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"If I can turn and knock you out with my right hand, I've got to be able to make a layup, you know what I'm saying?"

I realize the season is only a day old, but we've got an early clubhouse leader for Quote of the Year, courtesy of Lamar Odom.

After Wednesday morning's practice in El Segundo, Odom riffed with the media about his offseason training program, which included a couple months of boxing work, complete with an animated, gum-popping, bob-and-weave of a demonstration. "When you look at those guys, they look like they're in pretty good shape. The ones that take it seriously. You have to be strong from your ankles to your neck, you know? To take a punch? Then I was thinking about the whole muscle memory thing. Right now, if I can turn and- boom!- knock you out with my right hand, I've got to be able to make a layup, you know what I'm saying?"

I think I do.

The same principle applies to grabbing boards. "Just training my body. Training the right side of my body."

Anyone who has ever done a boxing workout can vouch for the effectiveness, but just in case, LO then explained why it helped. The leg burning stance, the movement, adding the heavy gloves, and so on. He appreciated how the workouts gave him something "combative" that could be used to his advantage, particularly on the defensive end. "It made me think about competing at the highest level, one on one. Like warriors. It brings something out of you that I can't explain."  He also hopes the footwork will help him on that end as well. "I wanted to be come a better defender. Maybe because we were getting Ron (Artest), I want to be able to complement him." 

All kidding aside, lost in the hoopla surrounding him over the last 10 days or so is that Odom, never known as the Tony Little of the NBA's summer workout set, arrived for the start of camp in good shape, especially when compared to past years. It was a welcome development that didn't escape Phil Jackson's attention, not that it prevented the Zen Master from tweaking his power forward. "It's probably the only time he's worked out in the offseason," Jackson smiled, before noting that in fairness, circumstances (mostly related to surgeries and other medical issues) have often kept Odom from going all out over the summer.

PJ wouldn't credit the boxing, per se, for LO's improved fitness. "He could have done tai chi," Jackson said, noting with a grin that anything is better than nothing. Of course, now those sorts of zingers could put him on the wrong end of a right hook or a left jab.

I kid.


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Hey Lamar, maybe practicing layups with that right would help?

This season is actually filled with question marks. The good news is that all the question marks are about upside to last year's champs. The non question marks are Kobe (rested and woked on footwork with the Dream) and Pau (I wanted him to rest, but I think the run did him good).

The question marks? Numerous and really what makes watching 82 games fun.

Can Drew "Healthy But I Need a Knee Brace" Bynum become an all star center, or even just a solid NBA center? Either is an upgrade from the playoffs.(even LakerTom may be ready to accept the possibility of the latter)

Can either Shannon Brown or Jordan Farmar develop into the PG of the future?

Will a short haired Sasha look more like the Machine or is he done?

We know he ain't the second coming of Larry, but Ammo find minutes and be Luke with a shot or Radmanovich with a brain?

Will reality TV be a distraction for Lamar? (And K brothers, really, the worst behind us on the wedding? Lamar and Kloweee hasn't even aired yet! TMZ here we come.)

How will Artest blend in? (by now a boring question)

Michael Fey? How about Stuart Grey?

You get the idea. It will be fun. And if any of these guys step up, say Drew and Shannon emerge and Artest is the best case scenario, and either Ammo or Sasha becomes a designated shooter, it could be incredible.

Any case, it's gonn be interesting.

Hey Phred, good to hear so much from you. Yeah, I think your funny. I'll admit it. Sometimes I even think its on purpose.

Tom D.

I wanna be an all star too!!!

Knock you out and then make a layup? he is wanting to compete with Bynum for who fouls out first? or is training to be side by side with Artest in the next brawl?

Nah! Just kidding.

Is good to see him motivated and focused. Hope he keep that focus till the end.


So who predicted at the height of L.O.C.O that Lamar would come in like Gary Cooper in High Noon, with his brand new bride at his side and ready to punch out all comers mano-a mano? I'm really getting into this team.

for phantasy league info, email me at [email protected]

yup, i just realized i've turned into a bot. still waiting for my glowing red eyes and kick ass regenerative powers though.

Gasol got a nice hair cut .Now he needs to shave it off bald,and play the part of a tough guy. Not a soft European with long greasy hair.


You are low man. I am sick to my stomach over Bynum and the Brace and you bring up Kupchak. I had to laugh when I read that, I just watched footage of Kupchak the other day playing with his brace and how he plowed through people going for boards. I sure hope to GOD Andrew doesn't look like Kupchak this year! After watching the footage I realized how I forgot how good Kupchak was and how tough he was. Sure he was never the same after that injury but the way he played with the brace was amazing. He basically just dragged the leg. LOL!


Any word on Kobe's pinky? Is he ever going to get that thing fixed properly so he doesn't have to wrap it with tape?


Kobe has stated that he has no plans to ever fix the pinkie via surgery. He doesn't want to mess with what's working, in a nutshell. Unless you hear otherwise (and we'll certainly report it), assume this is the case moving forward.


"knock you out w/ my right hand???".. i thought lamars was a lover not a fighter


To elaborate a little on AK's response... No, he's not. Basically, his feeling is the benefit of repairing the finger aren't worth it, when weighed against the time he'd miss along with the still-real risk of recurrence, and the improvement he'd get with surgery. He's done just fine without it, so there's really no need.


the Wiki page for Thomas Kelati has been altered since I posted about it about 2 hours ago... strange... whatever... at least we didn't sign Smush Parker...

My advice to Lamar, start the marriage on the right side of the bed, so when you're reaching, you'll be reaching across your own body to the left side of the bed using your right hand.

I have a feeling that LO is going to raise his game another level this year. I admired LO's game when he was a rookie w/the Clippers and fantasized having him and Kobe in the same team. I would never have thought it would actually happen. At that time, I also thought Shaq would retire as a Laker like all the great Laker centers did.
There are 2 reasons why I think LO will have a career year, and when I say career year, not in terms of numbers but in terms of playing aggressively and having his head in the game in every game and in every quarter.
One, is I think LO is not the kind of player that plays well when he puts too much pressure on himself. He's at his best when he plays angry but freely and loosely. Thus his game went up a notch when he was no longer the second option. We've also seen him raise his game when he goes bald head to bald head with a Garnett.
Winning the championship last year and getting a new contract has taken a load off LO's shoulders and he will be playing under less pressure this year. Having a fearless Artest covering his back, his old New York playground buddy, also makes him tougher.
Second, I think his marriage will also be good for him. LO has had an unstable personal life and he is an emotional and sensitive person. Jerry Buss actually took advantage of this in the contract negotiations and Buss played LO perfectly in their 2 man game. Being married saves active young men a lot of energy because they stop chasing every sweet smelling thing that rolls along. So LO's focus is actually going to improve.


>>> aaah! first nothing, now relentless new threads.

LOL. It’s more like an open bar after almost dying of thirst in the desert. Or the first toke after being out of the country for two weeks. Nothing more pleasurable to a Lakerholic than feeding your jones.

>>> i would love to comment on the actual videos, but i think my neighbors are downloading porn
>>> again, i can't play any youtube related clips.

Similar to my problem of enjoying T-1 speeds at the office but then going home to virtual dial-up crawl due to the Slowski’s broadband card on my home laptop.

- - - - -


>>> One of my favorite stats to look at right off the bat after a game is rebounding.
>>> Because the team that wins the rebounding battle is almost always victorious.
>>> We can win that battle every single night.

It’s my key stat, too. The beauty of it is that it really is also an excellent measure of how well we shot versus how well we defended our opponent’s shots. On any given night, we should easily win the battle of the boards presuming that both teams get the same number of rebound opportunities.

But if you shoot lights out, your opponent gets fewer defensive rebound opportunities. And if you force your opponent to miss more shots, you then get more defensive rebounding opportunities. That’s why I agree that, other than the score, rebounding is the key stat to watch every game.

