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Trevor Ariza's negotiations: My initial thoughts

It's understandable and predictable that news of Trevor Ariza and the Lakers engaged in acrimonious, standstill Trevor contract talks would send chills down the Laker Nation's collective spine.  The report from ESPN's Chris Broussard certainly doesn't drip with sunshine and moon pies:

     The 24-year-old swingman, who played a key role in the Lakers' run to their 15th NBA championship, is on the verge of leaving the club, sources close to the situation said on Wednesday.   With at least five teams pursuing Ariza, the Lakers are currently unwilling to pay him more than the $5.6 million mid-level exception. 
     "They're letting him go," one of the sources said.

     Cleveland is making a hard push for Ariza, and the Cavaliers' coaching staff was speaking with him on Wednesday. While Cleveland can only offer the mid-level as well, Ariza's disappointment with the Lakers' stance has moved other suitors ahead of his current team.

The Press-Enterprise's Jeffrey Eisenberg relays some copy from TA's agent, which adds little in the way of rainbows to the mood:

      "I had a long conversation with Mitch, and I don't think it's going anywhere," agent David Lee said. "I think I'm being optimistic when I say it's not going anywhere." 

Asked later if this could lead to Ariza's exit, Lee responded, "Yes, we have no choice. That's the position they've put us in."

(UPDATE: Lee comments further in a Times report by Mike Bresnahan and Broderick Turner:  "All we're looking for is little appreciation for what Trevor has done," Lee said Wednesday. "I don't think they believe Trevor is serious about leaving, and that's too bad. I didn't think we'd be in this situation. I am disappointed and surprised by what I thought would be some feelings for the people who have given you everything they've got.")

All pretty ominous talk.  But I while would hardly recommend anybody taking a "p'shaw" attitude, no questions asked, I would also urge people to take trip down Memory Lane.  Specifically, back to October, 2008, when Lee was expressing frustration with Andrew Bynum's extension talks:

     "I just don't get it," he said. "I do not understand certain things that happen. Andrew has taken everything the Lakers have thrown at him, including criticism. He doesn't do anything to respond other than go on the court. He just goes on with his business.

Groundhog_day_movie_image_bill_murray And...

      "It has to get done by the 31st," Lee said. "Otherwise there are, of course, consequences under the collective bargaining agreement."


     The lack of progress in contract negotiations has left Bynum's agent frustrated.  "I would say that's a fair assessment," Lee said. "Disappointed would be a better word than frustrated, but we shall see. Maybe it's premature. We will have a conversation tomorrow and then we'll see where it's going."

 Maybe it's just me, but I'm getting a "Phil Connors" kinda feeling all over again. 

If you remember, Lee sent out many a hint that anything less than max years/max cheddar for Drew was unacceptable.  The agreement reached was certainly generous (some might even say too generous), but hardly the entire enchilada.  A rather grounded and low key solution, particularly in light of the dire picture painted by Lee.    

Look, don't get me wrong.  There's certainly a chance that Team Ariza and Team Buss are planning a trip to Impasse County.  But there's also a chance- my gut says a better one- that we're getting another taste of how Lee operates: Lots of public complaints and threats.  Little in the way of clients leaving their most recent employers.  Maybe I'm under-thinking this, but most of these scenarios floated around strike me as either unrealistic, undesirable or both.   

  • Assuming the Blazer's interest in Hedo Turkoglu is as real as reported, that eliminates the only quality team with an ability to go beyond the mid-level and a pressing need for a small forward.  
  • Toronto apparently has interest and can offer big bucks, but to paraphrase the old saying, sometimes you get what you get paid for. 
  • Even if bringing in Ariza wouldn't necessitate moving Tayshaun Prince, Detroit used up its spare cash on Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva.
  • Is Ariza really so steamed at the Lakers' reported mid-level opening offer that he's looking to "stick it to them" by taking the exact same money to enter a potentially messy situation in Houston or the mess that is the L.A. Clippers (who strike me as an odd team to ink a long term deal after trading Z.Bo to Memphis for Q and future 2010 cap space)?  He's really that mad after a day's worth of negotiating?  If that's honestly the case (which doesn't feel in character), I'd actually think twice about paying him.  
  • With all due respect to Ariza, the Cavs already have a small forward a hell of a lot better than he'll likely ever become.  LeBron Whatsisname?.  And given how they're in desperate need of a power forward that can stretch the floor- Hell, with Anderson Varajao now an unrestricted free agent, they're actually in desperate need of a power forward, period- I don't get why Cleveland would prioritize stacking at a non-need position.  Yes, either LBJ or TA could play the two (or LeBron could maybe play the four, I guess), but still, that approach feels hinky.  

