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The Lamar Odom negotiations: Y'all just be patient now, ya' hear?

Lamar Odom high fives fans after LA's win over Utah Jazz The Lakers have worked quickly and decisively this summer to address their fairly limited to-do list, solidifying the small forward spot (re-signing Trevor Ariza became signing Ron Artest, but either way the position, as they say, has been filled), locking up Shannon Brown for at least one more year, and filling out the back end of the roster by picking up options on DJ Mbenga and Josh Powell.  The only remaining piece is Lamar Odom.  It's a big one, too.  Judging by comments some readers have left over the last few days, the radio silence regarding LO is causing more stress than a tax audit undertaken at the dentist's office where the reciepts are missing and so is the novacaine.

As a strong advocate for Odom's value to the team, I get it.  The Lakers want Odom on that wall, they need him on that wall.  But nobody should equate Odom's status as third domino to a third place finish on the team's priority list. 

The Lakers want him back.  The speed, or lack thereof, in negotiations is just a reflection of the market. 

Had the Lakers waited on Artest or Ariza, both could have gone by the time LO's contract was settled.  Same with Brown.  Unfortunately for Lamar, 2009 represents a short-straw year for higher end free agents.  He's not the type of player a rebuilding team with cap space would want, and almost no contenders entered the month able to offer him more than mid-level money the Lakers would undoubtedly match.  Because there isn't much competition for his services- this story from the very solid Jason Quick at The Oregonian is notable (from the perspective of a Lakers fan) for what name is missing rather that those mentioned, while a dispatch from Ken Berger at CBS quotes a "coaching source" measuring Portland's interest in Odom as "lukewarm"- the Lakers can be patient.  There are no indications Odom will suddenly be snatched up. 

If interest starts to grow, so too will LA's efforts to get him re-signed, I would think.  There have been no whispers of trouble on the horizon, bad blood, secret voodoo curses, or the like.  (Though at the first sign of any, especially voodoo curses, we promise to pass along the news.)  I don't expect Mitch Kupchak will screw around. 

Already set to take a pay cut, Camp Odom is hoping to get the best terms the market will bear.  The Lakers, with a payroll that will easily push past $90 mil once Odom is inked would just as soon hold costs down.  My guess is they meet in the middle.  Now that teams know where the cap and tax lines will be for next season ($57.7 and $69.92 million, respectively), there could be more movement leaguewide, which could accelerate this particular financial dance.  Still, the Odom negotiations could take a while. 

In the meantime, try to get outside and enjoy the summer. 


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I remember Jason Quick or someone else from The Oregonian was talking how he wouldn't be surprised if they eliminated the Lakers from this year's playoffs. He even sounded confident that the Blazers would beat the Lakers if they met.

Seeking Economic Justice for Lamar Odom!

For far too long, people with power and money trivialize the work and honour of the people who have served them faithfully.
One such abuse is unfolding presently in the way the Lakers are treating Lamar Odom.

Here is a faithful warrior. He came in at the darkest hour of the Lakers.
He faithfully did all that was asked of him.
He sacrificed his game so Kobe can continue hurling 30 shots a game a to generate at best 30 points.

Through it all LO did not complain.
He was the faithful warrior to adjusted his game to cater to the needs of the team.

And when the good times came, the unfaithful SOBs in the Lakers organization are trying once again to disrespect the Man called LO.

And for what? So that they can give KB an extension for what $ 27million a year?

This is what is wrong with our world.

There is no economic justice!

Kobe keeps his loud mouth shut because it is not him.

Well to be a leader, you have to be concern about the welfare of your team.

The distance between the Lakers and LO is not great. Lakers are offering $ 8 million. LO wants $ 10 million.

KB should start behaving like a leader!
KB can kick in $ 1million to make the offer $ 9 million.
LO should also come down to $ 9 million and we can slove this impasse and stop the attendant ill-will it generates.

What is at stake here is beyond luxury taxes and budgets.
What is at stake here is the spirit of what the Lakers organization is about.

You have to share the wealth with those who faithfully contributed to its creation.

Dr. Buss, we are watching you.

Show us that you believe in economic justice; not each one for himself and God for us all.

LO deserves $ 9 million per year for 4 years.
Give it to him and let us commit to transforming the Lakers organization into one without peers in the way we treat our warriors.

For in a world of such economic injustice, Dr. Buss can say we stand for a higher principle as an organization.

We will be there with you if you are with us and you sacrifice for the benefit of the team; instead of promoting parochial self interest for a ME generation!

Give LO what he has earned.

Laker Fan from Africa!

Laker fan,

Check this out ...

Coby Karl, who returned to action after missing Monday’s opener due to a FIBA technicality, led Boston with 18 points, while J.R. Giddens contributed 17 points and Nick Fazekas had 12.

Can Karl be the backup point guard for next years champs?


>>> the radio silence regarding LO is causing more stress than a tax audit undertaken
>>> at the dentist's office where the receipts are missing and so is the Novocain.

LMAO. That is exactly how it feels. The lower salary cap has now left Portland with only $7.7M in cap space so I think we will see an agreement soon, maybe even tomorrow. I heard somebody on the blog say $24M - $27M over 3 years and that sounds about right.


Now that the numbers have been set then it should be easier to negotiate with LO. Everyone knows the numbers involved.

Imagine my surprise while watching the World Series of Poker yesterday to see our very own Jordan Farmer participating.
He did quite well also. He survived the first day and will be back for Day 2b tomorrow.

Your closing "...try to get outside and enjoy the summer..." is predicated on thinking that all your readers reside in the Northern hemisphere.
Not me. I read this blog everyday and I'm sitting here in winter-filled New Zealand....

as someone who used to go back and forth on Lamar, one day wanting (and declaring) the experiment to end, the next thinking he is a vital part of our looming Dynasty, like a lot og boggers i think, it is almost surprising that i am now so firmly convinced the Lakers need to re-sign him...

i really have the feeling that we have seen the last of the inconsistent Lamar...hope I am right...

I expect us to sign him this week..go Mitch go


What happened to your luxury tax post? It just disappeared. Strange.

By the way, LOL at 101-82's incoherent babblings.


>>>Can Karl be the backup point guard for next years champs?

Sorry, but I don't think the Lakers have a roster spot open, so
that's not possible.

Odom's been over-paid last 5 years for his inconsistancies and lack of motivation. He should take what the Lakers are offering which is said to be 3 years 25 million. Very fair offer.

The Blazers would've been #2 in the west if Hedo signed with them. Without him they'll be in that vast Western Conference middle, 3-7. The only reason they would sign Odom is to screw the Lakers and and get closer to them by subtraction, but thats quite an expensive way to screw another team. He can't play the traditional 3, and there aren't many power forward minutes under Aldridge. Channing Frye is good young player and he hardly played behind him.

LO will ALWAYS be inconsistent - it is part of his character. He will never change - he has done this for 10 years now.

I have learned to accept it and don't expect him to turn that corner, every time he has a few great games in a row. Frustrating as hell, but as long as he shows up in the critical games and playoffs, I can live with that. I think there are always other options for the Lakers - but maybe not at this moment.

where is the luxury tax post? i cant find it, when i click the link on twitter it sends me to a white blank page

Lamar = Laker for Life


Waiting for Godot - same thing as waiting for Lamar's contract.

it is my assumption that there r 2 classic ice cream flavors: vanilla and chocolate; whatever rocks ones boat.

ariza was the flavor of the month of June, like Green Tea.

lamar odom found out that he is not really the flavor of any team in the NBA, except the lakers where he is our Godot. which Lamar will show up tonight, or will he: overdosed with candy, rebounds and some good plays, or the "substitute" version, less sugar bet even less healthy.

as i wrote a few days ago, facing a new contract, lamar exposed and presented all the negative things a player would say in an exit interview (socialite, rabbit food vs. sugar candy and the request to stay in shape)

in my opinion, even if he presented himself likable and human, he shot himself in the foot.

as we all know, Lamar wants like 10-11 mil, what is too much for a "VERSATILE" and a "POTENTIAL" perennial wannabe all-star. who ,also was on the trade block or at least in discussion with every february or year end deadline for the past 2.5 - 3 years.

