's performance as proof that he's ahead of Farmar in that particular race. It felt like a totally reflexive response on your part.

Honestly, if you're wondering at all why people are starting to compare your comments to Mike T./Kwame, this is a pretty good example. Anybody who doesn't praise Andrew (and increasingly, Jordan) to the high heavens 24/7 is either "against" them, doesn't "believe in them," is "for" Pau or Shannon (ala, Mihm v. Kwame or Drew v. Kwame), etc. It's automatically adversarial in your mind. BK actually pointed out plenty Drew did well, much of which is the same stuff you also noted. If you weren't so bent out of shape by him also noting some struggles (which were undeniable), you'd see it was an even-handed and fairly positive account.


- Bynum's "tunnell vision" needs to go. He is turning into the black hole. The good news is that he seems to have fully regained his explosiveness from two years ago.

- Can we start a "give Luke's minutes to Gaffney and Ammo bandwagon"?

- Shannon Brown was impressive. He is playing confident out there, especially with the starting unit. He was displaying his mid-range game and his ability to shoot off the dribble, something we didn't see much of last year.

- With Mbegna's improved shooting, I'm beginning to think he should be ahead of Powell in the rotation.

"I thought your comments were a little too harsh on Drew."

I guess we can add BK to the imaginary "Bynum Basher" list.

Enjoyed the game last night, in all of its meaningless splendor. If there's any revealing or new thing that I'd note, its that I think Gaffney has a real shot at making the team.

That, and Blake Griffin is a beast....I'd pay to see a Clipper game to see the couple of highlights he'd put up. Poor DJ Mbenga....I pick you in a fight, but I ain't picking you when Blake Griffin is trying to dunk over you. Sheesh...

Good Morning Charles....Good Morning Everyone...

I am really liking what I have been seeing this pre season:

an apparently highly motivated and focused group---role players rising to the occasion---player and team development, ready to take it all to the next level--interchangable pieces with a plethora of combinations---the vets playing with confidence and purpose, the vets showing confidence in the role players---Bynum begining his journey to beastdom---Artest looking like the major addition to really build a dynasty on, with three (at least) legitimate players the other team has to double team (and that math don't work good for that other team)...

Bynum's play has been steller, with more to come---Farmar playing like he should, ready for some big time minutes---Shannon seemingly making up for the loss of Ariza---I think he will continue to grow and contribute mightily indeed---Shasha and Morrison hitting their shots---Powell playing extrememly solid--Mbenga looking like a very viable back up at the center postion...

what a great time in Laker history.....

I am still hoping they can keep Gaffney at least....14 sounds better to me than 13 and he plays with a lot of heart and soul...

I stand by my prediction from last season (that is included in these numbers) 4 of the next 6, 6 of the next 10....the Dynasty is upon us---revel in it Laker Nation, revel verily yay!

"we're all doing what we can"

"he is here for a holiday tour and nothing else..."



I dunno Red, I thought Kenny Loggins had a better 'This is it!' line in his collabo with Michael MacDonald back in the 80s. A bit more catchy.

Huey Lewis and the News was kinda fun too....


It's beautiful that you did that. I, unfortunately, lack that degree of compassion for my enemy.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



I think its different when a player who has never won one does it then someone with 6 already trying to set the record. I dont call Dribble Dribble an ambulance chaser cuz he has never won and is actually taking a pay cut to lose errr win one.

Posted by: 131-92 | October 19, 2009 at 11:32 AM

Interesting distinction. For the record, I don't think any of those guys are ambulance chasers. As much as Phil looked to set a record, or KG/Artest/Sheed want or wanted to win their ring, in their own careers, they all wanted to reach the pinnacle...

IMO, the ultimate sign of respect is that Phil went after Red's record. However, again, IMO....I think he might be going after Wooden's.

more thoughts seemingly.....

cool, my icon isn't frickin' green and indeed it is the most basketball like and closest to Laker colors---I must be livin' right---Huzah !

does anyone know what day they have until they have to make a final decesion on Gaffney and the other dude?

can they offer them non guaranteed contracts for the regular season, or does my memory serves correct and there is no such thing in the NBA?

here's hoping our free throw shooting percentage (enough already Floyd ! cry the masses in unison) goes up a few clicks this year---still dreaming of 80% minimum....

lots of Python (Monty) on IFC this week---get yer dose and live better...


Balloon Guy: I defined "FLAMED" earlier today. Did you see it? If so, have you realized that you're guilty of FLAMING as well?

And, in case you didn't get the memo, FLAME was not a substitute for that other word that starts with an f.

And, no, I don't hate people from Boston. New Edition is one of my favorite music groups of all time. I love Mark Wahlberg's movies. I really loved "The Departed" - especially the accents in the movie. And one of my favorite movies of all time is the Boston bred, Oscar winning "Good Will Hunting." In fact, that movie is one of the movies that helped me to heal my past & strengthen my faith in God.

I remember having some coffee before I played a rec league game. I was a defensive monster....I think I shutdown the opposing point guard. However, every shot I shot was LOOONNG. And when say long, I mean breaking the backboard long. It was ugly...

Hey guys! Long off-season, eh?

It was so great to see a Lakers game again the other night. I didn't get to see last night's game (FSW blacked it out on Directv), but I did catch the last Bobcats game.

I'm so looking forward to this season and seeing just how other teams plan on beating us when we field our normal starting 5 and bring in LO, Farmer, et al. off the bench. Barring injuries or anything bizarre (Ron Ron...are your ears burning?), I truly expect this team to challenge the 70 win mark. Not only are we loaded at every position, we're not really an old team either.

I'm also looking forward to reading the LakersBlog. AK and BK, you guys do a great job of being honest and keeping it light. I'll be here every day.

The only thing bad about this year is that my favorite Laker Girl, Tiffany, isn't a Laker Girl any more. I am seriously dejected about that.

-Count me as one who likes Gaffney's game. The guy plays hard. Man he can jump high.

-Speaking of jumping high, that dunk by Shannon Brown from a foot below the free throw line was impressive. He was smiling in mid air! It seemed like he wanted to show off those hops like that for a while, and he finally got his chance last night. Crazy hops. He should have did the Karl Malone hand on the back of his head delivery with that smiling in mid air. Now that would have been siick. Brown looked real good last night, it was a very nice comeback game for him, especially with Farmar playing so well.

-Jordan Farmar looks real good right now. He should be the back up PG.

-I think the Clippers can be very good if they would get themselves a new coach. With Dunleavy, there's no way they make the playoffs.

-One more week and the season starts.

Go Lakers!

Laker Tom-

I don't think I was harsh at all with Bynum. I hardly ripped him, and for every notice of places where he can continue to improve, I noted things he did well. It was hardly a scathing piece. I think he's having a great preseason.



As always as ever, any day is a great day when Floyds in the house!!!!


As always as ever, every day is a great day when...FLOYD'S IN THE HOUSE!!!!

-I think the Clippers can be very good if they would get themselves a new coach. Go Lakers! Posted by: Rocky | October 19, 2009 at 12:07 PM

Come on Rocky tell the truth. Jon K paid you to say that didn't he? LOL!

utz - my apologies to you. I'm glad that you have put your life back on track. No more crapola from me on that. No promises on Celtics vs lakers, though. I went to Holy Cross College, and our biggest rival was Boston College. We teased them all the time, yet some of my best friends were from there. I mean, it's supposed to be fun, right? It's just basketball!!!! And God doesn't care about it!!!! :) LOL....

I don't know about you guys, but don't you get the feeling one of these trolls is actually Bill Simmons in disguise? anyone care to take a guess?

I don't know about you guys, but don't you get the feeling one of these trolls is actually Bill Simmons in disguise? anyone care to take a guess? Posted by: Cap's Goggles | October 19, 2009 at 12:27 PM

Good Morning All.....

The Lakers played just over a good half of ball..The Clippers seemed to get a little side tracked after that great start and went away from what was working really well for them...

Even though it was just a pre-season game,the bench did a good job.....

Now....back to the clowns......since when do other teams fans just rock up and tell residents about being off topic?...PLEASE...Are you kidding me?....
Thats what makes this blog the best..the ability to able to drift in and out of topic and still have the Lakers at heart....Even more so when the team is not playing...Music,Movies and other sports as well......

This blog is the best for a very good reason.......And deep deep down inside...Even the clowns know it......They tried the rest...Now they found the best.....


I don’t want to get into it again with you over this. I simply felt that this was Drew’s best game of the preseason and thought BK should have emphasized that. Same with Farmar. He clearly showed over the weekend’s two games that his skill set at point is superior to Shannon Brown’s and outplay him. All I did was state my opinion which differed from yours. You obviously have a problem with me or with anything you deem as criticism so let’s just agree to disagree and move on.


