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E:60 profiles Ron Artest

The ESPN news magazine put together an interesting feature on Ron Artest well worth a viewing:

A few things stick out. First, almost every clip of Artest causing problems comes in an Indiana jersey. Time has passed, and while it's foolish to say Artest has reached Derek Fisher levels of stability and maturity, it's also not fair to judge him entirely by events that played out earlier in the decade. Bottom line, he's not a bad guy, and context matters. The structure for him to succeed in LA is there. And that clip about knowing his role relative to Kobe is hilarious.


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Wow. Just watched it.

This is going to be one hell of a ride.

Ron's actually returning the Lakers to the people, not just the season ticket holders sitting on their hands in the dark. The people.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Great video.. this is the Ron I was talking about in my post earlier today.

Thanks BK.

The ceremony almost brings tears to my eyes. I was was really touched especially when they started to call the former Lakers players who made this franchise so proud. Last night was the night that I was the proudest basketball fan in the world. That was a night to be remembered for a long, long time.

Artest's value to the team and to its drive for more rings is incalculable. His mental toughness and in your face defense are going to completely change the way other teams that used to diss the Lakers' softness (Celtics, Blazers, to name just two) will now react. Artest has also rejuvenated Kobe and his commitment to defense, and the two of them together are simply going to shut down the top teams' top players.

Forget stats. Artest has just revamped the Lakers "TQ" (Toughness Quotient). Bottom line: more rings are on the way.

I've seen some writers pick Boston over Lakers in the finals.

If they do meet, they are forgetting that story when Ron went into the Laker locker room to talk to Kobe. Lakers face Boston, LA will be looking for blood.
How Pau and LO looked in that series. The absence of Bynum. I hate how writers discount story lines and unquantifiable factors such as emotion and desire.

Lakers will not lose to Boston if Boston gets past the Cavs.

Lakers will get better and better and when playoffs come, they will be a MONSTER.

CornerJ - it's one game, man, calm down. I'm sure the rest of the league will just lay down for you. A 7 point win over the Clips doesn't insure you will go 82-0.

it's one game, man, calm down. I'm sure the rest of the league will just lay down for you. A 6 point win over the Cavs doesn't insure you will go 82-0.

Paraphrased from: stillhavethoseballoons? | October 28, 2009 at 03:55 PM

I fixed it for ya. You're welcome, LOL!!!

Anyone else find it amusing that Shaq has a +/- of -21 at halftime when Andrea Bargnani is defending him at center? Wow.

Ron the Art's been the best bargain in the association since Sac let him go for Luke money. The sideshow is gonna make the next 81 games fly by.

he wants to bring sexy to the NBA... cool, long as he knows winnin' is the only sexy.


What a great way to open the Lakers 2009/2010 Drive for Five. Fantastic ring ceremony. Loved seeing the new champs mingle with heroes from past Lakers’ championship teams. Best of all, I loved the move to honor Tex Winter with his ring after the 3rd quarter and the standing ovation that Lakers fans gave him. What a classy move by the classiest pro sports franchise in the world.


Watching Kobe hug all of the great Lakers players from previous championship team really gave me goose bumps. Great to see Dr. Buss looking pleased and excited about the season. Touching moment when Phil and Jeannie met as Phil got his 10th ring. I also loved how the Zen Master immediately announced that the ring would stay in its box until he dons it at the start of the 2009/2010 playoffs.


Anybody wondering if Kobe would lose some of his hunger got their questions answered soundly answered by KB24 last night as he dropped 34 points, 8 boards, 3 assists, 4 steals, 1 block, and just 2 turnovers in 38 minutes. Unleashing his inner Hakeem, Bryant led the Lakers in pounding the Clippers in the point, resulting in a huge foul disparity and 14-point advantage at the line.


Phil may not think that 73 wins is a reasonable goal but obviously Kobe and Drew and the rest of the Lakers have their eye on that as a secondary goal to winning the NBA championship. Personally, all I really care about is winning the championship but it would be so cool to see the team post some side records on their way to another championship – such as finishing Christmas Day with a 28-0 record.


When you listen to Andrew bubbling like a teenager about how exciting it was to get his ring and start the new season, you suddenly realize how young the man really is as he celebrated his 22nd birthday. 26/13/2/1 was the perfect way to start his drive to be the starting center on the West All-Star squad. If Drew can stay healthy, he is going to be a shoe in for the NBA’s Most Improved Player award.


Even though Drew is still not playing above the rim like he did before getting injured two years ago, his improved conditioning certainly stood out. Loved how he gave his guy Sean Zarzana credit again for getting him in the best shape he has been to start a season. I truly expect that by this January we will start to see Drew display the great hops and aerial game that cried out to be called Beastly.


I also loved how Lamar played last night. Kevin Ding had some great comments about how much more decisive and involved LO seemed compared to prior years. It just may be that the new wife, contract, and championship ring may have helped Lamar become more mature and focused. Good to see him get off to a great start, especially with his new bride sitting in the front row cheering him.


