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Andrew Bynum: All growns up?

It certainly feels like a stretch making such a claim about anybody at the ripe old age of 22 (rounding up).Nba_jabbarbynum01_412   But while Andrew Bynum clearly has plenty of maturing ahead of him, it appears that he's reached a "big boy" milestone of sorts.  The Times and the Daily News are reporting that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's work with Bynum will be scaled back this season.  Ditto Cap's involvement with the team. 

On Bynum's end, the move is being presented as little more than the natural progression of a dude whose first day at the office has long since passed.   Lakers public relations director John Black told the Times' Mike Bresnahan, "Kareem has been an instrumental part of Andrew's development and improvement over the years, but as Andrew is entering his fifth season, there's a lesser need for such intensive work together.  Therefore, Kareem's workload will be generally lessened."

Sounds simple enough, but The Daily News' Ramona Shelburne relays a fair amount of disappointment on KAJ's end, both in the decision itself ("I think there are things that have to do with basketball that he could learn but he's getting on in years.'') and in Drew's time away from the game this offseason.  Bynum, who maintains an extended break was necessary for mind and body, says the separation is nothing personal, and he'll still seek out his mentor's guidance.  But there will be some distance between the two, for sure.

I'll try to learn more about this development, but I was curious to get a reader reaction.  From a practical standpoint, there are obvious pluses with knowledge getting passed along from the league's all-time leading scorer.  And, let's be honest, the notion of an all-time Laker great theoretically passing the torch to a potential-laden pupil is pretty cool.  On many levels, purple and gold loyalists took a great sense of comfort from Bynum and KAJ working together, perhaps even envisioning them together for several years.  Granted, a foundation has been obviously established for Drew to build on.  But I wonder if this stll leaves the Laker Nation feeling nervous.

Or at the very least, getting all "Cat's in the Cradle."


Photo: Andrew Bynum working out as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar watches.  Credit: AP
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I think it's time.

This is best.

I'm amazed at how harsh some people are with Andrew. He's not yet 22! Even younger in basketball experience. We've seen what he can do prior to two injuries that were basically freak in nature.

I very much believe he'll be special. This year will be the first step and an All-Star nod will ring him in.

I don't like it.

I'm having Michael Olowkandi flashbacks.

Thriller and Bynum are key to this being a fricken historic Dynasty. Thriller is onboard. I have incredible hopes for Bynum, but some little choices he makes produce worry in me.

Notice how Kobe Bryant (a top five player all-time) leaned on Hakeem Olojuwan [sp?] (a top 20 player all-time) to make himself better? THAT is true humility. Humility is good and is of God.

Andrew Bynum will never be a top 5 player all-time, but he could be a top 20 player of all-time, maybe better. Well, Kareem Abdul-Jabaar is a top 5 or top 10 player of all-time.

It sure would be good for Andrew to lean on such an intelligent and gifted player. It would not only be humble. It would be a sign of an aspiration to Greatness.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


5 years! Even a full college education is only 4 years.

Bynum might benefit from the change.

He's been complacent and casual. He's not been focused enough on the need the team has for him to be a strong defensive presence. Maybe he's been sheltered some from overall team philosophy. And maybe a little shake-up will help him grow and realize what it takes to be a really bad man in the NBA for more than a month of each year. Yes, I'm aware injuries have been a pretty serious issue in that regard.

Perhaps we could get Bill Russell to work with him? I'd love to see him become a strong defender (for more than a game in a series or against people not named Shaq, Tim Duncan, or Dwight Howard or whoever else against whom Bynum can get excited and motivated in the regular season).

Kobe had to start out putting out huge efforts on defense and finding his spots offensively where he could fit in. There's no reason Bynum shouldn't have to do the same.

On another note, anyone else notice a creepy, Meatloaf-in-Fight Club sag? Sometimes I wish I were less observant.

From the article you linked to it looks more like this was Bynum's decision and therefore a potentially dangerous one. Who doesn't remember being 21 and deciding "I know everything there is to know" while being tremendously wrong? More than simply being a bad decision (not necessarily), it's indicative of what Bynum thinks of himself (dangerous).

Disappointing, but not surprising. Not many players work hard in the offseason.

Should be "really hard"

If Bynum's the one who wants less time with Kareem, then he's a fool. If I were an up and coming NBA center with unlimited access to the (arguably) greatest center ever to put on tight shorts, I would spend every single waking moment with him that I could. Kareem has still forgotten more about basketball than Bynum knows about the game, and he's been practically begging to coach for many years. I also don't like Bynum getting away from basketball training over the summer. He's not a 10 year, 30 year old vet who's established in what he does and what he can do. He's only 22. If Kobe can work on baksetball skills over almost every summer, somehow I think Bynum should follow his lead. I'm a little disappointed in this story. Of course, if he has a great season, then all will be forgiven and I won't open my mouth again.

Andrew needs to look at Kobe, Magic, Bird, and even MJ to understand that true greatness means getting better with something more every year. Why should Kareem's role be less. PJ should embrace his legacy and let him replace Rambis coaching big men defense.

Mrc S,
"Andrew needs to look at Kobe, Magic, Bird, and even MJ to understand that true greatness means getting better with something more every year."

That's a pretty rare attitude in the NBA. There are a LOT more Lamar Odoms that Kobe Bryants.

Don't like it, but....its been 4 years. A college career. I think if Bynum came up with decision on his own, he hasn't shown me any reason to think this is less than amicable on his part.

I think Bynum has probably learned all he can learn at this point, its time for his body to catch up (not to mention stay healthy).

I'm not worried about it, but I'm a little worried that he doesn't have a big man teacher in his corner. Rambis and Kareem are gone. Hopefully Pau also be a good example for him too.

Jon K.
[Andrew Bynum will never be a top 5 player all-time, but he could be a top 20 player of all-time, maybe better. Well, Kareem Abdul-Jabaar is a top 5 or top 10 player of all-time.]

It's weird how a guy that's yet to play in his first all-star game has his name in the same sentence as top 20 player of all time. Dude's got potential to be a good center in this league, but I have seen nothing yet to put him in the list of all time greats. I'd go a step further and say I wouldn't even say Dwight Howard is going to be a top 20 of all time and he's a far superior player to Drew @ this point and is likely to be the better player for the rest of their careers though hopefully Drew will bridge the gap some.

Lastly nobody needs this keed to be a top 20 player in his era muchless all-time. He's sorrounded by all-stars. He's just got to hustle on defense, run the floor on offense and catch/finish.

As for Kareem no longer his being his coach. Reading in between the lines:

["a fair amount of disappointment on KAJ's end ... in Drew's time away from the game this offseason. Bynum, who maintains an extended break was necessary for mind and body, says the separation is nothing personal, and he'll still seek out his mentor's guidance"]

It seems is coming more from Bynum's end in the sense that he's at a point where he feels he can choose how his extra time gets spent and the Kareem thing is getting old. 22 and $12mil in my account and I wouldn't wanna stay for xtra lessons too, I'd wanna go shopping.

We've had to play without Bynum for long stretches and this team has proven it can succeeed without him in the lineup. Whatever we get from Drew makes everyone's life easier and personally I expect him to be a rich man's version of tyson chandler. We get that and our dynasty is secure. Should he orbit into greatness status that a few overzealous fans on here have the audacity to dream about (in a kobe centric team), that'll just make the ride we're about to go on one for the ages (e.g. think 6 lakers on the all-star team in 3 years).

24 + 16 + [3|1]7 = The Purple Tinted Golden Age

If this is a cost cutting measure by the Laker org, then I am really upset. KAJ is the best role model for any 22 yr old whether as a player on or off the court. Who's brilliant idea was it to LESSEN his role? This kid has all the talent he needs. He needs to up his passion on the court and show the fans and players alike that he is a beast and that he is unstoppable under the hoop. Wake up Lakers...give the kid a noogie to wake him up. The time is now, not next year. What would Chick say about AB???


"If Kobe can work on baksetball skills over almost every summer, somehow I think Bynum should follow his lead. "

No he doesn't have to. Brad Miller is the center in Chicago and is getting paid a similar salary to Bynum. Tyson Chandler probably is too. If you compare Bynum to other centers in this league, he's somewhere in the middle of the pack and on his way to the top if he can stay injury free. Asking him to have kobe's work ethic is asking him to be great. Great is not something he's got to be for him to have a long career in the nba, neither is it needed for us to have our dynasty.

Appreciate that you've got Kobe. Appreciate that he's sorrounded by 4 other potential all-star and that the rest of the team is good as well. Just sit back and enjoy the ride y'all. Bynum can party all off-season at the playboy mansion for all I care. Our hopes aren't pinned on his 22 yr old shoulders and I'm glad that's the case.

Now if the season starts and his work ethic is sloppy then I'd start complaining. But Drew has proven he's willing to work as hard as the next guy (not counting the team leaders) so why worry.

"I think Bynum has probably learned all he can learn at this point"

If Kobe (probably the most skilled offensive player of all time) hasn't even learned all he can yet, how can you say Bynum has?

It's hard to see this as positive, especially given that Kareem was disappointed in Bynum's offseason work.

Drew, here is how you become an all-star - work your ass off. Look at Kobe, a perennial all star, working withthe Dream in the offseason on his post moves.

From the start I saw Andrew and his tools - size, agility, leaping, hands, footwork, touch - and I thought the sky was the limit for his development. Two injuries have slowed that development, and maybe had long term physical and/or mental impact. But I suspect that potential is still there and Andrew will eventually tap into it.

BUT. Here is a guy who didn't play college ball, sat a lot his first couple of years and has missed half of the last 2 years. What he needs more than anything else is reps. It all needs to become instinct, second nature to him, for him to be great. Working hard over the summer and working with Kareeem could only help.

Plus, setimentally, I love Cap and would like to see the Lakers keep him more involved.

Tom D.

Hi All: I see two things with this:

1. Lakers (corporate) is looking to cut back on any budget items and KAJ was an easy target.

2. Mr. Bynum your big, fat contract starts this season so you better man up.

Sorry to say but I am still not in the "love AB" camp like others here. I think AB is really immature - has been and will be. And I would even stretch to the point that its all about the benjamins for him and his family.

I have yet to see any sense of Laker pride, Laker history or for that matter NBA history. If you were "given" KAJ as your mentor - 98% of us would relish the time and be googly eyed. This kid has been "given" everything on a silver platter as far as I am concerned and done nothing with it. I know, the injuries and all - okay I get it.

But at 22 (when kids are usually coming out of college), if you are an athlete, aren't you working out all the time and making sure you are in tip-top shape in the off-season? Aren't you shooting hoops and working on new moves?

Call me crazy, but where is his work ethic? We saw the nice workout video from last Summer but that's because he was forced to get back in shape with the injury.

Personally, I think Cap pushed him too hard and this kid is a lazy XXXX. Dwight Howard is 24 years old and seems to have added something to his repetoire each off-season. Read about it in the orlando sentinel. I can't wait to see the Orlando/LAL game because if AB gets schooled by Dwight, that will be the tell tale sign for me.

Lastly, he wants to be an All-Star? That is a candy XXX popularity contest. I would much prefer AB saying he wants to be DPOTY. Now that would be a goal and put out a challenge to the Dwight Howard (the best young center in the NBA) and say I am coming for you.


The list of players whose job is on the line just got bigger.

Farmar, Sasha, Morrison, & now Bynum.

I am not saying that I want any of these people to be traded.
I am saying that 2 of the 4 have shown questionable judgement.
I am saying that 3 of the 4 didn't play well for parts of last year.

I just don't understand why our franchise can't find a permenant job for KAJ? Here is a man who carried our franchise on his back from 76 until Magic grew into leader of this team/franchise. Then when you look at what he has done for Drew's development...I just don't understand. More than anybody else sitting on the bench as an assistant, he is most deserving.

For some reason Laker Tom is silent.

Do we know if Bynum is really saying he has learned all he can period - as in nothing more he can learn about the game? Or is he simply saying that he thinks that Kareem has taught him all that Kareem can teach him? Look at Tiger or Phil - they both have switched instructors and are still wildly successful. Tiger said I have done with what I can working with Butch Harmon, lets see what I can do with Haney.

Kareem had a style all his own - and frankly his style was extremely unique. Maybe Bynum could use a different mentor that can enhance the skill set he has, because he will never play like Kareem. I am sure there is a lot more Kareem could teach Drew, but at Drew's age I am sure he feels he is a 'man' now and it is time to do things his way. Kareem helped him when he was a 'kid' but now it is time for him to strike out on his own. Kareem was one of, if not the greatest of all time. Bynum is not likely to reach that kind of level - they have different body types, athletic ability and the rest, so maybe it will be that Andrew gets someone else to lean on and learn some different tricks of the trade.

I don't like the signal it sends - however I think a little patience may be in order. As we mature, we see things we did when we were young that we wished we hadn't done - it is part of life’s experiences. I think Andrew is trying to become his own man at this stage and I don’t find that unusual at all. When I was 22 - out of college and starting out on my own, I didn't listen too much to my father - I wish I had, I might be better off today. At that age though you know everything, and it isn't until later you start to realize you don't know jack.

One other element could be that Kareem does have an image of being not the easiest person to deal with. I am sure that the portrayal in the media may not be completely accurate, but there must be an element of truth to it. Maybe Kareem doesn’t communicate in a way that is effective for Andrew. I don’t know just throwing this stuff out here to be shot down as to why I am stupid or an idiot.

I also think that using Kobe as a gauge isn't really fair - though I wish all the Lakers had his kind of drive - we would go 81-1 and sweep the playoffs if they did. Guys like Kobe and MJ did strive to bring new aspects to their game with a dedication most of us don't understand. I see Drew as being motivated to get better but I don't see him being obsessive like Jordan and Kobe.


So Bynum signs a huge multi-million dollar deal then spends his summer resting in Italy and declining the help of legendary Laker coaches.

It all sounds bad to me.

Do I smell sign and trade in 3 years? Maybe not, but if Bynum starts to wear an 'all me' attitude, I'll be concerned.


Jon K,
I agree with everything you said, except that Bryant is a top 5 all-time player. One team, all-time, stills put MJ at SG, although Bryant would be a respectable backup. And just to show I'm not a troll, I would have Magic as my starting PG.

Wow - I'll take some training from the Cap now that he has more time - oops, don't have that kind of money to pay him.

I'm disappointed in Bynum's decision but I guess he's gotta work it out for himself. I'm afraid he's doing himself a disservice and it sounds that he's taking it for granted, but that's me as a fan looking at it from out here.

John K,

A Kandi man flashback? Ouch - are you going to be OK? There is treatment available - if it keeps coming back I urge you to seek professional help - maybe you can even take my good pal 131-92 he needs help and you might get a group discount.

Olowokandi? I would say that is just a tad overreaction. Just a smidge over the top. If Drew can stay healthy and play like he was before the injury - or even somewhat close he will be a top big man in the league. The kid has skills, I just think he is like teenager that just got his driver license. Enough of this having to have mom or dad in the car - give me the frickin' keys and get out of my way!

Go Lakers!

If Kobe (probably the most skilled offensive player of all time) hasn't even learned all he can yet, how can you say Bynum has?

Posted by: exhelodrvr | October 02, 2009 at 08:21 AM

You're parsing my statement. Just to be clear, my quote:

"I think Bynum has probably learned all he can learn ***AT THIS POINT***" That last part is pretty important when reading the first part, especially if its misconstrued as me thinking Bynum has learned all that he can and is done for life, while Kobe is still learning. Why would I ever think that?

We're all not done learning, but at some point the rubber has to meet the road. So when reading that, don't forget that its learned all he can **at this point**. I'm sure he's got alot of the moves, countermoves, defensive movement, etc, in his head under lots and lots of tutelage from KAJ. But, and its a big but...he probably has more knowledge than he does skills at this point.

But in regards to tutelage, no other player in the league has gotten this kind of one-on-one training.

I guess a better way to put it is, Bynum is 'book smart', whaddya think?

Cap has had a problem finding a basketball home. He wants to teach, he wants to belong. If the quote mentions disappointment, it's times 2 in the real world. He's admittedly not a people person, and Andrew is another one that wants to move on.

How do you show up and mentor after being dismissed? Excuse me, Andrew, you know that sky hook I've mentioned, really was an effective weapon, you really might consider working on it....

I haven't paid much attention to the Bynum posts here because basketball is a meritocracy and he hasn't merited much yet but hope. But this isn't a young, over confidant, Kobe Bryant waving off a Karl Malone pick in an All Star game. This is telling the greatest center to ever play, with a skill set that Silk said were the greatest ever, that his services aren't required.

And the proof of that will be this season.

It is really about time for Bynum to stand on his own without the help of Cap. No Laker Center has received a comprehensive tutorial and still gets 12.5M for his pay. That is being spoiled for a 22 years who works only 50% of his time during the season. Time to work buddy and dig the trenches just like any 22 year old coming out from college looking for work with a college degree. Come to think of it, I believe it will benefit Drew from that independence when there is nobody to lean except himself, it leads to creativity and carve his own destiny not a copy cat of anybody. I also believe in this season Bynum will explode just like Morrisson and Shannon Brown. Why? because they Lakers are deep on the outside with Kobe, Gasol and Artest plus Fish, that leaves Bynum single coverage in the post. Kareem has revealed all the techniques that Bynum has to learn, Lakers will benefit more if Kareem will be given a full time assistant coach assignment and concentrate on other big men or at least support PJ on basketball strategies he has learned over the years. Among all the assistant coaches, Kareem is the only HOF that undergone strings of championship from NCAA who record has never been broken, then a proven winner when he went PRO at Bucks and Lakers. He truly deserve to be given a worthy job not just a coach of a 22 year old aspirant.

I believe that Bynum needs a day to day coach in his corner, but I also believe his game would benefit greatly if he went to Pete Newell's camp next summer when he is healthy. Shaq went to the camp the summer before the 2nd championship, and that 2nd championship year, he was at his best, with a move and a counter move to go with it.

The Lakers do need a big man coach though. We can potentially have a team on the floor that can post from any it would be nice to have someone help each of them be a threat.


"Do we know if Bynum is really saying he has learned all he can period - as in nothing more he can learn about the game? Or is he simply saying that he thinks that Kareem has taught him all that Kareem can teach him? Look at Tiger or Phil - they both have switched instructors and are still wildly successful. Tiger said I have done with what I can working with Butch Harmon, lets see what I can do with Haney. Kareem had a style all his own - and frankly his style was extremely unique. Maybe Bynum could use a different mentor that can enhance the skill set he has, because he will never play like Kareem."

You raise a very good point. I'm personally not as concerned about Bynum working less with Kareem, in and of itself, but "why."

Is it simply because Drew would like to try a different approach or style with his training? Was he feeling self conscious/like a little kid being perceived as privately "tutored" this many years into the league? Is he simply sick of Kareem, on a personal or professional level? I could live with any/all of thise reasons. But if it's because Drew thinks there isn't much more for him to learn at this stage of his career, that would be a problem. So the "why" is more important to me than the "what?"


Good morning CRUE!

I don't like this development.

I don't like it at all.

It doesn't bode well when someone needing help declines it.

And YES - Socks needs the help. Until I see him retiring from the game, he needs help.

Just ask Kobe.

OwenFB -

Dude - if you have to identify yourself as "not a troll" - then, my man - you ARE a troll.

I'm just saying....

My question is, and truly no disrespect is intended to Kareem, but how much of the reaction is due to sentimental attachment to the Cap as opposed to real concerns that Bynum will suddenly stop working on his game? If Drew goes into the season and his work level slacks off, that's a different story (personally, I'm okay with a kid coming off two injury filled seasons taking time to heal and have experiences like a normal person- that has value, and by all rights he seems to have arrived in camp in shape), but until that happens, to me this is more of a neutral story- neither good nor bad.

AK alluded to it, and I definitely agree that there's a cool factor in this giant figure in NBA and Lakers history tutoring what fans hope will be the future, but Kareem's status as perhaps the greatest center of all time doesn't automatically mean he's an outstanding teacher or a great fit with the rest of the coaching staff.

Based on the information that's out there, I'm at E, not enough information given. It could be that Drew wants less time with KAJ, it could be that the Lakers feel he'd be better off with less or is at a point in his development where he needs to be coached differently than he has been in years past. It's hard to say without knowing more. But I do think it's important not to automatically assume Bynum is at "fault" here, based on loyalty to what Kareem did for the franchise, because fundamentally Bynum's development and Kareem's legacy aren't automatically related. If Bynum stops putting in the work now, that's a different story.

I just think it's awfully easy to read more into this than is fair, especially given the published information. Sentimentality towards Kareem (well earned, no question) only enhances the emotion of the news.


If Bynum comes out this year and averages 12 points and 6 rebounds, he and the team might be in a bit of trouble. We need him working in the other direction. Give us 12 rebounds and 6 points and we'll be hard to beat. Focus on scoring and being an all star at the expense of Pau doing his thing, and we'll suffer for it.