Throw all that together and it feels like the makings of an agent sounding off and feeding outlets to land more cash for his client.  Brian Windhorst, the Cleveland Plain Dealer's outstanding beat writer, tweets similar sentiments.

Cavs in thick of it for Artest, Ariza or R.Wallace.Though I get the impression Ariza may be trying to sweeten LAL offer. 2moro may be wild.

So take all that as you will.  Again, not making any guarantees or recommending you order a vanity plate reading "TA LAL 4 LF."  The Lakers could very well be eyeballing Ron Artest as a shorter commitment fallback and of the opinion (one I happen to share) that Lamar Odom is more difficult to replace.  But it nonetheless feels awfully early in the game to be treating matters with a "late in the fourth quarter" outlook.


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No ariza no sleep tonight! Sign Ariza then I can go to sleep.

Now I have a sick knot in my stomach. Almost like we just lost a playoff game.

So what?

I realize I'm not staying on point here, but given that I also think this sniffs of posturing (we'll find out soon enough), I'm also totally distracted by the fact that Mike Dunleavy actually managed to move Zach Randolph. For an expiring deal... AND the trade exception.

This Ariza thing could very well still sort itself out in LA's favor. In the meantime, I worried for Chris Wallace's safety.


Brothers, what do you think of what Ron and his brother are tweeting ... .. I just heard Ron on a Sacramento radio station saying he is leaving Houston. His brother all but said the Lakers are the frontrunner, asking sarcastically why the Lakers would just let Ariza go to Cleveland, who was supposed to be in hot pursuit of Artest. I bet Buss and Kobe leaned toward Ron Ron all along, this is interesting stuff.


i get your point. but remember ALL those comments about trevor being immature? this sounds like that trevor.

i do believe he will go. and to tell you the truth i don't care. just because his agent makes me dislike trevor.

i liked trevor. but his agent is so annoying that the lakers might not sign trevor just because the agent has horrible tactics.

an agent is an agent, but this guy is just pathetic.

The thought of losing Ariza scares me, even more than losing LO.

This agent sounds like he has a bad case of premature negotiation ...Cant you get a nasal spay for that...

Farewell, Ariza?

Is Trevor Ariza's time with the Lakers up? Looks like the swingman's contract requirements might be too rich for the defending champions' blood.

Forget it! Trevor's time with the Lakers is just starting. Kobe and Ariza ARE MADE FOR EACH OTHER. They bond together.

I'm ready to let the man walk. Detroit and Cleveland. Two of America's top cities. Enjoy Trevor.


Trevor...say it isn't so. We 've only just begun..
...5 yrs 34 mil will get it done..
.I hate Lee. He pushed us around in the Bynum circus (which I agreed with the contract anyway).
I think if Trevor wants Ron Ron money and if Ron Ron can stop hucking and start hawking again maybe that would work anyway. This is the line of thinking I would not so subtly float out there to combat Lee's ever present lies and manipulations.
This guy is Scott Boras without the clients or the savvy...Much lover to all. Dana Point to KC..Laker for Life.

another prediction...kidd is going back to dallas.

they are offering him a three year deal. knick's won't.

yet another prediction. memphis is still going to suck next year.

if someone has a picture of this agent please post it.

I want to see this man's face.

He's so annoying, seriously, he made me dislike Trevor for a minute, and lets just say i LOVE trevor.

Ugh we already have one player with Lee as an agent, something tells me it'd be better if we let Trev go. His agent is so annoying.

Didn't we get a trade exception in the Space Cadet for Ammo and Brown deal?

I'm not knowledgeable about trades but is it possible to resign LO, TA, Brown, AND get Artest? Somehow getting rid of Sasha, Morrison, Farmar, Walton or does that just load up in one position?

Well thought out, I agree. Negotiations aren't always pretty. Every agent has his own way of motivating owners. It simply wouldn't make sense for Trevor to leave the Lakers, the first team to show him respect as a player, not to mention a championship ring. No one can offer him big money and frankly he probably isn't worth it. Certainly not in this economy. The mid level is probably all he will get from the Lakers and he should be happy with that. The rest of the situation is pretty good for him. I'm sure during the finals he was thinking man I'm glad I'm on the Lakers sideline! He probably wouldn't have even played but a few minutes here and there for the magic.

also a reminder; if we really really want, we can have LO, TA, SB and ron artest next year. just in case any of you were going to go to bed without posting a few more comments. heh heh.

