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Use your finger to vote on Pau's

August 11, 2009 | 11:16 pm

All things being equal, the injury Pau Gasol's left index finger doesn't appear to be a major issue. Sure, the damage was extensive enough to require surgery, make some fans throw up just a little, and force me to type "interphalangeal" (a word spell check always seems to think is wrong yet offers no alternative) more often than I'd prefer, but there's no reason to believe Gasol won't be good to go when the Lakers break camp.

On the other hand, it drives home the risks inherent in international play. I still believe it's nearly impossible to demand a player not suit up for his home country, but certainly understand the concerns. Replace "finger" with "knee," "3-4 weeks" with "3-4 months" and this is a very different conversation with far more curse words. So it's an interesting topic, worthy of (can you feel the segue coming?) a poll question: