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I'll take "Kareem wants a do over for $400," Alex

Perhaps this is the reason Kareem's work with Andrew Bynum has been reduced. The Lakers want to lower his profile in the wake of his embarrassing scandal.

C'mon, Cap!!! It's a classic scene from a classic comedy that's quoted constantly, all over YouTube and you're the one who delivered the line, dude!!! I mean, I'd understand if you bricked one of your lines from "Game of Death." It would be easy to forget details from your stint on the TV version of "Uncle Buck." (Or that a TV version of "Uncle Buck." ever existed.)  I'll grant a mulligan on either of your appearances as "Mr. Wilkes" on "Diff'rent Strokes." I mean, the most recent was back in '85. But "Walton and Lanier?" You're better than that, KAJ!

You just know LO remembers all of his lines from his searing portrayal of "Coolidge Chickadee Player."


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Thanks for the kind words. No doubt there are many factors that produce great team chemistry but nothing is more important than the team-first attitude of Pau, Lamar, and Luke. You are absolutely correct that that is not insignificant. It is the grease that keeps the Lakers humming and the glue that binds the team together.

- - - - -


NOOOOOOO! Leave the roll call as it is. No outside website. I love to see the names grow and browse through them. It is like a mini-history of the Lakers Blog. I say keep doing exactly what you have been doing. We WANT to see that long roll call on every one of our 98 wins this year.

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We had the Jordan rules. Now we have the Crab rules. LOL

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>>> As an ex official, I can say that determining certain situations with the speed of the game
>>> of basketball can be very difficult. Officials use "making a basketball play" as an underlying
>>> theme when making calls, as the most important aspect of officiating is maintaining the
>>> essence and flow of the game.

As another blogger who has reffed many games, the essence and flow of the game are exactly what refs need to respect. Excellent points, Mike. I posted a list of the rules changes that I wanted a few months ago and offensive players veering into defenders on drives was one of my pet peeves. I will post my recommended rules changes when I get home tonight. Be interested in your take.

- - - - -

Tom (with the blue icon)

HOF center, skilled thespian, mentor to one Andrew Bynum. And "they" don't want to give the man a head coaching job? Sheesh. Seriously though (if he isn't already), he should be looking into college, development league, ABA, whatever. Sidenote: did anyone catch that J.R. Rider signed with the North Texas Fresh ABA team? Yee-haw! Glad to see that the guy's back playing some ball, he's had a real rough stretch the past several years.

After a few preseason games this much is clear
Bynum-He thinks he the #1 option screw the #2 option
Artest-can't jump and very slow. Might be my DVR though
Sasha-found his shot...blame the hair for last year
Kobe-trying to get over being #2 option but holding up fine
LO-let him sleep and eat candy till the season starts
Pau-still trying to figure out how to get Rubio to LA
Luke-If we can find somebody to take Kwame can it be that hard to find him a home?
Farmar-his only problem is being small-the cyrstal ball says new team by trading deadline
Brown-unbelievable hops and everything else is a mystery
Fish-Mr. Clutch who can't guard a paperweight. TU D-Fish for coming up big in the Orlando series.
Ammo-Mr. Buss loves your contract,sit on the pine and let it expire
Mbenga-we need practice dummies so he made the team
Powell-not sure if he is improving but Kobe like's him good enough for me.


Mamba 24,

Glad to see your spelling skills are in mid-season form!

Last year, your roll-call included the name of Gail Goodwin. You took my advice and changed it to Goodrich. Here`s a new one for you...James Worthy did NOT spell his last name, "Worthty".

Also, enough with the Paula Pierce nonsense.
To you, he`ll always be Ru Paul Pierce!

"We`re the Freaking LA Lakers who the hell are you?"

We`re just the 17 time World Champion Boston Celtics.
Now, who are you again?

Can someone explain to me this whole icon thing?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



>>> Bynum-He thinks he the #1 option screw the #2 option.
>>> Kobe-trying to get over being #2 option but holding up fine.

LMAO! That was pretty funny, BD. Funny how after just 3 pre-season games, there are suddenly more Bynum Boosters than Bashers. We remember back when that was not the case, like a week ago. LOL! I think Phil realized that the best thing to happen for Drew was to get loads of time and touches so that he gets his confidence back. I think it is a great move and that it will really help Drew rid himself of any doubts lingering after his injury-plagued performance during last year’s playoffs. This is the Bynum that I would like to see go up against Dwight Howard.


I guffawed uncontrollably throughout the clip.

I love that Kareem did that Roger Murdock bit on "Airplane." The hilarious part is that I've read that Kareem used the slouch in public as he was kind of sensitive about his height (and probably his celebrity as a Laker). Somewhere in that performance is that combination of Kareem's inner fantasy of "being like everyone else" and being resentful towards "the norms" who lack his athletic ability, but still find room to criticize his play.

It's only funny because it's true.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I can't wait for the season to start so I can start watching games on national television. Working nights means no watching games over the Internet... and that SUCKS!!!

I need some intricate post-game analysis.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Seriously, what's with the whole icon thing? Why do some people have one type of icons while others have different icons?

Is this some form of internal "grading" system for the L.A. Times?

If so, what's my grade and why?

This kind of stuff drives me nuts.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


by Mike Trudell for

Excellent article, including good quote from Phil regarding going to Drew often and early:


If the first three preseason games are any indication, a major part of the Lakers’ first quarter offensive game plan is pretty simple: Let Andrew Bynum go to work in the paint.

“I think that’s something that you’re going to see all year,” said Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak from his courtside seat. “It’s always a focus to initially attack teams down low, and Andrew has that ability.”

“You have to be aggressive to start the game, because sometimes people come out relaxed,” added Bynum. “We know we can move the ball to the backside and (get those inside shots).”

“He’s completing at the basket,” said Phil Jackson. “I think he’s stronger. At times his defense has been really good (although) there are always areas to work on.”


“I need to focus all year long on being the first one up the floor on both (offense and defense),” said Bynum. “Because if I stay ahead of the ball and stay healthy I think the sky is the limit.”

As it turned out in Vegas, the Lakers looked for Bynum far less often as the game continued, producing just five additional field goal attempts in 20 more minutes (32 total as he played the entire first quarter), yet he still finished with a game high 24 points and eight boards plus a block. But the lack of late touches didn’t seem to bother him; on the contrary, Bynum understands that it’s his defense and rebounding that will increase in importance as games draw on.

