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Shannon Brown to re-sign with Lakers

Shannon Brown Blocks Mario West Against Atlanta  So reports Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski.  Two years.  4.2 mil.  Assuming these figures are reliable, I'd label the contract a "win-win" deal for both parties.

Shannon Brown gets the chance establish himself over the next couple of seasons, then sign a longer deal at the still-very-young age of (almost) 26.  Or, should he enjoy a killer 2009-2010, exercise a player option and sign a longer deal at even younger age of (almost) 25.  The Lakers get an extended, inexpensive look at an uber-athletic guard who flashed some nice potential during his short stint in L.A.  It's a mite early to declare him the Derek Fisher's heir apparent for "starting point guard of the future"- SB is nothing if not raw- but he could emerge a valuable rotation player.  At the very least, you can chalk this up as a victory for good attitude and a willingness to learn, traits of Shannon's that were deservedly praised since his February arrival.  Not bad for the self described "throw in." 

I'll try to track down some further confirmation, but for now, it appears we have some good news in Laker Land as "Lamar Odom Watch" continues.  Well, it's good news for most people.  BK and I, on the other hand, owe the kid 75 bucks apiece.  Dude, everything is coming up "Shannon Brown" today.

(UPDATE: The Times' Broderick Turner has confirmation of the news from Brown's agent, Mark Bartelstein, who says SB turned down a more lucrative deal with the Pacers to remain a Laker.)


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I'm happy to hear it! welcome back SB, but i think the price is a little too high no? $2.2 mil a year seems a little much. I think should have been $1.5 mil a year. anyway, welcome back SB, hope you continue to improve and help us with the repeat next yr!

Good graces, that was a suspense. Shannon, you won't regret the decision. Next move is LO, come on LO do it now! You can earned that one or two million from candy promo. Why not replace the "We want Taco" to "We want Hershey bars" during Lamar heroics.

This is great news! I can't help but think Shannon saw the whole Ariza fiasco, and told his agent to GET IT DONE before someone else creeped into his spot. In two years when this rough economy improves, and he's earned his stripes, I wouldn't be surprised to see a long-term contract for him to take over our beloved Fisher's position. Good news indeed......

Good news! I guess Brown's still keeping his options open for next year. As the wingnutzi;s say, "Hunger is a strong motivator."

After signing SB, are we still signing Nate Robinson? Magic is our competitor on this kid. If you have Shannon playing the point, nate on 2 and Kobe on 3, Artest on 4 we are again up, up and away.

Wow he must really like the players and coaches, OR feels that he can give a little back to a team that gave him a real shot. And by staying in a system that rewarded him, is a contender, and allows him to grow, while still getting a huge contract or two before he is 30. Sounds good. I hope he AND Farmar become friends over the summer and push each other to be the next starting PG.


One down! One to go!

Good. Good. Good.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Nate Robinson is trying to get paid.

He aint coming to the Lakers.

I would bet Sacramento if anywhere.

UPS puts his money where his mouth is...

and you could just see it coming - when this guy was traded to LA, do you remember the size of his grin???

Now we're the one's smiling, and if you aren't, you will be... you will be


Shannon Brown,

Good to hear that Shannon has his head screwed on straight and realized that being a Laker is worth more than being on another team. You're next Lamar.

Welcome back, Shannon.



I agree re: Nate Robinson. I don't know about specifically joining the Kings, but the notion of him coming to L.A. struck me as a serious reach.

Beyond not being positive he'd be a great fit, there's no way the Lakers could pay him beyond the MLE (now taken by Artest), I can't picture him taking the bi-annual exception and a sign and trade feels quite unlikely (who would they move that the Knicks would want?).

Never say never, I guess, but I haven't given "Nate in L.A" even the slightest bit of thought.


I love that the Lakers somehow ended up with BOTH the #25 and #26 pick in the 2006 someone just handed us a free first rounder. It's also nice that they're both young point guards with tons of upside who give us completely different looks.

Another added bonus is that Shannon was originally the Cavs pick. And they gave him away FOR FREE in the Delonte West trade. Now he's a World Champion and somehow got to the Lakers as a throw in. Ain't being a Laker fan grand?

My apologies for going off topic.

I heard something on the radio about kobe that actually made me smile and become a fan of kobe (albiet only a moment).

I heard that Kobe punked our incompetent LA Mayor, Mr. Tony Villar, during the Laker Championship parade/celebration.

The story goes that the parade bus was held up because kobe didn't want Tony Villar to "pimp [kobe's] popularity". Also, during the introductions at the Coliseum, kobe didn't shake Mr. Villar's hand.

Is this true? If yes, I'm a Kobe fan for standing up for his principles.

"Brown was also talking to the Indiana Pacers about a more lucrative deal but decided to return to the Lakers, his agent said."

Shannon, you just jump up the list of players that Laker Nation loves to root for. Taking less money to stay with the Lakers proves to us that you are a winner and L.A. loves a winner!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Ok... happy. Ya can't teach what Brown can do. With Fish phonin' it in next regular season, this was important ink.

LO is a layup to return. Consider the summer a success.
Hi five, Mitch and crew. Vacay, y'all.

YES YES!!!! This is such great news. I was worried after
last years playoffs that some other team would offer Shannon
3 or 4 million and he'd take it.

I am SO glad to see that he decided not to even play the market
and just took the offer from the Lakers to stay with the champions.
He probably sees the potential we all see, that he's on about equal
footing with Farmar to be the future starting PG of the Lakers.
I think having both of them will inspire them both to work harder,
which will make the team even better.

Now it's all up to Lamar. Please come back Lamar. Forget
about Portland, it's cold and rainy there. Stick with the
California sunshine!

