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Kobe's Dream Shake

Hoping to gain some insight into what Kobe Bryant learned working with former Rockets great Hakeem Olajuwon this summer?  Sorry.

"I don't talk about my appointments with the master shogun. Those are sacred," he said with a smile at practice Wednesday afternoon. The Dream has said his moves are well suited for agile guard/forward types like 24. Whatever he learned, and my guess is it's a lot, Kobe will have ample opportunity to put his new moves to use. "I'm a post player anyway," he said. "As a guard. 80% of the time I'm in the post."

Asked why he sought Olajuwon out, his answer was simple. "To learn." Another potential response: "Because he was really *#()@*&$ good." Kudos to Bryant for keeping it clean. Anyhoo, look for some of this once the season kicks off. 

In other news, Kobe says defensively this has the potential to be the best team on which he's played.

Click below for some Bryant video, as well as words from Phil Jackson, Ron Artest, and Derek Fisher.


Here's Kobe:

Last week, Jackson talked extensively about the process of integrating Artest into LA's offensive and defensive systems during training camp. Today, he said the more complicated work in that effort comes on offense.

Fisher talks about the increased maturity and "calm" he's noticed in Artest over the past few seasons, guessing that some of it has to do with the type of serious family issues that can make a guy grow up fast. Certainly Fish can identify. It all continues to support my position that, despite all of Artest's eccentricities (they're real) and his passion for media, fan interaction, and promotion (it's genuine), the concerns about Artest tearing a hole in LA's well woven fabric are overwrought. That's not a guarantee that he'll fit, but if Artest doesn't pan out this year, it'll be about how it didn't mesh on the floor. Just sayin'.

UPDATE: Players aren't the only ones who show up to camp hoping to earn a job, or at least build a reputation that'll help land one down the line. One interesting thing I forgot to mention- among the assistant coaches brought into camp is 1987 Rookie of the Year Chuck Person. The Rifleman himself. (Nicknamed that not only because of his reputation as a gunner but also, I'm guessing, because his middle name is Connors. I'm not making that up.)

Person is one of a small group of coaches who will be with the team through the month. Whether he has a job after that remains to be seen, but it's an interesting wrinkle to camp of which I really hadn't been aware until now. Kevin Ding of the OC Register has more here.


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LakerinBC- I am feeling just about the same, except the part where I cared the slightest bit about what Shaq was going to do. But I had that same feeling when he (Odom) was with the clippers, the sense that he was just that good, and I wanted him to be a Laker. Oddly enough, the only other guys I’ve felt that way about are Pau, Artest and Stephen Jackson. Oh, and some tall guy, played for the T Wolves. Don’t know what happened to him, but 3 out of five aint bad. And who knows, Jackson wishes he was a Laker, that has to count for something.

LTom- well, I usually go the Amsterdam when I’m out of the country, where you know, it’s legal, bugt it’s not one hundred percent legal. You can’t just go into a bar and start puffing away…so… nah, not really. I’ll take your word for that one.

As for Drew being an all-star, I’m not sure what happened to my post on that one, but I think that it has less to do with how he plays than who he is competing against. Duncan should be a PF, if Drew is healthy Pau should be a PF, and Yao is gone. He’d better be an all-star.

for fantasy league, email to

seriously, nobody had that name. Go figure.


>>> damn this blog was just snap crackle poppin today..

>>> i'm starting to feel the laker energy in the air... i cannnot wait till this team is on the court...
>>> cant wait to see artest intimidate and kobe pumpfake and bynum dominate and phil meditate
>>> and gasol facilitate and sasha agitate and odom evaporate and even luke exasperate ..... i'm
>>> on a roll baby.. DAMN i dont ever remember feelin this pumped up about a laker season EVER..

Bravo, yf. YOU were snap crackle poppin today… It’s the exponential power of the blog concentrating all of the positive Lakers karma from the bloggers into an incredible energy that bursts with promises of greatness. I had a full day at work but have been blogging for over an hour and still have 4 threads to go. It’s like a party with a full fridge of beer, a mound of blow on the coffee table, a Med Marijuana store’s selection of smoke – all rolled up into one on the first day of your month long vacation.

- - - - -


>>> 2008 = Humiliation
>>> 2009 = Redemption
>>> 2010 = Domination

Superb summation of the last two years and what we expect this year. The next 10 years will be fun.

- - - - -


>>> “that cracking the rotation ain't a given”

I think we will see a 9-man rotation from Phil with the other 4 guys still getting good minutes due to an abundance of garbage time. I think we will Kobe, Drew, Pau, Ron, and Lamar be the 30+ minutes players with Fisher be kept down around 25 mpg. I think Farmar will shine because of his ability to feed the post and get around 15 mpg with Shannon and Luke around 10 mpg. The distribution of minutes will be heavily swayed, however, by the blowouts. Get your DVR warmed up and ready to go.

>>> Artest, Brown and Powell think Blue. The Dodgers are thinking of Lakers media day.

They had to settle for those guys because the big stars (Kobe, Lamar) are all Yankees fans. LOL.

- - - - -


>>> Dude, who peed in your Wheaties? What the hell? -Jon K. to Blitz.


>>> 2009-2010: The Year of Domination

While I have my doubts about Ammo even getting the opportunity to contribute, your nailed the other four points: Kobe’s dedication to becoming the greatest, Drew finally breaking out for a full season, the addition of Ron Artest, and another year playing the Triangle. Freaking excellent job, Jon.

- - - - -


>>> The Andrew Bynum academy for elite center status really needs to slow the drum thumping.
>>> I will keep my comments limited, for fear that certain persons on this blog may resort to illegal
>>> activities as payback on me for such unholy opinion. Gosh darn it is hard to argue with those
>>> whom you respect!

LOL. I can tell you didn’t have your heart in that one, Mike. There a lots of excellent reasons to disagree with me and as long as it is done with respect, it will be responded to with the same.

Unfortunately, your stats for Drew were when he was 17, 18, 19, and 20 years old, years that Benoit spent playing college basketball for Creighton. Same would be true of Kareem’s stats. There is also the issue of what the players role is on the team, who are his teammates, what is the team strategy. That is why comparing stats between players even in the same period of time can be misleading. In fact, I am sure you can find many more compelling comparisons that Benoit Benjamin.

Nevertheless, I understand the logic and complaint of Drew’s critics who point out that every other Hall of Fame center was also a top high school and/or college player whereas Drew only played a not overly impressive year and a half in high school. If he is going to develop into a Hall of Fame center, which I believe he has the potential to do, then he will definitely be the first exception to the rule.

There are a couple of other dynamics going on here. First, what you perceive as an overly-pro Drew bandwagon is really a smack back from the blog in general at Blitz’s post criticizing Drew for wanting to be an All-Star. Obviously, Blitz just got carried away and allowed his bias against Drew to lead him to making a post he probably now regrets making.

Second, it isn’t just homer hopes that Drew will be great that have led so many of us to believe he can become a Hall of Fame center before he is done. It is the level of dominating play at both ends of the court that we have seen the last two years before Drew got injured. There is a long way to go before Drew is even a great player but the potential is truly there and to deny or belittle that is always going to offend many knowledgeable Lakers fans.

- - - - -


>>> I just found out the BEAST at 21 years old now is considering wearing a knee brace for
>>> both knees the rest of his playing days. With Andrew being my favorite Laker this kills me.

Good to have another huge long-time Drew fan back and blogging, BD.

I initially felt the same but after thinking about it, I decided not to let it bother me. What made me feel better was Drew saying that he no longer had any of the pain in the knee that he felt during his comeback and the playoffs. In retrospect, it was more likely that the pain was what made him hesitant and affected his play than the brace. Drew seemed very upbeat and confident and I loved hearing him say he was going to go right back to playing the way he was before the injury. The brace may help in that he now can play with complete freedom knowing the brace will help prevent any future injuries from being as serious. Obviously, Drew wants to play the entire year this time. Since he and the Lakers do not seem to be worried, that should be good enough for me.

- - - - -


>>> While I am not a Socks is a sure fire hall of famer booster, I think using raw stats like that
>>> is a little misleading. Bynum has shown flashes of brilliance – where he does look like an
>>> unstoppable beast.

Excellent job. I especially think it is misleading to rely on stats because different players had different roles on the team. Kobe, Drew, Pau, Ron, and Lamar will play the big minutes and all five want the ball and the opportunity to score. That will diminish what each of them could have done individually were they in a different lineup. That is why many great stars on great teams are under appreciated.

- - - - -



>>> Oddly enough, the only other guys I’ve felt that way about are Pau, Artest and Stephen Jackson.

Same three I liked, phred. Add Stephen Jackson to this team and it could be the greatest defensive team in history. While we have too much going on to add him now, Golden State basically has to trade him. I did en entire post last week about how I don’t want to see him end up in San Antonio or Cleveland. The guy can play big time defense as well as any guard in the league and is 6-8. Would Golden State take Luke and Sasha and $30M in contracts for Stephen and his $40M? Maybe.

Never been to Amsterdam although I have been to over 20 countries during my lifetime. Always wanted to go to marijuana championships. Maybe in a few years when I retire. That would be sweet, although I have always been a loyal consumer of the local home grown.