But everything I'm seeing from Andrew points to him not even knowing how to take one for the team.

Bynum now becomes the #1 thing for me to watch at the start of the season. I neeed to see what he's building in there; in that dark mind if his...


Change is good-4 years is enough from the same person. Being a sales manager I know this rule very well.
Blah blah..he didnt work out this year..BS!!! we all knew he had Drs orders to stay off the knee a minumum 30 days to get the tendinitis out of the knee then he worked out in Atlanta with a personal trainer. What now a Laker Fan is going to tell me he is not motivated and maybe we should trade him? LOL! Let's all go to the extreme. I am really surprised to hear a Laker Fan who actually follows the team who thinks this kid in not motivated.
BottomLine take away the injuries and the KID is a BEAST. WE ALL SAW IT! That's if you follow the Lakers.



"Dude - if you have to identify yourself as "not a troll" - then, my man - you ARE a troll."

lol well said ... there's a grand canyon btw trolls and fans, hard to mistake one for the other

Edwin G,

"Time to work buddy and dig the trenches just like any 22 year old coming out from college looking for work with a college degree."

I worked harder at 22 than I do now. I think I peaked @ 24 and just got comfortable with the paycheck. Sometimes its easy to criticize athletes for the very same things we do. Yea yea they get paid millions. But I'd probably be lazier if my contract was guranteed. Yo fix that computer, umm my fingers hurt. lmao.

I can't believe how harsh some people are with Bynum. He gets crap for resting his knee, which was the smartest thing he could have done, instead of pushing it and not letting it completely heal. THEN, he went to Atlanta and obviously worked his butt off to get back in shape - I don't see anybody saying he's out of shape coming into camp.

He's not blowing Kareem off, he just doesn't need Kareem to coddle him every single day, he still wants to be able to get advice from Kareem, perhaps there's not much for Kareem to tell him on a day to day basis anymore, it has been several years now.

Bynum needs to figure out some things on his own and I actually find this encouraging that Bynum wants to be an allstar and is letting go of the Kareem crutch. It probably means Bynum watches MORE film and prepares himself better for each and every game and most likely will get off to a better start this year with that allstar slot as a goal.

Amazing though... we've got the best young Center in basketball, maybe Oden improves, maybe Oden is Kwame II, we don't know yet, but we saw what Bynum was doing before he got injured and he was torching Tim Duncan and Al Jefferson, I haven't seen Oden do that yet...

Off Topic, it is so disappointing that USA did not get the chance to host the 2016 Olympics, the last time we lost a bid, it was NY losing to London for 2012. Among the three biggest cities, only LA was given a go signal to host the Summer Games. Didn't make money like LA did. When no other cities would like to host the Olympics because of economic depression, LA got it first in 1932. The second time around, the losses were just insurmountable incurred by host cities like Montreal,Moscow again nobody wanted to host the Olympics Uberroth and Mayor Bradley stepped in, paving the 1984 Olympics. It was a success because of volunteers and the present structure in place throughout the Southland, it garnered a net profit of $200M which stirred excitement for other world capitals to bid in the ensuing years. Atlanta got it in 1996 and ended up with a "bang" of homegrown terrorism.The last time USA hosted the Olympics was in Utah Winter Games and it was mired by accusation of corruption and favoritism by IOC members exposed by the Utah Olympic committee. Perhaps, that was an indelible mark that was still imprinted in the minds of IOC voters today when they evaluated the host cities for 2016 namely: the Daley machinery was at work this week and the last two years, Obama's overkill participation as cheerleaders on the sidelines while Chicago remains still as Chicago, a windy city, economically broke like any other USA cities in recessionary times, Blagojevich's image and the hometown of infamous Al Capone. I hope those were not the reasons, I'm just guessing for the quick elimination on the first voting. Will Los Angeles please step again in 2020 and bring back the Summer Games in USA?

So I guess this puts KAJ's chances of becoming the Lakers next head coach in a bit of jeopardy?

[If you were "given" KAJ as your mentor - 98% of us would relish the time and be googly eyed.]

He was googly eyed in the beginning. 2 knee surgeries, 2 nba finals, 1 championship and 57mil dollars later and you can't blame the kid for wanting to enjoy his youth. 12mil dollars @ 22, I'd be praying to the lord everyday to keep me focussed on b-ball instead of building up my own harem of the worlds most beautiful girls.

If he's hustling hard on both ends of the court, laker fans should be happy. BTW when is LakerTom going to post a 10 page article on how this is the best thing that could happen to Drew and just proves he's a few years away from being the next Kareem. I'm suggesting 'Master you've taught me so much, but the journey to discover my inner beast is one I must take alone'


"So I guess this puts KAJ's chances of becoming the Lakers next head coach in a bit of jeopardy? "

Absolutely not. By definition, chances running at 0% can't be put in "jeopardy." haha


You can go negative in Jeopardy.

"I'll take Lakers Head Coaches for 1000, Alec."

Porky Pig,
"we've got the best young Center in basketball"

Nope - that's Dwight Howard.

Maybes its about time the training wheels came off. it aint the end of the world people. Besides the cap aint goin anywhere and he can always be rehired on a part time basis

This might be good for the kid. Maybe he's got enough fundamentals down after 4 years of training and now he needs to stop thinkin and just start playin

I'm not sure I can agree with some of the posts here about Bynum's reluctance to work. While Phil Jackson has questioned his work ethic at times, I don't think that's Bynum's M.O. He has shown that he wants to put in the effort year-in-year-out, which is why he's showing incredible improvement. As for this off-season, he did need a break. He is recovering from two major knee surgeries in the last two years. The fact that he still went to Atlanta to work with his personal trainer shows a remarkable commitment.

One last thing. As a teacher and a parent, it's not a bad thing that he is scaling back his involvement with Kareem (one of my all-time favorite players). While he has more to learn from the master, he hasn't withdrawn from him completely. He's just taking steps forward to become more independent. This is what we parents and teachers do with our children: we give them the guidance they need and let them try on their own, showing up again to help them when they need it.

Bynum will be excellent this season. All-star worthy? That's to be seen, but he will be a great complement to the Laker's squad. Let's just hope that he stays healthy.

AK/BK, thanks for clearing that up.



"Nope - that's Dwight Howard."

- if Bynum starts putting it together like he did last year before the injury, again, we'll have the best young Center in basketball. Bynum has more length, better hands, a much more developed post game and better defensive potential than Howard. Howard does more slam dunks and is more of a focal point on offense than Bynum is for the Lakers but if Bynum was on some other team that depended on him more, we would be absolutely drooling over him and Bynum's numbers would be much higher, probably close to the 20/12 range with 2-3 blocks/game. We don't need that from him here with Gasol and Odom taking shots, rebounds and minutes away from him.

You can go negative in Jeopardy.

"I'll take Lakers Head Coaches for 1000, Alec."

