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Mickael Gelabale to sign with the Lakers

Don't go upping the opening day roster from 13 to 14 quite yet, but Jorge Sierra of reportsMickael Gelabale the Lakers have reached an agreement with former Sonics swingman Mickael Gelabale that will give the 6'7" Frenchman, 26, a chance to make the team out of training camp on a "make-good contract" (meaning there's no commitment financially until he makes the squad).

Gelabale, who dropped out of the NBA after tearing his right ACL in 2008 during his second season in Seattle, played six games with the D-Fenders last season in the NBDL, averaging 16 points and 4.3 boards a game.

He tells Sierra his health is ducky, which will give him the necessary quickness and pop on the defensive end, where Gelabale sees his opportunity:

“The knees are very good. It’s 100 per cent,” Gelabale said. “We had some tests in Los Angeles and both of my knees are very, very strong. I’ve been working out a lot and now I’m even able to do things I couldn’t do before.” The 6-foot-7 Gelabale has relied a lot on his athleticism throughout his career, so being completely healthy is key for him in order to have a chance to make the Lakers’ opening nigh (sic) roster."... I chose the Lakers because I think I can make the team. I can bring my defense to the Lakers. I remember there have been times when I played against Kobe that he would congratulate after the game for being such a good defender. I know it’s going to be hard to make the team, but you have to start somewhere.”

Indeed. Gelabale's diagnosis that it'll be tough to make the roster is spot on, but his build and profile as a player does make the move at least somewhat interesting, assuming you're willing to acknowledge that interesting is a sliding scale. While limited offensively, assuming he's healthy Gelabale is long and athletic, and plays aggressively on defense with good mobility. He is, in some ways, a Trevor Ariza for the very pauvre homme.

If there was a downside to the Ron Artest deal, it's that the Lakers lost the contrast in their primary small forwards. Ariza and Luke Walton were very different players. Artest and Walton are more similar (not in talent, just in profile). If the Lakers' roster/payroll can accommodate a 14th player- a big if- it could be on the wing, for a guy with a style that adds a true change of pace and play a little D. Gelabale could to be that guy. At the very least, he could enter camp with an edge over the rest of the chaff.

I still don't think he, or anyone else the Lakers bring in, will make the team unless an established player gets hurt, but Gelabale is an interesting name to watch. Plus, the Lakers seem to have a soft spot for energetic, braided-hair types eligible to play for the French National Team.


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I think it's a great signing if Gelabale is injury free. I remember he gave Kobe fits in Seattle and that he's a pretty good athlete. Coming from a euro-basketball background, I'm sure he puts the team above everything else.

I think with Sun leaving and maybe a few smart moves here and there, he could be a very valuable member of the team in the 2nd half of the year.

Gelabale is a keeper. He's already good enough to be the first SF off the bench ahead of Luke. If he can improve his 3 point shooting ala Ariza, WATCH OUT.

I remember him from a couple of years ago and he played very well in that particular game, he was actually pretty annoying sort of like Raja BelL, even..I recall some of the snide remarks he received here on the blog for his "doggish" "aggressive" style if you will. He is a good player. I sort of hope he sticks..Besides, we need another wing and perhaps he can develop into a hidden gem..

BTW, whats all this on Hoopshype with Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian possibly getting hitched???

Wow, i guess Lamar really isn't babies' moms' no more????

Kurt at FG and B gets it right on Henry Abbott's Kobe post-



The reports are true. Khloe Kardashian and LO are indeed getting married, or are engaged at least. So say my sources (and in this sort of thing, I actually do have sources, disturbing as that may be). I don't really plan on writing about it- what's there to say?- but yep, it's true.


Lakers Nation,

"Coming from a euro-basketball background, I'm sure he puts the team above everything else. "

what what what ... first abbott pops off about kobe being selfish ... next we've got laker fans implying americans are selfish

"I remember there have been times when I played against Kobe that he would congratulate after the game for being such a good defender. I know it’s going to be hard to make the team, but you have to start somewhere.”"

Lmfao ... does he realise a quote like this means he's getting lit up every practice ...

Anywho I'll save my welcome messages for if/when he makes the team. Very he does given our financial constraints

October's coming and I'm eager to go on a spending spree ... ain't wann go cop my mvp shirts until the new season starts ... didn't wanna flaunt it until baskeball was relevant again

Abbott's a great writer when it doesn't involve the Lakers, or Lakers players. When it does, he tends to let his biases affect his writing way too much. (Not always, but probably 80% of the time.)

agh . . we're turning into a gossip column . i just tweeted about Lamar and Khloe too . . . is this the next Bennifer? or Bragelina? . . . . Khlomar Odashian?