- - - - -

Tom D,

>>> Michael Fey? How about Stuart Grey?

I presume you are a Bruin fan and can remember that ONE great game that Stuart had where he was a major force and we all hoped he had broken out. He was a defensive whirlwind and every move he made was perfect. Next game, however, he was back to being the old one-step too slow Stuart Grey.

On another note, it was great to hear that Lamar came into camp in great shape. I think that boxing would be a perfect training regimen for a power forward who wants to learn how to hold position and fight for rebounds. First year of the new contract and Lamar seems poised to deliver.

- - - - -


"If Drew wants to make the All-Star team, he does NOT have to average 20 points per game but there is a way that he can do that within the constraints of the Triangle Offense and good team play – which is to dramatically increase his offensive rebounding and put backs. That is where I think we are going to see a dominating performance from Drew this year. He is going to own both ends of the glass."

Exactly but that's the problem Laker Tom is that he is an offensive oriented center. Case in point Game 2 of the Denver series where Bynum was so mad at not getting a pass from Kobe that the next possession he did not hustle back court and Nene beat him down court and Kobe tried to foul but it ended being an "and one".

Does he alters shots? Yes but there is more aspect of defense. Repeatadly he's been burned the screen and roll and unless it was against Lebron he was regularly out of position. He's still light years away from the defense Dwight Howard contains in him. And that's where we really need Bynum the most if he wants to be on the court (not to mention being a passer out of the post that he isn't). But again' he's an offensive center and while big men needs touches of course (even Dwight complains about that), the biggest area is defense and unless he really did something to convince the coaching staff he ain't going to see the floor as much.

Kobe picking up post moves from "Dream" is awesome, for those of you not old enough to remember how special this guy was go check this out!!

Can Kobe share some of those posts moves with Pau and Drew??

Blitz- just out of curiosity, who do you think is/are going to be the WC all-stars at center? I think we can rationally (without fear of being called delusional kool aid drinkers, cause, you know, we’re not that Kool) at least hope for him to beat out Mehmet Okur. All right, I know, if that’s the case you can’t launch multiple paragraphs disagreeing with L-Tom. But is that really so wrong?

TomD- if it’s ever not on purpose, I would love it if someone would cut and send me my post, and then I will laugh, and hey, it will be on purpose. Thanks, man.

So far, we have ONE, that’s right ONE (well, two, counting me) person to email me at to confirm for the fantasy league. I don’t know what his blog name is, so I figure there are at least five more people interested. And for those who haven’t committed to joining phred’s phantasy league of (unaffiliated with the Lakers Blog) of phun, email me at

All those of you who don’t, well, I will now say- phred knows more about nba basketball that y’all. And y’all will try to disagree, but only be able to stammer…’uh, I mean, um…, yeah, but…um. Yeah, you are right, I suck. And it is all about the love. Why oh why didn’t I join his fantasy league when I had the chance?!”

And I will be unable to console you. I will only shake my head in sadness at the fact that y’all could have avoided this horrible fate if you had only listened. Poor bastards. I pity you already.

Iiiiii’mmmm comin’ up, so you better get this party started- Get this party started.

And let’s get get it started in here. Phred’s phantasy league, where ahwsome happens.







The big story here is not the content. The big story here is that the Lakers are




Hmmmm laker blog I likey..HMMMMM...

What I do Likey is Kobe getting BETTER...yessir!

The fact that Kobe Bryant humbled himself to go Hakeem Olajuwon as a student is beyond awesome.

THAT'S how it should be done.

I remember reading about how Michael Olowkandi refused to learn from Kareem Abdul-Jabaar. What an idiot.

As a martial artist, there is tremendous value gained from mentorship.

To learn, one must empty their cup.

Good job, Kobe. Keep it up, pal.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


It's moves like this that may make me a Clipper Fan....from Lakers own website...
"The Los Angeles Lakers have signed free agent guard Thomas Kelati, it was announced today. Per team policy, terms of the agreement were not released."
Yup, wasn't worth giving Sun another 29 minutes...let's sign this guy and give him 12 minutes this year.......

"hello MOTHER $%^%$%$%$*&^!>:"{......
hello FODDER......welcome to camp el segunder.......


>>> 2008 = Humiliation
>>> 2009 = Redemption
>>> 2010 = Domination

Superb summation of the last two years and what we expect this year. The next 10 years will be fun."

>>>2011=Assimilation (see Star Trek>Borg) "Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated"

We now have two confirmed fantasy league members. Now i'm actually going to feel bad if this doesn't work out. send emails to-

Let me reiterate that anybody who posts on this blog has at least 50 seconds of free time, which is just about enough to send an email to, and sign up for a yahoo member id, and join a fantasy league. after that, it's all gravy.

sigh. Come on, guys.

Fantasy sign up list (want at least 8)
Robert Chen

That’s five, me included. Need more, you guys please keep checking in.

for those who don't give a (*^@ about fantasy basketball, and Mamba24 (don't give me this M24 modern abv txt (*^&), this is number 4

Fire and Miss (the Sasha Song)

Sing along to the tune of “Fire and Rain,” by James Taylor

It was a few weeks ago when we all heard the news
The Slovenian team had taken an axe to you
I got up this morning and I wrote down this song
I just hope I get it posted before we cut you too

I’ve seen you shoot and I’ve seen you miss
I’ve seen you take shots that I know’ll never go in
I’ve seen enough bricks to build a Holiday Inn,
But you always think that you’ll make it this time

Won’t you just calm down bit, Sasha
You have just got to take your time
I just wish you wouldn’t make it so very hard
Defend without the other team going to the line
So we get some bench time for our two guard

I’ve seen you shoot and I’ve seen you miss
I’ve seen you take shots that I know’ll never go in
I’ve seen enough bricks to build a Holiday Inn,
But you always think that you’ll make it this time

We may have paid you too much cause you had a decent season
We know there’s better guys making half of what you earn
And can’t believe it but we have to hope that Mitch might have had a reason
I guess about machine repair there’s a lot we've got to learn

I’ve seen you shoot and I’ve seen you miss
I’ve seen you take shots that I know’ll never go in
I’ve seen enough bricks to build a Holiday Inn,
But you always think you’ll make it, for sure this time

I know you think you’ll make it for sure this time
You’ve got just a few minutes to turn it around now
So you’ll shoot it, you’ll shoot it and you’ll miss, now, Sasha



Pretty cool Kobe getting lessons from the smoothest operator in the post ever. Lurch may have been sneakier, but no way was he as smooth.


ONWARD BRAVE LAKERS FANS! REMEMBER. THEY CAN ONLY TAKE OUR LIVES.... Um, ok, they can't even take that. And our freedom is a given. Well, go fourth to be seen as Lakers Fans! And let those who are seen to not see the battlefield never again find company im the ranks of those who shall evermore carry the banner of Laker Victory!

er, or whatever. LET US GO LAKERS!




Ah hell. GO LAKERS!

From LA Times
[Artest, with Bryant, figures to give the Lakers one of the league's top perimeter defenses.

"He's getting in there and mixing it up," Coach Phil Jackson said. "I think Ron's going to fit very well."

Said Bryant: "He looks good. He's moving extremely well. He looks like Ron."]

Alright I was going to wait till the season started to see if Ron Ron would back up his words but I was also in the trade odom for artest camp. So why stop being a fan cuz I'm a lil scared we'll miss Ariza. If PJ thinks this is going to work out very well, that's good enough for me. Welcome to the equation Ron, do us proud.

24 + 16 + [3|1]7 = The Purple Tinted Golden Age

Oh my I am excited already. This season is going to be a season to remember for all die hard Lakers fan.

I bet bloggers are going to come in here in droves...

Kobe improving his game - are you kidding me? He is unreal. The guy could rest on his laurels, but he wants to be better. Hakeem just helped the Lakers become a little bit better team. Thanks Dream. Pau has room to improve and Bynum can add a dimension to the team if he stays healthy. Farmar and Brown should be better. If Ammo can make some shots and spread the floor he will be a nice addition too. Thriller will take some of the burden off of Kobe - making Mamba even more effective than his usual self. Then they have the luxury of having really the same squad coming back so there won't be as much energy expended 'figuring it out'.

Seriously - how in the world do you pick against these guys? I mean sure if you have a low IQ like the vast majority of Celtic fans, I would understand – I eagerly await a nitwit response. The Lakers had the best team last year, they have the best player, Kobe Bryant - sorry Paula. They have a top 3 PF in Gasol, a solid SF in Thriller, Mr. Intangible Lamar. The savvy vet, though admittedly slow Fish at the point - with a couple young guns Farmar and Brown that have plenty of room to improve and a chance to step up. (Personally I am a bigger Brown fan based on what he showed last season) You have Mr. 10 Rings as coach and a guy like Drew - that if he stays healthy and plays close to the level he was before his last injury, that will dramatically improve the roster without changing said roster. The Lakers have a relatively young team with guys entering or still in their prime. This is not an aging Celtic squad or Spurs squad, grasping at a last shot. Nor are they a young squad trying to find their way. The Lakers know the way and are embracing the challenge that is in front of them.