Benjamin wrote a few days ago that even if Lamar can be a great locker-room guy, bringing camaraderie, smiles, laughs and other "intangibles" to the team spirit, the same sugar kick can be disastrous because of his laissez-fair attitude and nonchalance.

i know this sound cold for many Lamar fans, even Laker fans but business is business and i'm toeing with what Buss, Mitch and other GM's r thinking during a contract discussion or even a thought of having him in the discussion. (does not look that too many teams have the money or will want to start with lamar when next year there r a lot of juicy players and maybe a better economy)

Lamar ODOM for 10-11 MIL. (obviously, my not so humble opinion)


1 MIL. for not improving his game in the past 5 years
1 MIL for being a socialite
1 MIL for having a poor diet that influences his play night in and out

1-2 Thousands for EACH offensive foul
1-2 Thousands for EACH missed Lay-up
1-2 Thousands for EACH for each Bad inbound pass
1-2 Thousands for EACH for each penetration, hanging in the air and TO

i will be gracious and not count his SHOOTING percentages


TOTAL i will leave this up to each of you to do the personal math counting or discounting my list

a few days ago i was reading some blog when the writer coined the term, Lamar Odom's "customary triple double" of 8.5 points, 9 reb. and 2 assists (referring to his poor plays-no sugar added)

and please do not bring up his reb. because he defends and lives under the basket and at 6'-10, the ball is falling on his lap. or that in the 5th game of the finals he made 2 consecutive 3 pointers. usually we all cringe when he shoots from outside.

even if the list is not similar, maybe this will explain to many fans why ARIZA, after all the magic against the magic and the denver was valued by the league at MLE level and not as " limitless potential" and future "superstar" or the player that "a team will build around" how some writers penciled him in.

and if Lamar will not sign with the Lakers, remember that even if we r not playing, the Lakers will win the Pacific division giving us the 3rd or 4th seat in the playoffs and by February, Buss and CO. will have a REAL player to fulfill Lamar's position, with a different style and maybe more efficient and cheaper.

and yes, ARTEST brings ankle insurance and also insurance that Lamar can be DISPOSABLE (except Kobe and Pau, all the team is) and yes Bynum who is Jimmy's pet project-maybe that's why Mitch HAD to sign him for "POTENTIAL"

i hope this post, even if not "popular" will start some debate. at the same time, i know that it can be an act of futility and at 12:01 Lamar will sign his contract.

LGL. dynasty.

While the David Lee debacle resolved itself quickly, the Odom situation's a bird of another feather. Jeff Schwartz is a skilled negotiator who knows that L.A can't spend to go after anyone else of note - cap rules prohibit it. On the other hand, most of the other teams are in the same boat.... and those that do have available funds don't seem much interested. So, hunker down for a lengthy, quiet chess match which the public won't be invited to.

When's the first Lakers summer league game?


Yep. Still want him back. Maybe Artest can knock a little sense into him. 25M for 3 years? Very, very fair if an actual offer. Beats almost best anyone can pay for him, doesn't it?

I think Lakers might try to get him for MLE. Is any team seriously going to offer him more than that? He may be worth more, but maybe not for this economy, this team, and his inconsistency the past few years.

it's funny how George "the loser" Karl is pimping his son to all the great teams in the NBA. what's next? SAS?

at least Bill Walton as a champ with the Blazers and Celtics is proud to have his son as a Laker. maybe he really understands NBA history.


no comments on Kobe for MVP? looks like is Lamar time and u r back. where is Big Game James?


While I like to see the Lakers be fair to Lamar in that he deserves an appropriate wage for his services (by NBA standards of course), I have to admit that with these new salary cap/luxury tax figures for the upcoming season the Laker FO holds all the leverage here since there is now really no other team with viable cap space left for Lamar to turn.

Hopefully Laker management will still do right for him and offer a fair deal nevertheless. However the lower luxury tax trigger certainly doesn't help matters...

I think LO is more important now that Artest is around. Their having grown up together will help the team chemistry.

Give LO chocolate skittles! We need him back !!!

Strange that this blog is more popular now that the season is over.


I’m still here. Damn I need a job. While I’m here…

Technically, I think David Lee isn’t the worst agent in the world. Dan Fegan lost Stephen Jackson 6 million once, by not relaying a 9 million, 3 year offer from the Spurs before the deadline, so Jackson had to sign a 2 million two year deal with atlanta. I think he did pay him back, though.

