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Michael Beasley, Dr. Drew and the potential danger of taking Twitter too literally

An ESPN First Take segment yesterday featured a great interview with addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky.  Topic?  Michael Beasley's well publicized drug/emotional issues over the last few days, a story that began with him posting a tattoo picture on Twitter and ended with him checking into a Houston rehab center.  The interview's most interesting exchange came when Michael Kim mentioned that Beasley was reportedly being treated for depression and was immediately interrupted by Pinsky, who'd already noted that people battling suicidal depression don't enter addiction rehab centers. 

"No he isn't, because he's in a chemical dependency program.  There is one thing you treat in a chemical dependency program, and that's addiction."

It was nice hearing Dr. Drew endorse how the Heat have handled getting Beasley help and the NBA's ability to handle chemical dependency among players.  But I also grew annoyed upon learning that, unless we're dealing with misinformation about the center housing Beasley or from Pinsky regarding rehab centers in general, that he isn't being treated for depression or emotional problems not related to substance abuse.  As Pinsky noted, professional sports often puts up "smoke screens" about treatments sought out by athletes, often using conditions like "social anxiety disorder" to cover for addiction.  Pinsky understands the urge to protect the privacy, but reminded that "what you see in the press, you can't really believe.  You have to interpret it."

Unfortunately, "interpreting" has become a national pastime these days with Beasley, and that makes me uncomfortable. 

Beasley's marijuana issues have been well documented and, at least to some degree, have grown serious.  That he's in a rehab facility, by definition, says something.  You don't visit a place like that unless you have to.  Thus, I don't feel like I'm speaking out of school by assuming, like Pinsky, that Beasley is experiencing trouble with drugs.  But the legit evidence allowing me to draw such conclusions also illustrates why I'm skittish with the idea of Beasley being portrayed as deeply depressed, much less having contemplated suicide, the way some reports make it sound.  I've read several reports about Beasley's last few days, and the only "evidence" of any kind being offered to demonstrate Beasley's instability are the following statements on his now-deleted Twitter page:

Y do I feel like the whole world is against me!!!!!!! Back on my FTW!!!!! I can't win for losin!!!!!!!!!!

Feelin like it's not worth livin!!!!!!! I'm done

not feelin this at all!!!!!

Without question, there's a chance Beasley's Tweets reflected a somber, deeply unhappy outlook on life.  A young man with no idea how to pick up the pieces of a world collapsed.  I'm not discounting that possibility, nor should anybody.  But you know what else those statements could represent?

A 20-year old kid (and by all accounts, an immature 20-year old kid) venting off the top of his head without considering the consequences.  In 140 characters or less.  Not 140 words, mind you, but characters

That setup doesn't really afford the ability to properly illustrate what's running through someone's head.  Which works out fantastic, since most people don't seem particularly concerned with piecing together the perfect combination of words to capture exactly what they're feeling at that moment.  There's a reason nobody gets paid big bucks to "punch up" Tweets.  Or as a "Ghost Tweeter."  Most folks don't use Twitter to express clear emotions, so I can't help but wonder if the media is being presumptuous in assuming these Tweets so heavily indicate Beasley on the verge of a drastic act.  Suicide is the result of an extremely distraught mentality, and it's pretty difficult to gage that mindset through a Twitter presentation. 

Undoubtedly, "Feelin like it's not worth livin!!!!!!! I'm done" sounds harsh, especially when taken at face value.  But given Twitter's restrictions and the general attitude towards its usage, is "face value" necessarily appropriate?  Couldn't that statement also be an abbreviated form of the following:

"This is what my life is like now?  I can't have a little fun showing off my new tattoo without people examining the photo background specifically to find a way of criticizing me?  Being in the spotlight can be seriously frustrating.  This sucks!!! I'm so over this."

Obviously, I have no idea if that's what Beasley meant, either.  I could very well be way the hell off-base.  But I also don't think that interpretation is out of the question once you factor in the context, social media presentation and the way athletes often treat Tweets as meaningless, even during serious situations.  Armed with a more suitable forum allowing him an ability to actually elaborate and expand on his thoughts (assuming Beasley was even interested in more than just blowing off steam), we could be viewing this incident quite differently.  That nobody seems willing to even consider the context rubs me the wrong way.  I don't want to sound like I'm downplaying whatever Beasley is going through at the moment, because I'm not.  Again, I'm not denying this could be serious.  But must we jump to that conclusion based off so little information, particularly with a kid that heretofore had been mostly criticized as too care free and goofy?  Doesn't that feel like jumping the gun a bit?

It's like answer D in the multiple choice tests from high school: "Not enough information given." 

We live in a world ruled by 24 hour news cycles and endless Internet outlets, that world ain't changing anytime soon, and it's a world that I have to accept (particularly since, like it or not, I'm part of the machine).  But there's also no denying this world means sometimes grasping at straws to keep viewers and readers engaged.   Sometimes that results in news generation, as opposed to reporting.  Examinations of what potential events could mean, as opposed to just waiting a little while to actually be able to report what actually happened and the significance.  I've certainly fallen victim to this mentality at times, I'm sure.  I don't claim to be Walter Cronkite in a TMZ zoo.  But figurative lines exist in the sand, which is why I think so much speculation over Beasley's well being based on so few known factors can be a dangerous game. 

I realize restraint doesn't generally move the needle like doom and gloom, but this isn't just "a story."  It's a young kid's life, and he doesn't need to possibly go through it unfairly labeled as a potential threat to himself.  I also can't imagine that will make it any easier for him to get his life on track, which is what everyone hopes will happen.  It would be nice if people allowed the story to marinate a little more before slapping it on the grill.


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Dr. Drew really disgusts me. He has made his living exploiting those with mental illness (see years and years of hosting Love Line with his making emotional problems as entertainment and not providing andy real care) and then wants to label Beasley as having chemical dependency issues alone without ever even meeting with him in person. I wish he would go back to school understand that chemical dependency and mood disorders go hand in hand. I sure there is not a rehab in this country that does not also deal with mood disorders. Just as doctors that deal with mood disorder better be ready to deal with substance issues. Besides who cares why is getting help but rather applaud him in getting help before something happened. Dr. Drew misses that point and would rather label and hinder. Good luck Michael.