If that's Ariza's mentality. Let 'em walk. Snatch up Ron Ron and LO, and lets go. What do we lose besides age + he gives us that edge we will probably need to defend anyway. You how hard Artest will play with the ring truly in his grasp. Luke still provides the safety net.

yo lakertom

whats up with that last glass half empty post? i dont get it dude... maybe i'm missing the joke cause i aint been around these blocks long but what are you insinuating?

just because some of us dont share your views how does that make us pessimistic?? just cause i dont agree with yourself and the majority of the blog like most recently the kobe opt out "dead horse" issue, artest as a laker, and i definitely aint a luke homer (and i'm proud to say it!) but how is that GHE dude?

sounds like youre demonizing us trying to pit the "darkside" like we're part of some evil renegade group.. LOL. not cool. pls get off your high horse and dont characterize us as "the bad guys". that is outright bigotry.

if anything this blog is the evil empire controlled by your leader BK (darth vader) and we're the rebel alliance trying to fight for justice... this blog is like a state run communist propaganda and BK is brainwashing his audience with his haterade.. there's no doubt he is a hater and must be kept in check...

theres two kinds of kobe haters in this world.. the kind that come full frontal and the kind that lurk and hide in the background waiting for the right time to strike.i'm afraid BK is the latter definitely way IN the closet.

it it walks and quacks like a duck then it must be a duck and theres not a shred of doubt that BK is a dang duck!.


and one more thing.. in one of your recent posts you called kb blitz as your equal adversary?? wow that was shocking cause i had a lot more respect for you than that. are we talkin about the same kb blitz?

I had a chance to read those tweets and im not sure if they are hot air or legit...Is he messing with our heads?...

Odom's skills maybe hard to find, but ariza's role with the Lakers is more important for the Lakers.

The Lakers does not have anybody who can play Ariza's gift.

Bynum, Gasol, Mbenga, Powell, Walton can all play a part of Odom's role.

A lot of the critical plays that won the Nuggets and Magic series Trevor was involved more than Odom and he is only 24.

Ariza is definitely more important than Odom, in my humble opinion.

Ariza should be given 7 mil and Odom 9 mil and be done with it.

If can remember correctly Lamar was drafted as a small foward, why can't he play the position now? Think of all the problems that big lineup would cause. We would only need a big to come off the bench.

Yea - I really thought everything was going to be signed for TA, LO and Brown right away. I guess that was just naive. I know it's negotiating but saying the TA would play for the Cavs - if that's not true then that really sucks. Fans will turn on TA and it might not even be true. Sometimes those bad feelings don't just go away - if he ends up a Laker and has a bad year like Sasha - freak - everyone will remember those comments and it will come back to haunt him. I lived in Okinawa before and they call that bachi!!!

detroit stikes fast.... I could've seen the Lakers signing charlie villanueva if TA or LO didn't sign with the team. Cross your fingers Lakers fan, this is a very dire time for us.



We can't print your comment. Just subbing in a couple of ## for the objectionable word doesn't work. Either pick a different word or make it entirely masked, the latter being the better call.



I'm not aware of the "immature" comments you're referring to with Ariza.


Agent Fodder.

If Ariza wants to go to Toronto instead of staying with the Lakers to win another championship, maybe he does not want to be a champion that much.



Answer: The Difference between what we're offering Trevor and what he wants.

GIVE IT TO HIM AND MOVE ON - To Another Ring!!!


"I'm also totally distracted by the fact that Mike Dunleavy actually managed to move Zach Randolph. For an expiring deal... AND the trade exception."

Ha! Did you or AK read the story that they had a deal to move Randolph for Darko before he was traded and Sterling blocked it? I was like, wow! You have a chance to move Randolph and his contract and the genius blocks it, I couldn't believe it. And now Dunleavy miraculously pulls off this trade. Did Wallace really want Randolph that bad that he would negotiate for him twice? And people say Artest is crazy.

Trevor is so important to the Lakers. I get the feeling this is a bunch of crap and a very foolish thing to do if Trevor does leave. I have been a HUGE Ariza fan before he came to LA. and Mitch is a fan of him as well and had been keeping an eye on him for years. I just don't see this happeining. Trevor upset at LA for their "blase'" attitude about his role. I don't believe that. Trevor is so important to the future of this team. If the Lakers let him go....HUGE mistake.......Love LO tho'...There's no reason why they can't keep both. Cleveland is pathetic and Ariza would just get lost in the shuffle in Cleveland. There is a reason LeBron won the MVP and little else, The Cavs just suck and Shaq isn't going to add ANYTHING. Shaq wasn't a real Laker, Who cares? Trevor Ariza?????????? Can't happen.



with Calli P and T4-Show-Mr.Barney Dangles-Justanotha, Faith, Rick Friedman, PsLakerFan etc... and the rest of the crew who I have interacted here. Against your team.