- - - - -


An entire page devoted to bashing Andrew Bynum for aspiring to be an All-Star. LOL. As Phil said, the shots distribution will be determined by the players and who is playing well. That means that, after Kobe gets his required number of shots, which will be less than last year, then it will be up to who is playing best between Drew, Pau, Lamar, Ron, et al to decide who gets what number of shots.

If Drew wants to make the All-Star team, he does NOT have to average 20 points per game but there is a way that he can do that within the constraints of the Triangle Offense and good team play – which is to dramatically increase his offensive rebounding and put backs. That is where I think we are going to see a dominating performance from Drew this year. He is going to own both ends of the glass.

- - - - -


>>> I have been intrigued by the potential of Ammo stepping up and filling the slot left open
>>> by VladRad trade and Sasha's flop (royalties to Vlade on that one). Seems that Luke and
>>> Ammo are competing for same spot/minutes, possessing very different abilities on offense,
>>> and unfortunately possessing very similar liabilities on defense.

One reason why we all need to root for Sasha to somehow redeem himself from last year’s horrible performance is that we definitely need effective 3-point shooting from somewhere in order to take full advantage of our dominating inside performance. With Vlade gone, Sasha plays a very important role as the 3-point shooter backing up Kobe. When he played well the year before, he was really a plus to the entire team. I have a lot more confidence that Sasha will have a come back year than I do that Adam will be anything but an expiring contract that will save us $10 million per year going forward. That is why the Lakers front office traded Vlade for him. That is why he won’t be traded. IMO.

- - - - -


>>> And seriously you're mad at the kid for wanting to be an all-star?
>>> What should he aim for instead. –Segeboy to Blitz.

You tell him, Sheriff. There’s still some Taliq left in there. LOL.

- - - - -


>>> despite what a lot of people think he [Lamar] might be better off being married than
>>> cruising it as the single man we didn't realise he was - even if she is a reality star...the
>>> honeymoon just needs to last 9 months.

I kind of feel the same. The entire experience – winning the championship, signing the new contract, and getting married – may signal a real turning point in Lamar’s transition and maturation from boy to man. Seriously, would we rather see him cruising clubs than hanging out with the Kardashians? Throw in the lack of any pressure and maybe a chance to play a little point guard and we just might see what everybody has dreamed about since Lamar entered the league out of high school.

- - - - -


Going acronym on us, Larry. We want the full bodied Mamba24, not Mamba 24 Light. LOL
And Hell No, we’re not satisfied. There are Celtics and LeBroniacs out there that need thrashing. Maybe after we win the next 5 NBA championships, giving Kobe 9 rings and the team 20 total.

- - - - -


>>> if Bynum can stay on the floor, overcoming both injury and foul trouble then I think he will
>>> develop into the next great Laker center and Laker Tom's beast will indeed be unleashed...

Excellent point about the fouls, Floyd. I think the problem during the playoffs was the pain Drew was feeling in the knee. When you are coming back from an injury, the worst possible thing to experience is pain, which would surely make you hesitant and unsure, which is what happened to Drew IMO.

- - - - -


>>> Also since Kobe did not sign a non disclosure contract maybe he can pass some of those
>>> Hakeem moves to Drew.

Great point, Justa. Good thing the Lakers front office, coaches, and player read the blog. LOL.

- - - - -


Michael Vick

Nike just signed Michael Vick. Did not see that coming.

Nike and Vick...
I swear to this day that the Nike Zoom Vick III, it's a training shoe, is one of the most amazing shoes Nike ever made, I picked up every color combo. They look great, they have super support, whenever I wear a pair, people ask me about them, they probably sold new for $120, but I tell you, the quality of the shoe far surpassed whatever Jordan was putting out at the time, and even to this day....Patent leather does not work all that well on a basketball shoe, sometimes it'll crease and the crease point converges onto the top of your foot, ouch....Jordan's first venture into patent leather was with his XI, which has often been voted the best of his stuff....I say the XVI+, for style, and maybe the XII for play....



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