I just hope everything works out for the young man.

wow. a pretty serious topic to take on. Generally, as someone who has a degree in psych and has worked with people with mental illnesses (and even some people being treated for mental illness)(sorry, weak joke), not that you have to have this experience to know this, but take any and all suicidal or maybe suicidal communication very seriously. Sure, it might not be that dangerous, but it often is, and it is a lot better to be safe than sorry.

If someone you know is talking about suicide, on drugs or not, encourage them to get treated. It is a serious physical illness, not 'mental.' If you are thinking about suicide, get treated, same thing.

Lots of people commit suicide all the time, and people feel blindsided and surprised 'why? I never saw it coming' and yet the signs are often there for people that know how to look.

I realize that I can't even come close to having a real discussion in this format, and I apologize for launching into full 'psychologist' mode, but I have lost some very good friends to suicide, and I tend to go into 'LakerTom discussing Bynum' mode when it is brought up. (nother weak joke, sorry)

finally, I don't know much about this Dr Drew guy, but if he has worked with Beasley, he is completely lacking in any sort of ethics to discuss it in the media. If he hasn't worked with Beasley professionally, he is talking out of his ass and is seriously lacking a clue, not to mention possibly any redeeming human qualities at all.

Hopefully he's not as bad as he seemed in the interview.

anyway, back to Lakers and or chili related topics for me now.

and AK, thanks for bringing this up for discussion. Hopefully I don't seem to be critical of anything you said. In fact, I felt compelled to rush of my above statement, for the reasons I exspressed above, and now i'm going back to give your post a more thorough reading.


Serious marijuana problems? Get serious!

I like to marinate on stuff.

Dr. Drew is a decent opinion on these matters. Sometimes he comes off as a little too analytical and not compassionate enough, but he hosts a show about health, speciffically sexual health, and has helped lots of people come to terms with who they are and what they should do. He has helped young people use condoms which alone should get him something. A bronzed condom on a stick, maybe.

As far as Beasley goes, I just don't know (or care to know) much about him. Not too sound selfish, but when millionaires have "really big, hard problems", I kind of tune it out. Michael Jackson? Don't care. Rhianna and Chris Brown? They can drift into obscurity for all I care. Prince is getting a sex change? Although interesting sounding, I made it up, and still don't give a flying rats butt. I'm sure he is feeling a unique kind of pressure about the world being too interested in his goings on, but at the same time, he's the guy taking the time to update people who care how he's feeling, so if he really feels that the spot light of curiosity is being shined on him too much, he should do everything possible to avoid its glare.

This is why the NBA should start including educational sessions about the pros and cons of social networking using the internet. It could save quite a few of them some major grief.

What struck me about the interview is that Michael Kim seemed unable to come to grips with anything Dr. Drew had to say. I could sense the good doctor getting more irritated as the 4 minutes went on, because he had to keep making the same point over and over again: No, he's in a chemical dependency program. This is an addiction problem, not depression.

It's like he and Kim were having two different conversations. I *hope* — for Kim's sake — that his producer was just talking into his earpiece the entire time, and he couldn't listen to everything that Drew was saying. Otherwise, it means that he just doesn't have the equipment to adjust whenever someone corrects or contradicts him.

Our sporting press — full of sharp needles. (roll eyes)

somebody needs to make a really prestigious award out of a bronzed condom on a stick. Nobel committee, are you listening?

ah, i'm glad I reread the post. Have to think that the marinating segues quite nicely. Anybody want the chili recipe reprinted, let me know, or just check the end of the last thread. But seriously...

AK, I'm not picking on you for making the comment, but thanks for giving me the excuse to comment with

'...It's a young kid's life, and he doesn't need to go through it unfairly labeled as a potential threat to himself."

Why is there any stigma attached to feeling suicidal at some point? I'm fully aware that there is, but I think this is unfortunate. Being suicidal, or having any mental illness for that matter, is not a character failing, it’s a disease. It doesn’t diminish your character anymore than having chicken pox. There is no ‘choice’ involved in suicide. It is a symptom. I realize that I am attacking a full fledged institutionalized paradigm here, but I think most mental health workers and millions if not hundreds of millions of people with mental illness are in it with me.

I don’t think I need to work very hard to demonstrate the potential harm in this. When people are afraid of being stigmatized as ‘crazy’ if they admit to suicidal feelings, they are less likely to get treatment that might save their life.

I am sorry that Michael Beasley is being held up as discussion fodder here, and I have nothing by respect for him. He is obviously a talented athlete who has worked very hard to be where he is today. If he is in fact suffering from depression, my respect for him only increases, as he has had to overcome this as well.

And yes, drugs are bad. I do not recommend using them and would be completely happy if nobody ever did pot again. [Required legal disclaimer]

Sure, you can do pot and not have a problem. It’s not that big of a deal. I will even go further than a real mental health professional here and suggest that self medication with pot might not even be that much worse than medicating with many of the drugs that are manufactured by pharmaceutical companies, although if any pot smokers tell you this, I’m not sure if they are really qualified to make this judgement, so whatever. Sorry, I digress.

But substance abuse is often a symptom of mental illness, and the literature and research on the subject are legion. And let me make very clear my opinion on the subject- If you have a problem with substance abuse to the extant that it requires treatment, it is a very good idea for you to consider that substance abuse is not your main problem. It is very likely that you have a mental illness. This is not criticism of you. There should be no stigma or judgement involved. It is indeed probably a good thing, because if you are in fact diagnosed, that means that your problem has been identified and you are closer to successful treatment.

So, I’m getting down off my soapbox, and I offer my apologies to everybody who just wants to talk about the Lakers. As I said earlier, I know what it’s like to lose a loved one to suicide. Furthermore, I do have a mental illness and I do not apologize or feel like I should apologize for this. I am proud of how I have dealt with it and consider myself to be a stronger and more worthwhile person for it. But thanks for listening anyway, everybody.




I feel the same way. the Bronzed Condom could reach across all spectrums, Nobel prizes, special Oscar, heck, even a Grammy Bronzed Condom for the actor, song-writer or scientist that did the most that year to promoting safe sex.

Kids need help with the real facts more than ever in this world of instant mis-information. All these NBA players who grew up all Hard and whatever, they do some good, but I like the story about Amare going to a school in Phoenix and talking about if you just apply yourself, you can be smarter in a few years than I am now.

With Twitter and all of it's co-horts, it's just too easy to see someone either putting incorrect information out there for public consumption or intentionally misleading people. Some adults can distinguish or do some fact checking, but with kids it can be much different.

I don't personally have any children, but have worked with kids from Los Angeles to Cape Town and have seen first hand what happens when incorrect information is accepted, or worse counted on, as truth.


You actually missed my point. The issue isn't Beasley dealing with a potential stigma if he HAD been suicidal. It's him having to deal with people treating like that if he HADN'T been. I don't think that's fair to him, particularly since it's coming so early based off nothing other than Twitter. It's also potentially damaging to his psyche as he tries to deal with other issues he's actually facing.


Jamie Sweet,

I read you on a couple of points you brought up ie, the steps Dr. Drew took to get kids to wear condoms and the NBA placing educational sessions on social networking for their players but you went off the deep end here in regards to people with money who have problems.

Now maybe I misinterpreted what you were saying however from my understanding, you seem to think that rich people shouldn't have problems. If you ever heard of that saying, "More money, more problems", well there you go. This goes especially with adolescents and younger adults. They get their hands in the cookie jar, fish around it for a while, like what it has to offer and suddenly seem to not be able to take a step back and analyse before problems strike.

So put yourself in another person shoes here and ask yourself if you can handle a sudden heap of money. Matter of fact, look up previous lottery winners and look at their stories. How were they before winning the lottery? What did they become after winning the lottery? Where are they today? Many of them actually hit rock bottom and are in more trouble then they were before striking it rich.

My point goes back to that saying "More money, more problems", and why? Because regardless of who you are, whether it being a professional basketball player, Doctor, Lawyer or a Burger flipper at McDonalds before hitting the Mega-Millions, when money becomes bigger than any one beings reality, it can change that individuals world...and sometimes, for the worse.

As far as Michael Beasley's concern, not sure what's really going on. All I do know is that Michael is a young kid, just placed his foot in the NBA and seems to be having issues regarding self-control. Whether he's hooked on drugs, lost control of his finances or facing other personal issues, I just wish him the best of luck.

The Lakers need a speed long wing and perimeter player to replace Trevor Ariza. Gerald Green would be the perfect candidate to fulfill that role. Dr. Buss and Mitch Kupchak should promptly sign Gerald Green. He is extremely athletic, long, fast, explosive, and potentially excellent wing and perimeter offensive and defensive player. He is also likely available to close the lesgue minimum which he played for last year with the Dallas Mavericks. Sign Gerald Green now!!!

I agree with your take AK, you are right on.


why is it that people see nothing wrong with someone smoking marijuana and HATE someone that uses steroids?

some people seem to think that smoking marijuana does not cause addiction.

But to say, "it's just marijuana, please" i find it disturbing.

especially when so many players are getting killed because of steroids, but it it were marijuana, no one would care.

AK- Thanks for the response.

I’m actually not disputing the the validity of what you said, and I’m sorry if it seems that way. Believe me, I’m not arguing for the sake of argument and I’m not concerned with who is ‘right’ per se. I just wanted to use your words a sort of springboard for my two cents on the subject, because in some ways they describe the flawed paradigm I am describing. Not your fault at all, really. You pay the price of describing things accurately.

‘Beasley dealing with potential stigma if he HAD been suicidal”- Neither of us know if Beasley is suicidal or not. But in the ideal worldview I am advocating, it wouldn’t matter. He could say-‘ hey, thanks for asking. Nope, I’m not thinking of killing myself. But if I had been, I appreciate the support. ‘ We all could go on with our business, happy that Michael Beasley got any and all support he needed.

‘People treating him like that if he hadn’t been’ – again, ideally, people would be respectful and helpful, and he wouldn’t mind the misapprehension.

I get what you are saying. It’s not that way in the real world, and it would be extremely unfair for everybody to decide that Michael Beasley was suicidal based on these twits. It might also be a bad idea if people ignored the possibility that he might be suicidal because they didn’t want to be unfair to him. But...

I am in agreement with you insofar as I don’t think it is either my, your, or any random expert opinionator’s place to say this about him, not knowing him personally or being able to offer a clinical diagnosis. I do hope, and I think in this situation I am reasonably confident that those who are close to him are being there for him and offering the support he needs. In terms of the Miami Heat, it is nice that an employer has such an investment in him and will do whatever it take so that he can be a productive basketball player, if not a happy human being.

I’m sorry if my statements are a bit disjointed, I’m trying to get a response together before I go to bed so I can hear what you think.

Again, I think you have made a valid point, and I’m just taking a few of your words to add emphasis to my own thoughts.

thanks again to everybody else for interupting your usual laker and chili recipe related programming.

1. AK, again, great thread. The more human you get, the better you get as a writer.

2. Twitter is the Devil. And I mean that. Twitter is fricken evil.

3. I don't smoke marijuana. I've tried it. I don't like it, but I've had plenty of friends who do. Marijuana is not evil. It should be legalized.

4. I feel bad for Michael Beasley. It is difficult for me to emphasize with him because his life isn't that bad. It's just not. He could be living in a shantytown in South Africa or as part of the Untouchables caste in India. His life isn't that bad, and I feel sorry for him that he isn't able to connect with that fact.

5. I'm still (un)confused as to why messages on TWITter are called "Tweets" when they should be common sense be called "Twits"; however since a "twit" is a fricken moron in the English lexicon, they obviously rebranded the action as a "tweet" even though the whole thing resonates better with the "twit" of our natural language.

6. I really would rather be discussing what Josh Powell had for lunch today. That would be cool.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Shrewd Laker Fan,

I'm not too sure if the Lakers coaching staff are much into filling all 15 roster spots. I mean, the team is already deep already with Lamar, Sasha, Farmar, and Walton coming off the bench. Sure it isn't the most talent bunch but they get the job done.

Anyway, just assuming the Lakers were to fill the 15th spot, I noticed a player I thought would be interesting to add to our squad. Now, don't get me wrong, Gerald Green is athletic but his production isn't quite there. But how about Rodney Carney? This guy is young, can produce points on the board and could be a boost off the bench.

A few other things...

1. Marijuana can be addictive. I've known multiple people who were marijuana addicts, BUT THEY WERE SMOKING A HELL OF A LOT OF MARIJUANA, enought for someone, like myself, who doesn't smoke to say, "What the hell?" Was Michael Beasley smoking THAT much marijuana and, if so, why didn't drug tests pick it up?

2. It sounds like Beasley was honestly suicidal, and that's awful. I hope the kid gets some help.

3. Gerald Green as a Laker sounds like a pretty decent idea to me.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Nice job Laker Tom,

1. Stop calling fouls on incidental contact that does not give either player an advantage. Even institute a warning system to manage habitual offenders. But basically, let the players play and the game flow. Reduce the free throws shot by getting rid of the ticky-tack fouls. Keep the players on the court.

2. Stop calling fouls on contact when it didn’t prevent the basket from being made. In other words, stop giving unearned “and ones” that just slow up the game. Basically, if the contact did not affect the outcome of the play, then “no blood-no foul” should be the prevailing rule. Keep the game going.

3. Call the game the same inside and outside. I mean enough of the edge that perimeter guards get.
How the refs treat contact when perimeter players go inside or big men play outside is inconsistent Only call a foul when the defensive player really does impede the progress of the offensive player.

Thank you for pointing out how perimeter players today have so much an edge in today's game than in ages past. It's so funny when somebody brings up a "Zone Defense" excuse when the rules are so in favor in perimeter players than ever before plus how it is impossible to truly use a zone defense because of defensive 3 seconds. Not a stab at Kobe because he has played in both the non hand checking era and hand checking era and succeeded in both but just a note about how the defense in this era is WEAKER against perimeter players than the golden years.

Imagine if today's rules were applied to Showtime:
Magic would average 25ppg and 15apg. Byron Scott would be averaging 25ppg in his prime. Heck even hated Celtics like Larry Legend would average 32ppg on a very high FG% at least.

Good post Laker Tom. I would love the NBA go back to the rules Magic lived in. More physical and fundamental than the jack shots from downtown game of today and simply more fun to watch.

Thanks for a wonderful analysis of new and old media, and more significantly the strange articulation between the two. These are issues we should be thinking about, independently of the Beasley case. And it's appropriate that you guys, who have developed an incredible expertise in managing one of the new media, should express your professional opinion.

To the other bloggers, I don't think AK was in any way judging Beasley or for that matter even Dr Drew. The point was a very pertinent observation of:

1) Twitter as a new information medium and its utter unreliability,
2) The insatiability of some members of the traditional media to speculate on the basis of poorly analyzed and often deliberately distorted evidence and possibly do harm to vulnerable people.

Thanks again. And thanks to Phred for his insight into professional ethics in the psychology field.

i really have to comment on this about marihuana being bad, steroids bad etc etc....all effing drugs are bad but to compare marihuana/hachis (that brown stuff we smoke here in europe) to other drugs is absolutely ridiculous....

i remit you to an episode of "The West Wing" which you should watch, an episode about marihuana and its legalisation.

Marihuana deaths: None
Any other drug (and im only gonna start with the legal ones: Alcohol/Tobacco): millions of deaths.

People get a grip on reality...the kid is abundantly obviously to dumb to know how to enjoy drugs in moderation (moderation being the key to about everything in this world). He´ll snap out of it once he realises marihuana should only be its such a lethargic drug i cant even understand how one comes overly addicted to it....but in my experience those addicted to marihuana ( as in non-stop spliffing all day long,smoking up to do anything they have to do in a day) are generally battling a personality problem...i.e being lazy, unmotivated (im 22 so i can give a fresh perspective on the lack of motivation of the new generations these days..its quite disheartening to see the lack of ambition in general) etc ....

its really ridiculous to think the problem lies with the drug itself...madre mia madre mia...its always the indian....never the bow and arrow (its an old spanish saying).

I´d trade my life for Beasleys in a you know all the good he could do with the exposure he gets in the NBA??? come on people , any one of us would trade with beasley....and do a better job of being himself than himself ! hahahaha peace....

and it definelty aint about the love no hasnt been about the love since around 1800......since then its all been about the greens...and who gets them and how its shared.....

un abrazo,


umm.... maybe its because no one has ever died from smoking marijuana. plus using steroids is looked down upon because it's cheating. If anything, i would argue that marijuana damages your ability to play the game and steroids enhances your athletic abilities.


You are way off base and apparently don't know what the hell you're talking about, probably having formulated your ignorant but outspoken opinion based on limited exposure to Dr. Drew. Do you even listen to Loveline? How is he exploiting people? By telling them to seek out professional help when they need it? Oooh, so exploitative! He provides a forum for people to call in with their problems and offers keen insight on a host of physical and psychological issues, but he always tells callers to go see a doctor or therapist if it's not something that can be readily resolved during a short phone conversation. Yes, Loveline has entertainment value as well, but it's also meant to be educational for people who might be listening in and hearing something that resonates with them. The whole point is that people might hear something that affects them personally and cause them to seek out the help they need. The same goes with his Celebrity Rehab show. People watching might be entertained by some of the goings ons, but the main purpose is to show people part of the rehab process. You're supposed to think that this is definitely something you never want to personally experience.


I disagree on the Dr. Drew opinion. I never listened to loveline unless I was driving with a girl who liked KROQ, but I was always impressed by how Dr. Drew gave these kids a forum to have safe/structured/intelligent dialogue about things like sex and STDs and addiction.

To me he was always like Western radio being broadcast behind the iron curtain. He may not be reciting the bill of rights or the constitution, but at least some important information is getting across.

And from my perspective, the topics discussed by Dr Drew over the years were never ones any of my friends would even consider talking to their parents about, so he was a far better alternative to take advice from than, say, the other kids you were driving with. He was really a voice of reason on a otherwise self-destructive fri or sat night.

The thing about Beasley and the pot isn't the green weed he rolls up and smokes, it's the fact that he's willing to risk throwing away his own lifelong dream to get high. That's the stuff addicts do.


Twitter, and blogs, give public voices to people who wouldn't have them otherwise. There is much less control, and much more immediacy, which can be good, and can be bad. Of course, the amount of control that a few people have over the "main stream media" can also be good and bad. Overall, I think it is a positive. But if you don't take things with a grain of salt until you establish the reliability of a particular source, you're setting yourself up for trouble.

Good morning Mamba24 & Laker morning CRUE!!

Wow - nothing like waking up in the morning, expecting to talk about what Josh Powell had for lunch (or other such riveting Laker-related topics), and end up debating the merits (or lack thereof) of smoking pot, going to rehab (just say no), being suicidal (or not) and making chili (minus the dead mouse). LOL - what a Thursday!

It's all uphill from here, folks.

Hellooooo... October 27th.... are you out there????

Well said AK.

I really liked your entry today.


I don't see Twitter as evil. All it is is a means of mass communication, one that has (for Twitter literally or whatever other forms of social media pop up in its wake) great potential to quickly disseminate information, create social groups, and so on. I agree that people use it for irritating things and there's a certainly a level of narcissism in how some people Tweet, but that's not a reflection of the technology but the people that use it. Like everything else in the high tech age, there's an adjustment period, a learning period, and so on. But to me, just because some people use the technology in an irritating or irresponsible way doesn't mean the technology itself is bad. The camera is undoubtedly a positive invention, yet people use it to spy on others or take inappropriate pictures of minors. Knives have advanced mankind in myriad ways, but still can be used to stab people.

We, and by we I mean media both traditional and non, need to learn how to be responsible in using forms of social media like Twitter as part of the process of adjusting to the realities of a 24/7 web driven world (something the media is still learning to do). But the forms of communication themselves are just tools.


Once again this proves why you get paid to write. Your right on on every point.

Did you write these comments yourself B.K.? Something is not quite right here. Use your mind folks.

Thing about twitter is that each tweet for a celebrity is like a little press conference, and these NBA guys who are tweeting aren't looking at it from this perspective. For them, it's chatter. It's talking with friends. Problem is, the media and guys like me aren't their friends and we're getting freaked out by all the stupidity that's coming from the tweet medium.

Get a hold of the medium or abandon it. Like Dylan says, know your song well before you start singing. Look at Artest. His use of twitter and other social networking stuff is pretty positive and fun and wacky. He seems to have a manager or someone monitoring his extracurricular technological activities from China, and the result is the whole LA fan base is on his side, following his antics, but able to be a supportive fan because he’s not freaked out, petulant child.

These other guys are throwing spaghetti to see if it sticks.


Good, thoughtful post, AK. Hope the kid turns it around, no matter what the issue.

Great job AK (and BK for the sensible comment) - One of the good things about reading things on this blog is the feeling that you guys genuinely try to be objective and find the truth within stuff - it's refreshing and interesting to read honest views on media sensationalism from people who are, by necessity, media savvy.

While I think the guy is right and people check into those places to treat addiction; my understanding is (and I've got a psyc degree too)is that you couldn't treat addiction without looking at the underlying issues in a personal case.Addiction is treated as a mental illness, as is depression obviously, and the first thing they would attempt to ascertain is the co-morbity of his addiction with other mental illnesses and personality disorders.If he's there and got other issues he will ultimately get the treatment he needs.I just think the guy was trying to emphasise that no it's not JUST depression there is a substance involved.(although I've only read this thread not clicked on the link.)

Diegster - weed is addictive...and it is not about laziness (although it makes you lazy) I know people that are fine smoking it for years and others whose personality,ambition and mental health just fall apart in an unbelievably short period of sustained use.It suits some people and not others.Its like how you get happy drunks and some guys try to beat up everyone in sight,wet the bed,anger their friends and do it all again the next weekend.

Basically different drugs suit different people....However, the consequences of smoking weed can be disasterous for the wrong person.... for starters - if you carry the gene for schizophrenia(which can lie dormant your entire life) then marajuana use is very good way of activating it.If you have a neurotic or overanalytical personality you can suffer from severe paranoia,psychosis etc.

One of the most dangerous things about marajuana is everyone says 'oh its only marajuana'- this attitude comes from the sixties I guess - but most weed is about 20 times stronger now and actually pretty serious stuff.

Dr. Drew was and is great, he has helped many people, Adam Carolla was a jerk. That's why Love-Line didn't get the respect it deserved.

As for Beasley, If that isn't a cry for HELP! I don't know what is.


"The thing about Beasley and the pot isn't the green weed he rolls up and smokes, it's the fact that he's willing to risk throwing away his own lifelong dream to get high. That's the stuff addicts do."

Good point.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"It would be nice if people allowed the story to marinate a little more before slapping it on the grill."-AK

I agree. Good post.

Go Lakers!
Go Park View Little League!

I'm somewhat concerned that Beasley might on the precipice of something more ominous - such as a mental illness that would pretty much end his professional career, or at least derail it

The mix of depression, drugs, and his age tells me that he has some odds of entering a state of psychosis...

But if he's like MOST people, then he'll be okay, but I've seen the pattern before and that's the cause for my concern.

Kiwi - very good.

Nice post lakertom.
Agree on all. I think u nailed that one good

What's the scoop on gasols finger? Is he off the splint?

Vick debuts 2nite. Hope he gets a standing O. Can't wait for the football season to start.. Are u ready for some football?


Well, you may not see Twitter as evil, and you clearly have a right to your decision, but I do.

The reason I see Twitter as evil is that it, as you noted, contributes to the societal narcissism which has already infected our culture and which, I believe, is rotting our society from the inside.

On MSNBC they had a news story that claimed that 70% of the material communicated via Twitter is pure gibberish. Just empty communication. That means that 70% of the millions upon millions of communications via Twitter are so self-indulgent that the communicator makes no attempt to present themselves in a coherent fashion. That's not only narcissism, that's madness.

I can only imagine that the percentage of people who refuse to use proper grammar is closer to 90+%. That approaches 1984esque levels of communication where language has been truncated so that people no longer possess the intellectual ability to communicate their true perceptions and emotions.

Think more long term when it comes to Twitter. Think 10 years from now. Think about how people--not yourself, others--who could grow up in a society where Twitter is not only "okay" but it is an accepted, central communication nexus in our society. Well, you've got a society where the VAST majority of young people no longer feel any personal responsibility to manage their communications in a coherent fashion our of empathy for whom they are communicating with. Pure, dumb narcissism.

That's the future potential Twitter holds and THAT is why Twitter is evil.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Hellooooo... October 27th.... are you out there????

Posted by: justanothermambafan | August 27, 2009 at 08:42 AM


Yea, I agree! Can't wait for my birthday! PAAAARRTYYYY! WOOOOOOOOOO!

Oh Wait a minute.....I get it! It's the beginning of the NBA season.

Well hell, it's all the same. Double celebration for me I guess.

KB Blitz,

I liked your suggestions on officiating.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


The last thing we should be concerned about right now is Beasley's NBA career.

The grizzles about to sign AI after signing big zach. Wow! Talk about combustible. Taking on zachs contract has got to be one of the stupidest moves of all time. How lucky can the clippers be? And what the heck is chris wallace thinking?

Thriller quotes of the day:

"We was playing hard, man. He was trying to post me up. I wouldn't let him do it. I went right through him." -- Ron William Artest Jr., on how he broke Michael Jordan's ribs.

"He's still Michael Jordan. But I broke two of his ribs!!" -- Ron William Artest Jr.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Why so much focus on one person?....The health care system in the United States is far from perfect, probably closer to "barely does the job"....unless you're Beasly and worth millions....everyone else, when you go to your HMO, do you really get treated, or are you just "slotted, put into a group of patients that they treat similarly. What if you are put in the wrong "slot, what if there are some specific issues you have that need to be addressed? I'm sorry but I work for an HMO and from the inside looking out, for the average person, you have to fight for your treatment, and it is hard to fight when you are sick.


Nice analysis. One of the more insidious elements of marijuana use is that the vast majority of people whom I know who smoke marijuana do not internally define it as a "drug". Marijuana is a strong intoxicating drug. Period. However, most regular pot smokers I know think of it as something else. There are drugs (which many users would include alcohol in that categorization) and THEN THERE'S POT, which is harmless (in their minds). As a result of this worldview, I know of people who first thing they do for a decade upon waking up is smoke a bowl, which, to me, is pure addictive madness.

All that much said, despite the dangers of the substance, I do believe it should be legalized. It's just too prevalent and as Prohibition did not work for alcohol, it certainly isn't working for marijuana. Legalization, regulation, education and taxation is the only sane solution to the problem.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon K: Can't speak in coherent fashion when you're limited to 140 characters (as AK stated earlier). I use Twitter for my film club business and the results have been ASTOUNDING (just last month alone I got invited to a VIP Comic-Con presentation AND saw Harry Potter 6 in IMAX 3D FOR FREE!). Many businesses are using Twitter & Facebook to network & get stuff done and we're all benefiting from that.

Having said all that, the notion of using Twitter for non-business purposes is kinda stupid. Like that funny Verizon Wireless commercial with the dad Twittering that he's sitting on his porch. Silly. On the other hand, it would be kinda fun to see a Lakers Blog member tweet an entire Laker game from inside Staples for those who aren't economically viable enough to purchase a ticket.


umm.... maybe its because no one has ever died from smoking marijuana. plus using steroids is looked down upon because it's cheating. If anything, i would argue that marijuana damages your ability to play the game and steroids enhances your athletic abilities.

Posted by: osm0nd | August 27, 2009 at 02:44 AM

Really no one has died from smoking weed? Pretty outlandish statement since many have many have died from smoking weed.

No one, means to say no one ever under the influence has ever gotten in accident and died while under the influence. And I don't mean just booze, but drugs including weed. Not quite logical. Like drunk driving the collison and injuries are the cause of death so why blame booze? Right so smoking weed never caused a death. Think about it.

I hope Beasley gets heklp in all the areas he needs help with.

On the Gerald Green issue I would like Lakers to either sign to min contract or sign him to DeFenders so if we need him mid season he would know what to do right away without learning from scratch.

The grizzles about to sign AI after signing big zach. Wow! Talk about combustible. Taking on zachs contract has got to be one of the stupidest moves of all time. How lucky can the clippers be? And what the heck is chris wallace thinking?

Posted by: yellofever | August 27, 2009 at 11:01 AM

I really don't know however, AI hasn't been signed yet. What amazed me was the poll ESPN put up about a week ago asking if any fans from a particular state would welcome AI to their team. Shockingly, AI won over one state....New Hampshire. Talk about the world turning against you. Now that man may need some rehab!

Yeah Jon,

I think you make a good point about the vulnerability of the English language. I've always thought that we've reached a point where the language wont be changing too much other than adding new vocabulary because there are no more hidden enclaves where a language, like a species, can go and change in isolation. Everyone on Earth with a computer or a television knows what proper English sounds like, so we have a single model now that we can forever measure ourselves against. But maybe there is a threat that the language could be changed from the inside, and what happens then? Tweet novels? 500 word tweet essays?



I managed to catch a little bit of the France-Belgium Euro game this evening. It was Mbenga vs. Turiaf, new Laker vs old Laker, and Turiaf had TP, Diaw, Batum, Pietrus (not sure whether it was Mickael or Florent) and various other NBA players with him. The Belgians had DJ only as an NBAer. But he looked dominant from what I saw and Beligum took the match by 4 points, 70-66 (I believe).

This bodes well for the coming season and the next four Lakers- Spurs games. I doubt that DJ will get a lot of playing time, but if we need him, he'll be there and that can only discourage Tony Parker (unless Eva finds a way of consoling him). DJ really seemed to mess up the French offense.

Good Morning Everyone.....

This Michael Beasley topic has hit a cord,and i think its a good one..
Mental illness is a growing topic and its a topic we should all be aware of..
My cousins wife went through a terrible year last just gone and up until that point my family had not gone through anything like that before..So its safe to say that it opened all of my families eyes for the better on the topic of mental health...Im glad we now have a much better understanding ......

In saying that,if Beasley has a drug problem then the NBA has a problem as well..
That tells us although this is just one case of a drug problem that we know about,it probably means there are a lot more...remember Josh Howard?????...And how many others slip away into the off-season and turn into Chich and Chong for a couple of months a year?..If the NBA was serious about the issue every player would be subjected to out of competition testing..

While I'm open to the idea of signing Gerald Green, I do pose a question to my fellow Lakers fanatics: What would Gerald Green give us that we don't already have in Shannon Brown?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Well, one thing is for sure, RonRon can hit a 3 at a more consistent basis that any other Laker we have..Still, hope he doesn't fall in love with it..I still think we need a 3 pt specialist. Fish is more clutch than consistent, and every else is so-so...I am just bloggin to be bloggin but anyway..

Can we start the countdown to training camp or what?


The ability to communicate elegantly, coherently, and clearly goes both ways: It allows a person to communicate their perspective and needs to others... and it allows a person to communicate their perspective and needs to THEMSELF.

When society supports a forum of communication that celebrates gibberish, it engrains the destruction of a clear and balanced intellectual and emotional dialog among its members. It essentially leads to a kind of spiritual slavery where people have experiences and feelings that they cannot clearly communicate and, thus, cannot contextualize and therefore become enslaved to those feelings which they are unable to fully understand.

You can see the effects of these things already in the inability for much of our society to have a balanced political dialog without completely freaking out. People are losing the ability to have healthy discussions around divergent viewpoints.

Go re-read George Orwell's "1984". The control of language itself leads to the overall control of the populace which uses that language to communicate with each other. If a language is effectively destroyed by removing organized rules of grammar and spelling while thoroughly truncating the scope of vocabularly used, and you literally destroy the scope of spiritual potential of that populace. We are going to have a very dark future if we devolve into gibberish as an acceptable means of dialog and debate.

I'm not arguing (as utzworld stated) that there are not pragmatic uses for Twitter (especially in terms of marketing and networking), however I am also stating completely without metaphor that Twitter is evil. It is. Anything that is truly evil appears to be good and useful upon first glance, but as you venture deeper down the rabbit hole one recognizes that it is a trap from which few escape.

Think of a generation of Americans born today, raised on Twitter and ask yourself, "How intellectually evolved will these people be after spending decades communicating gibberish enthusiastically via Twitter? Will these people be groomed to have the intellectual discipline to be the next generation of leaders, scientists, teachers, artists, and visionaries?"

The answer is clearly, "No."

I would not let my kids get on Twitter because it would ruin their intellectual development and foster a sense of shallow narcissism which is contrary to healthy spiritual growth.

I'm quite frankly deeply disturbed that so many people are blissfully unaware of how dangerous Twitter is. I have a friend who is a high school teacher who is already seeing the initial impact of this type of gibberish-based communication. Many of his kids are unable to write coherent essays and repeatedly fall back into text and Twitter gibberish-speak. It's disturbing.

What will happen when we have kids who have never known anyting but texting and Twitter as their main forms of communication and relationship-building? I don't see anything good coming out of it long-term.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Remember, according to recent studies, 70% of tweets are gibbering and/or empty communication.


So, what happens when we have a generation of people raised on tweets with little exposure to anything else by choice (e.g. fine poetry and novels)? That 70% is bound to increase.




Even if 10% of tweets end up fostering better communication and networking in society, the other 90% will be working to destroy our ability to communicate effectively, and THAT is just plain out dangerous.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


On the Gerald Green issue I would like Lakers to either sign to min contract or sign him to DeFenders so if we need him mid season he would know what to do right away without learning from scratch.

Posted by: JustaLakerFan | August 27, 2009 at 11:29 AM

Or, we can get into a sign and trade deal with New York and grab Nate Robinson or David Lee in exchange for Adam Morrison and a draft pick. Either player would help our bench out tremendously. But don't know how good of an idea this would be having both Nate and Ron Ron under Coach Phil Jackson.

sup raz!

Yeah - nothing like the start of a very exciting NBA season - with the threat of a repeat!!! - to keep the depression about turning another year older at bay - at least for awhile, right?! Get yourself a cat from me lol!

DJ's rocking Kobe's shoes, too!

I'm all for our boys playing for their countries... especially the bench players... as long as they avoid injury (crosses fingers). For Mbenga to get more playing experience is huge.

Forgot to add... it's Florent Pietrus who's playing for France, not Mickael. I read somewhere that Mickael is protecting his oft-injured wrist.

Jon K,

First and foremost, we apologize for that post going through. It has since been unpublished and we've taken preventative measures. Obviously, it was not intentional. Unfortunately, there are immature people who like cause problems by posting under other people's names, and it can be difficult to pick up on at times, especially when we're trying to keep chatter flowing at an optimum rate.

Beyond this post, however, I wasn't even aware it has been a problem before. Please be sure to keep BK and me in the loop.


While I'm open to the idea of signing Gerald Green, I do pose a question to my fellow Lakers fanatics: What would Gerald Green give us that we don't already have in Shannon Brown?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Posted by: Jon K. | August 27, 2009 at 01:27 PM

Great point here Jon. I think alot of us don't know much about Shannon Brown. He's alot stronger and faster than he's given credit for, and I think he'll likely fill the role Trevor had on run outs after rebounds or defensive stops.

Let's not forget that he played SF alot of times at Michigan. While I don't truly envision him playing that position as a Laker, I think he'll be able to play stellar defense because he's bigger than a typical 1 or 2. He'll be available for the those runouts that Trevor got given his location at the top of the key on defense. he's a finisher to say the least.

And dare I say it, if he plays as well as he did last season, he won't take minutes from Jordan as much he'll take minutes from Sasha. At least I hope he will....


I think we’ve becoming tweet speakers for years. By tweet speakers (maybe tweet tweakers) I mean someone who approaches his language with an agenda of compromise, preferring and expecting the shortened version of things when other options are available. I remember reading entire books in school. Now it's carbon copies of passages of great books.

Bah humbug!


"...Remember, according to recent studies, 70% of tweets are gibbering and/or empty communication.


Jon - by my calculation, that's about 10% better than the average blog thread.

and about 20% better than all communication in general. Academic theses and government documents have to be in the upper 90's at least.

Isn't he going to rehab for marijuana dependency? Is that even possible? Just say no, ... no seriously I mean just say no, dude. Twitter is already startin to change everything. If your high or drunk you should not be able to tweet.

Radizzlefo Shizzle

I believe you mis-construed my meaning, I'm not saying I don't feel empathy for people of affluence going through trouble, there are people of affluence in my very own family, just not me. They go through trouble and I try to help them as i do anyone who is close to me.

I just don't care to further widen the gap between celebrity news and every day people news. I'm quite sure there are pressures at every level of life that if you hadn't lived it, you would be thrown for a loop. I never said that having lots of money can just make those problems go away. If that were true than we'd never have hear of anything bad happen to anybody with money. They'd just make it go away.

My point is that I have less empathy for the 24 hour news cycle's obsession with said millionaire celebrity than, say, if I heard about a school in Watts closing down or After School Care budgets getting slashed by 50%. Those are problems that effect many people. Michael Beasley's problems affect him and his friends and family, I suppose you could throw in the Miami Heat, if you feel that he represents their best chance of keeping D-Wade.

I may not have stated that point clearly.

If I come off as callus, that's because I'm an ornery SOB and call it like I feel it. In my opinion, the 24 hour news cycle circus has great power. Where is the great responsibility?

"Why so much focus on one person?....The health care system in the United States is far from perfect, probably closer to "barely does the job"....unless you're Beasly and worth millions....everyone else, when you go to your HMO, do you really get treated, or are you just "slotted, put into a group of patients that they treat similarly. What if you are put in the wrong "slot, what if there are some specific issues you have that need to be addressed? I'm sorry but I work for an HMO and from the inside looking out, for the average person, you have to fight for your treatment, and it is hard to fight when you are sick.

Posted by: humanomaly (aka "The Anti-Crust") | August 27, 2009 at 11:16 AM

Apologies for picking on you human, but I wanted to answer your rhetorical question ( as is my somewhat annoying wont). Why so much focus on one person? Because people have a hard time seeing things as systems. A problem can be much more indentifiable and familiar in one person. I’m pretty sure that it’s not really defensible (see AK’s post)(what, you guys just skip his stuff and go straight down to phred’s comments? Well, try it just this once) to make Michael Beasley a poster child for anything, but well, remember what Magic did for people with AIDS. Hopefully some day someone will come along and do the same for mental illness, but in the meantime, well, we make do, I guess.

I definitely see your point about health care, though, and I guess we’ll have to move to another blog to discuss it. Maybe Mamba will be there too, since he seems to be off in a huff somewhere.

Tsphere- you know, sometimes I suspect you are lightly poking fun at me. If so, well poised and deft snark. If not, apologies, and in the words of Burt Lancaster in ‘Go Tell the Spartans’ “Well, somebody should be,” and dang, this primo medicinal substance is sure kindling my paranoia. I’d start staring suspiciously at the cats next, but you know, it’s been done.

But no, not enough primo substance in the world to make me consider Gerald Green as a Laker. You know, we just won a title. We get polished FA vets looking for ring, not guys who have been discarded by more teams than Kim Cattrell.

Wes- I think the English language will continue to evolve as long as quality writers such as yourself continue to push the envelope of free expression. Heck, take a gander at ‘the Urban Dictionary’ if you want to see the language evolve. On second thought, maybe not, they got some disturbing stuff on there

Oh man, I just %^$# on Kim Cattrall utterly, yet I can't spell her name right. How embarassing.

John K - I basically agree with you on legalisation.It is a complicated argument that is in no way as simple as it might first appear and covers a number of areas - if you actually look at the reasons pot was made illegal in the first place it seems ridiculous.If legalised it would have to be with restrictions like you can grow your own plant in a garden but not hydro...

It also depends on the society - whats the health care system like? Who pays? People are very good at wanting the freedom to legally choose and less good at making responsible choices and even less good again at wanting to foot the bill if they end up needing mental health care etc.Of course you can tax it but if it is too expensive there will still be a thriving black market.

Good posts Phred...

Affluence? can lead to big trouble.Being able to afford what you want when you want it? Combine that with being worshiped, being treated in a surreal way,the ego it takes to get there etc and these kind of guys have got a much harder run of it trying reaching a point of spiritual equilibrium and balance.

If they do get through it they seem to generally have good insight and appreciation for life, their work and their responsibilities in a way that those of us that never faced that kind of temptation of having and doing WHATEVER we want
eg Leonardo Dicaprio,Brad Pitt and the chili peppers.

I mean think about it - someone gives me 20 mil to play an NBA season or make a movie and in 6 months I'm retired, in Mexico dribbling on myself in a room full of beautiful naked women and illicit substances.I would probably work it out in the end but at 20 years old? its a tougher gig than it appears I'm sure.

Jon - just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading your take on twitter (and devolving communication in general). Really good stuff. Also enjoyed Wes's responses.


sorry but weed does not kill people...i a pretty level headed have to be retarded to die of weed, or a death related to weed...what death could that be? over-munching? come sorry i cant give a fresh perspective on to biased towards mother nature and her fine natural herbs...

twitter is addictive, facebook is addictive...and the wrong kind of addiction...the sad kind of addiction..the internet addiction...sorry to rant but i insist this beasley kid is a prat with no education, no aspirations, half a brain and tons of talent...if he´s wasting it its his he so addicted he can´t wait until after the game to smoke up????? i insist people.... weed is addictive but to a lesser scale...and i can say this from a perspective of father´s an alcoholic and my uncle (unfortunately, its so sad) smoke crack.....dunno....weed just doesnt scare me...dunno how it can scare anybody...o yeah..the feeble minded...for now beasley falls under that category


Thanks for handling it, man. I appreciate it.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


"Or, we can get into a sign and trade deal with New York and grab Nate Robinson or David Lee in exchange for Adam Morrison and a draft pick. Either player would help our bench out tremendously. But don't know how good of an idea this would be having both Nate and Ron Ron under Coach Phil Jackson.

Posted by: RazdizzlefoShizzle | August 27, 2009 at 02:10 PM

I've opposed Nate Robinson since the first mention....we already have the runway lights on that lead to the basket, leading to our bigs having to help out and ending up in foul trouble....Should not have dumped Sun, he gets beat, but follows and blocks from behind with his height, Jordan, and Brown can probably do it with their veritcal leaps (42 and 44.5).....I laugh when I think about Bird's vertical being 28 inches and Magic's being 30" (or vice versa).....Rodman had it down, playing tap it and chase it...Had to have been a great athlete to have the stamina to jump, pursue, jump, pursue...and box out centers, or cover quick 3's....I wonder, if he had his head screwed on straight, how much greater he may have become....then again, maybe we're the ones with the mis-screwed heads....Nate Robinson....that'll be a great backcout once injuries come....and your starting backcourt..."Nate Robinson and Jordan Farmar!!!!"....and yes I know, Sun wasn't NBA material, not like our Sasha, eh??? Nice hair band, stop adjusting it and maybe you'll keep your mind in the game, pretty boy!!!

Multiple choice tests, if you don't know the answer, start eliminating...if a to d, eliminate 2, then focus....and you'll see the answer, or guess and you have a 50/50 chance and if you got 100% on 1/2 the test, and 50% on the half you guessed in, then you got a 75% total, a c, but passing.....hey, worked for me, 3.9 GPA in professional school, rather not say what profession, but some call me Dr., and I hate that, but I am not an MD, I chose not to, I wanted to take a year off to travel, but my parents didn't approve, and 3.7 GPA undergrad....can remember my SAT's 1320 first time and 1420 2nd time....but check this out...high school GPA.....2.6!!!!! I was distracted at 4:20 alot......


Thanks for not slamming my post, my fingers sometimes move faster than my brain.




Thanks for not slamming my post, my fingers sometimes move faster than my brain.




I've dealt with that same distraction since I was a teenager and I've got some numbers to match yours. 1500/1600 SAT, 2300/2400 GRE and 4.0/4.0 in grad school. It just goes to show how ignorant the willfully ignorant really are. Thank you for your commentary on this subject, and Carl Sagan would thank you as well.



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