There are no pecking orders or hierarchy here...

woah! i just read ronrons twitter, he's playing with lamar at lamar odom's (odum, from artest) house at hollywood... ???

AK -
How long do you anticipate this will take to suss out (regardless of the outcome)? Tonight? Tomorrow? Friday?

No one is ripping on Ariza. If he leaves for the same pay, he should really tip out the door.

Ariza is overrated. Remember Smush Parker? The starting point on the lakers three or four years ago. Now he's not even in the NBA because he's not playing with Kobe. When Ariza was playing, he was always the worst player out on the floor for his team. Kobe, Fisher, Gasol, Bynum, and Odom are all better than him. It's not a big loss.

"Kobe and Ariza ARE MADE FOR EACH OTHER. They bond together." and they play very well together on both ends of the court. This is only their 2nd year together. This tandem just can't break up. I have been waiting my whole life for Kobe to have somebody with him more athletic than him and plays perimeter dfense. He is as close as Scottie Pippen Kobe will ever have.

How long have kobe and Lo been together? No chemistry!

I have seen more consistency in two years of Trevor than five years of Lamar.

I think Artest signed a new record deal and is having a lend of us.

yellofever- i was really going to give you the benefit of the doubt and disagree with lakertom, but posts like that only nominate you as a crazy person. BK isn't evil. he's not even obnoxious, he's just bald. but i suppose as you said, you haven't been around these blocks too long. don't get me wrong, BK can take care of himself, but compared to most people around here, he doesn't score at all on the haterometer. I mean, jeez, have you read tj s*m*rs? oh wait, don't go reading him. just take my word for it.

remember, it is all about the love. even for bald people.

Aiza is important because the Lakers traded Radmanovic. When Kobe is double teamed he needs to be able to kick out to a shooter. Sad to say that Ariza is the only person who knocked that shot down consistently enough to make the defenses pay. If Lakers lose Ariza, they need someone who can knock down the outside shot when Kobe gets doubled.

Phil does not want to play Odom with Bynum and Pau because he wants room for Kobe to operate. There is no one else on the roster who can do what he does defensively and knock down the open shot. There are occassions when he drives to the basket as well. Although Odom drives to the basket as well.

Just because Ariza can hit a wide-open three and play defense doesn't mean he is irreplaceable. Kobe has great chemistry with anyone who can hit an open three-pointer. Smush Parker could do that and Kobe made a point guard not good enough for the NBA a starting point guard. Ron Artest is ten times better and if Ariza is getting cocky and doesn't want to win there is no reason to keep him.

Kinda' hard to question personnel decisions by Kupchak/Buss mgmt the past 3 years, TA himself being part of the proof.

charles...i think you just undermined your own point. or maybe i'm upset I was left off the list.

If mid-level is the legit offer, it's still kinda' hard to question personnel moves by Kupchak/Buss mgmt team the past 3 years, TA himself being part of the proof.

SPECIAL ROLL CALL FOR THIS B.S. TODAY. utzworld BANNER HOLDER we need your special prayer today*****


Yeap Ron's now saying he signed with the Knicks for 12 million.... RIIIGHT

That's why - sign Artest already!!!!! We get a crazy defender - we get our one bad boy who will cover everyone's back - as long as Kobe and LO can keep him in check- we dominate!!! Plus we get to kick shaq and lbj's arse when we meet up!!! Oh what a feeling!!!! And if sheet goes to the celts - we need ron ron to lay some of those green weenies on their back!!


"charles...i think you just undermined your own point. or maybe i'm upset I was left off the list."

Posted by: phred

My bad. Shame on me. At least I put "and the rest of the crew who I have interacted here." I should have put: The whole roll call. But you are a bad brotha on my book.

One Love,


If that's Ariza's mentality. Let 'em walk. Snatch up Ron Ron and LO, and lets go. What do we lose besides age + he gives us that edge we will probably need to defend anyway. You how hard Artest will play with the ring truly in his grasp. Luke still provides the safety net. Posted by: fLAV | July 01, 2009 at 10:37 PM



It might be a phantom twit on tweeter. After all, during the Friendster era, I did put up a picture of Tom Cruise on an F14 Tomcat and said my occupation was a Naval Aviator.

Drop Ariza and go hard after Ron Ron. He's an upgrade to Trevor. I have watch the Lakers all season, Trevor is not going to improve much in offence. Ron Ron has a better offence and just as good defense.

As much as Ariza was valuable to the team, particularly the playoffs this year, If he wanders over to Cleveland or som e other team with his pride hurt, well... "don't let the door knob hit ya where the good Lord split ya!"...

Lets see if Ron-Ron will take a pay cut to get a chance at a ring AND we re-sign Odom.

