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Lakers waive Tony Gaffney

He made a solid push, but in the end the math just wasn't in his favor, and what seemed completely and totally inevitable three weeks ago finally happened today when the Lakers waived forward Tony Gaffney.

The UMass product showed good defensive instincts and a willingness to work hard, but given the $91 million on LA's payroll (which translates to over $110 million in commitments when luxury taxes are factored in) Gaffney needed to be more than simply a prospect. All isn't lost, though. Gaffney likely showed enough to find his way into the NBA at some point down the road.


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for the first time, lakers have the highest payroll in nba @ 91m, no wonder tickets below $ 45 are not available at ticket master, maybe they have to allocate extra more dollars for luxury taxes. if lakers don't get a repeat, prepare for the firing squad. we are becoming like the version of yankees in basketball by outspending other teams banking on the reassurance that fans will pay the price in any economic condition. some of those players waived have more talents than those under contract for 5m but still inconsistent to this day. they play well on some days and make dam-damn t/o's like a college ball player, can't rely on them w/o the help of kobe who's getting the bulk of the salaries at 23M. i hope he will agree to reduce that salary to 20m just extend it to a long term. with that reduced annual pay, let's retain good ones in 2010 and upgrade the reserves. there should be a healthy balance of veterans and youth. avoid this prevailing policy of veteran superstars and inconsistent scrubs through unwise long term contracts. lakers should prepare in 2010 the post kobe/gasol/artest era.


