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Kurt Rambis heading to Minnesota?

Rambis According to the Times' own Mike Bresnahan and Broderick Turner, that appears to be the case.  Rambis flew to Minneapolis for what would constitute the third meeting between Clark Kent and the Wolves brass.  And given how this franchise is in serious "trimming the fat" mode when it comes to allocated dollars, I understand why Brez and BT figure los Lobos didn't jet Rambis into town simply to show him around Mall of America.  If his potential departure made your "Worry List," probably time to start chomping on the ol' finger nails.

Should this deal go down, I think the Wolves landed themselves a good and sensible hire.  Rambis did, in my opinion, a solid closing out a chaotic '99 season after Del Harris was fired, acquitting himself about as well as could be expected from a rookie coach inheriting a talented but dysfunctional crew.  From there, he's gone on to become respected and well-regarded (from everything I've ever read or understood) around the league as an important member of the Laker staff. 

Yes, Rambis would be taking over a lousy team, but they're a lousy team with two good pieces (Al Jefferson, Kevin Love), a few youngsters with potential (Jonny Flynn, a healthy Corey Brewer, Ricky Rubio?) and high draft picks certain to come.  And since there's no pressure to win right away, the powers that be can afford to take a patient look at Rambis.

Plus, Rambis might get to sign off on a Quentin Richardson trade, which is apparently a lot of fun, since everyone's doing it this offseason!!!

In the meantime, the Lakers will have an easier time, should they choose to do so, transitioning Brian Shaw as the next head coach not named "Phil" or "Jackson."  It's a role I've long felt Shaw was being groomed for- I actually thought Shaw would be the guy taking over for Frank Hamblen before PJ shocked the world with his return- and like Rambis in Minnesota, I think the former three-peat member would be a great call.  He's young enough to remember what it's like being a player, but far enough removed from active duty to reek of "coach."  He communicates well and has a very good way with people.  Plus, he's got the everlasting respect of Kobe Bryant, and I'll go out on a limb and predict the brain trusts want a dude with 24's stamp of approval.  Obviously, if Jackson stays on longer than expected, the front runner to succeed him may change with that development.  But for now, like BK mentioned last week, I think Shaw could be in ownership of the proverbial "cat bird seat."

Also, as an unrelated FYI.  The Press-Enterprise's Jeffrey Eisenberg reported earlier today that Sasha Vujacic suffered a left knee injury while working with the Slovenian National Team.  It didn't sound too serious at the time, and the latest update has The Machine practicing with the team again.  Hopefully, we're back to biz as usual.  


Photo: Kurt Rambis.  Credit: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images North America

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Mr Geco, et al., I am unfamiliar with the nature of ‘blogs’ and the community contained therein, but I assure you that I am communicating with this forum as an impartial observer and I wish nothing but the best for Mr. Phredington. I appreciate the input from those of you who have expressed support for ‘phred’ as I do truly believe this is the pseudonym of Mr. Phredington. I feel that some of you have perhaps gained the impression that this inquiry was of a humorous nature. I assure you that it is nothing of the sort.

I am unable to understand how Mr. Phredington communicated with this web site without the benefit of any computing device or internet access, and I am trying to ascertain the nature of his communication.

I hope that all of this community will accept my heartfelt apologies if my inquiry has been misconstrued. Again, I am only seeking to do the best I can to help Mr Predington.


Beauxlox T. Scheutzgrabbing, Esq.


This is a smart move by Kurt in my opinion. I think he rightly sensed that his chances of being named Phil’s successor were not strong and rather than sit around waiting for the ax to fall, he instead chose to take his destiny in his own hands. If he proves successful as the Timberwolves head coach, he will be in a better position to be chosen to succeed Phil when he retires in 1 or 2 years than had he remained as an assistant coach.

Even if Kurt does not get the initial nod, he would still have a chance to eventually land his dream job. Following Phil Jackson’s act is going to be a very difficult and challenging job for any coach and there is plenty of history that clearly shows that most organizations usually fail a couple of times before finding the right person to follow a coaching legend. And that ignores the issue of whether or not to continue running the Triangle Offense.

So where does that leave the Lakers alleged coaching succession? Does that elevate Brian Shaw to the position of likely successor? The Lakers as an organization like to promote from within in general but have almost always gone outside for a big name in their coaching searches. That is why I doubt that any of the current assistants will be tagged to succeed Phil. None of them has the requisite charisma and respect to be a head coach in my opinion. If they had, they would have been snatched up long ago.

The candidate pool outside, however, is just as lacking. Coach K is not going to leave Duke. I hate the thought of Byron Scott taking over the reins of the Lakers. Stan Van Gundy? Mark Jackson? Gimme a break! In the end, I still come back to Derek Fisher, the Lakers co-captain and elected President of the NBA Players Association. Fish will be 35 years old this coming Sunday and has a $5M expiring contract. Maybe the Lakers should let his contract expire after next year and hire him as an assistant coach.

With the economy likely to reduce the salary cap and luxury tax threshold for the next couple of years, there will likely be some solid point guard prospects let go by teams who may find the MLE to be all they can demand in compensation, like happened with Ron Artest. The $10M that the Lakers would save by allowing Fish’s contract to expire could then be used to sign Fish’s replacement from the elite 2010 free agent pool.

Or Jordan Farmar or Shannon Brown might show enough this year to get a shot at replacing Fish. Regardless, we are likely to see a significant drop in the minutes that Fish plays this year in hopes of saving him for the playoffs and seeing what Jordan and Shannon can do. Alternatively, I still would like to see Lamar Odom get a shot at playing point guard. Talk all you want about the matchups, I would put my money on opposing point guards having more problems guarding him than vice versa.

While the NBA has eliminated the player-coach position so teams cannot claim part of a players salary is really for coaching and thus should not count against the salary cap, there is nothing stopping the Lakers from making Fish an “unofficial” player coach this season in order to start the process of grooming him to succeed Phil. In many ways, Fish as co-captain and elder has already usurped the role of coach on the floor for this team. Why not make it “unofficial” and pave the way for a great coaching transition.

JMO. Good luck and thank you, Kurt. You will always be a Laker no matter what.



How ironic that Laker Kurt Rambis is hired to replace Celtic Kevin McHale who was fired. You better bet that that made Kurt smile at some point, especially since McHale never had the class to even apologize. Hope Kevin trips over a rake in the front yard and knocks out all of his front teeth. I enjoyed the embarrassment of his failure as GM.

I wonder now if the quick dousing of the idea of Kurt coaching some games on the road was a sign that the Lakers did not want to elevate Kurt into that position because they did not think he would the right guy to succeed Phil. Probably not but maybe Kurt took it to heart that they didn’t think he could do the job. Be interesting to know the whole story. The impression I got was that it was Mitch that squelched the idea, not Phil.

There was an interesting bit of news on Lake Show Life where former Minnesota Gopher and LA Laker player Mychal Thompson gave Kurt an important recommendation. Would it be too farfetched to think that the Lakers might look to the team’s color commentator to change hats and become a Lakers assistant coach and possibly even follow Pat Riley and become the head coach of the team? Improbable but not impossible.

It would definitely be a pretty radical move and I haven’t even had a chance to do more than give it the Jon K. quick once over but I have always thought that Michael Thompson had the kind of basketball intelligence, personal charisma, and player history that could allow him to become a successful NBA coach. And his focus was always defense. I will probably get more incoming with these comments but my initial take is pretty positive.

Think about it. One of the things you know about Mychal is what he thinks is important. Two things he constantly preached along with Spero all year long was defense and inside out basketball. Listening to a guy critique the team 82 games a year (well, more like half the time since he is only on radio) lets you see how he thinks. Mychal may not be the Zen tsar that Phil was but I think the guy has a pretty good basketball mind.

DFish is still my top pick and maybe I am crazy (you don’t have to answer that, lol) but I seriously think I could warm to Mychal Thomson as the Lakers head coach. I mean, if Mark Jackson, with no experience as a coach, can be seriously considered for all of these head coaching positions, I’d take Mychal Thompson over him in a minute. We already had Montana so how about a little Bahamas? Just keeping the blog fires going.



Who would you like to be the Lakers next head coach?

a. Kurt Rambis
b. Brian Shaw
c. Byron Scott
d. Derek Fisher
e. Mychal Thomson
f. Mark Jackson
g. Jeff Van Gundy
h. Pat Riley
i. Ben Howland
j. Doug Collins
h. Other


LOL, that reads like one of the previous generation of Spanish Prisoner letters.

I used to love those because of the funny use of English, now they're all boring and to the point.

Beauxlox T. Scheutzgrabbing, Esq.

Posted by: Beaulox T. Schnotztyanken, Esq. | August 05, 2009 at 08:45 PM

~~Did you notice any difference?

Edwin - grabbing, yanking, hahaha! He's yankin' your chain!

Tom -

I would go with d followed by b. Would never go with j, he might have another near nervous breakdown.

Brian Shaw must be one happy man tonight. With Rambis out of the picture, no doubt B. Shaw is the favorite to take over the reins of the team once Phil decides to ride off into the sunset.

Shaw seems like one of those guys who everybody on the team likes. The only potential problem I see is that he would be just too darn nice to command the respect of the players as the head coach, as well as the intensity to rip into his players when necessary.

If we were to consider a coach from the college ranks, I'd put Roy Williams from North Carolina on the top of my list. With Mitch's Tar Heel connections, the Lakers may very well take a long, hard look at Roy Williams. As good as it is to coach a storied college basketball program, the opportunity to coach the greatest franchise in sports may be just too tempting for Williams to pass up.

How much $$$? Years? Sacto job was better - too bad for Kurt he wasn't available.

In the preceding thread, this is how he signed:

Beaulox T. Schnautyanken, Esq.

Posted by: Beaulox T. Schnautyanken, Esq. | August 05, 2009 at 01:19 PM

On July 17th post, phred used the word "schnoct"

~~It appears that this poster is playing with this blog with series of "sch" names. It is up to you guys and gals if you wish to entertain this madness and frivolities with the concoctions of names. As far as I am concerned the word "phred" is a joke or beaulox as not credible post. I agree with the observation of Korey in one of his posts in the past about phred. Well, AK/BK allows the post to go through despite the email address may be coming from the same person.

How does this effect our defensive end of things? Wasn't Kurt the designated "defensive coach?"

More important than who Phil's successor will be is who Kobe's successor will be down the road. Kobe's not getting any younger, and the next couple of years would be a perfect time for Kobe to teach a young, rising star and groom him to be his successor.

With Brandon Roy out of the picture now, Kevin Durant is on the top of my wish list to become Kobe's eventual successor (aside from LBJ). Durant becomes a free agent in a few years, probably around the time that Pau's contract is up. Durant or Pau? That's a tough question.

Phred? Is that you?? Pls tell me its phreddy! Common out jokes over buddy.

So what, Edwin? I've posted as different people from the same email address - and I could've been Sheriff!


Don't take the fun out of that guy's posting by pointing out the obvious, sheesh.

We've got no worries after a perfect offseason.


For everyone's concern, I searched the alleged esquire of Phreddington under the Washington State Bar directory. I found no attorney practicing under that name, either first or surname. Nonetheless, the author does have excellent writing skills that resembles strongly a legal tone.

The World Champion Lakers are owned by the best family in all of sports. The Buss family is committed to winning a championship every year. Based on past experience they would not consider hiring anyone in your poll.

The Lakers would only consider the most qualified and experienced coach. They would not consider a college coach without any NBA experience. Candidates do not need to have any ties to the Lakers. It is more likely they would consider hiring a coach who is a proven winner and is already under contract to another team. The Lakers could obtain permission from most any team in the NBA and buy out a contract.

Lets consider your list:

a. Kurt Rambis - will soon be hired by the Timberwolves and will not be available in the next three years when the Lakers job is available. He does not have the prerequisite experience to lead any team to a championship.

b. Brian Shaw - has never coached on any level and would never be considered until he has proven that he is a great coach and a winner.

c. Byron Scott - has proven himself consistently to be one of the very worst coaches in the NBA. He has some of the best talent and has no clue how to coach defense.

d. Derek Fisher - please see same answer as #b.

e. Mychal Thomson - please see same answer as #b. Have you actually ever listened to Mychal? He never says anything worthwhile.

f. Mark Jackson - please see same answer as #b.

g. Jeff Van Gundy - please see same answer for #c. There are many many reasons why he is working in broadcasting. Did you listen to him during the finals? The man has an east coast bias the size of the milky way

h. Pat Riley - Pat is well past his prime as a coach and should be retired from coaching.

i. Ben Howland - should really be fired at UCLA. I do not know of any UCLA alumni who believe he can coach the team to a championship. He has been a great recruiter...until this year. He has no idea how to coach offense or improve his player's games.

j. Doug Collins - please see same answer for #g and #h.

p.s. to Otis: Rambis refused to accept the Sacto job because the brothers Maloof refused to give him a guaranteed three year contract and make a commitment to rebuild the team.

