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Pau Gasol: Spanish for "efficient"

Pen is to write as Pau Gasol is to:

a) directing art house documentary shorts.
b) making canoes out of recycled two-liter Fresca bottles.
c) kicking EuroBasket ass and taking names.

Pau Gasol vs. Greece

I'm going with C. And I think most of the European basketball community would agree, after Gasol dropped 18/6 on Greece in only 21 minutes, leading Spain to an 82-64 win. Pau and the gang now advance to the tourney final, where they'll face Serbia. It was just another in a very strong run of games for Gasol, who scored 28 points in Spain's previous game against France. To say he's is on a bit of a run would be an understatement. Gasol was 5-7 from the floor against the Greeks, meaning in Spain's last four games, Pau is 32-39. That's an 82% mark in the shooting department.

That, for those of you new to the game, is good. 

Gasol didn't play all that well when Spain met Serbia earlier in the tourney, which (in conjunction with that whole "it's for the championship" thing) will likely motivate him to play well in the final. Which would be totally fine with many/most Lakers fans, who would love to see Gasol win a little hardware. Mostly, though, they want to make sure he can use his left index finger to indicate "We're #1!" without any pain.


Ed. Note: There will be no nitpicking over the analogy. Thank you.

(Photo: Peter Andrews, Reuters)

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Laker Tom,

Again disagree so much on those predictions. 33 minutes for Kobe and Pau? Not going to happen most likely. 30 minutes for Bynum? Nope unless LO is out of action that ain't happening AND Gasol-Odom tandem fails which it hasn't for the past 1 1/2 years. And 19ppg? That's too funny for Mr. Big Mouth Bynum. Add up those point totals that is 110 points per game! Heck that is what the no defense Golden Warriors can achieve. I think you fail to calculate total SHOT ATTEMPTS when putting your point total. How many has Kobe gotten? More than 18 and that does not include his FREE THROWS. Gasol 2nd with 13 FGA and Bynum with 10! Throw in ARtest who will get more shot attempts than Bynum (and more playing time) and that is less shot attempts for everyone as a whole. Not to mention the rest of the team including LO has to shoot the ball as well.

Yes I know we disagree on Bynum but again Bynum, an offensive minded center, who can't even defend screen and rolls if he wanted to and is as bad on Shaq on that one and is a crappy passer to have tons of Shot attempts on a consistent (note: consistent meaning the entire season not 5 games where he will get tons of shot attempts) basis? Please. Heck and consider PLAYOFF rotations even if he is not injured. Who is going to get his FGA attempts increased? Kobe and Pau and Artest will get the ball more over some guy who let Nene dunk on Kobe and got the foul because he was pissed off he didn't get the ball on the post (and that was Kobe shooting the ball).

simply put, Pau Gasol is one of the best players in the NBA. i think he'll make second team all-NBA next year. i heart chris wallace.

Ah, the unfairness of it all. Analogies are so important when you are cramming for the SAT's, and you get so excited, and then you never hear from them again. Well, until now.

hmm. Looks like Blitz just got tired of being all reasonable and stuff.

Well, the summer is winding down now, and we all have football to distract us, but here's to the last summer, with this moldy oldy from the classic hits countdown!

Not that I’m going to give mamba24 much competition, but for some reason the song was stuck in my head, so to the tune of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah (why not?) Please all sing along on the chorus.

Now I’ve heard there was a set amount
Would he make more than Marcus Blount?
And do you really think it was coo, ya?
How many years, was it four or five?
When would the damn word arrive?
When would all Lakerdom yell Booyah?!


Our faith was strong, but y’all needed proof
Not one fan could remain aloof.
would our title hopes all go “poof?, ya?
He took the bench, he dressed with flair
He shaved a star into his hair.
And when he passed the ball, he overthrew ya

[Repeat Chorus]

When Drew fell wounded to the floor
Our hopes they fled out the door
But Lamar didn’t give up, something oo ya
The rebound grabbed, the trey was made
Our title hoops, they did not fade.
Magic’s broken fans they all yelled ‘POO!”, ya

[Repeat Chorus]

When our victory parade was done
The final word? Hey, we won
At the time, that’s what I thought
Was celebration all for naught?
Those dynasty predictions will fool ya
Is he in our hand the bird?
Or will Ron Ron Artest thrill ya?