For our new bloggers, I have been given the task and responsibility for the past few seasons of soliciting prayers for the blessing, health, protection and victory of our Los Angeles Lakers on behalf of our Lakers Blog. I believe in the power of prayer. I believe that if we as a family stand on one accord and have faith in our Lakers, God will honor our faith by granting them success.

Some of y'all may not dig me getting all religious and stuff about the game of basketball. If that's you, feel free to tune me out. But, in case you're wondering, it was through our faith in God's ability to bless our team - along with their skills on the court - that catapulted them from a 1st round exit in 2007 to a return to the NBA Finals in 2008. And even after that humbling, devastating defeat in 2008, God allowed us to pull together and rise above the pain and shame of defeat into the land of TOTAL VICTORY & SWEET REDEMPTION in June 2009!

On most Game Days, you will see me solicit a prayer for our team. Many will mock me and crack jokes and try to ridicule me. But we - the faithful members of Lakers Blog - have witnessed the results of our collective prayer in the biggest way possible. So I will let the haters hate and the mockers mock. God will answer our prayers - in victory AND defeat - God is listening. And I will never stop calling Him on our behalf.

Nuff said. LET US PRAY:

Dear Lord, we thank You for Your great love and Your mighty power. We thank You for victory. We thank You for redemption. We thank You for blessing our Lakers to stand on the highest mountaintop for the 15th time in the team's history. The haters will say what they will, but we know that You have honored our faith and hope in our beloved basketball team. And we praise You and thank You for blessing us to be the reigning NBA Champions!

And we ask You to do it again!

We ask You to enable Kobe, Pau, Ron Ron, LO, Drew, Fish, Sasha, Josh, Jordan, Shannon, Luke, DJ, Ammo, Phil, the coaching staff, the lucky players who make the team roster, and the entire Laker organization to do whatever it takes to cement and hold our place as NBA Champions for another year. Create in our team yet another dynasty. Don't let last year's victory be a flash in the pan. Keep us focused and HUMBLE. Let us walk with the grace and dignity - on and off the court - that befits the title CHAMPION. Don't let us get caught up in our own foolish pride by taunting opponents and arrogant statements to the press and cheap unsportsmalike conduct on the court. You do not honor pride. You honor humility.

Let our guys not make our statements in the press but, instead, on the court. We don't need a Twitter account to boast about our greatness. Let our play show the world of our greatness! They may call us dogs in Beantown, but reveal to the entire world that we are LIONS - FEROCIOUS AND BEASTLY LIONS! By the colors You have bestowed on us, we know that we are LIONS AND KINGS. Purple is the color of majesty. Gold is the color that flows from a lion's mane.

Let us take our place on that mountaintop and ROAR like the mighty LION KINGS that we are! Let us dominate! Let us go forth and conquer! Let us show the world one more time that we are once and forever CHAMPIONS!

Cover every Laker household in Your care and protection (and PLEASE give the new Mrs Odom true peace in her life so that her husband can focus on the game of basketball!). Cover every player in good health free from phantom and bogus injuries. May every Laker player reach their full potential this season. May our enemies become our footstools once again.


And as, always, we thank You for answered prayer...AMEN!

Now if Kobe can get the quadruple double like Hakeem had, that would be awesome.

I love the video from camp.


Can those of you who keep reacting to training camp "signings" just give it a rest!?! Perhaps with the exception of Gelabale, all others are just there to take up space for drills, scrimmages and a few minutes in preseason games when regulars AND bench/roleplayers are given extended rest.

NONE of those contracts are guaranteed. They are window dressing. Space-taking, hopefuls that are auditioning for spots on either OTHER TEAMS or NBDL draft board. These players will be watching Laker regular season games the same way you and I will be ~ on the couch at home in front of the TV.

LAKERTOM ~ You are right, my heart is not in negativity regarding Drew. And you are right about his young age (regarding comparisons to past centers) and the level of talent surrounding him (limiting his numbers). I really like his game and believe his attitude will improve as he matures. I just get tired of the attention placed on every small incremental microgram of change in his game. Sure he has had a good stretch of games in back to back Januarys. Both runs were cut-off at the knees (oops, bad metaphor!) by injury. Thus, we really don't know if it was due to legitimate improvement, or just the matchups that can happen in the long NBA regular season. In the meantime, we really need to appreciate the greatness of the OTHER big man right in front of our nose! Pau gets overlooked at the expense of Drew. FOCUS...

UTZWORLD ~ I am a pastor. Have been for 30 years. I am a Laker's fan. Have been for 40 years. I believe in prayer. Add all that up and I offer you two things.
1. I am with you on prayer changes things. God is sovereign and He rules.
2. I am not with you on prayer for championships. God has a different agenda. (See life lesson indexed under: "Teenage Boy Asks Dad for Keys to the Car")
I support you on your offered prayers. God knows we can use the classy influence in this blog! But let's be careful so as not to be arrogant against others who also pray, who are fans of other teams. Heaven's gates lead to streets of gold... not PURPLE and gold. ;-)

God bless you, brother!

Why is Hakeem, the dream helping the Lakers, I thought he is Rocket for life? If you look at the Rockets line up who is he going to help? T-mac (out), YaoMing (out) Scola(nope just want to play in NBA), Ariza (I'm new here) therefore the dream is better of to lend advice to Kobe the best player today. Kobe wants to learn from the dream. How about Bynum? Kobe was right he is just a guard and yet spends 80% of his time in the post. Bynum is a center spends 95% of his time in the post and also spent 75% watching Kobe with his lay-up exhibition. Is this not the time for Bynum to hire Olajuwon as a personal (professional) coach and pay him by the hour for a worthy advice? This season will be his 5th season in NBA with a decent pay starting 12.5M, does he have any other post move other than dunking the ball? Hey Kobe, Gasol, Odom are there to show him some character in his shots, can Bynum learn new moves from his teammates? Those are positive suggestions to Bynum that his NBA career should improved every season if he wants to meet expectation of his No. 1 fan, LakerTom. If he hides in the shadow and rely completely to other stars like Kobe, Pau, Lo and now Artest, he could become Sam Bowie or Elden Campbell. It is about time to learn something new in this has nothing to do with braces or his playing time.

What is the difference between Fisher and the applicants to replace him as PG? I say three things: maturity, leadership and hustle. Shannon has athleticism but has not shown any leadership at this time. Farmar lacks the maturity for being vocal during summer of his wants this season, namely: contract renewal, starting PG etc. People from Missouri will tell him, "show me Jordan before you demand". Fisher has lost some speed on his PG role but none of the applicants have the hustle capability of doing what Fisher did to Scola during the playoffs. Just one blow and it transmitted volume of messages addressed to his teammates and opponents. Can Farmar or Shannon show that kind of character as full-time Laker PG?

Banner Folder

Im sure Gods got nothing better to do right now. I bet hes going thru your list and gettn to work.

You forgot to ask that Sasha finds his jump shot and plays some defense.

Mrs Odom found her piece already.

LakerMike: I respect you as a man of God. However, I need to clarify the notion that I am "praying for championships." I'll give you the benefit of the doubt since this is the only prayer of mine that you have seen at this point. But, please understand. I do not think that it is a sin at all to pray for our team's good health, success and victory. After all, aren't we to pray without ceasing?

Specifically, regarding the Lakers, when we went 26-13 back in 2007, God challenged me to start praying for the team while on this blog. I ignored His call because I was afraid of putting myself out there. Fast forward to 2008 with our great start of the year. Then the injuries happened. Luke Walton kept having knee troubles and rolled ankles. LO had an injury stint. And Drew blew out his knee. I still ignored God. Then Trevor Ariza broke his foot in practice. And I surrendered and started praying before each game.

I almost gave up this role after the 2008 Finals. God had blessed the team to make it back to the Finals and we were riding a wave of confidence - NOT ARROGANCE - as we faced Boston. We prayed together. We kept the faith together (ALREADY DONE). And we got our butts handed to us on a silver platter by way of blown 20 point leads and the Game Six Massacre.

Many fans saw my exercises in prayer as foolish during that time. But a chorus of the Laker Blog faithful rose up to encourage me to keep pressing on in spite of our defeat. 1 year later, we kept praying. We kept interceeding. We kept believing. And I know that God used our prayers not only to bless our team, but to bless each other as well. We've grieved the loss of jobs, pets and loved ones through these Game Day Prayers. We KNOW that part of the reason why Andrew Bynum made it back on the court during the 09 Playoffs was because of our prayers - it goes without saying how many "Laker fans" jumped ship after that cold night in Memphis. But I told Lakers Blog that if we prayed and believed, Drew would be back. And he came back. Not at his 100% potential and explosive self, but the mere fact that he was on the court is a testimony to our prayers.

So, yeah, I actually DID pray for our last championship. And I'm not ashamed to say that. I did not - and I will not - do so out of pride and arrogance. I simply asked God to enable our players to tap into the strength, power and spirit inside of each one of them so they would play up to their full potential as champions. And He answered my prayer - and now we wear the crown!

We may agree to disagree, but I know my mission. And I'm staying the course!

God bless you, sir.


"... to build a Holiday Inn" and then some. Brilliant, and I mean the actual dictionary definition. JT has a tear in his eye and Sasha V is practicin' at full speed, makin' em all and ranting in therapy about why they don't go in come game time.

