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I'll take "Kareem wants a do over for $400," Alex

Perhaps this is the reason Kareem's work with Andrew Bynum has been reduced. The Lakers want to lower his profile in the wake of his embarrassing scandal.

C'mon, Cap!!! It's a classic scene from a classic comedy that's quoted constantly, all over YouTube and you're the one who delivered the line, dude!!! I mean, I'd understand if you bricked one of your lines from "Game of Death." It would be easy to forget details from your stint on the TV version of "Uncle Buck." (Or that a TV version of "Uncle Buck." ever existed.)  I'll grant a mulligan on either of your appearances as "Mr. Wilkes" on "Diff'rent Strokes." I mean, the most recent was back in '85. But "Walton and Lanier?" You're better than that, KAJ!

You just know LO remembers all of his lines from his searing portrayal of "Coolidge Chickadee Player."


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>>> When y'all figure out where y'all are watching in the city let me know.
>>> I can drive up or take the train. Depending on the day. On the other hand,
>>> if I make you uncomfortable, no worries.

Great to learn that you live in the Bay area, too. And yes, I would love to have you join us in the city for the season opener. We are all Lakers fans in the end and that is good enough for me. If Blitz lived up here, I would even love to have him join us. I really never have any problem with any longtime regular. You have proved you bleed purple and gold for three years. I will add you to the list when I get to the office tomorrow and we will try and decide where to get together. If you have any suggestions, let me know. Where do you live? Thanks.



Thanks for the props. Glad you liked my rules change ideas. In addition to all of the fouls called by the “Replacement Refs (wasn’t that a movie with Chun Yun-Fat? LOL), I was actually watching the Lakers on one screen and the Yankees on another plus John Sterling with the Yankee call on radio. Needless to say, it was great to see order come out of the chaos. What a playoffs for Alex Rodriguez. He has become the Yankees new Reggie Jacks.
I was probably too hard on Shannon because last night was definitely his worst game as a Laker and Jordan has had some stinkers in the past, too. The one thing I remember, however, is how well Jordan played the one chance he got to start last year in the playoffs after Fish was forced to sit down. Jordan showed me at UCLA that he was capable of being a very clutch player who comes up big in big games. Shannon could not have picked a worse time to have his worst game. I still love his defense and athleticism, though, and look for him to have a much better game tonight against the Jazz. This is where his defense on the bigger more physical point guards like Deron Williams will be important.
And you are absolutely correct that Drew’s play has been extremely gratifying to me. Despite what some critics view as complete hyperbole, I would bet that the a poll would confirm that my opinion of Andrew is pretty consistent with the current blog-sync-think. Drew is quickly becoming the player that we all dreamed of when he responded to Shaq humiliating him by going right back at him. Drew has a lot of Kobe Bryant in him more than any other player on the Lakers. He is going to show us this year that the Lakers do indeed have the luxury of having overlapping franchise players.



Thank-you LAKERTOM and DKWSFO for your input on refs and rules. As a referee and coach, I can speak first-hand to the wide gap of credibility there is between rules enforcement on our youth who play the game (HS / College level) and the NBA. Even the casual NBA observor quickly sees the hypocrisy of basic rule enforcement compared to the stricter enforcement at the HS/College level.

The irony is that HS/College is much more difficult to ref than NBA. Although the speed and size of NBA is greater, so is the skill level which leads to a very high percentage of predictability in play-calling. Also, NBA refs even know the tendencies of all players on the floor, whereas HS/College refs are lucky to know names of team captains! Yet, the rules are more consistently and uniformly enforced at the lower level. And, this is with the obvious fact that the talent of HS/College refs is much, MUCH less than NBA refs.

I honestly believe the problem is NOT with the REFS but rather with the league. WE all know how hyper-totalitarian league supervisors are who oversee NBA refs. We are told how "ever call is evaluated after every game" by league brass. So, the reality is, patterns of "bad calls" are not the result of bad judgment on REFS but rather the league office.

Many of us absolutely LOVE THE NBA GAME. We are addicts. And WE are the life blood of the sport. Without us, the league would not have the financial support it craves and completely depends on for its very existence. I believe it is time for those of us who are level-headed, well-informed, and accurate in our analysis to besiege the league with legitimate complaints regarding this continual problem. This latest "rules adjustment" regarding TWO STEPS with no dribble is just the latest in a dumbing down of the game.

Sooner or later, we need to say NO MORE! Play the game the way it is supposed to be played. Honor the core intent and historical roots of the game. The NBA should not become the X-Games of basketball, skewing competitive performances with rules-defying activities that are just too amazing to overlook. That's what the playground is for. Just ask any HS or College player ~ even they know that!!!


