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More Media Day movies: Kobe Bryant, Ron Artest

September 29, 2009 |  8:00 pm

More video, to go along with batch #1 (complete with observations of the day), and a fun foray into cross promotion in local sports markets as the Lakers think Blue.

There is, though, no such thing as too many moving pictures (explaining why there were so many installments of the Police Academy franchise), so with that in mind, here are more. Start with Kobe Bryant. He didn't say anything particularly earth-shattering (at least not in this clip) but I liked how he phrased his answer when asked about the challenges of repeating:

"It's not rocket science. We use same principles that we had last year, the same philosophies that we had. You've got to come with it. We have a chance here, we have the talent to win another one."

Click below for two clips of Ron Artest. This time, without a Manny wig.


For those of you who were concerned, Ron seems willing to cut back on some of the extra curricular activities now that the season is upon us. Hopefully interested fans made contact with him earlier in the summer. Artest certainly provided ample opportunity. And as we've noted all summer, the man is clearly very excited to be here.

Here, he comments on the amount of media attention the Lakers get, and will continue to receive: