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You can't stop Tom Chambers, you can only hope to contain him

August 31, 2009 |  3:52 pm

Congratulations to Kobe Bryant, cover boy for NBA 2K10 for Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, Calecovision, PSP and Atari*. (See him "play" here- why you gotta do Eric Gordon like that, 24?- read him talking about it here.) I imagine there will be some demand locally when the game hits the shelves in early October. Not from me, though. 

Kobe 2k10 Don't take it personally, Kobe. It's not you, it's me.

I could rip old school games with the best of 'em. I remember long, fruitful, post (and occasionally during) school NHLPA tournaments with my friends on Sega Genesis. Andy and I used to spend hours in the basement playing Ten Yard Fight and, eventually, blessedly, manna-from-heavenly, Tecmo Bowl on Nintendo. But today's games, quite frankly, have too many freakin' buttons, flippers, and appendages. I can't play them without getting schooled (the exception being Wii, which I love in part for its interactivity but more for the near total lack of operating controls). A couple weeks ago, I tried to play some fancy PlayStation boxing game and was bashed around like Don Flamenco vs. Ali in his prime. I get frustrated and don't want to play anymore. I am a high-waisted old man complaining about teenagers on his lawn.

At the ripe age of 33, you can stick a digital fork in me. I'm done. 

Which is why this feature from Patrick Hruby at, breaking down the 12 most overrated "athletes" in video game history, was a great read for me. A lot of the stuff Hruby mentions comes from my video game wheelhouse, or at least those years where, like Kareem at the end, I might have been past my prime but could still play the game, you know? It was a welcome trip down memory lane.

A couple must click highlights for a slow Monday afternoon:

  • Hruby's #8: Tom Chambers in Lakers vs. Celtics. I, like Kobe as it turns out, played a lot of Double Dribble. I didn't get into this title as much, which sucks because apparently I could have boarded the Tom Chambers Express to video game glory. No question Chambers was a pretty good player with some quality hops, but in this game his big move was a "jet-packing double-pump dunk" he could execute at the elbow extended... from a standstill. As the clip below shows, Tom Chambers was, at least in this domain, a one man wrecking crew and apparently bionic:


  • #12: Bo Jackson in Super Tecmo Bowl. This one I remember. Dude was a force of nature (as Hruby describes him, "Shiva the God of Death") no less stoppable than time or reality television. Was the clip below, perhaps the second most entertaining thing we'll ever post on this blog (the first being this) created through cheat codes, as some in the comments page at YouTube suggest? Who cares. It proves a point. Bo was awesome.

The whole article is extremely entertaining, definitely worth a click.


*Availability of all game systems not guaranteed.