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Media Day: Ron Artest, Shannon Brown and Josh Powell think Blue

September 29, 2009 |  5:59 pm
Obviously, there will be more "serious" clips from today's Media Day, but I thought folks rooting blue in addition to purple and gold might be amused watching Ron Artest, Shannon Brown and Josh Powell film Dodger Stadium video board clips to be eventually shown during the playoffs. And all joking aside, considering what a chore it's been for the Azul to clinch the NL West in games against the likes of Washington and Pittsburgh, perhaps they'll really need the support of various Lakers come October. Seriously. 11-1 to the freakin' Pirates?

Artest's session also provided the single funniest line of Media Day.

"You want me to do the code of conduct?"

Ironical savvy, thy name is Ron Artest. I particularly loved his singing of "let's go Dodgers" and the visual of him in the "helmet" while saying "I can't heaaaaar you" is pretty solid.

Also, I snapped a couple pics of Ron donning the Manny dreads.   If Disney ever wants to go in another direction with Captain Jack Sparrow...




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