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New 710 ESPN PodKast!!!

Haddadi-081013-jm001-300 We're baaaaaaaaaack.  Like Manny, sans the PED's.  Because we're so damn good, we don't need them.  And so damn poor, we can't afford them. 

In this week's audio masterpiece, BK and I have a discussion with ESPN True Hoop's Henry Abbott about the media coverage of Michael Beasley's situation (which Henry and I have both written about recently) and the revamped Western Conference.  Plus, talk about Sasha Vujacic getting cut from the Slovenian National team, Allen Iverson potentially joining the Grizzlies, whether The Answer can handle sharing the limelight with Hamed Haddadi, and future ratings juggernaut that is the NBDL Expansion draft.  Move over Hawkeye and Hot Lips.  There's a new sheriff in town!



Photo: Memphis Grizzlies star Hamed Haddadi.  Credit: Joe Murphy/NBAE/Getty Image
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dang it! justa, I did it again. Everybody, if you are tired of Kim Cattrall getting a free ride from everybody, just check out the end of the last thread. No way i'm going to cut and paste all this brilliant um...stuff. Um, wait, delete the 'brilliant' and replace Dang it!

Well, somebody let me know if I get mentioned in the podcast, you know as "some people on the blog who get on their high horse and start pontificating as soon as mental illness is discussed' and I might listen to it.

Or you know, just to enjoy AK and BK's great and witty commentary. That would probably do it too.


- - - - -
You know you’re old when the world suddenly seems to be too fast for you. I used to be a software engineer and I have worked in the technology business most of my life. I’ve built e-commerce web sites and designed e-business web portals. And yet, I find myself unwilling and unable to embrace the latest waves of tech driven social networking. No FaceBook, Twitter, or LinkedIn for this cat.
- - - - -
I don’t know whether it’s my lifetime love of recreational drugs, keenly developed obsession with protecting my privacy, or natural inclination to keep things simple but I find all of the fascination with multi-tasking. inter-acting, and net-working to be too consumptive, exhaustive, and invasive. It’s like a race to make sure not to leave any minute unscheduled with the result that nothing is appreciated.
- - - - -
My son and daughter-in-law have three children and a social life that wear out a Filofax or crash your smart phone If my wife and I want to see the grandkids, it’s like we have to send a meeting invitation, wait for a confirmation or suggested alternative dates and times. And we live just 2 doors away. Call, text, or email will work. Grade school kids with iPhones and Touch iPods. What’s next?
- - - - -
Twitter will eventually just become another abandoned way for celebrities to connect with their fans. As with their web sites, most celebrities will soon tire of tweeting or worse realize how badly they are embarrassing themselves. Better to have a website where your comments can be checked by your public relations team to avoid making mistakes like Michael Beasley did with everybody watching.
- - - - -
I read recently that the government now has the capability to remotely turn your cell phone on and start recording whatever conversation you are having. And GPS chips can now provide authorities with a complete time-specific itinerary of everywhere you have been. In London, the inner city now has a comprehensive interconnected network of spy cameras recording everything real time. Cops don’t hit the beat looking for informers anymore; now they just link up to the camera database.
- - - - -
You can now see an aerial and street level view of your house on the Internet. Spy satellites can read a newspaper from outer space. Government computers scan every email, phone call, or web post in the world deciphering, decoding, and discovering new ways to track terrorists as well as citizens. Crooks now watch CSI to find out how to plant DNA while inmates use it to prove their innocence every day. The simplest sporting event is now required to put on a full-fledged 3-ring circus extravaganza.
- - - - -
My answer is to stay off the grid. Dis-connect rather than con-nect. Treasure my anonymity and protect my privacy. Learn that less is often more. Learn to smell the roses rather than drive by them. Have a real conversation. Give yourself the ultimate gift of a little quality time when your mind is not splintered by a myriad of competing demands. Or best of all, watch the Lakers play basketball.
- - - - -
Otherwise, I am off the grid – the only place where you can really be safe and sound.
- - - - -


huh. I seem to own the blog tonight. Nothing but phred posts as far as the eye can see. Approaching a 100% gibberish factor too, probably.

K Bros, how you guys doing? The family all right? Read any good books lately? Hmmm...Nice weather we're having, huh.

dum dee dum dee dum.... [tuneless whistling] dum dum dee dum...

HEY- Laker Tom! Bynum Sucks! And Fish will never be coaching material! HA!

Jon K- Look! Another american athlete just agreed to play for a foreign country in the Olympics!

Huh. Some birds. Look, they're flying interesting...

Man, Luke Walton is a dang fine athlete. We should probably just bail on Kobe's overinflated contract now so we can save some money to lock down Luke. Yeah, that's a good idea. Serve Kobe right for not agreeing to a huge contact cut this summer anyway.