Posted by: exhelodrvr | October 02, 2009 at 10:10 AM

damnit ex, now I'm trying to think of what having a negative number assigned to the chance KAJ will get the Laker coaching position would actually mean.

I think its a sign of the apocalypse if I figure that out.

I don't care what spin the Lakers or Bynum himself put on this, it's NOT GOOD.

This doesn't mean that Andrew will have a poor season or career or anything like that, but he's selling himself SHORT none the less.

This is like anakin feeling that Obi Wan is too constricting, too classical, too old school for his taste. Perhaps that's the case, but if Andrew is to realize his full potential as a basketball player, then his odds are MUCH higher having the likes of Kareem (arguably the best center ever) whispering in his ear and helping him improve outside of regular practice.

No, I see NOTHING good about this

"It sure would be good for Andrew to lean on such an intelligent and gifted player. It would not only be humble. It would be a sign of an aspiration to Greatness."

I wouldn't go as far as the Olowokandi comparisons Jon because Bynum for sure is better than Kandy Man but ceasing his work with the man who in his younger days was almost as dominant as Wilt and was a terrific defender in his prime and not having as much help is quite worrisome (Laker Tom will probably say "Time to take of the training wheels or something similar I'll be surprised if its otherwise).

I mean if Bynum was already the most dominant center in the NBA currently I could understand and say he was all grown up. Ceasing almost all if not all work with the cap is worrisome for his continued of his post game which needs to be learned because if he thinks all he needs his post moves to score then he's still a pup in a dog's league.

"I am saying that 2 of the 4 have shown questionable judgement."

Hobbitmage not here to argue but rather a question of who is the 2 out of the 4 your said have shown questionable judgement. I don't think Morrison is either because he barely played and while Sasha COULD be either or but I don't know if he has really shown questionable judgment so that leaves Farmar and Bynum.

Can you please tell me why? I'm curious really not here to debate just wondering because I kinda agree but want to know your reason.

"I think Bynum has probably learned all he can learn at this point"

If that were the case, then Bynum would be throwing 15 foot hook shots right and left and knocking them down.

He hasn't learned "all he can" - he's at best learned just enough to be dangerous

I can't believe the overall reaction of the blog. Its like bynum has 50 overprotective disapproving fathers who all think they know what's best for him

Maybe bynum needs this as much as every pimpled 22 year old kid does when leaving his mommys house and going on his own. Its time for him to start trusting himself and everything he learned and making decisions on his own without the cap breathing down his neck before and after every game.

Independence breeds inner confidence. Its time AB became a man


You are finished, sir.

Finished around here.

You sold us on the kid's undeserved contract.

You told us that the kid's game was "top-center" material.

You made us believe that he would be our "next great post-player".

You tried to make it so he would be last years, and now this years, "second option".

You called players unpatriotic Americans and 'Faker' fans because we didn't buy into you agenda.

You tried to sell us on the idea that Andrew's prior mishaps and disrespect toward the greatest coach of all time were isolated incidents.

You sold us out.

You sold us out big time.

Andrew could've worked with Dwight Howard AND Kareem this summer.

He did neither.

He stayed at home.

Chased tail around Southern California and Italian towns and lived for the flesh.

Not for the spirit.

Not for the spirit of Basketball.

You, LakerTom, sir, are a Benedict Arnold.

You are a seller of fake bonds and a pusher of false ideas and and a advocate of feigned imagination.

You are dismissed, sir.


Staff Writer
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I'm not a disapproving father, I'm a bonafide Bynumite fan.

I think he can be great. I think he can ascend the mountain top and become what Shaq never was.

But I also think his odds just went dramatically down

He's flushing his one major advantage down the toilet - he either finds a new advantage, or his potential goes down the toilet too

I am kinda worried that both Kareem and Rambus are gone. The other thing that worries me is that he'll try to "become an all-star" on the offensive end. It is going to be hard for Drew to get more shots - at the same time we're adding Artest.

Get it under control Phil. We're counting on you.

"I think Bynum has probably learned all he can learn at this point"

If that were the case, then Bynum would be throwing 15 foot hook shots right and left and knocking them down.

He hasn't learned "all he can" - he's at best learned just enough to be dangerous

Posted by: Tim-4-Show | October 02, 2009 at 10:47 AM

I just replied to exhelodrvr on this point.

'Learned' and 'at this point' are the important point to take away.

"Learn" does not equal do. Learn does not equal a reliable skill. That 4 years of tutelage is only in his head. He's 'book smart' at this point in his career. Out of 4 years of college, I think we all know just enough to be dangerous, it just matters where you take it from there....but its all stuck in our heads otherwise, isn't it?

As for the quality of the 'education', he's got 4 years of tutelage from the most skilled center in NBA history, and plays along side the most skilled PF in the league today. In a triple post offense from the greatest coach in NBA history. No other center can claim that, and I doubt even Tim Duncan's early years had that sort of apprenticeship. So ya, I stand by thinking that he has learned alot at this point, but he hasn't put it quite into practice yet, at least not consistently.

"At this point" does mean he's got more learning to do. I did not imply he was a finished product.

All due respect to you guys, please stop throwing around quotes from me without assuming that I think Bynum has learned all he can EVER and is a finished product? Your putting meaning behind my words that completely miscontrue my intent. This isn't partisan politics folks.

I would be ecstatic if Bynum peaks at the level Howard is already at.

yellofever: I agree with you 100%! Word.

Segeboy aka Taliq,

There is no disappointment here on KAJ released of Bynum not the other way around Bynum's declaring his independence. Lakers will prosper from this end and will help Bynum to improve on his own. I'm not criticizing Bynum to bury him forever but more encouragement to work harder. Everyone is aware that he lacked playing time as a hoopster, I think LakerTom and #4 have more experience than Bynum, he has the fundamentals, the body but not the wisdom to be the Superstar yet, perhaps independence will help him more than being dependent to a coach at all times. I'm also saying this player is getting so much attention, getting lot of favors of having a personal coach and showered with huge contract at that age. From his statements, he appeared unperturbed, ingrate too from the services of Cap, so he wants to be on his own. Lakers have foot in the initial costs, it is up to Bynum to pay the rest for his own improvement. Tiger Woods pays for his own coaching as well as those grand slam tennis phenom. Therefore, we are not giving Bynum harsh criticisms but constructive criticisms that will benefit the team overall.

While I loved the idea of Andrew being influenced by Kareem, this might not be as bad of a move as it appears. Breast feeding is good for baby growth, but it's also necessary to stop it at some point in time to motivate the baby to explore other food groups.

Can't say if this is a good move, but it does have the potential to push Andrew into maturing a bit more - no big brother looking over his shoulder could be more good than bad in the end.

Again, I ask: Is working with KAJ the ONLY available option for Bynum to continue developing his game? Some seem to be treating it as such.

And I agree with Ex-- if Bynum gets as good night in and night out as Howard, that's phenomenal.


Cap. No Cap. Whatever. I just want to see Bynum reach his ridiculous potential. If he needs to get there by taking off the training wheels, then so be it. I'm not going to pretend I know more from a distance than Bynum and the Lakers know up close, so I trust their decision.

Ultimately, the proof is in the pudding and Andrew knows this. I think we're going to have some damn tasty pudding this season!

"But I wonder if this stll leaves the Laker Nation feeling nervous."

Lol. Have you read the reader comments here AK?

You should know by now that even something as small and insignificant as Lamar's wedding registry can turn this blog into a debate.

Does it leave me as a fan nervous? Simple answer, No.

Andrew Bynum is as talented young person, but I've never found that he made very mature decisions so far. Remember the playboy bunny on his shoulders when he was still on the injured list? He also hired David Lee as his agent, nuff said.

I chalk alot of it up to ego and age. This is the guy who alot of people think we could have won in 2008 against the Celtics, if he was able to play. A sentiment I frankly don't share in for many reasons. That's got to build up the ol' ego just a bit.

Bynum also thought for some reason he was going to make the all star team last year until he got injured. Are you kidding me? I think that him getting injured last year saved his ego from a little dissapointment called "reality".

I think it was good that he did work with KAJ but I haven't really seen that big of a payoff in his game since he started. I chalk it up to a lack of "hunger", that most of the greats including Garnett, Kobe, Jordan have. Bynum outside of his injury doesn't know true basketball hardship. He hasn't encountered the kind of adversity needed to mature and listen to advice from a guy like the Cap.

As for making the all stars this year. I'm skeptical at best that this is a reality. I do think that him telling KAJ to "take a hike" is a dissapointment. At the very least when he doesn't make the All star squad I hope Andrew swallows some pride, does the mature thing, picks up that phone and apologizes to Kareem for his lack of commitment this year.

- Lakers Insight

I know what really happened.

Kareem was hurt that he didn't see Bynum all summer and left some messages like Mikey from Swingers.

Anyone who says this is good is a complete idiot, and shouldn't be allowed to type here anymore.

For God sake, we're talking about having the league's leading scorer tutor our young center. What could ever be wrong with that? If Bynum is fighting that, it speaks volumes about him as a man and a player.

Please tell me what could POSSIBLY be wrong with Cap here teaching him. Think about yourself when you were 22. Were you ready to take on the world? Did you work your hardest, or know everything you needed to know about your job?

There was a post about Kobe's humility, and that post is right. Kobe's not necessarily a humble guy, and I doubt Kobe going to Dream was humility. You know what it was about? It was about winning. Kobe wants to win. That's why he went to Dream.

Bynum has the ability to learn from the greatest scorer in the league. He should take the opportunity every day.

I suspect this has much more to do with economics than the Lakers are letting on.

Keith Kesler,

"I know what really happened. Kareem was hurt that he didn't see Bynum all summer and left some messages like Mikey from Swingers."

Haha. I actually wanted to link the diner scene where Trent yells "You're all growns up" to Mikey, but alas, not safe for work or the Times' language standards. But I LOVE that movie.


Geezus, let's just play already. Bynum needs to keep progressing, Kareem or not. However, that doesn't take away from the fact that we have premier skill, talent, and/or leadership at every position.

They went with someone who had more theme park experience.
Everybody steals from everybody, that's Hollywood.
I took out $300, but I'm only betting with $100. I can't afford any more than that, all right?
You take yourself out of the game, you start talking about puppy dogs and ice cream and of course it's going to end up on the friendship tip.

Neil says:
Anyone who says this is good is a complete idiot, and shouldn't be allowed to type here anymore
Do you know how idiotic that statement is Neil?


OMG, isn't it obvious? It's all about MONEY $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Kurt leaves, but do they replace him? No. Why? Save money.

They scale back Kareem's involvement, and why? Save money.

It's just a matter of the Lakers org saving money and being cheap. Bynum still needs Kareem's help and advice.


"There are a LOT more Lamar Odoms that Kobe Bryants" - A true golden word. And we need to see if AB becomes a LO or KB!!

JonK ,

Is Bynum going to be Top-20 of All Time?? I dont think even Chris Paul/Dwight Howard/Dwayne Wade are going to be Top-20 of all time, given they are more accomplished than him and have had longer careers. (Wade, Howard and CP have played All-Star Games, Drew is yet to).

Buddy does not want to train/practise, what he wants to do? Spend the fat paycheck on playboy bunnies? :) If Bynum is the one who is walking away from it, then he's really losing something.


That was a good retort.... :-)

And those Bynum lovers (I am not taking names) who coo with glee that he could be the All-Star starting/back-up center for the West (because Yao is out, and TD is getting old), let me ask you a question: Does he stand a chance for All-Star, if Yao and TD are healthy? If he's selected ahead of Yao and TD when they both are available, then he's a good player(still not a great). If he gets the spot because someone is absent, then he's just a fill-in. Don't say he's great coz he got selected ahead of Nene or Okur. If you want to call him All-Time top-20 or anything, then start comparing with TD/Howard/Yao.

Porky Pig:

"It probably means Bynum watches MORE film " - Which one do you mean: Not the ones that play at Century-21 or AMC theaters, right??

"Amazing though... we've got the best young Center in basketball" - Perhaps you dont know about the guy called Diwght Howard who plays for Orlando?? He's only 23, and averaged 20/14/3 - Pts/Rbs/Blocks last season. Until AB overtakes him, its Dwight the best center in the league.

And last but not the least, where is Laker Tom??? :-)

Easy Neil, only Bynum could prove you correct that we are idiots in saying that this is a good move at this time. If he goes down w/o the Cap, then we are really idiots if removing the training wheels at the wrong time, however if he learns to sail on his own, we forgive you in immediately declaring us as idiots. You always win in both ways. lol!

Bynum not working with Kareem is not "good" in and of itself. It's also not "bad" in and of itself. It all depends on how hard Bynum is willing to work on further development.

KB Blitz,

you asked: Hobbitmage not here to argue but rather a question of who is the 2 out of the 4 your said have shown questionable judgement. I don't think Morrison is either because he barely played and while Sasha COULD be either or but I don't know if he has really shown questionable judgment so that leaves Farmar and Bynum.

Can you please tell me why? I'm curious really not here to debate just wondering because I kinda agree but want to know your reason.

my response:

Farmar is frustrated & last year he approached the coach/things in the
wrong way. Per Phil's words [ paraphrase ], his motivation was right
but his execution wasn't. [ exact words: He's always been confident, but
he didn't (always play well)/(execute right) on the court. ]

Lamar also showed questionable judgement, when asked to come off the
bench, but the injury to Bynum allowed him to get more playing time. He
also showed questionable judgment during the whole "re-signing"
drama. Dr. Buss set him straight when he took the contract off
the table.

Thanks for asking and asking politely.

Sounds like it's all about money - this from a total outsider. Maybe Buss and Kupchak are saving money here to pay Bryant soon?????? Just thinking out loud. And, just for the record, I think that would be a great thing for the NBA - lakers and Celtics in the Finals for the next five years in a row - nothing like it in all of sports......

To think its about economics don't make sense.

Buss just spent over 50 mil on bynum and ur saying he's gonna cheap out on an additional low six figure salary a year to the cap?? Huh say again?

