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More Media Day reactions for your lunch hour

The "morning after" reaction to Lakers Media Day (should you lack the will to scroll down, you can find our coverage here, here, here, here, and here) was, not surprisingly, centered around the Hollywood circus that descended on El Segundo Tuesday afternoon. To the point that actual basketball issues, little trifles like Kobe Bryant's contract extension- not yet signed but moving in the right direction- went virtually unnoticed.

Partially because nobody believes it won't get done, and also because between Lamar Odom's wedding and Ron Artest's arrival, many people may not have thought to ask.

(For more on Media Day and heaps of links, click below the jump...)

The "circus" was the big story of the day, but while things were plenty busy as the basketball and entertainment media went elbow to elbow, it wasn't much different than any other Lakers Media Day. It's always a circus. It was certainly far crazier two years ago, when people didn't know for sure if Kobe would show up. Literally did not know. That's a circus, only the clowns had the potential to be far scarier.

This stuff? It's titillating for some, but is ultimately just peripheral noise, at least as it pertains to winning a second straight title. Johnny Ludden of Yahoo! Sports makes the point succinctly:

"...If the Lakers don’t defend their title, they won’t be able to blame Artest’s Twitter account or Khloe’s TV show. They’ll fail because Pau Gasol lost his legs in March or Andrew Bynum didn’t tap into enough of his potential or Kobe finally began to wear down or Artest simply wasn’t a good fit.

Distractions? Two years ago, Kobe demanded to be traded, leaving the Lakers to wonder whether he would even show up for camp. Court TV once tracked them for six months, and now they’re supposed to be worried because TMZ turned on its camera?"

The Lakers are plenty good enough to repeat, and they know it. Click below for more Media Day press clippings.

-Kevin Ding of the OC Register writes that the Lakers will need to improve in order to repeat. 

-JA Adande of looks at Odom and the reality TV world of which he's now a part.'s Arash Markazi writes that Hollywood's team was particularly so on Tuesday.

-Jeff Eisenberg of the Press-Enterprise says Pau Gasol enjoys his heavy workload, and feels good heading into the season (reminder- this would be "basketball stuff").

-Jordan Farmar's number switch is complete

-Kobe was the beneficiary of something rare this summer- rest.

The real stuff started last night at 5 pm with the first practice of the '09-'10 season. Work continues today.


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I hate clowns.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Good Morning Charles....Good Morning Everyone...

it seems to me that Bynum's bigger issue of developing and hence play time depends a lot on his inability to not foul anyone within a half mile radius...

that's what Kareem and the coaching staff should be working on---teaching him solid man to man (which he is less prone to foul on) and help out defense (which gets him in most of his foul trouble)that minimizes fouling every 10.2 seconds

is there an anti fouling coach out there?

if Bynum can stay on the floor, overcoming both injury and foul trouble then I think he will develop into the next great Laker center and Laker Tom's beast will indeed be unleashed...

glad it's almost October....

glad to see Mamaba24 back in the saddle...

"we all want to change the world...."

"my mother was a hamster and my father was a waste paper basket"



2009-2010: The Year of Domination

Here's why:

1. Kobe Bryant has ALWAYS wanted to be the best player ever. Always. He spent the last several years metaphorically wandering in the desert and now he's finally reached the promised land. Does anyone think he's going to squander this opportunity after all these years of conflict, struggle, disappointment and doubt?


Even more sure than I am that Shaq will get Seasonal Affective Disorder during his season in Cleveland and begin lashing out teammates is that Kobe Bean Bryant is going to be invigorated by the opportunity that presents itself this season and then next two-to-three seasons. We're going to see a Kobe Bryant this year who will not only be INCREDIBLY focused and dedicated, but RELAXED. Yes, a relaxed Kobe Bryant. He has NEVER played relaxed. Never. But this year, that's what we're going to see and it is going to result in a quality of personal and team play that will dazzle.

2. UNLEASH THE BEAST!!!! Let's face it. Andrew didn't play all that well returning from injury. He has something to prove. And he will. The guy is a fricken monster when playing aggressively. Doubters may doubt, but I've seen this guy play at top level and he is a fricken force of nature when playing at his best. Andrew Bynum is literally a future Hall of Fame player if he reaches his potential. He's still got four to seven years before he reaches his highest potential. Think about that. Incremental improvement EVERY YEAR for SEVEN YEARS before he plateaus. Yeah. Doubters, deal with it. Andrew Bynum will be better than his best last year this year... all year. Remember, a dominating center is key to any Championship Dynasty. Well, we got one.