One winning strategy that John Wooden always emphasized to his teams was to just play your game. If you do that, it really doesn’t matter who your opponent is or what strategy they have concocted. Just play your game. That is why I find those Know Thy Enemy discussions boring and nearly moot. The only team that is going to beat this Lakers team is the Lakers themselves.
The success of this Lakers team starts with Kobe Bryant, the best player on the planet. While he is now surrounded by other talented players, make no mistake that he is the one player that every team has to account when they game plan against the Lakers. And he is the only player on the team that the Lakers could NOT afford to lose to injury and still contend for the NBA championship. Anybody who thinks Kobe is not going to come back even more determined just doesn’t understand him.
While Kobe Byrant’s shots and points may go down this year, I am betting KB24 will have one of his greatest seasons ever, playing dominating defense, upping his team-best assists and steals totals, and leading the cruising Lakers to a 70-win season and near-sweep through the playoffs and repeat NBA championship, taking home his 2nd consecutive Finals MVP trophy. For some odd reason, I have a hunch that Kobe just may have his eye on the DPOY award, which no guard has won since MJ.
One of the major reasons why Kobe’s shots and points are going to decline this year is the return of the Andrew Bynum that was the first player other than Kobe to win Western Conference Player of the Week since Shaquille O’Neal. The best news from preseason was that it was not going to take Andrew until January to return to form. This is the first time we have seen this level of play from Andrew in camp. The last two years it took him three months into the season before breaking out like this. This year, we are going to have a Beast at center from opening tip – on his 22nd birthday no less.
I think Andrew will average close to 20/10/2/2 this year and be our #2 scorer. The simple truth is that there are really very few teams that can matchup with Drew at center, especially with Pau at power forward and Ron at small forward. Drew will pick up lots of lobs and offensive rebounds for dunks and easy points every game. We are also going to see a lot of Drew igniting the Lakers running game by beating the ball and the team’s center down the court in transition. It’s another luxury the Lakers enjoy since they have great rebounders in Pau and Lamar who can control the boards. Phil even did this with Kwame Brown. It’s an easy way to take advantage of Drew’s matchup edge.
Hopefully, the Lakers won’t rush Pau Gasol’s return from his hamstring injury. Lakers fans will never forget how hammy injuries to Byron and Magic gifted the Pistons their NBA championship. Has anybody out there read the new book from Magic and Bird where Larry slams Isaiah Thomas? Anyway, we don’t need to have Pau have hammy problems down the road. Best to rest him now. Everybody knows the guy needs a break anyway. Best power forward in the game today, I look for Pau to continue to show how much tougher and competitive he has become due to Kobe.
Ron Artest may not put up the gaudy numbers he did last year but I think his presence will make every other player on the team tougher and more competitive. He is the best insurance the team could have gotten against complacency and over-confidence. I have been very impressed with Ron’s playmaking and passing abilities. He is a much more complete offensive player than I thought. And his defense may be a step slower than his prime with the Pacers but his physicality and toughness is exactly what the Lakers needed. Ron will turn out to be another Swiss Army knife style of player who Phil can call on for a variety of situations and matchups, especially defensively. Ron will see fewer shots, points, and rebounds but probably more assists, wins, and championships as a Laker.
I think the Lakers point guard situation has been over-criticized and under-appreciated by Lakers fans, especially in light of how critical Derek Fisher’s heroics were to the team winning the championship. While Derek Fisher has played minimal minutes this preseason, Jordan Farmar, Shannon Brown, and the almost-forgotten Sasha Vujacic have all had outstanding training camps. I thought Jordan especially played well. I am looking for Fish to start but just play around 15 minutes per game and Jordan, Shannon, and Sasha to share the backup guard playing time as the Bench Mob rocks. One good thing about our PlugNPlay point guard solution is that we do have the talent and skills needed to matchup against other team’s point guards, even if no one player has them all.
Finally, I think Lamar Odom will get the long hoped for opportunity to play point guard or forward or whatever you want to call it. I am amazed Lamar has continued to be on fire from the 3-point line. This is Lamar’s year to win the 6th Man of Year award for his great versatility coming off the bench. Lamar said it best himself when he said Phil now trusted them all to try some innovative lineups that could cause havoc with other team’s rotations and matchups. I think we’ll see the Drew/Pau/Lamar BIG 3 front court and the Kobe/Drew/Pau/Ron/Lamar Big 5 as part of expanded repertoire of lineups the Lakers will unleash on the NBA this season, with Lamar Odom in the catalyst seat.
The above 9 players will form the team’s normal rotation, which means Luke will join Josh, DJ, and Adam on the Garbage Mob. If Sasha’s shot falters, look for Adam to get a shot at his minutes. If the team starts to get stale, look for Phil to insert Luke to grease the skids and get everything going. If Drew and Pau get into foul trouble, I think DJ has given Phil reason to be more confident in turning to him to play center with his performance the last two preseason games. Best 3rd string center.
Anyway, that’s my preseason take on the Lakers. And I think the team would agree with me 100%. Just play your game! This team is so talented and deep, that is all they need to do to repeat.


lakers made a mistake they will need somewhat of a defensive stopper off the bench

Good luck to Tony Gaffney. As BK so astutely put it, the math was not in his favor with the Lakers. But I hope somebody picks him up.

Predictable bummer for Gaffney but I would expect him back somewhere down the line. Would not be surprised to see him on the D-Fenders. He'll be unprotected, other teams will have just as much right as the Lakers to make an offer but I'm sure management's radar will be on him.

I know the Lakers had the highest payroll in the NBA this year but to cut someone that would make 1/12th of what Luke Walton makes, plays better defense, blocks way more shots, does not turn the ball over and plays the same position? It does not make sense, Trade Morrison and his 5 million dollar contract, trade Luke and his 6 million dollar contract, but why cut Gaffney who would have played just as well for $455,470. I'm disappointed, not because it will affect us repeating in any way but because Tony Gaffney was a guy that gave everything he had on the court both in practice and in a game during garbage time to realize his dream, there's something refreshing in today's NBA about that.

Honestly, what is up with all the Luke haters?

He's not going anywhere, so all the energy people waste hemming and hawing over him being on the roster could be put to better use.