“That’s when people are really going to come out and attack, especially if you have a big lead at halftime,” he concluded. “You have to shift your focus to defense.”

So, with a recipe made up of one part early offense and another late defense, Bynum is already looking much more like the January 2009 version of himself than what he was able to show in the playoffs due to his knee injury.



Red's Bastard Child -

Also, enough with the Paula Pierce nonsense.
To you, he`ll always be Ru Paul Pierce!

You want us to go from calling her Paula to calling her RU PAUL????


No problem - how about Queen Ru Paula? Then she'll have lots of company with Princess Jimmy.

"We`re just the 17 time World Champion Boston Celtics.
Now, who are you again?"

We're the team who beat the team who kicked y'all out of the playoffs season.

We're also the team who you haven't won a game against since June 2008.

We're the team that made KG go East and join up with 2 other superstars because he couldn't beat us by himself in Minnesota.

We're the team who you're clearly obsessed over. Which poses a question: If we stink, we're poseurs, we're not worthy to breathe your air, our team ain't homegrown, etc, then why do you waste your time speaking to us? Why hang out in our Blog? Boredom? Obsession? Can't get a date?

I'd better shut up...THE BALLOONS ARE COMING! SAVE ME!!!

Reds Love Child,

How many of those 17 titles are in the last 40 years? Just curious...How many of them are since the league expanded to include more than 8 or 9 teams? C fans on a Lakers fan site sure talk smack about how Boston is the greatest since they have the most titles. Just in case you haven’t noticed that Boston hasn’t been dominant in the NBA for a couple of generations or so. I give the C's credit - once upon a time they were clearly a great franchise, and they are a very good team now - but my friend those days of true greatness are long gone. Celtic fans unlike Lakers fans have to cling to historical greatness because quite frankly, until McHale gave away KG for chump change Ru Paul and the boys stunk. The Lakers however have rarely missed the playoffs and have won quite a few titles in the interim.


Wer`re just the 17 time World Champion Boston Celtics.
Now, who are you again? Posted by: RED`S LOVE CHILD | October 16, 2009 at 01:11 PM

RED MY MAN! I see we going to have an excerllent season this year. And you ought to be ashamed of yourself, No Ru Paul can compare to our Paula. And That's THE TRUTH!!

I don't recall any of the trolls answering my question as to whether or not there are Lakers fans attacking people on Celtics' sites.

Their silence is deafening.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


We have not seen any of the games here in CA Central Coast since League TV has not started. Tomorrow 1st game. Can't wait.


You said you wished you had this Andrew for Howard last year and I agree he looks better but Tom you and I both know he has another level to get at. We have talked about the last 3 years about him plugging along doing ok and then BOOM he looks like King Kong, then the other BOOM.. injury. At this point I don't care if he is KING KONG I just want Andrew to be able to stay on the court for the year. This KID only needs 2 thing to become great---Court Time and knees that don't fail him.
Have a great weekend!


I was reading some History of the NBA book and they were stating that when RED was running the NBA he got to choose which ref's he wanted to ref Celtic games. Is that true?


Detailed Game Analysis?
That would be MikeT but be prepared for it to be tilted toward Kwame and his calves.


i dont so much mind the icons but at the very least go pUrPlE aNd GoLd!!!!

go dodgers! this ones all on the mgr... first he takes out an unhittable JUICED UP pEdRo and then he brings in cHaNhO PaRk... the man who once gave up two grandslams to the same guy in the same InNING. can you say fernando TATIS!!!


what is the deal with the nba altering the traveling rule? is it my imagination or is stern they trying to accomodate their chosen one and make the CRAB DRIBBLE legal??!! Psted by: yellofever | October 16, 2009 at 10:31 AM

ROFLMFAO!!!! Stop this! Oh the Humanity! Princess Jimmy and The Crab dribble. JustAnotherMambaFan explain to Yellow Fever How the Crab Dribble of Princesss Jimmy must be declared Legal so that the King can save the game.!!@ AhahahhahahahhahhahahhahhhahahahhayhaAhahahahahh

Posted by: mamba24 | October 16, 2009 at 02:18 PM

HAHAHA... in the words of the great mamba OH THE HUMANITY!! FOr STERN so loved the world, that he gave us his only son LECRAB...."

Eagle{Colorado}Boy :

Gotta give you credit for your excellent display of logic..."Celtic fans unlike Laker fans have to cling to historical greatness."

Sure, and it`s good thing Laker fans don`t cling to the FIVE championships won by Minneapolis...60 years ago...during the pre-24 second clock era!!!

Kareem was on a "Scrubs" episode, too.

It's pre season. Andrew is and will be a Laker. The 4th quarter will belong to Kobe till further notice and that's the option that counts.

Meanwhile, how 'bout Gaffney? He's remindin' me of an Ariza the way he runs the floor. He could guard a 3. Any Gaffney bandwagons?

BTW: Andrew's comment about his goal of beating everyone down the floor and getting more boards this pre season is as perfect as it gets...

I've noticed that Sasha's finally shooting well again, in short minutes - 5.3 ppg in 10.7 minutes. Morrison on the other hand, is 1.7 ppg in 13.7 minutes. I know it's way to early to trend but any thoughts so far? Brown seems the beneficiary of SG minutes, taking those that might have gone to Sasha - one way of alleviating the PG jam.

Some great baseball on.

Um, per last post, not so great that Hunter was called out. The play at the plate to end previous inning though? Beast.

Yello- wow, Kevin martin is more gifted than I thought. Or, as the old joke goes ‘walk with pride man, walk with pride.’

p ang- bad karma man, bad karma. Never worry about stats, it will come back to bite you.

Dave m, mamba- I had the same thought. The roll call is getting crazy. I’d suggest narrowing it down to only people who posted in the last two years, but I have no idea how you’d go about doing that.

Justa- kinda wordy, but if Kobe says so.

Jamie Sweet- I’m a bit late catching up, but if I’m right and it was you who told the story about random celebrity encounters. Next time you catch Angelina, be sure to get her to tell you her story about how she met phred. Naw, I’m kinding. You won’t have to ask her, she never stops telling it, from what I hear.

