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Jordan Farmar on DeNiro, Streep and Day-Lewis: "They're all clowns who can't carry my thespian jock strap."

October 2, 2009 |  6:45 pm
At least, that's how I interpreted the following comment from Jordan Farmar about his appearance on tonight's episode of NUMB3RS:

"I talked to the producer and he said it turned out really good."

I'll let you people decide if I'm reading too heavily between the lines.

What can't be disputed, however, is that Farmar really enjoyed his second appearance on the program. Dude got the A-list treatment, complete with a dog-friendly trailer. He also got a SAG card, which he hopes to parlay into more screen roles down the road. But the Bruin doesn't plan on just playing himself for the rest of his theoretical career. He'd takes classes and really attempt to perfect his craft. Taking the lead of former Laker Rick Fox, if you will.

I also tried to prompt a good-natured jab from Jordan about his one-time co-star Pau Gasol, but alas, the bait went untouched. 

Should Farmar throw his hat into Hollywood's ring, he'll need to get used to going mano y' mano against various actors for the best roles. Time spent scrapping for minutes against Derek Fisher and Shannon Brown should help prepare him for that experience. At the very least, it'll lead to an ability to smoke the Shia LaBeouf's of the world on a treadmill and in the weight room, since that's what it'll take for him to match Fish's fitness regimen.

As one might gauge from a report far centered so much on Farmar's prime time efforts, this was something of a slow day at practice, with little in the way of pressing Laker-centric news. There wasn't so little, however, that folks should cling to scraps and turn Phil Jackson's praise for the training camp hopefuls into a weekend of BK and I getting peppered with questions about their prospects of making the team. With the possible- and I emphasize "possible"- exception of Mickael "I've actually played in the NBA" Gelebale, I'd be stunned if any invitee was on the roster come "ring night" against the Clips. Not trying to be a buzz kill. Just being honest. But hey, a compliment from a Hall of Fame coach is a compliment from a Hall of Fame coach, so congrats to all.

After hearing Phil talk about Kobe Bryant's offseason, uncharacteristically light on workouts and heavy on relaxation, I asked Mamba what "taking it easy" constitutes for an infamous fitness freak.  Waking up at 5:30 instead of 4:30?  Limiting the workouts to a mere three hours?  Climbing to the top of a smaller mountain to yell "Drago!!!"   As it turns out, "taking it easy" means, quite literally "taking it easy," but not without purpose.

"The rest really became part of the work out, you know what I mean," said Kobe. If you don't allow your body to recuperate, you're just gonna end up doing more harm than good. I really had to look at it that way.

Oh, and check out the camera work as Kobe gives a tour of his bad pinkie! When Farmar eventually reaches "above the title" status and has the juice to hand pick his film's director of photography, I think we all know whose phone will be blowing up.

More from Phil.  In light of news about Andrew Bynum and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar no longer working closely together, I asked if any coach in particular will take on a mentoring role with Drew. "Just about everybody on my staff wants to have a piece of Andrew," grinned PJ. "I think everybody will have something to say. Particularly, my own focus is going to be in that direction, because Kurt was really the guy who spent a lot of time with him working on some of the details of his game."

An important detail often overlooked in this story. Drew and CAP's relationship may have been higher profile, but Drew probably spent more time working last season with Clark Kent. In other words, we were sort of heading here, anyway.

There's also some funny stuff where The Zen Master (I'm pretty sure) jokes about not coaching the first preseason game in Anaheim. "Is it televised?" grinned PJ.