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Pau Gasol: Surgery on left index finger

August 10, 2009 |  6:12 pm

It sounds worse than it is. Reports out of Spain, where Pau Gasol is playing with his country's national Pau Gasol Injures Finger team, indicate that LA's very tall, very talented, very important F/C jammed and broke his left index finger in practice and was taken to the hospital where surgery was performed.

He's expected to miss about three weeks of action, putting his participation in the European Championships (EuroBasket) in question.  The Lakers know of the injury but don't have much information beyond the basics above.

The news, while obviously not good, isn't necessarily calamitous, either. While Gasol is a guy who utilizes both hands extremely effectively, assuming the damage is limited and heals between now and, say... early October, it won't have an impact on anything the Lakers do going forward.  Meanwhile, while national team play is incredibly important to him, on this side of the pond many fans would just as soon see Gasol get some well earned rest. 

My Spanish isn't great- I'm sticking to the nuts and bolts here- so if there's information in the Marca post linked above that ought be translated, feel free to do so below!

Update (6:17 pm): The reports above conflict about which digit specifically Gasol injured. Initial reports from the Spanish press said it was his left index, but as noted by the LAT a phone call from Gasol's agent Arn Tellem to the Lakers indicated it was his left middle finger, the latter being the one you may have flipped at the computer upon reading the news.


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