3. Thriller. People talk about when Jordan getting his Rodman. Well, Thriller is better than Rodman and less toxic. (And Kobe is better than Jordan, by the way.)

Thriller is a rare plant that requires uniquely fertile ground to fully blossom. Well, Ron has been planted in the wrong soil for his entire career. As insanely competitive Thriller is, he's not a leader. It's not his nature. He's not meant to be Batman. He's meant to be Robin or Falcon. Why? Because he's a little unstable, so he needs a STRONGER personality to keep him focused, while his energy and dedication also brings out the best in the leadership of that personality. Well, he's got that personality in Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bryant will not only make Ron Artest better; Ron Artest will improve Kobe's ability as a leader... Derek Fisher will tie it all together in terms of chemistry. This is going to be awesome to watch.

4. Adam Morrison. He's healthy. He wasn't healthy lack season. EVERYTHING (for him) is relying on this season. Adam Morrison is insanely competitive and loves to play basketball. He won't wither under the pressure; he'll rise. Does that mean that we'll suddenly see 36 point games from Ammo? Probably not. But we will see him impress enough to quiet the doubters and haters.

The fact of the matter is that last year Adam Morrison did not to contribute last season and this year he WILL contribute. By its very nature, that improves our team by providing greater flexibility. Flexibility is good.

5. A Year Older In The Triangle: The Triangle is an fluid, intuitive system. It is key to be able to anticipate your teammates' tendencies, movements, and foci of intention. This is the kind of thing that takes time to develop and once it develops time to deepen into a dynamic, creative group-think. Well, we've got another year together. All together, we will see improved team-play this year as a result. TEAMS win Championships. Not individuals.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Resolve: Owenfromburbank (who was probably born and raised in Boston) is officially the first new Troll of the 2009-10 season. Congratulations to Red's Love Child and 1AndDone31-92 for finding yourselves a new playmate.

I hate to do this. I really do. But I just can't stomach this any longer. The Andrew Bynum academy for elite center status really needs to slow the drum thumping. I will keep my comments limited, for fear that certain persons on this blog may resort to illegal activities as payback on me for such unholy opinion. Gosh darn it is hard to argue with those whom you respect!

Ok. Take a deep breath. The following is an honest question. Which center is the one you believe Drew is most likely to resemble in his career? The Captain himself (Kareem) or,,, big gulp here , , , Benoit (where's-my-other-shoe?) Benjamin?

After you answer, please consider the following FACTS on record. This is not to put Drew down. Just the facts.
--Drew first four years of work.
PPG 1.6 / 7.8 / 13.1 / 14.3
RPG 1.7 / 5.9 / 10.2 / 8.0
--BB first four years of work.
PPG 11.1 / 11.5 / 13.0 / 16.4
RPG 7.6 / 8.1 / 8.0 / 8.0

Those are scary numbers for the Drew Marching Crew. (I won't even bother with Cap's numbers!)

Ok . . . bring it on.

Hey Jon K.

You know that we are facing the Clippers in the opener right? You remember our deal :-)?

Sure they added Blake Griffin and Gordon will improve but hey the are the Clippers and like USC Basketball (last year's win was a fluke!) they are supposed to SUCK.

I'm so exciting to not only watch the Lakers win but also the Clippers lose and Clipper Darrell going home sad in his BMW hehe. During Dodger games I actually am so tempted to chat "Lets go Clippers Lets Go". Joking of course.

That's one good thing to be positive from me no? :)

"Oh, people can come up with statistics to prove anything. 14% of people know that." -Homer Simpson-



Benoit Benjamin didn't enter the NBA at 17 as the youngest player ever drafted by the league. Keep that in mind.

He also didn't have Kareem Abdul-Jabaar as his personal mentor and coach.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Artest was really good when he was guarding Kobe. Now, Kobe does not need to guard the best on the other team, and Artest won't need to guard the BEST (24). Now Kobe can guard the second best.

