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Charley Rosen on the triangle offense

October 18, 2009 | 11:44 am

The mechanics of the triangle offense can for some be tough to understand (this, by the way, includes some players who attempt to execute it).

If you're looking for a good tutorial, Charley Rosen of Fox has a great breakdown near the bottom of this mailbag. Here's how he defines the central premise of the system:

"The Triangle is based on the undeniable premise that no matter which player has the ball, it's impossible for opponents to play deny-defense on the other four offensive players without permitting various backdoor cuts, lob passes and easy scores. In fact, if the wings are indeed denied, the Triangle's automatic procedure is to have the center move up to the foul line and receive the ball there — which opens up help-free cutting lanes for the wings and gives the center easy targets."

From there, it's a nice breakdown of the cause/effect action each pass and cut causes within the offense. Read today, watch for it tonight.