Mamba- man, you have to stop calling Paul a skank and a woman. One, it lowers the high tone that we maintain on this blog, the one that differentiates us from more vulgar Bostonian blogs, or whatever they have there. And two, all my skank friends are getting offended by the comparisons.

as for the icons, why do they look like they are all taken from the side of the mystery machine? and I think my grandpa had some golf pants the same color. ick.

oh wait, are those spirograph designs?

The irony is that the Lakers are still draggin' Walton's but up and down the floor. But now it is a different Walton and we don't just have to see him occasionally. Bravo to Kobe for getting it done with the weight of a Walton to lift.


PS Sorry if that was gratuitously mean. I couldn't resist.

AK & BK,

The icons are cool but think how great they would be if they were all purple or gold. Is that possible?


So now it's OK to travel in the NBA. Who says so? David Stern.

Stern's favorite, LeBron Shame, couldn't win a title when it was only unofficially OK to travel. Maybe now he can. It should be called the LeBron Rule.

Walt Frazier is right. The rules are changed to make up for player deficiencies.

I don't want a green icon. We should at least be allowed to choose.

phred, when I said crazy I kind of meant in a good way. I actually think Mamba should make some coin by bidding out roll call placement, haha. Oh, funny thing - I clicked back randomly to some posts from '05.. and the topic was a rumored trade for Artest. Shows how cyclical things can be.

dave m - i wasn't being critical, but it is sorta long.

johnnyP- funny, but didn't you know we now have a horrible pro luke bias on this blog? or so I hear. Don't know how, since every time i say anything nice about him twelve people show up to call me out and then we get about twenty cheap shots in the same thread. [waits expectantly...]

and in case anybody missed it in my humor, i'm not objecting to the existence of the icons, but the color and designs are tacky, imho.

That is the only way that we will win this year.

Ron just cannot play with Kobe and Andrew, he just is in too much awe. Start Mr. Facilitator Walton and put Ronny onto the "Greatest Bench Ever Fathomed".

Call me crazy, but Pau, L.O. Ron, Brown and Farmar might be the better squad.

Did I just type that?

I think that Kareem should get a pass on that one. I would be a little distracted too if I were standing next to Soledad O'Brien. Irish and Hispanics mix very well

Mmm, re: the "do over" in the title - if you go back to the very earliest blogs, the insiduous spirograph icons are now there. They're everywhere. It's a little creepy. They're watching you.


Kareem was also on "The Stephen Colbert Show" looking for Nazi gold.

No word if he ever found it.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


The pseudo-randomness of the icons is totally offputting.

What is going on with the icons?

They just appear for no reason with no explanation. How does that make sense?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.




I've posted at length about this in the past.

You're right. 140 characters is not enough data to convey a coherent thought (and more importantly coherent thought stream).

If you've read "1984" by George Orwell, you'll remember the one way Big Brother controls the populace is by denuding the language of complexity and diverse vocabulary.

People, particularly younger people, are converting to Twitter-speak as a fundamental means of communication. I have a very close friend who is a high school teacher in the East Bay. He sees the impact of Twitter-speak on essays and tests. People are increasingly communicating through dumbed-down incoherency.

Thus, Twitter atrophies a person's language skills, thereby limiting their ability to communicate with depth and clarity their hopes, dreams, desires, and aspirations to others with meaningful clarity. Perhaps more importantly, this atrophing of language inhibits a person's ability to intellectually communicate TO THEMSELF their feelings, desires, conclusions, and personal identity.

The intellectual disconnect from one's emotional self invariably will result in a cognitive dissonance where a person feels internally trapped and unable to reconcile the divisions within their internal and external worlds. In short, it produces a deep sense of unfulfillment that will result in behaviors of acting out, including the enhanced production of cathartic, exhibitionist communications via Twitter that don't make much sense and often are done without pre-analysis of the potential social/personal consequences of these exhibitionist communiques.

In short, the ease in which Twitter allows for mass communication at the expense of the depth of communication builds narcissism while damaging the cognitive integrity of the regular Twitter-user.

It's nothing short of dangerous.

It's bad for the individual. It's bad for society. And it's just plain stupid.

Twitter is the Devil.

Believe me that.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


KB Blitz,
"Showtime was more talented and I'd take 1985 Lakers over any other Laker squad and that includes the 1999-2000 squad"

Give it time, when this team is competing for it's 4th straight ring, u might be singing a different tune. But I get what you mean, you're judging based on what's been accomplished so far, no what could possibly be.

It's kinda like folks telling LakerTom, it's just preseason. Let's see what Bynum does for a full season first ... but at the same time one of the joys of being a fan is being able to say hey that dude rocks and y'all will soon recognize


i have posted several times (at least 20) for the last four years but i have seen my name in the 'roll call' twice! i was happy when i saw my name; but i have been looking for my name especially the last june, it was not there.

anyways, roll call or not: I AM A LAKER.

Good morning everyone. Can't hardly wait for the season to start. Although I haven't shared my thoughts with you guys since the Finals, I do read the blogs and all your comments every single freaking days..

Let's rock!

If no one says it, it can't be true. Huh? That seems to be David Stern's position when he fines coaches and players for criticizing the replacement refs.

Stern has always kept a tight grip on what's said by coaches and players. But this time it's ridiculous. The fans know the replacement refs aren't up to speed. The broadcasters talk about it on radio and television. But when coaches and players talk about it, Stern clamps down.

Maybe the fines will allow Stern to keep lining the pockets of sycophants in the bloated league office, so the NBA's dictator has enough people around to say "yes, sir" instead of truthfully telling him the emperor has no clothes.


Is it your plan to become the next Mike T of the blog?

Mike T loved Kwame and his calves. I keep reading your hyperbole about Bynum and all of his bashers ...

He has not played 1 regular season game and yet you gush like a 16 year old
virgin. Anyone who does not engage in Bynum hyperbole is considered to
be a "Bynum Basher" and now you're constantly calling them out.

If some journalist writes an article about Bynum reading a book, will we
read "Bynum Hype" about the intellectual prowess of the wunderkind?

Can he have one great game against a great player before you spray us with
more Bynum love juice?

To all Laker Fans, who are not part of the LakerTom hyperbole squad,

[ Yes, this includes me. ] Good news out of El Segundo.

snippet A: EL SEGUNDO - If we are to believe Derek Fisher, Lakers center Andrew Bynum is only now scratching the surface of what he can become.