TomK - I can totally understand your enthusiasm for Gaffney but it's not just a minimum salary deal - it would be doubled with the cap penalty. As for Morrison's expiring contract, it will be coming off the books next year and the team will welcome that relief - they probably won't resign Morrison and if they do, it will be at a fraction of the cost. I think the coaching staff likes Gaffney but keeping him on the roster as the 14th man might not really be the greatest benefit to him as a player. I'm hoping that he can get more experience and seasoning and come back to us somewhere down the line.

Sad to see Gaffney go after seeing this interview where he seems so genuinely amazed to be on the same team as Kobe and the champs:

He was living the dream. Hope he makes it in the league sometime down the line.

thanks for the love, guys. I'm trying to get my folks to move to a real state closer to me or my siblings, so hopefully it will be a short lived and temporary exile. Of course, it doesn't help that i've been looking for work here in sw wash for like 5 months and i got my old job back there with one phone call. sigh.

jon k- western half. Dave m- LOL. would you believe i didn't even hear the song 'rocky raccoon' until i was in college? If it ain't top 40 or country, nobody in SD cares. Of course, we [cringe] do have a corn palace, a bunch of dudes carved into the side of a hill, and Wall Drug. Hey, it beats Fresno.

Of course the real silver lining is that there are no Blazer fans.

and of course i'll keep posting on this site. what the hell else am i going to do? I'll probably make LakerTom's output look like the text to a bazooka joe comic by comparison.


I root for the underdog as much as the next guy, but the idea that they somehow cut a guy who would contribute minutes this season is definitely a reach. Gaffney acquitted himself well and I think could find a niche in the league, but if he played real minutes for the Lakers this season, it would have meant bad things. Playing pretty well in preseason garbage time isn't the same as succeeding on a championship team in the regular season. Likely he'd have spent most of the season in the D-League, which is no crime, but nothing the Lakers need to pay for given the size of the payroll. If things go so wrong that they end up needing another forward, they'll likely be able to find one of Gaffney's talent level, if not Gaffney himself.

It's nice to reward people for hard work and a good attitude, but I can't blame the Lakers for not wanting to pay for it.


Cali - the Luke hate will always be here. It doesn't matter how much or how little he plays and the complaints about his salary are actually a clever smoke screen. In actuality, I think it's some kind of secret cult with ties to the free masons and Opus Dei. We can fight back however. Those of us who KNOW that Walton is no more than a role player and member of the Los Angeles Lakers, can fight the tyranny that seeks to paint him as the dark one incarnate. By insisting that Luke start each and every game, playing all 48 minutes plus overtime if necessary, we will strike a blow for the average joe! Yes, I'm gonna say it right here and now - Luke's 5m per year (4th lowest on the team actually) contract should be torn up and he should be rewarded with a MAX contract! Plus, I'm sure that he's going to be an All-Star this year AND win the slam dunk competition. And, he'll probably be head coach when Phil finally hangs them up. As well as the next Governor of the state. But only after winning 6 more championships along with MVP each and every year. Okay. There, I've said it. And, I will be happy to accept the support of like-minded bloggers to this noble cause. Just, c'mon and sign up. Truth-speakers, fighting the fight, man.

“...That's why when I take road trips I make sure to get off the main interstates. For me, driving through Ely, Nevada or Belle Fourche, South Dakota is a lot more interesting than driving by Las Vegas or Chicago on a major interstate...”
Posted by: Jon K. | October 24, 2009 at 12:58 PM

Probably the nicest (possibly only) thing ever said about Belle Fourche (that’s pronounced ‘foosh,’ for some reason, like Pierre being pronounced ‘peer.’ Don’t ask me, that’s what happens when a bunch of Norwegian immigrants move to a place named by French trappers. ) (please don’t get me started on the Fromer’s guide stuff.) Jon doesn’t mention that Belle Fourche is basically a trailer park in the middle of nowhere. Very scenic, though.

