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L.O.C.Over: Worried about anything else these days?

With Lamar Odom Contract Omni-Watch something we can now look back upon with a chuckle, on the surface, it would appear Laker fans have very little to sweat before the season kicks off.  I know I've enjoyed getting my "relax" on for nearly a week.  But if my time as Lakers Blog co-host has taught me anything, it's that Lakers fans (in particular, the ones that habituating this little corner of the Internet) don't tend to roll like that.  There always seems to be something folks are stewing over, so I'm wondering what the issues may be.  Here's what popped into my head, if I had to guess:

  • Kobe Bryant's Contract Extension

    Honestly, I have no idea why this would cause sleepless nights.  Kobe has already declared more than once that he's sticking around.  Which makes perfect sense, because why the hell would he ditch the league's top team that just so happens to be able to offer him the most cheddar?  Plus, that whole "Kobe's the best player on the team and arguably the entire league, so the Lakers would like to retain his services" thing.  Thus, I imagine his impending extension "negotiations" will play Showmethemoney out something like this:

    Rob Pelinka: Hey Mitch, if you have a sec, I'd like to discuss the terms Kobe and I were thinking for his extension.

    Mitch Kupchak: Yeah, that's fine.  But really, unless you're including a clause where Kobe gets to ride a unicorn onto the court during his introduction... and don't misunderstand me, Rob, it's only because I don't know where to buy a unicorn and I'm pretty sure they don't exist, not because we're playing hardball... we can save ourselves a fair amount of stress.  The answer to "blank" is "yes."

    Obviously, the process won't be quite that easy, but all joking aside, I doubt it'll be considerably more complicated.  It's basically just a matter of how much Kobe asks for, because he'll get whatever he wants.  Save perhaps specific incentives, stipulations, and the like, ain't much to haggle over.

    Am I wrong?
    • Ron Artest's History, Off And On The Court

      Away from the hardwood, call me a naive Kool Aid chugger, but I'm Artest in Laker uni thinking Artest's time in purple and gold will be relatively drama-free.  Mind you, "drama-free" shouldn't be confused with "ho hum," because if Ron Ron's interviews, press conferences, Tweets,  jersey number shout outs, musical stylings, etc. have all thoroughly demonstrated, the man is nothing if not a touch odd.  However, I thinking the oddness is a potentially bigger headache for John Black and the Media Relations staff than the Lakers as a functioning unit, unless teammates grow truly sick of Artest's "self expression."  And while history certainly makes "meltdown" concerns understandable, I'm personally not worried.

      On the court
      , I also wouldn't describe myself as "worried."  But I will need to see the actual product before tabbing Artest as the truly ideal Trevor Ariza sub.  In particular, if Artest can adjust to being a third (maybe even a fourth) option on this Lakers team, a role he hasn't been assigned since his early days with Chicago.  He said all the right things at his introductory press conference, which is a nice start, but seeing is believing.  Ron Ron also needs to curb a history of breaking from the offense and doing his own thang, a habit which often results in Godawful shots, most recently witnessed during the Western Conference Semi-Finals.

      As I said at the time of this inking, I'm actually pretty confident the Artest Era will work out just fine.  But I'm still willing to express what I consider a reasonable "other side of the coin" argument.

    • The Desire For Roster Tweaks, Either In the Form Of...

      1) Free agent pickups

      As I've mentioned for quite some time, the affordable pickins are seriously slim (which is why I considered resigning Lamar Odom nothing short of paramount).  And with the roster sitting at a baker's dozen, the number Kupchak previously deemed "magic," I don't picture the Lakers inking additional free agents.  Nor do I blame them, based on who's available. 

      I'd jump at the chance to sign Joe Smith, a smart, experienced, "great in the locker room" veteran, whether as injury insurance or simply to limit the seasonal wear on Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol, and Odom.  I seriously doubt there are enough minutes available to entice Smith, even with a title shot as bait, but still, if we're talking hypothetical, he's a tempting addition.  Beyond Smith, I'm pretty "meh" towards the realistic options.  If, however, you disagree, by all means, feel free to toss around some names. 

      2) Trade 

      Tradingpost Similar to my free agent perspective, I don't see the pressing need for a championship team to make big moves, a philosophy apparently simpatico with the front office's.  Aside from an attempt to move Jordan Farmar for future picks/tax relief before the draft, no Laker has been widely described as "on the block."  Even Adam Morrison, acquired first and foremost to shed Vlad Rad's contract, will likely get an earnest look before truly morphing into "Expiring Contract And Nothing More" mode.  And should Ammo's most (currently) appealing asset remain 5 mil coming off the books, it's worth playing some games and identifying the most glaring need before absorbing what would likely be longer term salary in exchange.  But beyond Farmar and Ammo, there's nobody I picture the Lakers working hard to move (or capable of moving even if they wanted to).

      Of course, that's just me.  If you'd prefer immediate- and for the love of all that's holy, realistic- wheelin' and dealin', toss around your two cents.
    • Andrew Bynum's Ability to Carve Out an Entire (knock on wood) Season and Postseason of Quality.

      If you're not mulling this issue, Fox Sports' Charley Rosen has you covered, citing- among other issues- a sense of entitlement.  I wouldn't go that far in describing Drew's obvious desire for goosed touches (although he's definitely prone to letting offensive involvement dictate defensive intensity), but I understand why Rosen feels that way.  Personally, I don't think the issue is so much Drew's attitude as an utter lack of "filter," which leads to voicing what most players think, but wisely keep to themselves, particularly while still unproven.  At least a few steps need to be walked before we've hit "prima donna" status, in my opinion.

      Having said that, I do agree that Bynum does have some "proving" on his plate.  If nothing else, proving he can handle the physical rigors of 30-ish mpg over 82 games and playoff change.  I don't even mean avoiding injury (although that obviously counts), but not being gassed come postseason time.  Remember, Drew's never played a deep run in its entirety, so mentally and physically, he doesn't know what to expect and how to sustain the flashes we've seen since late 2007.  It'll be interesting to see how AB handles this challenge, assuming he manages to stay healthy.

      (Rosen also recently addressed questions regarding LO and Derek FIsher, if you're interested)Clark_Kent 
    • Kurt Rambis' potential exit

      Clark Kent remains on the short list of candidates to man the white board in Minny.  Should the Laker assistant get the nod, are you concerned Phil Jackson and co. would feel his absence or suffer from a lack of continuity?
    • Complacency

      Will 2009's title will leave the roster's collective belly fat, satisfied and less motivated to repeat?  I'm betting no, but I've seen y'all sweat a hell of a lot less, so I thought it was worth asking.

    • C.H.U.D.

      No matter how pretty the Lakers are sitting all season, these bad boys could pop up from a Figueroa Blvd. sewer, mosey on over to Staples and ruin the party.  I'm just saying.
    Anything worth a fret session that I left out?  Or, surprise surprise, did I underestimate the calm vibe permeating throughout the Laker Nation?


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    AK - isn't that where Tom is actually screaming about how he loves black people?


    Hard to know for sure, with the freeze frame. But it's definitely the "Show me the Money" scene, which has been the symbol of everything "sports agent." Close enough for me.


    Canabalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers.


    These dudes are only in NY according to the trailer, so I'm thinking we should be ok. The Hollywood counterparts are probably a bunch of beach-going, surfer CHUDS looking for a good excuse for a party.

    Of course I could be mistaken.

    You are forgetting the Phil Jackson watch. What is he gonna do after the season?


    You are forgetting the Phil Jackson watch. What is he gonna do after the season?

    Posted by: BobbieT | August 05, 2009 at 12:14 PM

    Which is why I said all along, thelakers have it tougher than most teams......they have to build for today and predict and build for tomorrow..the thing that will save them and keep them competitive is having players who can play multiple positions

    ha ... yesterday was one of those days I actually decided to do some work ... just caught up with the thread from yesterday and wow u sneaky devil ...

    shout out to all who showed me love yo ... mamba24, otis, yellfeva, etc ... y'all know I can't stick to my guns now ... I gotta return the love ...

    I still think the borg skit woulda rocked, show these haters they're significantly outnumbered ... but d haters might have claimed d collective just shows we ain't got a mind of our own ... they'd wanna call it blind love but love for #24 ain't blind, it's based on d 'did u c that' moments kobe continues to give us

    I humbly accept my post mayor, now i can stop trying to be nice ... my first official act is to jail justanothermambafan for shirking your call to public service

    24 + 16 + [1]7 = The Purple Tinted Golden Age

    I doubt Joe Smith heads out here. He probably would want more minutes. There are just isn't enough of them available. Earl Barron could be an insurance option. He played in for the D-Fenders last year. Don't they run the triangle down there? Barron did play for the HEAT at one moment. He can play PF and C, and can shoot the 15 footer. He might get the occasional block, but that's about it.

    Personally, I'd like for Tony Gaffney to make the roster out of training camp because of his athleticism on the wing.

    Most of these don't make the cut as "concerns" in my book. To dismiss a few of them:

    Complacency. Starting lineup with Kobe, Fish and Artest = maximum effort every night and championship hunger.

    Losing Rambis. The thought of this being a "concern" makes me laugh. Maybe I don't appreciate all that Kurt brings, but I see him as totally expendable--unless defensive strategy that mandates being beaten off the dribble (in the direction you want) is somehow the key to a championship, this worries me not at all.

    Kobe Contract. AK said it right. Where else would Kobe go, for how much less, and WHY?

    Roster Tweaks. Completely irrelevant tweaks around the edges that won't affect the top 8 guys.

    C.H.U.D. ?

    Now for two, at least arguable concerns:

    Artest. I think the fear-mongering about Ron is way overdone. Jacking up ill-advised shots is a hell of a lot easier to do (and to justify) when you play on a horrible team and have no talent around you. Example? Kobe Bryant circa 2005. See, also, one Latrell Sprewell who went from an all-NBA shooting guard in Golden State early in his career (when he had talented teammates) to a shot-happy gunslinger at GS when the team traded away all the talent. Then, with Minnesota (with Garnett) he became a better teammate all over again.

    This is about who you play with. In Sacto, Ron's teammates sucked. In the 2nd round last year, Ron was by far the best offensive player, and he had virtually no support. In LA, this will not be a problem. Criticism of his off the court stuff is about 5 years stale....

    Bynum. On health and yet to be proven full-year stamina, I think this is finally a legitimate concern. Clarification: on stamina. I'm not one who is worried about Andrew being injury prone. Two totally different injuries to different knees does not make one injury prone; it makes one unlucky. I see Drew's luck changing this year.

    That leaves stamina as the one and only real concern. On this, we can only guess, but notwithstanding Rosen's hit piece on Andrew, I think the kid has shown tremendous work ethic and professionalism in improving his game and keeping himself in shape during the last 2 summers. Expect big things from Andrew in 2009/10.

    What the hell is with C.H.U.D.?

    Continuing on Bynum and living up to his contract: lest we forget, a contract is a mutual agreement. That huge contract (which, IMO, isn't so huge considering how rare true centers are) isn't just for Bynum to live up to. Its also the value Mitch and Jim Buss see in him. Ultimately, its Jerry's money and how he spends it.

    Just bear that in mind before believing that only Andrew (and his agent) is to blame here. And lest anyone believe that he may never live up, by the end of his contract, he'll still be under 25. Lots of teams covet this guy, so if we need to trade him, he'll still have value based on potential alone.

    I'm most concerned about Kurt Rambis leaving. I think Laker Nation underestimates his value to our coaching staff.

    What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

    Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

    GO LAKERS!!!!

    LakerTom ... I just read the charlie rosen article ... u've got nada to complain about yo ... if u checkout the other players on the list, you'll see it ranges from supertars to border line all stars ... looks to me like its a good article to be on

    Still though ... boredom dictates we talk about something ... in a fair world, bynum/odom would swap salaries at least for next season

    In terms of free agents, I've got a mad man crush on Shaun Livingston. I'd sure like to see him in Purple and Gold for the minimum, but Joe Smith would work too.

    What do we play for? RINGS!!!

    Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

    GO LAKERS!!!

    Kobe's contract extension, Thriller's time in Purple and Gold, trades, complacency?

    Not worried about it.


    Always a cause for concern, but then, again, I live in Cleveland where C.H.U.D. are the dominant species.

    What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

    Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

    GO LAKERS!!!

    Andrew B,
    "This is about who you play with. In Sacto, Ron's teammates sucked. In the 2nd round last year, Ron was by far the best offensive player, and he had virtually no support. In LA, this will not be a problem. Criticism of his off the court stuff is about 5 years stale...."

    If the stories about running unto a houston team bus during the playoffs in his briefs are true then of course he's still a psycho ... afterall we all know that there's a direct correlation between what u wear unto the bus and how u play on the court ... how else can you explain odom's erratic play, u never know what u're gonna get with his sense of fashion ... 1 sec whilst i pass d joint ...