I wish Ariza had a similar attitude.
Take a little less for the short term on the NBA's best team and the big payday will come.

Still not too late Trev.

My wife absolutely loves this guy, especially when he's signaling to the team behind him "Talk to me!"

That is a big pay day in these tough times. Somebody really values him.

Way to go Brown!

Yes! Great move by both parties.

I'm sure LA liked his size, attitude, among other things.

S Brown seemed to get it that the system LA runs is one he can thrive in (see Fish, Shaw, BJ Armstrong (Chicago)), Seems to suit guys who aren't prototypical point guards.
Also liked that he mentioned that he appreciated the way he was treated by LA. and that factored into his decision. Might be less money but waaay more chances for rings!

I really like this guy; can't wait to see how he does after a full training camp/season learning & understanding the offense & defense. He will push JF for minutes.

Can we please stop talking about getting Nate Robinson or will someone please explain why they like him so much. Check out the NY blogs- not much love there.

When we sign LO- this has the potential to be an amazing team for 3-4 years at least....SB was smart to sign on! I can't many days until the season starts?!

Good no-brainer signing. With Shannon here I feel very comfortable with the PG spot, with Fish not getting any younger and Farmar not quite able to play D on physical guards. I'd like to see him play some backup 2-guard if Sasha isn't clicking. He'll also contribute mightily to the year-end highlight reel.


>>>After signing SB, are we still signing Nate Robinson?

I don't think there was ever any chance of us signing Nate
once we signed Artest. Artest used up the full MLE. That
left the Lakers with only the Bi-Annual exception (which they've
now given to Shannon) and less. If the Lakers tried to sign Nate
for 2 million, the Knicks would have matched that.

The only way some team is going to sign Nate away from
the Knicks is if they offer him something around a full MLE.

The only way the Lakers could have obtained Nate, once
the MLE was gone, is via trade. And that could still happen.
Not very likely though, as the Lakers would have to take
on additional salary beyond Nate, since he'd be base year

One aspect hasn't been mentioned yet. My understanding is
that the second year of Shannon's contract is a player option.
Perfectly played on both parts.

If Shannon really does play the whole season like he played in
the early playoffs, then he can opt out of the contract next summer
and the Lakers will have Early Bird rights on him, so they could
offer him anything up to the MLE level. But if he tanks or if he
has a career ending injury, at least he has guaranteed 4 million
which is more than most of us will earn in our lifetimes.

Oh yeah,

4 million plus 150 from AK & BK..

Why not trade Sasha Vujacic's 5M and Jordan Farmar's 1.1M contracts to the Knicks for a 1st round pick next year, then sign Nate Robinson for 6M/2yrs and sign a veteran's minimum for either Chris Wilcox or Drew Gooden. And terminate Sun Yue's contract.Plus sign LO.

projected line up

PG- Fisher, Brown,
SG-Kobe, Robinson
SF-Artest, Walton, Morrison
PF-Odom, Wilcox or Gooden, Powell
C- Gasol, Bynum, Mbenga

Note to Ariza, FU

Don’t give in to this rubbish about not wanting to leave LA.
If you wanted to stay you would have signed for less to get more rings!! But you wanted the money!!!!!!

You got your wish. If I, had your talent and was from LA there is no way in this world I would leave unless I was offered silly money ie 12mill /yr for 8pg 4rpg , that is stupid money!!

You have let the press and your ego get the better of your judgement. You do not have the skill set to command double teams or get past opponents off the dribble. I lost count, the number of times you tried to get past the opposition with a dribble move resulted in a turnover. Your problem is that you don’t know your limitations. As 'Dirty Harry' said a "Man has got to know his limitations"

Please can people stop with all this feel sorry crap for TA, he is 24, he made the decision to try to beat the house on the a blind, but Jerry boy called and TA folded.

Let’s understand the truth, TA is no James Worthy period!!!

He is no Cooper either not even close!!!

Welcome back Shannon!!!!




Good point about the player option.



oh hell yeah---this really makes me smile, it would have ripped my craw to lose Brown, very glad to read that headline indeed....

I think Brown's signing will also help Farmar and his development and ero the Lakers developing Dynasty..

now for Lamar...come on Mitch get it on...


Paging Lamar Odom.

Really happy to have him back ... I think this is great news.

Trev was on the radio today and he seemed pretty defensive. He was adamant about the fact that the Lakers didn't make an offer.

um, I don't get people gushing about SB being a great guy who is giving up money to play for the Lakers, 2.1 mil a year and a player option for next year has to be one of the better, if not the best offer he received. It has to be a good sign in the LO negotiations, though, as our willingness to sign SB at all means we are probably not going quibble over a million dollars give or take with LO, although who knows. I really don't think he's going anywhere anyway, though.

Silly argument number a lot, which probably doesn't count since arguing with Staples24 is like arguing with a chair, albeit a talkative one, is Artest vs Paul Pierce. Of course Paul Pierce is better than artest. There are a few differences. 1) Paul Pierce is being paid a zillion dollars and there is no way we could get him if we wanted to. We have artest and we are paying him the MLE. Nice deal 2) It is pretty obvious baring injury (or feigned injury) that Artest is going to do a better job guarding Pierce than Ariza, Radmonivic, or Walton. Probably better than all three combined, but that might be a cheap shot.

Jon K. - The guy is dead. I think it's pretty much a tradition if not a moral issue to at least refrain from attacking the recently deceased for things that they may have done, let alone things they allegedly did. Please.