Fisher sees a more mature Bynum, in this his fifth year, a more patient Bynum - and a better Bynum.

snippet B: At the tail end of Friday's practice, as other Lakers were working on their shooting, Bynum brought it back to basics.

Bynum toiled on footwork drills and entry passes, focusing more on the intricacies of the game that he lacks, rather than sharpening the many tools he already possesses.

snippet C: "Center and point guards are the hardest position because we can't just worry about our guy, we have to be the rotate guys, the help guys," Bynum said. "Now, `Should I leave my guy?' If I leave Dwight (Howard), it's a lob dunk. Every time is different."

Bynum believes that is the key as the Lakers try to repeat as NBA champions.

His mind-set is pretty clear - "Really, if we can just stop teams from scoring, shoot, it should be easy for us," - and he sees the commitment in team defense even after just three exhibition games.

-- end snippets.

I have nothing to say. I just wanted to see my icon.

Glad to see Drew getting off early in pre-season.

Tom D.

"He has not played 1 regular season game and yet you gush like a 16 year old
virgin. Anyone who does not engage in Bynum hyperbole is considered to
be a "Bynum Basher" and now you're constantly calling them out.

If some journalist writes an article about Bynum reading a book, will we
read "Bynum Hype" about the intellectual prowess of the wunderkind?

Can he have one great game against a great player before you spray us with
more Bynum love juice?"

It's amazing. I'm agreeing 100% with you Hobbitmage. That's ditto for the next post about Bynum (since I"m a Bynum fan too just not as big as Laker Tom is....yet).

It's amazing.


Doubters, beware!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



In all seriousness, dude, are we supposed to guess indefinitely as to why there are now icons next to our posts?

What's going on?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Laker Tom will soon be vindicated.

When that happens, I expect apologies from the doubters and acknowledgement of Laker Tom's natural abilities as a soothsayer.


Key to any Dynasty (except for the Bulls) is a dominating center. Remember that.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon K (and others),

The blog software recently was souped up and the icons were one of the elements apparently added in the new version. To the best of my knowledge, the colors/logos appear randomly and "mean" absolutely nothing. We'll see if they can be removed if that's the general consensus (no promises, of course), but honestly, they're really not worth worrying about.



I assume there's a way to create some sort of avatar or add a picture to your comments or whatever. But I don't know for sure. It's a software thing. We have nothing to do with it.


I like Bynum too and want him to have a breakout year but like others I still do not see him as an All-Star or a HOF big. He definitely need to mature and really have a warrior mentality. I still see him as a softie and so does Laker opponents. Until I see him go head to head with Superman without and actually besting him then I'd say he still need to grow up and become the BEAST.

Phil should give him the book(actually a manual) to read and it is: "Attaining the Warrior" written by Veteran Navy SEAL Jack Walston. He wrote this manual specifically for young men hoping to make it through BUD/S or other Special Forces Training. But normal people can learn and thrive by reading this book - I'm sure Andrew will. Navy SEALs are known for being the Best of the Best & Overcoming the Impossible. Just my 2 cents.


"To the best of my knowledge, the colors/logos appear randomly and "mean" absolutely nothing."


God does not play dice with the Universe!

There's a conspiracy going on!

[Okay. Maybe not. So... ummm... why does Andrew and Brian have the exact same icon if it's random? That's a little coincidental, isn't it? I mean it would make sense, but one comes from 'Andrew and Brian Kamenetzky' and the other from just 'Brian Kamenetzky', so I assume they have different email addresses associated with their account... Urgh. I guess it doesn't matter. We are all just pawns in L.A. Times' grand game of life, after all.]

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



I agree with you.His posts sometimes get very unreasonable.

I usually read the blog from my phone so there's no 'scroll' button to scroll past these and Jon.K's posts.

There really is no Bynum debate ... everyone acknwoledges his potential ... it's just a case of some laker fans choosing to be conservative with a wait and see approach, and who could blame them after two bad knee injuries in 2 consecutive seasons.

But that's the type of attitude nobody would want Bynum to have. We'd want him to belive in his own potential and work hard towards it. We wouldn't want him to tone down his dreams out of fear of being injured again. Some fans choose to dream with him now, some have even larger dreams for him.

Which party is right? It doesn't really matter. What counts is that both parties do want the best for Bynum. The former party is just a tough love type of crowd.

Let me see y'all bleed purple and gold. The season is here, I'm finaly going to order my kobe mvp shirts, etc, bout to spend some mula on tonnes of #24 gear and let these haters know I'm so effing happy to be a mamba fan ... next season I'll do Gasol ... can't forget that team love.

24 + 16 + [3|1]7 = The Purple Tinted Golden Age

Jon K-

your twitter comments are very close to the true reality. it's ironic, given the Orwellian connection that you made(founding British intelligence officer), how many people here on the blog only want 140 character posts...

to the Bynum doubters, i don't see how this is like Kwame in any way. Kwame had the body, just not the attitude to succeed. AB has shown that if his attitude isn't correct, he'll adjust it. he has shown that he will improve body AND game, something KB never would. they're really not comparable. even if AB's career turns out to be a bust, taking the chance of being enthusiastic about him is still the right action. he's done everything to show that he'll be a very good player at least, which is all we need from him. the injuries may turn out to be tragic, but since they couldn't have been foreseen(hey, Kobe piled into his knee by accident, for crying out loud! that was a freak occurance), there's no reason for anyone to have been negative about him, once he truly began to apply himself a couple of years ago. Kwame NEVER applied himself, which was what was so frustrating about him.

any player could get hurt. this isn't fantasy basketball, which is why Luke could be a valuable part of the team, even though the stats don't support it.


" it's ironic, given the Orwellian connection that you made(founding British intelligence officer), how many people here on the blog only want 140 character posts..."

I think some people are lazy and others simply do not want to take responsibility for the coherency of their communications... but most people want some degree of attention from others. So, if they can get attention without much effort nor without taking responsibility for their communication, they'll take it. Personally, I find such an impulse to be rather shallow and irresponsible, but it is increasingly common in our society. I'm not sure this movement can be reversed in our society, but I hope it can.