“...Ron: Hellz yeah!!! What are you offering?
Mitch: We can only really offer the ...
Ron: I'll take it! YEAH! See you in LA!! Wooooooo!!!! (hangs up excitedly)
Mitch (thinking to himself): Did I accidentally just make us better? Is my luck really that good?
(30 mintues later, somewhere in LA, David Lee is still chanting "We want 50 million!!!" into what he thinks is a phone, but is actually a banana)
End of transcript. And that's how it happened. :)
Posted by: puddle | July 07, 2009 at 05:17 PM

Quite possibly the funniest post of the summer, but then again, my brains might be mush after slogging through what from the totals at the bottom of the threads, 1500+ ariza comments in the last week.

“It was just business and the opportunity to give the blog another dead horse to beat to death. :)
Posted by: LakerTom | July 07, 2009 at 04:20 PM

After we beat the dead horse to death, can we somehow resurrect it and kill it again? Is the horse a highlander horse?

“Of course, if they did that, pfunk would go into convulsions foaming at the mouth and screaming at Mitch for keeping Luke and letting such a great talent as Morrison go, but that's the price we as bloggers would have to pay.
Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | July 07, 2009 at 04:15 PM

What does he do now? How much worse could it get?

It's 10 pm, Pacific Time, on July 7, 2009, and yep, WE STILL WON, BOYATCHES AND GIRLOTCHES!

Note to "G":

As i think was posted by BK:

'09 luxury tax @ $69.9M; salary cap @$57.7

Am torn on LO.

Go Lakes !!

Lamar, here is a challenge for you. If you think you are good and worth more, take the offer of one year 8M and get back to Mitch again next summer. This is not the season or the year to ask for more when everyone is suffering with the hard times. It is not JB's profits alone but the pocket books of fans as well. Your 8 million will cost the Lakers 16M in total why not give back what is due to the team and take it back during period of prosperity. Take that challenge Lamar and let us move on.

All one has to do to realize how poorly David Lee handled Trevor's contract situation is compare and contrast the Ariza negotiations with the Odom negotiations. We haven't heard a peep out of Lamar's agent. Meanwhile, Trevor's agent was badmouthing the Lakers in the press the very same night that the free agent signing season opened.

There's also one more detail about David Lee that I don't know many are aware of here: in Summer 2008, he was posting on the and message boards.

In those posts, he badmouthed Mitch, Phil, and even one or more of Trevor's Laker teammates (Luke being one). He stated in no uncertain terms, one year ahead of Trevor's free agency, that he would make the Lakers pay through their noses to re-sign him. Follow the link below, and it will take you to one of these sites where more links can be followed. It's highly possible that Laker mgmt knew about these posts last year, and knew they didn't want to experience with Trevor what they had to experience with Bynum. What a complete nitwit David Lee is.

Johnny -
"Strange that this blog is more popular now that the season is over."

Not really. During the season we get to WATCH the Lakers and talk about the Lakers with EVERYONE - especially during the playoffs. But in times like these we Laker fanatics need other Laker fanatics to enable our purple and gold addiction.

I mean last month during the finals the guy at the bank was happy to talk Lakers with me - and I live in the Bay Area! Now all we have is each other and the K bros.

So glad y'all are here......

PS WE MUST RE-SIGN LAMAR! Unless we want our second team to have to rely on Mbenga and Powell to hold the lead our starters get.

To all new Lakers like: Shannon, Adam, Sun, Josh, DJ, Chinemelu and also Ron A,

You saw how the City of LA celebrated the passing of the King of Pop at your home court. It was done with passion, class, dignity and excellence. We wish that u maintain that kind of standard too, as a Laker player. You are representing a team with winning tradition in a world class city. You have to hone your skills during off season and be ready to do a job. It is not an ordinary job but a rare privilege given to an NBA player. This city is known world over in holding major events, the home of best entertainers in the business & they are your fans. While we are aware of the best potentials, let me give u of stern warning (from a fan's point of view) that such privilege is not permanent, the home of show biz does not have the patience in babysitting mediocre and lazy players. The competition for your position will be tough, nobody is indispensable because someone can always replace you. There are many players in the world who may be better than you are, would like trade places with you at this time. So while you are here give your best and u will be rewarded for your efforts. Millions of Angelenos (who don't come to Staples, never blog, never call/tweet in sports talk but taught how to be a fan by legendary Chick) will be at your back to support you plus another million of fans world over watching your performance. God speed and good luck.