I think this was a great move. I remember watching Gelabale play defense and remarking to friends that he knew how to play and was not intimidated having to guard Kobe. He actually may be a better one-on-one defender than Trevor was. While he only weighs in around 15 pounds more than Ariza, he looks to have a more developed physical body and may be able to defend bigger small forwards better.

Offensively, he will have to prove he can hit the outside shot as good as Trevor. In 39 games for Seattle before his injury, he had hit 69 out of 157 treys for 43.2%. If he can continue to shoot like that, he could be a real steal. Don’t know how his hops are and whether he can finish above the rim so we will have to wait to see how he does offensively. Overall, he adds defense to the roster if he sticks.

PG – DEREK, Jordan
SG – KOBE, Sasha, Shannon
SF – RON, Luke, Ammo, Mickael
PF – PAU, Lamar, Josh
CE – DREW, Mbenga


i like this guy's game. I watched him play a couple of games when he was in Seattle. i wish he makes the team.


>>>Gelabale is a keeper. He's already good enough to be the first SF off the
>>>bench ahead of Luke.

Jelly Belly is not and never will be better than Luke.

LO's getting hitched... Why don't I feel good about this?

TYPO, in my post, I mean, I guess Lamar really isn't WITH babies' moms' no more..

Thanks BK, I guess Lamar is really to kick his socialite lifestyle to the curb and settle down some..Good for him..

I thought dreadlocks were illegal since that little girl got one in her slurpy during the Finals.

Maybe not.

Is this guy good? Can we somehow get Turiaf back?

It's Amazing, really. The Lakers draft well and look what happens. The Raiders and Rams, another story.


Its been interesting to see the type of players the Lakers have been targeting. Before Odom signed they looked at Glen Davis, and then they even looked at guys like Shelden Williams and Leon Powe...and now Gelable...they are still looking for guys who like contact, and are around the ball in the paint area, guys who maybe arent tremendously versatile but have some bulk and that you can just easily insert into the lineup for a few minutes and get fouls and knock people around. I guess the Lakers still feel that they are not tough enough to beat a physical team, even after last year.

Instead of building a team at all positions they are essentially building more around the core of Kobe, Pau and Lamar to do the scoring and run the offense.

Mickael Gelabale, a native of Pointe Noire, France, whose name is pronounced MEE-kah-el Jhay-la-BAHL, is uneasy speaking English in one-on-one situations...



What’s with the image that shows up on the preview that gets displayed when you submit a comment? Are we going to be able to choose images or avatars going forward? That should be interesting. LOL.


Two things: Good luck new Laker, and I love me some Shinning. The movie, I mean. The Shinning really is one of the most perfect films ever made, it just unfortunately happens to shoulder the burdon of a thousand bad horror flicks concieved before and sinse.

Just the colors alone are worth the price of the ticket for me. It's not that weird oversaturation of single colors that horror masters like Argento like to do, but a quieter, more unsetteling brew which I find deliciously horrific. If there were an Oscar for best carpet design in film, Kuprick would've got it for sure. Those carpets in the Shinning are hot. Wicked. Amazing. I know he purposfully made the color schemes unsettling, but I think it's desteny whioch made them so appealing. Look for yourself when Jack walks into room 237. Those two carpets--the one in the hall outside the room, and the one inside with the bathtub vixen, are monsters in their own right that seem only one false step away from swallowing you whole.


Go Lakers.


I agree with you. I noted that he was very athletic when he was with Seattle. The comparison to Ariza with regards to ranginess (hope this is the right word...) and athleticism seems to be spot on. I thought that he was a good rebounder and sometimes annoying defender. I agree with the contrast in styles with Thriller and Luke. If he can make the team, I would welcome the addition.


Am I the only one not worried and indeed happy for Lamar and the Kardashian girl? I think she's sweet, and looks to me like someone who can be a real loving partner at home, rather than a money grubbing NBA groupy.

Give me cute and loving over drop dead sexy any day. Lamar deserves a sweet girl and I hope this is the one. I also really like it when my favorite NBA guys get married because it brings maturity, wisdom and all that stuff with it.




I don't know what other people think, but it's not something I really plan on writing about much if at all, unless it becomes a basketball issue. There's obviously a tabloidy appeal to it, given the parties involved (basketball star, TV star). But beyond being a little surprised- okay a lot surprised- by the speed at which all of this apparently happened, I don't have much of a reaction. I wish him the best.