[whistles some more] dum, dum dee dum dee dum de dum, don't worry, be happy. Dum dum de dum de dum de dum te dum, don't worry, be happy. Yeah, you worrying over there. Stop it. Be happy. [whistles what is probably supposed to be a tune]






Seems like Beasley's going through some of the growing pains that Lamar went through as a young player in the league. Hopefully he can bounce back from these problems like Lamar did under Pat Riley. One thing's for certain, D-Wade cannot be happy right now having to depend on Jermaine O'Neal as his 2nd star.

To a more important topic in the LA sports scene, if I didn't trust Pete Carroll as much as I do, I'd be very concerned about choosing to start a true freshman to open the college football season. If Matt Barkley can lead SC to a national title this year, Kobe may have to make room for him as the big man in town.

I hate Abbott

LakerTom - obviously, you didn't grow up in a small town, or you haven't been back in a long while. George Orwell and his stomping boot notwithstanding, privacy has always been an illusion, and serves very little good except for fomenting hypocrisy. Give me some good ol knowledge of errbody that approaches the pornographic. It keeps us all honest, and now you're not as alone in your perversion as you thought.

or, you know, try playing jason bourne for awhile. Most of us are on the grid, and frankly we still need the support of pony tailed hippies like yourself. Remember, when they came for the Andrew Bynum fans, I didn't speak up....etc

Just remember, there is one thing we all have in common...anybody? Leonard?

Yeah phred 'There is no cure for THE LOVE!"

that's right. Let's give it up for my good friend Leonard, errbody. And Mitch Metzger on the bass guitar. We'll be here all week, folks.



EJK- bah. The Ducks are going to win it all, finally.


The Ducks will be in strong contention for 2nd place in the Pac-10. That's nothing to sneeze at. It's like the race for 2nd place in the Pacific Division every year - there's the Lakers and then there's everyone else.

EJK- I mean, again. Y'all SC fans need short memories in order to forget John Robinson, RJ Soward, and Joey Harrington.

EJK uh huh. Second. As soon as the Lakers finally claw their way back to relevance after 25+ years in outback bowl purgatory through a clever system of illegal payoffs from boosters to attract the top talent and continually scheduling ‘highly ranked’ non conference opponents like Notre Dame. And treating the Ducks game like their real bowl game to the point of over preparing for Oregon and losing to Stanford and Oregon State, cause they know that Stanford and Oregon State are going to be knocked out of Rose Bowl and Pac 10 Championship consideration by the Ducks.

But mostly my statements on the issue will revolve around repeated invocations of the words “Ohio State! And LSU!”
Of course, anybody who wants to bring up Nebraska and the Fiesta Bowl in 01, well, you see how that worked out.

I actually hadn't thought much about the potential title candidates this year. USC is probably the perenial also ran, as usual. I thought that Florida had been disqualified for cheating their florida states off, but maybe the NCAA only enforces those things retroactively. Not sure who the other candidates are. My only real certainty is that they won't be in the pre ranked top five. And Ohio State, Michigan and most of the SEC will be drastically overrated, especially if they manage to beat the whole whopping bunch of sisters of the poor they have scheduled for non conference competition this year.

But thanks, EJk, for giving me something besides the Lakers to look forward to celebrating this year. And watch out for those NCAA rule enforcement five- ohs.

Anyway, I have Oct 31, Autzen Stadium marked on my calendar in red, and hopefully my social calendar as well, as I plan to move heaven, earth and shaq’s posterior to be there.


I'm glad to hear that you aren't part of the "Reefer Madness" faction around here. I had to stay away from that one. Willful ignorance and regurgitated propaganda!

LakerTom....London, I said has the most intense security I have seen....try walking from a few blocks away toward 10 Downing Street and all their government buildings....the cameras increase as do the number of police, to probably more undercover, to just plain guys wearing military gear, didn't happen to notice what type of rifles they had, just noticed alot of people asking us where we were from and the purpose of our visit. My friend wanted a picture of her with some "bobbies" I believe, and they started getting nervous....I bet if I started taking pictures off non-tourist buildings, I would have been I said, 6 security checks to leave London thru Heathrow and everyone gets patted down, and felt up...those 2012 Olympics are gonna be a BLAST!!!...other than that I loved London and the exchange rate of the dollar US vs the British was around 2.2 USD for 1 POUND when I went 2 years ago....Lotsa undercover, survey takers...if you carry a backpack, you will be interrogated.... the way, anyone care about the Lakers anymoe? See, I told you, get out your wonder list of Laker followers, where are they now??? They are the "Fakers"...only fans for the party....well F...U....n, will the next season be, and I eagerly await it!!! Come on you fakers, chime in!!!!


London's security cameras have been in the news lately. It turns out that they have only helped to solve one crime for every 1000 cameras installed. Since there are apparently 10,000 cameras scattered about London, that would be a total of 10 crimes. Apparently 8 of these were robberies on the street. Although 269 of these were captured on camera, only 8 perps were convicted as a result. Not very cost-effective IMO.

Our college town out here, Tempe, has been installing these cameras on the streets as well. Because, as we all know, our laws are all applied equally to keep the rich, as well as the poor and homeless, from sleeping under bridges at night.



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