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Poll Question of the Day: Gunning for the Bulls?

October 14, 2009 |  8:37 am

There's no denying the talent on this season's Lakers squad, winners of 65 games last season and improved with (hopefully) a full season of Andrew Bynum and (theoretically) the addition of Ron Artest. With that in mind, the notion of pushing to meet or break the record of 72 regular season wins set by Phil Jackson's '96 title team in Chicago was bandied about at practice yesterday, as noted in AK's report.

Jackson, killjoy that he is, shot down the whole idea (click here to see the video). Still, 72 (and beyond) is a subject that pops up fairly frequently here among readers, so there's clearly interest among fans, but to what extent? Vote here, register thoughts below.

I'm with PJ on this one. The big prize is the playoffs, and pushing for records risks losing the rhythm necessary to build for a proper title defense. 73 and a Larry O would undoubtedly be cool- what team wouldn't want to be launched into G.O.A.T. discussions- but the hardware alone is plenty. Don't be greedy. As the old investing strategy notes, "Bears and bulls make money. Hogs get slaughtered." 73 because the Lakers are just that good and it happens in the natural process of things? Fine. Gunning for it as a goal? Seems hoggish.

Other notes: It's a good day for legendary coaches. John Wooden turns 99 today (learn more about him here, and catch a short TrueHoop tribute here), and Mike Bresnahan reports the Lakers are hopeful that Tex Winter will be able to attend the ring ceremony on opening night.