[Repeat Chorus]

You place your faith in Dr Buss
Then what is it with all the fuss?
You say with Drew is it the same
But Lamar’s agent is to blame
You’re mad the man hasn’t stopped to woo ya


Well it’s laid to rest, there isn’t much
Left to debate at least as such
A and BK are tryin to Sun Yue ya
But at long last, phred was right
And we can go to bed tonight
And Lakerdom can breath a Hallelujah.

(originally appeared in July, back when there was like three people reading this blog. I did what I could) (note already dated reference to Sun Yue)

Pau's one of those guys who just doesn't get the attention he should. Maybe it's the lack of drama or conflict around him, maybe it's that he's just not demanding of accolades. While we blog about players' love lives, fantasy trades and rotation predictions, Pau is getting it done on the court. If Spain goes all the way, he'll have achieved the Larry O'Brian, the all-stars and the euro championship in a year's time. That's some good basketball.

Pau is awesome...

Congrats Kamenetzky brothers! you are awesome, too! lol.

I hope you visit my blog again!


Nicolas Martinez.

Hey Brian, you are forgettig a very interesting stat from Gasol in this European Cup: 50% from the 3 point range (4 / 8). And he is number one in field goal percentage and number one in points per game, so he is clearly going for the MVP (in case they win the final, of course...)
And it's true he didn't start so well in the first games but remember he was coming back from that finger injury, he couldn't play a single game with Spain before the tournament started.
Gasol and Bryant are an unstoppable duo. I'm expecting another championship... for sure!

Pau Gasol deserves FIRST TEAM, he carries the team, he is the most consistent, look at the stats.....his stats versus MVP stats.....this guy is MVP LEVEL NOW!!!

phred, whazzup...ok, it was wasn't a pick on my guy Sun, because of that buy it still hurt.... how ya doin?


What, is Bynym talking about becoming an offensive monster like Shaq....well, ..fine, do it...then we'll let you continue...until then , stop talking!!!!

LO has arranged his marriage as to not disturb the Lakers' season. That helps make up for contract negotiations for me. Will other Lakers be there? If three Lakers besides LO show up, will you cover it? BTW, in photos she looks almost as tall as LO! Have the Sparks looked at her?


I think what Pau is doing on the other side of the pond shows that we really did steal him from Memphis and he really should be MVP on the Lakers. His consistancy and efficiency puts him above most other players in the league. Without him the Lakers would not have gotten into the finals the last two years. Now that he's tasted victory he will be an animal on the court. Look out, NBA!!! BTW, looks like we'll be seeing amateurs reffing games this season. Yikes!!!

WALLACE,, the grizzlie, grrrrrrr, scary dem bears down in memphis,,,,they may bore you to death with a drawling roar...said
"“No offense to Pau, who is obviously a terrific player and greatly enhanced the Lakers and I think put them over the top, but it just wasn’t happening in the direction we were going,’’ said Wallace. “I am not a critic who is going to assess this from afar, [but] you have to do what is best for your franchise, and if the Lakers win a championship as a byproduct, God bless them.’’

For all the times the Lakers lose focus and lose to chippies, they should focus and blow these guys out by 100 next time they play....129-29, and shut this a hole, cough , up cough....keep trading, dude, try to get everybody in sync with an aging Iverson....and we need some draft picks back, do you want Morrison?
Hard ON him, am I? Well who made the deal? ( I laugh cuz although he was already gone, I keep the LOGO was behind it).....

We did not steal him from Memphis, we traded potential. It's Memphis that screwed it up. Wallace said Pau didn't fit in the direction they were going, Heck, anyone can jump on a sunken ship, why do idiots like wallace get jobs??? Tell me....Obviously he is incompetent. And they get paid, to do what I would do for proabably $100,000/yr.....and I bet the results would not be much different. He's just bitter now that everyone knows he screwed up major. By the way, say hi to Javaris.....he's your boy.....wait, I think you already moved him, probably another bad trade, lemme check, oh, griz traded for a conditional draft pick and so-so player to the wizards, who will probably do great this you lost again you idiot!!!!

camdog, what's worse, amateurs reffing games, or joey crawford?......c'mon, they control the games....I'd rather just let the players make their own calls like playground games.....the "pro" refs may not be the best, but that's what the league control the games, thank you David Stern.