Too bad, it would have been SICK to have both Artest and Ariza out on the floor at the same time for the Lake Show harassing the other team....

Its all so important if this team stays the same as it was at the end of this season that they keep everyone...but if we lose either Ariza or Odom, maybe we can sign Artest maybe then Bynum steps up and returns to a more beast-like player (Kobe and Ron Ron could ride his fanny to keep him motivated) , then we're not exactly toast...


This is getting crazier and crazier by the second:

So apparently the loser of the Hedo sweepstakes (either Portland or the idiots in Toronot) will (over)pay Ariza. Well then who's going to (over)pay David Lee? And then who will (over)pay Paul Millsap?

(01) FLAV - OWNER - If that's Ariza's mentality. Let 'em walk. Snatch up Ron Ron and LO, and lets go.
(02) WESJOENIXON - DRIVER -I'm ready to let the man walk. Detroit and Cleveland. Two of America's top cities. Enjoy Trevor.
(03) MAMBA24 - SO BE IT!!!!


'if anything this blog is the evil empire controlled by your leader BK (darth vader) and we're the rebel alliance trying to fight for justice... this blog is like a state run communist propaganda and BK is brainwashing his audience with his haterade.. there's no doubt he is a hater and must be kept in check... '

Is there something wrong with you? I'm seriously starting to question your sanity. Are you a Lakers fan or a Kobe fan? I'm among those who believe its unfair to expect Kobe to take less, but as a Laker fan wouldn't you be happy if he did?

'theres two kinds of kobe haters in this world.. the kind that come full frontal and the kind that lurk and hide in the background waiting for the right time to strike.i'm afraid BK is the latter definitely way IN the closet.'

Dude, all he did was write a post that presented the FACTS. Kobe could have opted out for less and that would have made it easier to sign our free agents. In what way does that make him a 'kobe hater' (which by the way is a term I can not stand). Why do you care? Honestly? Why? Its pretty strange...

If you don't like the blog or the people who run it, here's a hint: LEAVE. Its really that simple.


Apparently, whoever misses out on Turkoglu between the Blazers and Raptors will offer Ariza a hefty payday.

I could see him going to Portland, dunno about Toronto, though.

While Trevor looked good in the playoffs, it also helped that he was playing alongside Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant. He isn't worth the 8 to 9 mil he is asking for. The 5.6 million the Lakers are offering him is almost double what he made a season ago. As for Odom, while he is valuable, his inconsistency is what should prevent LA from giving him the $10 mil he so desperately wants. I would take Rasheed Wallace for less money than that.

Sorry. I was polishing off plans for my new Death Star and felt my ears burning.

Did I miss something?


Why worry? Let him go if that is what he really wanted...Lakers will still win championship with out him on the team... Lakers is still Lakers whoever comes in and goes out.


"all he did was write a post that presented the FACTS. Kobe could have opted out for less and that would have made it easier to sign our free agents. In what way does that make him a 'kobe hater' "

Yes, he stated those facts, but his OPINION was that Kobe should be criticized, and that his desire to win should be questioned, if he does not voluntarily take a paycut.

i'm ok with ronron on our team, i think kobe+phil can handle him. i mean, have you seen ron artest's face when he was interviewing kobe last time??? he was all smiles... like "hey, can i get an autograph or something?"

ungrateful idiot. he would be on his way out of the league or playing for the minimum if LA hadn't given him so many oppurtunity's. to play for the franchise of his dream, to start, to get big minutes, to win a championship. and now he wants to opt for the same money in a different city? he's too good for the same money as sasha and walton? forget him. ungrateful idiot. makes me angry obviously- he doesn't want a hometown discount but a hometown ante. spoiled

yellofever -

"if anything this blog is the evil empire controlled by your leader BK (darth vader) and we're the rebel alliance trying to fight for justice... this blog is like a state run communist propaganda and BK is brainwashing his audience with his haterade.. there's no doubt he is a hater and must be kept in check..."

I appreciate your freedom fighting sentiments, but we were all getting on just fine before you arrived here, thank you very much.

However, to repay you for your noble gesture, I offer you this nugget of wisdom, free of charge: If you find the blog moderator and the bloggers so intolerable, there's always the option of finding another blog.

These comments and initial offer are all posturing part of negotiations to gauge the competition. So on Ariza, the termites are Pistons and Cavaliers. With regards to LO, it is the Western bugs namely Spurs and Suns. If your owner is a astute poker player, you won't see him involve on July 1st & readily show the aces on starting day Lakers owners, GM and Coach are veterans in this field of negotiation. On the contrary, I am definitely positive, the old man will not be paying more $ 100M in this season, he will squeeze more to the point of dropping players out from the roster if need be to escape excessive luxury taxes.

wow... calling ariza names??? are you his parents or something?? stay classy. if ariza wants to walk, let him, but don't call him names. you don't even know half of what's really going on.

