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New 710 ESPN Lakers PodKast!!!

September 2, 2009 |  6:00 pm
 Hot off the presses and ready to enrich your lives!  This week, the discussion includes:

  • How my impending marriage this weekend made this the final podcast without a ring circling my finger.  Beyond the commitment being made in my personal life, that also means an end to the 130-214the-honeymooners-posters debauchery typically going down on my half of the studio as we record.  You folks had no idea of the Dionysian glory taking place while a married BK looked on from his side (commonly known as "Squaresville").  Oh, if these walls could talk!!!

    I also made it quite clear that if any Laker news breaks during my honeymoon and the blog's lagging, blame BK, because I ain't touching the thing while I'm gone.  I want to soak up every minute of this vakay, and more importantly, I don't want to come back to L.A. a newly divorced newlywed.
  • Upon reading an New York Times piece about NBA teams offering special packages to lure fans to games during lean economic times, BK was curious about whatever measures the Lakers are taking.  In a word, none.  The more things change, the more things stay the same.  The Lakers charge fans a lot of money after spending a lot of money on the team to entertain said fans.  And whether you like it or hate it as a purple and gold loyalist, that the franchise can still pull that off speaks volumes about their drawing power.  As BK noted, the Lakers really do "exist in an entirely different economic universe than the rest of the league." 
  • Jordan Farmar's recently expressed desire to be a starter.  Preferably for the Lakers, although that'sFarmar not mandatory.  On one level, BK and I agree it's no biggie, since all players want to start and I wouldn't want a dude indifferent about playing time.  But I did wonder if there's an undertone to Farmar noting there are "a lot of jobs out there," if that infers an opinion of being a starting caliber player in the wrong situation.  If that's the case, Farmar needs to check himself, because he hasn't come close to proving himself capable of that distinction.

    But even if Farmar does feel he's getting a raw deal with his role, in the grand scheme of things, that opinion isn't likely to make a particularly big ripple in the Lakers' metaphorical ocean.  For that matter, this could potentially be the third consecutive season low on the drama meter.
  • Ron Artest is making music magic again, this time on the karaoke mic.  Not too many NBA ballers would be comfortable with the world watching them belt out Celine Dion, which got us wondering: Could Ron Ron have run run with an even softer song?  We toss around some candidates featuring a decided lack of edge.

And finally, we bid farewell to Candi and Brandi.  Don't ever abandon the dream of getting your degree, ladies!


Photo: Jordan Farmar.  Credit: Doug Benc/Getty Images