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Question of the Day: Self examination required

September 13, 2009 | 12:23 pm

Thursday's Titans/Steelers palate-whetting appetizer notwithstanding,Sunday marks the full on launch of fantasy football season (and, from what I understand, actual football season as well). Not everyone plays FBB... but a lot of people (myself included) do. Or basketball, baseball, and so on.

Most of us play for some sort of stakes, as well. Generally money.

With that in mind, I heard a really fun question listening to the radio this week: Would you rather win your fantasy league or have your favorite team win a Super Bowl/Larry O/Stanley Cup/Baseball Trophy with Flags On It? More accurately, since nobody should ever put the "pride" of winning a fantasy title ahead of the excitement of a real championship for their team- that's just lame- what would be your price in a straight cash-for-banner swap?

(UPDATE: Some people seem to be concentrating on the fantasy sports aspect of the question, which isn't the point, just the entry into the topic. More simply put, how much is a title for your favorite team worth to you? That, for all intents and purposes, was the question being asked on the show, and it's the one I'm asking here.)

I'm sure there are some who wouldn't take a monetary prize no matter how large, but my guess is they're in a minority admirable if nothing else for its iron-clad, unimpeachable loyalty. For most people, if it doesn't involve harming others, there's a price for nearly everything. That's not being cynical, just realistic. I love my teams and wouldn't trade a parade for the typical fantasy league prize of a few hundred bucks, but what if the ante was raised? A grand? Ten grand? Fifty? A hundred?

That's a ton of money for normal people with bills and families and such. I'd love to say there's no figure on the planet that would get me to make the trade, but that would be a lie. There is. Not sure what it would be, exactly, but it's there.

I don't necessarily think that makes me shallow, by the way, just honest.

One big factor in making a decision, beyond the amount of money of course, that came up a lot on the show (Andrew Siciliano and Mychal Thompson on 710 ESPN, for the record) was how often said favorite team wins championships. A Lakers fan very well may feel different on this issue than a Clippers die hard, given the stark differences in each team's history. Browns and Steelers. Cubs and Red Sox. You get the point.

Are there others?