And Pau really has become to shine as a defensive presence.

This team is going to be a monster!

I have to go get a drink.

I just found out the BEAST at 21 years old now is considering wearing a knee brace for both knees the rest of his playing days. With Andrew being my favorite Laker this kills me. 1st injury he was to be back in time to help us in the playoffs and never made it back that year. Last year he did make it back but was not the player he was before the 2nd injury. Now this. Brace on the right leg the rest of his playing days. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! The future star player for the team is now wrapped in braces which really slows him down, so much for quickness and reaction to ball movement. I played ball in high school for 1 year with the brace and I surely wasn't the same player, they are to cumbersome and they really slow you down. It looks like Andrew will not be the player I thought he was going to be.
What a shame he had all the tools to become great.

Damn Knees!


owenfromburbank is the kind of guy who shows up at a party amidst everyone celebrating and begins talking ad nauseum about his eczema in a monotone voice while invading your personal space.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



There are three kinds of lies: Lies, damned lies, and statistics.

The fact of the matter is that I've seen Andrew Bynum play and there have been moments when he was healthy where he was nothing short of spectacular.

THAT'S why many of us in Laker Nation are so excited about Andrew Bynum. We've seen what he can do, we know he's young, we have faith in his work ethic and desire to be the best, and we remember who is personal coach and mentor is.

That's all.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


KB Blitz,

I remember our deal. Have at me during the Clippers/Lakers game.

Go Clippers!



While I am not a Socks is a sure fire hall of famer booster, I think using raw stats like that is a little misleading. Bynum has shown flashes of brilliance – where he does look like an unstoppable beast. There are also times he does indeed come closer to being a poor mans Benoit Benjamin. Ouch. Those of us that tend to hold an optimistic view, are just that optimistic. We see what he is capable of at times and figure he can do it consistently. Those that are more pessimistic look at the stats and think the guy can’t stay healthy and a few good games don’t translate into long-term success.

I tend to think Bynum will wind up being a very good player and may indeed wind up being a franchise type player. He certainly has shown the ability is there, he has shown good work ethic the past couple years – and barring injuries I would be surprised if he didn’t turn out to be a very good/great player. Take a guy like Kwame – physical specimen that had some talent but apparently had no drive to take full advantage of it. He didn’t seem to have the desire to truly get better. Say what you will about Bynum but he improved his body and skills after getting called out by Kobe. I also think it unfair to compare him to Benoit because he is playing limited minutes alongside a great post player in Pau – that is surely limiting his touches, rebounds etc. Throw in Lamar and Kobe and the numbers aren’t going to be there with so much talent around him. So in my analysis there are mitigating factors as to why his numbers aren’t so great. I do agree with you the HOF ballots shouldn’t be printed just yet. I just hope AB doesn’t have the injury luck (lack thereof?) that Sam Bowie had. The guy is considered a bust, but I recall when he played for the Lakers he did OK as a backup. His health issues never let him be on the floor long enough to see what he could really do – plus he was taken ahead of MJ, which made the criticism even worse.

I want Bynum to do well. I think he will if he stays healthy, but there are no sure things in this life and his injury history so far is cause for some concern. Regardless, I think these Lakers are loaded and will get one title closer to catching and then passing the Celtics. GO LAKERS.



I'm also a little freaked out by Andrew Bynum wearing the braces.

I don't think it's a physical thing. I think it's a psychological thing. I think he's paranoid about getting injured... which is a bit worrisome for me.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


"I hate to do this. I really do. But I just can't stomach this any longer. The Andrew Bynum academy for elite center status really needs to slow the drum thumping. I will keep my comments limited, for fear that certain persons on this blog may resort to illegal activities as payback on me for such unholy opinion. Gosh darn it is hard to argue with those whom you respect!"

Laker Mike don't be afraid this is a blog after all and unless you are insulting the other person or talking about stuff like politics most like your posts will go through. Just don't mind the angry response of the extreme Bynum fans (extreme because there are Bynum fans like me who while appreciate the dude don't go overboard like LT does). I'm intrigued by the Benoit Benjamin because those are similar numbers that Bynum atm is making and that isn't bad numbers. I would say though Bynum has Kobe Bryant with him while Benoit didn't and as a result that's why Bynum's FG% has been good like Gasol's was when he came to LA.