Posted by: stillhavethoseballoons? | October 19, 2009 at 12:25 PM

Saw your response to me, and it makes me wonder if you are insulting Celtics fans by saying (paraphrase) 'but I'm a Celtics fan, I don't know anything'.

As for the contention that Floyd ran the triangle, google 'tim floyd triangle offense'. Its pretty simple isn't it? The Bulls ran it, with Artest there. I know this is some sort of tit-for-tat for you, but I'm honestly trying to help you out here. Tim ran it; Artest played it.

What more do you want? Unless you are arguing for the point of arguing, what the use of this argument? Fact is, Artest ran it previously, but to the otherside of the argument, he has yet to run it with a team that is 3 or 4 years into running it....he'll have to learn it.

With him being the only person that needs to integrate, I don't think he'll have a problem. If you think he's going to go Ron Ron on that, well, Kobe and Fish aren't exactly idiots...they ran it with a bigger egos than Rons.

With the preseason games, he seems to be running it fine for where he's supposed to be. That's what counts, no?

Thanks for implicitly adding me unto the scrap the green icons waggon.

Yes yes it's a techie issue but seriously of all the colors to have us spotting, green icons? Should the celtic manage some miraculous victory against us during the regular season or lord forbid the post season, there won't be an IT team in sight to save your behinds. Ditch the icons or get us purple and gold ones. And stop letting your tech teams dictate the look and feel of the blogs. Throw some weight around, flash a press badge, promise to mow your editors lawns. Just get those green icons off our blog.

I mean what's next, a huge banner with lebron's mug on it to which you'd respond it's a techie issue? We want some purple and gold on the blog yo and we absolutely do not want green. Does sasha know y'all are willing to live with the green icons?

24 + 16 + [3|1]7 = The Purple Tinted Golden Age

"Jon K paid you to say that didn't he? LOL!"-mamba

Actually he threatened to kill my cat and destroy my Micheal Jackson collection. I had to do it Mamba. j/k

Go Lakers!


{Clutch =24 seconds or less remaining, score tied to 2 points behind}
{Stats from 2003-2008}

Ron Murray--- 4/4-- 1.000%
David Lee------4/5---.800
A. Bogut-----4/6---.667
C. Boozer---6/9---.667
PJ Brown----4/7---.571
A. Jamison---9/16---.563
Josh Smith---6/11---.545
Grant Hill---6/12---.500
M. Okur---7/15---.467
C. Butler---6/13---.462
Z. Randolph---7/17---.412
D. West---6/15---.400
RAY ALLEN---15/39---.385
R. Lewis---10/26---.385
C. Paul---8/21---.381
T. Parker---6/16---.375
R. Hamilton---8/22---.364
R. Gay---5/14---.357
B. Gordon---12/34---.353
T. Prince---6/17---.353

KOBE BEAN BRYANT----14/56----.250


I am still confused who will inherit Fisher's starting role when the time comes and it seems it could come soon.

Farmar, Brown or somebody else's?

Last night was one of those rare moments, when it was pretty clear JF has the tools.

If only he gave up the ball to Shannon when the defense commited on him on a fastbreak. SB was wide open, what was that all about?

It'd be cool if Gaffney secured a spot on the team, his overall hustle and will has been impressive. I like his energy. He goes after it! And we can always use that length of his. But hey, we are not the ones who have to pay him..I think from a business perspective, they may not sign him..

LakerTom is jealous and secretly wants AK and BK's job
i'm not buying his manipulation.

What the heck is goin on here??

Can we keep these greenie weenies in check? These guys are like bacteria. There's so many of them and they just won't go away

Farmar needs to string 15 or 20 of those games together.


Thanks for your response. I thought the criticisms and praise you had for Drew were fair. I said I thought you were a little harsh on Drew because I thought bottom line Sunday night was his best game of preseason and thought you did not stress that. I did not mean for my comments to be taken as criticism of you.

As for AK’s reaction regarding my comments about Jordan and how I took any praise of Shannon as a hit against Jordan, I don’t think I was out of line to point out that Jordan played better than Shannon did over the two games, especially when you looked at their performance as playmakers.

These two guys are competing head-to-head for the backup minutes behind Fisher. If AK read my posts on Shannon over the weekend, he would see that I like the guy and do not think either he OR Jordan has shown the ability to replace Fisher as starter, although Jordan has shown he would be a far better option in my opinion than Shannon. At any rate, none of my statements were meant to criticize AK, who obviously has a problem with me. At any rate, let’s just move on. It’s no big deal to me.


Hey Red's Love Child,

turns out all the celtics are old as hell this year and they're all going to tear their knees up. no championship for the celtics this year.

sucks for you


>>> LakerTom is jealous and secretly wants AK and BK's job.

I’m not jealous but I am envious of AK & BK. What Lakers fan wouldn’t be. It’s one thing to dream of being 6-11 275 with great hops and BB skills. If you can’t do that, what would be better than the gig that AK and BK have created for themselves. Only a fool would NOT be envious. LOL. :-)



I don't take any of it personally, I was just responding to the comment. As was Andy, I think. Regarding Shannon and Farmar, though, I don't think this is a traditional battle for PT, because the two of them have very different skill sets. No question Farmar is a better pure point. He handles the ball better, is a better passer, etc. Bown is a much stronger (literally and figuratively) defender, moves laterally better, and so on. He's not, and may never be, a classic PG. On the other hand, the team doesn't always need one. So matchups will dictate a lot of how PJ deploys the two of them, I would think. Also, depending on how Sasha plays, SB could see time at the two as well, so there's an outlet there.

In another system, the lines would be more clear (Farmar would almost certainly lead the race for a team that needed a true point), but with the Lakers its different. Farmar is probably a little ahead because of his more developed PG skills, but that may not always be the determining factor. It's an interesting setup for sure.



"Can we keep these greenie weenies in check? These guys are like bacteria. There's so many of them and they just won't go away"

Try penicillin.


Thanks for your post. I have no problem with any of the comments you made about Jordan and Shannon. I agree that they both have skills that the Lakers need and am hoping both perform well. As for Farmar, he needs to keep playing just like he did over the weekend if he wants to succeed Fish. We know he has the talent; the question is whether he can harness it to play like this every game.


Zach from san diego loves LakerTom.

#4 - thanks for the advice - I found this:
July 2001 -
Byline: Mike McGraw Daily Herald Sports Writer

Now that a new rebuilding plan is in place, the Bulls' offense is taking a different shape this summer.

That doesn't necessarily mean the reign of the triangle offense - used by the Bulls since Phil Jackson became head coach in 1989 - is over. The coaching staff wants to see if the young players will function better in a new system.

"It's more of a high-low oriented, running and slashing (offense)," rookie forward Tyson Chandler said. "This is my type of game. I'm loving it. I'm smiling every time we ...

Seems like one needs a basketball IQ to run this offense. Floyd tried it, and scrapped it - because the "young" Bulls couldn't get it. Now a VERSION of the triangle, if you want to split hairs, fine. But THE triangle, according to YOUR Google info, has only been run successfully by Phil Jackson. It's on the previous post, but thanks again for your help - I stand by my comments.

not to get all pollyanna: i know this is still pre-season (and pre-season against the warriors and the clips, to boot), but this is starting to look like a really good season. when you think about the last two games, with (arguably) 3 of their top 8 on the bench, when they've been challenged they've been able to regroup and re-take control. unlike last year when at times it felt like we were watching giant slalom. i've been really impressed with bynum and farmar in particular.

Hello all, great to be back after an all too long off season.

It is not Jordans playmaking that is the problem (although he definitely is a me first PG which I hate) but he is absolutely worthless defensively. If JF is the point guard of the future, we are in trouble.

It's on the previous post, but thanks again for your help - I stand by my comments.

Posted by: stillhavethoseballoons? | October 19, 2009 at 02:04 PM

As I do mine. As the part you posted implies Ron ran it for at least a year before it was scrapped. However we may disagree, genuine thanks for not being a jackhole when it came down to it.

But the true thing we are trying to get at though is, will Ron be able to run the Triangle here, at least by the playoffs. I know we'll both disagree so let's not let it devolve.

Fact is, if there is anyplace to run and learn the Triangle, its going to be here, a place where its been run with much success. Will it be good enough to defend the title? Sure; I think Phil is a good enough coach that the offensive attack doesn't rely on Ron to be a main cog.

Additionally, Kobe is close enough to him and Ron is receptive enough to a team he insisted on joining that he'll be able to run it. You can disagree, but I think he'll be able to run the Triangle just fine.