Anyhow, given the choice between waiting for the season to start and the season actually starting, I'd choose the season actually starting, though I realize I have no control whatsoever over that matter.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Not my words but the words of Derek Fisher, the player that 30% of the league’s general managers say has the greatest potential to be a successful NBA head coach. Here are some more “hyperbole” from Fish about young Andrew Bynum, thanks for hobbitmage, who is not a Basher but a Baiter. :)

- - - For those who say Drew does not work hard: “One thing that is apparent is that when he is healthy, he's willing to do the work that's necessary to be as good as he can be. When the work ethic is there, the timing, the training, they have a much better chance of making it to that full level."

- - - On why it is important for Drew to play big minutes: "Fundamentally he's as sound as they come; he can shoot the basketball, he can see the floor, he can pass," Fisher said. "The little things that have to come for Andrew will come from just playing. Be there, night in and night out and as he continues to do what he's doing, he'll see double teams and where to pass the ball and how to react. Those only come from being in game situations."

Here is Drew talking about his role on the Lakers: "Center and point guards are the hardest position because we can't just worry about our guy, we have to be the rotate guys, the help guys," Bynum said. "Now, `Should I leave my guy?' If I leave Dwight (Howard), it's a lob dunk. Every time is different."

- - - And Drew about desire: "We are hungry; myself, I'm more hungry. I want to contribute more than I did last year. Personally, I want to make the all star game. I'm going to be part of the team, but individually I have to be more aggressive. Really excel. Be that player I know I can be."


To Jon K - I personally answered your "request" a few days ago. It is on "Gunning for the Bulls." Here it is again:

To Jon K - YES - there are many, many, many LAKERS fans on - and they are every bit as annoying as we are. The reason I come here at all is to give a little perspective and a little objectivity. I also want to see if Lakers FANS (which you guys are, and good for you, you have a great team) say the same things as Lakers TROLLS. I'm happy to report, you guys are no where near as obnoxious as those people. Although I think "70 wins, Phil is the greatest of all-time and the Celtics are old" are all starting to grate on my nerves a little bit. There is as much "love" for the lakers on as there is "love" for the Celtics on here. I enjoy reading both sides, but, even though I live out here now, I can never be turned. My girls are 8 and 6 and their mantra is, "I love Purple and I love Gold, I just don't like them together." Daddy's girls all the way!!!!! Hope that clears up any misconceptions you may or may not have. Have a great day!!

Posted by: stillhavethoseballoons? | October 15, 2009 at 09:01 AM

My observation of the icons is that they might be assigned randomly, but they don't appear randomly. That's why the same guy/computer has the same icon in multiple posts.

They're not attractive, but could be helpful in this boring and otherwise lousy format since the icom precedes a new post - but if kept, I'd absolutely recommend allowing users to personalize them as avatars. In that way, it would become what most of us wanted 4 years ago - the names at the top of the posts instead of the bottom.

I'm a huge Bynum fan. I'm a Bynum believer. I think he's had two freak incidents the last two seasons and I also think it's unfair to call him a bust. Let's face it, two years ago, after getting called out "ship his ___ out" - the guy went to work.

He continues to go to work.

You have to like that.

Right now, he's moving well, and demonstrating some traits that we don't normally see until January.

However, I do take issue with Bynum on a few things - 1. Cutting down the Cap. That's unforgivable. If he was 30 and into his prime and showing off the skills that Cap himself used to, then okay, but until then...

2. He has yet to develop one or two offensive moves that he can execute even while being rushed by two defenders. The way to beat Bynum is blitz him when he picks up his dribble or attempts to make a move. He can solve this with perhaps a little fadaway, or by implementing the skyhook - the jump hook is Bynum's pet shot, but it's so easy for teams to stop.

I used to throw "the shot" in games as a teen. It's really not that hard of a shot to learn. It's basic, it's fundamental - and of course to master it like Kareem did isn't quite as easy, but that's what Bynum is getting paid 15 mill a year to do - to become a better player.

I sincerely take issue that Bynum refuses to attempt a simple skyhook (where shooting leg is elevated) even in a preseason game!! My frustration with this is nearing the same frustration I had with Shaq for *never* working on his game

On LA Times sports page today the Ayatollah of the Lakers has spoken:

On Bynum - Jackson isn't thrilled with Bynum's defense, however he's completing at the basket. That's an area that he's working at," Jackson said. "I'm much happier with it this year than I've ever been before. Screen-roll [defense] is an area in which it's a work in progress with him.

On Artest - He is being nudged along by Coach Phil Jackson, who wants to see the team's biggest off-season acquisition take a larger role in the offense. "Getting Ron integrated," he said. "He still looks like he's standing around watching the other guys play at times, and he's not getting involved as much as I'd like him to be involved. I think that he's got to find his way in the post and do some things out there that exerts himself and puts pressure on his teammates to hit with the ball in the right spot."

On both players - Is Bynum's offense taking away from Artest's scoring opportunities? Jackson doesn't think so. "That might be a possibility, but that still doesn't mean you don't figure in it as a viable part. You don't have to score, but you're a viable part because the defense is playing you and you're creating the spacing just by who you are."

~~Oh oh the Zen is another doubter, he's not keeping up w/ blog fanaticism of Bynum every day means Bynum forever. lol! Outside of Kobe, Bynum should be the 2nd option and if possible the only option, so far he's proving his worth in the preseason. Here is my take on Bynum 1) just be healthy throughout the 82 games and playoffs; 2) just avoid fouls in the first half and be available at the 4th Q, Lakers will always win with that prescription. Also, Lakers have 90% chance of getting to the Finals with a healthy Bynum and a smarter Bynum.


I actually like the icons and everybody just needs to relax and let the Times IT people figure things out, although it still boggles my mind that they like to do this “live.” Whatever happened to testing stuff before throwing it out there? I guess some folks just don’t mind having their drawers dropped in public so much. Painfully voyeuristic to any true IT pro. They also need to keep clients informed.
But anyway, for Jon K and others, the icons are tied to your email address so if you don’t like your icon all you have to do is change your email address before posting. Since there is a finite number of icons, each icon has been linked to multiple email addresses, which means the blog masters ability to classify posters. AK and BK have the same icon since they use the same (joint) email address.
I doubt that AK and BK want to go to the extent of allowing posters to chose their own icon or avatar. What I hope they will end up doing is just limiting the colors of the available icons to purple and gold. That would finally give us our long-requested but never-fulfilled desire for purple and gold colors.
Mamba24, can you whip us up a PURPLE AND GOLD ICONS BANDWAGON? Make it so.