Besides that's probably the average size of his bets in vegas.

As a longtime Bynum supporter and defender, I remain confident in the young man's work ethic and potential. Suggesting that he just sat around all summer and didn't do anything is to ignore the facts and to make a judgment without seeing how he performs this year. Andrew has entered each season improved over the prior season, and we have no evidence to suggest that this year is any different.

Of course, I know of no explanation for limiting KAJ's coaching time with Andrew that is positive. I was not a Rambis fan, but he worked extensively with Laker big men. Without Kurt and Kareem, there is no known coach dedicated to the big guys, and even the biggest Andrew fan has to concede that the kid needs a lot of coaching. That's no criticism of him; it is just a reflection of his relative inexperience as a basketball player.

So, even more important than the "why" question, to me, is who is Andrew going to work with now?


I agree with your point about "what we know" now, which is not much. And I continue to believe we will see Drew evolve into a great player if he stays healthy.

I also am not sure that Kareem being part of his workouts is the best or only answer, though it did bear fruit early on.

My post, and my concern, is more about the "fact" that he didn't work a lot this summer. As I said, he does not have a lot of burn time on the court in his young life and more work and more reps will only make him better. a lot of being great is muscle memory and instinct and not thinking too much on the court. A guy like Drew just hasn't had the opportunity to build the muscle memory and skills to be, well, an all star.

I'm disappointed he wasn't working his butt off, that's all. And I still expect him to be a good player. He has a lot of tools.

Oh, and I liked seeing Kareem have steady work.

Tom D.


It would be awesome if the Celtics and Lakers were in the Finals the next five years in a row - that would mean six straight Titles for the Lakers. Sadly, I doubt the Celtics could hold up their end of the bargain. I am not sure when the last time was the Celtics made it to back to back Finals, let alone 5 in a row. Anyone know when Celtics last made it to the Finals back to back? I don't think they have done so in the last twenty years or so...


(BTW it was 1987)

Here's the thing...

Unless I see that Andrew Bynum has mastered the skyhook in the first game on the season, Andrew is going to be under a bit of a microscope this season.

First of all, Kareem may not be the friendliest of all-time Lakers and have a few odd attitude issues, BUT he is still The Captain eternally and he deserves respect. If Andrew is not treating ARGUABLY the Greatest center of all-time with anything but deference, then it is a clear yellow flag that Andrew may be developing some attitude/ego problems.

Secondly, Andrew is under the first year of his contract. He's finally being paid star-level money. So, there's no room for excuses from him.

Third, Andrew is really the cornerstone of this team becoming a true Dynasty. For us to be able to win multiple Championships, Bynum's dominance is essential. Andrew has to show that he is psychologically and emotionally ready to take on that responsibility and embrace it.

Finally, I'm concerned that Bynum is convinced that scoring is the most important element of his game. While it may be his best natural proclivity, I agree with other bloggers that where we need him most is on rebounds and blocks. I hope he shows the maturity to focus on that element of his game because that is where the team needs him most.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I understand it's time for Andrew to cut the cord, but I don't understand why the Lakers don't add Kareem to the coaching staff, especially with the departure of Curt. It kind of makes me feel that Jackson or the organization has some issues with Kareem. I hope I am wrong but you cant help but get that feeling. I welcome a response from anyone who can answer this, I dont't think I am the only one who feels this way and maybe the organization could eleviate any fan misunderstandings along these lines.
There are a lot of Kareem fans.

Tom D.

I would take his not working really hard with a grain of salt. He needed to get that knee healthy - and sometimes rest is the only answer. Tim Duncan just said how he took time off to let his knees recover as well - not comparing the two directly - but it shows that sometimes these guys need a break. The human body can only take so much pounding. Unlike Shaq, who waited to be on "company time" - Drew came to camp in shape, working with his personal trainer for a month and a half, so it isn’t as if he sat around watching soaps and eating bon bon’s all day.

I understand the concern, but again he is young and still figuring it out. We all go through periods in life we do things our own way. I would like to think that if things don't go that well that he will reflect and try a different approach if needed.

I also think that as a young fella, he needs to have some time for fun and relaxation. How many of us started our careers before we were 18? And remember he doesn't have a Kobe or MJ type mentality - he just doesn't. Speaking of Shaq - imagine if he had put in the effort that Bynum did the last four years. Shaq would have been even more dominant than he was. Shaq was blessed with physical skills, but did he honestly work as hard as he could to become the best player he could? I don't think so, but even then he was still a great force in the game.


Well I didn't mind Andrew working with Kareem but I believe that the game has changed so much since Kareem has played that Andrew should have moved ahead last year to a coach or mentor who has worked with the likes of Shaq. Thinking Back on on one of his encounters with Shaq when Shaq was in Miami and Shaq poster-ized Andrew on a missed basket put back for a dunk and the young ambition of a up and coming center coming back to dunk on Shaq on the next play showing that he was not gonna be bullied in a world of big men. That is what the Lakers need from the Andrew. We need him to become a beast. Working with Kareem will give him another Facet to surpass a Shaq but there has to be a change sometimes from Technique which is what he got from Kareem to Raw Determination, Power, and Strength to get to the rim. We know his Free-throw are gonna be better than Shaqs Percentages but now we should focus on making him a force to get to the rim with Dominance and have the soft touch to make the 3 point play at the Free-throw line. I make the comparison to Shaq because every Laker Dynasty has had a talented big man. Shaqwas our last dominant big man. If Andrew can mix the 2 styles of play up it's scary to think of what he can do in his young career.

It is time for Andrew to get off the ropes. 5 years is like garduating in college. He needs to see the world and learn from life experiences. A teacher can only tecah you the fundamentals their experiences is not yours, you have to have your own.

To stand alone gives you strength, no other person except yourself can teach you. It is time for him to learn from himself, good and bad he will benefit from it.

Andrew is a beast when 100% healthy. Even a 22 year old kid who's had two major surgeries knows his body needs to heal and calm down. He has a lot of time to play basketball, there is only summer to heal his injury and see the world.

Nothing wrong with ONE SUMMER getting away from basketball, then come back a MONTH AND A HALF to train to be in physical shape.

Even the winningest of them all BILL RUUSSEL said evey summer he would get away from basketball just to get the mind and body rested and to be ready for next season.

I don't undersatnd why some of you see something wrong with that?

Andrew came to camp healthy and in shape. If he did not have any injury to rest. Like the lsat FIVE summers ago, he trained for basketball skills.

If you noticed Andrew is already well ahead of basketball skills for a young center. But if he is not healthy, none of his skills won't matter.

So his personal goal this year is to be healthy. Next year if he stays injury free, his goals may be to train how to be dominant on the defensive end.

Even Kobe trains for sometkng different every year.

I am still worried about Odom, because with all his skills, he does not train on summer to get even better coming from an inhury free last season. I watched the summer camp on NBA TV, and he was breathing so deeply like he was out of shape. The guy can't even make a lay up with hhis right hand and you are an NBA player?