Oh yeah, I still have dice going to detroit, and I meant to say sheed to Boston, not portland. who knows.

i can't spell ergo apparently


I love this kid. Love his attitude. Love his athleticism. With Artest, Kobe, and Shannon in there, we're going to see some serious D next year. I don't think we're going to hear much about how "soft" we are.

And I still like Farmar a lot too. He brings a completely different dimension that will work with certain teams. Phil really likes rotation and matchup flexibility. He loves to see what the other team is throwing out there and coming up with a custom rotation to neutralize their strengths and maximize ours. So having both a Farmar and a Shannon gives him a lot of different looks and combinations to play with.

Sign LO and we're on the way to a THREEPEAT, at least.


Yeah, losing KG {and Leon} was no big deal!

NBA titles are won in the paint, that`s all.

I guess Pierce {6`6"} should have stepped up at that point...much like the 6`6" Kobe did to carry the Lakers to glory in the `06 & `07 playoffs {pre-Gasol}.

Again, LA had a healthy Jabbar, Worthy, Cooper, Thompson, and Green in `89.

By your definition...they choked!

How about the`83 Lakers that got swept? LA had a healthy Jabbar {2 years before winning the Finals MVP}, a healthy Magic, Cooper, Scott, McAdoo, etc. Rookie James Worthy was hurt.

Again, by your definition...they choked!


>>> Wallace has always been overrated. This guys been constantly
>>> celebrated despite his poor discipline and waste of his talent.

Couldn’t agree with you more. The bloggers who are worried don’t remember that he was one of the Blazer players who totally choked in the Lakers fourth quarter comeback. I remember him blowing several point blank shots at the rim.

The only think I dislike is his 3-point shooting, as he can get really get hot as he did the last time the Pistons pounded the Lakers early two seasons ago. That gives the Celtics a weapon to draw Drew or Pau out of the lane and spread our defense.

It is interesting that both teams 6th men are power forwards. Apparently, the Celtics liked the way the Lakers use Lamar to backup the 4 and 5 and plan on using Sheed in the exact same way. Of course, Lamar is going to run circles around Sheed.


Great move Shannon,
you will prosper in the triangle once you get more acquainted, but it's your defense that is prime.
I think Farmar may get traded if he doesn't show dramatic improvement over the summer. Brown already outplays him physically and when he learns some other aspects of the offense Farmars minutes will be almost nonexistent.
Remember, this is probably Phil Jacksons last year as coach and who knows after that. Will they still run the triangle?
Kupchak is clearly building the team with next year in mind.

"Why not trade Sasha Vujacic's 5M and Jordan Farmar's 1.1M contracts to the Knicks for a"

Nate like all trade proposals would be nice but again why on earth would the Knicks want Sasha's contract? Jordan I can understand because he is an expiring one but no way they would take his contract with his production.

Thanks UPS!

This was almost a necessity considering we'd otherwise only have D-Fish and Farmar. And that's why they shouldn't trade Farmar either. They're all needed as insurance against injuries and also to give D-Fish some rest.

Now I hope Staples is still standing after tomorrow. It might be one of the craziest days in LA ever! Maybe Artest will parachute in the middle of the ceremonies and start singing "Bad".


Don't hate on Ariza. I really think the Lakers never planned to offer him more than 2-3 years at maybe the mid level. Not with Artest sitting there and this being the same agent who used Bynum's unique physical attributes to get 16 million a year form Mitch. Not with all the long midlevel type deals that haven't panned out. Vlad, Sasha, Luke (maybe, I like the guy).

There was no was Mitch was going to take a 5 year mid level chance on a guy who had one good year; not with Artest sitting there telling the world he'll come cheap.

Ariza did what he had to do for his family. I believe he got more than double from Houston than the Lakers would have given him. So, he had to do it. Especially, if he flops in Houston. He may never see a payday like this again, in which case landing 32 million is a Godsend for the Arizas.

And Brown is so smart. He did get a larger offer from the Pacers and said Nooooooo way. Smart. Be a star, work on your game and live the dream.

Come on Odom. G-e-t-e-r-d-o-n-e.


Am I the only one that finds it pretty lame that SB is the first dude from our championship free agents to be brought back

Look I got nothing but love for odom, ariza, and sb ... and I understand how ariza's agent + bynum's contract made mitch eager to say no thanks to ariza and holla at artest ...

But having said that ... it's going to be real lousy if odom doesn't come back ... I'd rather that 2m+ go to odom than bring brown back ... like on da real it just won't be cool to lose odom ...

BTW does anyone know which lakers where rocking kobe's shoe's last season ... from the pics in da oc register championship book I have odom, ariza and sasha rocking da shoes ... wonder who else on d team does

24 + 16 + [1]7 = The Purple Tinted Golden Age

Awesome!!! Another Laker who is willing to follow through on what he said was important. Take less money but play for the best franchise!! Loving it!!!

Shannon - really looking forward to what you can do this're going to be awesome and hopefully the Lakers can reward you then.

What are you talking about, Ariza did not get more money, he got THE SAME MONEY WE OFFERED, he just left

Welcome back Shannon Brown!!! I know that you will continue to be a great teammate and player for us this up coming season.

I see the trio of Kobe, Artest and Shannon wreaking havoc on the perimeter defensively when they're on the court together. I also think that Shannon will work extra hard to become the solid #2 behind Fish. Go Lakers!!!

Could the Lakers go after Brandon Bass??? Does anyone know???

Go Lakers!!!


UPS is still a Laker!!!!!

I'm still going to call him ShanWOW!

I love this kid - great attitude, great hops, great smile - winner winner chicken dinner!

I can't believe Trevor is gone and we've got "crazy pills" on our team. PLEASE - Bill - for the love of god - prove me wrong. I'm worried about this, but will cheer my lungs out for his success in the purple & gold.