    I'm a big artest fan and i can't wait to unleash him on our opponents ... my only concern is if there ever comes a time during the game that kobe walks over to him and goes "lemme check lebron, he's scored on u d past 4 possesions dawg" ... but that's where having d zen master comes in handy

    24 + 16 + [1]7 = The Purple Tinted Golden Age


    My son told me that they are casting for a sequel of "Show Me The money". Apparently they are shooting in Washington state as he was offered a roll as a stand in for Jerry Maguire.

    Do you or Bk have any info. on the sequel?

    Uh oh.

    I think I just got fixated on an idea.

    (Outside of cost) WHY NOT sign Shaun Livingston? He would basically fulfill the role the Lakers thought Sun Yue could fill, he'd be fine with limited minutes, and the Lakers training staff could help him fully recover from his injury.

    Huge upside!

    Sign Shaun Livingston!

    What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

    Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

    GO LAKERS!!!!

    When I was a kid, I was scared that C.H.U.D. would come out of the man holes...

    I'm not worried about CHUD spreading from Cleveland - they're mostly an East Coast phenemenon.

    Taliq -

    I'm a sneaky devil???? How so??

    And now I'm in jail???


    I was trying to get you to reconsider and keep your badge. I am not worthy of it.

    I thought I was all about the love too.....

    Check that -

    I thought I wuz all about da luv 2 - yo

    Maybe Lamar gets the leading role in the sequel? And Jeff Schawrtz plays Jerry Maguire. They can title the move "You showed me too Much Money"..HAHAHA

    Jon K-

    Shaun Livingston is a free agent after next season. Could be real option depending on the interest from other teams. Given his physical attributes, he is perfect for the triangle offense, provided the Lakers will continue to run it.

    Charlie Rosen's article was a bit disturbing. I do worry that Camp Bynum has surrounded Andrew with a bunch of sycophants and Playmate endorsers.

    According to his Bio-Chrono reading, Andrew, like, Thriller, are extremely influenced by the "group think" of their social network.

    Actually, Thirller and Andrew's Bio-Chrono readings are extremely compatible. It'll be interesting seeing how the two influence on another.

    What do we play for? RINGS!!!

    Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

    GO LAKERS!!!!

    My worry about Kobe's contract is that it will be so big and expensive that there won't be much money left to retain/sign quality players. Kobe needs to sacrifice and make sure he leaves some money for other players.

    still worried about kobe's pinkie. will that nike t-shirt with the puppet's hand decked in 4 rings become a bad omen?

    why won't he get it fixed up?

    With LO settled, my big nba question is Allen Iverson.
    --no, not for the Lakers.
    It's just that AI has always ('cept last season) been so fun to watch play the game. 'Hate to see him just fizzle into the vapors.

    Taliq, I hear you, and after watching Ron's extended re-creation of the Palace Brawl while recently in China (he was so committed to telling the story that he didn't let repeated requests for photos by passers by derail him), I am solidly in the "he's a pscyho" camp.

    But it's a good psycho. A mature psycho. A championship psycho.

    Kinda like Rick Fox going nuts and chasing down Doug Christie to fight in the tunnel in Sacto a fews back. That's a GOOD psycho. Stephon Marbury is a bad psycho....

    "a few years" back, that is.

    Jon k...In regards to Shaun Livingston...

    You know i feel the same way about the guy..

    He reports that his knee is around 95% healed..
    The Thunder have a glut of talent..
    Although his range could be better,his court vision and passing are crazy....Before he got hurt,the Clippers looked the best they had for a long time...And he was still very raw..

    I gotta agree...sign him to a deal Mitch..Big point guards...Me like...

    My primary concern going into the season is a lack of depth at point guard. Derek Fisher was taking a lot of criticism last season for being too old and slow, and he'll be a year older and a year slower this season. While it's possible that Farmar and/or Brown make a leap to above-average starting point guard, that seems pretty unlikely given the improvements either would have to make to be at that level.

    With the understanding that no one wants to make a long-term commitment to Sasha or Luke, Farmar and Ammo look like the only trade pieces available. But even if the Lakers were to package those two for someone (Kirk Hinrich would be ideal but I doubt the Bulls would accept unless they're dying for cap flexibility,) that would still leave the Lakers with 11 guys and a need for extra bodies. So I can't foresee a realistic trade working out that would improve the Lakers at the point guard position.

    Further, L.O.C.O. was prompted in part by Dr. Buss's unwillingness to overspend. I don't think the Lakers will be willing to take on long-term contracts unless it significantly upgrades the team, and I just don't see anything out there that would do that.

    With that said, it's still a championship team that brought almost everyone back and (possibly) upgraded at the 3. I think I'll hold off on worrying until the inevitable regular season loss to the Hawks that sparks weeks of "are they soft?!?" debate.

    Being the day Wednesday, the Fifth of August, 2009.
    To all parties whom it may concern.

    As is my duty as both a member of the Bar of the State of Washington and as a duly appointed representive of the state, I am directing this query at all interested parties on this web site and its affiliates. It is my regret to inform those who know him that I have been appointed with power of attorney over one Phrederick P. Phredington until such time as he is restored to his full health of mind and body and can be assumed to his own state of recognition.

    I assure those who may be concerned that Mr Phredington is as healthy as can be expected as a man of his age and state of mind, and is under the care of the finest physicians at Wandering Kuch Facility for the mentally impaired.

    I must explain the circumstances of this no doubt surprising epistle. I was first assigned to Mr Phredington’s case after he was institutionalized. The facts are as follows. Mr Phredington was found in a state of some distress wandering in the woods of southwestern Washington two days ago, wearing only his undergarments and an athletic jersey, which has been discovered to be that of a player of the Los Angeles Lakers indentified as ‘Odom.” He was emaciated and incoherent, only able to utter the words ‘It is all about the love” continuously.

    Mr Phredington’s progress was retraced to a domicile deep in the woods where he had been apparently a resident of some time. The only items in this rough cabin were a wooden bench, several earthenware jugs which had at one point contained an alcoholic substance, and a crude homemade still. The word ‘Otis’ was inscribed on the bottom of one of these containers.

    We were only able to ascertain Mr. Phredington's identity due to his medic alert bracelet, but it has since been substantiated by the post office where he received monthly his only mail, a copy of the “Utne Reader.” The only other information available was a tattoo on Mr. Phredington’s person reading ‘”

    We have accessed this web site and we believe that the posts on the ‘comments’ section signed ‘phred’ were in fact the work of Mr. Phredington. It is unknown how he was able to submit these comments, as he had no computer or internet access, and it fact no electricity in his domicile. It was evident from both neighbors’ testimony and the state of Mr. Phredington that he was in fact completely homebound for several years prior to his foray into the woods.

    I direct this inquiry to those who maintain this web site both as a courtesy to those who may have known Mr. Phredington and as a request for anyone who has more information about him to step forward and perhaps give us some information which will speed his recovery.

    Yours Respectfully,

    Beaulox T. Schnautyanken, Esq.

    I am assuming that Bynum will start next season, but the question is 'who will finish games, Lamar or Bynum'?

    Before Bynum takes Lamar's spot on the floor at the end of games, Bynum will have to earn it. Bynum will have to prove that his knee is fully recovered, that his timing/rhythm is back, that he will prioritize rebounding and defense over offense, and that he can be a willing passer. Until Bynum does all of the above, Lamar deserves to finish games. He has earned that right by being the third best player for a back to back finals team. Until Bynum proves that the team is better with him on the floor, Lamar deserves to finish games.

    Posted by: Beaulox T. Schnautyanken, Esq. | August 05, 2009 at 01:19 PM

    Outstanding work.

    Bealox, Esq.,

    Haha, Brilliant!


    "I'm a sneaky devil???? How so??"
    cuz u managed to derail mamba24's waggon for you ... not an easy fit ...

    "I thought I was all about the love too....."
    what can I say, power corrupts all ... not to worry, ya cell will be equibed with a flat screen tv showing kobe highlights ... not game highlights though, think 'nba cares' tv spots ... with any luck u'll learn the value of serving your community


    Excellent “State of the Lakers” recap. The only thing you missed is Phil’s future. The question I have for you and Brian is whether either of you ever heard Fish express an interest in coaching after his career is over and when do you think his playing career will be over? Do you think next year will be his last and he will retire? Hard to imagine but he will be 36-years old. Of course, if he retires, the Lakers DO need to have his replacement ready and if Jordan or even Shannon are going to be that replacement, they still would need a lot of work. Almost seems as if we cannot afford to allow Fish to retire. LOL. Thanks.


    Beaulox T. Schnautyanken, Esq. -

    Thank you for the inquiry, and degree of concern, about who we here on the LA Times Lakers Blog have come to know simply as "phred".

    Yes, phred has been here. In order to speed up his recovery I suggest the following:

    1. Refill the jugs with the stuff from Otis ASAP and give phred a swig or 2... or 3...

    2. There should be a purple & gold thong in his shack somewhere. Put it on him immediately.

    3. Allow him to post here. It is essential to his fragile state of mind that he feel he is part of a community. No matter how insane the community itself is.

    4. Refer to him as "sherrif" occasionally - it will boost his self-esteem.

    5. Remind him that he is a valued member of Laker Nation, and if he mumbles about it all being about the love, just nod your head and vehemently agree.

    6. DO NOT - under any circumstances - challenge his sanity. You will only unleash rants about who the best center is, who should have signed for less money, who we should sign, why AI is/is not a good idea, why Bill Testes is/is not a good idea, and how Socks will/will not become the next greatest Laker center. Not to mention the multiple listings of reasons why cats are taking over the world and how you are most likely under their mind control and are just a puppet for the mothership which is actually currently poised in space to execute all dogs and dog lovers and assume control of this planet. Believe me - you don't want to go there.

    I think if you follow the steps as outlined above, phred will snap out of it. Give him some proper clothes and a good hot meal and he'll most likely saunter off into the sunset muttering about pool parties, wine and good books. Don't be alarmed. That's normal for him.

    Taliq - will it show the puppet commercials?? I love me some puppet!


    "While it's possible that Farmar and/or Brown make a leap to above-average starting point guard, that seems pretty unlikely given the improvements either would have to make to be at that level. "

    Brown is ready, mr hops or should we say ups will deliver


    Full account of the puppet commercials, collected without the need for search.

    I hope Kurt Rambis stays with the Lakers ... he has shown his loyalty with the organization for so long ... he deserves to atleast coach the Lakers in the future!!!

    Can't wait for our FAB 5 to play next season

    Kobe, Pau, Ron, Andrew, Fish

    Who's going to stop us now!!!

    Pig - 2 things:



    THANK YOU!!!

    I love me some puppets.

    Dear Mr. Shautyanken,

    Although new to the Washington State mental health system. Phred has tried this before many times. Just let him be. The medication you have him on is the reason he let himself be captured.
    And the mystery of the blogging without a computer... just get him a kitty. He's somehow able to get online by squeezing a cat at a specific angle and pressure.

    Ok, I'm renting C.H.U.D. next movie night.


    Then it's settled...

    Provided he's healthy...


    What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

    Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

    GO LAKERS!!!


    >>> LakerTom,

    >>> I think Bynum will be fine. But at 14 million a year and this team now stacked full
    >>> of vets, Bynum's the one with the bull's eye on him. No more Kwame to pick on.

    I absolutely agree 100%, wes. No more training wheels, no more excuses. Time for Drew to earn his money and contribute value equal or greater than his pay. Other than when we sit him in Memphis on February 1, 2010. LOL.


    Bynum's a seasoned veteran at 21, yes that's a two and a one, years old. Do you remember what you were doing when you where 21? It's obvious that some folks around here haven't yet reached that milestone, but as someone working of multiples of it, I can say that I was on the verge of flunking out of college in a drug-crazed stupor. Nowdays I'm a responsible adult holding down a six-figure job with a graduate school background in physics, aerospace engineering and computer science. No one could have predicted this outcome when I was 21, but I grew up, despite what my friends might still think.

    My point here is that Bynum is more mature than most people his age and I think his work ethic is pretty darn good. Would anyone here not have put a playboy bunny on their shoulder, if they were capable, when they were 21. Granted, it may not have been the smartest thing in the world to get your picture taken doing this when you're in the process of rehabbing an injured knee, but then he is just 21.

    Bynum's a seasoned veteran at 21 and yet he still hasn't played a starter's minutes for a full NBA season, but he must know what it takes since he's been around it for 4 years now. It's not like he's coming out of the college game unprepared for that wall he'll hit about 2/3 of the way through the season. Everyone hits it, even Kobe. He just plows right through it that's all, but you can still see the effects, the disinclination to drive to the hoop and chase an opponents break back down to the other side of the court, the failure to trail a breakaway teammate or reaching instead of moving the feet on defense.