Anyway. The K Bros latest podcast has been added to my ipod trip playlist. Joins Eoin Colfer’s “And Another Thing (the sixth book in Douglas Adams’ ‘Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy Trilogy)(not only does the guy put six books in a trilogy, he can do it WELL AFTER HE’S DEAD. Talented man) and a bunch of music by Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Green Day, Weezer, Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, Mazzy Star and phred’s own licensed ‘cheesiest songs of the 80’s [purely research related, except for Wang Chung’s ‘everybody have fun tonight and Phil Collins’ ‘In the Air Tonight,’] which join Jimi’s ‘All Along the Watchtower’ and Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody ‘ in being just for the part of Montana where you can drive 160 mph and need something cool to listen to.

Oh, and ‘Rocky Raccoon,’ thanks to Dave M’s reminder. Might be a song parody in there, too, if I can ever figure out what ‘Rocky Raccoon ‘ is about.







AND THE LOVE KNOWS THAT HE DID NOT MEAN IT SERIOUSY, BUT IS PRETTY SURE PFUNK WILL TAKE *ahem,* sorry, i'm pretty sure that pfunk will launch into a vociferous assault on dave m's sanity and judgement anyway. let it never be said that pfunk was able to understand the concept of irony.

dave m. i fully agree on your all out support for luke as california governor. we need a fresh face with nu ideas, if he does not make it, how about a lead role on the morning soap general hospital? are u aware that g/h has been running as soap for almost 50 years? that's record breaking.

seriously, the best remedy is winning. winning cures all and silences the hardest dissenter. in losing it divides and conquers like the mccourts. half of laker fans hate to lose while the other half hate discussions on why they lost, they prefer to hear discussions only about winning championships on any day. therefore, if people releases their angst that causes their high blood, let it be, or the vice versa, if people want to praise caesar, oops i mean luke that he is a honorable player and worthy of praise, so be it. just like in the halls of congress let the blog records those posts and move on.

funny clip.

so kobe and paula really hate each other. let the rivalry begin!


You have mentioned about trading Luke Walton.... Which team is going to be ready to accept him in a trade, given he has another 2 yrs on his bloated contract....


"Honestly, what is up with all the Luke haters?'

I'll explain it...

1. He's overpaid.

2. He's not athletic.

3. He's white.

4. He's good-looking.

5. He's Bill Walton's son.

That's it. That is literally all of it.

They forget that he makes his teammates better, he's a good player, he's a Laker, he has a great basketball IQ, and he's a Champion (and he DESERVES to be a Champion.)

Luke haters are idiots who have never played sports in any real competitive level. Period.

They literally just don't understand that in team sports players have different roles. Winning is not just about the stars... at all.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"so kobe and paula really hate each other. let the rivalry begin! "

The rivalry is immortal.

The issue is the 60's. I feel such sorrow for Jerry West, Gail Goodridge, Elgin Baylor. All they had to go through, especially Elgin Baylor, the least appreciated athlete in basketball history.

Fricken Bill Russell. Fricken Bill Russell.

We were always the good team and evil beat us down for a decade. It's just not right.

When the Lakers beat the Celtics this year (and any year) it's not about the present, it's about those Great players who were denied the Greatness they deserved in the public attention over bullcrap.

I hate the Celtics. Never have they had class.

I don't want to say anymore.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


and don't forget the associated press/nba league directive that all contracts for players we don't like must be described as 'bloated.'

Luke makes what he makes. He makes less than most of the Lakers, he is probably one of the best TENTH in the rotation guys a team could have, he's much more experienced than Tony Gaffney, who has no NBA experience. Most of all, Luke can do the role player stuff, he can move without the ball and without stagnating the offense. Rant all you want about his spot shooting, his fg % is respectable, his asst to TO ratio is usually second or third highest on the team behind Gasol and and sometimes Odom, he has had some pretty solid games ass the primary defender on paul pierce in the two games against the Celts last season and on carmelo anthony for most of the denver series, a fact forgotton in TA's late game inbounds steal. TA was pretty much horrible on Melo for most of the series. Luke's popular in the locker room and never embarrasses the team, and if anybody really thinks that he gets more minutes because he's white, i don't think I can argue with you, because I don't speak the language of whatever the hell planet you are from.

yup, you guys can jump on. I'm doin my Luke song, and i'm gonna have lots of free time to compose over the next couple of days.