To say I'm nervous about the whole Lamar situation would be the understatement of the year. Earlier today on satellite radio, I heard the "Mad Dog" sports show reporting on Odom. They said the Lakers and Odom were "far apart," and that the Spurs were showing serious interest. Makes sense, since they are also taking a hard look at McDyess.

It's hard to know what to believe, with all the BS that goes for news today. I am crossing my fingers and saying a little prayer that this situation gets resolved soon, in the RIGHT way--- with Lamar on our bench next season. No Lamar, no repeat. That's how I see it. Hold on to your seats folks.....

what is the new salary cap number, everyone made reference to it but no one said what it was changed to......


don't sweat. SAS got Dice

LO has been inconsistent in the last few years so why pay him more than 5 millions year. A lot of ppls say he should get the credit coz the Lakers won the NBA champions but the Lakers paid him 14 millions this year of course he got to perform. Are u trying to tell me a 14 millions still couldn't perform as a consistent player??

Lakers is already had a lot of inconsistent and overpaid players so there is no need must sigh LO. Look at Luke Walton get paid 5 to 6 millions for over a 5 years contract. Luke Walton is very inconsistent in the offense and defense. LO and luke walton are both overrated players so don't over paid them anymore.

Are u trying to tell me Lakers couldn't find any players in the NBA market now if they pay 5 to 7 millions??? for a 2 to 3 years contract.

Just offer LO in the mid level coz he has been overpaid int he last 5 years already. If he don't accept it, sign other player in the market now.

The reason Pau and Kobe paid that much because they are consistent players. That's it. You never want to over paid any inconsistent players coz it's a burden for the team.

Daniel, Ouch - ditto man! Are we the only ones who think LO is a big waste of money? I can't believe all the people backing him. I'm not a LO hater - I do hate his inconsistent game. I know I've been reading on this blog for years how so many people wanted him traded - now we NEED him? Are you kidding me?

Like Ouch said - this may not be popular but we should let LO walk at this point. If he gets a contract he wants, Lakers are paying wayyyyyy too much. If he doesn't get his contract - then he sulks and is even more apt to play a bunch of crappy games. I have total faith in Dr. Buss/Mitch to be able to replace LO with an even better player(s) - whatever it takes to fill the void.

We all want to see each player come hungry for every game - that is why the past season was so frustrating - we all knew they could blow away a bunch of teams but they would ease up - same mind set as LO.

Well - I'm pretty sure that we're resigning LO, but no huge loss to me if we don't.

I do love this blog because people are allowed to speak their mind (as long as it's pretty clean) FB&G blocks anything that is a bit controversial.

Kbros you rock!!!!

Silence on LO's contract talks is a good thing, not a bad thing. If the Lakers really did offer him 3 yrs/$24 million, then that's very close to what he'll be re-signed for. I believe that Portland and the former Sonics are the only NBA teams that are currently below the salary cap.

Well, the former Sonics are rebuilding with young players, and they won't spend on a free agent unless it's a young star on whom they can build around.

Portland's only reason to be in the LO sweepstakes would be to drive LO's price up and make the Lakers pay more luxury tax. They're committed to the young Aldridge at power forward and Batum & Webster at small forward (now that Turk has moved to Canada), so LO wouldn't get as many minutes as he would here in LA. And, now that we know the salary cap and luxury tax figures, Portland can only offer LO $7.7 million per year. So to all Laker fans, stop worrying! LO will be back in the fold, and quite possibly it will be sometime in the next two weeks.

L.O. wont walk - he'll get paid - so says my crystal ball . . Louis Roderer, that is.


Don't disappoint - come stronger. Coby Karl is not the spot.

Bynum for Marc Gasol.
make the call:D

@ Tetteh Hadjor

you live in a fairytale world dude...

its always every man for himself when it comes to business. Why would kobe take a paycut? what has he got to do with someone else's contract??


2nd unit
C-Gasol or Bynum or DJ
SG-Brown or Yue

Lamar= Odd man out. Don't need him when we have Powel.
Lamar = insurance in case Bynum Gasol DJ or Powell get an injury this is when we are in big big BIG TROUBLE if Lamar's not here.
THUS LAKERS NEED TO RESIGN LAMAR. 50-75% chance that 1 of those guys mentioned will get an injury.

