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The Lakers officially sign Ron Artest and Shannon Brown

UPDATE: The LAT's Broderick Turner has more details here.  Artest gets 3/$18 mil, but can choose to extend for two more years to bring the full value to just under $34 million.  Brown gets the bi-annual exception.  Two years, $4.2 million, with the second year being a player option.  BK

Got an email from the Lakers Media Relations Dept. that pen and paper were united for both Ron Artest and Shannon Brown.  We've officially entered "no give backs" territory.  Not that any hitch was expected, but it's always nice to know the proceedings went down without one.

Some happy news to momentarily distract you from sweating LO's situation.

As you were.


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aint sweatin'


It would be nice if, especially now that Boston has signed 'Sheed, they GOT IT DONE in signing Odom.

It's going to be a struggle to repeat, as is. Were Lamar not there, the odds decrease tremendously.

Tis part of business, yes, but annoying at times, admittedly.

Man ! hope L.O will sign soon with the team ! can't wait to hear that news!

come on LO, we need your sweet tooth

I'm sweating the Lamar Odom situation not because I think that the stars have aligned against us, but because Lamar is the final essential piece in the puzzle.

In all seriousness, this Lakerholic feels that signing Lamar Odom basically seals a Championship for us next year. We're going to be a much better team next year with Artest and Artest will be a much better player with Lamar Odom on our team.

It's a big deal.

Once we sign Lamar Odom, I'll be able to relax. Not before then.

Once Lamar is signed, I can commit to bizarre unrealistic spectulation of supernatural acts of genius by Mitch Kupchack such as trading Sun Yue for some rookie who has been ignored but has incredible potential or signing some player who takes us to a completely new level because he is willing to take THAT much less to win a Championship.

Something totally unrealistic like that.

Maniac talk.

Let's just please sign Lamar Odom first.

Lamar Odom = Laker for Life

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


On another non-panicked note...

I'm really glad that Shannon Brown will be a Laker and am extremely hopeful that Ron "True Warrior" Artest will take the Lakers to a crazy new level of amazing evolution.

Here... we... go.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


at least we got artest. now odom need to sign

Hopefully we can get Ariza back sooner than later. I think Adam Morrison's contract expires this year. If the Rockets are lottery bound, then I'm sure they would like to free up salary space for the 2010 free agency. I really believe that we can get Ariza back this season.

Man, this is killing me. L.O. HAS to re-sign soon, man. I've been waking up in the morning extra early every day for the past week to check the news hoping to see "Lamar Odom re-signs with Lakers" and every morning I don't see it, I go to work stressed out about it. I'm not just a Laker fan; I bleed purple & gold, man. And he means so much to our team. Losing Trevor was hard enough to deal with but bringing in Ron Artest and re-signing Shannon got me over that hump. L.O., though? Irreplaceable. We need to re-sign him and get this done, already. My faith in the Lakers is absolute but I hesitate to say that there will be a dynasty without, Lamar.

i wanna know sth about the salary...

32 million for 5years???

The Celtics are now like that Barkley/Dr. J/Magic commercial: "You can play as the old school players-when they're old." Shame the Lakers can't beat em' in the Finals-2 out of the 4 of them will be injured for the Playoffs, and they'll probably be beat by the Bulls next year.

Wasn't worried, but it's still great news that we no longer have to worry about this issue.

Okay LO, you're next. At this point 6.5M/yr sounds like your number, especially since you might not get more than the MLE anywhere else.

"Rumor Central: Who wants Big Baby?"

nobody. from an esthetic and visual point of view, i propose any player that it is easier to jump over than run around him to be banned from the NBA

i know we have a uniform policy for the players on the bench and the attire when coming to the game.

how about a PROPORTION policy when playing on the court: height, width and weight?

it's basketball: does Big Baby Davis look like an NBA player. especially in HD?

this observation/discrimination is implied for NBA players ONLY and does not refer to REAL people in REAL walks of life.

At 9:01 p.m., Lakers officials sat down with Shannon Brown at Prego restaurant in Beverly Hills and signed the guard to a two-year, $4.2 million contract.

The group then walked down the street to Mr. Chow’s, where Ron Artest was waiting — no doubt pen in hand — and signed the foward to a five-year deal worth $34 million to $35 million.

Edwin G's comment about Chick teaching us how to be fans and making this a respectful, honest basketball city was beautiful and thoughtful.

How do you guys think LO / Artest chemistry will be?