Icons, icons we all look like carpet patches in a Persian store. The techs have to tinker on something to justify their existence. They used to go on "bots" with every posts then when people complained, it was removed. They changed the fonts, removed spacing on paragraphs and when LT raised hell, they revived the spacing, with paging and a nice looking format. Just like anything in the new technology world, the geeks find their way to have stable a employment by manipulating at the powerful who have no clue of what they are doing. Does Mr. Zell know how to blog or twitt? What is next? Perhaps, robots will join the opinionated cavalcade as a clone of KobeBlitz.

Btw, where is LTLF and Korey?

I think the icons are a good idea...I also think that Laker purple and gold would be even better..

My 1 concern is ...If Laker fans get Laker purple and gold...What icon will the village idiots who come around daily get?......Can the LA times come up with an icon that identifies dumb?......Im not asking for much..

Bill Walton, the HOF apologizes to Portland Blazers and make amends with the past. He suffered a lot of debilitating nerve problems and at one point he was prepared to die. Nice story of a player who talks the talk but has walked the walk.

KB Blitz,

You're agreeing with me???

Holy Bynum! Let's go play the lotto today!

Jon - like Mud, I thought your twitter-speak post was right on and insightful. Or, in the parlance of the twitsters, 'u rite gud'.

quote of the day from one of the announcers at the SC Notre Dame game (i don't know which one) 'Sam Bradford is really doing well in replacement for Stafon Johnson. He really waited his turn' He didn't particularly emphasize the word 'waited,' but he said it.

isang- hey, i know who you are.

sorry, Allen Bradford.

and yes, twitter and icons on the blog are signs of the apocalypse. Any body and his mother can tap your phone line or get your social security number, but we're in trouble when Lindsay Lohan can only use 140 characters to tell us what she had for lunch. (although 'cocaine' only has seven characters, so...)

Bynum is a beast down low. He has been everytime he is healthy even at the age of 20, that's two years ago.

If you are not excited about Bynum and being conservative to the point you criticize the rare CENTER nowadays who has much offensive abilities and towering length that disruptive in the defensive end. I am a Laker fanatic, how about you?

How can anybody not be excited what they see in BYNUM? Are there any YOUNG Center in the league right now other than Bynum who has so much much offensive moves? A real Center? Not a Pf made center.

Who? Brendan Haywood, Kendrick Perkins, Greg Oden?

Exactly none, and our Lakers has one. BE EXCITED AND SUPPORT BYNUM.

Well, talk about the drama to start once the season begins!!

Lamar and Khloe's wedding is going to be on that show "Keeping with the Kardashians", as a separate episode(s) starting Nov-8.

I dont like this!! :-(

Anyone have a link for tonight game against the Bobcats??? Thanks


>>> KB Blitz, You're agreeing with me???

Now why wouldn’t a Basher agree with the Baiter? LOL! Don’t worry. Even free loaders like you can jump aboard the Bynum Bandwagon. You’ll just have to sit in the back with your troll buddies.

- - - - -


>>> Anyone have a link for tonight game against the Bobcats??? Thanks

- - - - -


>>> Bynum is a beast down low. He has been every time he is healthy even at the age of 20,
>>> that's two years ago.

Excellent point, Staples. That is why all the doubts and disrespect about his ability is such hogwash. When healthy during the last two years, Drew has proved he was a dominating force in the low post. The only thing that Lakers fans should be worried about is Drew getting injured again. That is the only thing that will prevent him from breaking out this year.

>>> How can anybody not be excited what they see in BYNUM? Are there any YOUNG Center in
>>> the league right now other than Bynum who has so much much offensive moves? A real Center?
>>> Not a Pf made center.

You would think that would be true after having hopeless and helpless Kwame Brown at center for several years. Why should it be a surprise to our fans that the Lakers front office once again came up with another potentially great center? It’s like they think like Clippers or Grizzlies fans.

- - - - -


Edwin - thanks so much for linking the Bill Walton article - it was terrific... and mind boggling how many surgeries he's had to go through.


If you want to understand what it takes to become a championship franchise, you only have to take a long look at the current favorites to win baseball’s World Series and basketball’s NBA Championship. The similarities between the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Lakers go beyond their legacies as the most storied franchises in their sports as both are poised to launch new dominating dynasties.
Both teams enjoy the financial boost of being in major markets. Both have dedicated deep pocket owners who are committed to winning. Both have smart front offices able to acquire the right players. Both have elite coaching staffs who know how to build winning chemistry. Both have HOF team captains who are proven leaders and consummate professionals. And both have deep and talented rosters that give them the versatility and the ability to match up well with any type of opponent.
Stylistically, both teams are what you would call power teams. The Yankees are the Bronx Bombers reborn, leading the majors in every offensive stat, including runs, home runs, and slugging percentage. Defensively, they come at you with pitching fire power and All-Star level defense at every key position. Similarly, the Lakers are so big, tall, and long that they dominate on offense and defense, outscoring and outrebounding opponents by huge margins in the paint. They dunk on you at one end and then harass and block your shot at the other end, forcing small ball teams to try and matchup with them.
Yankees and Lakers. George Steinbrenner and Jerry Buss. Brian Cashman and Mitch Kupchak.
Joe Girardi and Phil Jackson. Derek Jeter and Kobe Bryant. Casey Stengel and Pat Riley.
Babe Ruth and George Mikan. Mickey Mantle and Elgin Baylor. Reggie Jackson and Jerry West.
Baseball in October and basketball in June. 26 World Series titles and 15 NBA championships.


"We're also the team who you haven't won a game against since June 2008."

LOL ... You are right, we havent beaten you since we beat you for the title. LMAO!

"We're the team that made KG go East and join up with 2 other superstars because he couldn't beat us by himself in Minnesota."

How many titles has Kobe won without Shaq or Pau?


"Just curious...How many of them are since the league expanded to include more than 8 or 9 teams?"

Just curious ... Why didnt the Lakers win as many as the Celtics if it was so easy? Were they not in the same league and play with the same rules?