The words "ALL ABOUT THE LOVE" have meaning but not about actual love. We could do a service to mankind and pen a blog definition of such terms.
"all about the love" 1. I'm feeling I might have injured your psyche further with my humor at your expense, so in case a real world Laker is actually reading this I'll sum up with an "all about the love" as a punch line. 2. meant it in the best possible way.


I know my mission and I am staying the course.
Now that is what I like to hear.


Finally something I agree with you on - We should pray that God gives Sasha the ability to make a freakin' jump shot and plays some D. Good call. If he does, that it will make beating all other teams that much easier. And since the end of the 1960's God has shown he favors the Lakers because they all have more titles than the Celtics. Just kidding! Sort of, the Lakers do own more titles than the Celtics since then, I just don't know if that is because it is what God wants or just that the Lakers are the better organization, either way it is good for Lakers fans.

I don't think humans understand with certainty how God works. His power is too great for mere humans to understand fully. Is he at work in the NBA or any sporting organization? Yes, through the lives of the people that participate in the league, just like he is present in all other aspects of human life - business or personal life. God gives us faith and lets us know certain things are true. Free will is the wild card - it makes the human experience interesting, there are endless possibilities, no predetermined ending - we are masters of our own fate, yet not really in control....


Utzworld's Word Of The Day: FEAR

No explanation necessary. Just fill in the blanks:

"Mr. 1AndDone31-92's attempt to smack Laker Nation by taunting us about the play of of a player ranked #11 on our 12 man depth chart is a sign of ____. It must be ____ because Mr. 1AndDone has Jack Sprat to say about the players ranked above him. Could it be that he____s the truth that our depth chart is higher than his? Could it be that he _____s the truth that once his precious Big 4 have blown their knees out by midseason that no one on his depth chart can take their place.

____ is a mother.


>>> But again' he's an offensive center and while big men needs touches of course
>>> (even Dwight complains about that), the biggest area is defense and unless he really
>>> did something to convince the coaching staff he ain't going to see the floor as much.

“He ain’t going to see the floor much?” You know, I used to respect you for encyclopedic knowledge off old-school basketball but more and more it becomes obvious that you’re really more like a parrot, spewing the same tired old arguments over and over even when they don’t apply to the conversation. Now I realize that you do this because your mind is so clouded by negativity that it can’t deal with the logic of an intelligent debate so you fall back on some “old school” schtick you once memorized.

You criticize Drew for aspiring to be an All-Star this year, even though Phil clearly stated that that was a valid goal. When you get called out by almost everybody for your biased reaction, rather than just manning up and admitting you overreacted and were wrong, you instead just change tact and subject, stupidly proclaiming now that Drew is not going to get PT because he is an offensive minded center. It’s obvious to everyone that you’re irrationally and unrealistically biased against Andrew Bynum.

Why do I get the feeling from your posts that I am almost being stalked? The Democrats have a better chance of issuing a major policy statement with no rebuttal from the Republicans than I do of saying anything about Andrew Bynum without you immediately posting your usual medley of negativity . Wake up on the right side of the bed for a change and enjoy what’s right about life and our Lakers. You are quickly becoming more of a blog caricature than a serious and respected contributor.


I agree with you 100%. This is not the proper forum for God. God doesn't care about the lakers, or the Celtics, Cavs, Spurs, or any other team. He cares about humanity. How can you ask to pray for the lakers, healthy millionairs all, when there are vets with no legs or arms, and homeless people living right outside Staples Center? As a Christian, I was offended by that post.
Thank you, and can we please pray for the homeless, and for our economy, and our soldiers. Unwed mothers, the aged, the sick.............something IMPORTANT! Amen!

"The Lakers have hired Person as a special assistant for training camp, and there’s an expectation he’ll stay on staff for the duration of Artest’s first season here, at least. Person was a very good NBA player who has become a very capable NBA coach, but what’s most important here is that he has a special connection with the flammable Artest." - Kevin Ding, The Orange Register

Wow, we are now in the new age where Laker players get special coaches. Bynum has Kareem, Artest has Person, Kobe asking advice from Hakeem - what about Luke, Sasha? They get special training coach to drills of moving their feet in coordination with their hands. Do they really need a special coach by just sitting on the bench? I must be an old fan to witness all these special coaches, high salaried contracts while fans are getting poorer every season, suffering from the effects of recession which is joblessness and living with their 401-K balance and unemployment income. Who will pay for all these extra expenses except the fans themselves. I think there is something wrong with spend & spend society and charge everything to fans' hungry passion which is really a misplaced priority! Somehow, if one prospers, the other suffers....our families and children needs should be the 1st priority!


Nice job on “Fire and Rain,” probably James Taylor’s best song. What is ironic about your choice of the song as a parody for Sasha is that Taylor wrote the song while he was in a mental institution due to depression over the failure of his band The Flying Machine. The song was about a dear friend who he learned had just committed suicide. Mental cases and machines – a match made in mania.



I love these camp videos. We're finally getting some Laker action and it's from the mouths of the players themselves. And what's most exciting is that almost to a man, these guys are ready. No doubt about it. We can thank Kobe's drive and all, but Artest's will has some serious mojo attached it and it's clearly lubricating the gears of everyone on the team. Even PJ. He seem to like what he sees from this mix of greens with the Artest dressing.

But I don't know if Odom's up to being a reality TV star. He's too quiet of a guy in my opinion to last too long in that bright of a limelight. I wish him the best, but I really, really hope that he has boundaries for himself and his family--a nice separate peace from the cameras that allow for rest and privacy and the seclusion an NBA player needs. And I don't want to see a situation where the Kardashians and their cameras are all over Odom and the Lakers during the playoffs while Odom's in some free throw shooting slump. If it ever gets to that point, things have to be cut off, and quick.

But for now, if I were Mr. Odom, I'd give my wife's reality show 30 minutes a day during my lunch break at practice before home games, and that's it. Maybe let them see Khloe hugging a sweaty Odom in his Laker gear. That kind of little, structured, respectful, participation by both parties is OK with me. This way Odom makes his wife happy doing this reality TV stuff, but his part ends when he says. No effen late night party shoots where some idiot producer tries to persuade Odom to stay awake all night for the midnight disco-dance toasts at Spugios.

And I don't know how much stuff Kobe can learn from Hakeem. Hakeem did that stuff in such wicked succession, he looked more like Don Rickles ad-libbing insults at audience members in vegas and less like a dancer with rehearsable and learnable dance steps he could pass on to someone. But, to seek a master's training--AND GET IT--is pretty awesome.

Let it roll.



Banner Folder

Did you pray for KGs knee? Cuz if you did ... it worked. (or maybe it didnt ... sucks for you!)

Lets take a look at your "depth" vs the Celtics

1. Fisher v Rondo ... Edge Celtics
2. Kobe v Allen ... Edge Lakers
3. Dribble Dribble v Pierce ... Edge Celtics
4. Pau v KG ... Edge Celtics
5. Bynum v Perkins ... Edge Celtics (Based only on minutes played in the 4th quarter of playoff games)


6. LOL v Sheed ... Even
7. Luke v Big Baby ... Edge Celtics
8. Brown v Daniels ... Edge Celtics
9. Sasha v House ... Edge Celtics

If Sasha is your 11th man ... who is #9 & 10? Powell and Morrison? LOL give me a break. So Im not so sure why the Lakers are the deepest and most talented team in the league? I dont count past the 9th guy. In the playoffs when it matters most of the rotations dont go past 8-9 guys so dont tell me Powell is better then Scal cuz it dont mean a thing. Neither will be on the court with the game on the line. (Along with Bynum)


Why does Laker fan always have to use the words "since the 60s?" Why not "since the since the 50s?"

Since the 30s James Loney has more Home Runs then Babe Ruth.

Laker Fan use the words "since the 60s" more then I used the words "edge Celtics"

Sorry forgot about Farmer (not hard to do)

8. Farmer v Daniels ... Edge Celtics
9. Brown or Sasha v House ... Edge Celtics

Dont forget we still have expiring contracts of Scal and T. Allen that Im sure will be dealt at mid season for whatever help is needed.

Utz, Mike, EagleBoy,

Thought I would chime in on the subject of praying for championships. I just finished reading Dan Brown’s new novel The Lost Symbol. One of the background themes of the book is the pseudo-science of noetics, which is defined by Wikipedia as “a branch of metaphysical philosophy concerned with the study of mind and intuition, and its relationship with the divine intellect.”

More specifically, in the book noetics deals with how the human mind can affect matter or, carried to its logical conclusion, how things like group prayers can heal physical ailments or how a congregation of souls can will a team to win a championship. While I am not an expert on the subject, I’ve always believed that how loyally and earnestly I rooted for the Lakers made a difference in whether or not they won. In fact, I have even believe that this is true when I watch the game on my DVR. LOL.

At any rate, while I do not literally believe that there is a God in Heaven, there is substantial proof that He is a Lakers fan. How else can you explain why the Lakers have won 15 NBA championships and are poised to win another 5 or more over the next decade? How else can you explain Mikan, West, Baylor, Wilt, Kareem, Magic, Worthy, Kobe, Shaq, and now Gasol, Bynum, and Artest? How else can you explain Jerry Buss, Chick Hearn, Pat Riley, and Phil Jackson? It is the power of karma.

