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Media Day: Adam Morrison

September 29, 2009 | 10:09 pm
In terms of a pure ability to move the needle, Adam Morrison is barely a blip on the Laker radar, especially when competing against the likes of Kobe's performances, Phil Jackson's contract status, LO's wedding, the point guard situation, whatever the hell Ron Artest will do next, etc. But that shouldn't be confused with a situation that isn't actually interesting, because Ammo's situation is hardly hum drum.

It's quite rare to find a player of his pedigree- NCAA scoring champ, #3 overall pick in the 2007 draft- so quickly in need of cementing his credentials as a capable NBA guy. Without a solid campaign during this contract year- or at the very least, a campaign consisting of more than mostly garbage time- Morrison could find himself fighting to stay in the league.

During my brief conversation with the small forward, he said that his knee feels great and that he was happy with both his Summer Pro League participation and production. He particularly found useful the extra time operating in the triangle after last season spent as a mere spectator. "I think that will help me this year to hopefully get a chance to play."

Having said that, Morrison remains aware that cracking the rotation ain't a given, particularly on a team this stacked. At a time where he could really use some extended run, this team is almost too good from a pragmatic, career-centric standpoint. But having been a part of winning and losing teams, he'll take the former, thank you very much. Morrison also seemed confident that succeeding on a championship caliber team, even in limited minutes, carries a certain degree of weight around the league. "If you're on a winning team and play well, things usually work out for you, anyway."


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