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You know the expression, "I'd pay to hear that actor read the phone book?"

August 18, 2009 |  7:03 pm

I feel the exact same way about Ron Artest talking.  Any time.  Any place.  I'm there.  Thus, I recommend taking the time to hear a recent interview on Miami's 790 The Ticket.  As always, an entertaining earful.  Highlights include: 

  • Reminded of Shaq getting denied at the White House, Artest shared a tale about sneaking into the Pennsylvania Ave. chateau.  Upon recently seeing Barack Obama hooping it up, Ron Ron went into stealth mode (presumably like a ninja in the night). 

    "He tried to go for a layup," recounted RA.  "I blocked his shot, and I ran out and his service was trying to catch me.   But they couldn't catch me."  Wait, you blocked The Prez's shot, Ron Artest?  "Get it out of here!  Full court block!" 

    Call me crazy, but considering Ron also shared this tale on 710 ESPN and neither time relayed it from behind six inches of glass, I'm gonna go out on a limb and predict this was more facetious than faithful story telling.
  • His enthusiasm for joining the Lakers, which feels like he's joining the 90's Bulls teams he loved so much.   
  • Artest apologizes to Miami Heat fans for sabotaging their hopes for getting Lamar Odom, then tells the South Beach folks to "give me a call.  We can talk about it."  He also describes LO as a big brother, even though the Southpaw only has seven days more days on Earth than him.  "I'm so proud of Lamar."
  • Tru Warier artist Shin Shin gets on the phone for a few minutes, praising Artest's music skills.  Artest also address his controversial musical tribute to Michael Jackson and offers a rapping tribute to champions.

God, I love this guy.

Thanks to for the heads up.