Oh my god. Please help. Sorry, can’t take much time. Jon K was right. They are…get away! AAARRGGGHHHG!




DISregfard pcevs POST I sentz. HissssRt! Nothink IZ wongr wITh Phred. Sorry. MEWOW! EvERTiuNg OK!


BOUEXuchs! P Phr.SnotyakMEOOWERenken, Esq

I don't like this at all.

Not at all.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I like this move. It means, there is another laker man out there Coaching an NBA team. The lakers are everywhere...

if the lakers RE-PEAT, PJ will sign a new contract for 2 years, one year at a time/condition.

he will want a 3-Peat to mirror his stay in Chicago.

if they 3-Peat, he will want to break it.

he will coach until the "uncoachable" Kobe "bean" Bryant will become Kobe "ZEN" Bryant. now that is a challenge for the Zen Master.

as u can read into his last interview, as much as Kobe wants only Phil, Phil wants Kobe too. it is a codependency. because of Jordan's retirement and comeback, PJ never could go beyond the 3-Peat. in this case it is possible and that is a personal challenge for himself. and now, after the LO signing and this group of players of same age, KB, LO, PG, RA and a young AB, the sky is the limit. and compared to the Chicago FO, Buss will go for the ride too by leaving the deepest mark in the NBA history.

we r in for a HUGE and FUN ride. and yes, lots of LOVE.

I would go with Shaw before Fisher.

Giving Fisher some time as an assistant coach first will greatly increase his chances of succeeding. That assumes that he wants to coach - has he ever indicated that desire?

I didn't get to post on the last thread, so I am gonna comment on what I am worried about. I am worried that Dr. Buss is going to cede control of the Lakers to his son with the public speaking disorder. That could send the whole franchise into Phrederick land.

If anyone in the Laker's orginization or in the entire NBA for that matter deserves a head coaching job it is Kurt (superman) Rambis. The guy is just a warrior and a great head coach. It a shame that he is heading to such a blackhole of talent though. It's gonna be a rough couple of years if the rumors are true and he does get the job.

i don't see brian shaw or any of tom's other picks getting the eventual coaching job. the vacancy will be a major draw. too many other proven qualifiers out there. coach K would be a consideration for openers.

I hope Kurt gets the job in Minny. It's time for him. A part of me wishes Mark Jackson would get that job, so that fans wouldn't have to suffer him on ABC and ESPN broadcasts anymore! Jk!!

I don't think that being a full time assistant complete with travel responsibilities appeals to Kareem. If it did, he would make a great assistant coach.

I hope Drew is putting in his work this summer. IMO, the young man should set himself a goal of leading the team in rebounding and blocked shots. If he can average 12 pts., 12 rebs. and 3 blocks a game while improving his conditioning and stamina, the Lakers can't be beat.

Adrian W. (I ain't messing with that last name) has Kurt trading in his LA surfboard for a Minny snowmobile:

Good morning Mamba24 and the fabulous Laker morning CRUE!!!

More craziness going on here today, I see.

Edwin - IT'S A JOKE. The esquire is NOT REAL. It's phred himself. C'mon man - kick your funnybone in gear!!

Then again, Edwin may be joking back in which case WE need to get our crap together LOL!

Laker Tom - If you'll head up the Andrew Bynum Bandwagon you can count me in. I find myself somewhere between lemming, butt kisser and supporter. Is there a word for that?? Maybe I'll start my own darn bandwagon - take that ouchhhhh. LOL!

phred - it's not too late to take your medication and come back home. It's just not the same without you here.

otis - better brew up a new batch of hooch - I think phred's going to need it. Wait - I take that back - give some to Edwin.

I'm worried about:

1. Phred (although he is damn funny).

2. Rambis getting screwed in Minn.

3. Enough points to share for five or six all-star caliber players. This could be fantastic or could show some serious growing pains. Personally, I think it will be the former, but I worry by nature.

Good luck to Rambis, if he decides to leave for "greener pastures" with the T-Wolves. Always like it when former Lakers get a shot like this. Hey, maybe Michael Cooper might reconsider his new USC job this fall and come to the Lakers bench as one of the assistants?

How does this effect our defensive end of things? Wasn't Kurt the designated "defensive coach?"

Posted by: Rob | August 05, 2009 at 10:32 PM

I´m worried about the same thing.
Wasn´t Kurt the responsible to add the term "defense" to our team after the finals debacle?
What is going to happen to our defensive scheme?
We are going back to 2007-2008?


That's quite a funny list of successors u put together. If u were trying to make us laugh u succeded:

Mychal thompson- we need a coach not a comedian

Mark jackson/vangundy- well bring on the whole esp cast then. How bout bill walton and jon barry?

Riley or collins? How bout hubie or bill fitch?

And howland?? What about steve lavin. He could be the second coming of riley.

Personally don't like anybody on that list... We need a proven guy with nba experience as a head coach unless its coach K (my #1 choice) . I would prefer a guy from the inside too but none of them has had any exp/success as a head coach... If rambis does well in minnesota he'd be a perfect fit in 3-4 years. He'll could have the players respect by then esp from our vets and phil aint goin nowhere for a while. With this team its almost automatic for about 3-4 years. No way phil passes that up.






I hate them Minny for this crap.

Bunch of no-good, sneaky, lousy, low-down poachers.


With all due respect to LakerTom, and I have a ton, at this point Derek Fisher is a likely candidate in his head only. We have no evidence that any of the following think of him as a potential Laker coach: Jerry Buss, Jeannie Buss, school bus, Mitch Kupchak, Kobe Bryant, or, wait for it......... Derek Fisher.

I love the guy, I'm a big fan. There is no evidence other than that he is a leader in the locker room that he wants to, or has the ability to, step in as head coach one of the NBA's 2 premier franchises.

He is ahead of Beauxlox T. Scheutzwackin', Esq. on my list to be sure. But outside of this blog and in the Lakers' offices I would be surprised if his name has been tossed around.

I am old school. I think we should think in terms of coaches for the job.

By the, Aging Rambis Youth, I just noted, was an accidental name I was using.

I showed a friend the blog and he posted on my computer using that tag. I didn't ever look and see his name was saved.

Actually, since I wasn't saying anything smart, it was nice to have in another name.

Tom Daniels

I'm with Laker Tom on this.

Derek Fisher should be groomed as the next Laker Coach. His character and commitment are such that no superstar could undermine him. He commands respect like no other candidate out there. And clearly, he has the basketball intelligence.

I'm sorry to see Kurt go, if indeed he does. He's been a worker and a winner all his life. He's played and coached under Riley and Jackson, among others. He is smart, has a good rapor with players and a good, even manner.

a lot of folks don't understand what makes Phil great. People think coaching is all about what they see when they watch a game - in game strategy and substitutions. In fact in game coaching is not where championships are won.

A great coach prepares his team mentally, physically and emotionally for the challenge of winning of winning over the long NBA season and postseason. He looks at different combinations. Gives guys a chance to succeed or fail under pressure. Wants to know what he really will have when the playoffs come.

I think Kurt has the temperment for that. The intense coaches, as Riley did in LA, eventually wear out their welcome with the vets you need to win.

I hope he does well in Minnesota. But putting in a new system in a second rate organization has a high potential for failure for anyone. You need the horses. I'd have liked to see him step in here and evolve a first rate team.

Some quick notes...

1. I REALLY don't like the idea of Kurt Rambis going to Minnesota. The guy created our Championship winning defense.

2. Going to Sasha's website, ummm... The Machine seems like kind of a dork. I mean, whenever I see the term "countless fans" I assume I'm on a Flock of Seagulls or Devean George website.

3. Does Kurt Rambis really want to walk around in five below weather with a bunch of uptight Minnesotans with their odd Sarah Palinesque/"Fargo" accent eating Swedish meatballs while coaching a losing team? Really? Really? I mean, come on, Kurt! I lived in Minneapolis when I was a kid for a year. It sucked! Keep that in mind.

4. Can we just start training camp yet?

5. Why is it that all the C.H.U.D.'s in Cleveland wear shirts that read "Witness" on it? I don't get it.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


So... is The Machine putting up like 75 points a game for the Slovenian National Team?

I mean, the guy is like the Greatest Slovenian basketball player in the world, right?

So, is he putting up like 75 points a game with a triple-double... umm... or is he scoring like 12 points a game on 5 for 19 shooting?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Laker Tom,

You are smoking crack while snorting PCP while injecting propofol if you think that Mark Jackson could ever be a coach for our beloved Lakers.

I'd rather have Micheal Teniente coach the Lakers than Mark Jackson.

Every time I hear Mark Jackson on ESPN I want to rip my hair out.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Excuse me. I have to go.

There's a C.H.U.D. clawing at my window in a "Witness" t-shirt mumbling something about hiring Mark Jackson as a coach for the Lakers.

I have to get my flamethrower.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Larry Brown should be available once Phil retires after the next threepeat (or fourpeat).

Justanother, Benjamin, Never, Otis, Dave M and others,

I am aware of it is as a prank, some people in this blog may not be aware of the American way of having fun through prank jokes To them it is pure Laker discussion here or jokes on players.

I tried to intervene (tho' not entirely sure so I established some clarifications) because he used mentally incapacitated people as part of his jokes. I worked with this group of sick people before, when I was young member of the Jaycees through community projects for indigents and it's no joke to be in that state of mind. He also used the legal profession as part of his skit and that could be dangerous precedent if he continues doing such practices in the future. He was the poster who commented on "public figure", well public figures have a high bar of threshold in filing a libel charge compared to an ordinary individual. Be careful of what you say in this public blog because it could lead to a protracted legal battle if it is done with malicious intent. That was my intention in constantly mentioning public figures.

Well guys, this is your call if you're having fun in the blog during lazy summer. I just want represent "others" who are serious enough and might misconstrue the prank as a fact. Perhaps, there is a generation divide and cultural gap on that matter. AK/BK allowed these posts to propagate during summer time, it used to be Mike T fights and debates before, then followed by KL rants on Kobe, then Red and Butler attacks on Lakers, this time pranksters using mentally incapacitated as props coming from within who is still in celebration of we won, we won, we won.

OK, back on vacation.

PS, Gosh, forgot to comment on Clark Kent's promotion. Good luck to your head coaching stint with the Timeberwolves. No need of getting another replacement, just elevate Kareem (the Cap) as full assistant Coach. The Cap needs full recognition as possible replacement of PJ, he is a true Laker, he is one of the best players that played in NBA. Lastly, he is a winner.

Good luck Kurt if you get the job (pack plenty thermals). Laker Tom, I like some of your insight on this but please stop throwing scrub names up there. If B Shaw is the one then he will be hired. But, Mitch, Dr. Buss and whomever, please do not hire Master Splinter from the Ninja turtles (Coach K) , cause then I might have to stop watching my Lakers cause I can't stand to look at him. Let's just wait and see who becomes available when the time comes and enjoy this ride because everything does come to an end eventually. LAKERS only deserve to be coached by the best in the business (remember the Rudy T fiasco) so always be careful what you ask for!!!!!!!

"So... is The Machine putting up like 75 points a game for the Slovenian National Team?

I mean, the guy is like the Greatest Slovenian basketball player in the world, right?" Posted by: Jon K.

Jon, don't worry, he'll be fine. You did know that Sasha is the Slovenian Michael Jordan, didn't you?

I feel like we should post the grades for the offseason again. It was far too premature, because I didn't factor in losing a major piece of our coaching staff.

Kurt was one guy (along with B Shaw) that would dress down and actually get in there and work with the players to help them improve.

If the reports are correct that the Lakers/PJ will not seek to replace Kurt, aren't we going into battle less prepared than last year?

So, let me get this straight... we lose our top OFFENSIVE assistant coach (Tex) and we lose our top defensive assistant (Rambis) and yet this isn't supposed to make any difference at all?

That doesn't seem right. Given this, I would downgrade my vote to a "B" for offseason performance.

If PJ hires a defensive coach, or promotes a current assistant to defensive coach and then hires a new assistant for scouting and such, then I'll handle it better.

Cats? C.H.U.D.? Michael Teniente?
I better prepare my chainsaw

Edwin Gueco,

I agree. IF (and I mean "IF") Kurt does leave our beloved Lakers, then Kareem should automatically be promoted to full assistant coach.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I always thought Rambis was being groomed for the Lakers top spot, it will be sad to see him leave the organization.

I wish a team would give Mark Jackson a job so I don't have to listen to the majority of nationally televised games on mute.


Who would you like to be the Lakers next head coach?

a. Kurt Rambis
b. Brian Shaw
c. Byron Scott
d. Derek Fisher
e. Mychal Thomson
f. Mark Jackson
g. Jeff Van Gundy
h. Pat Riley
i. Ben Howland
j. Doug Collins
h. Other


Posted by: LakerTom | August 05, 2009 at 09:20 PM

I would add Coop and KAJ to list.

Nice hire, Minnesota....I`m sure the competition and "bidding war" was fierce for the services of Rambis.

Now, sit back and Rambis makes Kevin McHale look like Greg Popovich!

Keith, yellofever, eggs are coolin', Jon K,

Thanks for your comments. First of all, the list was just a list of anybody I could think of who might be a candidate. I was surely not recommending anybody on that list other than probably Derek Fisher, although I am intrigued with the idea of Mychal Thompson pulling a Pat Riley. Some of the names are just for fun. Who else should be a candidate?

EJK suggested Roy Williams but I think like Coach K he is not going to leave his dream job for the Lakers. The obvious problem is it is very hard to succeed the greatest coach in NBA history. Maybe ouchhhhhhhhh is right and Phil will stay until Kobe is ready to retire. That would be great along as he remains sharp and doesn’t get Alzheimer’s.

As much as I like BShaw, I still don’t think he has the charisma and stature to replace Phil – but then who does. Maybe the path will be someone who fails and then turns the team over to DFish, who becomes an assistant coach after his contract expires. Of all the candidates on my list, Derek is the one guy that I am confident has the stature and charisma and smarts to do the job. It just may be too early for him and I have not heard from anywhere that he has expressed an interest in coaching. But he would be great.

The issue is what basketball dynasty has been successful in hiring their first replacement for a legend? Almost without exception, every Jon Wooden has been followed by a Gene Bartow who failed to keep up the dynasty. Same with Pat Riley. Best shot might be the second hire, who could be Fish. Would like to avoid that inevitable first mistake though.


McHale doesn't look like Pop. He looks like Frankenstein's monster, which makes sense.

Regardless, the Ceptics still suck. And their trolls will fade away quietly, just like Bawston did for 20+ years, and will do again.

Go Lake Show!

Laker Tom - If you'll head up the Andrew Bynum Bandwagon you can count me in. I find myself somewhere between lemming, butt kisser and supporter. Is there a word for that?? Maybe I'll start my own darn bandwagon - take that ouchhhhh. LOL!


The word is Lemmingbuttkissersupporter that should cover it. Unless you go with Lemmingbuttkisserjocksuppoter. That covers more!


Red - are you a CHUD? Cuz you sound like a CHUD... You must own a cat, right?


Larry brown... Hmmmm.. Now you may be on to something here.

Now, sit back and Rambis makes Kevin McHale look like Greg Popovich!

Posted by: RED`S LOVE CHILD | August 06, 2009 at 10:27 AM

Right....zitty and ugly as heck!!! He's already there!!

How does it feel to be a worse baller than your wife? Ask Shelden Williams!!

REPOST + from earlier thread

There is a legitimate basis for the concerns about Bynum's willingness to concentrate on what this team needs from him.
There is also a legitimate basis to look for great things from him.
Hopefully it will be the latter.
Posted by: exhelodrvr | August 05, 2009 at 11:25 AM
Bynum has the opportunity to work on his moves and his offensive skill set without having to RELY on it.

If Bynum ONLY focuses on rebounding technique (boxing out, getting position, and reading shot angles) along with drilling defensive assignments and reactions, this guy will be all we ever need or ever want.

Posted by: Tim-4-Show | August 05, 2009 at 12:24 PM


Gotta give counter point here which is I disagree in the opinion stated.

Bynum stated coming out of draft picked by Lakers is he wanted to be the best center. He was cocky but not arrogant and confident that he even dissed Shaq stating that he would at least make his free throws.

He worked out with trainer on his own and each year improved himself even with the PJ disses and teammates injuring him on freak plays. Busted his butt to get back with strong desire and work ethic to improve. That is the Bynum I feel strong about.

Now PJ stated he needed to focus on rebounding and defense. I say bs. If he is to be great he needs to develop his whole game on both sides of the court. PJ is just trying to mind control him and I hope AB has the will to fight this and not be held back.

PJ tried this with Kobe but we all know about Kobes drive and dedication to be the best. PJ tried to use Kobe as side kick only to Shaq and publicly took sides with Shaq instead of using locker room to sort out differences. Kobe then continued to develop even if PJ did not like it.

In fact PJ did not like it and went to FO to have Kobe traded as PJ deemed him uncoachable. FO turned down PJ's request. Kobe stayed. Now if PJ was so determined why didn't he demand trade Kobe or it is either him or me? I will bet my bottom dollar that he didn't because he knew the answer to that one. PJ pack your bags and clear out your office.

Kobe developed into the best in the NBA and Bynum deserves the opportunity to develop to the best he can be and not half developed. AB is awesome when not freak injured on both ends of the court. So why hold him back? I think he would be much better and more than we expected but wanted. Forget PJ, develop AB's total game.

AB don’t be deterred, improve all aspects of your game.

Now that is my opinion.

Hey Love Child of Danny Ainge' s wife #7,

We at least know he doesn't have a tough act to follow in Kevin "Herman Munster's ugly brother" McHale.

Sadly, I look like Kevin McHale, but not as good looking.

Is life really that boring in Boston that you come in and bust on an assitant coach leaving for a head coaching opportunity?


Thanks for your comments. I agree Derek would be perfect.

- - - - -


I have never heard Derek say anything about coaching, probably a sign that he is not yet ready to think about what he will do after he retires and plans on continuing to play for a few more years. He has the charisma, smarts, and stature to do it though.

While I like BShaw, the lack of interest in him by other teams tells me that he may lack what it takes to be a head coach. It will be interesting to see if AK and BK’s inside stuff on him turns out to be true. I still have a hard time seeing him as Phil’s successor.

- - - - -


Thanks for Coop and Kareem. I didn’t have Kareem down because I don’t think he would be considered but Coop would be an excellent candidate.

- - - - -



>>> Laker Tom - If you'll head up the Andrew Bynum Bandwagon you can count me in.
>>> I find myself somewhere between lemming, butt kisser and supporter. Is there a word
>>> for that?? Maybe I'll start my own darn bandwagon - take that ouchhhhh. LOL!

How about this as a compromise bandwagon that will include everybody who is either an Andrew Bynun lemming, butt kisser, or supporter:



Make it so. Thank you.



>>> Larry Brown should be available once Phil retires after the next
>>> threepeat (or fourpeat).

LOL. We need a permanent head coach, LT. Not a temp who will only stay 1 or 2 years.


If Kareem wants it and works it, is great at it and deserves it (four pretty big ifs), I'm behind this all the way.

Coop... now there's an idea.

We just lost our defensive coach, why not bring in Coop to fill that role?

Come on PJ.

Come on Buss.

Come on Mitch.

Get it DONE.

I don't think it's a good idea to rely on only Kobe and Thriller to be our defensive coaches... it would be nice to have a guy solely dedicated to shutting down the opposition from an X's and O's perpective


Your reputation, Red, your reputation - not to mention your evolution as a human and spiritual being.

Edwin Gueco,

Part of the fun of the internet is misunderstanding and people overreacting to innocuous jokes. It's always going to happen despite people's best efforts to prevent it. So, I feel we might as well let it run its course naturally and enjoy it.

I totally missed your point about public figures. The most we can take from phred is that he's a persona representing to some extent the truth of a very obsessed Lakers fan (like many of us).

While making fun of the handicapped is cruel, when you spend some time with the mentally ill you have no choice but to both feel sympathy for them and laugh at their craziness. It's like a David Sedaris story. It's the tack my psychologist/neurobiologist instructor took in describing the molecular basis of some mental illness. It's like the Man From Mars's realization about how humor works that allows him to fully understand humanity. You laugh because that's the only thing you can still do.

With this particular joke, someone was making fun of phred and his recent obsessive posting.

And what of it? How is that in any way a bad thing?

Here in the US as it becomes more politically incorrect to use many devices and jokes for subject matter, we have one sacred thing. Lawyers. We always get to make fun of lawyers. Always. They make our country a legal nightmare. We have 50 times as many per capita as Japan. It's a mess. The only way we can cope is to make fun of them.

You can't take that away from us.

Huh. Never thought of googling Phrederick Phredington. I would have felt really bad if that was a real person, but I also would have felt it was the greatest thing ever, so my reaction would be mixed.

“For everyone's concern, I searched the alleged esquire of Phreddington under the Washington State Bar directory. I found no attorney practicing under that name, either first or surname. Nonetheless, the author does have excellent writing skills that resembles strongly a legal tone.
Posted by: never | August 05, 2009 at 11:23 PM

Never- did you look under Beaulox T. Schnautyanken, Beauxlox T. Scheutzgrabbing and Beaulox T. Schnotztyanken? Cause again, if there was one, that would be both embarrassing and really awesome.

“Beauxlox T. Scheutzgrabbing, Esq.
Posted by: Beaulox T. Schnotztyanken, Esq. | August 05, 2009 at 08:45 PM
~~Did you notice any difference?
Posted by: Edwin Gueco | August 05, 2009 at 09:32 PM

Yeah, that was a giveaway. If it hadn’t been for that, I might have thought he was serious. Sheesh.

I hope Kurt gets the job if that's what he wants. He's been a loyal Laker for many years but he must realize that it's past time for him to strike out on his own an establish his credibility as an NBA head coach. Hopefully he won't strike out.

I don't think anyone really knows how long PJ intends to stick around. His health is obviously an issue but he does seem to enjoy it and I would guess that he'll stay as long as he can stand the physical rigors associated with the travel involved.

Kurt must realize the Lakers' historical preference for proven winners at the NBA level in any subsequent search for a new head coach. In my mind this puts Bryon Scott at the top a short list to replace PJ should he retire anytime soon. Not only is Byron a proven winner, he's been to the Finals twice as a coach and was voted NBA coach of the year, but he has a bona fide Lakers pedigree.

However, if Kurt can go to MN and win, or if he can move that team forward and parlay it into another head coaching job where he wins, then he will increase his chances of being the chosen one somewhere down the line.


I like how you think.

When I said "if" Socks only worked on his rebounds and defense, I meant this summer - I know that long term we want and Kobe will need Bynum to be a force on both ends of the court.

I really think that Bynum isn't courageous enough on the offensive end sometimes. Especially in pre-season and in blow outs and such, I'd like to see him implementing his moves.

You talk about Kobe... Kobe would spend a day working on a move and then use it the next day, or even that NIGHT in a game! Of course, Kobe is one of a kind and hardly anyone has the guts (or ability) to practice a move for the first time and then implement in an NBA game hours later... but I think Bynum could try out things more often (and he could even work on it for a few weeks first - hey)

Red's Redheaded Step Child,

Please come back and talk to us the next time your team is in a position to win an NBA title.

There, that ought to clear up the board for a few decades... now, what were we... oh yeah...

So if Bynum focuses on his boards and defense (and I don't mean solely) but gets seriously good at each, then his production will rise, the point differential will rise, and he'll open up more opportunities for everyone... it would also buy him more time, as in PT and as in actual time to work those offensive moves and get them down since his game wouldn't really about that for now


Of the names you nominated I'd pick Pat Riley or Doug Collins. I'd rather give an experienced coach than a rookie take over the helms.


>>> Now PJ stated he needed to focus on rebounding and defense.
>>> I say bs. If he is to be great he needs to develop his whole game
>>> on both sides of the court. PJ is just trying to mind control him
>>> and I hope AB has the will to fight this and not be held back.

Excellent point. What the posters who keep saying that all we need from Drew are blocks and rebounds forget is that toughness and intimidation are as important on offense as they are on defense and low post scoring is as important as defending the rim and paint.

Drew has a career shooting percentage of 57%, which even exceeds Pau’s career shooting percentage of 52%. Drew also has great low post moves and footwork and knows how to finish at the rim and intimidate defenders with hard moves and backboard shaking dunks.

His goals should for next year should be 20/12/3. That is what he needs to produce for the Lakers to realize their dynastic potential in my opinion. I stand by my prediction that Drew will be the #2 option on offense for the Lakers this year, just as he was last January for the entire month before getting injured. JMO.


Rambis - always a Laker. And I hope he in fact finds some coaching success. Deep down we all know - his heart is in LA.

As to a successor - Keith: It's nice to criticize Laker Tom's list but more helpful to make suggestions. IMO - there is a pretty big divide in the coaching ranks at this time.

You have old school, consistent playoff guys like PJ, Pop, L. Brown, Karl, Nelson and Sloan and they are mainstays. But doubtful any of them will want "the job".

Then you have newbies like M. Brown, SVG, Woodson, Frank, E. Jordan, etc. but are they really considered "elite" at this point? I think jury is out. But in another year - who knows?

The middle guys to me are not overly impressive - Adelman, Dunleavy, Cheeks, Rivers - but this might be the list Lakers brass look toward. B. Scott would definitely be considered even if his rep isn't so good. The Laker family and CA ties are too strong with B. Scott for him to be ignored.

If M. Brown takes Cavs to Finals again - hard to dispute his ability to take teams to playoffs. Rivers would have to be considered strongly as well if he goes deep this year. SVG - can't see the fit with Lakers FO but gosh only knows.

Would like to see Thibodeau, A. Johnson, B. Shaw get an interview but could also see the Lakers look toward a guy like Carlisle or McMillan. If McMillan has success this year - I think he might move although he just extended thru 2011. Would also like to see Musselman (another USD Torero) get back in the NBA - maybe the Lakers could add him as part of staff?

In actuality - I believe a Laker repeat would bring PJ back for one more year and allow more time for the staff to find a successor.


Haven't seen anyone post this yet. From freedomblogging site. Apparently Artest put his real phone number on twitter then made a video of himself responding to some of the messages. Check out the link and send him a text wishing him good luck next season :)


>>> Huh. Never thought of googling Phrederick Phredington. I would have felt
>>> really bad if that was a real person, but I also would have felt it was the
>>> greatest thing ever, so my reaction would be mixed.

LOL. That wouldn’t have made a difference. For months, we had a troll named Ding How from Prattville, who claimed to own a Chinese restaurant in Prattville, Alabama. We never found out who Ding was or even if he was a troll or real person because he staying in role on every post with pigeon English suggestions of how to make the blog better by having him negotiate with AK and BK. If you searched the Internet, you would find that there was a Ding How in Prattville, Alabama who did own a Chinese restaurant.

Anyway, I thought the posts were hilarious, phred. Please forgive Edwin as you know we old timers sometimes have “senior moments.” Senior Moments is not a bad handle for an older Hispanic poster to adopt. Sort of “phredish.”



I agree with you that Kobe was held back when he was playing alongside Shaq, but that strategy led to 3 rings and 4 finals appearances. Not too shabby.

If our team were the Kings, than I would be all for unleashing the Beast ASAP, but the Lakers have plenty of scorers (especially in the post) and have proven to be championship caliber even without a healthy Bynum. As Phil and the coaching staff have noted, Bynum's defense and rebounding are much more important to this team than his offense.


Larry Brown coached in Philly for 7 years. It's not unrealistic to think he would stay a Laker for more than a couple years under the right circumstances. And by the way, he is one of the best coaches in NBA history.

Laker Tom,

Coop was hired as the Coach of the USC's women's basketball team and will coach the basketball team starting this season.

“The aim of a joke is not to degrade the human being but to remind him that he is already degraded.
George Orwell, Funny, but Not Vulgar, 1944

Well, if it wasn’t clear, and I’m sure it will confirm in many people’s minds the image of mental instability I created, but I did write those. I figure you really have to sacrifice a lot of things to achieve humor.

Wow, I’m a little bit surprised to provoke this much reaction, but I can’t say I wasn’t asking for it. I was sort of thinking that maybe there was one chance in a million that some misguided soul would jump to defend me and call out the guy posting as Bollocks T whoever, and we could have a good laugh about it, but I was both horrified and rendered completely helpless with laughter at Edwin’s outraged response. I am so sorry, Edwin. As Allison Glock said, you run into all kinds of remorseless ba*rds on the internet.

As many people have pointed out, this blog has seen all kinds of crazy people who are most likely not using their real names to post jokes about anything and everything. It is also my belief that it is the nature of jokes to mock people. So I figured the most safe thing to do would be to mock myself. I could have used somebody else’s name, it still might have been funny, but I wouldn’t have felt comfortable doing it.

Edwin, in your research of all my past posts (oh god, that must have been a fun two or three days)(sarcasm)(I think) did you find the post where I mocked you gently and then predicted the next day that you would claim to have a sense of humor? The next day, of course, you claimed you did. I took you at your word, and I will again tomorrow if you claim to be joking again. Of course, if you really weren’t joking then or now, then no charge for trying to teach you to have a sense of humor.

And Edwin, if you were offended on behalf of people with mental disabilities, I can only apologize. I won’t be so obstinate as to convince anyone not to be offended just because I meant no offense. However, I would like to tell my side of the story to you and anyone who is concerned about deriving humor at the expense of someone with mental illness.

Edwin, everybody else; I have a mental illness. It’s not severe, and I’m not ashamed of it. Like most of the more than 40 million people in this country who have diagnosed mental illnesses, I have been and continue to be treated for it, and I manage to live a happy and productive life. I have a very large group of loving family and friends, and I am proud to count many of this blog community among them.

I have been open about this, I have stated this several times on this blog, often in an effort to chastise someone who was using terms like Bi Polar or schizophrenic to refer too the playing habits of basketball players, which is something I consider offensive. But I don’t write the way I write because I’m to far gone to write any other way, I write the way I write because I feel that it’s a role that needs filled in this community.

I also have a degree in psychology and have worked for several years at several facilities that treat children with severe mental illnesses. It is both heartbreaking and amazingly rewarding, and I have the greatest respect for people who choose this line of work. I assure you that if you heard the jokes told by these amazing, sensitive and loving people about the things and people they deal with in their jobs you would be horrified, and you definitely would not consider this joke to be anywhere near the worst. This isn't because these people are cruel, it is because they deal with the intense physical and emotional stress in their job with humor, a common enough thing.

One of the main reasons I like basketball, the Lakers and this blog so much is because it is about something that isn't that important. It's not depressing, it is inspirational, it brings together people from all kinds of viewpoints, and at the end of the day nobody has to get mad. Doesn't mean they won't, but it means that if they do they are lacking perspective and are probably pfunk.