Rick F.

It is only preseason game....that was the statement of Sasha when interviewed. People paid to come to Staples to watch their idols messed around.

I have the same reaction here, they way you opined in your post. If you're the Champs, wearing the "sacred" uniform purple and gold to many avid fans, it doesn't matter whether it is just a practice game, a preseason, a season game, there is no excuse for sloppy play, a lead of 19 pts. trimmed down to a measly 4 pts. in the end and if Jordan didn't intercept the last play, perhaps it could have gone to OT. Of course, if the preseason game that has any bearing, the bench mob will not be there at the end of the game. If the Lakers have the habit of taking preseason games for granted or with Sash mentality of "oh, it's just a preseason game" it should be given "FREE" to the public.

With regards to officiating, the young and new refs were just following the rules on the NBA book. They call the fouls based on the rules, it's NBA office who should provide guidelines of the definition of fouls. The refs are liked cops or public officers who are there to implement the laws and ordinances provided by the city officials.

Jon K,

"Being a professional athlete and being a vegan is probably impossible. I don't think it can be done... especially if you are seven feet tall, at large people have odd special needs."

Bill Walton was more of a professional broadcaster, his playing days are over.

I know some vegan who have been saved because of choosing this diet lifestyle. It really depends on a perso's activities and also a fringe luck that was designed to us by our creator. There are some people who are nutritionally fit, gifted athlete, no vices in life yet did not live long enough. It may have been their genes, their line or work that exposed them to cancerous elements or being at a wrong place at a wrong time. There are so many things in our daily living that is beyond our control. A simple daily prayer may help in asking for spiritual guidance. What makes Bill Walton great, he amends with his past. He humbled himself and accepted his limitation by saying "sorry" to the Blazers fans after giving them their only Championship season in 1979. How many players in the past or at present who said "I'm sorry" to their fans for having a poor health or was just a poor athlete? In fact, how many athletes would admit that they played bad during their career? A typical retired athlete would just highlight the meritorious achievements (liked reading his resume). History would expose the terrible misdeeds like incarcerations with the law, family abandonment and damages done to fellow men and the society.


Thanks for the comments. Some excellent points about the difference between college and high school and the NBA. And you are right that familiarity with the players does affect the calls during a game. That is probably why we see so many “anticipation” calls where refs call a foul because they expected it to happen when often it didn’t happen. The bias should be the other direction.
You have to wonder what the league is thinking about loosening up the rule for traveling rather than tightening it up. Why even call traveling if what they are looking for is complete freedom to make any athletic move regardless of the rules? Stern has undoubtedly done a great job in building the league into a profitable and marketable entertainment business but has bombed on “basketball” decisions such as the new synthetic ball, rules about players leaving the bench, and modifying traveling rules.
Most of my refereeing was done in recreation leagues and I was always given the utmost respect by the players because I was consistent and unbiased in my calls and basically let the players play and the game flow. Basically, the rules changes I proposed for the NBA were based on my experience as a ref and my love for a free flowing game where the zebras stay in the background. One thing that I was pretty strict on was calling traveling. Even rec league players demand basic respect for the rules.



Excellent comments about Bill Walton. I’m going to stay clear of the vegan debate but I have to agree with Jon K that it has to be hard to maintain that type of dietary discretion while playing pro sports. I also agree with you that it was a classy move for Bill to apologize to Portland fans. Rick Barry made a similar apology to Warriors fans many years after he left the Warriors to play in the ABA for his father-in-law. Like Walton, he bolted after giving the franchise their lone NBA championship. Two classy moves by two of the greatest players who ever put on an NBA uniform.


Our Angels lost a valiant effort in fighting the mighty Yankees, the bad weather and the questionable calls from the umpires. Well, there is no excuse for losing 2 games, they erred and paid dearly for it. It is not over, three games will be played in Anaheim where the rally monkey resides. Our other team, the Dodgers are just three wins away from the World Series. Most of the Laker fans live and work in Southern California, as such they align themselves with LA teams whether Bruins, Kings, Galaxy, Trojans, Dodgers or Angels and even the Clippers and of course the Lakers. They would always cheer for their home teams in victory and in defeat, not just be identified with the best teams out there. Our passion starts here and ends here.

Good Morning all.....

All 3 village idiots in.....Check....

These 3 guys are like green house gas....Not good for anyone or anything..


"Sooner or later, we need to say NO MORE! Play the game the way it is supposed to be played. Honor the core intent and historical roots of the game."

I thoroughly enjoyed your post.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Edwin Guerco,

"I know some vegan who have been saved because of choosing this diet lifestyle."