There will be jokes and shots taken, but I won't make them.


1. Mickael Gelabale intrigues me. It would be awesome to have a player with Trevor Ariza-like abilities to provide the team with greater flexibility.

2. If anyone who has ever gone out with actresses and models (I've repeatedly been guilty of that crime) can attest, they tend to be narcissistic, self-centered, immature, drama addicts which scream for your attention at the expense of one's greater life goals. As such, the notion of Lamar Odom marrying a REALITY TV star sends shivers down my spine in a bad way. Urgh. Not good.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


AK/BK, this blog is for ALL THINGS LAKERS! That includes Lamar Odom's marriage. Imagine a Beatles site that wouldn't talk about Yoko! Inquiring Lakers minds want to know. We demand exclusive video coverage of the marriage. If it effects the Lakers team, it effects the Lakers family.

Please share people magazine style details with us. Its the darned off-season for cryin' out loud. Thanks and . . .



Yeah - I remember this guy playing against the Lakers, giving us fits, and screaming at the TV "who the hell does this JellyBelly guy think he is???" LOL!

Well - maybe now we'll know. We could use a little more athleticism at that position. Unless we do something, I really think there will be more than a few games where we'll find ourselves missing Trevor - a lot.

October 7th can't come soon enough...

Gelabale will certainly make the Laker bench even deeper, if he makes it. You can never have enough athletic defenders. I see him playing both shooting guard and small forward positions. He'll be useful when the Lakers need size and athleticism to defend anyone not being guarded by Kobe or Ron during close games.

Sounds like if given enough minutes Michael could be DPOY.

Sounds like if given enough minutes Michael could be DPOY.

Maybe it's just me that Lamar thinking of marriage, living in the City of Angels a young, not bad looking star player for the Lakers. I would think serious about this move, you can always get married after your playing days. Maybe it's just me.

Maybe it's just me that Lamar thinking of marriage, living in the City of Angels a young, not bad looking star player for the Lakers. I would think serious about this move, you can always get married after your playing days. Maybe it's just me.

Sounds like if given enough minutes Michael could be DPOY.

Great patience of Mitch to choose the best of the remaining F/A in Mickael Gelabale. If he's healthy, we resurrected another Ron Turiaf. Among the forwards in the bench mob replacing Ron, there is Luke good in assist in the triangle but has poor shooting and defense; there is Ammo perfect in shooting but became retarded after his injury; there is Gelabale, he is a good rebounder with a big body for defense and good in NBDL, will he be great in NBA with only 5 minutes per game. (With humility, I think I can show the best of what I got if I play only for 5 minutes. haha, of course that was when I was body fit) So PJ has a lot ofchoices from top to bottom with a traditional scrub, college wizard that turned into cold turkey and the Frenchmen coming of from injury and minor league, is he NBA ready? We still have Powell in the wing to support the 4's. If Sasha is not ready to replace Kobe, perhaps Luke is ideal as a set up guy who will bring the ball and set up plays. When all these four suck, we go back to Pau, Artest and LO as PF. Now there are more players available competing for small time slots compared to Cookie era, there is more time available for the scrubs and nothing left for talent.

Hi all:

I am liking this news about Gelabale. The Lakers would not have made this kind of gesture if they didn't think he was recovered and in a place to compete at "WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP level". Don't we love saying that!!!

We certainly don't need another health project since we already have Ammo in that category. If JellyBelly (like that nickname) provides some nice D in camp - it would be a healthy competition amongst the bench mob. And I am all for making our bench deeper, stronger and mentally ready (hello Sasha).

However, this does beg the question with 6/13 roster players in that forward position (yes, I know some are small & some are power), BUT it does beg the question as to who might be exiting or "tradeable". I'm just adds a little intrigue to the start of camp/season and I LOVE to stir the pot.

Shall we start some new Summer pondering:

1. I can't imagine the FO trading Luke as he is the "triangle team player" - but to save possibly millions next year especially in luxury tax? He has his ring so he's technically been paid for his loyalty (and his sizeable contract).

2. Perhaps Ammo is coming along better than we think and there might be a Sasha/Luke package deal somewhere? Or maybe not? And maybe Jellybelly moves to shooting guard position and becomes KB24's bench sub?

I know, I know - a little craziness for a Friday afternoon. But what the heck - it's Friday afternoon and I would like to be having happy hour somewhere right about now.

GO LAKERS!!!! Still counting the days until the opener...