If Bynum had Benoit's production I would consider it a MAJOR success actually. He still has my mind to convince actually and I think Bynum could average better than Benoit's production......without Kobe/Pau/Artest/Odom/Phil.

Good analysis though I imagine Jon will strike again for me not being "positive" when I"m so excited about us beating the Clippers and showing Baron this is Kobe country.

Hello CRUE!!!

And welcome back MAMBA24!!!!

Is there anything better than being a Laker fan?? I think not.

1 week from tonight we get to see the boys take the court for Game 1 of the preseason.

4 weeks from tonight we get BLING # 15 !!!!!

I'm so happy I'm standing beside myself LOL!



Fantasy sign up list (want at least 8)

Robert Chen

give me one more and i'll start collection/sending emails thru the K Bros. Will try to leave more spaces open for people who still might decide to join up.

or, if it saves any time, my email is

i just created it for the league, so I don't suppose it matters if everybody knows what it is. email me, when i get enough, I'll send back league infor.


Good Morning Everyone....

Humanomaly...Koby Carl the crab detective...

Start pre season games already..Geeeeeeeezzz

I want to see Shannon Brown explode this season..

Did you guys/girls know that he clearly beat Lecrab in a dunk contest but the judges gave it a tie so the fragile crab would not be beaten on his path to greatness....Did you know that people?...What next...Can you image he got dunked on by a high school player and Nike took all the tapes filming the event...Imagine that....They would never do that....Please...I mean,why would they want to hide a tape?....As if.....

It was at the Mcdonalds camp...They squared off and Shannon Brown clearly beat him....What a joke...How can you support this guy?..People have been buffing his shoes since he took the court...I dont mean to sound crude but it looks like the remake of Wilkins in Atlanta...Wilkins did not have the Drama but was blessed with amazing talent and never won...

If he cant win with Crabiel Oniel,what affect will this have on his legacy?..
I hope Crabiel destroys the chemistry of this team and it implodes...

Thank you...I needed to get that off my chest.....

Gotta love Kevin Ding.

Here's him talking about Kobe,his drive to be better and subsequent sessions with Olajuwan:

"More can always await, even for the already great … more points, more skills, more championships."

That's what I'm talking about!!! The "Drive for 5" is on.

Hey - can we start the season already? I can't wait to see how Thriller fits in. That is going to be fun thing to watch - especially if it goes as I hope. Thriller adds a dimension to the Lakers that Ariza doesn't. He is a player that has been a focus of a team as a primary or second option. Thriller should make life for Kobe easier. Ron will guard players that Kobe expended a lot of energy guarding. On offense it will lighten the load because you have another offensive weapon in the arsenal to use. All in all Thriller is a net gain over Trevor. If he can take some of the burdens off of Kobe, allowing a fresher Kobe at the end of games, one of the best closers in the game gets even better.

I hope that I will get to see a bit of the "real" team when I see them play the Kings in Vegas in a couple of weeks. This should be an awesome season ending with yet another parade in LA.


{Lakers Secret Agent Reporting From DEEP Behind Enemy Lines Sullen Gray Wastes Of Northeast Ohio}

I swear. Even squirrels fear the upcoming seven months of suffocating gray mire.

Since the weather changed a few days ago, the birds and squirrels have ceased their activity. It's cold, wet and gray and there's the eeire silence of 'something wicked this way comes.'

Tonight it's supposed to freeze. Great.

Anyone, I digress.

There was a Shaq sighting a couple days ago of Shaq by my friend. He was at a steak house called "Flemmings" here in Akron. When my friend text me that he was sitting next to Shaq. I text him back and with the message, "Walk up to him and scream 'GO LAKERS!!!'"

If Shaq walks into the bar I work at, I'll have to get into his face and tell him that Kobe is and was a better player than him and will retire with way more rings. {Immediately thereafter I will be beaten to death by my bar patrons as Shaq looks on approvingly.}

Anyhow, I was told that Shaq ordered a 20 ounce steak with a large side of mashed potatoes and several baked potatoes. That's it, Shaq. Get used to the Ohio diet: Beef or pork with mashed, baked or fried potatoes with butter.