LET"S GO LO!! SIGN ALREADY!!! You KNOW you don't want to be anywhere else!


Are the Crabs going after Odom? Have they used their mid level yet?

Who are Cavs Targeting in L.A. visit?
Posted: 7/6/2009 6:17:00 AM
Source: Brian Windhorst of The Cleveland Plain Dealer

The Cavaliers are on the move in NBA free agency.

Team General Manager Danny Ferry and head coach Mike Brown flew to Los Angeles Sunday for a clandestine free-agent meeting. Team officials refused to confirm who they're hoping to sign, but the Cavs obviously are trying to land one of their free-agent targets as the market heats up again following the July 4 holiday.

Dan Fegan, the agent who represents both Cavs forward Anderson Varejao and Toronto forward Shawn Marion, is based in Los Angeles and often conducts in-person negotiating sessions there. Fegan did not return messages on Sunday. A league source said the Cavs did not meet with Marion in person on Sunday.

The Cavs have been in talks with Fegan about a new contract for Varejao, who opted out of his deal with the team last week.

It is also possible the Cavs were meeting with restricted free-agent wing Josh Childress, who lives in the Los Angeles area in the off-season. The 6-8 veteran who is known for being an intelligent player and good defender played last season in Greece after rejecting an offer from the Atlanta Hawks.


I'm very happy right now. Shannon was an important signing to bolster the PG "AND" backup SG positions. If Sasha doesn't play well, Brown will take the backup SG minutes and Sasha might find himself "kicking horse apples down the road" on his way to another team.

The competition between Jordan and Shannon for the PG minutes should be fun to watch next year. I think we'll see a different Farmar because his injuries will be healed, but on the other hand, I think we'll see a much improved Shannon after a full training camp.

Wait...... I think I heard a whistle......... are we tipping off the new season.......

UPS: What can WISDOM & HUMILITY do for you!

In other news, it took Rasheed to give the One and Dones the guts to crawl out of their sesspool of obscurity.

Too bad we won't get to settle this once and for all next season. Orlando's gonna kick y'all's @$$. Again.

Nice how things are coming together. I really like how Mitch does his job, quietly and without drama. All of the Ariza headlines were generated by his agent and even the Artest announcement came from Ron himself.

I know there's some harsh feelings on the blog toward Trevor, but lets bear in mind that as a client, you have to put your faith in your representation and trust that they'll do their job. It's too bad that David Lee mishandled the situation so badly (and so deliberately). It will go down as one of the all time agent screw-ups. But I don't blame Trevor for it. He put his trust in somebody that he had grown close to and he got screwed. I wish him luck in Houston. He was a rightous player for us.

Guys gals and things (Celtic fans),

Here is the person to call to complain about there being NO LAKERBLOG ICON on the front of the sports page. I've already called.

Readers' Representative Office
Telephone message line: (877) 554-4000


we should bring back von wafer to be our 'jr smith' guy off of the bench and to replace sasha. he has the makings of a good role player if surrounded with the right leadership.


If David Stern gets his wish and the Lakers and the Celtics meet again in next year’s finals, we may see one of the greatest battles of forwards in NBA history: Lakers power forward Pau Gasol going against Celtic power forward Kevin Garnett and Lakers small forward Ron Artest taking on his Celtic counterpart small forward Paul Pierce.

It will be a battle between the younger, more versatile Lakers forwards and the older, more experienced Celtics forwards. Will Pau Gasol be able to handle KG’s physicality? Will Ron Artest be able to shut or slow down Paul Pierce? No disrespect to Kobe Bryant but the winner of these two matchups would most likely be the winner of the series.

While Lakers and Celtics fans can argue all day over who is the better power forward or small forward, a review of prior forward matchups doesn’t give either team a clear edge. In the end, that’s a big advantage for the Lakers because all that Pau and Ron have to do for the Lakers to win is hold their own, prevent KG and Paul from dominating.

They don’t have to outscore or outplay KG and Pierce, rather just take them out of play, so that the series is decided instead by the other matchups – Kobe vs. Rondo, Bynum vs. Perkins, Lamar vs. Sheed – because there is no way in hell that the Celtics can beat the Lakers unless Garnett and Pierce outplay Gasol and Artest by a huge margin,

That’s the key to beating the Celtics and why I am not really worried about them. Pau is a far grittier and more physical and confident player than in the last finals against the Celtics whereas KG is 2 years and another knee injury older. And Ron Artest is going to take the heavy lifting off Kobe’s shoulders by shutting down a no longer golden Paul Pierce and freeing Kobe to attack the weaker Posey-less Celtics defense.

Since I AM a homer, Lakers in 4-game sweep, winning it at the new Boston Garden.


Only a 10th man on the Lakers would be a trending topic on Twitter, lmao.

We sure do love our players, no matter what says, Laker fans are extremely loyal to their players no matter who it is.

We don't even talk about other players, we just want our guys to be good.

Players realize this after they leave LA, there is no other city that is better to play basketball in.

The fact that shannon brown took less says something to me, he is not even a starter and is taking less. That is respectable!

interesting. This is clearly a better situation for Shannon than Indiana, he could probably average 25+ minutes this year backing up Derek Fisher and if he proves out, possibly starting the year after and then? why then his contract is up and he's due some bookoo bucks. Plus, he's got a good shot to win a title over those 2 years.

Also, he's a likeable guy, I could see him doing an advertisement for a car dealership or something like that.

Thank god he doesn't have a crummy agent. He went out, got a possibly, better offer and made the Lakers counter and we didn't hear a word about it. Nice job, Shannon's agent!

wassup Lakerville!!!!!!!! I kno I kno, its been a year or so with no posts from good ole complex :( I wont bore ya with shout outs or a mini bio of whats been going on INSTEAD.. My 2 Bro's from anotha Motha seems to have missed this gem and as I was reading it.. it dawned on me just how many in Laker Nation would LOVE to hear about how Ron Ron has been itching to wear Purple n Gold for some time now.. Enjoy and jus like Ahnold.. I'll Be Bach !! SOON.. no seriously... like Im back in So Cali so like.. REALLY SOON!!!

Phil Jackson: Ron Artest Jumped In The Shower With Kobe
July 6, 2009 – 7:00 am by Tas Melas
And, then Jackson and his girlfriend, Jeanie Buss, jumped in… Easy, hormonal readers. I make jokes, however, the title of this post is true. Phil Jackson reveals a story below about Ron entering the Lakers locker room and his longtime desire to acquire Artest. Is this tampering? Doesn’t matter; what does Jax care if he gets fined again? Not much time on the clock for him anyway. Phil’s candid assessments of Ron-Ron’s game are very refreshing and he seems up for the challenge of reining him in a little bit. I assume when negotiations with Trevor Ariza fell apart, LA made the next best move in their eyes and signed the colorful Artest. Included in the contract is a clause that requires both Ron’s dressing room stall and shower stall be next to Kobe’s. Jackson joined KLAC to discuss when Ron appeared in the Lakers’ dressing room, what Artest can bring to the table when right, and if the Lakers picked between Artest and Ariza.

Did Kobe Bryant have a say in allowing Ron Artest to join the team?

“Last year after the devastating loss in game 6 to the Boston Celtics, Ron Artest came in our locker and walked in the shower with Kobe Bryant. Kobe’s there taking a shower - and this is a locker room the coaches have, it’s off limits - so, Ron said, ‘Coach, I can help your team, I can get that championship for the Lakers.’ I said, ‘Well, thanks Ron, that’s very nice, I appreciate your sympathies. We’ll see what happens as you go through this year.’ Then, he walked out of that coaches’ area, and in to the shower and told Kobe the same thing. Kobe’s been knowing Ron’s intentions for the last two years… He didn’t soap down Kobe and he didn’t towel him off, I’m not saying that.”

What do you get in Ron Artest?

“He’s an unknown. He’s a player that I mean if I think his own teams don’t know exactly what he’s going to do that particular night. What he does do well is defend - he’s a strong defender that can play a variety of roles on defense, as a shutdown guy, he can run big or small, he can go two-guards or power forwards depending upon what their challenge is, and he likes that. I think that’s his calling card for us. He does have an accurate three-point shot and he’s a good post-up player.”

Did the Lakers organization have to pick between Ariza and Artest?

“I wasn’t given the either/or. They knew we had Ron on our wishlist for what, three years now? And, we needed a defender, somebody that was a lockdown defender besides a Kobe Bryant that would take on the chores, and Trevor turned out to be that guy this year. So, I was quite surprised, as was most of our fans that negotiations did not go well with Trevor and his people. And, we think that we have a player that has probably a little more dimensions than Trevor, but still Trevor has that youth and that speed that we’ll miss.”

GO Brown! GO Artest!

Let's go Ariza and Lamar. There is still time. Our Lakers need you forget about the money just sign. I will be indebt and forever thankful. You can't buy money with that.

4 MIL sounds like a starting PG has already arrived. Awesome!! Brown and Ariza were my fav players last season.

Artest is defintely an upgarde over Ariza. But I still want Ariza coming off the bench.. There is no ink yet on Trevor's signature. Anything can still happen.


It doesn't work that way. Even with the salary reductions in payroll from packaging Sasha's (approx. $5 million) and Farmar's (actually $1.95 million) contracts, the Lakers are still well over the NBA's salary cap ($58.85 million last year).

Therefore only way Nate Robinson can come here is through a "sign and trade" with New York. And who says that the Knicks would be interested in such a deal to acquire Sasha and Farmar in exchange for Robinson?

AK / BK -

You guys didn't have a similar $150 wager on TA??

No wonder he didn't stay.

I blame this fiasco on the 2 of you!

Actually - it's more of a "tragedy" than a "fiasco".

My bad....

"Please can people stop with all this feel sorry crap for TA, he is 24, he made the decision to try to beat the house on the a blind, but Jerry boy called and TA folded."

It does not matter. It so easy to forgive. By summer camp we would have all forgotten. Come back now Trevor, you and Kobe looks so good together.


No more Michael Jackson, please. I asked before, if you missed it.



what's with all the hate for Ariza? i'd do the same thing if i were in his shoes. 24 years old and a marginal players contributing to a championship.

his value will probably never be any higher. take the money? easy decision.

Artest is a much better player anyway.


In good times or bad, you can't disrespect the mayor in front of his constituents. Yes, he may be grandstanding at the expense of private donors but the state, the city, the district are all in budget constraints. Kobe should always be a diplomat even if it is against his principle, Kobe should give allowance to politicians especially in a public celebration such as that. There is a time for politics and time for diplomacy. Leave it to the people to judge the behavior of the politician.


The Lakers never were planning on signing Nate Robinson. In addition to being a poor fit, he'll cost far too much.


I am happy to have Shan-Man back. I love his hustle. His jersey is next.

Off the subject: I just got my MITCH RICHMOND Lakers Swingman jersey. SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll post it shortly on the Lakers Scene.

Colorado loves our World Champion Lakers!


>>> I’d rather that 2m+ go to Odom than bring brown back.

