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More Media Day reactions for your lunch hour

September 30, 2009 | 10:56 am

The "morning after" reaction to Lakers Media Day (should you lack the will to scroll down, you can find our coverage here, here, here, here, and here) was, not surprisingly, centered around the Hollywood circus that descended on El Segundo Tuesday afternoon. To the point that actual basketball issues, little trifles like Kobe Bryant's contract extension- not yet signed but moving in the right direction- went virtually unnoticed.

Partially because nobody believes it won't get done, and also because between Lamar Odom's wedding and Ron Artest's arrival, many people may not have thought to ask.

(For more on Media Day and heaps of links, click below the jump...)

The "circus" was the big story of the day, but while things were plenty busy as the basketball and entertainment media went elbow to elbow, it wasn't much different than any other Lakers Media Day. It's always a circus. It was certainly far crazier two years ago, when people didn't know for sure if Kobe would show up. Literally did not know. That's a circus, only the clowns had the potential to be far scarier.

This stuff? It's titillating for some, but is ultimately just peripheral noise, at least as it pertains to winning a second straight title. Johnny Ludden of Yahoo! Sports makes the point succinctly:

"...If the Lakers don’t defend their title, they won’t be able to blame Artest’s Twitter account or Khloe’s TV show. They’ll fail because Pau Gasol lost his legs in March or Andrew Bynum didn’t tap into enough of his potential or Kobe finally began to wear down or Artest simply wasn’t a good fit.

Distractions? Two years ago, Kobe demanded to be traded, leaving the Lakers to wonder whether he would even show up for camp. Court TV once tracked them for six months, and now they’re supposed to be worried because TMZ turned on its camera?"

The Lakers are plenty good enough to repeat, and they know it. Click below for more Media Day press clippings.

-Kevin Ding of the OC Register writes that the Lakers will need to improve in order to repeat. 

-JA Adande of looks at Odom and the reality TV world of which he's now a part.'s Arash Markazi writes that Hollywood's team was particularly so on Tuesday.

-Jeff Eisenberg of the Press-Enterprise says Pau Gasol enjoys his heavy workload, and feels good heading into the season (reminder- this would be "basketball stuff").

-Jordan Farmar's number switch is complete

-Kobe was the beneficiary of something rare this summer- rest.

The real stuff started last night at 5 pm with the first practice of the '09-'10 season. Work continues today.