    I have no doubt that Bynum will hit that wall but I also realize that he's familiar with it from seeing it's effect on his teammates. Experience may be the best teacher but only a fool learns by personal experience alone. Intelligence involves learning from other people's mistakes and experiences and Bynum's no dummy. As far as I can tell, he's been working diligently since his rookie year at improving his game and conditioning his body for the rigors on the NBA. I have faith that he can perform consistently at a high level as a starter for a full season and postseason. Isn't that what he's been putting all his efforts towards preparing for for the last 4 years?

    My concern with Bynum is that he will try to be too much of a finesse player, ala Kareem, and not enough of a physical force of nature as he can be. I understand that he may be tentative for a little while, still justifiably afraid of reinjury, but he needs to push through that just like the fatigue that's sure to come. He needs to regain that confidence in his game that will allow him to forget about the consequences of failure. The best antidote to injury is to play aggressively at all times. Don't do anything stupid of course, but hustle and keep moving out there. This not only keeps the body limber but it also keeps the mind active and in the game and prevents the pondering of negative possibilities.

    I've got nothing but praise for what Kareem has taught him but I think that maybe Rambis needs to teach him some of what his game was as well. Drew needs to be more aggressive on the boards and he needs to stop reaching on defense. Last season's playoff performance doesn't truly reflect his defensive skills, but it does give an indication of what to look for when he gets fatigued. He's developed very good footwork on both offense and defense, but it's hard to put those skills to work when you're tired. His defensive performance will be the best indicator of his endurance. If he starts reaching on defense and getting silly fouls instead of closing off lanes and timing blocked shots then it's time for a rest, or at least a shift or two on the bench.

    I as well I'm worried about all the above except Kobe's contract because I like that he has leverage and I would like for him to use his leverage as he does to keep the Lakers winning and if Phil leaves I definitely want Kobe to make sure Lakers get the right suitor. Bynum needs to stay healthy, I feel we should trade Sasha and Ammo but I will give them a chance to shine this season before I cast them totally off and I just hope the Lakers can repeat, I don't like their schedule at all.

    AK - the only thing that worries me is running out of things to worry about. Be that as it may, I'm not worried about any of the things you mentioned and it's starting to bother me.

    Worried about Pau Gasol not getting his full rest since he will be playing in the upcoming EuroBasket.

    I'm worried about the future of the puppets.

    Oh the humanity....

    aztronut, well said. I agree with virtually your entire take on Andrew, though I think I might be less concerned than you that he could become more of a finesse player than you are.

    Whether it is him going right at Shaq (after getting dunked on) as a rookie (followed by a shove on the way back down the floor) to his demanding the ball from the guards with a "gimme the f'in ball!" to his rather hard fouls in this year's playoffs, I think he's shown an instinct for some toughness that will manifest itself nicely in the years to come.

    I also like the fact that when he has the ball next to the basket his instinct is to DUNK the ball. I don't want to bring out all the Pau-defenders again, because I love the guy, but Andrew's tenacity at the rim is very different from Pau's. Andrew attacks the rim, and I LOVE that about him. If he has his strength and stamina back, I'd expect to see a lot more of him above the rim this year.

    Finally, your point about putting his age into perspective is really a good one. I'd never heard of the kid when the Lakers drafted him. When I went to the net to download video of the guy from high school, I was kind of mortified. He was a fat kid with no real passion for the game. To see what he has turned himself into physically just confirms for me that he wants to be great. Now it is just about staying healthy and living up to all the hype that some of us shower on him. I think he's up to it.

    Posted by: Brittney | August 05, 2009 at 03:07 PM

    You on the Silver Screen and Roll site too?


    >>> My point here is that Bynum is more mature than most people his age and I think
    >>> his work ethic is pretty darn good. Would anyone here not have put a playboy
    >>> bunny on their shoulder, if they were capable, when they were 21.

    Excellent points regarding Drew’s maturity. In answer to your question, I would guess that Faith and Psyched and most of the women posting would not put a playmate on their shoulders. Now as to whether they would like to be hoisted up on the shoulders of a handsome young NBA star, that’s a different question, especially if it is Sasha who would be lifting Faith up. LOL.

    >>> My concern with Bynum is that he will try to be too much of a finesse player,
    >>> ala Kareem, and not enough of a physical force of nature as he can be. I understand
    >>> that he may be tentative for a little while, still justifiably afraid of reinjury, but he
    >>> needs to push through that just like the fatigue that's sure to come. He needs to regain
    >>> that confidence in his game that will allow him to forget about the consequences of
    >>> failure. The best antidote to injury is to play aggressively at all times. Don't do
    >>> anything stupid of course, but hustle and keep moving out there. This not only keeps
    >>> the body limber but it also keeps the mind active and in the game and prevents the
    >>> pondering of negative possibilities.

    Again, I agree 100%. It’s amazing how intimidation can still affect a 7-1 285# player with great talent and I’m not talking about intimidation from an opponent but intimidation that he might not look great tossing up a sky hook. I remember Kareem saying that Drew just needs to develop the confidence to let his entire game flow rather than worrying. We all know that any success in life in a competitive arena depends heavily on confidence. Playing even hampered in the Finals will help Drew mature in my mind. I look for him to really have a full season of breakout play. If he does, the Lakers will run away from the rest of the league and Lakerholics all over the world will celebrate and rejoice.

    Again, thanks for the excellent post, rocket man.



    did you see the 'lil Dez tshirts?

    Not worried about Bynum and Ron Ron.

    Not as much worried about complacency because of the addition of a hungry Artest. Adding new blood into a dynasty run has that as a positive.

    Not that worried about Sasha and Jordan because of Shannon and a something-to-prove Ammo.

    Worried about Fisher's age so Shannon or Jordan needs to step up.

    Worried about LO not being aggressive and consistent.

    Worried about the ensuing riot after the 2010 championship.


    How about an Andrew Bynum Breakout Bandwagon? It would be good to see all the AB “butt-kissers” on the same bandwagon. LOL.


    Andrew Bernard,

    I also think he's up to it. He doesn't always go for the monster dunk though, even though I think he probably should. I've seen him get too cute by half around the rim from time to time. Sometimes he looks like a kid on Christmas morning, he's got so many new moves to try out he doesn't quite know what to do next. His first instinct should always be to dunk, as it should be for Pau and LO as well, especially LO who misses more layups than anyone I've ever seen. However, there's more risk of contact, and thus injury, with a dunk which is why I think most players hesitate to do it, when they shouldn't. See my previous comment on playing aggressively.