"until McHale gave away KG for chump change"

He got Al Jefferson and others along with draft picks ... hardly "chump change" for an OLD overrated player who could not beat the Lakers "by himself"

Just curious ... who did the Lakers give up for Pau that is better then Al Jefferson?

Just curious ... who did the Lakers give Utah for Fisher?

Typical Laker fan!

Any links?


KB Blitz,

In an odd way, I find this whole LakerTom/Bynum man crush thing very ....
satisfying. Even comforting.

After all the grief/crap that we have taken for *attempting* to have a
conversation *somewhat* based on facts.,[ I use these words loosely,
because we probably have different definitions. ] ... Watching
LakerTom exaggerate, vilify & hyperbolize on a scale approximating
Rush Limbaugh ..... or a Celtics fan ...

I'm encouraged to know that LakerTom is a nut job just like us.

Go Lakers!

Bynum is gifted offensively but he's no beast yet. He's not an excellent rebounder like Howard. I noticed he does not go after a rebound all the time. I want him to play excellent defense and a great rebounder before i will call him a beast. I'm hoping he does not get injured. And i agree, Laker Tom is borderline Mike T. I wrote about this a while back. It bothers me a bit but as long as he's a Laker fan, all is good.


You were responding to my comments I forwarded to LakerMike - just in case you wanted to talk more about officiating.

Was there any resolution about a laker blogger get together in Bay Area for opening night?


Thanks Tom!


I had oh, wait. Crap. Such beautiful post. Lost, like six of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

and I was going to say something else, but meh, le mots, les idees, s'il faut )(&(&*%^ dans les )*(&*()!


With Alex Rodriguez turning loose his inner Reggie Jackson this October and the best bull pen in the majors, the Yankees showed again tonight why this team is the heavy favorite to win the World Series. As a lifetime Derek Jeter fan, I’ve consistently been a relentless critic of ARod, his lifestyle choices and inability to perform in the clutch. As I’ve been fond of saying, “He’s no Derek Jeter.” Well, thank you, Alex. There could be no better way to redeem yourself than to emulate Mr. October, the great Dodger killer Reginald Jackson. Alex is a player who might hit 3 home runs in a single World Series game.
Another excellent game by Andrew Bynum with 15 points on 6-8 from the field and 3-6 from the line with 5 boards and 1 block in 26 minutes. The one strategic move other teams already know they will have to deal with is the Lakers relentlessly pounding the ball inside to Drew to start off every game. That’s what you do to set the tone when you play big. It’s what Phil even did when Kwame Brown was the Lakers center. Now that Andrew is almost back to the level he was playing before getting injured, it’s no secret how the Lakers plan to initially attack opposing teams. It’s basic Lakers basketball.
Even though it is just preseason, what is certainly obvious is that a healthy Andrew Bynum changes everything for the Lakers and their opponents. No longer hindered by the knee and fresh from a solid summer working on his lower body and conditioning, Drew is playing dramatically better this October than he did the previous 2 years. That he is finally healthy and playing extremely well has to be great news to every Lakers fan. The Lakers now have 3 guys who could average 20 points per game.
Tonight was a tough night for both Ron Artest and Shannon Brown. Ron just could not seem to do anything right and was lost in a cloud of perplexity. Shannon, on the other hand, showcased why he is not a strong candidate to be the Lakers next starting point guard. The questionable outside shot, poor ball handling skills, and subpar play making ability were exposed as Shannon shot 0-6 from the floor and turned the ball over 4 times. Shannon needs to square his shoulders on his shot and not shoot those Kobiesque jumpers where he is floating sideways. Even Sasha can’t make those consistently.
While Shannon was blowing his first chance to start, Jordan played a great game, showcasing why he is a better candidate to succeed Fisher at point guard. Playing completely under control, Jordan scored 11 points on 3-5 shooting with 5 boards, 5 assists, and only 1 turnover in 23 minutes. Granted it’s only one game but the contrast was clear. One guy hit his shots, took care of the ball, and made his teammates better. It’s easy to look at guy with great physical ability and heart like Shannon and project him to be able to play a skilled position but it’s a lot like trying to turn a defensive back into a wide receiver in the NFL. Shannon has a long way to go to match Jordan’s skill set at point guard.


back to the drawing board.


Thanks for the reminder. I realized afterwards that I should have addressed my post to you instead of Mike. I will post it Monday and give AK and BK permission to send you each my email addresses so we can work something out directly. At any rate, here is my take on the rules. Love to hear what you think. I left my list of NorCal bloggers at work.

- - - - -


Well, obviously not in every case as Joey unfortunately confirms. But I do believe that much of the problem of uneven refereeing can be eliminated by changing the rules to make the job simpler and the game better. Since the rules should promote a fair and entertaining experience for both the players and the fans, here are the changes I would make in no particular order, rhyme, or reason:

- - - - -

1. Stop calling fouls on incidental contact that does not give either player an advantage. Even institute a warning system to manage habitual offenders. But basically, let the players play and the game flow. Reduce the free throws shot by getting rid of the ticky-tack fouls. Keep the players on the court.

2. Stop calling fouls on contact when it didn’t prevent the basket from being made. In other words, stop giving unearned “and ones” that just slow up the game. Basically, if the contact did not affect the outcome of the play, then “no blood-no foul” should be the prevailing rule. Keep the game going.

3. Call the game the same inside and outside. I mean enough of the edge that perimeter guards get.
How the refs treat contact when perimeter players go inside or big men play outside is inconsistent Only call a foul when the defensive player really does impede the progress of the offensive player.

4. Allow players to inbound the ball without giving it to the ref like in the International game to speed things up and encourage fast break basketball. This is not the playground where you have to check the ball before you can throw it in. And most of the guys have played that way somewhere anyway.

5. Penalize or ignore unnecessary contact caused by the offensive player, such as players who will deliberately change directions and veer into the defender to draw a foul. Even go as far as to call offensive fouls to make sure that crafty offensive players do not take advantage of the rules.

6. Do not allow players to step in and take charges once the offensive player has picked up his dribble and started his move to the hoop. Not only are charges the most difficult play for refs to call but they are also one of the most dangerous plays from the players viewpoint. No one likes to be low bridged.