Well, for some people (people have different metabolisms, genetic history, and nutritional sensitivities) veganism is the lesser of evils. The downside of veganism is that it has a narrow nutritional spectrum and is throughly deficient in broad-spectrum amino acids and B-vitamins. The upside of veganism is that it is rich in fruits and vegetables, high in anti-oxidants, enzyme-rich, mineral-rich, and low in saturated fat (for some too low).

Veganism is certainly superior as a diet to one based on fast food, Twinkies, and soda, but the truth is that humans are naturally and genetically geared to be omnivores and require a fundamental nutritional spectrum found in an omnivoric diet.

Do most Americans eat too much meat and not enough vegetables? Overwhelmingly so, but committing to a vegan diet (especially without specific, intelligent nutritional supplementation) is generally an unwise decision for one's health long-term.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Laker Tom,

"You have to wonder what the league is thinking about loosening up the rule for traveling rather than tightening it up."

I have a very simple answer for you, Tom: LeBron James.

As the official unofficial Lakers secret agent covering Northeast Ohio, I have seen a HELL of a lot of Cavs games. The truth is in plain sight: LeBron James travels more than any other player I have ever seen play. That is the honest, straightforward, unbiased (yes, unbiased) truth.

He travels. He travels consistently. He travels so much that local broadcasters (who are incredible homers) make fun of him over that tendency.

LeBron is the NBA's Golden Child. They want to turn him into Michael Jordan II: The Second Coming. They need him to fulfill their global marketing strategy.


They relax the rules so that he can continue his bad behavior/bending-breaking the rules with impunity.

It's interesting. Unlike when they created the 3-second rule and tightened up play in the paint to punish Shaquille O'Neal for his natural abilities, David Stern has now changed the rules to reward LeBron James for his "laziness" ("laziness" really isn't the right word, it's more an attitude that the rules for everyone else don't apply to him, "self-absorption" maybe).

So, yeah, I'm sure this rule was changed to favor LeBron and allow more players dunks on penetrating drives to the basket because, umm, those plays make highlight reels and highlight reels market the game to the public.

As a former NFL player and nutritional doctor once told me, "Whenever a rule, law or decision takes place that doesn't seem to make any sense, the reason for it is almost always the same: Money."

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Edwin Guerco,

"Our Angels lost a valiant effort in fighting the mighty Yankees, the bad weather and the questionable calls from the umpires."

It was a great game. While I'm strongly rooting for an Angels-Dodgers Finals, I'm sure the powers-that-be are rooting for a Dodgers-Yankees Finals. They know that an Angels-Dodgers or Phillies-Yankees Finals is not nearly as marketable to the greater public.

When that's the case, little things happen that seem to make the desired reality come to be. I'm not sure that it's really a conspiracy, just a result of indirect, subconscious pressure on referees and umpires. Sometimes that pressure has very little impact; other times the impact is more significant. When you know what your boss really wants, it impacts one's job for good or ill. That's just a fact of life.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Edwin Guerco,

"It is not over, three games will be played in Anaheim where the rally monkey resides."

Fear the Monkey.

Fear the Monkey.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Blake Griffin is the real deal. He's the best thing to happen to the Clippers ever. God, I hope Sterling doesn't screw this up.

Go Clippers!!!


Hey Yankee Tom -
So, if 20 of the 26 Yankee championships were won back when there were only 8 teams in the league they DON'T count, right?

Being new to LA, just trying to establish parameters.

Also, the OKC Thunder are now trying to win their SECOND NBA title, right?

Again, just trying to learn the rules out here!!


Time to give up the past and embrace the future. Don't fight us. Join us. The future is bright for the Lakers and you know it.

Regarding past Celtics' Championships, yes, you guys have won more Championships and we've made it to the Finals more often. The Celtics are a Great franchise, but they are more a "historically Great" franchise as compared to the Lakers who have maintained a consistent commitment to the excellence since the 1950's. The Celtics cannot make that same claim.

Sure, you guys have a good team now, but it's for the first time in a while. When you brag about the Celtics, it's like a nouveau rich person showing off their bright yellow BMW... there's not a lot of class there.

Quite frankly, from the perspective of Laker Nation, Celtics fans do not display a lot of class. We can say that other teams' fans, but not of Celtics fans.

Spurs fans? Generally have class.

Magic fans? Well, they generally displayed class in last year's Finals.

Celtics fans? HELL NO!

In all seriousness, dude, most of the posters here display class, intelligence, humor and a thorough understanding and appreciation of the game. Contrast that with the Celtics trolls who just say things to say things. You guys embarass yourselves.