So when we pray for our Lakers, we are really melding our minds together with millions of other true-blue die-hard Lakers fans to create a dynamic mind-over-matter force that actually can guide shots through the net, make players play harder, and make the ball bounce our way. That, my friends, is the power of the positive thinking. WE are God in the truest sense of what makes man and Lakers great.



Owen: Because I didn't explicitly pray for those folks in this forum, you assume that I don't pray for these folks. Isn't that "bearing false witness?" Is that Christian-like?

Furthermore, is your wanton negativity that is shrewedly and specifically designed to discourage the hopes of Laker fans on this Blog an example of what is Christian?

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone...


I dropped you an e-mail.

I just want to declare that I, I, am the 2009 Lakerblog Fantasy Basketball Champ.

I challenge anyone, anyone, on the Lakerblog to take me out. I welcome a good challenge. Bring it.

Go Lakers!

"It’s obvious to everyone that you’re irrationally and unrealistically biased against Andrew Bynum. "

You are right just like we are both biased against Lebron (though I'm less biased but biased nevertheless towards LBJ). Again like Laker Mike I'm not negative against Bynum just get tired of all the over positive posts about him. When has the last time you spoke well about Gasol other than "best power forward in the league" when KG/Tim and skill wise Dirk is better?

Besides it's not me who doesn't share the over positive enthusiasm about Bynum. Rosen said about Bynum (whom you respect I might add):

"Andrew Bynum (21) has perhaps the most potential of all the young centers, but after four years in the league, he remains a stranger in paradise."

"Will Andrew Bynum start taking responsibility for his own failings?"

An All-Star? Actually if he doesn't be an over offensive minded center then yes but still that is like saying Eddie Jones and Nick Van Exel were franchise players. I'm not sold on Bynum as a franchise player and until he puts his work on the floor and starts being "Shaq who can shoot free throws" he needs to recognize his importance defensively on the floor aside from shot blocking and not get 20ppg which you said he didn't need


Why do I get the feeling this is gonna be an exceptionally outstanding year for kobe offensively? Rather than resting on his laurels during offseason after having gotten the shaq monkey off his back he is still not done. He's waking up at 5am daily during offseason (according to trainers at working on rigorous stretching and conditioning. He's working with the dream hakeem trying to improve his already superior arsenal of post up moves and he's had his first full sumer of rest in years.

Remember this is his FIRST year he will not have to guard the opposing teams best player. Just imagine what kind of impact that can have to his offensive game. MJ always had the luxury of a pippen to do the dirty work for him defensively and always had an enforcer like oakley or rodman to push back for him. All these years kobe has not ALWAYS guarded to other teams best player but was also our toughest guy who had to fight back for everybody... Well that is why I am so excited about artest here who is not only perfect for that role but is also the best in the league at that

Kobe is still far from done. Just like tiger woods he wants to be the GOAT. Just like tiger wants to break nicklaus majors record and kobe wants to surpass MJs legacy... They are both similar in so many ways. Both possess that rare KILLER INSTINCT to not only win but annihilate their opponent. That rare EYE OF THE TIGER instinct to take their game to a higher level when everythings on the line. U can't develop that... u are only born with it and these guys have had it their whole lives. MJ also had it but guys like lebron never had it and never will

Also in regard to artest a lot has been said about his acquisition and everything he brings to the table but bottom line DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS. I am really not worried about how he'll fit in the triangle or take up shots etc... Come playoff time this guy is gonna be a exceed all expectations and be an ABSOLUTE BEAST.

I am just oozing with excitement looking forward to one of the most exciting preseasons and year to remember...

So let's all just buckle our seatbelts and enjoy the ride!

This live training camp coverage is unreal

So much for work today

LakerTom- Blitz

Like I said before, anyone who wants Andrew Bynum to fail is just like the traitors that wish Iraq would fail because they don’t like Bush, or want the economy to fail because they don’t like Obama. It is just ignorant and petty, not to mention its being a traitor.

Blitz you do seem obsessed with LakerTom and proofing him wrong about AB, but like LakerMike put it
“In the meantime, we really need to appreciate the greatness of the OTHER big man right in front of our nose! Pau gets overlooked at the expense of Drew. FOCUS...”

Andrew’s time will come. I think Andrew is the 5th option for now depending on the matchup of course. I just don’t think mentally Bynum is ready to be the focus of the team, though I do believe his aspirations to be an All-Star are realistic. That being said, says more about the depth of the Lakers then the lack of offensive talent of Bynum.

As far as the prayers, come on that is ridiculous; it needs to stay in your home for your own fantasy league.


Thank you, Chaplain.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Laker Mike,

Utzworld is our Chaplain and his prayers and Mamba24's roll calls are the uniting components of this blogmunity. They're special.

Many a time both Utzworld and Mamba24's words have brought a tear to my eyes. We Original Bloggers are rather protective of these two. They are this blogmunity's heart and soul.

Personally, I believe that God does cast favor on those who strive with great passion to be their best for LOVE, not ego. If our love for the Lakers may help merge with God's love for humanity through the power of prayer to help smooth the Lakers' collective path to Greatness, I find not fault in that, but beauty.

I pray for friends, family, my dog, people who are suffering throughout the world whom I know and do not know... and I pray for communities. THE LAKER and LAKER NATION are communities. I find beauty in praying that God grant us His Grace in helping us be our best.

God loves all His Creation and offers His aid when we are in harmony with the Divine within and without and, I believe, it is Divine to strive to be your best in love.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


You are so kind to remember that Sasha must be on the prayer. You must be thankful for the present he gave you on christmas last season:
And he was our worst player!!

Hope to see you in the finals, because we will be there.


Hey utz - are you judging me?
Pray for whomever you'd like. This is NOT the place to do that, however, and God has more important things to worry about than your precious lakers. Read carefully - I never said you didn't pray for anyone, just you shouldn't pray for a sports team to win - God doesn't care. And telling me I'm bearing false witness is yet another comment that doesn't belong on here. Since you don't know me, don't judge me. I actually am a very nice person. Just happened to have spent the first 40 + years of my life 3000 miles away from here, thus forging my love for my sports teams that will never die. The Red Sox went 86 yrs without a World Series, and I never prayed for them, either. Please come down off your high horse, it must be lonely up there!!

Good Morning Everyone...And that includes the guy with a number as his name who went missing for 2 months after the finals only to re appear and start talking rubbish again......Your team is like a once in a 20 year volcano that spits out lava only then to go quiet for another 20 years....Dont you have someones lawn to go and mow or something?....Geeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzz...

Any way.....Im looking forward to see who wins the back up minutes...Morrison or the artist formally known as Sasha i shot 0% in the finals with bad hair and a really bad headband ...Call me crazy but i think Morrison has a shot...Brown did it to Farmar and Morrison is going to do it to Sasha...TRUST ME...(dont trust anyone who says trust me)......The reason why.....Because over the summer Morrison played summer league and spent time with a mentor and not fighting with his national team coach and trainers and acting like Paris Hilton and then getting cut from the team that probably half the blog would have made.................Thats weak......

Ok, i feel better now....

Have a great day....Thank you..........


"I don't think humans understand with certainty how God works. His power is too great for mere humans to understand fully. Is he at work in the NBA or any sporting organization?"

Though I am not a conservative Theist, I believe God's spirit affects all things actively or passively. The three essences of God are omnipotence, omniscience, and OMNIPRESENCE.

The three Greatest gifts of God are freewill (independence), the ability to fail (for we are only able to learn the value of the Greatest of God's gifts through lessons taught through failure and overcoming failure), and creative imagination (understanding--the power to CREATE new choices which add to the harmony of God's creative vision).

As such, it is a joy to watch our Lakers embrace these gifts (as it is a joy to watch ANY human being or community embrace these gifts) to choose to strive to be their best, to embrace their imperfection with humility, and to passionately accept their responsibility for growth through the creation of new problem solving strategies that support them on their quest to be their best.

God is omnipresent and if you look hard enough you'll find Him in all things. Like Utzworld, I see His faint fingerprints in the strivings of the Lakers and the collective enthusiasm of Laker Nation and it is not only a joy, but it's just plain darned fun too.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"Thank you, and can we please pray for the homeless, and for our economy, and our soldiers. Unwed mothers, the aged, the sick.............something IMPORTANT!"

As a former monk with a degree in the Study of Religion, I'd like to share a perspective on this:

None of us are God, so we may not know as well as we like to what is truly like to know what is most important to God.

That much said, as I see it there are two key elements to prayer which seem to me most in harmony with God's will: 1. The alleviation of suffering 2. The abundance of Love.

One diminishes a negative in a fallen world; another supports the infusion of God's Spirit into this world.

Both are good. Both are essential. Both are important. One may have a deeper significance for a particular individual, but both are in harmony with God's will.

Please don't shame Utzworld or myself for praying for the power of God's love in guiding the path of a group we love. There is honor and beauty in that. There WOULD BE a narcissism in that if that were all we prayed for. We do not. We also pray to ease the suffering of others, even those we do not always agree with.

I'm sure if you spend more time here, you'll grow to trust our Chaplain, Utzworld's intentions.

But, please, for the time being, keep an open mind. Sometimes knee jerk reactions to phenomena often cloud our perceptions of what is real.