Man, that was the first thing I thought when I saw the new thread. I don’t like the damn loose end, Mitch. Come on, get this done and we are set. Still, no way we lose Lamar over $2M even with the luxury tax. And I am sure Mitch has separate pockets for deals. Otherwise, there is no reason to sign Brown first. Unless…JK.



My post got lost in the shuffle in reply to you and Korey.

I said, I did not wish for Nate Robinson, I am quoting the rumor mill that Lakers are in competition with Magic. It is possible they would go for a trade with Farmar and Knicks' Robinson. If farmar does not pan out, his contract on 2010 is on qualifying offer only. Knicks wants to clear all salary caps for the 2010 F/A derby on Lebron and Wade. On the other team, Lakers must be preparing for the exit of Fisher so Mitch thinks Shannon and Nate are the starter and sub of the future or vice versa. If you ask my personal choice, I will go always with a bulky guard at 6'5" like J-Critt or 6'7" SunYue if he could only compete in NBA. Nate lacks defense but explosive in offense.


You can't offer the MLE anymore, it was taken by Artest.


i disagree, but with respect. kobe did the right thing and i applaud him for it.

i would have done the same thing.


If Kobe punked Tony Killar, all the better.

The guy values Michael Jackson more than he does the Lakers (a team that ties this city together).


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


That's what i meant when i said "you can see his desire to win". Turning down Indiana's bigger paycheck to stay with the Lakers says it all.

I'm really happy we signed him.

GO UPS! That's what Brown can do for US!

Sign now Lamar. We can't sail without you! Well we can, but i don't want too.


The truth is the Lakers just decided that Ron Artest was a better fit for what the team needed right now. The fact is the Lakers NEVER made an offer to Trevor. He himself said that exact thing. All of the key reports say the same thing.

The reason there was no offer was NOT because the Lakers thought he would NOT accept the MLE. It was because they did not want to take the chance that he WOULD accept it. There was only money for one starting small forward and the Lakers just decided to use it on Artest. That meant there was no money or PT for Trevor.

It was a cold cut brutal business decision and one the Lakers were not proud of and took great pains to throw the blame public relations-wise onto Ariza and his agent, who were guilty of not really understanding what was going on with Houston and Artest and how that could affect their client and ended up sticking their feet in their mouths.

By Wednesday night when they met, the Lakers were already closing the deal with Artest, including Lamar and Kobe. Ariza got shafted in a way because the Lakers are still a business and while the goal is not money, it is still the currency with which you have to run the franchise and compete. I feel sorry for Trevor. He got screwed.

But like the Lakers, I want to win too and I think the smart move was to get Artest. Much like Pau and Drew, he brings to the table exactly what the Lakers need from the position. He is another perfect fit to the team’s needs and wants. Think about it? Would the Lakers be as good a team with KG and Paul instead of Pau and Ron? While we have not yet seen what Ron can do as a Laker, I’m betting on the two forwards we have.



Come on, man. Do you want your kids to model themselves on that guy? Do you want ANYONE to model themselves on that guy?

Remember T.J. Simers ridiculous article about how Los Angeles reveres the Lakers too much? I want to know where all the articles are about Los Angeles and America reveres this lunatic too much.

For God's sake, I heard that MSNBC is going to do all day coverage on him tomorrow. Has everyone drank crazy juice or something?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



I've heard that the Cavs are going after Shawn Marion.

If his agent is in Los Angeles, that might explain it.

That much said, among the LeBroniacs out here they all seem to have a strong appreciation for Lamar Odom... something I don't like at all.

Lamar Odom = Laker for Life

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


HAHAHAHA This is funny, taking less money proves a player to be a winner? Next time you take a pay cut and see if you feel like a winner..

Shannon, you just jump up the list of players that Laker Nation loves to root for. Taking less money to stay with the Lakers proves to us that you are a winner and L.A. loves a winner.


Welcome back man - I've been wondering where you went to...

Looking forward to your stories on what happened to you.

Good decision Shannon. I said in the previous threads that it is better to wait for the opportunity to be a PG in the Lakers at a lower pay than grab a lucrative deal. Fisher is retiring maybe in 2010 season and the year later. If Shannon could maintain his pace the way he delivered the Game 5 of the Nuggets to the Lakers, he is the PG of the future. Someone said, he lacks passing ability, well his progress was remarkable in short span of time. Another blogger put Shannon last in his ranking. Well why is Shannon popular among all LA fans not with the discriminating opinionated bloggers? Because of his innate athleticism which cannot be taught to players like Drew and Luke. It will take Drew a lot of basketball playoffs before he could become a fearful Center. Therefore, those passing lanes can be learned during the integration in the preseason games and as they developed camaraderie with one another. If Shannon's growth curve continue to grow by leaps and bounds, he will be a 10M player five years from now. Shannon took that gamble because he has confidence of himself as a player while others grabbed their loot immediately like Turiaf or Ariza.


Thanks for the info.

It's good to see you posting again.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Hugo Boss,

You got a Mitch Richmond Lakers jersey?

Fricken AWESOME!!!!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



I just read your post.

I understand.

I wouldn't be making a big deal of it if it weren't for the fact that the city made such a big deal about the Lakers parade, but it's a non-issue for this guy who lived in Santa Barbara.

It's such an insult.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



I have ZERO hate on Trevor Ariza. He helped us win a Championship... but I have huge hate on his agent, who just happens to be an idiot and a scumbag.

If Andrew Bynum wouldn't have stepped up and said, "Get the deal done" I'm sure that David Lee would have done everything in his limited power to ruin the re-signing of Andrew Bynum to the Lakers.