    It may be a good sign that Drew has recovered full confidence in his game when he starts dunking like a wild man at every opportunity. Once he realizes that there's very few players around that can stop him from doing this he'll have arrived. Artest may help him with this by setting a good example of being aggressive under the basket.

    Artest is the type of player that Bynum should emulate on the court, and on the court only I stress. He's not gonna be finessing many layups around defenders at the hoop. Watching Pau and LO wrangle shots at the rim is not the best guidance for Drew's power game developement.

    I've seen him do this and I know he can do it, but he doesn't yet do it consistently all the time. He's got the capabilities to play Shaq's game and Kareem's as well. He needs to develop both. I just think he's relied more on the finesse game than the power game so far in his career, but I expect that to change this season.


    Excellent point. I forgot about the female contingent around here, my bad.

    Thank you for the kind words.

    Pig - I'm not on Facebook and so was unable to check out your T-shirt link....

    To answer your question though - no I haven't seen that one. Just the Puppet Hand w/Rings one.... and to be honest, it kind of freaks me out a bit. I mean - it's only got 4 fingers. It's just not right. Like someone lopped off the other one just cuz there weren't enough rings to go around. Sucks to be a baby finger in this league...


    Good point about Orlando. I was thinking that it was a slap in the face as well, but they play the Celtics at 2:30 Eastern, also on ABC.

    But to not have the prime evening matchup against the Champs? Yeah, that says something...

    "How about an Andrew Bynum Breakout Bandwagon? It would be good to see all the AB “butt-kissers” on the same bandwagon."

    Tom, I think the operative word has become "lemmings" rather than butt-kissers....

    aztronut, good points again. There is the Pau/Odom model of taking it strong, and there is the Kobe model. I prefer the latter for any player, but especially a player with size and strength. LO's missed layups are frustrating but at least tolerable when he pads his rebounding stats by getting putbacks of his own misses (though often at the expense of a teammate's assist). For me, Rick Fox was the most frustrating layup shooter of all time. Guy seemed to miss one every game, though unlike Lamar he didn't have the length to get the board (of course, unlike Lamar, Rick probably couldn't dunk in those later years...).

    Looking forward to seeing Artest's influence on several of the guys. I hate punks, but I love guys who play hard. Ron has seemed to transform himself (in my eyes, if nowhere else) from the latter to the former in the past several seasons. Age mellows all of us, I guess.

    Sheesh, age does more than mellow you. That should be "Ron has transformed himself from the former to the latter".


    I must inform you that phred might have been misidentified as creature known as a sasquatch parading in a local county corridor. Please also advise the Washington Widlife and Game authorities or any similar parties of Mr. Phredington's current situation.


    To those writing about the Lakers' future at point guard, let me walk away from my 12-step Lakerholics program for a moment.

    Last season, there were many reasons to be disappointed in Jordan Farmar's lack of consistent production. And it was easy for us to get excited about what we got from Shannon Brown. I'll plead guilty to both of the above.

    But I think the season ahead will be telling for both competitors. I'm not ready to write Jordan off. I'm not ready to anoint UPS. Both have an opportunity to prove themselves.

    BTW, I think the same is true for Sasha and Ammo.

    I'm going to stay open-minded and optimistic on all of the above. They will earn their minutes, whether on the floor, on the bench, or on the trading block. Right now, they're all members of the Purple & Gold, which makes them worthy of my support.

    Go Lakers!


    2nd best Laker center (after Gasol)
    3rd in rpg (after soft Gasol and inconsistent LO)
    5th best Laker player (after Kobe, Gasol, LO and Artest)
    10th in games played (better than Ammo, Sun!)
    5th in minutes played (KB,PG,LO and oldtimer DFish)
    6th in minutes played after Ariza became a starter


    3rd in salary (after KB and Gasol, almost 2x LO, 3xArtest)

    Purely on a win now financially beneficial point of view Bynum would be considered the best trade bait for a PG and tax relief.

    last year the Gasol acquisition had a dominoes effect on the rest of the league that still continues this year; just watch how all the teams r collecting anything that says:

    6'-9"+ object on the horizon

    and while all the other teams r collecting large logs, the Lakers got iRon. this will effect the rest of the league for the next few years. as one can see, they r all over signing anything that moves or not (B. Bowen @ 38)

    worry?! how many days till Oct 27? Lakers r ahead of the rest of the league for many years to come.

    rumors: A. Bynum started to rehabilitate his knees. to drive a Ferrari with a clutch and shifting gears from Neutral to 1 in LA traffic standing still, bumper to bumper, is a lot of effort on the knees.

    but what does LakerTom knows about gears, shifting and CLUTCH. he was on automatic all his life.

    I never liked Artest as a person or a player, but I feared him. That means I saw him as dangerous, as good enough to influence the outcome of a game. He may or may not be an ass but I've seen him act like one plenty of times on the court and perhaps more times off of it. I know he's making nice with the Laker fans these days, as he should, and I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he really has changed, but there are few things that I would change in his game.

    I was immediately glad that we acquired him, at least after I got over my momentary disappointment at losing Ariza, because he plays to improving our most glaring weaknesses. That would be toughness and just plain mean-spiritedness, especially in the paint and on defense. I still think those "Lakers are soft" taunts of two years ago when we lost to you-know-who in the finals were deserved and we didn't completely overcome that last season even with the championship.

    I still think Artest should have been suspended for charging at Kobe and putting his hand to his throat during the playoffs last year. There's really no excuse for that kind of behavior on the court, even when you get cold cocked and the refs don't see it. It was, after all, not intentional.

    I'm counting on PJ to keep Artest in check in this regard. No more instigating fights on the court, but if he wants to go right up to that line without crossing it, well then that's up to him. I've always admired his aggressive play even as I hated his brute force being used against us.

    There are many aspects of Artest's game that Bynum should emulate. His tenacity, his aggressiveness under the basket, his determination and hard work, but I hope he leaves his attitude issues with Houston. He needs to realize that he doesn't need to scare people anymore, the Lakers as a team will do that with their play. We don't need him to throw up wild shots and play out of control either, we've got a superstar to do that for us already.

    I'm worried about the fact that it's been almost a week since Lamar's signing and we still have no extended video of the press conference on the blog. What gives??

    Andrew Bernard,

    >>> Tom, I think the operative word has become "lemmings" rather than butt-kissers....