Will they make each other goofier via reminiscences of Queens? Will they feed off of each other with special intensity creating a Queens advantage? Will LO bringing Artest into the system as a personal friend make the transition smoother?

Personally, I think that LO is the key to integrating Artest. Another Queens NYC player being on the team will make each of them that much more special. That is why we must resign LO.

That and because LO is a Laker for Life !!!


Kobe Bryant is going to hate playing with Ron.

Mark my words.

LO's signing is next. I have faith in Mitch (gulp) that he'll get it done.

Here's a nice link showing Shannon and Artest signing their contracts.

I'm a Laker fan who happens to live in Dallas. I can't stand the Mavs or any other team in the NBA. People, please stop panicking about LO not being signed. Everything is going to work itself out in due time. I have to listen to this crap here in D town about the Mavs signing and old a-- Kidd, who they act like is gonna save them. Please!!!!!! They blew their chance against Miami and will never get there again. Enjoy the championship people cause its been a long time coming. I haven't been to enjoy my summer for yrs cause the Lakers haven't won it all. LO will sign up soon and the next dynasty will be under way. I love not being able to hear Dallas fans not talk this summer. Everyone sit back and drink a cold one and relax!!!

Okay, the Lakers got Artest signed this morning and that's great news! I was a little bummed to see that the contract was for 5 years and not 3 years as reported originally.

You contract guys can maybe help me out here a little. If you straight line $35 mil, it works out to $7mil a year. I'm sure it's something like the 5.6 mil for year 1 and then goes up a healthy percentage each year.

If this is the case, then Artest did NOT take a pay cut to play with us. In fact, he maintained his level of income during a tough economy and a limited market. He was making a little over $7 mil a year last year. That's saying alot for him.

Not only did he maintain his level of income, he got the whole 5 years. That's a pretty decent package.

In my next post, I will describe my concerns about Lamar getting signed. I'm not sure we CAN get it done.

Hey I'm a Lebron fan simply cuz he's Kobe's friend and umm he do got game ... but I do know the blog loves to hate on him ... so here's something to put a smile on ya faces ... media keep reading Kobe's mind and claim "oh he's so image concious, he's a faker" ... but bspn would never say the same about king james even when his actions speak volumes

I wonder how Jordan Farmar feels about the SB signing ... must suck to have someone come in for half a season and get a contract even though you've been here longer and got more run during the finals ... well that's what you get for not passing to sasha ... or is it that's what you get for going to school with Ariza

The Lakers cannot sign Lamar Odom as things are right now. They currently stand at $84 mil for team pay this next year. If they sign Lamar to let's say $8 mil, then we will be at $92 Mil.

That would place us at $23 Mil over the luxury tax. You think Buss will pay ANOTHER $23 Mil for our team? NO WAY!

The Lakers almost HAVE to do a trade with someone under the Salary cap in order to make that number manageable. I just can't see any other option here.

Let's consider:
If the Lakers can sign then trade Lamar in a package with say Morrison and Yue (you have to add value to get value....see Crittendon going to Memphis) then we can still add a piece while subtracting salary.

Let's say that we add a $5mil a year guy and trade away $10 to $15 Mil. This allows us to get the sharp point guard we want and reduce Fishers minutes. Maybe a sign and trade with the Knicks?

I dunno guys. I love Lamar and I want him back. I just don't see how the Lakers can go so far beyond the Luxury tax amount in a down economy. Buss is not dumb.

If Buss can upgrade the team and help out his cause by lowering the luxury tax, I think he has to do it. Nate Robinson and David Lee are on the Knicks, could they be dance partners here?

In summary, I am saying Buss will not pay $23 Mil in Luxury tax. I just don't see it.

It would be scary to rebuild the team to this extent. In effect it would be rolling the dice by swapping out BOTH Ariza AND Lamar. But in a season where we have to guard against complacency and find ways that push the team, as an owner, it may be the motivation the team needs.

"the next time we drink champagne together will be a year from now in the finals" - Mitch Kupchak, last night

After all this talk, there's no doubt in my mind that Thriller and Kobe Bryant will be working hard this off season to bring something very special to the Lakers.

What I appreciate about Thriller is that he has a perspective - a historical perspective and he sees the bigger picture that will be his legacy. He was talking about showing his kids the pictures of winning in LA.

I hope the Lakers can go on and win like 4 or 5 more titles and then retire Pau's number, Kobe's number, and Thriller's number... wouldn't that be something...

Jon K,

I hear you regarding Sun. Unfortunately, the Lakers cut the better player last year simply because Sun had the guaranteed contract and Coby did not.

In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter much, but it would be nice to have a guy on the bench that you could actually put into a game. I mean, the Lakers are paying that guy, he should be able to play in an NBA game.

I nominate Von Wafer for the vet minimum (as if that would work)

I'm actually really excited to see how good ole' Crazy Pills fits in. He's obviously beyond excited to be playing in LA, a fact which makes me totally happy. This tells me he'll do what they want him to this next year, and it'll be a lot of fun to watch them.

Little worried about the LO thing. We not only want him, but I think we should want a happy LO. Not that he shouldn't negotiate, but c'mon. An unhappy LO is a worthless LO. Let's hope they all get it done soon.

And for the person above who was talking about Big Baby in HD, I totally concur. He looks like he belongs on a football field, not on the basketball court. So not an NBA body.


Why would Kobe hate playing with Thriller? I mean, the guy endured some of the worst teammates in history... a guy that wants to be here, wants to win, has the ability to win, and gives his all is far and away better than many of those previous teammates Kobe lived through

PJ on odom situation ... still no news but hey u get to hear no news from PJ's mouth

As I understand it, Lamar can be signed to any matching offer without it being counted against the salary cap.

So, in other words, if Dallas will offer Lamar $10 million per year, then the Lakers can meet the offer, and not have to pay the luxury tax.

Same goes with Artest's MLE contract. It's called a Mid-Level Exception, because it is an exception to the salary cap.

Am I mistaken on this?

Thank you for your generous praise Johnny P. We're coming from home stretch and any day now, we'll hear from LO.

Johnny P, i feel the pain every time I read many posts that deal with minutiae of small things about players, treating players as God's while in reality the masses of population are having a hard time to continue living during these hard times. We spoil our players, for that matter everyone in this category as if they are special individuals. Let us accept the facts that they are entertainers, maybe a special kind of entertainment that drive people to frenzy, passionate and idolatrous too. I urge fellow bloggers, stop being junkies, elevate ourselves as true fans, educated well-rounded fans and give more values to ourselves by elevating discussions to intellectual level that can help the team. Stop the minutiae of arguments of nothing that is really important except grandstanding one's point of views.

Like for example LO, what's wrong buddy of EIGHT MILLION BUCKS in this kind of economy. he earned $14M before and I don't think he could spend half million bucks budget for purchasing or consuming chocolates and also feeding his family in a year's time. The fans are begging, Artest is wondering, LO why can't you sign now and revisit this matter next year? If you don't think the economy is bad, go to Port of Los Angeles and just watch the flow of containers whether import or exports, it's drying up. Lot of companies are laying off people, gov't employees are on a furlough, LO, I have been engaged in sales or an agent before you were born, you gotta to be reasonable. You can't squeeze more juice from an overused lemon. Prove yourself of your worth say, a year or two years the most, $8M annually will not make you poor and if you pay the IRS $4M, still you earn $4M over the top of more than 99% of people earning a living in America in 2010.

Here is what Bob Dylan said about acquiring more money: "Money doesn't talk, it swears."


I agree. If Lamar is asking too much, sign and trade.


Unfortunately, you're mistaken. The Lakers have the right to go over the cap and luxury tax to retain their own free agents (the "Bird Rights" rule), which will allow them to make LO an offer. The Mid-Level Exception doesn't apply to the team's cap number, but its ability to sign a player to a contract at a level set each year by the league, despite being over the salary cap. It's an exception to the rule that says teams can't sign free agents if they're over the cap. But all the salary applies to both the cap and luxury tax numbers.


If the team signs and trades LO, they'll almost certainly be taking on equal or near-equal salary in return, so there isn't all that much savings.


Does anybody even want LOL? If the only team that can sign him for more than the MLE is Portland and they have not offered him a contract ... that leaves the Lakers as his next highest option.

So why hasnt he signed with the Lakers?

5 year contract for Dribble Dribble? Cant wait years 3-5 when his skills are gone. He is already slowing down on the defensive end ... by then he will be at least 20 lbs heavier and will only be able to keep up with Shaq!

go lakers!!!!!!!

Unemployment is at a 26 year high, homes are being foreclosed across the land, the people are hurting and the NBA thresholds are shrinking (along with their revenues) and Lamar is holding out for about maybe 2 or 3 million on top of an annual multi-million dollar contract???

Dude, seriously.

Now isn't the time for greed. You're getting paid regardless. Sign the freakin contract already


>>>I'm sure it's something like the 5.6 mil for year 1 and
>>>then goes up a healthy percentage each year.