To speak more humbly though, what do I really know? I waiting to see what happens just like you. Of course, I'm hoping for a different outcome than you...

#4 - thanks for your intelligent post. Very refreshing to not be called a "troll" for once......:)
I respect and fear the lakers. Never said Artest couldn't GET the offense, just that he never ran THIS offense. He can obviously pick it up!!! My concerns, as a non-laker fan, would be - this is STILL Ron Artest. He has still never played more than 70 games in a season. He has never been the 4th option on a team.
Now - he is a GREAT 4th option, don't get me wrong, just thinking out loud that with Bryant, Gasol, Bynum and Odom on the floor (a lineup Jackson said he would use), will Artest be happy not getting his shots? This is where I think you will miss Ariza. He didn't seem to mind this role. Artest? Well, we'll see, just like we'll see if Rasheed Wallace will be happy playing 20 - 25 mins a game. Injury-free, this should be the best year in the NBA since the 80's. Hey, Bird and Magic.....okay Magic and Bird....:) have co-authored a new book. Can't wait to read it!!!!
Have a great day and happy posting..

Laker Tom,

As BK noted, I wasn't taking your comment personally. And I definitely don't mind criticism or dissension against my opinion. I welcome it. But that doesn't mean I'm not allowed to respond, particularly when, as in this particular case, I think the issue you raised was pretty baseless.

This wasn't a postgame analysis, but rather a collection of quotes I found interesting. I didn't break down who played well or poorly, much less single out Jordan for the latter category or go out of my way to downplay his performance. Not mentioning Jordan wasn't a slight of his good effort (I completely agree that he played well over the weekend). He simply just had nothing to do with the post's context, so why would I even mention him?

That you would stick up for Jordan completely out of left field when he wasn't even being criticized or compared to Shannon struck me as very knee jerk and part of your continual insistence that he's the better successor to Fisher. That may or may not be true, but it's also completely irrelevant, because I never said or even inferred otherwise in the post. And how much "praise" did I lavish on Shannon to begin with? I quickly noted that he had a much better Sunday game than Saturday (which can't possibly be debated), then spent more time talking about his coffee drinking habits. This was hardly me "anointing" Shannon on any level, which is why your reaction reminded me of Mike T. and Kwame.

Remember how the mere mention of Mihm or Drew would spark an automatic response about how much Kwame meant to the Lakers, that he's the best defensive center since Bill Russell, and so on? You don't want to be that guy when it comes to Drew or Jordan. Obviously, I realize you're not rooting "against" Shannon or Pau the way Mike did with Mihm and Drew (you're much too sincere and loyal a fan for that kind of petty nonsense), but there's still that instant need to prop up Andrew (and to a lesser degree, Jordan) 24/7 no matter what is being said about them. It grows wearying after a while and, in this particular case, can lead to undue dissatisfaction over a post. I realize both are your "guy," and that's cool, but that enthusiasm shouldn't affect how you interact with other readers when it comes to both (especially Bynum). Again, if you need an example, this conversation would work.

But again, I do want to reiterate a point. I wasn't personally offended or hurt by you criticizing the post, in and of itself. It was the "why," which I felt wasn't really warranted. But I wasn't "upset" with you, at any rate.


In Bynum's case his effort and hard practices will prove to be a major succcess, it's called "Hard Work" !I used to to tell my JV BB players, "If you want to make the varsity, you're going to have to practice hard, be bale to move your feet firist and foremost, then your hads and arms will have a chance to be innthe right place at the right time, This is the only move toward success! ' the same goes for the PROS !" don't reach-move the feet! Note: 65% of H.S. Practice for shooting JV BB was layups and free throws. When I see 55 % from the from the free throw line I cringe. most of my Frosh and Soph players could hit 60-65 % from the line . I even had 3 plaers in one year ave, over 75% and none worse than 60% so why can't the all world ers hit a mere 60% Even Shaq should have stiff wristed that much!


Thanks for your comment. No problems on this end. I was just trying to make my point and did not mean to criticize you. I think you know how much respect I have for both you and Brian. Peace.



Stop feeding the trolls. You're being too human with them.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Morrison went 4 for 4 from beyond the arc for me in 2k10 this weekend too.

Jon K - you asked the "trolls" a question, and the "trolls" responded. TWICE. I think that is worse than what utz does. At least I know where he stands!!



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