I'm ready to begin trusting Yue next year to take some playing time from Brown. Yue's ceiling is higher than Brown's... If Phil plays them equal time next year, Yue will slowly start surpassing brown in the preseason or early season, no later than 2 months into the regular season I presume. Yue is a dark horse people.
Brown is a dark horse as well but it can go either way... Phil needs some healthy competition next year through Brown and Yue. This way we can see who is really ready for the remainder of the season. I would use this knowledge for the postseason rotations. It will be exciting to watch.

Laker fan,

Check this out ...

Coby Karl, who returned to action after missing Monday’s opener due to a FIBA technicality, led Boston with 18 points, while J.R. Giddens contributed 17 points and Nick Fazekas had 12.

Can Karl be the backup point guard for next years champs?

Posted by: 131-92 | July 07, 2009 at 08:41 PM

Dear Loser:

In case you haven't noticed, this is the Lakers blog. The Celtics blog can be found at Please go there and complain with your fellow stressed out celtics fans. All you're doing here is making a fool of yourself. Goodbye forever.

I can only hope a guy who can't make the Lakers 15 man squad will be the back up point guard for the Celtics. The fact that he's a 2 guard not a PG can be discussed later.

If the offer listed here is factual (24-27 m over 3 years), LO should jump on it. Everyone knows he's been over paid the past several years, he's comfortable in his role here, and even less will be required of him with the signing of RA.

Get it done and start prepping for training camp.

johnny wrote: "I'm ready to begin trusting Yue next year to take some playing time from Brown. Yue's ceiling is higher than Brown's"

Got to disagree. Yue's an unathletic twig and hasn't even broken onto the bench yet. He doesn't deserve Brown's minutes, and I seriously doubt he could defend anyone in the league at his position.

Also, I like Powell and I think he's an upgrade from Turiaf in every way but enthusiasm and dancing. But Powell is not in Odom's league as far as talent and versatility. You want Odom for the reasons you mentioned - because he can play 3, 4 or 5 and play them well. Look at Boston. Injuries happen, and I don't think we would have won on the road in Cleveland or Boston in the regular season this year when Bynum went down if we just had Powell and no Lamar.

The article in the official Lakers website anticipates LO re-signing. Hmmm...

Artest article that is.

Lo will resign. He loves La it's that simple. the Lakers might be trading somone(hopefully Luke and Ammo) I like Luke but he makes too much. But best believe Lamar see's the future championships coming this way he ain't gonna kill his legacy

Imagine my surprise while watching the World Series of Poker yesterday to see our very own Jordan Farmer participating.
He did quite well also. He survived the first day and will be back for Day 2b tomorrow.

Your closing "...try to get outside and enjoy the summer..." is predicated on thinking that all your readers reside in the Northern hemisphere.
Not me. I read this blog everyday and I'm sitting here in winter-filled New Zealand....

Posted by: mobsta | July 07, 2009 at 08:58 PM
mobsta - having had the privilege to visit NZ I imagine there are worse places to spend a winter...

That's cool that you caught Farmar at the WSOP. I haven't watched any of the 2009 tour yet, having only recently seen the 2008 Main Event results shows from November. Was he, by chance, bankrolled by Dr. Buss? :-)

Do the Kiwis have an appreciation for the game of basketball? Are there any non-'All Blacks', international teams they root for?
(Please note: 'All Blacks' is not a racial term. It is the name of the New Zealand National Rugby Team...which happens to be the greatest rugby team in the world.)

I hope Lamar Odom is learning from the Trevor Ariza saga by now. If I am Lamar Odom I'd take whatever deal the Lakers can give me and re-negotiate the contract at the end of next season when the contracts of Fisher and Morrison are up. There are not many teams out there who are willing to pay more than MLE for Odom at this moment. It's simply stupid to ask for the impossible. After all if you and your family are happy in LA does that count for something?

i_heart_LA..... you're wrong. a lot of leaders take pay cuts to try to win. duncan did it, shaq did it etc. if kobe took a pay cut, that would increase the chance lakers sign more quality players around him and that equal more championship.

as far as LO....... no LO, no championship. thats a ganrantee. i'm not sure lakers really offering 8 mil. maybe they're only offering the mid level. if thats the case, its messed up. if its 8-9 mil a year, i think LO will end up signing.

No Odom means Walton as 6th man and leading the supporting cast of:

That would be the worst bench in the NBA

Guaranteeing the future displays a total lack of credibility!