8% each year. It's the maximum you can give to a FA.

Lamar... you were far overpaid in the past. Those days are gone - for many of us. It's time to get paid your true value. Sign the contract.

The fans will only put up with so much greed before they turn

And who can the Lakers get to replace Odom? Who can they get that's cheaper and would almost always cause a matchup problem?

Is he labled inconsistent only because he doesn't average enough points?

I get frustrated as much as the next, but I really don't think he can be replaced as easily as some may think.

Note to Lamar: Please practice your lay-ups so that my nephew doesn't learn any more bad words.

I actually agree with 101-82 here.

Come on Lamar, I wish my income was *only* down 40% like yours will be... we all have to take our licks in this economy

Johnny V & BK,

>>>If the team signs and trades LO, they'll almost certainly
>>>be taking on equal or near-equal salary in return, so
>>>there isn't all that much savings.

Since JohnnyV mentioned Dallas, here's one way an LO s&t
could work:

Lakers sign & trade Lamar, Dallas signs & trades Brandon Bass
to the Lakers, along with Jerry Stackhouse.

Bass is more like a 4 million a year player, but a good rebounder
and backup PF.

Lamar gets his 10 million (assuming Dallas would be willing
to spend that much for someone who plays the same position
as Dirk).

Only 2 million of Stackhouse's salary is guaranteed.

So the Lakers would get a much cheaper substitute for Odom
(not as versatile as Lamar, but pretty good overall), and would
be paying half as much as Lamar wants.

I don't sanction this trade, I'm just giving a possible counter
example to BK's rule of thumb about trades and salary.

wow, populist outrage.

personally, i would pay more to see the lakers if Lamar Odom was playing for them. I'm probably not alone. Therefore, he is probably earning his large salary. And even if he's not, this is a pretty meager platform to foment social change. All we want here is to make the Lakers better.

besides, if the economy is so horrible, how can you blame a guy for taking the biggest contract he is offered? what does he owe you personally?

Hey, if portland offers him 7.7 (they won't, but just sayin) that's what he's worth. besides, if portland offers him 7.7 million, why would we pay him 8 mil? why are we having this conversation? BECAUSE I'M FREAKIN OUT OVER HERE! SIGN ALREADY!

Nah, i'm good. We won, yadda yadda.


I once did Von Wafer's Bio-Chrono reading. He's too erratic. I'd look somewhere else.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Hopefully Gary Vitti's kit contains massive doses of all of these:

Haloperidol, Lithium, Chlorpromazine, Thioridazinel, Risperidone, Quetiapine and Olanzapine.

It's going to take that to save the Lakers from this lunatic.


Lamar used to say, in regard to contracts, I have to do what is right for my family. Ditto your thoughts. Will they have to move into a smaller mansion if he only signs for 8 million? Anyhow, it is not about what you make, but what you keep. Five years out of the league 40% of NBA players are broke. If you can't make 8 million last a life time, you can't make 20 million last a life time.

Teach your family zen and PLAY BALL !!!


Nice show last night!


When Mitch signed Pau & Trevor I was impressed & started to forget about Jerry... Then I started thinking about Andrew & thought how could anyone find that duo & also bring on Andrew. I decided the reports must be right & it was the baby Buss that did that.

NOW!!!!! he lets Trevor go after being Mr. Number one on defense & is about to let Lamar go & now I am thinking maybe Mitch is not who I thought he was in the first place...

MITCH!!!!!!!!!! Sign Lamar TODAY & if you have time with daylight "GET RID OF THE GUYS THAT DID NOTHING TO WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP, guys like Bill, Sasha & above all that STIFF ANDREW.... Package the three of them & get a YOUNG, FAST, point guard & a BIG lane blocking center.... Maybe go back to the well & dump the three of them for A J Mayo & Marc Gasol and there you go for a repeat..... You have plenty of folks that can score, a young point guard could with Lamar, Fish, Jordan & Shannon take the ball out of Kobe's GREAT hands so he can save his legs a little during the game. He could be the shooting/small forward guy who can relax when the ball is brought up court & then get it on a pass, THINK Mitch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrew is not, will not ever be anything other than a back up center at best... Since he has been a Laker he has maybe played 10 games when he looked half way decent, DUMP him while other teams think he is better then he will ever be, remember Brown, Jordan made the wrong move drafting him but the right one dumping him, "think like Mike, DUMP Andrew"!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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