Hello Laker Nation, hope that this is all just a negotiation ploy and that in the end Ariza, Lamar and Shannon stays with the team. You've got to either really hate or like what his agent is doing(incidentally the same agent as Bynum's) he has a tendency to bring the negotiation to the media, instead of continuing to talk with the Team. I hate the way he is doing it of course, bec instead of doing his job he is letting the media do it for him. But seriously I hope that the lakers is able to keep this line up intact bec, look at what happened to boston last year when they let James Posey go, of course Pj Brown was also lost to retirement, the point is Ariza is not going to be sure he'll be able to play as well once he move to a new team, the perfect fit is the Lakers bec. he has shown he fit well within the triangle offense of the team. I hope there will better news in the ff days to come.

Go Lakers, Lakers forever!!!!

5.6 Million. Ariza should take it over leave it. He is not worth more than that. His agent is bluffing.


Ok, even if he did why would you take such great offense to it? And how in the world does that make him a "kobe hater"?


If Ariza wants to leave a possible dynasty for money than let him.

I am gonna puke. The worst thing ever is happening on day 1.

I hope the Lakers can sign Ariza, but if it comes down to one or the other, I'd rather keep Odom. Undoubtedly, Ariza is an excellent player who made crucial contributions to the 2009 championship, but he's ultimately not as valuable as Odom is, especially IF Lamar can find a way to be more consistent.

Trevor, if by chance you're reading this, here's one more word of warning: It's fair enough for you to sign with whomever you want, but if you go to Cleveland, be prepared for Kobe to drop 50+ on you at least once during the two times you'd face him next year. To say nothing of what might happen in a contentious Finals match-up. As you presumably know, the California Mountain Snake won't take lightly to one of his favorite minions defecting to a prominent rival. Do you really want to know how Kobe's @$$ tastes?

Add me too to "L.O + RON RON > ARIZA + ATTITUDE - BANDWAGON" :-)


"all he did was write a post that presented the FACTS. Kobe could have opted out for less and that would have made it easier to sign our free agents. In what way does that make him a 'kobe hater' "

Yes, he stated those facts, but his OPINION was that Kobe should be criticized, and that his desire to win should be questioned, if he does not voluntarily take a paycut.

Posted by: LAKER TRUTH | July 01, 2009 at 11:40 PM


If Lebron is with the same situation.. do you think he won't do the same thing as what kobe does? Every best player on the planet would do the same thing. Its not just about money but the value that kobe has because of what he can bring in to the game of basketball...


Buss is not gonna be bluffed by Lee. The kid has a tell, Buss has seen this a million times. Buss will call Lee's bluff soon, but not right away. He's gonna slow play him until the end. Then he'll win the hand by paying Ariza what he wants or fold his hand if someone comes over the top with a huge offer that Ariza will be forced to take, even if it's an inferior situation. He'll be a little richer, but he won't be playing for the Lakers. In the long run, that will be a bad move for Ariza.

Bad agents can really screw up a good thing. Let's hope Buss, Mitch and Co can talk some sense into Trevor and his agent.


why do I think wojwhositaskowski's source might have been David Lee? toronto? what are they going to do with ariza?

Kobe makes guys better. Makes their careers in some cases.

As long as you have someone dedicated with some talent, they can't help but succeed in our starting line up.

Cmon playing next to kobe, walton is a decent NBA player.

If trevor feels "disrespected" let him walk. Think about how good artest is imagine him being guarded by half a man or less with the double teams kobe and pau command.

Or anybody for that matter, watch Ammo have a career year this year spreading the floor from the 3.

I like ariza--I like him alot. But he's kidding himself if he doesn't see how hard it is to suck when you're playing with kobe and pau.

I say we trade Bynum, Ariza and their polarizing agent for DHoward and his agent.

10 year Dy-Nas-Ty.

if anyone can handle this it's the lakers.

If I said this all totally sucked, I would be absolutely honest.

Fricken stupid crap.

I hate agents and bullcrap poker playing.

Just be adults and work out a mutually beneficial solution.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!! (FRICKEN RINGS!!!!)

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Lakers vs Cavs in the 2010 finals.

Who would you rather have guarding LeBron, Trevor or Artest?

Trevor Ariza is worth $7 million a year. He is absolutely worth that.

Lamar Odom is worth $9-10.5 million a year.

That's reality.

Get 'em paid.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Sign Rudy Fernandez.