Raja Bell's takedown of Kobe in the playoffs a few years back should have warranted a 1 year suspension. That was basic "assault", he could have damaged his back, his legs....and what did he game...LO steps to look at fight, moves his foot 6 inches, what did he get, one game....I see a problem. It's when you put your priorities over what is right and what is wrong...and the Stern league had consistently done that. Trever vs. assault intended, Fernandez fell like a girl. Players running into Shaq, they fall, shaq doesn't budge, fall on shaq, cuz he stood there???? Palming the ball, AI........The crab slide?...fouls on rookies, When Kobe's done, I'm done.


I share your enthusiasm for Pau Gasol and I acknowledge he's a great player, probably top 10-15 player in the NBA right now. But...

He isn't the Lakers mvp by a longshot. Playing the Pippen role to Kobe's MJ he's awesome. Like Kenny Smith said last year, he's undoubtedly the best #2 option league wide. But Gasol isn't the type of player you can throw the ball to in the post down the stretch of a tight game again and again. He doesn't have it in him to carry a team on his back and in some cases win a few games by will, the way I've seen Kobe do.

As I said, I like Pau. But if Kobe wasn't on the Lakers and Gasol was the focal point, Lakers would be in serious trouble. Knock on wood I don't see this scenario play out.

Spain wins the Eurobasket tourney and Gasol's named the tourney MVP. Can't wait to see the rematch with USA and Spain in the World Championships next year. World Champs vs. Olympic Champs.

Spain won the Euro Championship. Pau Gasol MVP of the tournment comes back to the US safe and sound with a healthy finger

Hi all fellow Lakersfans

Spain destroyed Serbia today in eurochamp final, PAU = tournament MVP

Therefore: PAU = ring = eurochamp = allstar = euroMVP

(Pau is not Rodney Dangerfield in Europe...)

Take care...

What a year for PAU.

SPAIN trashes SERBIA in the EURO finals.

PAU chosen MVP of the tournament.

Top 5 in so many categories: points, %, blocks, rebounds, etc...

Another day to feel proud of another Laker.

I am sure Kobe is texting Pau as we speak.

Congratulations Spain and Pau. The only way to follow that game today was internet through ESPN360. I see the girls games were more interesting than the Eurobasket Champions finals. You all have a chance through ESPN360 archive. The last three games of Spain are in the archive. Incredible defense, intense. Ricky Rubio magisterial, Rudy Fernandez from Blazers astonishing versatility. If you like pure basketball take a look. they trashed everybody from the moment Gasol recovered from injury but it was not him alone.

Class. No other word describes Pau better both on and off court. That he is a winner as well is icing on the cake.

Spain: European rulers in the two biggest sports: basketball and football (the one played according to the name I hasten to add).

Congratulations Pau Gasol of Spain. If he can't be the MVP in the NBA because of Kobe, in Europe he is King!
Lakers will rule the NBA in 2010. And in 2011. Lol.


Take the Lakers current starting lineup and substitute Lamar Odom for Derek Fisher at point guard. That would give the Lakers a starting fivesome of Lamar, Kobe, Drew, Pau, and Ron. Now I am not actually proposing that the Lakers actually consider Odom as their next starting point guard. In truth, his play and role backing up Pau at power forward is too valuable. But I would love to see it.

Rather, I am suggesting that another way to get Lamar additional minutes and opportunities and to provide the Lakers with another strong weapon is to have him spend time backing up at point guard. That would help make up for minutes he will lose to Bynum and would create nightmare matchups for other teams to deal with. It’s possible that we might see enough to want to consider it permanently.

What advantages and disadvantages do the Lakers realize by subbing Odom for Fisher? Offensively, Lamar is as good a ball handler and passer as Fisher and would have no problem bringing the ball up the court and setting up the offense. He is probably not as proficient a 3-point shooter but that is more than offset by his ability to post up smaller players for easy baskets and dunks in the paint.

Defensively, I seriously think the Lakers could potentially be better with Odom at point versus Fisher. Lamar’s height and length could be a serious problem for many point guards because he can play off of them which makes it easier to stay between the dribbler and the basket. Can he be beaten by quick fast point guards? Sure but so can Fish as we have unfortunately seen too many times.

It will be interesting to see how Lamar’s career progresses now that he has signed a new contract. The way I see it, the Lakers have three realistic options moving forward to resolve the issue of Derek Fisher’s successor. First, they stick with Jordan Farmar and/or Shannon Brown, realizing that the cannot pay a superstar at every position. Second, they go out and trade for or sign a free agent point guard, again realizing their payroll limits how much they can pay a point guard.

Or third, they can seriously consider re-allocating their resources and give Lamar the green light to release his inner Magic Johnson. Think about it. Magic in many ways was a point guard in a power forward’s body. In a way, that is also true of Lamar Odom, who is even 3 inches taller than Magic. Thinking outside the box could create the biggest and longest starting lineup in Lakers history.

Crazy or crazy smart? More Lamar, Kobe, Drew, Pau, and Ron. Tall ball always beats small ball.


Wow. That story about LeRoy Ellis really torn at my heart-strings.

God bless LeRoy Ellis.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Think about the rafters...

The rafters are more important than the Hall of Fame. Really.

We have SIX fricken players who COULD possibly hang from the rafters at Staples:



It's a great tiome to be a Lakers fan. Thank God I'm one.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Good job Pau! Now get back and get a little rest before training camp. Lert's win the 'ship' again.


A late response to your podkast, but yes, Zelmo Beatty is definitely not obscure. He was the star center for the Utah Stars, when they took the ABA title under (drumroll, please) Coach Bill Sharman before he came to LA. He was awesome to watch.

My pick for obscure Laker is John Q. Trapp. The "Q" was for Quincy, as though he was a presidential candidate. He had great facial hair, a terrific afro, and looked great when he dunked, which was maybe 5 or 6 times. He was there during the 33-game streak, about the third or fourth player off the bench, and I still can't find a photo of him playing (though you can't get a taste of him in the team picture). I don't know what it was, but I loved the guy.

(Whoever picked Larry Spriggs, he'd be #2 on my list. And whoever picked Sedale Threatt, c'mon. One of my favorite players, but he wasn't obscure.)


No question, my initial reaction was a sign of ignorance (and the fun in saying Zelmo Beatty) rather than a reflection on Big Z's career. When you're close like we are, you call him Big Z, btw. But hopefully I corrected myself sufficiently. The guy had a great career, and deserved better than to be downgraded by the likes of me. :)


"Crazy or crazy smart? More Lamar, Kobe, Drew, Pau, and Ron. Tall ball always beats small ball."

Just Crazy Laker Tom. Kobe isn't going to going to guard the opposing point like Byron Scott did for Magic. And even when Magic was in his prime in 1988 Isiah Thomas and even Joe Dumars were able to torch him in the 1988 Finals and Game 4 when he was in foul trouble thanks to trying to guard either those quick guards. Isiah put up a tremoundous game 6 in spite of rolling his ankle. LO may have tried to emulate Magic but he is no Magic plus Magic had the ball most times in his hands similar to Kobe except Magic was more willing to be a playmaker more times than KB. So why put Odom to guard PG's? That is lowering defense because CP3/Rondo/Deron/Derrick Rose will all have quickness advantage.

I appreciated Phred's (attempted) rewording of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" song. I like the song and Cohen very much. On a related, but different, matter, may I make a suggestion? At a Staples Center Lakers' game let us, in attendance, celebrate an assured triumph by collectively singing the easily mastered four Hallelujahs of Cohen's song. I'm interested in whether people consider this do-able?, worth doing?, offensive on religious grounds?, and/or worthy of being endorsed by the message scoreboard at Staples?.


Are we still doing the most obscure Laker contest? I haven't read any announcements. I think we should conduct a more formal poll. I know I got a few votes and was looking forward to the announcement of the winner. My contribution was Mario Bennett. If a winner was already decided and if it happened to be me, can you guys please address the announcement to "never (HC)." Those are special initials that my family and friends would recognize it's me.

SPAIN WON BABY!!! and Pau Gasol MVP Wooooooohhhh

Well played, phred. Incidentally, I once dated a girl in college who was a big Leonard Cohen fan. Turned out she was a little to angst-y for my tastes. It just wasn't going to work out.

BTW, my wife heard the YouTube clip you passed along from across our place. "Who died," she asked?


So I guess I won the most obscure Laker contest? Yes! I'd like to thank ... [Kanye interrupts]



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