May God bless you, the Lakers, and Laker Nation.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


The Celtics are like dinosaurs:
They where great, big, scary and ruled... but now they are extinct, old and they don't scare anybody.

Hey 131-92,

If the Celtics have such a big edge - Kobe being the only player you rate as having an advantage. How is it that the Celtics couldn't beat the Magic last year?The Lakers beat them soundly in the Finals! Odd don't you think?

The Celtics are kind of like the Raiders. Once upon a time Al Davis and the boys were the class of pro football, time passed them by. Face it the Celtics and the Raiders are similar – once proud franchises that contended for titles and won a lot of them, now the Celtics are just a sorry franchise that occasionally may stumble on to a good year or two before sinking back into oblivion. How many years since 2000 have the Celtics made the playoffs? How many titles have they since 2000?


LOL at 131-92 AKA one and done AKA 82-101 and his matchup 'analysis'!

If he's coming with that this year, its going to be a fun year.

I'm still laughing.

Laker Tom,

I find it amusing that people respond to strongly to your optimism regarding Andrew Bynum. Sure you (we) could be wrong about Andrew, but I don't think we'll be wrong about that.

I mean he's young, he's got a great work ethic, he's intelligent and KAREEM-FRICKEN-ABDUL-FRICKEN-JABAAR IS HIS PERSONAL COACH AND MENTOR!!!!

That's part of the puzzle that people constantly forget about. He is being personally mentored by KAREEM-ABDUL-JABAAR. In my mind, it's not simply a matter of having faith in Andrew's potential. It's about having faith in the intelligence, knowledge, ability, and experience of Kareem Abdul-Jabaar.

I think this point should be well-taken.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Here's the deal, Bynum needs to prove himself before i call him a great Laker center. He needs to focus on defense and rebounding, then scoring in that order. The team has a lot of scorers, we need Bynum to defend and rebound. I think every Laker fan will agree with this. Like i always say, i root for all Laker players, even poor Sasha. This year, i'm hoping, is the year that Bynum can prove himself(i'm hoping his knees will hold up). Until then, quit putting him ahead of Lamar and Pau. These 2 dudes already proved us that they are valuable Laker players.....just watch the NBA finals 2009!!!! Go Lakers!!!


As one of the people who have been posting almost daily since the blog was first ushered in by the Kamenetzky Brothers almost five years ago, just keep in mind, we have a certain dynamic here and it's good to be respectful of that fact.

All are welcome, but to call the passions of core bloggers who have been here FOR YEARS before you stuck your head in is, frankly, uncool.

Be a little more respectful, okay?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


LAKERTOM ~ I gave your rebuttal some thought regarding Drew's age, lack of experience and maturity, and limited playing time on a good team. And in the interest of fair play, I decided to submit the stats for a player that would be a much better fit for comparison. He is a center. Came out of HS. Did not get much PT at first, while playing on a good team. Biggest difference was that he got traded after 4th season. So not sure what the combo of the trade and the maturity is when accounting for the spike in year five. But, for what it is worth... here are his numbers for years 1-6 in the NBA compared to Drew.

PPG 1.6 / 7.8 / 13.1 / 14.3 / ?? / ??
RPG 1.7 / 5.9 / 10.2 / 8.0 / ?? / ??

Mystery Player
PPG 4.1 / 4.5 / 2.5 / 3.9 / 12.9 / 19.0
RPG 2.8 / 3.4 / 2.7 / 3.3 / 9.8 / 10.5

And the mystery player is . . . ? (see next post)


I heard what you're saying and Blitz can at times seem like he's on the negative side but he's what we call a realist, where Laker Tom is an optimist. I am an optimist with realist leanings.

I agree with Blitz that Bynum does need to focus on the defensive end. During the playoffs he demonstrated a lack of maturity that he must overcome. He's got to learn that he has to follow before he can lead. I wouldn't like for him to learn this lesson the hard way like Kobe had to.

Last we heard from Drew he was thinking 20 points and 10 rebounds and not 20 rebounds and 5 blocks. We'll see as the season progresses if he's matured or not. If offensive side of the ball remains his primary focus, he'll quickly show signs of frustration and spend lots of minutes on the bench. If this happens I think he'll need to work with a center that's defensive minded. He may be the future franchise player but the future isn't now. He needs to get in where he fits in and that's truly on the defensive boards, blocking shots, manning the paint and helping on screen and roll defense. He can get his 20 points by just doing the little things on defense not thinking of himself as a primary option on offense. Defense wins championships and can make a young center an all star. During the playoffs last season it was evident by both his words and his actions that his expectations aren't in line with the needs of his team and his coaches.

I want Drew to excel but within the needs of the team not within his own mind or with his own agenda. His time to lead will come but until that time he needs to humble himself and do what's asked of him. All I'm saying is he had a problem with that during the playoffs and hopefully that's over.

Utz and Tom,

It is my belief and experience that as humans we always think our ways are God ways and our thoughts are God thoughts because that's just how we are. Tom, you may not know this scripture but Utz I'm sure you do, My ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts are higher than your thoughts. I know it's sacrilege to many on the blog but God indeed is not a Lakers fan. Evidence: Utz prayed during the 2007-2008 championship series and we lost to Boston.

What the Lakers have won, they've won based on their God given talents, hard work, luck and a few things going right for them over 30 years.

The things that matter to God are far more significant than any basketball championship, such as how kind or unkind we are to one another. Do we care for those less fortunate than ourselves, are we as concerned about the well-being of others as we are about ourselves. Do we practice, truth, love, peace, charity towards our neighbors. But as I say to people all the time, the best thing about God is he gives us freewill to choose to believe and do anything we want.

131-92: Boston is also a bit like Princeton. Princeton is the greatest college football program ever because they have the most championships – 28. It is silly to even suggest that other teams, such as Florida, Texas, Oklahoma or USC are better or more relevant programs because none of them even can sniff the number of championships Princeton has. In the same vein, I guess the Arkkadian Empire of Sargon the Great is the leading world power since they may have been the first true empire (24th Century BC) –anything coming after a great dynasty doesn’t count. At least according to your "logic".

You my friend want to cling to greatness that once was but is no longer. That is cool, because if it makes you feel better that is all that really matters. I care about you and your well being, and being a Rams fan, trust me I know what suffering is.


JON K ~ I mean no disrespect to the Chaplain, you, or any others. My relationship to God is very important to me. Far be it that I would want anyone to feel mocked, persecuted, or belittled by me in that realm! If you have felt that, please know that is NOT my intention and apologize.

I am new to this blogosphere. I should have known better than try to weigh in on such a delicate subject when I have not earned my wings amongst you all. I was wrong. Forgive me. I will try to keep my comments on Laker issues.

But I want you to know, I prayed for you and your dog. I pray freely for matters that concern others. And I certainly admire those who do the same.

Back to the topic this blog is dedicated to... Lakers. I stand corrected.


"Here's the deal, Bynum needs to prove himself before i call him a great Laker center."

You are absolutely right, brother! I'm just saying that there's reason for optimism!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


for those who don't give a (*^@ about fantasy basketball, and Mamba24 (don't give me this M24 modern abv txt (*^&), this is number 4
Posted by: phred | October 01, 2009 at 01:52 AM

phred speaks and I obey. LOL! It's just that I promised that Mamba24 would not return till October 7 the first day of training camp so I tried to keeep myself semi-honest. I hear you talking big brother now could you help me out of this straight jacket please i have to scratch my nose. LOL!


What the %%$###%^ !! You imposter what have you done with our phred!!
If you have him locked up in that dungeon again I shall lead a horde of Zombie
soldiers and Sherif Segeboy shall lead our finest Blog posse and we will track you down. Now release our phred now!!!! LOL! phred me lad you are in mid-season form this is gonna be one wild ride this season!! YAHOOOOOOOOO!!!

Many a time both Utzworld and Mamba24's words have brought a tear to my eyes. We Original Bloggers are rather protective of these two. They are this blogmunity's heart and soul. Posted by: Jon K. | October 01, 2009 at 12:54 PM


"If the Celtics have such a big edge - Kobe being the only player you rate as having an advantage. How is it that the Celtics couldn't beat the Magic last year?The Lakers beat them soundly in the Finals! Odd don't you think?"

No ... I dont know if you actually looked at the Celtics that I rated but 3 of those guys didnt play in that Orlando series you talk about. Did you see KG or Sheed or Daniels on the court during that series? Do you think that might be the reason we didnt beat them. Last time we had KG for a full season how did it end up?

Comparing the Raiders to the Celtics? LOL ... talk about not winning in 20 years. Raiders were never as dominant as the Celtics. Pittsburgh dominanated them. How many titles have they won "since 83" and how many have the Celtics?

If you dont agree with my breakdown ... feel free to point out which ones Im wrong on!

Did I mention Chad Billingsly has more Home Runs then Barry Bonds since 2009?


LOL all you want. Your loling is gonna help the Lakers so keep loling. If you dont agree with my breakdown ... feel free to point out which ones Im wrong on! Or is it you cant?

We added KG,Sheed and Daniels to the team that lost to Orlando (in 7 games) and you traded Ariza for Dribble Dribble and his great shot selection.