*as the primary defender.

Oh please, stop with the 'trade Luke' talk already. He has a virtually un-tradeable contract, thanks to his uber-agent Lon Babby (who also represents Tim Duncan, Ray Allen and Hedo Turkoglu). He is guaranteed:

2009-10 - 4.84 M
2010-11 - 5.26 M
2011-12 - 5.68 M
2012-13 - 6.10 M

By the time of his last contract year, he would be 33 years old. If you could find another NBA manager willing to pay $6.10 M to a 33-year old Luke, great. Otherwise, save your breath and just deal with the fact that Luke will most likely retire as a Laker.

K-Bro & Lakers fan,

Question, Is it correct that every team in the NBA allowed to waive a player and the salary will not be counted for the luxury tax (like Brian Grant)? why don't the Lakers waive Luke Walton?


Dave M,

Thank you. Finally a bandwagon I can jump on. Move Kobe to the bench and give Luke some real minutes. Let's make him the number one option!! Forget 70 wins, let's go for 82!

Governor is not enough. Time to bump Biden. Obama/Walton. Let's see them go 1 on 1. With the President's weak handle, even Walton can strip the ball from him.

MJ, time to take a backseat. Shaq, there's a new MDE. He's slow, he's white, and he can't shoot. But he's unselfish and he makes sure you run the offense right.

Luke has value and played very well in the finals last year. He's here because Phil understands that value. It doesn't really matter if anyone else does.

Tom D.

"I hate the Celtics"
"I hate the Cavs"
"I hate the thuggets"
"Luke haters are all idiots"

Real class, Jon K - and this is just in the last two days!!

"I can handle other people's opinions"
Yet, NO Celtics fans have class, and ALL trolls are bad people
Another classy one.

The more he posts, the more I hope ALL lakers fans aren't like this.
And I think Gaffney got a raw deal, it's all about the money now, the lakers need it to meet koME's unreasonable demands.

I keep reading stories which say LeBron is better than Kobe.

Fantasy basketball has clouded people's minds. LeBron is classified
as a better player because he has better stats. This classification is
dubious at best.

1. Most stats are generated against teams with losing records.
2. He has not had monster games against great teams.
3. He hasn't won any championships.
4. Everything that made Kobe better is still true.

A. No weakness in game.
B. Constantly working to get better.
C. Great on offense and defense.
D. Goes directly after the best perimeter player on the opposing team
and shuts/slows them down.
E. The most competitive player in the league.
F. The hardest worker in the NBA.

So why is LeBron considered better?

A. Kobe Haters.
B. Fantasy basketball rules.
C. MJ worshipers.

Why isn't D-Wade considered better than LeBron?

A. David Stern has not mandated this to the sports journalists.
B. Miami sucks.
C. Everyone wishes they could be 6'8" freak of nature and have
everything handed to them vs. getting up at 5:30 to train.

Consider this: David Stern is making noise that LeBron will be the considered
the best "EVER". Let's take a look at what LeBron has/hasn't done:

A. 1. scoring title.
B. 1 Finals appearance [ lost ]
C. 1 mvp
D. 1 ROY
E. Swept by Tim Duncan/Spurs
F. Abused by KG & the old guy squad.
G. Destroyed by dpoy Dwight "superman" Howard
H. humiliated in his first Olympics [ lebronze ]

Where is the justification for comparing LeBron to Wilt, Kareem, Magic, Larry,
MJ, Russell, West?