If there's a cancer on the Lakers, it's David Lee. Andrew Bynum really should change agents. This guy is amateurish at best.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Glad to see UPS back. He's getting paid for his potential, not what he's done so far. It's much too soon to anoint him as starting point guard of the future. I, for one, would be more inclined to give him Sasha's spot in the rotation, unless the Machine comes back completely retooled.

The news on LO is really the only development I'm concerned about right now. Job #1 is to get him re-signed. Job #2 is an unknowable tweak in the bench mob. There's still a missing piece in that puzzle. That part of the action is likely weeks away.

Now, back to my rehab. I've fallen off the wagon here once again. I'm weak. My name is Rick and I'm a Lakersholic.

I listened to trevor's interview today on am570 and I think we are all blaming him way too much. I think what happened was that they offered him a deal over the phone or something, but never met to negotiate it because they had Artest willing to come here. More than anything, we should blame YAO BEING OUT for losing Ariza, becuase that is when Artest realized that his team was screwed.

I love Ariza, and he didn't sound too butthurt over it. The radio hosts kept telling him that we all love him, and we really do. He will always be a Laker in my eye, and I HOPE he comes back one day (it'll be one of my happiest days ever).

With that being said, Ariza has a chance in Houston to play more and show us his talent. If anything, it is still pretty close to LA and he will probably be here over the summer and etc.

He was saying how he loved being a Laker and he will always love his teammates and communicate with them. He was also saying that it is anyone's dream to play in LA, but it was a business and I guess it didn't play out to his advantage.

Know what they say: Nothing good lasts forever.

(ironic that it was against the Lakers too that he injured his's karma)

LOVE that we have UPS man.

We didn't want to do it without you, brother. SO glad you're back!!!!!

I LOVE LA!!!!!!
GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!

LO - your turn!

LOVE that we have UPS man.

We didn't want to do it without you, brother. SO glad you're back!!!!!

I LOVE LA!!!!!!
GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!

LO - your turn!


The Lakers have done a marvelous job of spinning the Artest/Ariza saga such that most of the criticism has been leveled at Trevor and/or his agent David Lee. To me, it was obvious that the Lakers just chose the small forward who was a better player and filled more urgent needs. Simply Ron Artest over Trevor Ariza. And Ariza got screwed.

But by spinning it that they did not turn to Artest until Ariza and his agent got greedy, they not only avoid the bad PR for dumping a beloved star and playoffs hero for a player who is better but also carries some bothersome baggage but also get the benefit of the impression that you better not mess with Mitch or you may not get an offer. That is what I cal the LESSON, a great message to get out there if you need players to sacrifice pay in order to keep the core of a championship team together.

So what else did you expect Shannon Brown to say after the LESSON? He saw what may have happened to Trevor, a player he knew the Lakers valued more than him. While Trevor and David Lee were too dumb to see what was happening, Shannon had learned the LESSON so he knew the right thing to do. Stay with the Lakers for less $. Wondering what is going through Lamar Odom’s head right now? It’s the LESSON. Look for Lamar to sign a new contract to stay with the Lakers for less tomorrow.


Lakers playing for less than market value:

1. Kobe Bryant (did not opt out and didn't get max deal)
2. Derick Fisher (was granted out of Utah contract to sign with Lakers for less)
3. Ron Artest (clearly chasing a ring)
4. Shannon Brown (clearly putting wins above dollars)


Does anyone think LO is noticing?


Is Jon K a revolutionary?

He's against "King James"

He's against "The King of Pop"

Just wondering...

Shannon is a product of the coaching of the great Tom Izzo of the MSU Spartans. Scrappy, hard-nosed, and incredibly athletic, he's the perfect complement to the Laker subs. He has always been coachable, rises to a challenge, and has shown he's eager to learn and to improve.

As for the suggestion of signing Nate Robinson? Good Lord. LA is about to sign Artest. Just how many basketballs do these Nate lovers want us to have to roll out next year?

Lastly, I read an article that states Pao Gasol will be playing for Spain in a tournament in September. Wish the big guy would take the summer off to recuperate. He's played a ton of minutes the past few years (what with the deep playoff runs and Olympics n' all).

Does LA have cap room to sign Grant Hill?

Hey Dr Buss - Would you do me a personal favor?

I'm going away Friday and will be out of both cell and email range for a week.

Do you think you could sign Lamar by Thursday so I don't have to worry and wonder for a week.

Pretty please?


It's really hard to say exactly how the situation went down with Trevor.

Someone is lying to save face.

Whom to trust? Trevor and his agent (no offer given)

Lakers, Mitch, and Kobe (offer given,but blown off)

Artest was set up really quickly, but he was clearly pretty enthused about joining us, enough so that he gave up salary to do so (typical emotional, not greedy, keeping it real Artest).

I'm not ready to pass judgment yet. Why is it so easy for you?

In other news, it's wonderful to get UPS back. We get Odom and all the cookies are ours (or his)!

I agree that the lakers pre-emptively spun the Ariza/Lee affair to influence future events. Although this may not have been the front office's main motivation, at one level, it was an intentional FU to Lee for the protracted and public Bynum negotiation. And it sent an effective message to other agents and also to the FAs like SB: "we are a business and, although we value your services, we can think creatively and explore other options."

Players have to realize that, as gifted as they are, there are few who are unique. They can be replaced. Maybe it takes 2 (lesser) contracts, but skill-sets can be found elsewhere, options abound for people who can think creatively and flexibly.

Anyway, I think that the acumen that Mitch & Co. showed in the Artest "back-up" plan caught a number of player and agents off guard. And now they will have to do better due diligence prior to trying to game the front office.