I seriously doubt TA is 'disappointed' with the offer. The only way he would be disappointed is if he was already offered something substantially more - along with guaranteed playing time. Honestly, I think it's all just posturing from the melodramatic agent.
I'm sure TA would love to make 7-8 mil/yr. BUT IF no one else is offering that to him, then why would he be so disappointed? ALSO, here is the other gamble for the Lakers: we all seem to forget about Adam Morrison. He should be a good shooter - if he ever gets his confidence back. That's the gamble that Lakers may be willing to take. And the reason is this: as much as the Lakers love TA's athleticism, it was the 3-point shots that made the huge difference. When TA first came to the Lakers, he was definitely more of a slasher than anything, since he didn't have a consistent shot. Well, after the foot injury and countless practice, he has now developed a decent shot beyond the arc, but as such, his attack to the rim has dropped quite a bit. What makes him so dangerous is that he still can drive to the basket AND shoot the three, so that defenders need to respect him.
SO, are there players that can replace him? I think LO can be the slasher and adam morrison can be the shooter. that's just my humble, maybe idiotic opinion. FIRE AWAY!!

Without Ariza & Odom Lakers will not be able to get out of the West. Blazers, Spurs, Celtics, Nuggets, Clippers are all going to be stronger. Rasheed moving to one of the top 3 will tilt the balance against the Lakers. Sasha & Morrison need to be moved if necessary to retain Ariza, Odom & Brown. What happened to $ saved from Mihms, Radmanovic & lottery trades. A good business decision is for Dr Buss/Mitch not to waste the Kobe asset (greatest luxury tax) without a championship the next to years. Think of the revenues lost not making the second round!! Odom is needed to guard the bigger shooters & for rebounding. Ariza is a natural for the triangle offense. Kobe might be flexible with his contract terms, just like Jordon was to retain Pippen! It will extend Kobes career and all make more money winning championships!! Phil might give up a couple of $ million to miss 25% of the road games in return.

Are you kidding me???

Fernandez is unhappy??

If they sign turk, he'll be pissed and just sitting.

Get to work mitch. Bring Rudy in to start at our three. Or as our sixth man. That would be awesome! Fernandez is legit. Have pau make the call.

TA does not care for Lebron, especially what happened in high school. I definitely don't see him playing for Cleveland for the same amount of money just to spite the Lakers.

Can someone please give me some personal information on David Lee so I can unleash the Bio-Chrono Weapon upon him?

Lakers Organization: I work for cheap, which is also known as for free. Have the Kamenetzky Brothers give you my email address.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


LOL at the thought of kobe dropping 50 on TA when TA goes to CLE

KB: "I give you your shooting form, and this is what you repay me???"



"If that's Ariza's mentality. Let 'em walk"

Dude, this guy is our next Michael Cooper. I'm not angry at Trevor. I'm disappointed with his agent's negotiating style WHICH IS LAME.

The guy clearly is a child. He doesn't know how to negotiate from poise and strength, so he instead negotiates from a reactionary stance (known also as "weakness") which is not helpful to his client.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I love TA as much as the next Laker fan and hope he comes back but Artest as a Laker will make me giddy. I'm sure he wont act up with Kobe next to him and Phil can use the zen magic he used with Rodman to keep him in line. How badass of a pair would Kobe and Ron be? Two of them would be the NBA's version of Legion of Doom. No one will question the toughness of the Lakers with those two on the team.

Having said that, I really hope TA stays. If he goes to CLE for the same money, it will really hurt.

If the bastuhd wants to go to Cleveland for the MLE, let him walk. Bynum's shaky knees make Odom the one we gotta worry about keeping around.

I simply can not imagin the Lakers not keeping Lamar and trevor. They were and are big pieces to this team, I a certon that they will find a way to work things out. Because they really have a great shot at winning the championship atleast two more times so long as they lock both trevor and Lamar up. Even loosing one of them sounds absolutly crazy. So I say get it done, sign both and soon

wow, that's gratitude if that's his true feelings, most likely it's just posturing by his blow-hole agent. The Lakers gave him a chance and kept giving it even when it didn't look all that great. The one thing he has going for him is is speed which led to those steals. Don't rock the boat!!!! You are replaceable.

Cleveland...same ol sly busines tactics, hire your competitions assets just to weaken them. Some businesses do it and don't even use them. Come on, Lebron will be gone in 12 months and Trevor, enjoy the beaches in Cleveland with the Big Yoda of the greatest players in his time, but funny, Yoda did his work, the Big Taco, forget it..., Trevor, Grow up, be a man, ask Kobe for your age, your BIG contract is yet to come, and it will if you continue to develop as you did 2/3'rds of last year. The Lakers are already paying 2 plus players more than they should have been signed for, count one more if you consider Morrison, because it was quite obvious he was not worth what he was getting paid, or will get paid next year.