No one's stopping you from posting, but you have to ask yourself why you do what you do, because it's not helping anyone, including yourself.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Ah Jon K -
It is difficult to assess one's knowledge of the game when all one gets are contradictions and insults. Let's see - I've followed the NBA since 1972, have been to the HOF about 15 times, was an all-league player, a high school ref for 25 years, and currently a high school coach for 15 years. Does that qualify as knowledge of the game? Boy, I sure hope so because I see this current lakers team as VERY good, but not 70 wins. I actually think it would be irresponsible of Jackson to go for 70 wins once you have the best record locked up.
Class - hmmm....let's see, I pretty much take people the way I find them. Lakers fans ALL have class, is that your point? Well, I find it less than classy to have the same guy who "prays" to God for the Lakers to win tell me to "go flame myself." "Ceptics" - another classy one. "Paula Pierce" - the class list just rolls on and on..............
Finally, with 2 of the 4 best baseball in the world out here in So Cal, how classy do you find it to have to read post after post about how great the New York Yankess are? As someone who now has a great deal of respect for the Angels, for spanking my Red Sox, I would be personally offended if I had to read about the Yankees on a LAKERS blog. But, that's just me - a transplant from Boston, who you don't know from Adam, a local teacher, loved by my students. Yet, you have "labeled" me a classless wonder simply because I spent the first 47 years of my life in MA. I wouldn't do that to you, and actually would shake your hand if I ever met you. I look forward to many interesting conversations with you this year, we BOTH have good teams!! But, it is only a GAME after all, isn't it?? Certainly can't judge a person by what teams they root for, can you? Or is that a CA thing?????????
Have a great day, and good luck to the Angels and Dodgers.

Meanwhile, how 'bout Gaffney? He's remindin' me of an Ariza the way he runs the floor. He could guard a 3. Any Gaffney bandwagons?
Posted by: VMan

Gaffney is the Rookie than looks the best out there and the one that brings skills to the table that the others don't possess. Good secondary defender, shot blocking (avg almost 4 per game in College), Tall for a 3, 6' 9" with a 7'2" wing span, hustle's like Roney Turief, solid D, rebounding, all things that Walton and Ammo don't have, he deserves the 14th spot on the roster.

Self-righteous Balloon Guy:

Your back and forth with Jon K is an example of FLAMING.

FLAMING is nothing but playing the Dozens. Nothing more, nothing less, nothing BLASPHEMOUS! 131 & Red have been flaming us to no end since June 2008...and vice versa! We will probably never...ever...stop.

So, please, O Self Righteous One, Get Thee Thy Proverbial GRIP! :)

utz - #1 my comments were not directed to you
#2 YOU can talk about self-righteous? PLEASE, you pray for the lakers to win a lousy pre-season hoop game??? WOW!

#3 - I am new here. Please don't group me into 131-92 or Red's love child's camp. They are not typical Celtics fans, they are actually an embarassment. I am not them, just like you wouldn't want me to think all lakers fans are crass and obnoxious because of you, right? :)
We have nothing to brag about - the lakers won last year. I offer no excuses, we got our butts whipped. Just like you did in 2008. Who will win in 2010? Isn't that what we are here for? My problem is you guys think it will be a walk in the park for the lakers. You don't respect any of your opponents, and you are in for a lot of disappointment with that attitude. 70 wins?? Really?? You added hot-head Ron Artest to your lineup. Boston, Cleveland, Orlando and San Antonio all improved. Counting on Andrew Bynum is a mistake, IMO, based on his injury history. Ah, but you guys know more than me. Have a great day, and happy posting!!

Balloon Guy:

Regarding your #1 point...ahem...

"Class - hmmm....let's see, I pretty much take people the way I find them. Lakers fans ALL have class, is that your point? Well, I find it less than classy to have the same guy who "prays" to God for the Lakers to win tell me to "go flame myself."

So who WERE you talking about?

#2. I don't make Game Day Prayers for pre-season games. Get your facts straight.

#3. You may not claim Red & 131 as "comrades," but who cares. You're cut from the same cloth - nothing more just another Celtic fan reveling in your own Laker hatred. Your online handle says it all.

utz - I see you can insult with the best of them. Now how about adressing some of the basketball in my posts. Why do you fans have NO respect for any one else. I personally don't HATE the lakers. That's ridiculous. lakers FANS - yes, I like to have a little FUN here and there, but I won't tell you to go FLAME yourself. (I asked my HS students what that means, and I think you need to consult your Urban Dictionery before you say it's harmless).....but, should be a great year.....with FOUR teams to challenge your invicibility - of course, THREE from the East.
Have a great, sarcastic, caustic purple and gold day and happy posting!!

How can anyone forget KAJ's appearance in Enter the Dragon with fight scene with Bruce Lee?

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