7. Call traveling, 3 seconds, and palming the way they should be called. Nothing irritates the average fan more than seeing professional players get away with stuff that they would get called for on the playground. No more crab dribbles, or Chris Paul suspended cross overs, or sleeping in the paint.

8. No prima donna refs. Call the plays unemotionally. It’s not your job to jack up the crowd. You are not part of the show. You are the referees. No disrespect, but you should be invisible when you do a great job. We should not even notice you much less question you. You are servants of the game.

9. Don’t call fouls when the foul offsets actually hurts the team that was fouled. For example, don’t let players intentionally foul to stop a fast break or easy basket underneath. Let the game proceed. Don’t punish a team by rewarding the other team. And, I’m sorry, but no Hack-a-Shaq. Go for the ball.

10. Only shoot free throws on shooting fouls. Or raise the number of fouls before free throws are shot. Or 1 free throw and the ball. . Or bring back the 1 and 1. The idea is to play basketball, not shoot free throws. Since fewer fouls are going to be called, reduce the number to foul out to 5 “real” fouls.

11. Don’t call kicked balls unless the defender actually kicked the ball. I hate it when an offensive player throws an errant pass off a defender’s foot and they stop play and give the ball back to the offense as a kicked ball. Let the game go on unless somebody actually kicks the ball.

12. Stop calling everything a jump ball. Give the players a chance to fight for the ball and as long as nobody does anything unfair, let the game go on. Nobody likes jump balls anymore anyway. Mostly because the refs are completely incompetent in tossing the ball up properly.

- - - - -



>>> Watching LakerTom exaggerate, vilify & hyperbolize
>>> on a scale approximating Rush Limbaugh…

ROFLMFAO. That was hilarious. You really know how to hurt a guy. Rush Limburger? LOL. :)


Edwin Gueco,

Bill Walton is a Bruin and I have tremendous respect for him, I just wish he didn't get caught up on this whole vegan thing. The guy chose a diet that is essentially nutritionally deficient for (I assume) moral reasons.

I was a vegetarian for three years (for what I now believe were misplaced moral reasons) and I felt like complete crap.

The truth is that it is VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY difficult to be physically healthy and be a vegan. [It can be done, but it turns food into a science, not a pleasure.]

Being a professional athlete and being a vegan is probably impossible. I don't think it can be done... especially if you are seven feet tall, at large people have odd special needs.

Anyhow, I'm sorry that Bill Walton has had to suffer so. It is just terrible. He's a good guy and an incredible person and athlete, but he should return to his genes as an omnivore.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Laker Tom,


Loved the post.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Laker Tom-

that's about the size of it as far as the rules go.

lost i think three posts here somewhere. Probably all my bad, unless the )(&()*& of *()&)*(& being called a ()*^*(^ disqualifies a post for some reason.

beats me.

<--- my icon!

Comparing Bynum and Kwame is preposterous. Physically Bynum has all the tools you could ask for in a center - size , agility, long arms and huge soft hands.

Kwame had calves all right, but he also had the smallest, worst hands that were ever put on a 7-footer. He could never be a great low post threat or rebounder with those hands. He simply could not catch the ball with any consistency. He couldn't make strong one-handed moves. He was physically limited.

Oh yeah, and he had a pea brain even smaller than his hands.

If Drew avoids injury, he will be a legit NBA center at a minimum and could be a major force in the league.

Tom D.


you wrote: >>> Watching LakerTom exaggerate, vilify & hyperbolize
>>> on a scale approximating Rush Limbaugh…

ROFLMFAO. That was hilarious. You really know how to hurt a guy. Rush Limburger? LOL. :)

my response: I've been rollin' with you for 3+ years now. I see no reason to
cut you any slack.

When y'all figure out where y'all are watching in the city let me know.
I can drive up or take the train. Depending on the day. On the other hand,
if I make you uncomfortable, no worries.

Go Lakers!

I was watching Gaffney play last night.

I think he might make the team. Of course, I could be wrong ...

Laker Tom,

Kudos for so many solid posts.

I totally agree with your take on rules and refs. Saturday night's game against the Bobcats was a perfect example of how too much officiating can ruin a ballgame. Not that many of the calls weren't deserved. But a game can't develop any flow if there's a whistle every 45 seconds. Not only was it near impossible for the coaches to measure anything. For a fan, so much play stoppage made the game unwatchable.

I also agree with your evaluation of the point guard situation. Shannon's impressive athleticism just doesn't get channeled into meaningful results. He certainly has the opportunity to develop into a more rounded player, but he's a long way from there. Jordan still has to display it consistently on a night in, night out basis, but he's showing signs of maturity to match his skills. He's also demonstrating an ability to see the whole floor and find the open team mate. If Jordan can keep consistently make his shots, he will get a lot more respect from his opponents. A lot of "if's" for both players, but Jordan decidedly has the edge.

There's only so much you can tell from one game, especially one like Saturday night's but Adam Morrison was a disappointment. On the other hand, I saw a lot of things to like about Gaffney. If he doesn't make the team, he certainly deserves a role with the Defenders.

Now to the icons. Making them various hews of Purple & Gold is a no-brainer. (Is that why the Times missed it?)

Lastly, you take a lot of heat for your "man love" of Andrew Bynum. It must be gratifying to see him perform consistently with a new sense of purpose. He seems to be the player most determined to maximize the pre-season to prepare for another Championship run. If Andrew can stay healthy, there will be no Big Men on opposing squads for Lakers fans to fear.

As for the rest of the team, I don't want any more post-game sound bites saying, "Well, it was only a pre-season game." Sloppy play can quickly become a bad habit. The pre-season is an opportunity to fine tune and tune-up. Championships are earned, not wished for. This roster can become a Dynasty. I want to see every Laker make the most of every minute.

Are you Laker Tom, or Yankee Tom?
Isn't this a basketball thread?

Let me guess, you like the Cowboys in football?

What is the highest level you have officiated? Some of YOUR rules changes didn't make sense to me. These guys are replacement refs. Never officiated an NBA game before. If they are any good, they will work during the season, if there is a lockout. If not, they will be gone. How good they are will depend upon how much they learn, how quickly, what are "expected" calls, and what calls will disrupt the flow of the game. I predict the longer they are around, the more they will "let the boys play". Some of them may end up better than the ones we had, you know, like the ones who "fixed" the Lakers/Kings series!!

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