Been restless since reading the TA news. LO, as inconsistent as he is, is more irreplaceable than Ariza. Let me count the ways:
- Better facilitator for the Triangle
- Better bench leader
- Better locker room guy
- More varied offensive arsenal
- Better rebounder
- Better shotblocker
- 4 inches taller
- Mismatch nightmare
- Insurance for Bynum
- Better nickname (Candyman!)

When pointing out LO's inconsistency, folks should also take into account those games when TA wasn't able to contribute either. That is, he shouldn't get a free pass when LO's getting reamed.

We made it to the 2008 Finals without Ariza AND Bynum (Ariza was still recovering at the time), but I doubt if we would have made it without LO.

That said, hope we can keep Trevor. Why would he go to Cleveland for the same amount, just out of spite? Anyway, as some have posted, there's always Ron-Ron, who's tight with LO and Kobe ("elbow-to-throat" notwithstanding).

Think management is playing its cards correctly here. TA will most likely resign because the midlevel is all he'll get right now. LO is the one they should be stacking chips for.


You guys have got to be kidding if you think TA is "irreplaceable". He is a SF that plays decent defense and can knock down some WIDE OPEN 3s. Play alongside Kobe&Gasol make him looks way better.

Supplies and demands. Detroit is done with spending. Cavs has nothing but MLE to offer. Toronto and Portland are the only 2 teams that can and will spend over the MLE but one of them will get Hedo. That leaves 1 team that really want a SF to pay more than MLE. And there are plenty of SFs to pick from including Ron Ron and Shawn Marion. Either one of them, quite frankly, is better than TA.

Odom is more important than TA.

I say offer TA a 5yr 30mil deal....that equivlates to 6mil a year, which is about double what he made in his previous deal.

It rewards him for what he has done for us, but it doesnt over pay him based on the market reference.

I believe that TA is worth 8mil a year, but if no one else is going to pay that much for him, why should we outbid ourselves.

Mr Buss, dont let this Agent Lee trick fool you. He's already stuck us with a massive contract for Bynot.

If TA does leave, that would mean LO would stay for sure and we would have to go get......(breathes deeply).....what i really dont want......(gulps)...

Ron Artest.

If that is not available....let me throw this name out there.....Desmond Mason. If we cannot get that, then we might need a S&T for another player....preferrably Rudy Fernandez or how about even Paul Millsap?

I just would like to avoid RonRon at all costs, yes he makes us "tougher" but i dont want the chemistry to get all messed up.....but i guess with TA possibly leaving, that might happen anyways.


"While Trevor looked good in the playoffs, it also helped that he was playing alongside Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant. He isn't worth the 8 to 9 mil he is asking for. The 5.6 million the Lakers are offering him is almost double what he made a season ago. "


i am really hoping ariza gets re-signed. i do not want artest as a laker. sorry, i just think it will mess up the locker room dynamic. can you imagine him going one on one against lebron. if lebron drops 40 points on him, he is going to try to drop 41. sorry, kobe and phil shouldn't have to waste their time and energy watching out for a 30 yr old man. it will also take time for artest to learn the triangle, so that means more luke walton. let's not forget artest is foul trouble and doesn't get the benefit of the call; he also can get ejected out of games b/c he is overly emotional. which again means more luke walton.

trevor is an amazing player. i think he is worth 7 million (no more). he doesn't have to score to make an impact in the game. also, he never complains. he provides energy in the starting lineup. we need a starter that will dive for a ball. kobe saw something in trevor that reminded him of himself. to me, that says a whole lot.

i would hate to lose trevor. you guys know he is my fav laker (after kobe). i just want mitch to sign him b/c i am afraid, if we wait to long we can't afford him b/c whoever loses hedo will overpay trevor.

trevor needs the lakers and the lakers need trevor. btw, i think if anything maybe lee is brainwashing trevor to think he deserves way more money.

i say start a bandwagaon to keep trevor. he is a laker for life and i agree he has amazing chemistry with kobe. after only 1 and half years (a couple months he was injured) he and kobe are amazing on court.

trevor laker for life bandwagon

TA got a lot better this year, and at his age can still develop. He is getting to the hoop, knocking down the trey, and becoming a better finisher near the hoop. Sometimes he finishes like Kobe, and the more he plays with Kobe, the more confidence he may get at that. At age 30, Artest won't get any better,and one has to ask the question of how many shots he will get in this offense, after Kobe, Pau, Drew, and LO get theirs. Youth, speed, and athleticism will matter more in the next few years as Kobe and LO will be over 30 in the coming seasons.

Still, LO is unique, and would be harder to replace in the multiple roles he provides. And he will stay TALL.

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