I can't wait for the season to start.
We have too many SF in the roster, maybe someone will be traded. It might be the 'stache. Unless his 3ptFG goes like 70% a night.
Shannon Brown will be our next starting point guard. Bye JF. I like your game, but this is business.
Kobe, kobe, kobe. What's not to love?

due to a concussion I suffered in the mid 90's, (time, not age)...i suffer from chronic headaches, exacerbated by triggers such as noise, bright light, loud noises, altitiude changes....went to Oregon last year, girlfriend wanted to show her uncle sights, I stupidly mentioned mount hood, and Timberline Lodge, where the shining was shot. I get headaches at 3000-3500 ft above sea level...base of the lodge is 6500 ft above sea level, I was worried I was going to have an embolism and stroke out...I explained it to her, we were showing her uncle LA to Vancouer as anybody who really cares about me would do, guess what she chose to do...."We're going to Mt Hood"....she didn't give a damn if I had to make the return trip in a box....tells you something about how selfish and uncaring some people can be, recently, I've not bee aligned with your postings, but always respected you as one of the top 10 guys who write o ths blog. Take care....."he's back!!!"...also saw Jack at Kate Mantilini, restaurant in Bev Hills, open till 3 AM, after a Laker game or something else, and he was sitting there eating soup, with his chair in the aisle....said, Hi, and that I respected his work, he was very cordial, and gave that sly smile at my girlfriend....whatta dude...also saw John Ritter making out with someone who wasn't his wife, they gave him an entire back area to play, oh well, die, die, dead., saw Malkovich there and that dude looks creepy but we all know he is a top actor. I believe that John Cusack will be a top actor for about a ten year run....he's only 43, has done about 50 movies, and as he ages, he's losing that baby face, and getting more leading man looks, check out the movie trailer for "2012"....looks like a great action flick...
As for Gebale, hopefully he's recovered and can catch on quick, and I think he can contribute. The lakers are (were) a team built on versatile players...and with the triangle, versatility, or actually the lack of need for defined position's all about whether he can think fast enough to ball with the team...not like Kwame....geez...size gets you money...MJ, you suck, that speech...if Kobe gave it, he'd be stigmatitized to a cross, cuz there are still so many Kobe haters out there....but he did what I did not think was possible, rebuild his reputation, He deserves a bigger $ contract from Nike than LeBronze (as in 3rd place gets bronze)......he's got alot of catching up to do since Kobe has 3 and looks like a lock to pick up a few more.

the image is work in progress, I assume, and it will entail more work for the bros to screen out seedy ones that the bloggers choose...but they are great dudes and I'm sure it'll get done and done right. GO BROS!!!! YEAH!!!!

does anyone get a vibe that inviting Gelabale in was kind of a response to Boston's signing of Marquis Daniels??

ps. i hope they keep this kid and eventually trade either Morrison or Sasha

Now we may have Jelly Belly, Jelly Bean Man (LO), and the Bean himself...

Huh. I think Gelabale (needs a nickname bad) made the same impression on the rest of the crue that he made on me. He did great against us when he was with Seattle, and I think him getting hurt really hurt the sonics. This pick is a lot like the Ariza pick up, in that this is a guy that hasn’t worked out elsewhere because of injury- can he be an ‘energy’ guy for us? Hope so. He is also a bit longer and a teeny bit bigger than trev, but not really slower. And it doesn’t cost us anything if he doesn’t work out.

BK- you’re welcome, and thanks for letting us know what you think about the topic. I just hope that enough blog readers are like giantsquid and know a little bit about Abbot and Truehoop and don’t go nuts on him just because he slighted Kobe. He probably has the best basketball blog running right now, (present company excepted) and his blazer bias seldom hurt his judgment. Hope this is just an off day for him.

Folks, remember not to get ahead of yourselves. He's still not likely to make the team, unless someone gets hurt, a player gets traded, or the Lakers re-think their roster situation (in terms of numbers they'll carry). And while Gelabale showed some promise, he's hardly an established NBA player.

Not saying he couldn't make the team (he's got as good a shot as anyone probably could based on position, skill set, and current roster need), but don't head to the NBA shop quite yet to get your jersey made.


I saw the game when the Lakers played against the Sonic and Gelabale was defending Kobe and he did a pretty good job. Kobe made him play defense and was exhausted after one quarter but did very well. He plays defense just like Trevor (so sad to see him go) and I think Kobe likes players that defend him well. I hope he makes the roster and maybe he can be another project for the coaching staff.