I also loved how Ron Artest seemed to display the array of talent and experience that makes him a big upgrade for the Lakers over Trevor Ariza, who will receive his ring in front of Lakers fans when Houston makes their first visit to Staples. Doug Collins made a very good point about how many different players the Lakers are able to use to post up defenders in the paint. Aside from defense, what Ron brings is toughness and another low post threat for the Lakers to use to dominate inside.


Great start to the season for the Lakers and the Celtics. Barkley is right that the Cavs are just the third best team in the East and the Shaq experiment is not going to pay off. Rasheed will help the Celtics with his outside shooting but he will have to lose weight and get into shape before he really can help them on defense. Bottom line, a healthy Drew and Ron Artest make the Lakers the best.


Wouldn't it be awesome if the Cs go 80-2, Lakers go 82-0 and meet in the Finals?

Stay healthy KG.

Let's invite Ron to post on the blog on a regular basis. He can be the ingredient we need to shut down the trolls XD


Artest will love LA because of its diversity. We deal here to all kinds of people and a chance to start all over again.

As I listen to Artest, I imagine dealing with fellow old blogger who is no longer in the Lakers Blog, Mike Tiniente or Mike T. for short. Very often they are misunderstood with their ways and upbringing, people try to define them as such and put them into a box. Look at Ron Ron, he felt accepted here not because of storied past but what he can offer in the future. Of course, his mission here is to get a ring and as he pursues that objective there are changes happening along the way.

Like Rodman, Artest has a bad boy image but they don't reneged their responsibilities as a basketball player. They performed their best if not accomplished in shooting they compensate it with the little things like hard nosed defense, rebounds and take care of their bodies ready for a rough play. On the other picture, we have Luke Walton, a good boy image with high IQ loved by so many fans but whenever he comes to play, he leaves a lot things to be desired - slow in defense, weak in shooting and flashy passes that leads to couple of turnovers. We have criticized his game since 2006 not because of his goody goody image but wishing he will improve , yet as we saw last night we're now in 2009, he's still the same player who was left behind by Lamar, Drew, Derek.

Yes, it is just the first game. However, we saw this last year and the years before. The 2nd unit has to improve because they are hindrance to Lakers success.

Well Jon K ,

Just goes to show who is the real team that furles LA. One last one before the next Laker-Clipper game.

Clippers suck today...Clippers will suck tomorrow...Clippers will suck forever!

Good game by the Lake show. Now we'll see how Pau Gasol fits into the puzzle when he gets back.

Ron ROn is the man

Wow - didn't know who to cheer for yesterday - boston or clev since I hate both of them. But watching LBJs team ready to lose two in a row with shaq is priceless. He is getting ready to throw his team under the bus!!

THE BPM (Big Play Maker) RATING…

I’ve been playing around with finding a quick simple statistical way of comparing players’ relative contributions to their team playing well based solely on the standard set of box score stats. Here is what I have come up with. I am sure it is nothing new but I think there is some solid logic that over time it should confirm who are making the positive plays. Let me know what you think? : )
Here’s how it works. You simply take the player’s box score and add up all of the positive results reported – points scored, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks – then subtract all of the negative results – missed shots or free throws, turnovers, and fouls. It can be quickly and easily computed for a single game or season or career. Everything gets an even weight which is what keeps it simple but it rewards high shooting percentages and making your free throws but penalizes volume scorers.
For example, Andrew Bynum’s BPM rating last night was +30.
(26 pts + 13 boards + 2 assists + 1 steal + 1 block – 6 shots missed – 2 free throws missed – 2 turnovers – 3 personal fouls).
Here are the BPM ratings for last night for all the Lakers players:
Andrew Bynum: +30
Kobe Bryant: +29
Lamar Odom: +23
Ron Artest: +3
Josh Powell: +2
Jordan Farmar: +2
Sasha Vujacic: +2
DJ Mbenga: 0
Luke Walton: 0
Shannon Brown: -3
Derek Fisher: -5
Adam Morrison: DNP
Pau Gasol: DNP


Laker fan-

Dont hurt yourselves jumbing off the Cavs bandwagon. Dont tell me ... You meant Orlando is the best in the East.

BTW I just watched the Bobcats score a franchise low of 59 pts. Dont worry they shouldnt beat you more then once this yr.

Little Chicken-

There I fixed it for you.

The NBA needs to adopt the Primier League's relegation system and send the Bobcats to the NBDL or Div II NCAA basketball or something. I mean, seriously. Are the Bobcats even trying to field an NBA team anymore? Who the hell is Stephen Graham and why is he STARTING for them?

That team has nobody who can create his own shot. They had one player - ONE! - score in double digits tonight, and it was only 10 freaking points which he needed 9 shots and 9 free throws to get! I'm surprised that group of misfits mustered more than 40 points against that Celtics D.

Laker fan-

Sorry should be jumping off the bandwagon. I spell like you pick winners!

Nice analisis Tom, specially if it puts Bynum in 1st place!!
Is good to see the + and - in a balance, without any manipulation.


"I’ve been playing around with finding a quick simple statistical way of comparing players’ relative contributions to their team playing well based solely on the standard set of box score stats. Here is what I have come up with. I am sure it is nothing new but I think there is some solid logic that over time it should confirm who are making the positive plays. Let me know what you think? : )"

Laker Tom you fail at being John Hollinger.




When it pours...I'm totally in the dumps right now and this just decided to happen. ARGH!

go Artest!

I am not rooting for the La Lakers until Artest is removed from the team.
He is convicted of Cruelty to Animals some years ago.

LakerTom -

Sorry to burst your bubble but already uses a formula almost exactly like that called Efficiency. The only difference is that they don't use fouls as a negative in the formula, so Bynum's Eff for the first game was +33.

The problem with this formula is that it does not account for pace or minutes played. Guys like Stephen Jackson who play a ton of minutes in a fast paced system get overvalued whereas guys like Mareesse Speights, who last year played very few minutes in a slower paced system, get undervalued.

Just watched the video... forget about Ron-Ron. Who was that girl with him in the photoshoot?!?! Geez!!!

Anyway - back to basketball - I just finished watching the Spurs Hornets game... WOW! The Spurs look pretty good. Ginobli and Blair off the bench?! *sigh... this is going to be a tough tough year to get to the finals.

Edwin - I think L.A.'s a great fit for Artest on so many levels. As a society, it's open and accepting, Artest's idiosyncrasies seem almost benign. As a team, the Lakers are already the champions, there isn't a huge amount of pressure put on Artest to turn things around - he's simply an important cog. As a coach, Jackson is well equipped to work with the guy. In fact, he's probably about the only coach that really WANTED to work with Artest. As a system, there's a premium on structure which will benefit him - it will give him both boundaries and support. And then there's the simple fact of wins - the Lakers will pile up plenty of them and what better way to transition to a new home? I think he's going to quickly become a fan favorite... after all, what other Laker just shows up at fans' homes for dinner?!

The more I learn about Ron-Ron the more I like his personality. He made a mistake 5 years ago and yet people still hold that stigma over his head.

What he brings to an already great basketball team is priceless. W/ all due respect to Ariza it was always Kobe who had to check the Wade's, LeBron's, Melo's of the NBA and then also score his 30pts. Now Kobe doesn't have to anymore and that's exciting.

This season will be a classic! GUARANTEED!!!

So far no one has mentioned about the two Chinese characters " carved " on the left side of Ron's head. Any one wants to know what do they mean ? I know of course .

That scoring system doesn't take into account what the opponent is doing (i.e. how much are they scoring while the player in question is in the game) - thus a Bruce Bowen would not score as well as a crappy defender who could shoot, even though Bowen might be a better player.

Hey everybody. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one, but is anyone else interested in Jon K bringing in the Bio-Chrono reading? you need to like have a dedicated website we can look up ur readings at will. I be on google lookin for em lol. I'm start savin them to wordpad just to have. So lets go Jon K gey on your jon lol. as a Laker fan since 1996 coincedently the same year my fave player Kobe was drafted lol(I'm 23 going on 24 by the way) deep in celtic territory(Springfield,Mass lol) I beg you bring the Bio Chrono to the new season early and find a way to post em on the internet PLEASE. ok i'm done begging

saw the vid. love him!

oooohhhhhhh 131-92, no no friend, I fixed it for YOU!

C'mon, you left that wide open! That was too easy! Have a good one 82-101, LOL.....

Love ya!
little chicken

Hold the phone... am I reading this right?

40 minutes a piece for Lamar and Artest? and 38 minutes for Kobe? while dirty thirty Fish rocked a 33 spot last night?

Wow!!! I don't know about you, but if our bench doesn't SERIOUSLY step up and show a better outting than what happened last night - that injury bug is going to decide to manifest itself in that Laker lockeroom.

I know it's still early and Pau's injury just throws their whole rotation out of wack... but still... it certainly is cause for worry. Especially after seeing the Spurs and Celtics rest their big guys today...

this is me being a worry wart as usual.


Let Rasheed Wallace and his Celtics obsess about winning 75 games...last year Boston played their first regular season 30 games like they were playing in the NBA Finals and what did it get them? An injured Garnett and an early exit from the playoffs, so let them chase meaningless goals while the Lakers concentrate on what really matters---another NBA Championship ring!!

Anybody want to guess whom wil lead the team in assists this year? My $ is on Artest. At least on most night he will have more than any of the guards!

LOL, love Ron Artest.

"In my sleep, pass the ball to Kobe."

"Get my paycheck, pass to Kobe."

LOL, hilarious. This is going to be an exciting year.

The boy is crazy. But you gotta love his spirit. Go Lakers



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