Jon K,

I have my belief and faith in God. I agree with you on the three main points, free will, ability to fail, and God being omnipresent. And I also agree that there are lessons that can be learned from sports teams – how they handle victory, defeat etc. I think praying for your team is fine. I pray for family, friends and myself for blessings. I even pray for people I don’t know – those impacted by the tsunami yesterday or that I see have tragic things happen. I do my best not to wish for bad things to happen to anyone – even 131-92. I don’t think praying for good things to happen to anyone is really a bad thing. Is basketball God’s top priority? I don't think so. God is much too complex for humans to understand – we are not like God, even if we are created in his image, we are still merely human - but maybe he does pick the winner, I don't know.

Go Lakers.



"Pau gets overlooked at the expense of Drew. FOCUS...”

That's the point NBA4ever. Pau gets overlooked. He defended Boozer/Yao/Nene/Dwight Howard and while LT does give credit it's always back to Bynum being the 2nd option and such and 1st team defense. Besides his two short Jan where has played well when has Bynum played consistently to prove he's a number two scoring option? This is not bashing Bynum but like Charely Rosen stated during the summer that him and some in the LA media feel he is the 2nd option. If anything Pau should get the defensive all team award because Bynum hasn't shown defense beyond shot blocking.

Me and Laker Tom are cool really. The only thing we diverage is about Bynum (and yes he gets very emotional at well almost anyone who bashes Bynum). But I'm a Bynum fan too just not as much as he is. I want him to succeed in the place where we need him the most-defense and rebounding yet Bynum feels he is the 2nd option. He's nowhere close to that and he's not even a good passer when it comes to the post.

Until he realizes while I support Bynum on this team I'm not one to jump on the bandwagon. He needs to show the dominance of Shaq (yes because he compared himself to Shaq) to really get my mind into him. Just like when Kobe hit those clutch shots against Reggie Miller did I choose him to be the best SG in 2000 and that was ahead of Vince Carter and Allen Iverson then. Bynum has my mind to convince the fact he hasn't done so and that's why LT gets so mad at me for probably.


Agree with you on majority of your points with one exception, Slovenia team was probably was not bad, because they ended up playing in Finals loosing Pau-led Spain. So I doubt half of this would even sniff near this team LOL!!


Are you guys late to work today? :)


Never had a problem with your inspiring prayers or thoughts. Thank you for sharing.

And as if we needed a reminder 'Does God favor a team? And if he does, which one? Some old thoughts from this blog, worth re-sharing.

May God strike you with vengeance and make you watch reruns of the 2009 finals till your eyes bleed purple and gold.

Everyone's so worked up over Bynum and LakerTom's opinion. Even if Bynum sucks (which he won't, I agree with LakerTom on this), you're talking down about a young center with actual post moves taking instruction from a very similar coach and one of the greatest players of all time in KAJ.

But the most important thing to notice? Bynum is unique in this league. There are only a handful of guys that are like him, but none are at his age or his height and length. In the Western Conference, we're talking about having the best PF AND the first or second best WC center with Yao and Shaq gone. Next to Dwight Howard, he's the best mix of youth and talent in a center in this league. And we all know, if we ever meet Dwight in the Finals again, we have more than enough skilled bigs to defend against him.

EagleBoy - if you are NOT afraid of the Celtics, why do you mention them in all your post? They are very viable this year, as are the lakers, Spurs, Cavs and Magic. As you found out in 2008, and we found out last year, health during the playoffs is probably the most important item on a teams agenda. And, just for the record, here are a couple of tidbits for ya: Avg age starters for the lakers 29.2
Avg starting age for the dinosaurs 29.4
Paul Pierce (10 months older than Bryant) 33,0000 NBA mins
Kobe Bryant 41,000 NBA mins
Now, two things:
1. I wish the numbers were closer, that means the Celtics were in the playoffs more. You guys are always in, and for that, many of us are envious. Congrats to your great owner Dr. Buss, and your outstanding GM Kupchak for keeping your team viable every year. I wish I could say the same for my team.
2. That difference in mins translates (82 gms 40 mins per game) to 2.4 YEARS Kobe has on Pierce. And the way he plays (very well) that is a lot of mileage.
I hope you can knock off the dinosaur talk, and root for a Boston-LA Finals. There is nothing like it in all of sports - and may the best (healthiest) team win.

Fan of the Mamba,

I think its a little funny to think that ANYTHING isn't important to God. I think EVERYTHING is important to God, not equally important, perhaps, but still important.

God is EVERYTHING after all.

In my humble opinion, there's a little bit of God in EVERYTHING from bubble gum, tap dancing, game shows, you, me, basketball, and the Los Angeles Lakers.

For me, embracing that beauty in the little things is as important as seeing God's majesty in the Bible or the incomprehensible expanse of billions upon billions of galaxies spread across Creation.

No harm in embracing that passion, even in the little things, methinks.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


NBA-TV is showing Laker Camp Live for 2 hours at 3:00 today
30 minutes from now. Replay at 5:00

I dispute KG is better than Pau - I know you like to live in the past, but last we saw KG he couldn’t play and I don’t think at his age it is safe to assume he is going to comeback as good as he was. Pau is still improving and KG is deteriorating. Slight advantage Lakers. (unless KG faked his injury like Paula and found a secret potion to turn back the clock three years). Again using your standard – each has one title so at best for you they are even.

Rasheed over LO. Come on please, stop, I am laughing too hard. Rasheed in his prime – no question in my mind. Now? Stop. Really just stop it. He has nothing left.

Rondo v. Fish. Athletically Rondo is all over Fish like a wet blanket. No question. As a proven basketball player, savvy vet that gets the job done Fish. Since you are so fond of counting titles and not willing to consider recent history: Fish 5 titles Rondo 1. Enough said.

Thriller vs. Paula: Offensively edge to Paula. Defensively Thriller has the size and ability to guard Paula and make it more difficult for her. That was a key matchup in the Lakers loss and I think Thriller negates that advantage. So that advantage has shrunk since the last time. (The Lakers also didn’t have a healthy Trevor that may have helped against Paula – also don’t forget we were missing our starting center they year the Celtics won. Wow the Celtics beat the Lakers and the Lakers were missing one starter and their top reserve – wonder what would have happened if both teams had been healthy?)

Bynum vs. Perkins: If Bynum is healthy and playing at peak form, advantage Lakers by a long shot. Perkins is tough and a good player, Bynum has played at levels Perk can only dream of, but Bynum has been hurt and hasn’t yet proven he can do it night in and night out. Advantage Bynum if both are healthy.

Luke vs. Big Baby: Come on even Lakers fans know Luke sucks.

Sasha vs. House, - who cares they both suck. Sasha can’t shoot and House couldn’t handle if the ball had Velcro on it.

Brown vs. Daniels: Honestly haven’t seen enough of Daniels to know. I do know Brown should be better with a training camp under his belt. Draw at best for you but I would take Brown based on what I saw last year and the improvement I expect him to make.

Camp signings...I know that....
Fodder: fodder |ˈfädər|
food, esp. dried hay or feed, for cattle and other livestock.
• a person or thing regarded only as material for a specific use : young people ending up as factory fodder. See also cannon fodder .
verb [ trans. ]
give fodder to (cattle or other livestock).
ORIGIN Old English fōdor, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch voeder and German Futter, also to food.

The "Mystery Player" stats are for . . .
Jermaine O'neal

Typo - Fish has 4 titles, not 5. My bad.


I want some of what phred is

Great Roll Call Mamba24, We are on our way!

Amen Utz.


"131-92: Boston is also a bit like Princeton. Princeton is the greatest college football program ever because they have the most championships – 28. It is silly to even suggest that other teams, such as Florida, Texas, Oklahoma or USC are better or more relevant programs because none of them even can sniff the number of championships Princeton has. In the same vein, I guess the Arkkadian Empire of Sargon the Great is the leading world power since they may have been the first true empire (24th Century BC) –anything coming after a great dynasty doesn’t count. At least according to your "logic"."

If you want to take it to that ridiculous extreme ... then fine your right. Im wrong. Kindly post when I should start judging teams in each sport. Laker fan alone decides when the NBA really started. So that means West and Baylor didnt do anything for the Lakers cuz the 60s dont count. Brilliant.

When did MLB begin? The NFL? NHL?

Boxing? Does Ali's titles count or is Klitschko the real greatest of all time? Now thats a better comparison to the Celtics ... Ali! But nothing Ali did matters cuz it happend waaaaaaaaaay back in the 60s! Unless Laker fan gives it his stamp of approval

If the Raiders had the most Super Bowls in history then I might see your comparison with the Celtics ... but they dont so it doesnt compare. Princeton was 100 years ago before the forward pass was invented. Do they even have a team? But you cant take away their titles.

Who has been more successful in the last 20 yrs? The Utah Jazz or Celtics?


>>> And the mystery player is . . . ? (see next post)

That’s a more realistic comparison. Has to be Jermaine O’Neal. Didn’t even need Google for that one. Jermaine O’Neal has become the proto-type example for being patient in allowing big men to develop. However, Jermaine never had the type of break-out months that Drew did during his first four years. And he was more of a face up center with a good jumper than the dominant force that Drew can be.