Hey guys and gals!

Aren't you glad the only things we have to deal with in recent history with the Lakers are a stolen cake?;_ylt=AlIfwsmAmwyQihD_xq9Ppfq8vLYF?urn=nba,190545

Should LeBron be blamed? Sure why not, he's the leader of the team right?

LO what are you thinking? What happened to his gf/babies momma? Damn man, out of all the Kardashian girls, you had to go out and get the ugliest one.

Regarding the Gelalabe guy....

I remember watching him play with the Sonics and I thought he was a great athletic swingman. Sucks about his ACL, hopefully he's back up to speed by now and free from any related ailments.

Regarding the Gelalabe guy....

I remember watching him play with the Sonics and I thought he was a great athletic swingman. Sucks about his ACL, hopefully he's back up to speed by now and free from any related ailments.


I really respect the class position you have taken with respect to the suspected engagement of Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian. I too wish them all the luck in the world. May they will be so lucky as to discover their personal soul mates. It’s hard enough for a couple where one person is the celebrity to survive, much less when both people are in the limelight. Hopefully, it is a sign of Lamar maturing and we will see the impact in the consistency of his game. There have been as many instances of a great relationship enabling a great player to focus on his game and become better as there have been negative stories. Lamar and Khloe will need to overcome the reality that at their ages usually their careers are the most important thing – often more important than their relationship. Here’s hoping they have enough love to rise above that temptation and realize that true love is lifelong and first.

Ironically, I saw a great old sports movie last night that was right on subject: For Love of the Game – starring Kevin Costner as the fictional legendary veteran Detroit Tigers pitcher Billy Chapel who is in the process of pitching a perfect game against the Yankees while trying to make a decision as to whether to agree to a trade to the San Francisco Giants or retire from baseball and make a life with his girlfriend Kelly Preston, who is watching the game on TV at Logan waiting to fly away to London. More like Field of Dreams than Bull Durham, it is one of Mrs. LakerTom’s romantic movies. Will Billy be able to leave his passion and love for the game behind him? Or will love lose out to the game?


You know that the possibility of signing a French player can lure Laker Kev out of hiding and into opening his post with a sentence written in the 3rd person. I don't know much about this guy, but I'm reading a lot of love thrown his way from my commrades in Lakerholism. I'm all for filling the France-vacuum left by Turiaf's premature departure. I agree with Zach from San Diego: "i hope they keep this kid and eventually trade either Morrison or Sasha." (BTW, phonetically, his name works out to, "I've got the ball!" in French.)

I'll join the general enthusiam and support for jelly... I don't see any realistic room or PT for the guy but it's always nice to take a look at some people in training camp. We'll have more camp signings before too long, including some vets I suspect. It'll be fun.

I love Kobe, but htis guy makes some good points on why MJ was better:

"1. kobe doesn't crash the boards like mj
kobe has gone over 500 rebounds twice in his career
mj did it 6 times, including once over 600

2. kobe doesn't work as hard on defense than mj
kobe's highest steals total in a season 181
mj's highest steals total in a season 259, going over 200 steals 6

3.kobe doesn't like sharing as much as mj
kobe has had 400 or more assist 4 times
MJ did it 7 times, including once over 600

4. kobe doesn't like getting back on defense as much as mj
Kobe's highest blocks total in a season 67, going over 60 twice in his career
MJ's highest blocks total is 131, going over 100 twice in his career.

5. kobe hasn't dominated scoring as consistently as mj
kobe has had 3 seasons over 30 ppg
MJ has had 7 seasons over 30 ppg
Kobe has 2 scoring titles
MJ has 10 scoring titles (thats TEN YEARS my friend)

again, I can go on, but it should be obvious even to you. I showed offense, defense, I compared their respective best years, and you still think kobe is better even though you can't throw consistent numbers to prove your point. even utalkin2me, who is a laker fan says mj is a better two guard than kobe."

But isn't it funny that the only person Kobe can now be compared with at all is Michael Jordan? When was the last time Kobe was compared to anyone else? That's big props for Kobe.


More basketball stuff

Los Angeles Lakers Team Report
Posted 19h 22m ago E-mail | Save | Print |

If there is one major on-court competition for the defending NBA champions to negotiate in training camp, it's at the lead-guard position. Derek Fisher, Jordan Farmar and Shannon Brown will all be jostling for minutes at a position where all three have shined at times. Sasha Vujacic has also played there at times.
Fisher is the clear incumbent, especially after he came up huge for the Lakers in the NBA Finals against Orlando. Fisher, however, is 35 and struggled badly with his shot for most of the postseason.