If the Lakers win this year, break out your hammer and chisel. You'll be
putting Kobe's face on the Mt. Rushmore of basketball. Per and old thread
from a couple of years ago: Kobe will be playing at this level for the next
5 years. He's going to threaten Kareem & Karl for the most points ever
scored. He's got a legitimate chance to beat MJ's ring total. He will have
defeated each of "his" generation's superstars. He will have defeated the
"next" generation of superstars as well. Dwight is merely the first to take
it in the chest.

The Celtics have already started talking trash, but the old men won't make it
out of the east. Everyone is praying that Artest destroys the Lakers from
within. This is the year that spirits will be broken. The Lakers are rested.
The Lakers will be tested. The year is different, but the goal remains the

To drive the enemy before us.
To break his pocketbook by forcing him to go over the luxury tax.
To hear the lamentation of his fans and trolls.
[ apologies to Conan for butchering his line. ]

To the Cavs, Celtics, Spurs, Magic & the rest of the whole FRICKIN' UNIVERSE:

The trophy is ours. COME AND TAKE IT!

Go Kobe! Go Lakers!!!

You have mentioned about trading Luke Walton.... Which team is going to be ready to accept him in a trade, given he has another 2 yrs on his bloated contract....
Posted by: Kobefan in Cupertino

Obviously we will have to throw in another TALENTED player to get a team to take him, some one like Kobe perhaps ; ) (I'm kidding) but he could be packaged with Morrison's expiring contract and Farmar for a very good point guard and another player to make the #'s work.

Luke Walton honored with new statue in Down Town LA in front of LAPD headquarters.
see article in LA Times

"Cow Splat" now THAT describes Luke's game !!!

The Celtics have already started talking trash, but the old men won't make it
out of the east. - hobbitmage

OLD MEN - really? Avg age starting 5 Boston Celtics - 29.4 yrs
Avg age starting 5 LA - 29.2 yrs..................negligible difference
Yes, Wallace is 35, but PJ Brown (remember him, you had NO answer for him in 08) was 38. Aside from Wallace, our bench is: 24, 30, 26 and 24. Wallace will only be asked to play 20 - 25 mins per game. I believe YOUR bench is about 26 yrs old, avg age.

Finally, this is a very compelling stat:
Paul Pierce, our leading scorer, is 10 months older than Bryant, your leading scorer.
Total career mins including playoffs - Pierce 33,ooo Bryant 41,0000

If you say Bryant played 40 mins a game for 82 games, that's 2.5 YRS longer he has been playing (and yes that is a good thing, because the lakers are always in the playoffs and we are not). He is in great shape, but there is only so much the body can take, with the style of game he plays. VERY HARD. Contrast that with Ray Allen. As long as he can shoot, he can play, so the difference is negligible. He can play another 3 yrs at this pace. I do worry about KG, because he plays hard like Bryant - very intense, but he will get some rest now with Wallace and Davis (24 yrs old) to help him.

Remember, even your fearless leader, Laker Tom said, Bryant is the one player who can't get injured. And while I am NOT hoping he does, I will say MOST players do once they get up around 40,000 career mins. It just happens.
But, we WILL get out of the East - hope to see you in the Finals!!

BTW- since the lakers only added Artest (30) and lost Ariza (24), does that somehow make them YOUNGER than last year???? Must be the new CA math program!!

Celtic bloggers, BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA, if your soooo good why don't you have your own blog? I have never posted my opinion on how the Laker's are the best team and are going to repeat on a blog focusing on another NBA team. Why should I, the fact that your here, means we are more than your equal and you know it. If you think you visit here a lot now, just wait until we three-peat.

TomK -
First of all, it's BLAH, BLAH, BLAH
Secondly, you guys won last year???? Really??? So, why would I come on here and talk smack?? Answer - I'm NOT talking smack at all. The lakers won last year, they were clearly the better team. I am here to "correct" some mis-information as I see it. I am here to defend my team as a viable threat to yours. You may very well three-peat, but it will NOT be handed to you, like so many on here claim!!
Thirdly, you (maybe not you singular, but YOU plural) say Celtics fans live in the past. Yet, I feel the main reason you won't respect us and recognize us as viable contenders is because of the past. We are 9-2 in the Finals against you. And here's the thing - WE DON'T CARE!!!! Could be lakers, rockets, Jazz, doesn't matter to US - clearly it matters to you. It's you guys who can't get over the past. Why can't we all just agree that these are two great teams, let the cards fall where they may, and may the better team win. Just like the past two years - the better team has won.
Lastly, your hate for Boston clouds your (again plural) judgement. Can someone explain to me, and I'm a math teacher, how the Celtics only got older in the off-season, while Cleveland lost West to the nut-house and added 38 yr old 400 lb, artist formerly known as Shaq and they are better???? Where is the logic there? Is it because the artist formerly known as Shaq (let's call him Shaq -lite) used to play for the lakers? How provincial of you. NO, the Cavs are taking a huge risk on Shaq-lite, and they got older, too.
LA, SA, DEN, BOS, CLE, ORL are really the only teams with a shot at winning. Six teams out of 30. Only proves the league is MORE watered down than when the Celtics won 8 in a row back in the 50's and 60's.
Keep your hate coming, though, guys, this is funny stuff!!

Laker Tom

"Play Our Game" a Magic Johnson mantra as well and I posted "knowing thy enemy" was a good hook but that the only Laker enemy is the "enemy inside".
Great minds syncing, a great way to begin a week.


Gotta say it again, slow and white etc. describes Larry Bird. The thing I'll never understand about Luke, is why he doesn't shoot better from distance, having been inspired early by Uncle Larry. Magic came back over a summer as a pretty reliable 3 point shooter. Acutally, Luke's shot looks reminiscent of Magic's "J"... you could barely slide a sheet of paper under his Converse.

If Luke weren't the guy everyone sagged off of when it counts, he'd be worth every cent of his "bloated" contract that isn't actually bloated but I'll pronounce it such in deference to the rule phred sited, or was it the LOVE, and why is it never really "about the LOVE" when people say it's all about "the LOVE"? and where is the "love"and is it really all we need?

In conclusion, I wish Luke could shoot better.


Loved and agree with your post about LeBron and the Lakers future.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"why is it never really "about the LOVE" when people say it's all about "the LOVE"? and where is the "love"and is it really all we need?

In conclusion, I wish Luke could shoot better. "

Agreed on both points.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


well, if you have to have a joke explained to you....

Glad to see all the Laker's fans think LA is going to win another championship this year. Must be all that smog out in LA messing with your minds? Either way, can't wait to see your disappointment when Kevin Garnet makes "ANYTHING POSSIBLE!" again.

Also, I wonder how long it will be before Ron Artest jumps back in the stands? He is such a good guy. You must be proud.


Lebron is better than Kobe...end of story.

"Honestly, what is up with all the Luke haters?'

I'll explain it...

1. He's overpaid.

2. He's not athletic.

3. He's white.

4. He's good-looking.

5. He's Bill Walton's son.

That's it. That is literally all of it. "

Surprisingly, these are really the only reasons Luke-Lovers and Luke-Lusters give this mediocre, lackluster player any praise. Then they try to use unsubstiable, unmeasurable qualitative reasoning ("but, but he's a smart player who makes his teammates better"). Or they use quantitative measures only when it serves their argument, like when his high +/- supposedly proved how great he was - that is until he started playing with the bench and his +/- plummented (while the starting 5 stats improved with TA). Which btw pops the whole "makes his teammates better" balloon.

I wish these so-called sports fans would get over their boy-crush/girl-crush for Luke. You're too old for that. Take it to the soap opera forums.

Jon K. -

I wish people would listen to you more often. He's a laker, and we should be rooting for him because he is on OUR team.

I wonder if people remember that when Luke started early in the season last year, that the ball movement improved. He's quite unselfish; he also volunteered to come off the bench to keep the continuity going when Ariza was getting hot.

And they continue to hate. That's fine, because I'll continue to defend him.



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