The old saying that “opinions are like you-know-what and everyone has one” misses the point that future events usually reveal whose opinion was right and whose was wrong. I have never said that Andrew Bynum is a great center already. What I have said is that I believe, based on what he has shown when healthy the last two years, that he has an excellent chance to becoming a great player, possibly even a Hall of Fame player. Why wouldn’t any Lakers fan think the same thing?

What I really find ironic is that all of the Bynum doubters and haters, if they are truly die-hard Lakers fans, will be watching and hoping that the version of Drew we get this year will be the Beast I envision. Of course, revisionists that some of them are, they will claim to have been on the bandwagon all along, from when Drew dunked on Shaq. That’s their ultimate defense against “I told you so.” LOL!


Hey 131-92....


Posted by: 131-92 | October 01, 2009 at 11:00 AM

YOUR Matchup rundown is tilted toward the bahstin beaners...and rumor has it, it's a team game, unless you are Michael jordan.

Pau has surpassed Garnett whatever KG's knee is upto.
Bynum vs WHO? Horton don't hear dat.
Paula vs Thriller, forget the wheelchair, bring out the board to slide under his spine when Paula meets the man who doesn't mind expressing himself...
Rondo (young, cocky) vs veteran Fisher...Fisher a binding force for this team and occasionally he does things like kill you with 3 pointers...or "Scola" you....
Jesus Shuttlesworth vs Mamba.....ask each GM around the league who they would rather have, and they would say Mamba, cuz the guy is a killer by himself, if the team stalls, Jesus, "I'm open, I'm open, pass me the ball guys!!!"

....and then we have LO (LOve Child)....ok that neutralizes the bastar(n) celtic bench, cuz they so fat and slow, they are fat and slow....(sorry, had to put it into terms 131-92 MAY understand).....dem dar are Lardasses....


LOL all you want. Your loling is gonna help the Lakers so keep loling. If you dont agree with my breakdown ... feel free to point out which ones Im wrong on! Or is it you cant?

We added KG,Sheed and Daniels to the team that lost to Orlando (in 7 games) and you traded Ariza for Dribble Dribble and his great shot selection.

Posted by: 131-92 | October 01, 2009 at 02:01 PM

Daniels LOL
Sheed LOL

THANKS, I will LOL all I want, LOL. Have fun with Sheed, shooting 3s and not dragging down rebounds. I think he's called Zydrunas Ilgauskas in Cleveland, a slow big that shoots 3s, negating any height advantage and presenting a speed disadvantage in transition ball.

And Marquis Daniels, REALLY? Bwhaha, you 'added' him, RIIIGGHHT. Let's just say you still miss Posey and be real about it. Danny-boy ain't James Posey, go look at his stats the last time he went to the finals if you want to get in on this laughfest. That's like trying to scare people with pictures of very cuddly kittens!

And LOL at KG too, who was the equivalent of Stacey King in that humiliation they suffered at the Gahhhden against a team called the Magic. The toughest guys in the league got humiliated by a team called 'Magic'. I find that very amusing.

So is that what you call a comeback? Thanks, I will keep laughing! Is it helping the Lakers? Nah, they don't need help against the old Celtics, not with their 'additions'. And you say Ron Dribble is a problem? I like that problem!

Marquis Daniels, LOL...

little chicken

John K

Should I or LakerMike or any other “new” blogger not be allowed to post our thoughts on this blog unless the “committee” approves of us? Is Ron Artest’s role or input not worthy unless Fisher & Kobe approve? Is this some sort of fraternity that only respects the views of those who have been long established? I have followed the LA Times and the Lakers for over 30 years, yet I should be respectful of a certain dynamic. Is this some kind of communist blog run by a central authority approved by a committee? What is that certain dynamic here?

I did not hear you defend your great leader when a straggler gave his opinion that “anyone who gets married is a fool”, right after he came back from his honeymoon. You won’t defend a believe like that, one that was directed towards the leader of the committee? Why is it ok then for others to bash the passions and believe that LakerTom has about Andrew Bynum? It is a passion and believe that he has isn’t it? I did not bash anyone’s passion; I just stated that it is ridiculous to think that prayer would help a team.

Keep that to themselves and their circle of friends in their own private fantasy league. To think that God cares about the Lakers or their fans, again that is ridiculous. What if Kobe is an atheist that despises religion, would God still choose his team because of a group of praying Laker fans on a blog? Do you think that your post are anymore valuable to the argument then of someone like myself because you been here the longest? I meant no disrespect to anyone or their believes, I just don’t think this is the place for such a forum regardless of certain dynamics.

owensfromburbank, LakerMike,

I'm not triying to teach you anything, but when you are new in a place, you don't start your relationship with others by saying "hey, all of you are wrong, do as i say", well, if you are not the boss, of course, but this is not the case.

Being fair, none of you said "all of you", but the people who frequent the blog from the bad days (of kwame and smush) are part of Utz prayers, and many wants them. We even prayed for Jon K dog!!! and surely we will do that again if it's necessary -hope not-

We have Blitz v/s LakerTom, we had Mike T. v/s everybody... even that celtic troll 168-59, and our late Butler... for good or bad we are who we are.

We don't care about religion differences, we respect each other, even non believers respect Utz prayers.

We are from from all over the world, so races, countries and religion are irrelevant, because we respect each other like a big family.

If you dig in organizational theory, you will know that the organizations have several rites, miths, and characters who represent the soul of what they are, how they thik, how they work, how they are related with each other. We have the prayers, the roll calls, Mamba24, Utz, our pet trolls, the ultra long posts of LakerTom, the pseudo pesimism of Never, Kamenetzky mom comments, Faith's lols, Kwaminus Brownicus Magnificent Calves, Jon K dog... they are part of us and we like that way.

I'm not saying you both shut up, that's not the way the blog works (and i don't want to, anyway), and we are proud of that. We will respect your opinions, but we are used to do the things in a way you are not used to. And we thank the Kam Bros for the way the blog is moderated.

And we ALL here are Laker Fans (even our trolls), that's the most important thing.


If you want to take it to that ridiculous extreme ... then fine your right. Im wrong. Kindly post when I should start judging teams in each sport. Laker fan alone decides when the NBA really started.

Posted by: 131-92 | October 01, 2009 at 02:50 PM

Sounds about right! The 60s are excluded from now said it, Lakers fans alone judge when the NBA really started.

oh was that sarcasm? Hmmm, what's that?

-little chicken

Just read your response to Jon K.
I know that being humble is a thing that God likes :-)
And be welcome!



I dont use titles to judge players. If I did then Karl Malone would suck along with Barkley and Marino and Ernie Banks. Its not always accurate as far as teams go either ... The '88 Dodgers were not better then the A's but they won.

Pau over KG ... LOL ... watch the '08 Finals when they went head to head!

"Rasheed over LO. Come on please, stop, I am laughing too hard. Rasheed in his prime – no question in my mind. Now? Stop. Really just stop it. He has nothing left."

Please reread my comments before arguing with them!

Fish over Rondo cuz he has 5 or 4 rings? LOL ... would you trade Fish for Rondo? Better yet ... be consitant and read your own comments regarding Sheed and LO. Rasheed has nothing left but Fish does? ... LMAO. Written like a true Laker fan.

Sasha v House ... Sasha does suck ... House doesnt suck. Doesnt have great handle but he is a 2 not a 1. We use him as a 1 cuz we dont have any other choice (not his fault)but he can shoot the lights out! See game 4 in '08. You member!

Bynum over Perk ... "if Bynum was healthy" and "if Kg was healthy" ... if if if if if if if and when he was healthy you would not see him on the court in the 4th quarter of any playoff game ... what does that tell you?

Dribble Dribble over Pierce ... check the numbers ... they speak for themselves.


Continue to PRAY for the the Celtics PREY upon the Lakers!!!!


Is the point of the blog to have fun? You have fun bashing the Lakers and I enjoy bashing the Celtics because it is so easy to do. If you didn't come touting the Celtics all the time, then I would have to find some other nitwit to spar with. I do think the Celtics are a good team - now - but even with the apparent minimal age difference you brought up - the core of the Celtics, KG, Paula, and Allen are older Rondo and Perkins are young. For the Lakers our core of Kobe, Pau, Bynum, LO and Thriller are younger and assuming health for both teams favors the Lakers. When those three are done it means the Celtics likley will have much more reloading to do. With the Lakers, even if Kobe starts slowing down more, Pau, Bynum and Lamar still have a bit more left in the tank. I don't fear the Celtics, I don't fear any team becasue I ain't playing. I am too short and too old to play and more importantly it is just a game. It isn't life and death and even if the Celtics - gulp - win it all, my life will go on.

Peace Be With You.

NBA great Reggie Miller {on NBA Real Training Camp Live Stream} :

Q : What to you see for the 2009-10 Lakers?

RM : "I think the Lakers, considering their team of Gasol, Kobe, Artest, and considering their schedule, are poised to challenge the 1996 Bulls` record of 72 wins. Their schedule, their first 21 games, 4 of them on the against against against Denver. OK, let`s call that a loss...against GS...the Lakers should be 20-1 after their first 21 games."

Q : So, you`re picking them to repeat as champions?

RM : "No, I like the BOSTON CELTICS."

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