Finally, in my experience in this, and my knowledge of the world in general, I think that if in fact I was dehabilitated by my illness, as may yet happen one of these years, I think it is extremely unlikely that a letter like that sent by the fraudulent Beaulox Schnautyanken would ever be sent to anybody, ever. Frankly, I thought I went out of my way to make that letter as silly as possible. “Wearing only an athletic jersey identified as being that of a player on the Los Angeles Lakers named Odom?” Wanding Kuch mental facility? The ‘Utne reader?’ To say nothing of the fact that Beualox claimed that I was institutionalized two days prior to his letter, when in fact I made like 57 posts in the two days prior. And the fact that somebody claiming to be a real lawyer would actually waste time trying to find out how somebody could communicate with a website without a computer or access to the internet. Oh, and since I mentioned once or twice that I was reading ‘the prince of tides,’ I figured at least one person would notice a slight similarity between my purported circumstances and the plot of the book.

Anyway, if I had known how much attention it would get, I might have tried to make it funnier, but hey, we’ve got a lot of summer left to fill.




Curt has always been on my Lakers good guy list. I wish him only the best in Minnesota. I think he will make a good coach.

I also think, its the last we see of him on the Lakers side of things, unless Minnesota let's him go while PJ is still coaching for the Lakers and he re-hires him.

Next coach after PJ? I agree with Kobe. Coach K of Duke.


Methinks Philip pushes Bynum on defense and rebounding because he knows Drew will work on his offense.

He is pushing him in the area that he, and almost every other young player, needs to be pushed.

He pushed Kobe to defer to Shaq because Shaq was, at that time, the most incredible and unstoppable weapon in the NBA.

Of course Phil wants a 3 dimensional big man. He has a guy who has more polish on offense than defense. He has a team that is a scoring machine but is soft in the middle on defense.

Where would you push Drew the hardest?

I would do just as Philip the Great has done.

Tom D.

Kurt Rambis filling in for Kevin McHale? Such irony of history!

Drew's goals for the season should be based on what the coaching staff wants from him. A goal of 20 ppg probably doesn't fit within the offensive flow that the coaching staff wants, considering the other weapons they have. If he wants to set personal offensive goals, then it would be more appropriate to set goals such as FG and FT percentages, turnovers, and assists.

and I think Shaw is the logical successor to Phil, if Phil is forced to retire for medical reasons, which I think might be the only thing to keep him from going for another 5 titles.

Shaw has the respect of a lot of people both within and outside the organization, especially kobe, and he probably knows the triangle as well or better than any other candidate for the job. And I think we do not want to get rid of the triangle just because phil leaves, and that would have to happen to get many of the coaches y'all suggested.

Of course, this is not only what I think, but also pretty much what AK just wrote, so my apologies if I seem redundant.


Thanks for the fun. No problems here.

Tom D.

I have a feeling that Ron Artest will become a crowd favorite AND main piece of the team (if he already isn't)...

I mean, posting his personal cell phone number and taking calls from fans while he's in China? That's awesome.

You can see him soaking this whole Laker experience up

I'm excited. Only about a hundred days until the season starts


Hey, I agree Larry is a great coach but I would never hire him for the Lakers. His best days are past in my opinion. I know he has done a good job in Charlotte but he was just a horrible coach during his stay with the Knicks. Too much of it is always about himself when he coaches. Dealing with superstars like Kobe and Ron is not his strength IMO.



Thanks for the update on Coop. I like the idea of his joining the Lakers staff down the road. Don’t know how coaching women’s basketball translates to the NBA, although managing a bunch of women HAS to be more trying than dealing with just men. I would bet even our female contingent would agree with that. LOL



Coach K has come out and clearly said he was not interested in leaving Duke OR coaching the LA Lakers at any point in time. This was just a recent announcement and why I did not include him on the list. Obviously, he would be the first choice if he were interested, especially since he tops Kobe’s list. I suspect Roy Williams would have the same attitude about leaving North Carolina.



I've tried to bite my tongue but I've got to weigh in on the current running joke/controversy involving phred's threads. For the most part I have ignored the posts, but what bothers me is the concept involved. If you're going allow people to post with sock puppets, meaning one person with multiple user names, then you're starting down the slippery slope of losing the credibility of your blog.

If it's really that easy for someone around here to create imaginary friends to misoverrepresent their personal opinions then how can we really know what a preponderance of the group truly thinks? In an ideal world this blog would be democratic (and that's with a small "d" on purpose), meaning one person, one vote, and everyone's opinion would carry equal weight depending only on how their logical reasoning infuenced others.

By allowing sock puppets you give preferential treatment to those who may be less than honest about representing their personal opinions. I realize that this was not phred's intent but the same process could easily be used for more nefarious purposes. Of course, you are the Supreme Court in our small "d" democracy and can pretty much define the rules as you see fit, the only option for the rest of us being to vote with our feet if we don't like it, and walk away.

All I'm trying to say is that Edwin and others complaining about this practice do have valid points, even if they may not be expressing them very well. I probably haven't expressed mine very well either but I thought I'd give it a try nevertheless.


>>> At the end of every day I drive through the city of Charleston and I cross
>>> the bridge that will take me home. I feel the words building inside me,
>>> I can't stop them, or tell you why I say them, but as I reach the top of the
>>> bridge these words come to me in a whisper. I say these words as a prayer,
>>> as regret, as praise, I say: Lowenstein, Lowenstein.

It’s all about the Love, phred.


There will not be any coach K for the Lakers.

Like I said before, there's no way the Lakers will shift gears and start a whole new offense and a whole new system under a whole new coach when you have Kobe even in the twilight of his career. Do that, and the guy retires and it's time to rebuild.

Not going to happen anytime soon.

The Lakers will hire from within should PJ decide to step down in the next 5 seasons or so.


The opposite of problems here.

Rashard Lewis tested positive for roids.

Roidshards may only be the first, there might be others in the NBA who took steroids.

Look like roids isn't just limited to baseball.

Good Morning...

Kurt Going would be a huge loss..
Lets hope we can find the right replacement..

..Not Patrick Ewing...Or whatever his name is....

Laker Fan off season music...Perfect Circle..Thirteenth step..
Rush...Moving Pictures...

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