One more thing: I re-listened to the Ariza radio interview today and it is pretty clear that he had zero information about what was going on. Lee kept him in the dark about the details of the discussion and then spun it (after the fact) in a way that made it seem that the Lakers didn't give TA a fair shake. Trevor never blamed the Lakers outright, but he did indicate he had no idea why Artest was suddenly signed when he (TA) had only been told the day before to go look for the best offer. In short, to Trevor, the Laker's behavior seemed irrational; yet, there IS a rational explanation: it lies in all that Lee failed to share with him about how that meeting really went. And, sadly, when asked by Money if he will stay with the same agent, TA said "yes", as if: "why would I think about changing the guy?"

So, unfortauntely, in that respect, while TA says that he is mature and has his eyes open to the business side of things, he actually seems not to be completely on top of it.

Well, I feel like this is a case of a good guy getting dealt a difficult hand (despite the 33 mil !) and he will now have to make his way over a slightly bumpier road, now. Wish him the best on that challenge.

Hurrah for Shannon Brown! He wins.

20 years from now, you're not going to remember whether you made 8 million or 10 million a year, but you will remember the glory of winning a championship. Money can never replace the experience or memories of such a historic event.

Go for the ring Lamar, you're old enough to understand.

yeah, there's spin going on, it's coming from the Ariza camp. You guys seem to be forgetting that Lee came charging in, was "offended" by the Lakers offer, threatened to take Ariza elsewhere and then stormed off to the press basically saying he was taking Ariza on tour to get the bids up.

Should Mitch have sat on his hands? Here's what David Lee was spewing after the FIRST DAY of "negotiations":

Ariza's agent, David Lee, told the Riverside, Calif., Press-Enterprise Wednesday, "I think I'm being optimistic when I say it's not going anywhere." He added that Ariza might be ready to sign elsewhere.

Then Ariza runs off to Houston and signs for about the same deal the Lakers offered.

Spin, spin, spin... Ariza's agent ran him out of town, the Lakers had a plan to protect themselves and when it became clear Ariza's agent was setting up a circus, the plan went into action.

"20 years from now, you're not going to remember whether you made 8 million or 10 million a year, but you will remember the glory of winning a championship. Money can never replace the experience or memories of such a historic event."

anybody who says this with a straight face is full of it. i'll take $2M than you very much. BTW, ariza did experience the "glory" of winning a championship....

..."More than anything, we should blame YAO BEING OUT for losing Ariza, becuase that is when Artest realized that his team was screwed."


While this may also have influenced Artest's decision, according to a radio interview I heard from him shortly afterwards the main reason for leaving Houston was that before Mitch first called he and his agent were only offered a 1 year contract from them.

So needless to say he did not really feel wanted there any longer.

And I think that this is something fans don't appreciate enough. That in the end money aside they still need to feel that they are actually wanted wherever they go.

Farmar should feel disrespected by the SB signing. He should demand to be traded for a second round draft pick immediately.

"I have ZERO hate on Trevor Ariza. He helped us win a Championship... but I have huge hate on his agent, who just happens to be an idiot and a scumbag."

isn't the definition of a "sports agent" an idiot and a scumbag? rich idiots and rich scumbags i might add.

jus business.


Yes. Absolutely. You get it.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


spin, spin, spin, David Lee went for a huge contract, thought he would take Ariza on tour, start a bidding war and use the local press to put pressure on the Laker front office to up their offer of the mid-level.

"The Lakers are willing to match the other offers on the table for Ariza, according to the source, but they're not going to overpay simply because it's their own player."

11:52 PM PDT on Wednesday, July 1, 2009
The Press-Enterprise
Less than 24 hours after free agency opened late Tuesday night, the Lakers' chances of keeping their championship team intact went from hopeful to nearly hopeless.

Trevor Ariza may be on the verge of leaving the team after his agent emerged from a lengthy phone conversation with Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak on Wednesday convinced that the team isn't as interested in re-signing his client as it claims to be. Agent David Lee said Kupchak did not make a firm contract offer, nor were the Lakers willing to pay him more than the $5.6 million mid-level exception.

"I think I'm being optimistic when I say it's not going anywhere," Lee said. "Actions speak louder than words."

Ariza already has firm offers from several other teams, according to Lee, and will begin speaking with opposing coaches today. Asked if he could envision Ariza accepting a deal from another team without speaking to the Lakers again, Lee said, "Yes, we have no choice. That's the position they've put us in."

A team spokesman declined comment on Lee's statements and on the status of negotiations with Ariza.

The impasse between Ariza and the Lakers may force Kupchak to abandon his original plan of keeping the team together next season and explore signing other free agent small forwards. Among the potential backup options could be Houston's Ron Artest, whose agent said Tuesday that the Lakers were one of several contending teams he expected to bid for his client.

The Lakers will also continue to pursue unrestricted free agents Lamar Odom and Shannon Brown, both of whom have said previously that they would like to return next season.

The unwillingness of the Lakers to yield to Ariza's contract demands reflects their belief that deep-pocketed suitors for Ariza won't materialize in this economic slump. With Detroit having reportedly agreed to terms with Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva, Memphis reportedly trading for Clippers forward Zach Randolph, and Portland and Toronto reportedly pursuing Hedo Turkoglu, the number of teams with salary cap space to offer Ariza a big payday is dwindling fast.

A Lakers source speaking on the condition of anonymity said the offers Ariza has received from other teams are for the mid-level exception. The Lakers are willing to match the other offers on the table for Ariza, according to the source, but they're not going to overpay simply because it's their own player.


The Shannon Brown signing is important to the Lakers.

Deron WIlliams, Billups, Tony Parker, and Rajon Rondo. These could be the match ups in the playoffs from 1st rd to NBA Finals.

It's great to have him back.

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