Yeah, get used to it. The diet has a very curious effect when combined with Seasaonal Effective Disorder and seven months of gray.

Muahahahaha!!! Laker Nation! Our revenge against The Big Baby is nearly complete!

{Lakers Secret Agent Jon K. Signing Off}

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon K,

Thanks for the post. Nice to see you and LakerTom were still holding down the fort during the summer months. Looking forward to another great season with all the other Laker Homers on the Laker Blog.

After the beatdown by the Celtics and then winning it all last year and then getting Artest to replace Ariza I thought nothing could take the smile off my face, I was on cloud 9 but then reading the Bynum Brace Story it just felt like somebody punched me in the stomach. When Bynum didn't seem to have his quickness last year I was ok with it knowing hey it's the brace it always slows you down but now he has to wear one this season it just took the wind out of me Jon. I just hope I am over paranoid but I don't see being in Titanium Braces at 21 being good for your career.

Looking fowward to talking to you thru-out the year Jon.
Take Care!


Jon K,

>>> If Shaq walks into the bar I work at, I'll have to get into his face...

Hey buddy. I hope you know a good bail bondsman. Post his info here on the blog, so we can help you make bail. You'll need our help. Remember: Shaq does carry several sheriff's badges.

If the purpose of media day was to get the fans excited about the upcoming season, then it worked. Because I'm excited.

If the purpose of the roll call was to get the Lakers blog fans excited about the upcoming season, then it worked. Because I'm excited.

And if that's not enough already. I propose a dunk contest rematch for the All Star game.

Lebron James - Shannon Brown - And that college kid that dunked on him

The judges? Daryl Dawkins, Dominique Wilkins, Thirty Two, Hakeem, Khloe Kardasian, Richard Simmons

--JON K-- good point that stats can lie... but stats can also reveal the truth
--KB BLITZ-- thanks for the words of encouragement
--EAGLEBOY-- Drew,,, Benoit,,, KWAME?!?! OUCH

Just so that my position is crystal clear ~ I am a Laker fan first, NBA fan second. I love the game... but I REALLY love the Lakers. Have since 1969. So, nothing would make me happier than another ring come June (we are soooo spoiled!). Every NBA game I watch, I instinctively cheer for the team that would best benefit Laker interests with a win. That formula can be complext at times (amazing that I can actually be pulling for the Celtics or Spurs or Blazers from time-to-time), and I couldn't produce it in writing if my life depended on it! But, as any loyal Laker fan knows, it is just instinctive.

Enough personal blah-blah-blah. As a Laker fan thirsty for a repeat, I am keeping a wary eye on Drew. He is NOT option #1 or #2 or #3... maybe not even #4. Let's give the kid some room to grow. As JON K accurately points out, Drew is still young... VERY young in big man's years. Ane he would only be a rookie out of college if he had taken Tim Duncan path.

So let's let him grow into the context of greatness, one step at a time. For example, he says he sees having to wear knee braces for "the rest of my career." Typical over reaction of youth. Give him time ~ he will recant once his metal is more proven. He is only 21, right?

In the meantime, all that hullabaloo given to Drew takes away from the rightful recognition and appreciation for the big man who is NOT too young, NOT underachieving, NOT injury pocked, NOT questioned as a team first guy. Let's not forget that we have an outstanding big man that seems to have a case of Duncanitis (admired, but under-appraised). Lets make sure we don't forget about PAU GASOL and the difference maker he is.

BD, you're baaack! Second guessing on Brace Bynum, if Mitch had known his playoff performance last season and also the possibility of wearing his own trademark i.e. wearing a brace throughout his career, was he worth $54M four year contract that starts 12.5M this season if negotiation were pushed in July instead of December. We could have signed Ariza too, if Bynumwas signed for less. I hope Mitch will not make the same move on Farmar, Fisher, Shannon or Adam. No early negotiation if name is not Kobe. A team like the Lakers should not fear losing players in mid season or get held captive by players agents especially in 2010 when there are lot of F/A's willing to become a Laker for a song. Having said that if LO and Bynum who got great contracts from the front office will exert extra efforts in proving their worth then there will be no remorse in extending them a good deal. On the contrary, if they would act like Walton or Vujacic after being renewed, they just disappear, that's just damn unfair to the team and its fans. Laker brand of quality should be maintained at all times with good or low contract, as long as they are wearing the purple and gold uniform. Many in NBA wanted to be a Laker and they are privileged to be chosen, not the other way around.

