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Holiday road

September 5, 2009 | 10:18 am

Technically speaking, there is no metallic pea Wagon Queen Family Truckster, no chance of seeing Christie Brinkley in a Ferrari, no chance of getting lost in East St. Louis. Nobody's actually going anywhere. But with the weekend's big events upon us, Lakers Blog will be taking a holiday vacation.

Expect comments to be pushed through very infrequently, and unless big news breaks (Kobe: "I'm ready to play on Pluto... and this time I bought a rocket ship!") a dearth of fresh posts. In the meantime, enjoy your Labor Day weekend. Pile the kids into the car and go see the country.

I couldn't resist adding a few more clips from Vacation below the jump.


"Can I help you with that Kool Aid? Please?"

"Good talk, son."

"Good talk, dad."