I wish all you against Lamar Odom would get your wish. Then, I would like to see you complain when Lakers fall on their face without Lamar. Where you going to find a player of Lamar's stature who would allow Kobe to take all the shots the way Lamar does without complaining. Lamar is the glue holding the Lakers together. His passing skills are a thing of beauty.


>>In the meantime, try to get outside and enjoy the summer.

hah, right on BK. i had some trouble falling asleep last nite. of course, the thought of losing LO was dancing in my head.

woe is the life of the Lakers fan...

Laker love y'all!!!

Though the Lakers did well during the playoffs, lets not forget the bad play of the "bench mob" (besides Odom) and how in a lot of games where Phil was forced to start the fourth quarter with the starters rather than the bench. Gasol and Bryant were getting wore down because of the extra minutes. This was simply from the fact that the bench wasn't able the hold their own weight, especially defensively. Lamar is very needed on this team because the Lakers quest to earn home court advantage through the playoffs next year is contingent upon having a solid bench that can give some of the starters some rest, otherwise the risk of injury is high and team defense gets compromised. Artest is obviously going to start which leaves a "quiet" bench in dire need of Lamar, especially on the boards and the fastbreak. Juat give him the money Mitch, your already well over the luxory. Money shouldn't be a problem for you when you still have Kobe, Pau and Artest and you have Paris and Dicaprio loyal to their seats. Teams are getting better this year and obviously next year so your better off biting the bullet to stay caught up.

i feel lo should get wath hes asking for,alsothey should deduct lucks , sashas ,and farmars pay and give it to lo .cant you dig it lol


It's only right, from L.A. Clippers days and even going up against his bigger brother team Lamar has proven himself around the league even when played with Miami heat they got more debt into the playoff's after his first season with the team, showing his potential skills at power forward. Due here is this guy pay for tremendous work in the crunch of the playoff, consistant with his rebounds and passing, showing he can score at any given time. Being under Kobe wings as we all know allows other players points and time on the floor to be minimal. As seen with Gasol when he was with Memphis, he was a boncing reckoning force to contend with as the Lakers acquired this three piece meal deal to front agaiinst any three O's in the league. There is no stooping Lamar, Kobe, Gasol tandum. Pay teh under 30 year his 9 M and if Kobe truly wants to see this caliber player as Jordan wanted to see Pippen with the Bulls, you got to pay him close to wha the wants. Jerry Buss, Mitch Kupchack and all the head office for the Lakers got what they strived for a Championship, now come up with the money for the players, the City makes money when the team wins championships. They should have kept Ariza and payed an incoming Artest 2M for 2 years each year. Adam Morrison, Sun Yue and Powell al got rings they could have been traded. What about Slava Medvedenco where is this consistant perimiter shooter, wit h a big body. I am sure these players would sign for a minimum of 1M to get another ring with L.A

Angels on the roll again, this Angel truly pleased with the 4.0 championship, it resulted in Me getting a 4.0 in Criminal Law here at the University of the Virgin Islands. Anyone care to visit teh small isle of St. Croix, teh Chief sending out invitation to one and all for a summer time in the American paradise, where Angels are kept low key.


if 3 years at 10 per isn't enough for Odom, tell him to get his butt out of town.

This is all a big stall until Portland finds out if the Jazz are going to match their offer to Paul Milsap. If the Jazz do match, then Portland has the cap space to persue LO and drive his value up. But LO's people have to drag this out and wait and see. The Jazz want to trade Boozer first, if possible. The dominos will fall eventually.

Well it would definitely be a shame to lose Lamar at this transitional time. This is an extremely talented group of young yet experienced veterans of NBA playoff & Championship Basketball.
This is the birth of a Dynasty that we are all privileged to be witnessing, this comes around very rarely if at all so to add a player like Artest to solidify the defense yet lose a versatile player like Odom is a lateral move at best.
We've already lost Ariza which was unfortunate but the loss of Lamar while his childhood friend arrives would be ridiculous if not down right stupid.
So as a student of the game & a Laker fan for 35 years I ask that you Kobe take a stand & not let this departure of Lamar go down even if you have to go in your own pockets as players... "Ante up" and make it happen all the highly paid players on the team should kick in on the "Let's Keep LO in LA Fund" and we can all enjoy watching The Laker Dynasty Win for years to come ;-)



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