The Lakers' vision in past seasons has been for Farmar, now 22, to inherit Fisher's starting job — possibly this season. But Farmar's career progress stalled last season as he struggled to produce in limited minutes and with opponents ready for his push-it-fast approach that worked so well in 2007-08.

Farmar remains confident and will even change jersey numbers from No. 5 to No. 1, his former UCLA number. Brown, 23, gave the Lakers flashes of brilliance in the last 18 games of the regular season and in the playoffs after arriving in trade from Charlotte. Brown re-signed with the Lakers in hopes of expanding his role with a championship team.

Brown — at 6-foot-4 and 211 pounds with amazing athletic gifts — is someone many Lakers fans would love to see on the court more. But Fisher has tremendous understanding of the triangle offense and all the things Phil Jackson teams do, and Farmar is also way ahead of Brown in knowledge.


—The reality that the Lakers are set with their roster even before training camp starts could be seen in second-round pick Chinemelu Elonu's decision to sign with Spanish club Zaragoza and put off a run at making the Lakers until next season or the one after that.

—Former Lakers guard Sun Yue, who had Kobe Bryant gushing at one point about his great potential, will try his fortunes on the other coast: He signed with the New York Knicks after being set free by the Lakers this offseason. Sun, once referred to as the Chinese Magic Johnson, didn't figure in the Lakers' plans any time soon.

QUOTE TO NOTE: "Yes, I still need you, and yes, I will still feed you when you're 64!" — Lakers vice president Phil Jackson and girlfriend Jeanie Buss, via Twitter on Sept. 17.



—G Derek Fisher published an autobiography called "Character Driven." It has a foreward written by Magic Johnson.

—G Shannon Brown, G Jordan Farmar, G Sasha Vujacic, F Ron Artest, F Adam Morrison, F Josh Powell and F Luke Walton got an early start on training camp by showing up for a 3-on-3 scrimmage Sept. 16, according to the team's web site.

—F Pau Gasol showed he can still play quite well despite his recent finger injury in leading Spain to Eurobasket's quarterfinals. Gasol had 20 points in the victory over France to lift Spain to qualify.


—F Pau Gasol (broken left index finger) had surgery on Aug. 10 but is expected to be a full strength for the season.

—G Kobe Bryant (right pinky finger) reiterated that he will not undergo surgery this summer because he has grown accustomed to the looseness in his damaged shooting hand.


Chinemelu Eloni, C, 6-10, Texas A&M (second round) — The Lakers had him rated as the 34th-best player in the draft and landed him at No. 59. They like his length and work ethic.

Great. Lamar will be married to a partier.


"... .he's got alot of catching up to do since Kobe has 3 and...."

Didn't Kobe just win his 4th ring?? :-)

Well at least we are getting training camp people. Who knows they may surprise and make the team just because you are drafted don't mean that you are a bad player.

Still way long shot on the team. There's a reason why he hasn't lasted on an NBA team especially on the former Super Sonics.

my blog watch is broken. my days are filled with busy and sometimes useless moments. by the time i read the blog, it's often in sleep mode. cruel world. i'll read hoopshype i guess, scrounging for scraps. and go to sleep.

Klohe Kardashian's sweet? She's stable? Uh, guys, she's on a reality show, you know the kind where the people say or do anything for money. Not exactly a classy broad. She's the type of woman who looks good at last call. Usually she can be seen talking about sex in graphic detail, and usually sounds like a pig. Not exactly the future mother of the year. I don't understand why he wouldn't select someone stable. A bizarre choice that will end badly.

Blogs are like guns.

They are dangerous in irresponsible persons hands.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Congrats Lamar! I hope there is a lil Lamar soon. Yeah baby!

This is a classic Phil Jackson move. Gelabale wasn't picked to play a particular position or to be in a particular rotation. He's a "situational substitution," and specifically targeting the playoffs. Phil thinks of guys like Gelabale as his Swiss army knives for the playoffs...a blade or tool for every situation. In this case, Phil saw something or someone in the last playoffs that reminded him he's going to need a "Gelabale blade" for the next playoffs.

So stop with the fixed rotations and linear lineups. Phil's thinking is more like The Matrix.

I like Gelabale. He may be cheap enough to be a #14, and, if nothing else, he seems like he would be a great practice player to push Artest and Kobe (otherwise they are "guarded" by guys like Sasha and Ammo).