EagleBoy - 1986 and 1987
btw - we have already met 11 times in the Finals
Know the results?
How can you possibly make a comment like that.
You saw what one injury did to you guys in 08 and us in 09!!
Really think your team, (well over the cap and many under contract till you become EagleMAN) can stay healthy and together 5 years???????

Jon K,
"For us to be able to win multiple Championships, Bynum's dominance is essential"

Not at all. As long as Bryant, Gasol, Odom, and Artest are relatively healthy, the Lakers will be one of the favorites for at least the next 3-5 years, even without Bynum. Bynum is definitely nice to have, but definitely not essential.

Of course it's about economics. Didn't you recently read that the original training camp plans were to be in Hawaii? Instead, they are here in El Segundo, saving the team about half a mil.

Bam! What's the response to that??


Not going to Hawaii isn't just economics (though certainly they play a role). Phil doesn't like making that trip.



I knew the answer – check the post it was at the bottom. I was just having fun, as big of a Lakers fan as I am, I don’t seriously expect the next five or six titles in a row. Do I think the Lakers have a longer window of opportunity than the Celtics? Yes. And that is based on the rosters as they exist at this moment – and they remain healthy. KG and Allen are winding down their careers and losing ability - retirement sooner rather than later in my opinion. Pierce isn’t getting any younger and he doesn’t seem to have the drive like Kobe and KG to do all they can to maintain their health. The Lakers – with Pau, Lamar, Ron, and hopefully Bynum have a pretty good core that is younger that may extend Kobe and the Lakers window for championships.

You are right health is a major key and in the game injuries happen and if they happen to the wrong player at the wrong time it can sink hopes in an instant. In 2008 things may have been different had we had Bynum and a healthy Ariza. I wouldn’t bet my life the Lakers win it, but I suspect it would have been a more interesting series with a possibility of a different result. I would actually say the Lakers mentally were lacking more than physically as the reason they lost. I know Boston was the more physical team, but the skills I think were there for the Lakers, but beyond Kobe and Fish they were intimidated by Boston.

So there you go – does that answer your question?

BTW – I am not a young pup, I am a Laker fan since the last days of Wilt.

EagleBoy - never to grow up and become EagleMan - it just doesn't have the right ring to it for me.

Laker fan

Dont worry. In June we will show up and teach Bynum and the rest of the Lakers a lesson like we always do when we meet.

If Bynum doesnt want to learn from Cap ... then KG will give him a lesson.

Funny how I dont see pictures of KG with Playmates on his shoulders while he is rehabing like the ones I saw of Bynum.

And no ... Bill Russell will NOT be helping Bynum. He is a Celtic and bleeds Celtic green. He stopped giving Laker centers lessons in '69 when he retired.

Unless your talkn about the former Dodger shortstop. Come to think of it he might play better low post defense then Bynum.

From reading bynum quotes from somewhere, I can't remember which paper, bynum said that his doctors advised to take a break early in the summer to let his knees rest. So he took a month off, then came back to atlanta to get in shape.

Don't most players generally take a month off during the summer? And I have read quotes from the same Shelburne article, where bynum said that he still plans to to watch film and work with kareem during practices. It might be a cut down in time together, but this doesn't seem like their working relationship is over.

I know EXACTLY how Kareem feels.

My daughter just turned 18 and now knows everything. Doesn't need her dad anymore. Doesn't need my help, not even with homework. She even picks her own boyfriends now.

But you know what, she'll be back. ........When she realizes she has to ask me for the car keys.

Bynum just needs his time to grow up and use what Kareem has taught him. He will always be Kareem's kid on the floor.

And....he will be back. When he realizes how much he doesn't know. Its all part of growing up.


I am hoping Boston and the Lakers both make it back this year. The Lakers held up their end last year but the Celts fell a little short. Here is to hoping for good health for both squads this year.

Maybe KG doesn’t get Playmates because Playmates don’t like guys that get on the floor and bark like dogs….Great player, plays extremely hard and all that but sometimes I wonder about his mental state - that barking thing he did just kind of creeps me out. I would smack my son upside the head if he did that on the court.

I like Bill Russell – so no rude comments on him forthcoming. He was one of the greatest of all times. Bynum should take him up on it if he was willing - but your right that ain’t gonna happen.

Nice play on the Dodger/Celtic Russell thing. Somewhat clever, especially for a Celtic fan. Gotta go.



I totaly agreee with you. I think Bynum should take full advantage everything he can learn from the captain. I think Bynums getting a big head and is like my 19 years old son who thinks he knows everything when i try to give him advise. But if Bynum comes out looking great and using everything the captain tought him ..then all will be forgiven.
And what's up with Reggie saying we will win 72 or more games but not win against Boston. I hope they interview him again in the end of the season when we win back to back.


C. Santana


You will eat your words at ALL-STAR break. Bynum will be an All Star Center for the West.

Twice Bynum got injured, twice before the injury he was a domiant force inside. How easy people can forget, including Laker fans? Unbelievable!

If you are a Lalerfan, how can you dislike a young promisng Center, when there are very rare big man with skills nowadays?


Thats just KG being KG.

Thanks for the kind words about Russ but you have a better chance of Tommy Heinson teaching Bynum the running hook or Larry working with Sasha on his 3pt shooting or Gerald Henderson teaching Brown how to steal crosscourt passes then Russ teaching Bynum to play defense.

BTW what would you do to your son if he ran into the stands after a fan?


So, your Bill Russell is green and bleeds green, really??

If he bleeds and breathes green so much, why is that he did not attend the ceremony when Celtics retired his jersey? Also, I dont think he attended the HOF Induction. Did he not tell "he owes nothing to Boston, and boston owes nothing to him"??

If he bleeds green so much, why did he abruptly ended his career, thereby creating a void to Celtics in both coach and center positions??


I would hope my son would know better than to run up into the stands like that. That being said, I understand Ron doing what he did - he tried to take a chill - getting hold of his emotions and then a punk throws a beer on him. Not saying I condone his actions but if someone threw a beer at me I might be so inclined to respond as well. It was an ugly situation and had the beer not been thrown, I think the situation would have not gotten so out of hand. Should Ron have known better? Yes. But being assaulted sometimes leads you to act rashly and I bet he would never do it again. I just have issues with KG, the barking like a dog and some of the other stuff he has done. Maybe he was doing that stuff in Minnesota and I just never saw it, but I have seen quite a few instances of crap he pulled that I think is poor sportsmanship at best. I admit it may be my dislike of the Celtics that is part of my problem with him now, but I have given Artest slack about the brawl since it happened. I just don’t like taunting crap – I hate TO for his crap, not a big Ocho Cinco fan either. Talking smack like Bird or Reggie Miller and any number of guys is OK – it goes with the territory. It just my opinion that KG crosses the line – and like I said the barking like a dog – getting down on all fours is just creepy. Seriously he is a grown man and a professional. But hey ‘that is KG just being KG’ right? Maybe but it doesn’t make it right. I was involved in Olympic level competition and my coach was old school – we had to be proper gentlemen at all times. Shake hands, yes sir no sir to our elders, no cussing etc. so allow me my old timers indulgence in yearning for the old days when respect and decorum was expected of athletes.

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