John K,
if you can deliver your message and be only heard by Shaq, i have a little trick for your survival: keep a mirror at hand. If the big caos is going to do anything, you show him his reflection, and i assure you he will forget about everything else. You will be even be able to kick him and survive, because he will be in ecstasy.
Good luck!


Lawyers for the Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami star and the Los Angeles Lakers player are currently in the process of negotiating a prenuptial agreement and the couple won't legally be wed until after it is signed, TMZ reported Tuesday.
While Kardashian and Odom exchanged vows on Sunday night at a private Beverly Hills estate, TMZ reported prenuptial negotiations began last Friday -- with lawyer Neal Hersh representing Odom and Lisa Meyer representing Kardashian
The 25-year-old reality starlet and 29-year-old NBA star began dating about a month ago and reportedly wanted to wed before Odom's NBA season starts on October 7. Kardashian subsequently confirmed the wedding plans last week.
However TMZ reported on Saturday that the speedy ceremony was also motivated by the fact that E!'s Keeping Up with the Kardashians' producers would pay the event's alleged $1 million bill -- but only if it was shot by Sunday.

Laker Mike,

Bynum was a spectacular player when he was healthy, he's really a defensive gem in the post. Even during the playoffs, it was not wearing braces that limited his p/t, it his penchant for fouling. After few minutes in first quarter, he got his 3rd foul, what happens his next appearance is 3rd Q, he adds another 2 fouls, by 4th Q he is forgotten. What more in this season where there is LO, Pau Artest who could fill in his minutes. Bynum brings a wide umbrella in the post there with the presence of Artest and Pau as forwards, he doesn't have to be fouling PG's, he should learn the art of blocking in the preseason. Secondly, with better teammates in this season, tall teammates like Pau, LO, Artest, we don't need a faster Bynum, what we need is a wiser Bynum who will make follow ups, who will apply short hook shots, who will go mid range jump shots and tap rebounds to tall teammates. I believe that the reason why Bynum was just a back up last season, he lacked basketball acumen or basketball units. He has to play more games in order to get it. He has to grow a little older to acquire the wisdom of Kareem or expectations from him by another older fan, LakerTom. lol! I have said several times in the past, it is not enough to learn from the Cap, he should watch the tapes of great Centers like: Moses Malone, Elvin Hayes, and Hakeem Olajuwon and learn new moves and pivot how to hide the ball in the air when going for offense & how to block on the side as a 2nd defender hidden, how to memorize the favorite calls of referees and avoid them.

That reader post about Kelati/wikipedia is inaccurate and has since been removed.


Repost from previous thread.

Lakers sign guard Thomas Kelati

Associated Press
09/30/09 2:35 PM PDT EL SEGUNDO, CALIF. — The Los Angeles Lakers have signed free agent guard Thomas Kelati.

The deal was announced Wednesday.

Kelati spent last season playing for Unicaja in Spain, where he averaged 11.8 points and 1.9 rebounds in 22.5 minutes.

Before that, he played for two seasons in Poland, where he led his team to consecutive Polish League finals appearances. Kelati began his pro career in Belgium in 2005.

He played college ball at Washington State.

EDWIN ~ Well said! Could not have said it better myself! Although I should remind you that "playing good defense" and repeatedly getting into "foul trouble" are not compatible. The enemy of good defense is foul trouble.
--Late in the game, a team wants to clamp down, BUT... they are in the penalty. FOUL TROUBLE trumps good D.
--Stopper is called upon to slow down hot-shooting opponent, BUT... don't get into foul trouble!

For star players (or "potential" all-star players) playing time is more often limited by FOUL TROUBLE than PERFORMANCE DEFICIENCY.

Hey, let's not get distracted by these "signings" for camp. These players are on board with non-guaranteed contracts for one purpose only ~ provide enough bodies for multiple drills and full court scrimmage activities where conditioning is slow in coming. Maybe,,, MAYBE, Gelabale might stick around. As for the rest, they could just as well be AK/BK, JON K and LAKER TOM ~ destined to the couch with remote control in hand during regular season.



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