    LOL. There is a “subtle” difference. You were originally called a LakerTom “lemming” because your opinion of Drew was supposedly just parroting what I have said. I said I would gladly become an Andrew Bernard lemming because I was now parroting your even better arguments. For the bandwagon, I thought butt-kissers was more appropriate than implying that any blogger who supported and believed in Drew was just parroting what you or I were saying. It also appealed to my wry sense of humor. If anybody wants to call me an Andrew Bynum “butt-kisser” because I love and believe in the guy, no problem. In time, there will be nothing but Andrew Bynum butt-kissers on the blog.


    Tom, Mamba et al - I'd gladly take a ride on that wagon.

    Re: Rambis updates (Times, Yahoo, etc.). Year 1 mission. Make it to the playoffs. year 2 - advance to second round. Year 3 - get hired by a better team.



    2010 Champions!

    AK, interesting stuff to consider, but rather than be skeptical, how about a positive approach. What if Ron Ron is a motivated dynamic monster.? What If Drew works his rear off and is motivated on both sides of the court to play and run every minute.? What If Shannon really develops, and same with Farmar.? What If Ammo starts hitting everything from the Arc and beyond.?

    Two things for sure, kobe will sign and Fish will be a year older. Fish is the only question I have and it is not a big one. I think we may see Shannon and Jordon earlier and often. I can hardly wait to see what this team looks like, after letting the summer sink in and the motivation for more rings taking hold of the team.

    Never, AK/BK,

    Read some posts for today and I am very much concerned, I don't know now whom to believe whether the esquire is really an esq. representing his patient on our fellow blogger, Phred or somebody is playing games on the blog.

    Here is my point, if the representation is true, then we are happy that we were able to bring joy to someone who is sick. If not true and youth adventurism is in play, then if affects the credibility of Lakers Blog as a whole or the person or person(s) playing games with serious fans giving out opinions here. We have been in this blog for a great numbers of years now, we dealt with a passionate Laker fan who was an ex-convict, foreign trolls, kids, other team trolls, posters using different names, poster acting as impostors, the blog just went on with it. Lately, with the coming of Mamba24, we had some excitements on those roll calls, poems and everything, there were some games from within like appointing a Sheriff. Most of us have welcome Phred as member of the family, then this post comes in, and with all the different names and characters posting because we are all anonymous we don't know whom to believe and we depend on its authenticity through our moderators.

    If the representation is not true and certain posters are playing games with the blog, that could be a credibility issue of the blog in the future. People, not just ordinary laker fans but professionals too, exchanged opinions, engaged in serious debates, shared personal experiences, spent time posting all for the sake of passion with fellow Laker fans, it would be unfair if those passion will be toyed around, exploited by any undesirable who has a different purpose in blogging. I think AK/BK, those are one of your responsibilities in making sure that the blog does not go out of bounds of its purpose as specified in your legal spiel.

    Thank you for your attention, don't mean to spoil those little fun but these manifestations could be detrimental in trusting fellow bloggers.


    If there is a Bynum breakout bandwagon, not everyone in the bandwagon will be a Bynum "butt-kisser".
    Let's not confuse Bynum "supporters" with Bynum "butt-kissers". They are two entirely different groups.

    Bynum supporters believe in his potential, but want Bynum to EARN his minutes. They want Bynum to prove that he has regained his form before giving him free reign. They want Bynum to prove that the team is better with him over Lamar before allowing him to close out games.

    Bynum butt-kissers want to give him everything on a silver platter. They think he should start and close out games simply on potential, or brief glimpses of greatness.

    Bynum supporters appreciate Gasol's improvement and contributions, as well as Lamar's.

    Bynum butt-kissers see Gasol and Lamar as a threat to Bynum's minutes.

    Bynum supporters want his minutes to be carefully managed to ensure his stamina holds up for the entire season.

    Bynum butt-kissers want him to play 35 minutes a game to ensure the Beast is unleashed sooner rather than later.

    Bynum supporters can see his potential, but can criticize him for prioritizing scoring ahead of rebounding and defense, despite clear instructions from the coaching staff to do otherwise.

    Bynum "butt-kissers" give him a free pass for ignoring the coaching staff based on injuries.

    Bynum supporters can objectively acknowledge that if the front office had waited until the summer before giving him his contract, they could have saved millions, and possibly could have signed Ariza with that money.

    Bynum butt-kissers were fighting for every penny in his contract negotiations, while suddenly turning into the Lakers budget analyst / CPA when it came to Lamar's contract.


    I actually attended the LO presser and filmed it, but there was a lot of feedback for some reason and the sound didn't turn out well, so I didn't post it. If you go to, you can find it.



    This is a smart move by Kurt in my opinion. I think he rightly sensed that his chances of being named Phil’s successor were not strong and rather than sit around waiting for the ax to fall, he instead chose to take his destiny in his own hands. If he proves successful as the Timberwolves head coach, he will be in a better position to be chosen to succeed Phil when he retires in 1 or 2 years than had he remained as an assistant coach.

    Even if Kurt does not get the initial nod, he would still have a chance to eventually land his dream job. Following Phil Jackson’s act is going to be a very difficult and challenging job for any coach and there is plenty of history that clearly shows that most organizations usually fail a couple of times before finding the right person to follow a coaching legend. And that ignores the issue of whether or not to continue running the Triangle Offense.

    So where does that leave the Lakers alleged coaching succession? Does that elevate Brian Shaw to the position of likely successor? The Lakers as an organization like to promote from within in general but have almost always gone outside for a big name in their coaching searches. That is why I doubt that any of the current assistants will be tagged to succeed Phil. None of them has the requisite charisma and respect to be a head coach in my opinion. If they had, they would have been snatched up long ago.

    The candidate pool outside, however, is just as lacking. Coach K is not going to leave Duke. I hate the thought of Byron Scott taking over the reins of the Lakers. Stan Van Gundy? Mark Jackson? Gimme a break! In the end, I still come back to Derek Fisher, the Lakers co-captain and elected President of the NBA Players Association. Fish will be 35 years old this coming Sunday and has a $5M expiring contract. Maybe the Lakers should let his contract expire after next year and hire him as an assistant coach.

    With the economy likely to reduce the salary cap and luxury tax threshold for the next couple of years, there will likely be some solid point guard prospects let go by teams who may find the MLE to be all they can demand in compensation, like happened with Ron Artest. The $10M that the Lakers would save by allowing Fish’s contract to expire could then be used to sign Fish’s replacement from the elite 2010 free agent pool.

    Or Jordan Farmar or Shannon Brown might show enough this year to get a shot at replacing Fish. Regardless, we are likely to see a significant drop in the minutes that Fish plays this year in hopes of saving him for the playoffs and seeing what Jordan and Shannon can do. Alternatively, I still would like to see Lamar Odom get a shot at playing point guard. Talk all you want about the matchups, I would put my money on opposing point guards having more problems guarding him than vice versa.

    While the NBA has eliminated the player-coach position so teams cannot claim part of a players salary is really for coaching and thus should not count against the salary cap, there is nothing stopping the Lakers from making Fish an “unofficial” player coach this season in order to start the process of grooming him to succeed Phil. In many ways, Fish as co-captain and elder has already usurped the role of coach on the floor for this team. Why not make it “unofficial” and pave the way for a great coaching transition.

    JMO. Good luck and thank you, Kurt. You will always be a Laker no matter what.


    From the Alfred E. Neeman "what me worry?" news desk.... did anybody read/post about Sasha slightly injurying his left knee with Slovenian team? We're doomed.

    Edwin my friend - do not worry about Phred and the Esq... lunacy will get us much further than credibility these days. Plus, it's more fun.

    Shaun Livingston as the starting PG of the future?

    The guy is no doubt talented, and if the guy is fully recovered from his injury, would be an absolute steal at a low salary. But that's a big IF. His knee injury was probably the worst I've ever seen an NBA player suffer. Realistically, the odds are against him ever returning to a similar form he had before the injury.

    And unless he develops a consistent jump shot, I don't see him being an effective PG in the Triangle.

    do the butt-kissers need support?


    How ironic that Laker Kurt Rambis is hired to replace Celtic Kevin McHale who was fired. You better bet that that made Kurt smile at some point, especially since McHale never had the class to even apologize. Hope Kevin trips over a rake in the front yard and knocks out all of his front teeth. I enjoyed the embarrassment of his failure as GM.

    I wonder now if the quick dousing of the idea of Kurt coaching some games on the road was a sign that the Lakers did not want to elevate Kurt into that position because they did not think he would the right guy to succeed Phil. Probably not but maybe Kurt took it to heart that they didn’t think he could do the job. Be interesting to know the whole story. The impression I got was that it was Mitch that squelched the idea, not Phil.

    There was an interesting bit of news on Lake Show Life where former Minnesota Gopher and LA Laker player Mychal Thompson gave Kurt an important recommendation. Would it be too farfetched to think that the Lakers might look to the team’s color commentator to change hats and become a Lakers assistant coach and possibly even follow Pat Riley and become the head coach of the team? Improbable but not impossible.

    It would definitely be a pretty radical move and I haven’t even had a chance to do more than give it the Jon K. quick once over but I have always thought that Michael Thompson had the kind of basketball intelligence, personal charisma, and player history that could allow him to become a successful NBA coach. And his focus was always defense. I will probably more incoming with these comments but my initial take is pretty positive.

    Think about it. One of the things you know about Mychal is what he thinks is important. Two things he constantly preached along with Spero all year long was defense and inside out basketball. Listening to a guy critique the team 82 games a year (well, more like half the time since he is only on radio) lets you see how he thinks. Mychal may not be the Zen tsar that Phil was but I think the guy has a pretty good basketball mind.

    DFish is still my top pick and maybe I am crazy (you don’t have to answer that, lol) but I seriously think I could warm to Mychal Thomson as the Lakers head coach. We already had Montana so how about a little Bahamas? Just keeping the blog fires going.


    Now it's time to focus on their training this summer?

    Drew is good example of someone who have to be observed carefully. He owes a better next seson: More rebounds and blocks, more consistency... Sasha should improve his three points shot in order to be sold at a good price... Shannon's got a new contract. Now he needs to master the Triangle offense before November. Same thing for Ron Ron. LO and Pau must keep working on their skills and strength. Boston, Cleveland and San Antonio want our scalp!
    So Champs, please don't sleep on your laurels!!

    I mean, if Mark Jackson, with no experience as a coach, can be seriously considered for all of these head coaching positions, I’d take Mychal Thompson over him in a minute.


    why not sign jerry stackhouse? i mean if the knikcs dont take him..he could be a good back up

    I believe that the 210 pound, mohawked elephant in the room is the availability of Von Wafer.

    Dave M,

    Edwin my friend - do not worry about Phred and the Esq... lunacy will get us much further than credibility these days. Plus, it's more fun.

    ~~ It is anything goes in this blog where people are anonymous but legal cases are now being filed on social networking most recent one is the Boston police. If AK/BK will allow those gamesmanship to transpire, someone will try to beat that crap and make his own inventions as well. You and I may not be affected by that lunacy but a lot of bloggers here who comes from different countries and states may no longer believe or trust what is being said here. If the moderators allow lunatics rule the blog, what will be next? perverts, maniacs, stalkers, suicidals.......and so on and on. Can it be moderated? I am not sure whether AK/BK can determine what is the state of mind of every individual here. That is when credibility of the blog becomes an issue. It is best to cut in the bud because those are problems that may affect the patronage of this blog.

    Well LA Times has a good legal department, it is worthwhile investigating who is this esquire? Whether there is really a patient by the name of Mr. Phrederick Phredington. Google did not yield any good search but directed back to our blog.


    Are you serious? I hope you were joking.

    Edwin, I like the fun that has been inspired by the contract watch this long and hot summer. I see this as good color.


    LOL. Not sure if you are serious or playing. Shades of Ding How in Prattville for those who’ve been around a while. We’ve had supposed troll’s mothers and psychiatrists post, famous celebrity imposters, and multiple cases of multiple personalities sharing the same IP address post. So don’t worry because it the posts are all from phred. He is has a multiple personality disorder and is what we liberals call schizophrenically challenged.


    Edwin - I think Phred's just having some fun with a little creative writing for the entertainment of the readers. Anyway, I don't really see the harm but always respect your opinion .

    Tom - hmmm, wouldn't have thought of Mychal as a head coach. Fish seems a natural choice to me, if that's what he wants to do.

    I hope Eric Musselman gets a shot to be back in the NBA... one of the brightest minds in the coaching ranks and really got derailed by the DUI.

    As someone mentioned, Shaun Livingston has a year on his deal with OKC. It is fully guarenteed, so no chance he will be on the market this summer for the Laker's to sign.
    I think Mitch will keep things as is, and maybe add someone during the season who has been waived. (like Joe Smith to Cleveland last year, Mikki Moore to Boston etc).
    What is important now is to get to training camp and integrate Artest with the returning guys.

    Sweet, an after hours response from AK himself! Gotta love this blog. Thanx for the heads up.


    No worries. Glad to help.




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