Happiness in a cute package is the greatest happiness of all. Extreme beauty has a lot of disadvantages.


some thoughts:

- lamar is one sorry whooped ass foo if hes already talkin marriage... no way anyone named kardaishan is ready to settle down. whatever the case that social circle he'll be hangin out with cant be good news for the lakers.

- go gelabele go!! anytime we add another body at the 3 that could be ahead of luke in the depth chart is great news... now only if ammo or gelabele can make an impact crack the rotation and send luke deep into the abyss this could be a dream season to remember... luke lovers your days could be seriously numbered.

Finally, something real to talk about.
Another SF?
That's makes me think... Ammo is going to be trade bait????? (well, IF Gelabale stays)
It looks good to me on paper, we'll see if it really works. Hopefully will. We need the athleticism we lost on the Ariza "trade".

Is October yet?


HI Everyone,
Been layin low since the Lamar signing and now I see him back in the news for different reasons. Here was my first thought upon reading about it:
I wonder if all that drama this summer regarding his signing was inspired by a show biz type desire for media buzz. Lamar was in the news every day for what a month? More? It wasn't just local either it was national news. I am wondering if he had some Kardashian type coaching? I mean come on, any news is considered advertising and a good thing. Look at them now, a "Buzz Couple". I am wondering if this is a phase 2 media opportunity.
The Karashians are famous for what...being famous. Lamar likes the nightlife and Buzz. Maybe this is a marriage made in heaven.
My gut felt really weird when I heard this news. I mean all of our hearts went out to Lamar and his family after his son died. I thought he was a committed guy to his family.
Life has weird turns sometimes and maybe this is one of em. I wish Lamar the best but I dunno, this has a creepy feel to it.

Gasol, Rubio, Rudy Fernandez and the boys are about to play on ESPN 360. Gasol looks about 2 feet taller than everyone else.


Is this the championship game? Spain VS Greece?



Corner J - great post. I admit, I've been one who's projected a very tight rotation but I like your thinking and analysis.

could be a good fit

Laker Tom's right about the pronunciation of Gelabale. It's very funny in French, because phonetically it's the same as "j'ai la balle" = "I have the ball". You'd think that with a name like that he'd be selfish, but in fact he's a very talented team player.

So as a nickname, why not "I got ball" (like "I got game")?

Linguistic note: a basketball in French is "un ballon de basket" as a soccer ball is "un ballon de foot". A "balle" is a small non-inflated ball, like a tennis ball ("balle de tennis"). But in soccer and basketball, in the heat of the action, you talk about the "balle" instead of the "ballon". So "j'ai la balle" can be said in a basketball game.

You know that bell that rings to start and end a boxing round or the bell that rings to signal the last lap of a race?...Well that bell just rang really loud for Sasha and Morrison...Really loud.....This guy on 1 leg would eat both of them on D..They may have better range but they cant play D...And no Sasha does not play D.....This is a warning sign even if he cant make the team YET.....

I like this move...

Gasol led his Spanish team to the Eurochampionship grats to him.

This makes me wonder though about the shot distribution of shots when the Lakers begin there season. I think Kobe will average around 18 shots (and that is not including free throws which also are possessions) since we got Artest. I base this off when the Lakers got Gary Payton and Karl Malone and they took away shots from Kobe and Shaq hence why both dipped in their production in 2003-2004. I think Artest's scoring production will decline though its much more because of being with Kobe and Pau should remain the same. If Bynum becomes a good consistent center LO's scoring would go down as well since he would have less minutes though based on the rotations last year I would say Gasol-Odom-Artest-Bryant-Fisher (or whoever is starting or playing majority of minutes) will be used more because Gasol-Odom tandem at C-PF was more effective than Bynum-Gasol. In any case I see defense going up and Kobe's production going to take a dip which will help him save energy for the playoffs when the rotations and shot selections become tighter and he fires more FGA like around 25.

If Gelbale is signed it just goes along with the Laker's current strategy of being "all in" with Kobe. Laker management is riding Kobe until he runs out of fumes so that means winning as many championships as possible in the next 3 0r 4 years. That goes along with having Gasol, Odom and Artest as the core around Kobe and all 4 are basically the same generation and have the same championship window. Any piece they have after the 4 are essentially fine tuning and won't be signed for big dollars, with the exception of Bynum. Bynum is a different generation though from the Big 4. The longer term plan for Bynum is to be the head of the next championship window after Kobe's window closes. I doubt if any other NBA team is this good to have a long-term plan for 2 multi-year championship runs into the next decade.
With some luck from the injury gods, and Lebron and Wade not signing up for the same team in 2010, the Lakers can conceivably end up 2013 with 5 straight championships.

tshere, Kev, thanks for reminding me of my little used french. An interesting little um, whatever you call it when a guy with an appropriate last name ends up in that profession.

SC looks to be having some trouble against WA. Looks like that qb situation is getting to them. Wah.

man, i never did post my post predicting great thinks for LaMichael James and the Ducks this year. Guy is now providing a few hints as to why Blount was expendable.

LO what are you thinking? What happened to his gf/babies momma? Damn man, out of all the Kardashian girls, you had to go out and get the ugliest one.

Posted by: socalife | September 18, 2009 at 06:32 PM

Maybe that was the best move! Consider this song;

Mickael Gelabale Youtube Mix:


Since Kobe joined the league in 1996, four players, Chris Paul (twice). Allen Iverson, Mookie Blaylock and Doug Christie, have had more than 200 steals in one season. In fact in 1998-99. Kendall Gill lead the entire league with 137 steals. During the 1987-1988 season alone, six players had more than 200 steals, including Jordan who lead the league with 259. Perhaps there's more to the differences in MJ's and Kobe's numbers than simply how well they play basketball. The pace was generally faster, fewer three point shots were taken, players could put their hands on the players they guarded, etc.

Kobe and MJ also averaged the same number of assts per game when playing in the triangle under PJ (5.1 per season).

Duh forgot that 1998 was a strike shortened season!


Minutes Per Game TYR/LYR:
- - - - -
Kobe 33/36
Pau 33/37
Drew 30/29
Ron 30/35 (Ariza 24)
Fish 25/30
Lamar 25/30
Farmar 20/18
Brown 15/10
Luke 10/18
Sasha 10/16
Others 9
- - - - -
Total 240

Points Per Game TYR/LYR:
- - - - -
Kobe 24/27
Drew 19/14
Pau 16/19
Ron 13/17 (Ariza 9)
Lamar 10/11
Fish 8/10
Farmar 7/6
Brown 6/4
Others 7
- - - - -
Total 110/107

Rebounds Per Game YR/LYR:
- - - - -
Drew 11/8
Pau 10/10
Lamar 8/8
Ron 6/5 (Ariza 4)
Kobe 6/5
Others 6
- - - - -
Total 47/44


This dude sounds like a scrub lol.

I would like to see Gelabale make the Laker team, he would make a great addition with the lost of Ariza. Before Gelabale's injury he was a sound player with good defense skills. But what would have to happen for him to make the team if they can only have 13 players on the team?

**Gelebale is pretty good as a bench guy I suppose. This signing is similar to the Josh Powell signing last year; a cheap filler guy. Personally, I was A LOT more excited about the Powell signing than this one. Hopefully he can help out a little bit. I'm not holding my breath on that though.

**Lamar...congrats. Hey, now I might be your brother-in-law when I hook-up with either Kourtney or Kim.

Go Lakers!

>>>I noted that he was very athletic when he was with Seattle.
>>>The comparison to Ariza ...

Not to pick on a specific quote, but there seem to be several people who are overly
optimistic about Mickael Gelebale.

Yes he's athletic and an aggressive defender. But that doesn't make him Trevor Ariza,
nor does it mean that in the Lakers system he's suddenly going to blossom into an Ariza-like

Kwame Brown was also very athletic and an aggressive defender. So was Mark Madsen.
So are a lot of other guys who got more chances than they really deserved mostly
because of their athleticism.

It would be really really nice if Mickael turns out to be another diamond in the rough
and the Lakers staff shapes him into an off the bench defensive stopper. If Sasha's
shot doesn't return, perhaps he could soak up Sasha's minutes backing up Kobe.
And Gelebale's shooting percentages in the 2007-08 season were actually pretty
good (can't argue with 43% 3 point shooting, even if it's less than 1 shot per game).

But don't get your hopes up too high.

Thank you Mitch for another great move. Now you should be named exec of the yr., if you trade or cut Luke the fluke. This guy simply cannot play the game of basketball.

I don't see how Luke Walton stays on the team. He is sorry as heck!!
Only his Father can keep him around.


"... .he's got alot of catching up to do since Kobe has 3 and...."

Didn't Kobe just win his 4th ring?? :-)

Posted by: Kobefan in Cupertino | September 18, 2009 at 08:24 PM"

sorry, mistake...and he should have 5!!! (2004)



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